May the Force BEAT with You: Man thrown in prison for beating his mother with a light saber

Image: May the Force BEAT with You: Man thrown in prison for beating his mother with a light saber

(Natural News)
A 42-year-old man from Pennsylvania is being charged with assault and harassment after his 75-year-old mother told authorities that he allegedly beat her with one of the Star Wars-inspired light sabers that he owns as part of an extensive collection of science fiction paraphernalia.

Andrew Vargas, who reportedly still lives with his mother Joan, is said to have caused the woman to bleed from gashes both on her head and wrists. Joan reportedly called the police on April 27 after the incident occurred, and was quickly removed from her home in Dubois by emergency medical workers who treated her for her injuries.

Joan told law enforcement officials that her son Andrew “hit her repeatedly with what she called a light saber,” presumably in the same fashion as characters from the movie series did to ward off villains from the Galactic Empire. The biggest difference, of course, is that Joan isn’t Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine, but rather Andrew’s elderly matriarch.

Joan says that her son Andrew “began striking her with this saber in the head, on her back/neck area, and on her wrist,” but “could not say why Andrew struck her with the saber.” She did, however, explain that her 330-pound son owns many other light sabers, and has an affinity for all things Star Wars.

When confronted by police, Andrew denied that he struck his mother, insisting that she was “hitting herself and that she has many issues.” Andrew has since been arrested on misdemeanor assault and harassment charges and is currently being held in the Clearfield County jail in lieu of his $10,000 bail.

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Andrew has been found guilty of several previous crimes, including convictions for theft, drunk driving, and criminal trespass. His police report explains that he is currently undergoing treatment for his “medical condition,” which presumably refers to an apparent mental abnormality.

Star Wars light sabers have also been used to stop crimes

Back in 2015, a light saber was apparently used in an opposite scenario to actually prevent a crime. Police in the United Kingdom reportedly used the Star Wars prop to break into the home of a drug dealer.

Officers from the West Yorkshire Police department actually filmed themselves breaking through a security gate outside of the suspected drug dealer’s home – the device visibly emitting sparks as it was seen heating and melting the steel bars.

When the video footage was eventually uploaded to Facebook, it was given a caption with a pun stating, “The war on drugs is heating up … literally.” The caption added, “It takes more than a security gate to stop the police gaining entry.”

As it turns out, the suspected drug dealer was growing cannabis plants, which are still prohibited in Great Britain, and neighbors were responsible for tipping off their local saber-wielding law enforcement officers as to the grow operation.

Just as fake as Star Wars itself were the warnings later issued by police and local media, who insisted that “drugs” like cannabis “fuel crime and anti-social behavior.” The warnings added that “criminality associated with the supply of drugs has a really negative impact on our communities.”

So, in lieu of fighting actual galactic invaders threatening the subsistence of the planet, some law enforcement groups are co-opting Star Wars weaponry in the continued “war on drugs.” And others are apparently using the fictitious toys to commit crimes against family members.

If you, too, are a Star Wars fan who likes to collect movie props like light sabers, keep in mind that you might have some trouble traveling with them. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) apparently considers light sabers to be actual weapons – and now we know why.

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Bizarre Masonic Police Force Uncovered In Los Angeles

Claiming to be descendants of the Knights Templar, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department vowed to “protect Masonic Grandmasters” across 33 states.

Three California residents were arrested on April 30th on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and were released later that day. Claiming to be the “oldest police force in the world”, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department claimed jurisdiction across 33 states (coincidentally, 33 is the holiest number in Masonic symbolism).


The insignia of the police force features the Masonic compass and square, the Twin Pillars and the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star – an inverted pentagram.

The rogue force was very well-supplied.Officials found badges, weapons, uniforms, law enforcement paraphernalia and even police vehicles after searching two unnamed locations.


David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel

The Chief of the Masonic Police is David Henry – a high ranking Freemason. According to the police force’s website,  Henry is an “Absolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster 32° 33° X°”, meaning that he obtained the highest obtainable Degree on the Masonic ladder. Therefore, despite the news portraying the trio as three lunatics acting as cops, there is some actual power and influence behind the Masonic police force.


Brand Kiel (left) and David Henry (second from right) at a Masonic event.


Henry and Kiel pictured alongside Los Angeles Sergeant James Townsend, urging residents in the city to march in peace for Trayvon Martin.

According to some sources, Henry is also an Emmy-award winning producer.

