Elderly Retired CIA Analyst Dragged From Senate Hearing For Exposing Gina Haspel’s War Crimes

Retired CIA analyst and outspoken antiwar activist, Ray McGovern, who chaired the National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief, was forcibly removed from the United States Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday as Gina Haspel, the nominee for director of the CIA, was answering questions about her record of torture.

McGovern is a highly decorated CIA analyst who received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement. He has since become an outspoken antiwar and anti-police state activist and returned the medal in 2006 in protest to the CIA’s involvement in torture.

McGovern is also a veteran of the Vietnam war which adds to his already high level of credibility in speaking out against the system.

During the hearing, McGovern demanded that Haspel answer the questions asked of her about the torture of terrorism suspects at a CIA black site in Thailand. In response to the interruption, the capitol police were called in to drag McGovern out.

As the video shows, within only seconds, he was swarmed by police who shoved him out the door and into the lobby. He was then thrown to the ground as he pleaded with officers not to hurt his dislocated shoulder.

As the struggle to subdue the elderly McGovern continued, police repeatedly yelled, “Stop Resisting,” to which he replied, “I am not.”

Before McGovern was forcibly removed by police, Haspel was interrupted by another protester. This time, it was a lone woman, wearing a red t-shirt and shouting “Bloody Gina!” and “you are a torturer!” She was also removed by police.

According to CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, “Bloody Gina” was a name given to her by her own colleagues in the CIA. According to Kiriakou, Haspel even took part in the torture—because she enjoyed it.

As TFTP reported on Wednesday, Haspel, 62, joined the CIA in 1985 and was named Deputy Group Chief of the agency’s Counterterrorism Center in 2001. She was then assigned to oversee a secret CIA “black site” prison in Thailand in 2002. The prison, code-named “Cat’s Eye,” was one of the locations where alleged Al-Qaeda members were detained and tortured.

In addition to overseeing the torture, Reuters reported that Haspel “carried out an order to destroy videotapes of the waterboarding” and other torture methods, after she was instructed to do so by the Bush Administration.

While Haspel was not mentioned by name, an anonymous female CIA official with her credentials was mentioned in a 2013 report from the Washington Post, which claimed that she was not chosen to lead the agency’s clandestine service, because of her direct involvement in its Bush-era torture programs:

The officer, who is undercover, served as director of the National Clandestine Service on an interim basis over the past two months, and many considered her a front-runner to keep the post, which involves overseeing the CIA’s spying operations worldwide.

But she faced opposition because of her extensive role in an interrogation program that critics have said relied on torture to get information from al-Qaeda captives after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. She had run a secret prison in Thailand where two detainees were subjected to waterboarding and other harsh techniques. She later helped order the destruction of videotapes of those interrogation sessions.”

When retired CIA analysts are being dragged by police out of a Senate hearing for exposing the horrendous crimes of the person being appointed to head the CIA, it speaks to the level of tyranny which has taken hold in America. If you haven’t been, now may be a good time to start paying attention.



Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/elderly-retired-cia-analyst-dragged-from-senate-hearing-for-exposing-gina-haspels-war-crimes/

Writing letters in support of Morpheus for sentencing hearing – deadline May 25, 2018 [REMINDER]

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There was no congressional hearing when Obama harvested 190 million Facebook users data to win in 2012

Obama Facebook Zuckerberg


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress Tuesday but the hearing was far from achieving any meaningful headway. Most of Zuckerberg’s responses included “I’ll have my team follow up with you on that,” or “I’ll have to check with my team.” The answers that didn’t involve referring to his team saw Zuckerberg citing the company’s basic policy and functions. In reality, the questions posed by most of the Senators revealed they did not truly understand how the platform worked. One Senator did manage to scrape at the heart of the issue when he referred to the 2012 Obama campaign’s use of Facebook to win the election and that is where the true hypocrisy of this hearing lies.

When you take a look at what spurred this hearing, it was largely put in motion by the Cambridge Analytica scandal where a third party was able to glean data about users in order to target them with political ads. In reality was not even a scandal, it wasn’t even anything new that hasn’t been done for years. In fact, the Obama campaign used Facebook to gain a massive political advantage by doing exactly what Cambridge Analytica did and the Obama campaign’s media director even bragged about it and confirmed Facebook was aware of it. Let’s take a look at exactly what down and why the current hearing spurred by the alleged misuse of the social media platform in favor of the Trump campaign is such a farce.

