Malaysia's luxury-loving former first lady laments 'trying times'

Kuala Lumpur (AFP) – Malaysia’s unpopular former first lady on Saturday lamented the “trying times” since her husband Najib Razak’s ouster from power, in a plea for public sympathy just a day after police seized a huge trove of cash, jewels and designer handbags linked to the couple.

Rosmah Mansor, who is widely reviled for her reported luxurious tastes and tone-deaf attitude towards the struggles of ordinary Malaysians, issued a statement lashing out at the police raids, complaining that news of them amounted to a “premature public trial”.

The former first couple’s world has been turned upside down after Najib’s long-ruling political machine suffered a shock defeat in May 9 elections.

Najib has been barred from leaving the country pending investigations into allegations that he, his family and cronies looted billions in state money. He is widely expected to face criminal charges.

“Despite the overwhelmingly trying times afflicted upon us, we have, and will continue facilitating, any inquiry, and avail ourselves to any requesting authorities,” Rosmah said in a statement issued by her attorneys.

But she complained about “the seemingly compromised inquiry process, whereby a series of leaks pertaining to the probe has made its way into social media spheres, in real time”.

Rosmah said she was referring to “the alleged items confiscated,” but did not elaborate.

Rosmah said authorities should “observe the rule of law and due process, to avoid a premature public trial” and not leak information to “social media trolls”.

Her call for sympathy is likely to fall on more than a few deaf ears.

Malaysian police said Friday they had seized 72 suitcases stuffed with cash, watches and jewellery, as well as 284 boxes containing Hermes, Birkin and Louis Vuitton handbags, in raids on properties linked to Najib.

Rosmah, 66, is widely mocked for her imperious manner and reports of multi-million-dollar jewellery purchases and a vast supply of designer handbags that has earned comparisons to the famed shoe collection of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos.

Among other missteps, Rosmah complained in 2015 about the 1,200 ringgit ($300) house calls from stylists required to keep her pronounced mane of hair dyed black.

Malaysia’s minimum monthly wage at the time was 900 ringgit.

The couple’s downfall has sparked glee on Malaysian social media, including viral pics of a dishevelled-looking Najib and Rosmah dozing in chairs at their home early Thursday as police conducted an overnight search.

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Former Gladiators goaltender sees Stanley Cup playoff action for Lightning

Former Gladiators goaltender Louis Domingue has seen some action for the Tampa Bay Lightning during the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs. Domingue, who is the backup goaltender to Andrei Vasilevskiy for the Lightning, had the opportunity to play in game one of the Eastern Conference Final against the Washington Capitals on Friday after Vasilevskiy struggled. 

Domingue stopped all seven shots he faced in the third period. He saw 18 minutes and 25 seconds of ice time before the Lightning pulled him for an extra attacker. The Capitals won the game 4-2 and currently have a 2-1 series lead over the Lightning heading into game four of the Eastern Conference Final at the Capital One Arena in Arlington, Va. on Thursday. 

Domingue played for the Gwinnett Gladiators of the ECHL from 2012-2015, right before the Gwinnett Gladiators changed their name to the Atlanta Gladiators at the start of the 2015-16 ECHL season. In 43 games for the Gladiators, Domingue had a record of 25 wins, 13 regulation losses and four losses in extra time. He had five shutouts, and a goals-against average of 2.51. Domingue also played 10 games for Gwinnett in the 2013 Kelly Cup Playoffs and had a record of six wins, four losses and a goals-against average of 2.23. 

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WATCH: John Bolton Promises Room Full of ‘Former Terrorists’ the US Would ‘Overthrow’ Iran by 2019


For those who may not be paying attention, the plan to overthrow Iran has long been in the works. In fact, in April 2012, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Seymour Hersh reported that the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command had trained (Mojahedin-e Khalq) MEK operatives at a secret site in Nevada from 2005 to 2009 for this very purpose. MEK is the Iranian political-militant organization that advocates for the violent overthrow of the current Iranian regime. They are hardly quiet about it.

Coincidentally, MEK was classified as a terrorist organization by the United States and its allies—during this training period—until none other than Hillary Clinton suddenly removed them from the list in 2012.

According to Hersh, MEK members were trained in intercepting communications, cryptography, weaponry and small unit tactics at the Nevada site until President Barack Obama took office in 2009.

It was widely reported that the MEK was behind the anti-government violence that errupted in Iran in January which snowballed into the situation today.

Hersh also reported additional names of former U.S. officials paid to speak in support of MEK, including former CIA directors James Woolsey and Porter Goss; New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; former Vermont Governor Howard Dean; former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Louis Freeh and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

For over a decade, Bolton has been calling for regime change in Iran. Now, he’s the National Security Advisor.

