Cop Pleads Guilty Disfiguring Handcuffed Man With a Flashlight, Pepper Spraying Kids


Bayonne, NJ– Officer Domenico Lillo of the Bayonne Police Department in New Jersey was actually raided by FBI agents and arrested in connection with a 2013 case of police brutality. With so much compelling evidence against him, Lillo pleaded guilty. However, the court is taking their time in the sentencing.

Lillo was scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday but the U.S. Attorney’s office extended the date until March 5.

To lessen his sentence, Lillo agreed to testify against a fellow officer. Ironically enough, the fellow officer’s only crime was covering up for Lillo by falsifying records and hiding the assault.

“It was my understanding… (that) when the incident report was written the flashlight strike would be omitted,” Lillo told the jury in his fellow officer’s trial last month.

The raid took place in 2015 and was highly unusual for a police officer. After a federal grand jury in Newark returned an indictment charging him with deprivation of civil rights under color of law and falsification of records, police swarmed Lillo’s house.

After having been armed and active on the force for over a year after the incident—thanks to his fellow cops covering for him—Lillo was busted and brought to justice.

On December 27, 2013, around 4:50pm, Lillo along with two other officers from the Bayonne Police Department went to an individual’s home to execute an outstanding arrest warrant.

Count one in the indictment stated that while acting under the color of the law, Lillo struck the handcuffed victim, who was not resisting arrest—with a flashlight—resulting in bodily injury.  According to a lawsuit filed by the victim, the other officers stood by and did nothing to stop the attack.

The officer’s also allegedly pepper-sprayed both the victim and his mother—hitting grandchildren in the process—causing her grandchildren and other relatives to get sick.

Count two in the indictment stated that Lillo, “acting with the intent to impede, obstruct, and influence the investigation and proper administration of a matter within the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, knowingly concealed, covered up, falsified, and made false entries on a Bayonne Police Department Use of Force Report about the individual, to wit, by not checking the box marked ‘Strike/Use of Baton or other object.’”

“This was something that you knew sooner or later was coming. And when you’re going to do something like that, this is what gives all police officers a black eye,” Bayonne’s mayor, Jimmy Davis, a former police officer, told at the time.

Lillo can be seen in video footage striking his victim, Brandon Walsh with a flashlight three different times. The footage shows Lillo hit Walsh in the forehead with his flashlight in clear view of Styles and Wade, who were also escorting Walsh away from the scene.

“I was aggravated, upset,” Lillo said during his testimony as to why he beat the handcuffed man.

He then went on to use Walsh’s injuries as a warning to others during the trial, telling the jurors, “Look what happens when you fuck with us.”

Before permanently disfiguring a man with a flashlight, the officer was sued for excessive force which resulted in a $100,000 settlement for the victims, but not enough evidence to fire him.

In 2007 the city of Bayonne paid a $100,000 settlement in a lawsuit that was filed by two men who reported that they were brutally assaulted by police while leaving a bar. The lawsuit claimed excessive force, malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, failure to intervene, deliberate indifference, deprivation of property, deprivation of due process and conspiracy, reported.

The suit alleged that an officer “maliciously assaulted” one of the men, beating, kicking and throwing him to the ground while cursing at him as Lillo tackled the other man and punched him repeatedly in the face and head. The sister of the man Lillo was assaulting was pleading for the officer to stop the beating and when she tried to intervene, Lillo reportedly kicked her.

Prior to striking the plea deal, Lillo was facing upwards of 10-20 years for the charges against him. Lillo’s victims will now have to wait until March to find out if the dangerous police officer who put a man in the hospital with a flashlight will get justice.

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Female Officer Blows Whistle as Fellow Cop Pleads Guilty to Raping Her—Faces No Charges

female policefemale police

Nashville, TN – A female police officer who was strangled and raped is now calling out the district attorney’s office for letting the man who assaulted her off the hook because he was a fellow officer.

When the unnamed woman went to police to report the assault in June 2016, she was armed with evidence in the form of an audio recording in which the man who assaulted her admitted to his crime—but the district attorney determined that the recording was not enough.

Julian Pirtle was charged with aggravated assault for strangling the woman, but because he accepted a plea deal, the rape charges he was facing were dropped, according to a report from WSMV News.

The woman had previously dated Pirtle, and they worked together as school resource officers before the assault happened. Two days after the incident took place, the woman confronted Pirtle at work and recorded the encounter.

“I was so f—ing drunk,” Pirtle said in the recording.

“You were drunk?” the female officer asked. “And the look in your eyes?”