The former media director for the Obama administration’s presidential campaign Carol Davidsen confirmed recently on Twitter that the campaign used massive amounts of user’s personal information to their advantage and here is what she said. “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing,” Davidsen said. “They came to office in the days following election recruiting & were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.”

“I am also 100% positive that Facebook activity recruits and staffs people that are on the other side,” she continued. “I worked on all of the data integration projects at [Obama for America]. This was the only one that felt creepy, even though we played by the rules, and didn’t do anything I felt was ugly with the data,” Davidsen said. Now let me explain exactly what Davidsen is referring to because it is exactly what Congress is drilling Zuckerberg over now, except they are focusing on how it was used in favor of Trump and completely overlooking how Obama did the same thing but three times the scale of Cambridge Analytica.

The Obama campaign utilized an app called “Obama For America”, that app was downloaded by around 1 million users but unbeknownst to those users, they were also signing away their friend’s personal information when they downloaded the app. This resulted in the Obama campaign accessing roughly 189 million friend profiles that didn’t authorize the app and targeted them with political propaganda. Those profiles who did not consent to have their information shared were targeted with requests to register to vote, give money, vote or look at a video.

The Obama campaign’s 29-year-old head of analytics Dan Wagner said, “We are not just sending you a banner ad. We are giving you relevant information from your friends.” Clearly, the political targeting without consent represents a betrayal of trust in regard to their personal information. In fact, the reality is it was outright illegal and Facebook eventually changed their policy to prevent the exposure of friends personal information when a user signs up for an app. When you look at the accusations against President Trump of colluding with Russia there is no evidence of such, all you find is a Russian troll farm that used Facebook to slander Hillary or to promote Trump. But when Zuckerberg himself was asked about Russia’s influence on the election, he responded that the Internet Research Agency (the Russian “troll farm”) purchased $100,000 in ads. $100,000 in ads! That’s it?

Obama’s campaign violated the privacy of nearly 200 million Facebook users and targeted them with political propaganda with Facebook’s support, and even help, that equals a far, far greater influence over the election than $100,000 in ads from a Russian company. Why did no one criticize Obama for his absolute illegal use of personal information which amounts to a violation of trust in both his administration and Facebook? Where were the Congressional hearings when Obama used Facebook to scrape millions and millions of users data and target them with their political ads? This hearing is just further proof the witch-hunt against Trump has no merit because if it did, Congress would be questioning Barack Obama and his “use” of the social media platform to actually win an election.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/382509-There-was-no-congressional-hearing-when-Obama-harvested-190-million-Facebook-users-data-to-win-in-2012

Say what? Smoking found to increase risk of hearing loss, according to study

Image: Say what? Smoking found to increase risk of hearing loss, according to study

(Natural News)
Still dying for a smoke? Besides, emphysema, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, blindness and of course cancer, here’s one more reason to stop smoking  — hearing loss.

A recently-published study published by Oxford University Press showed that the more than 50,000 participants of the over eight year-study showed that “smoking is an independent risk factor of hearing loss.”

Lead author Dr. Huanhuan Hu of Japan’s National Center for Global Health and Medicine added that this makes it even more important to control tobacco use to stem or delay hearing loss. He and his colleagues made the conclusion on the heels of research that took more than eight years to complete. Besides the prolonged time frame, the researchers’ confidence in their findings stems from the study’s large sample size of over 50,000 participants.

They studied data from yearly health checkups, including audio testing and a health-related lifestyle questionnaire per participant. They also analyzed the effects of smoking status (current, former, and never smokers), number of cigarettes consumed a day, and the relationship between length of smoking cessation and the extent of hearing loss. They found a higher risk of hearing loss among smokers compared with non-smokers. (Related: Smoking causes up to 40% of cancer deaths in the US… so why are cigarettes still sold by pharmacies?)

Fortunately, the effects are reversible. The higher risk to hearing loss went down within five years after the person stopped smoking.

Can’t bear the prospect of losing your sense of hearing due to cigarette smoke? Try these simple steps.

