French Anti-Christian Group Pleads For Islamic Mosque


In a bizarre turn of events, the group of “free thinkers” that fought to have a cross removed from public property in northwest France is now fighting to save a mosque.

For years, the National Federation of Free Thought (FNLP) has been leading the legal battle for the removal of a monument to Pope John Paul II situated on public land in the Breton town of Ploërmel. The group proclaimed victory earlier this month when the French administrative court ordered the removal of the stone cross that surmounts the statue, saying it violated the secular nature of the state.

“Since the cross is a religious sign or emblem within the meaning of Article 28 of the Law of 9 December 1905 and its installation by the municipality does not fall into any of the exceptions provided by this article, its presence in a public location is contrary to this law,” the French court argued.

Now, however, the FNLP has come out in defense of the Muslim community of Clichy in the Parisian suburbs so they can maintain a mosque in the center of town rather than on a smaller premises outside the city center.

Taking the part of the Union of the Muslim Associations of Clichy (UAMC), the FNLP has come after the city mayor, Remi Muzeau, calling on him to reestablish the mosque in the heart of the town. The group also defended the Muslims’ right to pray out on the streets, something the mayor opposed.

Despite the FNLP’s anticlerical slogan of “No gods, no masters!”, the group’s real animus is against Christianity rather than religion in general. As one commentator has noted, the group’s true aim is not separation of Church and State but “purely and simply the disappearance of the Christian identity of France,” while at the same time defending Islam, “which enjoys a much greater tolerance from this association.”

Earlier this year, the FNLP similarly campaigned for Muslim students in Dijon, so they could receive substitute meals that respected their specific dietary practices. “As an institutional system that guarantees individual freedoms and the fundamental rights of individuals, secularism has never intended to present children with food that their families have taught them to view as unclean,” the group insisted.

Even overtly atheist groups have criticized the FNLP for its complacency toward Islam combined with a virulent hostility toward anything Christian. “Always vigilant concerning the intrusion of Catholicism into public affairs and its financing by public monies, the FNLP is much less attentive to Islam, where its reticence almost borders on muteness,” reads a statement from the site

While battling against Catholic priests going about in clerical garb, the FNLP has always defended the rights of Muslim women to wear the burqa and niqab in public, the same group noted.

France has long been considered by Catholics to be “the eldest daughter of the Church,” since the nation became Christian upon the baptism of Clovis, king of the Franks, on Christmas day of the year 508 AD.

Nonetheless, if the French free thinkers are any indication, there may be more than a little truth to the saying that hostility toward Christianity is the last acceptable prejudice.



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South Carolina Prosecution Group Recommends Law Carrying up to 20-Year Prison Term For Excessive Police Force

A group of South Carolina authorities on Monday suggested that the state create new laws on police uses of force, criminal penalties for officers who run afoul of the guidelines and a unit in charge of prosecuting them.

The S.C. Commission on Prosecution Coordination unanimously approved four recommendations for legislation that would address lingering disagreements about how police shootings and other allegations of misconduct are handled in the Palmetto State.

Perhaps most notably, the commission suggested that the General Assembly come up with a new crime punishable by up 20 years in prison for officers who unlawfully use deadly force.

Made up of elected solicitors, court officials and law enforcement leaders, the commission issued the findings after a months-long study of issues central to a nationwide discussion about law enforcement. Much of that talk emerged during the two years since an eyewitness video captured a North Charleston police officer fatally shooting Walter Scott.

Commission Chairman Duffie Stone said he hoped that some, if not all, of the suggestions will be implemented by lawmakers in the upcoming session that starts in January. The law on excessive police force, for example, would come with many benefits, he said.

“It gives officers a better idea of their responsibility,” said Stone, solicitor for the 14th Circuit in the Bluffton area. “It gives prosecutors a clearer understanding of the law. It gives the public a sense of understanding as well.”

Funding, though, is expected to remain a hurdle for many of the recommendations, which are:

Bring South Carolina in line with 41 other states that have laws laying out when police can use deadly force. This will help guide police decision-making and give prosecutors a specific charge to pursue when an officers’ actions might not fit a current criminal offense, such as murder. Violations could carry up to 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. Such a statute could mirror a Utah law that includes a standard that the U.S. Supreme Court devised in the landmark Tennessee v. Garner civil case, which said officers couldn’t use deadly force to prevent escape unless the fleeing suspect poses a serious threat to others.

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Podesta Group Retroactively Filed DOJ Disclosures in August-Same Forms Manafort Arrested for Today… WHO TIPPED THEM OFF?


In August it was reported that the far left corrupt Podesta Group retroactively filed DOJ forms that they should have filed years earlier. Today we woke up to the announcement that Paul Manafort has been arrested for not filing the exact same forms. Did the corrupt Mueller investigation tip off the Podestas to get their forms filed?