What did you see?” Pirtle responded.

“What did I see? It looked like you wanted to kill me. I have never felt that before,” the woman said. “Did you know for two days that I could not swallow? For you to know what you were doing.”

“I didn’t. I don’t think you understand that there are moments of intense rage,” Pirtle said, going on to say, “It’s like—why do you think they call me the Hulk?”

“I don’t know, but that doesn’t give you the right to put your hands on me,” the woman said.

“They don’t call me Bruce Banner for no reason. It’s not an excuse,” Pirtle replied.

When WSMV’s chief investigative reporter, Jeremy Finley, confronted Pirtle in October 2016, he said, “I’ve listened to the audio—the recording of you—and you refer to yourself as the Hulk. You want to explain that?”

Pirtle did not respond, and the report noted that during the Metro police internal investigation, “Pirtle said he was just talking dirty to the female officer in the parking lot, and that she was setting him up by recording the conversation.”

While Pirtle was fired from his job as a school resource officer, there are still questions remaining as to why the rape charge against him was dropped. Doug Thurman, the assistant district attorney who helped prosecute the case, told WSMV that while the audio recording helped prove that Pirtle strangled the woman, it did not provide any evidence that he also raped her.

“Obviously he makes comments about himself being angry, and that supports the aggravated assault, but in terms of the rape charge, we just did not have the evidence,” Thurman said.

Pirtle began receiving special treatment from Judge Rachel Bell in the case from day one when his bond was lowered from $75,000 to $5,000, and he was released on the same day he was arrested, according to jail records—even though he was facing aggravated assault charges.

Now, the woman is calling out the district attorney’s office in a statement in which she said the trial taught her that “political influence and our flawed justice system have voices that supersede the needs of domestic violence and sexual assault victims.” 

Though the aggressor pled guilty to an Aggravated Assault which nearly took my life and openly acknowledged the severity of his actions, I’m baffled at having no consideration in a plea agreement that drops a prior conviction for order of protection violation, dismisses sexual assault, removes all safeguards and essentially renders me unprotected. Being a victim made me realize I was owed justice that I’ll never receive.” 

The female officer said her experience has helped her understand why incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault often go unreported, and she is now devoted to raising awareness and helping other victims

“I am moving forward with greater understanding of why so many domestic violence and sexual assaults go unreported, as victims are often dragged through lengthy litigation processes only to be unheard in the end,” she said.

WSMV News 4

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WATCH: Fired Federal Heights Cop Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Suspect

June 30, 2015

A former Federal Heights Police Department officer pleaded guilty to attempted assault in June after he lost his cool with a robbery suspect, slinging the man into a refrigerator and punching him inside a holding cell.

Mark Magness, who was fired in December after the incident, was sentenced to one year of probation and will pay court costs.

It was the second time in Magness’ career that he was criminally charged for using excessive force against a suspect. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and was allowed to remain a Federal Heights police officer.

Chief Karl Wilmes said he did not know why Magness was not terminated in 2009. He was not the chief during that investigation and told The Denver Post on Tuesday that he didn’t know the facts of the first case.

However, he fired Magness on December 29 after fellow officers reported the incident to their commanders.

“The message is that this police department, and all police departments really, have a high degree of professional standards,” Wilmes said. “When violations come to our attention we take those seriously.”

Magness and a second officer involved in the December arrest recorded the encounter on their body cameras.

Wilmes declined to name the second officer or disclose how that officer had been punished for his involvement, saying it was a personnel issue. The second officer remains on the force.

Don Sisson, Magness’ attorney, said his client no longer works in law enforcement. The firing will not be appealed, he said.

The video began as the suspect arrived at a police station in the back of a patrol car. He was lying across the seat with his hands cuffed behind his back.

When the suspect said he couldn’t get out, Magness dragged him out the door and onto the ground. They pulled the man to his feet, and he appeared to be drunk and unstable.

As Magness escorted the suspect into the station, he flung him into a refrigerator. The man’s face was cut.

Once inside the police station, Magness shouted and cursed at the suspect. And when the suspect took a swing at the officer while in a holding cell, Magness jumped on him and began punching.

Magness also shoved a restraint chair across the station, sending a metal garbage can careening through the room. He ordered the other officer to tie the suspect into the chair while he held the man down while squeezing his temples.

At one point, the suspect said, “Ow!”

Magness replied, “No, this is ‘ow,’” as he drove a finger into the man’s neck.

He also told the suspect, “You picked the wrong cops to fight with, man.”