  • List down what you like and dislike about smoking. Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, director of the Clinical Psychiatric Research Center at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. suggests writing down the reasons why you like smoking on one side of the paper, and why you (or your friends and loved ones) dislike it (e.g. it adds years to your face) on the other side. Then mull over the list. Better yet, get your family and friends’ honest opinion. You’re ready to quit when the negative items outnumber the positive ones. Draw another list on why quitting isn’t easy and write other forms of action to take.  Make the list thorough.
  • Set a deadline. Make a “quit date contract”, sign it and get a family member or friend as witness. Include all the reasons you’re quitting. Keep the list with you all the time.
  • Stop buying cigarette cartons. Try buying a pack each time. Carry two or three packs with you at a time. You’ll end up not having a cigarette to puff when you want to. Gaylene Mooney, chair of the American Association for Respiratory Care’s Subcommittee on Smoking and Tobacco-Related Issues suggests taking note of what you’re doing at the time you wanted to smoke and how badly you want to puff a cigarette to see if certain times of the day or if activities promote your cravings.
  • Quit when you’re in high spirits. Studies show that you’re less likely to quit smoking if you’re depressed or under stress.
  • Snack on healthy food. Replace cigarettes with sunflower seeds, nuts, carrots, or celery sticks. This keeps your hands and your mouth busy while giving you the same physical and oral sensations you get from smoking.
  • Store all the money you’re saving on cigarettes in a large glass jar. Watch how that jar fills up and how you’re saving along the way. Set aside that money for something you’ve been wanting to buy but never thought you can afford, like a beach vacation in Florida or a cruise in Alaska.
  • Make yourself some herbal tea. Brewing tea and slowing sipping it as it cools off gives the same stress relief as inhaling nicotine. You may also carry cinnamon-flavored toothpicks and suck on one when you crave for a cigarette.
  • Imagine  playing tennis or go play the game. British researchers discovered that volunteers who want to quit smoking succeeded more if they visualized themselves in a tennis match. It’s good exercise, too.

Life is great when you hear a loved one’s sweet whispers or the soothing sound of your favorite music. Don’t rob yourself of these simple joys by smoking. It’s not worth it at all.

Sources include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-10-say-what-smoking-found-to-increase-risk-of-hearing-loss-according-to-study.html

WATCH: Security Drags Woman from Hearing for Exposing Big Oil Bribes to Politicians


West Virginia — (RT) A candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates was dragged out of a hearing after listing the donations received by state lawmakers from fossil fuel companies. She was testifying on a bill on oil and gas drilling rules.

Lissa Lucas was criticizing a proposed bill, HB 4268, which would allow oil and gas companies to drill on private land with the consent of just 75 percent of the landowners. Energy companies are currently required to have 100 percent approval from landowners before they can extract gas and minerals from land.

As part of her testimony, she read out the list of names of lawmakers who received sizeable donations from fossil fuel companies. Her testimony elicited a less than warm reception from the legislature.

“The people who are going to be speaking in favor of this bill are all going to be paid by the industry … the people who are going to be voting on this bill are often also paid by the industry,” Lucas said.

Lucas was ordered by House Judiciary Committee members to desist from making “personal comments” about members. As Lucas persisted, her microphone was cut off. When lawmakers refused to let her finish speaking, she told them to “drag me off.” Security was called and in a video of the incident she can be seen being dragged from the floor.

“I got dragged out of House chambers … Because I was listing out who has been donating to Delegates on the Judiciary Committee,” Lucas wrote on her blog.

The names include Delegate Charlotte Lane who received 20 percent of her campaign donations from energy firms, and Delegate Jason Harshbarger who received 38 percent, according to Lucas.

Lucas took further aim at the alleged cosy relationship enjoyed by lawmakers and big energy lobbyists. “While lobbyists have the money to buy your time at fancy gatherings like the Wine and Whisky gala at the Marriott on Wednesday—members of the public have been allotted just about two minutes,” Lucas said.

State lawmakers are “getting paid to hand over your property rights to corporations,” Lucas wrote on her blog.

Lucas is a Democratic candidate for District 7 of the West Virginia House of Delegates. She had travelled to the House from her home 100 miles away in Cairo (WV) the previous day to ensure she would make her slot to speak on the issue. “I got [to the West Virginia House of Delegates] early and then I sat outside in the cold and sat on the concrete until they opened the doors, and then I got to the chambers really early,” she told The Intercept.