It just so happens that at least one of these calls for regime change in Iran was caught on video last year as Bolton gave a speech at the Grand Gathering of Iranians for Free Iran.

“There is a viable opposition to the rule of the ayatollahs, and that opposition is centered in this room today.

I had said for over 10 years since coming to these events, that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran. The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change, and therefore the only solution is to change the regime itself.

And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!”

Pay attention to the first line in that quote above in which Bolton notes that the opposition needed to overthrow Iran’s current regime “is centered in this room today.” Who was in that room? Well, the entire event was actually put on by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, also known as the Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK.

As Politico pointed out in a 2016 article, despite the neocon attempts to rewrite history, MEK have killed Americans and committed multiple acts of terrorism.

For decades, and based on U.S. intelligence, the United States government has blamed the MEK for killing three U.S. Army colonels and three U.S. contractors, bombing the facilities of numerous U.S. companies and killing innocent Iranians.

To recap, the formerly terrorist-classified organization MEK, trained in the US and granted special privilege status by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012—which has since been heavily funded to refine their image by having famous US neoconservative war hawks from both sides of the isle actually chant for “regime change” on their behalf—is now the darling child of the neocon agenda and the impetus behind what could kick of World War 3.

While the current Iranian regime is certainly no bastion of freedom, the idea that US intervention or a violent revolution would be beneficial for the people of Iran or American citizens is outright insane. To see what US intervention—through military support and the support of opposition groups—does to countries, one need only look at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya to see the horrific death tolls and war-ravaged dystopias left in America’s wake.

To those paying attention over the years, Trump’s desire to intervene in Iran, and his subsequent support in the media and from all sides of the political spectrum should come as no surprise as it has been the plan since Bill Clinton was in office and was documented in the neoconservative PNAC report. This was even admitted by General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, that the U.S. planned on going to war with Iran, according to a 2001 memo from the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years,” Clark said. “Starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off with Iran.”

All presidents since Clinton have crossed countries off this list. Now it’s Trump’s turn.

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92-Year-Old Former Malaysian PM Relected

92-Year-Old Former Malaysian PM Relected

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s Pakatan Harapan bloc won 113 of Malaysia’s 222 parliamentary seats – defeating the long-ruling right-wing Barisan Nasional (National Front).

He’ll form the nation’s next government – scheduled to be sworn in Thursday at 5:00 PM local time. 

It was delayed, why uncertain. Once sworn in, Mahathir will

return to office 37 years after becoming Malaysian prime minister in July 1981, serving until October 2003.

Ahead of his swearing in, he urged proceeding with no delay, saying otherwise “we have no government. When we have no government we have no constitution, and no laws.”

He described his triumph as winning “not just a few votes, not just a few seats, but a very substantial majority.”

Prime Minister Najib Razak conceded defeat, saying he and his colleagues “accept the verdict of the people.”

No single party won a majority. Mahathir’s four-party Pakatan Harapan bloc will form a new government.

At age-92, he’ll be Malaysia’s oldest political leader. He’s remarkably vibrant for his age, maintaining a rigorous schedule, not wishing to retire.

Over the past dozen years, he showed no visible signs of aging. He attributes his vigor to not overeating.

Last year, he said “I am not completely healthy. I had heart problems, I had some pneumonia at one time, and I have periods when I get bad coughs when the lungs get infected,” adding:

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t overeat. I eat just enough food to keep me going.

“There is a tendency for people over a certain age to become obese. They have a big stomach and to satisfy themselves, they drink and they overeat, which places a burden on their heart.”

“I have been about 62-64 (kg) for years. I can wear my clothing made 30 years ago. I happen to be healthy (enough). I can do this work.”

As political leader of his country, he’ll again have an enormous responsibility to serve it well.

It’s no simple task for a younger man. Mahathir withstood the rigors of campaigning. He appears fit and able to again lead his nation as its elder statesman.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Former LA Kings goaltender Martin Jones guiding Sharks in 2018 NHL Playoffs

Former Los Angeles Kings goaltender Martin Jones of the San Jose Sharks is one of two former Kings players still in the 2018 National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs. In seven postseason games to date, Jones has a record of five wins, two losses, a goals-against average of 2.31 and a save percentage of .923. 

This is the third straight season and fourth season in Jones’s career that he has played in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Jones played in two playoff games for the Kings when they won the 2014 Stanley Cup, and the last three seasons with the Sharks organization. 