“Henry, 46, reportedly won an Emmy in 2002 for his work as a producer on a Fox11 story. He also co-produced a documentary with Hayes several years later about a longtime civil rights leader, the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper reported in 2007.”
– Daily Mail, An Emmy-winning producer and a top government aide who wanted to be a US Senator – but are any more of the LA elite in the ‘Masonic Police’?

David Henry ran the Police force with his son-in-law Brandon Kiel who is a Masonic 33rd Degree “grand high priest”. In a 2014 video, David Henry announced to his Masonic lodge that Kiel plans to run for the U.S. Senate in the 2016 elections.

Kiel worked for the department of Justice since 2013 as an aide to state Attorney General Kamala Harris. He has been placed on paid leave since April 30th.kamala-harris-e1431097654315State Attorney General Kamala Harris.The police force’s strange website claims that Henry oversees 33 Masonic jurisdictions, including Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations (yes, there is a link between school Fraternities and secret societies).2-e1431095413267A screenshot from the website.The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the “World.” Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the “Knights Templar’s” back in 1100 B.C.

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department, (M.F.P.D.) is the Knights Templar’s!

When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) is a Masonic Sovereign Jurisdiction (Municipality) located within the incorporated City of Santa Clarita, California. The Chief of Police is Honorable Grand Master David Henry 33º was elected and is Governed by a Grand Supreme Council, and 33 Masonic Jurisdictions. He currently oversees a 1/2 Million members throughout the United States.

We are not “Sovereign Citizens’ nor do we condone terrorist activity, sovereign citizens or clandestine!

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) provides services to Masonic Sovereign Grand Masters and their Masonic Jurisdictions, as well as other Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations. Masonic Fraternal Police Department will be located in 33 other states, including Mexico City. We support all law enforcement agencies. Our mission is to preserve the integrity, honor and legacy of our Founding Fathers, Masonic Organizations, all Grand Masters and their Constitution /By Laws. We will uphold our sworn obligation to protect Sovereign Grand Masters and their jurisdictions.

Authorities began investigating the Masonic Police Force after Henry contacted sheriffs across the State of California requesting meetings, claiming to be “able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities”.

Authorities say that the investigation began when letters were sent out to police chiefs in California announcing new leadership in the group. Kiel was described as ‘Chief Deputy Director.’

The letter claims there are 5,686 lodges and that the department ‘will be able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities.’ It said one aim of the department was to restore public trust.

Phone calls were also made asking to set up in-person meetings with police.

Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson, who leads the department’s Santa Clarita Valley station, met up with the group and raised the alarm when they could not answer basic questions about the organization.

The suspects were unable to properly explain what their jurisdiction or mission was, police said.
– Op Cit. Daily Mail.

While impersonating a police agent is a rather grave offense, I do not believe that this Masonic trio will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Since the creation of the United States (and across the world), there has been a strong connection between the police force and Freemasonry. Active Masons have the duty of protecting their brethren no matter the situation. Here are badges used to identify Masonic police officers and sheriffs.


While not worn on official uniforms, members of the police who are also Freemasons sometimes wear these badges on civilian clothes as a form of recognition.

In short, the actual police force is a Masonic police force. There is therefore no need for a Masonic Police Force.


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Starbucks to close its stores for an afternoon to force-feed politically correct “racial bias training” to ALL employees

Image: Starbucks to close its stores for an afternoon to force-feed politically correct “racial bias training” to ALL employees

(Natural News)
If you’re an avid news consumer you likely heard that a pair of black men were recently escorted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks in handcuffs after the store manager called the police.

The reason? Well, according to initial reports the “reason” may have been strictly because the two men were of African-American descent. 

As noted by

In a video posted to Twitter by a woman who was witness to the travesty, police are speaking to a pair of black men the woman says were just sitting inside the shop while they were waiting for a third person before ordering their coffee. The interaction ends with the two men being arrested.

The witness, author Melissa DePino, told media that the men were sitting and chatting at a table for less than 15 minutes before employees of the store called the police.

On the surface, it appears as though the crime committed may have been “sitting in a restaurant while black.” The men, revealed to be real estate brokers, did not appear to have done anything wrong and, according to reporting, were merely waiting for their friend and associate. They were formally arrested for “defiant trespassing.”

For that, every employee at every single Starbucks store will now be forced to endure an afternoon of what promises to be a berating Alt-Left beatdown of political correctness.