In late August the Washington Examiner reported that the Podesta Group filed forms retroactively related to their dealings with Russia –

Back in April, the powerful Washington lobbying firm run by Clinton ally Tony Podesta filed a document admitting its work for the pro-Russia European Centre for a Modern Ukraine may have principally benefited a foreign government. New disclosures revealed dozens of previously unreported interactions the firm made with influential government offices, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the office of former Vice President Joe Biden, while lobbying on behalf of the center. Embattled ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort failed to disclose his extensive lobbying efforts on behalf of the center at the time as well.

Anyone lobbying or doing public relations on behalf of foreign governments is required to register as a foreign agent in compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The Aug. 17 filings include short-form registration statements for six Podesta Group employees and an amendment to the firm’s registration statement that includes a list of political contributions made by relevant employees throughout 2013.

A review of those donations shows both parties received cash from Podesta Group lobbyists.

The individual employee filings appear to be uniform and lawyerly, each describing what their services were supposed to entail as, “Research and analyze issues related to principal’s organizational mission of improving ties between Ukraine and the West counsel on activities in Congress and executive branch and developments that relate to the principal’s organizational mission; and maintain contact, as needed, with legislative and executive branch officials, members of the media, and NGOs.” One of the filings is for Tony Podesta himself, who was a bundler for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Tony and his brother John-Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman-co-founded the lobbying firm in 1988.

Last August, the AP reported that Manafort oversaw the lobbying efforts on behalf of the center carried out by the Podesta Group and Mercury, another high-powered firm. As the Washington Examiner noted in May, the Podesta Group was paid more by the think tank than Mercury – the firms earned $1 million and $720,000 between 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Now today Manafort was arrested for not filing the same forms the Podestas just filed in August. Also, it was already reported in August that Manafort had not filed these forms.

National Review reported the following today –

Do not be fooled by the “Conspiracy against the United States” heading on Count One (page 23 of the indictment). This case has nothing to do with what Democrats and the media call “the attack on our democracy” (i.e., the Kremlin’s meddling in the 2016 election, supposedly in “collusion” with the Trump campaign). Essentially, Manafort and his associate, Richard W. Gates, are charged with (a) conspiring to conceal from the U.S. government about $75 million they made as unregistered foreign agents for Ukraine, years before the 2016 election (mainly, from 2006 through 2014), and (b) a money-laundering conspiracy.

There are twelve counts in all, but those are the two major allegations. The so-called conspiracy against the United States mainly involves Manafort’s and Gates’s alleged failure to file Treasury Department forms required by the Bank Secrecy Act. Specifically, Americans who hold a stake in foreign bank accounts must file what’s known as an “FBAR” (foreign bank account report) in any year in which, at any point, the balance in the account exceeds $10,000. Federal law also requires disclosure of foreign accounts on annual income-tax returns. Manafort and Gates are said to have controlled foreign accounts through which their Ukrainian political-consulting income sluiced, and to have failed to file accurate FBARs and tax returns. In addition, they allegedly failed to register as foreign agents from 2008 through 2014 and made false statements when they belatedly registered.

So why is Manfort being arrested today and not the Podesta’s? Also, the bigger question is who tipped off the creepy Podesta brothers that they needed to file the forms in August? Did they file as a result of being tipped off and why are they not under arrest today as well?

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Report: CNN’s Evan Perez Still Close to Founders of Controversial Group Fusion GPS

CNN’s reporting on the dossier, led by justice correspondent Evan Perez, has been favorable to the firm, Fusion GPS, and hyped the dossier’s credibility. Left out of Perez’s reporting, which has relied largely on unnamed sources, is his personal closeness to Fusion GPS’ operatives…

Glenn Simpson, the Fusion co-founder most often associated with the dossier, is used to working on stories with Perez. As reporters at The Wall Street Journal, Perez and Simpson regularly co-authored stories on national security.

Another Fusion founder, Tom Catan, worked as a reporter for the Journal at the same time as Perez and Simpson. The third Fusion co-founder, Peter Fritsch, worked above Perez and Simpson as the senior national security editor.

Simpson and Fritsch left the WSJ in 2011 to launch Fusion. Perez jumped from the paper to CNN in 2013. Another longtime Journal reporter, Neil King, left the paper to join Fusion in December 2016.

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ISIS Losing Its 'Capital' Is A Pivotal Defeat For The Terrorist Group

The self-described Islamic State finally lost its tenuous grip on the Syrian city of Raqqa on Tuesday as U.S.-backed forces retook the extremist group’s last major urban territory following a four-month military campaign. 

Raqqa has been ISIS’ de facto capital for years and was one of the first cities that fell under the group’s control during its rapid takeover of territory in 2014. ISIS enforced draconian laws during its rule, dictating daily life and carrying out horrific punishments for dissent. 