Jones was traded to the Boston Bruins by the Los Angeles Kings with Colin Miller and the Kings’ first-round draft pick in the 2015 National Hockey League Entry Draft (Jakub Zboril) for Milan Lucic on June 26, 2015. Jones was then traded four days later to the Sharks from the Bruins for Sean Kuraly and San Jose’s first-round draft pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft (Trent Frederic). 

In the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs, Jones recorded his fifth career playoff shutout on April 12 in a 3-0 win over the Anaheim Ducks. He was equally as impressive in game three of the Sharks opening round playoff series when he made 45 saves on 46 shots in a 8-1 Sharks win over the Ducks on April 16. 

In the second round, Jones struggled in the Sharks’ opening game against the Vegas Golden Knights as he gave up five goals on 13 shots in a 7-0 loss on April 26. However Jones bounced back in game two of the series as he made 26 saves on 29 shots as the Sharks beat the Golden Knights 4-3 in double overtime. 

Still, Jones will need to be better than he was in game three of the Sharks’ series against the Golden Knights on April 30, for San Jose to win the series. Jones only made 29 saves on 33 shots, and gave up a rather weak overtime winner to William Karlsson in a 4-3 Sharks loss to Vegas. Game four of the Western Conference second-round playoff series will be in San Jose on Wednesday with the Golden Knights leading two games to one.  

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Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Goes Public, Exposing The Deep State COUP Against America

Greg Hunter of has just released a bombshell interview with former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, who details the deep state coup that’s under way right now to overthrow America and destroy the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

This is, without question, Hunter’s most important interview so far this year, and you absolutely need to listen to this interview and learn how “dark” actors are conspiring to overthrow the United States Government. In this interview, you’ll learn how James Comey has been a “lifelong fixer” for Hillary Clinton, and his own involvement in criminal drug cartel money laundering banks was covered up by none other than Robert Mueller.

They’re all part of a criminal “mafioso” gang: James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Robert Mueller, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and many more. These people are criminal traitors of America and pose a “clear and present” danger to the sustainability of our constitutional republic.


White Hat Deep State Patriots go to battle with forces of darkness and deception

Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, is the author of From the Company of Shadows, and you can check out his website at He’s also a member of the Joint Task Force to Make America Great Again (, which describes itself as a group of “white hat deep state patriots.”

As All News Pipeline relates:

We will close with this extremely important excerpt from Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog and his recent interview with former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp which sums up everything that we’ve been witnessing ever since President Trump was elected and explaining exactly why America is still in such danger as a ‘Constitutional crisis’ the likes we’ve never seen in America continues to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. You can the entire interview embedded as the final video below.

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on with Donald J. Trump “is an ongoing coup to remove a duly elected President.” Shipp contends, “This is a huge constitutional crisis like the country has never seen before. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday school class.”

On Friday, Shipp and other retired top officials at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA held a press conference and demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute top Obama era officials for obvious crimes against the incoming Trump Administration. Shipp says, “We have a coup within our government right now at the senior levels at the CIA, DOJ and the FBI attempting to unseat a duly elected President who was elected by the American people and remove him from office. . . .This is, at worst, treason with senior officials in the shadow government or Deep State . . . to attack Donald Trump and remove him from office.”

Shipp goes on to explain, “There is essentially a civil war involving parts of senior management and upper parts of our government that is occurring in the United States. It’s between the ‘Dark’ side and the ‘Constitutional’ side. There has never been anything like this in history. It is extremely serious, and this is an extremely serious hour for our government and especially for our constitutional freedoms. . . . This essentially is a global criminal cabal that has penetrated into our government and now has senior level officials colluding and, I would argue, conspiring to unseat this president.”

In closing, Shipp says, “People need to understand that the Democrat Party today is not the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy. The Democrat Party with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is more Marxist than anything else. They think the Constitution should be a ‘progressive’ document. In other words, the Constitution is outdated and should be redone. They are both directly connected into George Soros, who wants to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. government. . . . The Democrat Party is now made up of Marxists and leftists that have penetrated that entire organization. . . . Their entire goal is to change our form of government and destroy our sovereignty.”


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‘Everybody said Larry Nassar was a good guy’ – former USA Gymnastics official

In an hour-long NBC News Dateline special, aired on Sunday, Martha and her husband Bela Karolyi broke their silence, responding to the accusations brought against them by several alleged Nassar victims. The pair declared that they were not involved in the sexual abuse scheme orchestrated by the former team physician.

The whole gymnastics community couldn’t recognize this,” Martha Karolyi said. “Everybody said, ‘Larry Nassar is a good doctor. Larry Nassar is a good guy.’”

The Karolyis insisted they were fully focused on the training process at their ranch, which housed the country’s best gymnasts, without knowing that young female athletes suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the team doctor.