The other officer was seen motioning toward Magness in an effort to remind him that the body cameras are rolling. Magness also told the other officer not to worry about calling for medical help because the suspect’s face was bleeding.

“I don’t care,” Magness said. “Strap him in the chair.”

Once a sergeant arrived, Magness told him the suspect had taken a swing at him.

“I busted him up,” Magness said on the video. “I take full responsibility.”


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Mom pleads guilty to shooting boyfriend through encyclopedia in botched YouTube stunt

Monalisa Perez, 20, pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter for her involvement in the death of her boyfriend while the couple were filming a video for their YouTube channel. Perez, who was heavily pregnant at the time but has since given birth to the couple’s second child, shot Ruiz III with a .50-caliber Desert Eagle pistol at point blank range.

Ruiz III was holding a hardcover encyclopedia against his chest, the bullet went through the book and into his chest, killing him as two cameras rolled. The couples young daughter was playing near-by at the the time.

Hours before the shooting, Perez ominously tweeted that she was going to perform a dangerous stunt, adding that the idea was Ruiz III and not hers.

At the time Perez told officers her boyfriend had been urging her to partake in the video for a while. To convince her, Ruiz III had shown Perez a different book which was not fully penetrated by a bullet he had shot.

As part of a plea agreement Perez will serve six months in prison, spread out over three years. She will then, according to local media, become eligible to serve her remaining sentence of 10 years on electronic home monitoring.

Perez is also barred from profiting from the video and is banned from possessing a firearm for the rest of her life. She is expected to be sentenced next February.

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Police Officer Who Executed Unarmed Father of Two Found Not Guilty of Murder

Police Officer Who Executed Unarmed Father of Two Found Not Guilty of Murder

December 8th, 2017

Via: Daily Mail:

A former Arizona police officer was found not guilty of murder Thursday of in the 2016 fatal shooting of an unarmed man outside his hotel room, as video of the shocking moment is finally released by officials.

Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 27, was found not guilty in the 2016 death of 26-year-old father-of-two Daniel Shaver, from Granbury, Texas.

The shooting, which Shaver’s family has referred to as an ‘execution,’ occurred in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa when officers were responding to a call that someone was pointing a gun out a window at the La Quinta Hotel.

Police told Shaver to exit his hotel room, lay face-down in a hallway and refrain from making sudden movements – or he risked being shot.

New disturbing footage of the encounter shows the moment Shaver, sobbing and crawling towards the officer, audibly begs ‘please don’t kill me,’ before Brailsford opens fire and shoots him dead.

Related: One-Third of All Americans Killed by Strangers Are Killed by Police




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Disturbing Body Cam Shows Cop Murder Innocent Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life—Cop Not Guilty


Phoenix, AZ —  In March of 2016, Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder for gunning down Daniel Shaver, an innocent husband, and father of two. The shooting was captured on body cam footage, part of which was released the following May. On Thursday, a jury, apparently blinded by the badge delivered a verdict of not guilty and the rest of the body camera footage was released—showing a cold-blooded murder.

In October, Brailsford’s defense claimed that the prosecution showing the jury the body cam during opening statements would be unfair to the killer cop. Apparently, this strategy worked.

Jurors deliberated less than six hours and despite the horrifying body camera showing Brailsford execute Shaver, they somehow returned a not guilty verdict. This is a travesty of justice and a testament to the system that protects killers who wear badges.


Last year, an Arizona judge announced that they would be releasing the body camera footage showing Brailsford murder Shaver. When they did release it, however, the city released two videos, both of which were clearly edited and portions redacted.

Now that he’s been acquitted, the full body camera was released showing Shaver being entirely compliant with police. Shaver was on his knees, crying and begging police not to shoot him when the coward opened fire on him, firing five times—killing him instantly.

Mark Geragos, Sweet’s lawyer, called the shooting an “execution.”

“The justice system miserably failed Daniel (Shaver) and his family,” Geragos said.

Police said Shaver, a 26-year-old from Texas staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites on a business trip on Jan. 18, 2016, had invited a couple he met to his room for drinks. No one was in any danger and the entire incident was a misunderstanding. For the majority of the video, police appear to be in a standoff with people who simply can’t hear them.

“Occupants of room 5-0-2, this is the Mesa Police,” the officer is heard yelling on the video, to which he receives no response.

“Listen to my instructions or it’s going to become very uncomfortable for you,” the officer said. “The female is to step outside the room.”

When ‘the female’ does step out the room, she is escorted away by an officer as she tells him how scared she is.

