WATCH: Distracted Cop Forgets to Brake, Clips Child Waiting for a Bus


Anderson County, SC – Disturbing footage has been released that shows a distracted sheriff’s deputy driving a patrol car, swerving and nearly hitting a young girl who was waiting to board a school bus.

Anderson School District Superintendent Joanne Avery said the school bus was stopped with lights flashing and following all protocols when student Jordan Reyes was suddenly clipped by a speeding police cruiser as she attempted to board the bus.

During a press conference, Avery said that the bus driver “noticed a car in her rear-view mirror that was not slowing down even though the amber bus and then red bus lights were flashing,” and was forced to watch the incident unfold.

Driver Ilah Beard told WSOC that she was traumatized by the incident, and haunted by the officer’s carelessness, which almost killed a young girl.

“I haven’t been doing good at all,” Beard said. “I’ve been reliving it every day. I pass by that house several times a day just to know that Jordan almost lost her life. It kills me.”

Jordan Reyes, 15, is in stable condition after she was nearly run over by the police cruiser, and she said she hopes her experience will open the door for a conversation on distracted driving.

“I just wish that situations like these that no one else would have to go through like I did that day, what my bus driver had to go through, Reyes said.

The unnamed deputy claimed she could not keep her eyes on the road because she was checking her GPS at the time of the incident. She has reportedly been cited, suspended and reassigned, although the exact details have not been released.

Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride has responded by using the incident as a way to improve public relations and market a campaign against distracted driving. “When we go down the road, we see people reading books, magazines, texting on their phones, putting makeup on in the mirror. We see a lot and I hate that this time it was one of us,” he told WSOC.

In a statement, the department revealed that Reyes has agreed to partner with McBride to release a series of instructional videos dedicated to preventing distracted driving:

“Jordan’s experience is a reminder to all first responders of the dangers of driving while distracted and encouragement for them to remain focused, when behind the wheel. Jordan and Sheriff Chad McBride are partnering to develop instructional videos targeted at first responders reminding them of the dangers of distracted driving and later this year, the two will develop back-to-school bus safety reminders for the public.”

In one video, Reyes claims that if she has been looking at her phone or she had earbuds in her ears and was listening to music, she would not have heard the police cruiser and would have kept walking to the school bus—putting herself directly in the path of the car.

While it is true that everyone should be aware of their surroundings, especially when they are stepping out onto the street, it does not take away from the fact that the deputy who caused the incident was clearly in the wrong, and should be held accountable for the actions that almost killed an innocent 15-year-old girl.

If you would like to share your opinion on this incident, contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office by calling (864) 260-4400, or visiting their Facebook page.

The incident has since sparked a PSA about distracted driving.

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NYT op-ed laments lack of refuge for Africans in Israel, completely forgets Palestinians

rabbi israel


In her New York Times oped “How Did Israel Become A Place of No Refuge?” Susan Silverman asks a rhetorical question. But it has a ready answer, one she steadfastly ignores in her piece though it’s staring her in the face.

Silverman, a rabbi and co-founder of Miklat Israel, or Sanctuary Israel, is rightly outraged over the recent decision of Israel’s government to deport thousands of African asylum seekers from Israel, which will clearly be a death sentence for many of them. She quotes a refugee from Eritrea who is confident that “The people of Anne Frank will protect me.” Here is a long quote from the piece that explains the puzzlement expressed by the title:

The first night of Passover, Jews around the world, including the Netanyahu family, will recite the same line during the Seder: “In every generation we are obligated to see ourselves as though we personally went out from Egypt.”

Our prime minister is on the wrong side of the Exodus story. But the people of Israel – a country built by those who fled Hitler’s ovens and the oppression of Arab countries where they were treated as second-class citizens – understand the injustice of the government’s policy in our bones. It is why 36 Holocaust survivors wrote a letter to the prime minister begging him to “learn the lesson” of our history. It is why Israelis from all parts of society – doctors, diplomats, rabbis, artists – have opposed this policy. It is why some El Al pilots have announced that they will refuse to fly planes bearing Africans being deported.

Jews, who have experienced expulsion and exile during most of their existence, she complains, should precisely be the people who welcome others who experienced the same fate.

But this is where my answer to her rhetorical question comes into play: we are the people who expelled over three quarters of a million people in our war of conquest in 1948, shooting thousands on sight as they merely attempted to return to their homes (see Benny Morris, Border Wars), and creating the longest continuous refugee crisis in the world today. Notice the word “Palestinian” appears nowhere in her oped.

