Homeless Man Has Been Granted $550,000 From The Estate Of A Former Lover For Having Threesomes With Her And Her Husband

A ‘homeless’ man has been awarded $550,000 from the estate of an elderly woman he regularly had threesomes with more than three decades ago.

The man first met the woman – who at the time was married – in 1979 before going on to have numerous sexual encounters with both her and her husband.

But the Sydney-based trio eventually went their separate ways, as the couple moved on and the man became involved in his own same-sex relationship.

That was until a chance meeting in 2012, by which time the man was down on his luck and had lost his same-sex partner, while the woman’s husband had also died and revealed she was suffering from breast cancer.

Rekindling their sexual relationship, the man told the NSW Supreme Court he agreed to care for the woman and did so until she died in 2014 at 71 – leading to him being granted $550,000 for his ‘domestic support’.

The case went before the Supreme Court in April 2017, with the man now aged in his mid-60s presenting to Justice Geoff Lindsay.

The court heard that the woman, whose only living relative was a brother, refused to enter a nursing home but was taken to hospital 12 times before she died in 2012.

On 10 of those occasions, her reunited lover was listed as the emergency contact.

But despite owning a number of properties, she instead chose to live in a ‘squalor’ Manly apartment, with the court told she relied on the rent as her income source.

And so the man and woman began ‘living together’, with he ensuring duties such as shopping and preparing food, toileting, driving and paying bills were taken care of.

When the woman died her male friend called 000 in tears, telling the operator how she had told him she was ‘getting better’ and he had been caring for her that day.

‘We’re very, very close, and ah, we both lost our partners and just held on to each other,’ he said in the 000 recording.

But the elderly woman’s brother, who lived in Perth and was due to inherit her estate, claimed a coroner’s report into her death proved had not always been by her side.

‘[The deceased] died alone and in squalor. She had been neglected for days and weeks prior to her death,’ the woman’s brother told the court.

She was reportedly found sitting in a motel room chair with ‘large and open infected pressure sores’.

Justice Lindsay ruled that there’s was ‘not a commercial relationship’ and that he had not helped the woman solely for ‘for fee and [or] reward’.

‘It was built upon a pre-existing friendship, renewed personal contact and shared grieving for lost partners.’

The man asked for a sum of $1.7 million and while admitting their relationship was ‘odd’, Justice Lindsay granted him $550,000.

He also put steps in place to ensure the man would receive ‘professional assistance’ to help manage his large sum.

‘If he were paid a substantial sum today… I fear it could be gone tomorrow or, perhaps, the day after, with nothing to show for its dissipation,’ Justice Lindsay said.



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Former deputy director to Robert Mueller -‘Deep State is going to kill Trump’

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Former CIA operative threatens Trump with murder, admits deep state war

Credit: Infowars.com

Update: The CIA operative threatening Trump also worked DIRECTLY with Robert Mueller at the FBI.

(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another stunning display of the very real deep state war being waged against Donald Trump, CNN talking head and former CIA agent Philip Mudd has openly threatened the president with murder.

“Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy,” Mudd stunningly revealed.

“He defends Vladimir Putin, there are State Department and CIA officers coming home and at Langley and in Foggy Bottom CIA are saying, this is how you defend us?” Mudd added.

After being given a chance to clarify by CNN host Jake Tapper, Mudd subsequently claimed that he was speaking metaphorically which even if believed literally means he is admitting that deep state operatives within the government are actively working against the elected president.

“Obviously when you’re talking about killing you’re using that as a metaphor,” Tapper asked.

“Well obviously yeah,” Mudd laughably responded before saying, “People talk about the deep state, when you disrespect government officials who’ve done 20 or 30 years, they’re gonna say ‘really – Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support us?”

So there you have it. Un-elected “government officials” are openly working against the president, with help from the mainstream media, and now there is simply no denying this transparent fact.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Trump opponents have openly threatened the use of American intelligence agencies against the sitting president, with perhaps the most stunning example coming from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who famously warned Trump that the CIA was coming after him.

As Intellihub News reported at the time, “Schumer, speaking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow about Trump taking on the CIA assessment regarding Russian meddling in US elections, unleashed what can only be described as a threat to use the Central Intelligence Agency to attack a soon to be sitting president.”

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told the admittedly hardcore anti-Trump media personality.

For his part, Mudd also has a long history of speaking for the deep state while pretending to be an “analyst” on CNN, even going as far as to directly lie when he called Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a pedophile. Eventually CNN was forced to apologize after being threatened with legal action.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade of Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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Former Lebanese minister praises Russia’s Middle East policy that ‘saved millions of lives’ from terrorism


Russia has made an invaluable contribution to fighting terrorism in the Middle East, according to Wiam al Wahab, former Lebanese minister and leader of the Tawhid Party (Arab Unitarian Party), in a conversation with Sputnik.

