Horrific Video Catches Cops Dragging Innocent Woman By Her Handcuffs Across Concrete Floor


Sydney — Multiple police officers stand accused of using excessive force and lying about it after harrowing video showed them handcuff a woman for apparently no reason and then violently drag her by the handcuffs across a concrete floor, leading to multiple injuries.

The defenseless woman, who remains unnamed, was arrested on April 9, 2016 on multiple charges after the ordeal. However, having no evidence of an actual crime, all the charges were then dropped.

The video is now the subject of a hearing of the New South Wales’ Commission, in which the brutal actions of ten police officers are under investigation.

The graphic footage shows one officer dragging the woman across the floor by her handcuffs as another grabs her feet. Because she is surrounded by nearly a dozen cops and in handcuffs, the use of force appears to be entirely unnecessary and excessive.

As the video shows, none of the other officers standing around attempt to prevent their fellow cops from savagely assaulting the woman.

According to ABC, the Counsel Assisting the Commission, David Huen, is now recommending that action be taken against some of the officers.

He recommended that one of the officers should be found to have used “excessive force whilst engaging in an inappropriate method of moving” the woman.

“Officer One engaged in serious misconduct which could result in either serious disciplinary action,” Mr Huen said. “Or referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice with respect to a possible prosecution.”

To defend their actions, officers claimed the woman was a “difficult” prisoner and lashed out and assaulted officers in the moments leading up to her brutal treatment captured on video. However, none of this alleged assault was captured on video and officers were caught lying about it.

According to Huen, at least one of the officers lied to cover up the incident and gave false information in the local court and two other officers have committed serious misconduct for their testimonies.

Four other officers are recommended for internal discipline for their unsatisfactory performance in their statements in court as well.

According to reports, the punishments for the officers will be announced at a later date. Below is the disturbing footage.

As the Free Thought Project has reported, Australian police can be just as brutal as their American counterparts. While sleeping in bed with her fiancé in 2016, a former Miss Australia awoke to a police flashbang grenade disfiguring her face and melting her hand. Although she required immediate medical attention, paramedics did not arrive at the scene until 40 minutes later.

Crowned Miss International Australia in 2013, Felicia Djamirze was asleep in bed with her fiancé, Dean O’Donnell that morning, when a police flashbang grenade landed in their bedroom. Accused of drug trafficking, the former Miss Australia was placed under arrest as police waited 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. The cops refused to allow Djamirze to see her injuries even though she suffered third-degree burns to her face and right hand.

“The police treated this like a military operation which was entirely unnecessary,” Djamirze’s lawyer, Chris Ford, told the Daily Mail. “There was a high level of both physical and electronic surveillance. The police must have known my client was sleeping in a confined area when they tossed the stun grenade into her bedroom.”

The former beauty queen is now left blind in her right eye and suffers from PTSD as a result of these Australian cops.



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‘You Know Who the F— I am? I’m NYPD!’: Cop Road Rages, Smashes Man’s Face With Handcuffs


New York, NY — As the Free Thought Project reports—on a regular basis—police officers are caught in fits of road rage all the time. While road rage is an unfortunate reality in America, when a police officer is involved, the situation becomes far more dangerous as they have authority, and they have a gun.

All too often police officers will be caught road raging on innocent citizens and it is the citizen who suffers. In the incident below, however, an NYPD cop’s fit of rage was allegedly so horrific that it got him arrested this month.

Earlier this month, according to officials, Officer Michael Baror’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee, equipped with lights and a siren, rear-ended 28-year-old James Nacimas’ vehicle as he drove east on Avenue N near Bedford Ave. in Midwood.

Baror had his lights and siren on when he rear-ended Nacimas. However, he had no reason to have them on because he was off-duty at the time.

According to witnesses at the scene, Baror, 24, jumped out of his vehicle waving his department-issued pistol and began pointing it at Nacimas while yelling “Don’t you know who the f— I am? I’m NYPD! You don’t f— with the NYPD.”