A nation that is built on an ethnic definition of nationality and arose on the ashes of another people’s existence in the land is actually just the sort of country to deport refugees. When one’s primary concern is to preserve ethnic purity and sovereignty, any admission of “others” – especially non-European others – is bound to be seen as dangerous contamination and to be avoided at all costs. So that’s why I answer her rhetorical question with: “It’s the Nakba, Stupid!”

About the Author

Joseph Levine is Professor of Philosophy at UMass Amherst, member of the Academic Council of JVP, and member of Western Mass chapter of JVP.

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Serbia forgives USA for 1999 bombings, forgets all victims, holds joint drills with NATO


On November 14-17, Serbia will hold exercises of local and American paratroopers. The manoeuvres at Batajnica military airfield with the participation of about 100 servicemen from the 173rd Airborne Brigade of the US Army are to promote the expansion of relations between the countries and “enhance security and peace in the region.”

The administration of Serbia, the territory of which the Americans were bombing for four months in 1999, agreed to the joint exercises to retain its power, chairman of the Russian Party of Serbia, Slobodan Nikolic, told Pravda.Ru.

“Serbian President Alexander Vučić wants to have good relations with both Russia and the United States. Figuratively speaking, he tries to sit between two chairs. The majority of the Serbian people and the Russian party of Serbia condemn this approach and this military event. Today, Serbia conducts similar exercises with NATO soldiers five or six times more often than it does with Russia.

It is worthy of note that there is a branch of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the city of Nis. Its specialists have cleared several hundred square kilometres of mines that NATO had planted during the bombings in 1999. This division of the Russian EMERCOM has not received a diplomatic status yet, but NATO already has a diplomatic status. NATO soldiers can move around Serbia and do what they want.”

“Has Serbia forgotten those who were killed in the bombings? Why does Serbia look up to the USA so much these days?”

“The leadership of Serbia is looking for an option to stay in power. It now depends on the US and the European Union, because the country remains in a very bad economic situation. The Serbian authorities are looking for investment, they have already signed the Brussels contract. The labor force in Serbia is the cheapest – people work for 200 euros.

“Yet, we traditionally associate ourselves with Russia, as our peoples cooperate through history. We recently celebrated the “Liberation of Belgrade,” then we paid tribute to the “Battle of the Danube,” when the Red Army was helping us.

Our authorities claim that Serbia will never join NATO. I think that it will not happen, as the Serbian people do not want that. The probability for Serbia to become a NATO member is eight percent. The Serbian authorities try to observe balance and sit between two chairs. The USA and the EU put pressure on Serbia, forcing the country to impose sanctions against Russia and recognise the independence of Kosovo.



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WATCH: Cop Forgets What Month it is, Pulls Over Couple For Expired Tags and GETS OWNED


A couple took to Facebook Live to document their encounter with Oregon Police, after officers detained them in a parking lot and claimed that the couple had been reported for possession of a torch, or butane lighter, and a methamphetamine pipe.

After making contact with the couple, police reportedly placed them in handcuffs, demanding to see their identification and said they must either be meth users or meth dealers. The man claimed he tried to explain to the officers that the torch they were using to light their cigarettes is cheaper than a Bic lighter, and that there were no drugs in the car, nor was there any reason to stop and harass them. The couple refused to produce any identification.

Under Oregon law, citizens are not required to hand over their identification upon demand. While other states do require such actions, Oregon does not. According to the Daily Emerald:

“Oregon law doesn’t require you to disclose your name or ID upon an officer’s demand. Refusing to give your name or ID or failing to carry ID is generally not an offense. The U.S. Supreme Court has previously found other states’ laws requiring citizens to carry or show ID unconstitutional.”

Strange as it may seem, the officers then informed the couple that if they got into their vehicle to drive away, they would be immediately stopped and at such time would have to produce identification.

The unnamed narrator identified the woman in the driver’s seat as “Sadie.” He said that he and Sadie decided to challenge the officers’ promise to pull them over if they proceeded on their way, something they believe is harassment on the part of the police.

Referring to the patrol car’s lights as “cherries and berries,” the man said, “This is the kind of shit American citizens put up with,” while the police were following them. “We employ police to police our fucking cities…and they harass us instead,” he said, describing the daily occurrence of police pulling over citizens on nothing more than a hunch.