But the last ISIS fighters in Raqqa have now either surrendered, died or fled, leaving behind bombed out buildings and rubble-covered streets. In ISIS’ place, Kurdish-led forces that retook the city did doughnuts in a tank as they celebrated in a public square formerly used for beheadings.

Raqqa’s recapture marks a major blow for ISIS, culminating a steady depletion of its coveted territory that included losing the Iraqi city of Mosul earlier this year. The extremist group has lost thousands of fighters during the ongoing international anti-ISIS offensive and has seen its influence in Iraq and Syria dwindle.

ISIS has long anticipated the fall of urban centers like Raqqa, however, and for months has moved key forces out of the city as it prepares to focus more on insurgent attacks and its online presence. But, although ISIS will adapt and persist, losing the city that was once the organization’s central hub will likely see a fundamental shift in how the group operates.  

“It marks the end of the so-called caliphate as we knew it,” Amarnath Amarasingam, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, told HuffPost.

“They are now on the defensive and will continue on as an insurgency, which still wreaks havoc both internally and abroad.”

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by U.S. Special Forces, talks on the radio near Raqqa's stadium as the SDF clears the last positions on the front line on Monday. (BULENT KILIC via Getty Images)A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by U.S. Special Forces, talks on the radio near Raqqa's stadium as the SDF clears the last positions on the front line on Monday. (BULENT KILIC via Getty Images)

ISIS now faces the challenge of keeping its organizational structure intact and maintaining some physical presence in Iraq and Syria, while also reworking its narrative to convince followers they still command power and respect. 

At the height of its territory, ISIS’ propaganda put heavy emphasis on a vision of a “lasting and expanding” caliphate that would take over wide swaths of land. But ISIS’ grandiose rhetoric has come up against the reality of the group’s consistent military losses, including last year giving up the town of Dabiq, a place that figured heavily in its apocalyptic ideology.

“Ever since the fall of Dabiq, their messaging has undergone a slight shift to say that land is no longer that important and that’s not what they were fighting for this whole time,” Amarasingam said.

“This is, of course, a bit ridiculous since the establishment of the so-called caliphate was a major part of what established them as a presence to be reckoned with.”

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces takes cover from sniper shots near the central hospital of Raqqa on Oct. 1. (BULENT KILIC via Getty Images)A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces takes cover from sniper shots near the central hospital of Raqqa on Oct. 1. (BULENT KILIC via Getty Images)

ISIS still holds some areas of Syria and parts of Iraq, but nothing on the scale of Raqqa or Mosul. Whereas the group used to boast of having its own currency, hospitals and courts, it will now likely retreat to mountains and villages in eastern Syria, where its fighters can go underground. 

Many analysts expect the next phase for ISIS to be a return to the type of insurgent attacks that dominated the group’s tactics before its rise in 2014. The group has proved that it can remain a deadly and destabilizing force even after being pushed out of an area, and it has carried out hundreds of attacks in recent years on recaptured Syrian and Iraqi cities. 

As ISIS has suffered consistent defeats in Iraq and Syria, it has also increasingly highlighted international terrorist attacks as proof of its international reach. The group has continued to claim responsibility for mass killings in Europe, North America and Iran as propaganda victories and proof that it’s still relevant.

“Carrying out attacks abroad has always been very important for ISIS since the very beginning, Amarasingam said.

“With increasing losses on the ground, though, I think they will emphasize these more and more as a way to prove to their supporters that they are still viable and capable of carrying out attacks in the West.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Rob Lundquist of a capella group Home Free talks Ed Sheeran, current tour, before City National Grove of Anaheim show

There are many different genres of country music, but very rarely do you come across and a capella country band. One of the only ones out there is the five-piece group Home Free, who are constantly releasing new music, touring and showing appreciation for their fans. The band’s music is a mixture of their original material and covers from classic and current hits, including “Castle On The Hill” by Ed Sheeran. 

With 17 years under their belt, the five-piece band still tours most of the year, and recently just released another album called Timeless back in September. Now, they are on tour in support of that album, and will be making a stop at the City National Grove of Anaheim on Oct. 19.

“This tour is going to be special because it’s having a lot of our new music from our album that we released called Timeless,” said Rob Lundquist, one of the vocalists in the band. “We’re going to do a lot of numbers from that album. People who have seen our shows, it’s going to be a lot of the same. It’s family friendly, it’s a good time. We’re going to be breaking that wall and talking to the audience right away.”

Home Free’s tour is always successful—as they have been around for such a long time and have such a loyal fan base. Many Home Free fans have been going to shows for years, and even have had fans who have attended over 30 shows.

“Not to toot our own horn, I think we are kind of are pioneers in this. I think the country a capella aspect—we’re the only one that I know of,” Lundquist said. “We’re pretty reminiscent of others like the Oak Ridge Boys—any groups that are brothers, harmony based. They use instruments but still very vocal and harmony based. I think that puts us our in our own category—country a capella. Also, all of us sing leads.”