At this point, according to the witnesses, Baror then allegedly began punching not only Nacimas but his 27-year-old girlfriend Jaclyn Araiza as well.

Prosecutors reported that Baror inflicted serious injuries to the face of Nacimas because he used his metal handcuffs as a weapon. According to court records, Nacimas needed ten stitches to close up the wounds on his face.

After he rammed an innocent couple, assaulted them with a deadly weapon, and beat both of them with handcuffs, Baror then fled the scene. He ran multiple red lights, veered into oncoming traffic all at dangerously high speeds. His victims were unable to keep up but they did get his license plate and called police during their pursuit.

The following day, Baror was arrested.

As WABC reports, Baror is charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, menacing, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. He was suspended without pay following his arrest.

Baror’s bail was set at $15,000 in spite of prosecutors requesting $25,000. Because Baror’s arrest is so unprecedented for a police officer, it has sparked quite the conversation online. One person, who commented on the local news story, summed up the situation quite grimly.

He would have been better off shooting them.

Then he would have been put on paid admin leave, say he feared for his life and come back to work after a refreshing paid vacation ready to be a more effective oppressor.

Unfortunately, road rage among police officers is not an isolated incident. As TFTP reported last month, Kieran Walsh, a 59-year-old Marine veteran, and partial amputee was left stranded on the side of the road last month after a police officer road raged on him for honking his horn.

Because officer Stephen Salot claims the authority to detain people for victimless crimes, he moved to pull the person over who would dare to honk at him. “Evidently he didn’t like that,” Walsh said of the brief horn beeping.

Walsh, who had just undergone surgery to remove his foot over complications from diabetes, was then left stranded on the side of the road because officer Salot confiscated his vehicle in his fit of rage. The amputee veteran was forced to painfully hobble home, causing him severe pain and injury.

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VIDEO: Undercover Cop Handcuffs Innocent Man, Steals All of His Cash, Then Tells Him to Get Lost


San Diego, CA — A man is saying San Diego Police robbed him of nearly $800 after they stopped, handcuffed and frisked him outside of a local bar early Saturday morning. However, police claim that they have no idea what happened to his money.

Bret Checketts detailed the incident in a Facebook post:

“They put their hands on me and grappled me, took my wallet and went through it, of which $780 of cash was taken from my wallet. I’m unable to pay my rent and have no idea when it will be returned to me if it will be. I was put in hand cuffs for over 20 minutes with no reason given, once they went through my whole wallet , felt me up one side and down the other, went through my pockets and wrote down my drivers license info on a police report, they released me and would not tell me what the Fuck just happened.”

Checketts had the wherewithal to record the incident, at least until his phone’s memory maxed out and stopped recording. But the interaction was long enough to reveal the officers were less than forthcoming with their reasoning for detaining Checketts.

One by one, Checketts took photos of all of the officers involved. They said they could not comment on their reasons for stopping him but told his friends he “matched the description” of a suspect they were looking for at the time.

Checketts identified the officers and described what he was doing in the moments leading up to what many of his friends are now calling legalized theft:

“San Diego Police Officer Daniel Riis, badge #6474, and Officer Robert Stinson felt it acceptable to detain me for no reason this morning. I had 2 Officers ask to talk to me while I was talking to 2 girls, friends of mine in town from sacramento, while minding my own business and doing nothing wrong.”

The young man told The Free Thought Project that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and added that he was never charged. He claimed he was simply stopped, detained, handcuffed, and had the cash taken from his wallet.

“No law broken. No reason for handcuffing me. No explanation whatsoever. This is asanine. Unacceptable. Untolerable. I want answers! I want an apology. The officers involved need to be suspended. Other parties took video of the whole incident. I will be launching an investigation and lawsuit. This will be made right!”

Checketts also questioned how what happened to him was legal if he had not been guilty of any wrongdoing.