The bill was passed by the committee and will move to the lower House and state Senate for a full vote.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/woman-removed-hearing-big-oil/

AZ Breakfast Club Sat 01-06-18 — Update Morpheus Hearing; Anarchapulco 2018; Freedom Summit


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Join us for the January 6th, 2018 meeting of the Arizona Breakfast Club held at the Hancock’s from 8-10 am AZ/MOUNTAIN TIME. Discussion will include an update on Morpheus’s hearing, Anarchapulco 2018, Freedom Summit 2018, Predictions, etc…



The Arizona Breakfast Club

The Arizona Breakfast Club first came together, in 1969, founded by Harry Everingham. Harry had been a conservative activist since World War II, publishing the American Patriot and leading We The People, a national organization.

Harry came to Arizona from Chicago, and had been discussing the issues of the 1968 election campaign with friends over coffee. The discussions were good, and a decision was made to create a club for political discourse. The Arizona Breakfast Club opened its first public meeting in January of 1970 to fight for freedom in a patriotic forum where our faith in God, our constitutional republic, and productive economy would be championed. The club was to rally conservatives and to educate people about the state of the nation and their American Heritage of liberty.

Senator Barry Goldwater, Arizona’s Statesman, and often one of our guests at the podium, best outlined our desires for good government when he said: “I have little interest for streamlining government or making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the constitution, or that have failed in their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed’ before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ interests, I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

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Hour 1-3 – Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD (The Trump Report) Guest Hosts the show while Ernest Hancock (Publisher Freedom’s Phoenix), Theo Chino (NY Bit Licence Lawsuit), and Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) attend a motion hearing for Morpheus where they will provide updates as they can as to what is going on in the hearing…

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Dr. Phranq Tamburri is a naturopathic physician specializing in men’s health with a sub-specialty in prostate cancer. In tandem to these fields, Dr. Tamburri treats male hormone deficiency, low energy, and sexual performance. Although naturopathic medicine is a specialty in itself, Dr. Tamburri has garnered recognition as an expert in the field of prostate cancer assessment, diagnosis, and treatment; each of the preceding from a balanced natural and allopathic perspective. His training in this area has been varied and wide in scope. As Chief Resident from his Alma Mater, he trained under Mayo trained urologist Bernard Gburek, M.D. at Scottsdale North Hospital while at the same time apprenticed under CMO and Physician of the Year Thomas Kruzel, N.D. who specialized in natural urology. Dr. Tamburri later was director of the Men’s Health Clinic at his local teaching clinic. Currently he is long term professor of Clinical Urology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and also sits as a member of the AZNMA and is the only naturopathic physician on the AZ State Funded SW Prostate Cancer Awareness Council. Dr. Tamburri has been published in this area along with multiple lectures to fellow physicians at yearly professional conventions. Recently he has been asked to serve as expert witness for the State of Arizona Board of Medical Examiners with regard to the management of natural prostate cancer assessment and treatment.

Dr. Tamburri, on his limited down time, loves to study Early American and World History in both didactics and in travels. He has taught inline skating for many years, hikes often with fellow doctors, and recently began pursuit as a poi practitioner!

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Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD (The Trump Report) Guest Hosts the show while Ernest Hancock (Publisher Freedom’s Phoenix), Theo Chino (NY Bit Licence Lawsuit), and Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) attend a motion hearing for Morpheus where they will provide updates as they can as to what is going on in the hearing…

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Arizona Bitcoin Case – Motions Hearing Thursday

01-02-2018 • Pacer Documents

Motion Hearing set for 1/4/2018 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 602, 401 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003 before Judge G Murray Snow. For those following this case, there are motions and responses on the courtcasedocs.com website that are worth your consideration. A goood showing in the courtroom may be helpful. Please consider attending. It should be an instructive morning.

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Hearing for Persecuted Palestinian Poet Postponed

Hearing for Persecuted Palestinian Poet Postponed

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Arab Israeli poet Dareen Tatour was imprisoned multiple times for criticizing repressive Israeli policies.

Most recently, she’s been alternatively imprisoned and held under house arrest since 2015 for the duration of her trial – accused for the crime of poetry, daring to criticize Israeli repression.

From “A Poet Behind Bars,” she wrote her “poem stands accused, my poem morphs into a crime. In the land of freedom, the artist’s fate is prison.”

It was translated into 10 languages explaining Israeli injustice, the cross she bears “from (her) toes to the top of (her) head.”

She’s a “poet in prison” for writing impassioned words, one of countless Palestinian victims of Israeli ruthlessness, punished for the power of her words – on phony charges of “incitement to violence” and “support for a terrorist organization.”