According to the company, Starbucks will close all of its stores on the afternoon of May 29 to conduct “a racial-bias education program,” according to CNBC. 

Not even kidding.

“I’ve spent the last few days in Philadelphia with my leadership team listening to the community, learning what we did wrong and the steps we need to take to fix it,” Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, said in a statement Tuesday.

One question that immediately comes to mind is, “Fix what?” Is there a systemic, wide-ranging racial bias problem within the most liberal coffee company on the planet? Because if there is, I’ve been missing those reports.

This is pandering of the worst kind. One manager at one Starbucks who may or may not have a racism problem (the two guys taken out in cuffs could not have been the first two black patrons the manager encountered, right?) does not a company-wide problem make. And yet tens of thousands of Starbucks employees are going to have to sit through “racial-bias training” as though they, too, were guilty of the infraction. That’s 8,000 stores and 175,000 workers.

As I previously reported, if what we were initially told is accurate, then obviously, targeting someone over the color of their skin is unacceptable. 

But according to The Blaze, there may be more to the story. 

“Holly,” the former store manager who made the call, told Apple News that the men initially refused to leave the business when police arrived and asked them to do so.

Holly said that in the year she managed the Philly store, loitering had become a problem. She had encountered “many individuals” who loitered there without any intent to buy anything. She also said one person “chased her around the store” after she asked them to leave. And she said the company’s policy expressly prohibits “excessive loitering” in Center City Philadelphia locations.

It sounds like the media may have leaped too soon. It sounds like she followed policy, which allows management to call police in such instances. 

But that won’t matter. The first version of the story will be all that gets reported in most outlets and therefore all that most people will remember — because it fits the Left-wing media narrative about America in general. 

And now, the company will spend untold amounts of money to stage a politically correct “training” session because an employee who followed company policy dared to enforce it against minorities.

See more of this reporting at

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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Latest: Oklahoma wildfires force evacuation of 1,400 people

WOODWARD, Okla. (AP) — The Latest on wildfires that have burned thousands of acres in northwestern Oklahoma (all times local):

3:20 p.m.

A fast-moving wildfire has forced an evacuation order for about 1,400 people in three northwest Oklahoma small towns.

Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander said his deputies are going door-to-door in Seiling, Taloga and Putnam telling residents to leave. Sander urged people to heed the warning to leave and let firefighters protect property.

Sander said some who had earlier been evacuated from the nearby town of Vici (vi-si) were being allowed to return home.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency Friday in 55 of the state’s 77 counties. Blazes have scorched more than 200,000 acres (809 sq. kilometers) in Dewey and neighboring Woodward counties. The declaration will help speed up emergency purchases and deliveries to help fight fires.

A turkey hunter was hospitalized with burns after being trapped in one fire.


10:25 a.m.

A turkey hunter is badly burned but alive after becoming trapped overnight by a wildfire in northwestern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Forestry Services spokeswoman Michelle Finch-Walker says the hunter was found Friday morning and taken to a burn center in serious condition.

Finch-Walker says the blaze in Dewey County has burned about 82,000 acres (331 sq. kilometers).

Woodward County Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbaur says a separate fire near Woodward has burned more than 120,000 acres (485 sq. kilometers) and forced the evacuation of about 450 people from their homes, but no injuries are reported.

The National Weather Service says dangerous fire weather conditions are expected in much of western Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle through Saturday, with low humidity and strong winds of 20-30 mph (32-48 kph) and gusts of up to 50 mph (80 kph).


6:46 a.m.

A wildfire in northwestern Oklahoma has burned more than 120,000 acres (485 sq. kilometers) and forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes.

Woodward County Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbaur said Friday that the fire has destroyed several homes near Woodward, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) northeast of Oklahoma City.

He says no injuries have been reported.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management reports another fire has burned more than 21,000 acres (85 sq. kilometers) near the town of Leedey, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) south of Woodward.

The National Weather Service says dangerous fire weather conditions are expected in much of western Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle through Saturday, with low humidity and strong winds of 20-30 mph (32-48 kph) and gusts of up to 50 mph (80 kph).

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California Bill That Would Force Online Publishers To Fact-check Their Claims Via State Sources Could Kill Free Speech

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Senator Richard Pan has proposed a bill in the state of California that would place restrictions on social media outlets,  the legislation would force online publishers to filter their content using state-approved fact checkers before posting. The bill is titled “SB1424. Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan.” Details of bill are as follows:

“This bill would require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The bill would require the plan to include, among other things, a plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories, the utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories, providing outreach to social media users, and placing a warning on a news story containing false information.”