That’s when cops begin barking confusing orders at Shaver who is doing everything he can to comply. Police tell Shaver to keep his legs crossed and crawl forward, a near impossible feat. As he begins to cry from the stress and the ridiculous orders, Shaver becomes distraught and begs for his life. As he tries to crawl forward with his legs crossed, his pants appear to slip down so he moves a hand, at which point Brailsford executes him.

For several minutes, Daniel Shaver was face down with his hands on his head, all these officers had to do was to walk toward him and place him in handcuffs. Clearly, this did not happen and an innocent unarmed dad was taken from his wife and children at the hands of police.


During the trial, Deputy County Attorney Susie Charbel portrayed Brailsford as a “killer” who claimed he feared for his life to cover up an unjustified shooting.

In her closing arguments, Charbel told the jury that an intoxicated Shaver looked “pathetic” before he was killed and didn’t get a chance to know who shot him, according to AZ Central.

“(Brailsford) doesn’t get a pass because he was wearing a police uniform that night,” Charbel said.

“The last thing in the world that Mitch Brailsford wanted to do that night was shoot. His goal wasn’t to kill Daniel Shaver,” Brailsford’s lawyer, Michael Piccarreta told the jury. “Shaver is not a bad person, but his actions are what brought the police that night.”

However, if we look at Brailsford’s custom AR-15, it was clear the first thing he wanted to do was shoot.

Shaver etched “You’re Fucked” into his AR-15 police rifle — illustrating his disregard for human life.



Conveniently, however, the judge did not allow the jury to see the above photo because he felt it was prejudicial. Had jurors actually been shown the real image of this sadistic killer cop, they would’ve likely been more inclined to see the reality of the execution.

Also, it was not Shaver’s actions that brought police that night. He had committed no crime.


On January 18, Brailsford, along with several other officers, responded to a call about a suspect with a rifle in a hotel room. The ‘rifle’ was nothing more than a pellet gun that was used in Shaver’s business of pest control, and Shaver was not in possession of the pellet gun when he was murdered in cold blood by officer Brailsford.



Brailsford was fired from the department in March of 2016 for multiple policy violations not associated with the murder of Shaver. After he was fired, we learned that he should have never had a badge that night he killed an innocent man.

Aside from his unsatisfactory performance, records released by Mesa Police revealed that Brailsford was accused of beating three people a few months before he killed Shaver.

Two children and a wife will now live the rest of their lives without their loving father because of the actions of this public servant. The one thing that could help get this family closure was to see the man who stole the life of their dad and husband put behind bars. However, because of a broken system, this will not happen.

Watch the video of this execution below, do you think this was an excusable accident in which no one should be held accountable?

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Former Colorado Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Weapons Theft

LEADVILLE, COLO. – A former police chief in a small Colorado town has pleaded guilty to charges of stealing weapons from his department and its evidence room and then selling them to pawn shops.

Fifty-two-year-old Michael Robert Leake pleaded guilty Friday to charges of theft and providing false information to a pawnbroker.

Leake was accused of taking weapons from the city of Leadville, where he was chief from 2009 until he resigned in 2015.

John Bryan, spokesman for Lake County District Attorney Bruce Brown, says Leake faces up to four years in prison at his sentencing in February.

Bryan says Leake was also accused of taking a city-issued check for more than $2,200 for ammunition and depositing it in his own account.

Prosecutors began investigating in 2016 after other city officials noticed irregularities.

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Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea: Much Ado About Nothing

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea: Much Ado About Nothing 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The media hullabaloo over Flynn’s plea is more proof of the colossal Russiagate scam.

He pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI, relating to conversations he had during the transition period with former Russia ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak.

Many congressional members had personal contact with him, part of their job and Flynn’s as a key member of Trump’s transition team at the time.

Through its ambassador, he reportedly tried urging Russia to hold off expelling US diplomats in retaliation for Obama administration expulsions, along with opposing last December’s SC Res. 2334, declaring Israeli settlements illegal, flagrantly violating international law.

The vote was 14 – 0 with Washington abstaining. It broke longstanding US tradition, vetoing over 40 SC resolutions hostile to Israeli interests.

Flynn technically violated the 1799 Logan Act, amended in 1994. It prohibits unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments – considered an attempt to influence bilateral relations. 

The act remained unused since passage, no one prosecuted under the law in over 200 years. Legal experts suggest it’s unconstitutional. It’s been used more as a threat than justification for prosecution.