“[Terrorism] is a very dangerous phenomenon. It would have ruined the Middle East without Russia’s involvement. I’d like to say that Russia has contributed a lot to maintain the current fragile balance in the region. Russia helped rescue our region from the terrorists’ embrace of,” Wahab told Sputnik Arabic.

He added, “The decision of Russian President [Vladimir Putin] to engage in Syria saved millions of lives in the Middle East.”

According to the politician, Moscow turned the tables on the Middle East, challenging the West’s policy in the region.

“Without Russia’s involvement the West would have continued to support various militant groups to destabilize the Middle East,” he claimed.

Moreover, Wahab pointed to the difference between Moscow’s foreign efforts and Washington’s foreign policy, including in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

“Russia has portrayed itself as a country ready for peaceful cooperation with any partner while the United States still wants global dominance. In particular, Washington uses the dollar and the UN Security Council as leverage over Moscow. At the same time, Russia uses its veto right in the UNSC and develops cooperation within BRICS to cut its reliance on dollar,” the Lebanese politician said.

Wahab stressed that the Russian-Lebanese relationship has a good potential for growth.

“Russia has reinstated its presence in the Middle East. I think that Moscow will stay in Syria for the long-run. This is why the Lebanese government should focus on developing cooperation with Russia,” he said.

Wahab is currently on a visit to Russia and, according to him, he will discuss the situation in Syria with his Russian counterparts.

“Stability in the neighboring regions would guarantee stability for Lebanon itself. All countries in the Middle East are interconnected and interdependent,” the politician concluded.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Lebanon has faced a number of security challenges. The Lebanese army and the Shia militia Hezbollah have been on high alert amid the conflict and have been preventing attempts by terrorists to gain a foothold in Lebanon.

On July 18, the Lebanese prime minister announced that the Lebanese armed forces would be dispatched to the Lebanese-Syrian border in order to fight against Daesh. Hariri explained this decision through the increased number of Daesh attacks on Lebanese security forces.

Earlier this week, the Lebanese military announced a large-scale military operation against Daesh along the Syrian border.

Currently Daesh controls over 54 square miles of Lebanese border territory in the mountain regions of Ras Baalbek and Al Qaafrom and 21 square miles of territory along the Syrian border.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/358959-Former-Lebanese-minister-praises-Russias-Middle-East-policy-that-saved-millions-of-lives-from-terrorism

Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice: Let North Korea have nukes

(INTELLIHUB) — Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice has taken to the pages of the establishment New York Times to openly call for the United States to allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons.

In a move strikingly similar to the case made against Winston Churchill throughout the 1930s, Rice worries about provoking the rogue nation even as they openly plan to attack the United States, possibly with the very nuclear weapons Rice wants us to allow them to have.

“War is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what some in the Trump administration seem to have concluded. History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War,” Rice writes.

Keep in mind Rice herself is a globalist who has openly supported numerous wars and proxy wars throughout the world but now, when we are actually facing a real threat, she wants the country to simply allow a mad man his nukes.

During her literal appeasement proposal, Rice continually blames Donald Trump for North Korean aggression, even going as far as to call for the White House Chief of Staff to “assert control” over the elected president.

“Second, to avoid blundering into a costly war, the United States needs to immediately halt the reckless rhetoric. John Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, must assert control over the White House, including his boss, and curb the Trump surrogates whipping up Cuban missile crisis fears,” Rice continued.

In other words, ignore the documented fact that North Korea’s nuclear program has reached the ability to strike the United States, and instead continue the Obama legacy of allowing the country to live in fear of terror in the hopes that we “look good” on the world stage.

Remember ISIS anyone?!

Amazingly, at this pivotal time in the history of the country, Obama operatives continue to undermine the president, even if it means allowing a transparent psycho to have nuclear weapons.

Featured Image: Italy in US/Flickr

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Former Obama officials operating shadow “science” network to push politicized climate data on an unsuspecting public

The New York Times had the latest dire warning about our impending doom from human-caused global warming/climate change: Government scientists from 13 agencies have all concluded, once again, that our modern society is killing the planet, “directly” contradicting President Donald J. Trump “and members of his Cabinet” who have dismissed such nonsense as a hoax.

“Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans,” said the as-yet-unreleased report, a copy of which just happened to be leaked to one of the Trump administration’s most critical newspapers.

The Times continued:

The authors note that thousands of studies, conducted by tens of thousands of scientists, have documented climate changes on land and in the air. “Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse (heat-trapping) gases, are primarily responsible for recent observed climate change,” they wrote.

It truly is the end of the world as we know it — right? And this report comes just as the president confirmed to the UN that he has formally pulled the United States out of that massive wealth transfer scheme otherwise known as the Paris Climate Accords. How ironic, huh? (Related: This former EPA official is so duped by the hoax she resigned over it.)