Her scheduled court hearing was postponed until January, her case attracting worldwide attention from other poets and authors.

She’s charged but convicted of nothing, Israel delaying proceedings to keep her silenced.

Attorney Abed Fahoum said he’s “seen the prosecution as obstinate as it has been in Dareen’s case,” adding:

“I believe that they aim to use her to intimidate and silence all Palestinians.”

During her April 2016 court hearing, a witness to the proceedings said the following:

“The prosecution started to rest her case by bringing the policemen that translated the ‘Qawem’ poem to Hebrew.” 

“The scene was completely surrealistic. Poems, by their very nature, are contradictory to the concept of ‘proven beyond reasonable doubt’ that stands at the heart of the criminal law.” 

A policeman “witness was struggling with the ambiguities of the poem’s words, supplying his intuitive interpretation to the phrases.” 

“We were torn between the urge to laugh loudly and bewilderment at the knowledge that the freedom of our dear Dareen depends on this nonsense.”

“He testified breezily that his competence was based on studying literature at high school and his love for the Arab language.” 

“They are confident they can rob Dareen of her freedom according to an interpretation of her poem without even caring to bring a proper translator!”

Charges against her are from one of her impassioned poems, urging an intifada to support free access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque for all Muslims, and calling a Palestinian woman shot by Israeli police “the next martyr” – her remarks posted online.

PEN America (part of PEN International) took up her case last year. The organization “stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression in the United States and worldwide,” its web site states, adding:

“We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world.  Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible.” 

In defense of Dareer, it said the following:

Her “prosecution…is of particular concern, as it not only threatens principles of free expression for Palestinian authors, but also represents more broadly an attempt by the Israeli government to litigate the meaning of a piece of literature.” 

“The government has based their case primarily on Tatour’s use of the word shahid, both within her poem and in an October 9, 2015, Facebook post of a photograph of Isra’a Abed, an Arab-Israeli woman shot by security officers.”

Israel remains hostile toward “solidarity efforts” supporting Dareer. “Artists outside Israel and Palestine have…been coordinating support for” her.

Thousands signed a petition calling for her immediate release. In summer 2016, she hoped “public pressure (would) force  the Israeli authorities to reconsider the persecution of Palestinian artists, writers and young activists just because they express their rejection of oppression.”

Ziofascists running Israel are unrelenting. Dareen’s persecution continues.

Here’s the poem translated into English, resulting in one of the charges against her:

“Resist, My People, Resist Them

In Jerusalem, I dressed my wounds and breathed my sorrows

And carried the soul in my palm

For an Arab Palestine.

I will not succumb to the “peaceful solution,”

Never lower my flags

Until I evict them from my land.

I cast them aside for a coming time.

Resist, my people, resist them.

Resist the settler’s robbery

And follow the caravan of martyrs.

Shred the disgraceful constitution

Which imposed degradation and humiliation

And deterred us from restoring justice.

They burned blameless children;

As for Hadil, they sniped her in public,

Killed her in broad daylight.

Resist, my people, resist them.

Resist the colonialist’s onslaught.

Pay no mind to his agents among us

Who chain us with the peaceful illusion. 

Do not fear doubtful tongues;

The truth in your heart is stronger,

As long as you resist in a land

That has lived through raids and victory.

So Ali called from his grave:

Resist, my rebellious people.

Write me as prose on the agarwood;

My remains have you as a response.

Resist, my people, resist them.

Resist, my people, resist them.”

Like Marwan Barghouti, Amed Saadat, Ahed Tamimi and other courageous Palestinian figures, Dareen Tatour is persecuted for championing the rights of her people.

Their liberating struggle continues against a vicious occupying power.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Source Article from https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Opinion/232153-2018-01-02-hearing-for-persecuted-palestinian-poet-postponed.htm?EdNo=001&From=RSS

WATCH: Cops Beat Unarmed Man to Near Death With Batons ‘Like Rodney King’ – Hearing Begins


San Francisco, CA – A preliminary hearing began Monday for two former Alameda County Sheriff’s Department officers accused of excessive force after a video showing their savage assault went public.

Pulling no punches, Public Defender Jeff Adachi said the encounter was “reminiscent of Rodney King,” and excessive force was clearly used by the two deputies. But excessive force is only part of their problem.