Why did the FBI question Flynn about anything relating to his transition team job, specifically contacts with foreign officials, namely Kislyak?

His only offense was telling what amounts to a white lie, nothing warranting the witch-hunt investigation he was put through, resulting in his guilty plea over nothing.

The aim, of course, was trying to build a case for nonexistent Russian inference in America’s political process, along with anything suggesting illegal or improper Trump dealings with Moscow. 

After months of House, Senate and special council Mueller investigations, not a shred of proof was found making either case – just baseless allegations and accusations, no evidence supporting them.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post jumped on Flynn’s plea, ludicrously saying “the Russia affair just got bigger,” falsely claiming “Flynn…sought help from the Russian ambassador in undermining the Obama administration’s policies.”

His contacts with Kislyak had nothing to do with “undermining” anyone. Reportedly, Jared Kushner asked Flynn to urge 

Russian opposition to SC 2334, not a crime by either individual.

WaPo: “In negotiating with the Kremlin before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the Trump transition team undermined the foreign policy of the sitting president.” 

“What’s more, the Obama administration designed its sanctions against Russia as retaliation for election interference.” 

“Mr. Flynn apparently promised that the next administration would review those sanctions – meaning Mr. Trump’s advisers sought to weaken the US attempt to hold Russia accountable for its meddling.”

Fact: Nothing was done by Flynn or any other Trump transition member to undermine Obama.

Fact: No Russian US election interference occurred.

Fact: Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on Russia or any other countries are illegal, flagrantly violating international law.

Fact: If Flynn supported lifting them, he warrants praise, not condemnation.

Endless witch-hunt investigations continue, wasting time and money, proving nothing except more evidence of America’s deeply corrupted political system – far too debauched to fix.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Senator Harry Reid and Judge Navarro Are Guilty of Treason Against the People of the United States

I have authored two previous parts of this series in which I disclosded how I knew that the Bundy release was going to be ordered almost three days prior to the ruling by Judge Navarro and that Navarro was being legally blackmailed by elements loyal to the country and the Constitution in order to force the release of the Bundys’.

In this third part, I will dislose that Navarro and Senator Harry Reid et al, are guilty of treason and at the heart of the matter involves the facilitation of the United States being conquered by a Red Dawn type of invasion. Judge Navarro was up to her eyes in this conspiracy and is guilty of conspiracy to commit treason.

The FBI agent who provided me with the information that the Bundys’ were going to be ordered to be released from prison told me that the FBI/DOJ put the squeeze on Navarro in order to force the Bundy’s release from prison. I was told that Navarro was guilty of taking orders from Obama, even after he left office in January of 2017 and that she was protecting Senator Harry Reid. We find the motivation behind this allegation from the following paragraphs.

The association between Navarro, Reid and Obama has a clear path as evidenced by the following excerpt:

From US

On January 1, 2014, Judge Navarro became Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. Chief Judge Navarro was nominated by President Barack Obama on December 24, 2009 (Christmas Eve) to United States District Judge for the District of Nevada. She was confirmed by a unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate on May 5, 2010 (Cinco de Mayo) and took the oath as a United States District Judge on May 25, 2010. She was recommended for the bench by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid while she was serving as a Chief Deputy District Attorney for Clark County in the Civil Division…

The ties between Navarro and Reid run very deep.

The associations between Reid and Navarro ran even deeper. Please note the following from We Are Change (Please note the key elements related to Harry Reid and Judge Navarro as they are represented by bold ink):

We the People of the United States petition the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach Judge Gloria M. Navarro of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada for committing treason and collaborating in the insurrection against the Constitutional authority of the federal government pursuant to Article I Section 8 Clause 15, Article 3 Section 3 and Article 2 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, 18 U.S.C. § 2831 and 18 U.S. § Code 2383.