The man, whose face is tattooed with the proverbial “FTP” tattoo, did not have to wait long to be pulled over. The officer, who was identified in the video as “Deputy Barton” approached the vehicle and asked Sadie if she knew why she was being pulled over. She responded that she did not know why the officer pulled her over. Barton explained, “For your tags, they’re expired.”

Sadie rejected the notion the tags were expired by saying she had purchased the car in September and suggested he take another look. The tatted up passenger couldn’t contain his emotions, one could say, and broke his silence screaming and speaking directly into the camera, which was live streaming the video to Facebook. “This is gonna be great!” he exclaimed several times and told the officer to go look at the license plate.

“You guys are gonna be embarrassed as fuck, we’re taking you to court,” the man said several times. “How’s that taste you idiot?” he asked, indicating the officer had made a serious mistake by claiming the license plate was expired and using it as probable cause to stop the couple and impede their civil rights.

The officer and his partner took a closer look at the license plate of the vehicle the couple was driving. Upon returning to the driver’s side window to make contact with Sadie again, the officer took on a more serious demeanor.

“The tags on the back expire October 17, October 2017. Do you know what today is?” he asked Sadie. She quickly fired back, “Yeah. September. It’s 2017.”

Clearly humiliated, Barton put on a big smile, possibly knowing he had been caught using a bogus excuse to pull over the couple. “Oh, okay. You’re free to go,” he said. The couple both started laughing, knowing they just caught the interaction on camera, and verifying the officer’s incompetence, who didn’t even know what month of the year it was, apparently.

The episode appears to be a rare moment of levity when a motorist got a little payback for police who routinely attempt to use their badge and their authority to harass law-abiding citizens. The video ends with the couple screaming absurdities and profanities toward the officer. The man even admitted he was in fear of getting shot, but that fear seemed to immediately disappear when the mocking of the police officer began. The lesson for police to learn is you do not have the right to pull people over without probable cause, and you better know what month of the year it is if you do.

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Former Presidents Come Together for Photo-Op As Internet Forgets They’re ALL War Criminals


Five former presidents of the United States came together for a hurricane relief benefit, and their photo-op with musician Lady Gaga led to a surprising reaction—the internet loved it! Not only did the public put politics aside, it also seems to have forgotten about all of the things these men have done to give them a very different title: War Criminal.

“Nothing more beautiful than everyone putting their differences aside to help humanity in the face of catastrophe. #OneAmericaAppeal,” Gaga wrote on Twitter.

Here are a few of the highlights from each presidency:

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

After the CIA-sponsored assassination of the first democratically-elected prime minister of Congo in 1961, the brand new Carter administration stepped aside and said nothing as its allies provided the country’s new puppet dictator with military equipment to crush a dissenting movement that broke out in 1977.

Guatemala was also dealing with the effects of U.S. military intervention in 1977, and the horrific conditions included the presence of military death squads that tortured innocent civilians. While Carter claimed to cut off aid to the military government, some reports have argued that this was “little more than a PR stunt while tangible support continued.”

When the South African Defense Forces dropped bombs on innocent civilians in Cassinga, Angola, in 1978, more than 600 Namibians in sovereign Angolan territory were murdered as a result. Carter defended the apartheid government before the UN Security Council to ensure that it would not face sanctions.

George H. W. Bush (1989-1993)

Before the Carter Administration was dealing with the aftermath of CIA-sponsored intervention around the world, George H. W. Bush was serving as the Director of Central Intelligence beginning in 1976. His term lasted for just 355 days.

Bush then went on to become president in 1989, and he launched Operation Desert Storm in 1990. The argument was that Iraq had amassed 250,000 troops and 1,500 tanks on the border with Saudi Arabia, according to “top-secret satellite images.”

However, St. Petersburg Times Journalist Jean Heller reported that according to “two commercial Soviet satellite images of the same area, taken at the same time, no Iraqi troops were visible near the Saudi border—just empty desert. This means that the first Bush Administration convinced the public that it should invade a sovereign nation based on claims that it was threatening a U.S. ally—but there is no proof that those claims were true.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

When Clinton took office in 1993, the U.S. continued its war with Iraq through sanctions. While numbers from the United Nations suggested that thousands of children were dying each month because of the sanctions, Clinton defended his administration’s actions, and blamed Saddam Hussein.

In addition to denying humanitarian aid to the country, Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998. He sought no approval from Congress, and it was argued that he used the bombing to distract from his impeachment proceedings.