“If I have done absolutely nothing wrong, how can police handcuff me, go through my person, take my money and give me no explanation. I called PD and was told by a supervisor sitting at his desk with his computer that he had no information to offer me and he hung up on me.”

He said his friends explained that what happened to him is called “civil asset forfeiture,” and is essentially legal theft by police of citizens’ property. As TFTP has reported, civil asset forfeiture is now responsible for stealing more possessions belonging to citizens than all US robberies combined.

Still, Checketts said he does not understand how a police force can get away with it. We spoke to Checketts by phone, and he said he did not receive any paperwork from the officers following his encounter with them. Even after being released from handcuffs, he said “they still wouldn’t give me any information.”

He said he did speak with one of the plainclothes officers who detained him. “I should have received a call from the Lieutenant or someone who was over him not one of the detaining officers,” he said, noting that he found it completely inappropriate.

Checketts said he is going to file an official complaint soon. He told TFTP he doubts he fits any description of a “suspect” police were looking for that night. “If you look at me, you can know I wasn’t that person,” he insisted. “I have no criminal record whatsoever so they have no reason to put me in detainment.”

“I only have one eye. You probably don’t come in contact with someone who only has one eye. So, I’m sure if you had an accurate description, you’d know if it were me or not.”

Checketts says he doesn’t have enough money to even pay his rent now. His roommate had given him the money to pay the rent and said he forgot to deposit the money after work. That is why he says he had so much money with him when police contacted him. He does not know how he could possibly sue them, even though he would like to.

“I didn’t have an eye on what they were doing. I tried turning around a couple of times to find out what was going on and no one would give me any information,” Checketts said.

He also said the police department called him and asked, “Which officer took your money?” to which he responded, “I’d really like to know that but I was detained and could not tell you which one did it.”

“I hope these officers get training or possibly suspension because they simply had no reason to put me in handcuffs,” Checketts concluded.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-handcuff-rob-innocent-man/

New York Judge Arrested & Led from Courthouse in Handcuffs


An embattled City Court judge was escorted Monday from judicial chambers in handcuffs.

Rochester court deputies and city police officers executed a bench warrant issued for Judge Leticia Astacio’s arrest last week after she missed a Tuesday court appearance related to an August drunken-driving conviction.

Astacio, a Rochester City Court judge, smiled and said hello to the gaggle of reporters waiting for her at the fifth floor elevator bank of the Monroe County Hall of Justice where officers marched her off to be processed at the nearby Rochester Public Safety Building. She returned later to the courthouse for an arraignment before Judge Stephen Aronson of Canandaigua City Court, who issued the warrant and is overseeing her drunken-driving case.

He ordered her held without bail in Monroe County Jail until a Thursday hearing. The reason she missed her court appearance last week was because she had been living in a temple with monks in the mountains of Thailand since May 3, she had texted to her lawyer.

“You’re doing everything to show you don’t care what happens to your public trust,” Aronson said.

In court Monday, Aronson offered Astacio a deal: Plead guilty to violating her initial drunk-driving sentence and receive 45 days in jail, two years of probation and six months on an ankle monitor. She declined and was ordered to jail.

On Feb. 13, 2016, Astacio was arrested around 8 a.m. ET on her way to City Court after New York state troopers were summoned to what appeared to be a one-car crash Interstate 490. She refused to take a Breathalyzer test

On Aug. 22, she was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge that was extended to February 2018 after she admitted violating two conditions: abstaining from alcohol and not driving under the influence.

Astacio, a Democrat who was elected to a 10-year term in 2014, also was in court in March when she beat four allegations that she violated the conditions of her sentence. One alleged that she twice drank alcohol, and three others were related to the use and maintenance of her ignition interlock device, which prevents a vehicle from starting if a driver has had too much to drink.

For the full story visit : https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/06/05/new-york-judge-handcuffs/370456001/

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