Except that none of this was just coincidental. In fact, you could even say this has all been planned out by sycophantic supporters of the last president, Barack Obama.

As reported by the Washington Free Beaconthere is an unofficial “shadow” office filled with Obama loyalists pushing the previous administration’s science agenda, which of course includes the global warming/climate change hoax.

The site noted:

The group of science experts who left the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) after President Donald Trump took office “is informal yet organized,” according to a report from the health-oriented news website Stat.

Members of the organization, numbering in the dozens, have given advice and counsel to Democrats in Congress, while consulting with scientific groups and societies and have even held group-wide strategy sessions. They have also remained engaged in the former administration’s science agenda out of a presumed “sense of necessity,” Stat reports.

The people who make up the informal group see Trump as a threat to science or, more correctly, to their Left-wing science agenda, a major departure from the self-described “science geek,” Obama himself.

“At a time when the Trump administration has flouted the advice of the broader scientific community, they see themselves as filling a void within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, which has been serving the president since 1976,” Stat reported.

Starting to get the picture? This development, coupled with the leak of the latest dire ‘world is ending’ “climate” report to the Times, and it all makes sense.

“There was no chance that this team was going to go work only in Silicon Valley or for lobbying firms,” a former staffer told Stat. “A lot of people feel a sense of personal responsibility to use what we learned for the greater good at a time when the federal government is averse to things we think are really important.”

Translated, that means at a time when Americans finally have a president and an administration that is on to these hoaxers, now more than ever they need to undermine Trump, subvert legitimate climate science and continue to push a scare tactic that, if ever realized, will lead to global authoritarianism and the death of American individualism, freedom, and liberty.

As for the leaked “science” report, the best that the “scientists from 13 agencies” could come up with is a half-degree of warming over the next century.

Meanwhile, real scientific studies say the government’s scientists are full of it.

Via Natural News

Featured Image: Takver/flickr

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Former Google Engineer Fired For Anti-Diversity Memo Stands By His Words

James Damore, software engineer, was fired from Google for challenging the company’s diversity program and stated that women lag behind in the tech world due to their biology.

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Former FBI agent, his daughter found guilty of murdering her abusive husband


A former FBI agent and his daughter today were found guilty of killing the daughter’s husband.

A Davidson County, North Carolina, jury found Thomas Martens, 67, who worked with the FBI for over 30 years, and his 33-year-old daughter, Molly Corbett, guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Corbett’s 39-year-old husband, Jason Corbett, meaning they unanimously believed that Jason Corbett had been killed out of malice. Molly Corbett and Martens both claimed self-defense and that they acted in defense of each other.

When the verdict was announced, Molly Corbett was heard saying, “I’m really sorry to my mom, he should have just killed me.”

Today, both received the same sentence of a minimum of 20 years in prison and a maximum of 25 years, which had been recommended by the prosecution.

Martens and Molly Corbett alleged that on Aug. 2, 2015, Martens came to his daughter’s defense after Jason Corbett allegedly attacked her. In a 911 call from that night, Martens is heard telling the operator that he hit Jason Corbett “in the head with a baseball bat.”

“He was choking my daughter, he said, ‘I’m going to kill her,'” Martens told 911 that night. “He’s bleeding all over and I may have killed him.”

During the trial, the jury was shown the recovered baseball bat and a paving stone prosecutors said Molly Corbett used to hit her husband. The medical examiner report said Jason Corbett was hit at least 10 times and the cause of death was ruled to be from blunt force trauma.

Prosecutors called it a brutal murder, with investigators testifying that Molly Corbett and her father didn’t appear to have any injuries. The defense, on cross-examining a crime scene investigator on the case, argued that the investigator failed to collect or notice evidence that night, including an alleged mark on Molly Corbett’s neck, hair under Jason Corbett’s fingernails and blood on Jason Corbett’s feet — all allegedly pointing to a struggle.

Members of Jason Corbett’s family from Ireland were present in court for the trial and his sister Tracey Lynch testified on behalf of the prosecution. Molly Corbett did not take the stand, but the judge offered her a chance to speak after the verdict was announced.

“I did not murder my husband. My father did not murder my husband,” she said.

Molly claimed that Jason was an abusive husband and after the verdict, she told the court, “the incidents occurred as they did on a somewhat regular basis, the difference is that my father was there.”

Molly Corbett first met Jason Corbett in his native Ireland in 2008, where she went to be an au pair for his two young children after their biological mother died. Three years later, Molly and Jason Corbett got married and moved to an upscale neighborhood in Winston-Salem. After the murder, Molly Corbett fought for custody of Jason Corbett’s children but guardianship was granted to Lynch.

“Jason will be remembered for who he was, not for how he died,” Lynch said today.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/358847-Former-FBI-agent-his-daughter-found-guilty-of-murdering-her-abusive-husband