Clinton also bombed Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, launching dozens of cruise missiles and claiming it was “an act of self-defense against imminent terrorist plots.” He insisted that the targeted area in Sudan was producing chemical weapons and had ties to Osama bin Laden, but no evidence of that was ever produced.

George W. Bush (2001-2009)

The propaganda against both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden reached new heights when the second Bush took office. Before the death toll from the 9/11 attacks was confirmed, the Bush Administration had announced, and the mainstream media had spread the claim far and wide, that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were to blame.

Bush is credited with officially starting the “War on Terror,” which led to the illegal invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In addition to killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians over the years, U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan is still ongoing today, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Barack Obama (2009-2017)

Despite running on a platform of peace, and even winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, Barack Obama has a record of spending more time at war than any other U.S. president. His administration fueled the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and created new conflicts in Syria by arming so-called “moderate rebels,” and then dealing with the consequences.

Obama also earned the nickname of “Drone King,” as he took U.S. Air Wars to a new level by launching unprecedented drone strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Now, as Donald Trump’s first year in office come to an end, it is clear that he is only continuing the battles that were started and prolonged by his predecessors—and the first 9 months of his administration have already resulted in a horrific number of civilian causalities.

“The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.” — George Orwell

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TBS Sitcom 'The Guest Book' Forgets to Be 'Very Funny,' Gets Very Political Instead

Do you remember when TBS was a nice, family-friendly channel? Not anymore. Last week, on the premiere week of “The Guest Book,” Story Two depicted Christians assaulting a woman to force her into baptism and, on the August 10 episode of “The Guest Book” Story Three, they attacked conservatives and pro-lifers, portraying them as both liars and hypocrites.

The show centers around a guest cottage and each week a different cast shares the story of their time staying in it. In this week’s episode, Phyllis (Michaela Watkins) and her husband John (Desmin Borges) stay in Froggy Cottage for the weekend with his boss David (David Zayas) and his boss’s much younger wife, Bethany (Mikaela Hoover).

We meet the not-so-charming Bethany when she asks Phyllis if she has any Plan B. You see, she won’t take birth control because she doesn’t like the side effects, but her husband thinks she’s on it. She can’t tell him that she is taking Plan B “because he’s super pro-life.” Delightful, isn’t she?

While that’s how we first meet Bethany, the show really gets insulting when we find out how Bethany and David met each other. Phyllis assumes that it was at Bethany’s old job giving massages where, Bethany explains, “I’d let the back of my hand accidentally brush up against [the client’s] nut sack a few times,” but that wasn’t the case.

I’ll let them tell it.

David: No, we met at a Mike Huckabee rally. 

Bethany: David was holding a sign that said — What did it say again, honey? 

David: “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.” 

Bethany: I didn’t understand it at first, so he explained it to me. And then he complimented me on my eyes, which pissed off his wife. Who turned out to be a real bitch, by the way. 

David: Total bitch.

So, in addition to Bethany lying to her husband and giving lip-service to pro-life beliefs, David was already married when he met her. Clearly, the show is trying to say that conservatives don’t really value family or faith as much as we say we do, but we think the idea of a baby holding a gun is hilarious. This hypocrisy is alluded to a few more times, when David mentions the breast implants he got Bethany, or when Bethany finally gets her Plan B pills from a local stripper, who calls it “a convenient little abortion.” 

In the end, Phyllis has a little too much to drink and tells David what Bethany has been up to. 

You’re gonna wanna take a couple drinks for the road ’cause you’re gonna wanna be real nice and lubed up when you find out that that your monkey-brained child bride is probably pregnant ’cause her birth control was in her purse that got stolen. MM. MM. Oh, wait. And what birth control would that be? Hmm. Well let’s just go ahead and say she wasn’t using Plan A. Isn’t that right? That’s right, David. Every time you finish pumping and wheezing on top of your barely legal spouse, she just pops one of those handy dandy little no-muss, no-fuss abortion pills. Hey, what — what do you think your little right-wing, bass guitar-playing buddy would think about that? Huh? What do Ya think, you bald, alcoholic, halitosis-having, cheap wristwatch-wearing piece of shit? Borderline pedophile — what — what do you think?

This show has only been on for two weeks, but these writers clearly have an anti-conservative agenda. Too bad they’re more focused on that than making an entertaining show. Good thing they got rid of their former slogan “Very Funny,” because they seem to have forgotten that part in their desire to go political.

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