In addition to releasing their new album and single, “In The Blood” which you can watch above, the band is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran and felt that his song “Castle On The Hill” really resonated with the group.

“We’re huge fans of Ed Sheeran, we covered one of his tunes on his last album. When we heard it (“Castle On The Hill), we were like ‘we could really showcase this,’” Lundquist said. “Our producer got an arrangement going and we decided it was kind of a no-brainer to do that song. The video has done really well for us. We love that tune.” You can watch their video for “Castle on the Hill” here.

Grab tickets to Home Free’s upcoming show on Oct. 19 at the City National Grove of Anaheim right here on AXS.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re going to take our time out there, I think people will enjoy it,” Lundquist. “We’ll be doing a lot more new music and I think people are going to be excited for it.”

Related: 5 best Home Free lyrics

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Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

October 18th, 2017

There are some similarities here to the well known accounts of trauma based mind control.

Via: New York Times:

Last March, five women gathered in a home near here to enter a secret sisterhood they were told was created to empower women.

To gain admission, they were required to give their recruiter — or “master,� as she was called — naked photographs or other compromising material and were warned that such “collateral� might be publicly released if the group’s existence were disclosed.

The women, in their 30s and 40s, belonged to a self-help organization called Nxivm, which is based in Albany and has chapters across the country, Canada and Mexico.

Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next.

Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,� a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.�

A female doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip, a procedure that took 20 to 30 minutes. For hours, muffled screams and the smell of burning tissue filled the room.

“I wept the whole time,� Ms. Edmondson recalled. “I disassociated out of my body.�

Since the late 1990s, an estimated 16,000 people have enrolled in courses offered by Nxivm (pronounced Nex-e-um), which it says are designed to bring about greater self-fulfillment by eliminating psychological and emotional barriers. Most participants take some workshops, like the group’s “Executive Success Programs,� and resume their lives. But other people have become drawn more deeply into Nxivm, giving up careers, friends and families to become followers of its leader, Keith Raniere, who is known within the group as “Vanguard.�

State medical regulators also declined to act on a complaint filed against another Nxivm-affilated physician, Brandon Porter. Dr. Porter, as part of an “experiment,� showed women graphically violent film clips while a brain-wave machine and video camera recorded their reactions, according to two women who took part.

The women said they were not warned that some of the clips were violent, including footage of four women being murdered and dismembered.

“Please look into this ASAP,� a former Nxivm member, Jennifer Kobelt, stated in her complaint. “This man needs to be stopped.�

In September, regulators told Ms. Kobelt they concluded that the allegations against Dr. Porter did not meet the agency’s definition of “medical misconduct,� their letter shows.

The proposition seemed like a test of trust. After Ms. Edmondson wrote a letter detailing past indiscretions, Ms. Salzman told her about the secret sorority.

She said it had been formed as a force for good, one that could grow into a network that could influence events like elections.

“No one goes in looking to have their personality stripped away,� he said. “You just don’t realize what is happening.�

Research Credit: PW




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International Group Of Award Winning Photographers Came Together To Expose The Illegal Wildlife Trade

Next Story

People in developed nations are rarely exposed to wildlife or animals beyond domestic pets. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they aren’t around us, but rather that their relative invisibility makes them easy to forget about — out of sight, out of mind. Yet as our demand for land increases, their habitats become increasingly threatened, and now, more than ever, we are seeing them occupy ‘our’ spaces once more because they simply have nowhere else to go. In Toronto there is a raccoon crisis, for example, and in Mumbai, it’s leopards.

Our relationship with animals often falls under two categories: companions or food. With the rise of the internet and the information access it affords us, it’s increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to the harsh truths that come along with animal agriculture and animal exploitation. We don’t take into consideration the repercussions that come along with destroying or limiting certain species.

It’s sad that we must rely upon government to enforce bills that will ensure that the animals inhabiting these lands remain safe, particularly since the bills themselves are at continual risk. Trump has declined the endangered status protection of another 25 animals, for instance, and Republicans “have designed 135 other legislative amendments in an attempt to either weaken the protection for endangered species protected by the [Endangered Species] Act or dismantle the Act itself.” That’s why it’s so important that we spread awareness, and even better, take action toward stopping these cruel crimes agains animals.

The Photographers Against Wildlife Crime risk their lives to make sure that people get a true depiction of the atrocities that are going on in the world. You can read more about their mission by clicking here.

These photographers are activists that join many in their mission to expose animal abuse. If this interests you, you can check out similar CE stories, like Haunting Animal Photos Show What Life Can Be Like In Captivity In Zoos, Large Sea Animals Chained In Cages Underwater Discovered By Divers, and Man Drives Hours Every Day During Drought To Give Thirsty Wild Animals Water.


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