I feel extremely bad,” she added. “I don’t feel responsible, but I feel extremely hurt that these things happened and it happened everywhere but it happened here, also,” the woman said, outlining that in “no way” had she suspected Nassar of sexually abusing young gymnasts under the guise of medical treatment.

Martha Karolyi stressed that Nassar’s sexual misconduct remained unnoticed even when he performed his ‘therapy’ in the presence of the gymnasts’ parents.

“I heard during the testimonies [at Nassar’s trial] that some of the parents were in the therapy room with their own child and Larry Nassar was performing this,” she said. “And the parent couldn’t see. How I could see?”

The Karolyis have been named as co-defendants in several civil lawsuits filed by the gymnasts against Nassar and USA Gymnastics. They claimed that the Romanian specialists implemented a win-at-all-costs approach at their ranch, which had been the US team’s training camp venue for many years.

Olympic champion Aly Raisman, who has been vocal on the Nassar issue, repeatedly accused the Karolyis of creating unhealthy conditions at the ranch that made gymnasts vulnerable to Nassar.

READ MORE: Boss of pedophile ex-USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar charged with sex crime

In February, Nassar, who had worked for more than 20 years as the US team physician, was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting young gymnasts seeking medical treatment from him.

More than 260 women filed lawsuits against the disgraced doctor, claiming to have been sexually abused by him.

High-profile American gymnasts, including Olympic champions Raisman, Simone Biles, Mckayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber, were among those to reveal they were abused by Nassar during their time on the US national team.

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Former Brazilian president calls for wealth redistribution and free money to "dark skinned"

Home » Breaking News, Communism, Crimes, Handouts / Bailouts, South-Central America » Former Brazilian president calls for wealth redistribution and free money to “dark skinned”


Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff goes full communist, calls whites “elites” who are racist evil nazi monsters from the pits of hell, the children of Lucifer who starved, enslaved, tortured, arrested, eternally oppressed “the dark skinned people” and stripped them of their rights. And now she’s calling for “wealth redistribution” and free gibs for blacks. Soviet style! Take from the rich, forcefully and give to the poor. Here’s Dilma in her own words with RT:

“In Brazil, the poor and the dark-skinned were the enemy… They were tortured, they were arrested, they were turned into a lower class, stripped of all rights. We began to change this situation,” she said. “There is still a lot to be done: we need to distribute the wealth in the country, implement tax reform [and] end the oligopoly of the media and banks that control different aspects of the country’s life.”

So let’s simplify this and set the records straight! Whites in Brazil have become a minority and they are set to go full extinct in less than 100 years yet they are the evil monsters from hell for grouping together and separating themselves socially from blacks who commit so many murderers and rapes that Brazil is number 6 on crime rates in the entire world! well ahead of Syria where there’s a freaking Civil War taking place with ISIS and chemical attacks and stuff! AND GUESS WHAT!! At least 74% of those crimes in Brazil are committed by those “dark skinned people” and their social status doesn’t matter! Wherever they are inm the world they are genetically prone to more crime, in USA, in UK, in South Africa, in Israel, in Europe, EVERY SINGLE PLACE! Even in Japan, whenever you hear of some poor beautiful Japanese girl raped and killed by a US soldier, its almost always black!

The state of Santa Catarina, which is the most European, with 86% being White, is also the state with the lowest homicide rate.

Brazil is the first multicultural experiment in the world where the globalists are conducting white genocide by mixing the races, crime, immigration and population replacement. Brazil will eventually turn into South Africa, then gradually into Zimbabwe and bam, zero whites left alive in Brazil.

To anyone saying “it doesn’t matter if there are no whites left alive in Brazil” because race doesn’t matter and all that socialist nonsense, ohh really?? Then perhaps it also shouldn’t matter if there would be no blacks either, so come on white people, unite and genocide the blacks! Skin color doesn’t matter!!! Ohhhhh you don’t like how it sounds? It sounds “rasys”!?!? Then why isn’t it “rasys” when whites are genocided?

The eternally oppressed negro…. he kills, yet he’s the victim! Ohhhh bugger off already! You Dilma should be locked and have the key thrown away so you can rot in jail for the rest of your life for speaking such impertinent vile words.

Whites in Brazil have been trying to segregate through a peaceful referendum and have their own country but Brazilian socialist authorities won’t allow them. They are like: NO WHITES YOU HAVE TO STAY IN AND BE MURDERED IN THE STREETS! Democracy in action….. Democracy is just another form of dictatorship where the plebeians believe they have a say! Hahaha what a joke!



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