Whereas Judge Navarro, at the direction of the FBI, BLM, and other federal agencies, is unlawfully detaining (Amendment VIII of the Bill of Rights & 18 U.S.C. § 3142), and has been for over nine months, prominent activists within the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom political movement for exercising their First Amendment protected rights—protesting against federal government overreach [the fact it had sold 9,000 acres of public land bordering Bundy Ranch and other people who own grazing rights to the division to a Communist Chinese energy firm represented by Rory Reid (Harry Reid’s son), EMM, for $4.5 million, $34.1 million less than its value, and began rounding up the Bundy’s cattle and holding them in inhumane conditions … at least 60 purportedly suffering death or missing]—and, in order to suppress C4CF ‘s education of the People, they have been charged by the FBI for violating 18 U.S.C. § 371 – Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States; 18 U.S.C. § 372 – Conspiracy to Impede and Injure a Federal Officer; 18 U.S.C. § lll(a)(l) and (b) – Assault on a Federal Officer; 18 U.S.C. § 115(a)(l)(B) – Threatening a Federal Law Enforcement Officer; 18 U.S.C. § 924(c) – Use and Carry of a Firearm in Relation to a Crime of Violence; 18 U.S.C. § 1503 – Obstruction of the Due Administration of Justice; 18 U.S.C. § 1951 – Interference with Interstate Commerce by Extortion; 18 U.S.C. § 1952 – Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion; 18 U.S.C. § 2 – Aiding and Abetting. Among the political prisoners are Cliven, Ammon, Ryan and Mel Bundy, Peter Santilli (a journalist), Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Eric Parker and Jerry DeLumus—all of whom provide C4CF with necessary influence.

Whereas the discovery comprises substantial evidence proving the innocence of the defendants but is being concealed from the public at the order of Judge Navarro (in violation of Amendment VI of the Bill of Rights and Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure). These prisoners have also been subjected to mistreatment by the FBI, U.S. Marshall Service and employees of the correctional facilities.

Whereas Judge Navarro is consciously proceeding with falsified charges filed by the FBI against C4CF and refusing to grant motions to dismiss after learning that Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and many other local, state and federal officials ordered the BLM to return the cattle to the Bundy’s and withdraw from the land, and being presented with relevant laws [Article I Section 8 Clause 17 & Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, Rule 501 of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Nevada Revised Statute 568.225] were presented to her by the defense.

Whereas, after being ordered by Sheriff Gillespie to stand down, Special Agent Dan P. Love of the BLM continued to impede on the rights and jurisdiction of the People of Clark County and all People of Nevada unabated; Committing acts of aggression that should be considered attempts to seriously injure or even kill peaceful protesters, including tazing several individuals and using blunt force (some already challenged by physical disabilities)—an apparent result of its militarization. Sheriff Gillespie stated that “anyone who had been in policing would question their tactics.”

While most sites make THOUSANDS of dollars a month pushing distasteful and intrusive ads down your throat, we make $0 in an effort to bring you a disruption-free reading experience. If you find the information on this site useful and enjoy our ad-free platform, please consider making a donation to fund the site. Your support is humbly appreciated. Thomas @ Gov’t Slaves

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30+ Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society That You’re Likely Guilty Of

Next Story

A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations. They may take the form of an instance in which certain concepts (often, for example, a word, phrase, social norm, or rule) are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable—taboo—when applied by another group.

In modern society today, many of us are seeking to attain, or better yet, create equality on various levels for all. Though our attempt and intent to change the way we perceive, care for or act towards one another are evident, we are still far from achieving true equality amongst ourselves. Part of this is due to how we are approaching the situation.

Below are some images that further illustrate the double standards that we face today. Whether of gender, race, physical build, geographic location, or anything else that is typically out of our control – it is important to note that though we may be guilty of these double standards ourselves, as we take notice of them we can then create awareness around such, and expand our consciousness beyond the programming and stories set in our minds currently.

We cannot raise awareness nor work towards shifting our collective consciousness by building up one race, gender, or any one thing whilst bashing on another – as that would merely shift ‘blame’ and ultimately not provide the change we are looking for. We must take the time to reflect and realize why or what we may have been doing in order to learn and grow from that very realization & awareness.

We are being faced with the challenge of truly asking ourselves who we are. What that means is much more than trying to define ourselves by something like clothing, culture, gender etc. These are simply added aspects of our experience, but not our entire experience. The more we get caught up in these identities and illusions, the more we suffer and divide. While the push for this division is strong in media right now, it also serves as a chance to see everything we are not, so we can find out who we truly are.

It’s about self awareness, reflection, neutrality and love.

(More thoughts on this below, after the examples)

Remember, we are all magical beings, stardust.. the Universe itself living out a human experience. We experience so that we may become more aligned, in-tune and aware of our Self, and through this gained clarity we form a deeper understanding of our purpose here and an innerstanding of our connection to everyone else.

If you are reading this, take this as a light-hearted reminder to not judge, but to take notice. Whether this is in regards to others or of ourselves and our own thoughts & actions – we must remember to be loving and open. Release past programming, stories, and thoughts, and realize we are so much more than we have been led to believe – we are more than our genders, races, and all physicality..

You are the Universe; it’s pronounced ‘YOU’niverse for a reason.


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