The video was released by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, after being contacted by witnesses to the vicious attack. Months later, some of those witnesses came forward with claims that the cops bribed them not to say anything and that the deputies took a “trophy photo” of their victim, Stanislav Petrov.

At the 7-minute mark in the video, you can see a deputy posing with the bloodied man for his “trophy” photo.

In the video, deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber are seen chasing Petrov down an alley when Petrov decidedly stops and surrenders. Petrov is then shoved to the ground and severely beaten about the head and body with police batons. His attorney, Mike Haddad, said that his client suffered a concussion and broke nearly every finger bone in his hands.

For this vicious assault, in April of this year, Petrov received a $5.5 million settlement.

“We said we were going to hold Alameda County and the involved deputies accountable and we did,” Haddad said. “This result should serve as a deterrent to law enforcement officers who would abuse their authority and beat a man who was trying to surrender, as these deputies did.”

When speaking about the homeless witnesses who were bribed by the cops to remain silent, Haddad said, “We’ve learned from witnesses that they stole a valuable gold necklace from Stanislav and then they gave it to these witnesses who saw what happened to basically bribe them and silence them.”

Jerome Allen and his wife Haley Harris were living in a tent on the corner during the beating that night.

KTVU reports:

“They came up to me and the first thing they said was did you like the show?” said Allen. Allen said two deputies approached him. One of them handed him some items that belonged to Petrov. “The other cop came around the corner and said, ‘Hey, I found something: don’t spend it all in one spot.’ And he passed me a very nice gold chain with a large medallion cross on it, with diamonds, Turkish gold.”


Harris drew KTVU Fox 2’s Tara Moriarty a picture of the medallion which the couple hawked for $1,500. They said they spent the money on food, clothes and shoes. We found what appears to be the missing necklace on Petrov’s Facebook page.


Allen said he was taken aback by the deputy’s offering. “At first I look around, ‘Is this being recorded or something?’ You know, like they were trying to set me up or something? And I’m like, well, they want me to be quiet; they want me to not say something about that ass whooping they just gave him.”

This gold chain was later seen in the officer’s hand on the surveillance video—confirming their story.

Aside from the man’s jewelry, the deputy gave the homeless couple money, crystal meth, and some Newport cigarettes.

After the department found out about the bribe, the officer in question was suspended and is no longer with the department. However, former deputy Sean Osborne has never been charged criminally in spite of the damning evidence against him.

“This is absolutely unacceptable, if true, it will not be tolerated,” Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. J.D. Nelson told reporters last year. “They are no better than the criminals they arrest, if these allegations are true.”

“Nobody bribes witnesses when they’re innocent,” said Haddad. And judging from when the officers wrote their reports, they are clearly not innocent.

Haddad noted that the deputies obviously wrote their reports after they had seen the video so they could get their stories straight.

“The deputies waited four days to write their reports,” said Haddad, “when their policy requires the reports to be completed by the end of shift.”

Deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber both wrote in their reports that they were “exhausted and dizzy” yet Wieber is the department’s fitness champion and can be seen on the agency’s Facebook page with trophies, posing with Sheriff Greg Ahern, reports KTVU.

It is important to note that Petrov was witnessed in a stolen car and led police on a low-speed 30-minute chase before he was beaten. He also rammed a police cruiser in the process. However, he had surrendered prior to this assault.

The deputies attempted to justify their actions by saying their adrenaline was rushing after this chase, but their brutal force on a surrendering man was over the top.

“The problem with that argument is that this is America and this is not a country where the government can get away with beating someone with steel batons on their head without any due process,” Haddad said, pointing out the flawed justification used by these officers.

There is also the existence of another video that is the subject of the investigation. In spite of both officers turning off their body cameras prior to the beating, one of them accidentally started recording during the assault, and the officer had no idea.

“That body cam was inadvertently put on when Deputy Wieber tackled Mr. Petrov,” explained Sgt. Ray Kelly, “and it was not discovered until after those reports were written.”

“It tarnishes my badge, it tarnishes everybody’s badge and we don’t like it,” declared Sgt. Nelson.

Hopefully, as this trial gets underway, these two abusive cops are held accountable and serve as an example to other police that savagely beating a surrendering person as if you are the judge, jury, and executioner—will not be tolerated.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-hearing-unarmed-man-batons-40-times-video-like-rodney-king/