(a) Any person who operates a social media Internet Web site with physical presence in California shall develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Internet Web site.

(b) The strategic plan shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following:

(1) A plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories.

(2) The utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories.

(3) Providing outreach to social media users regarding news stories containing false information.

(4) Placing a warning on a news story containing false information.

(c) As used in this section, “social media” means an electronic service or account, or electronic content, including, but not limited to, videos, still photographs, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, instant and text messages, email, online services or accounts, or Internet Web site profiles or locations.

Indeed the spread of fake news has important implications for society and more needs to be done to regulate the news we are exposed to. However, if the state is given the power to dictate what we read online, it may kill free speech. If we hear different views on a controversial topic and disagree with those views, we should be encouraged to share our own. Unfortunately, if California’s proposed bill goes ahead, it could stifle that freedom.

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Ex-US Foreign Service Officer: US Acting as “ISIS Air Force” in Syria Based on a “False Flag”


Washington, D.C. –  The United States, France and the UK engaged in limited missile strikes against civilian and military targets in Syria overnight resulting in the immediate benefit of terrorist groups operating inside the country. The bombing without any investigation has prompted widespread bipartisan backlash from all political sects.

The United States is “acting as air force of all these jihadist terrorist [groups] – Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham,” former U.S. foreign service officer Jim Jatras told RT on Saturday, adding that “it’s really morally reprehensible.”

What’s more, Al Masdar News reported that ISIS and forces mounted offensives in coordination with the western missile strikes:

The Islamic State (ISIS) attempted to take advantage of the US-led attack on Syria today in order to capture new areas inside the southern districts of Damascus.

However, this offensive would be short-lived, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Palestinian allies were able to beat back the encroaching terrorists.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Islamic State had attempt to catch the Syrian Army off guard with the attack, but were completely overwhelmed by the latter’s manpower and firepower.

The Syrian Arab Army is now preparing to launch an offensive in southern Damascus alongside their Palestinian allies.

The goal of this southern Damascus offensive is to capture all of the areas currently controlled by the Islamic State.

Additionally, Jatras said, “preventing a real investigation in Douma was one of the reasons for [the strike],” as it prevented chemical inspectors from the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), on the ground in Damascus, from reaching the site of the alleged chemical attack.

Only hours before inspectors from the OPCW was scheduled to visit Douma—to determine if chemical weapons had been used—the missile strikes began.

“So, the big hurry here is, in my opinion, is that you’ve got [OPCW] inspectors on the ground in Damascus now, ready to go now and confirm… there wasn’t any attack,” said Jatras.

The former U.S. diplomat made note that “if you’re Al-Qaeda or its offshoot [in Syria], you’re going to be very happy tonight,” labeling the alleged chemical attack in Douma a “false flag” operation, and explaining that false flag operations “work, especially when you have compliant media.”

The “compliant media” dynamic has been seen at work in both legacy mass media and social media, with an ongoing censorship operation targeting dissent on numerous social media platforms under the guise of getting rid of “fake news.”

Furthermore, Jatras said that he expected US President Donald Trump to respond to the Douma incident in a similar to last year after the alleged gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun that was blamed by the west on the Assad government – but which MIT expert Theodore Postol disputed in highly critical report of the US assessment that blamed the Syrian government.

At that time, Postol, a leading weapons academic, and one of the foremost experts in the field, came forward in a series of reports noting his opposition to the official story in regards to the Khan Sheikhoun nerve agent attack in Syria, claiming that the Syrian gas attack in Khan Sheikoun was staged.

“I don’t think that Syria has chemical weapons. I think that the Russian effort to get them out of there after what happened in Ghouta in 2013 was genuine and was certified as genuine by the OPCW,” Jatras said. In regards to the U.S. justification for the strikes, he said “it’s a conscious transparent lie.”

Russia has claimed they possess “irrefutable” data that reveals the incident in Douma was staged by British intelligence services pushing a “Russophobic campaign,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

“We have irrefutable evidence that it was another staging, and the special services of a state which is in the forefront of the Russophobic campaign had a hand in the staging,” Lavrov said at a news conference with his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok on Friday.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) on Friday presented what it claims is evidence that the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria was a staged false flag event, and accused the British government of pressuring the perpetrators to speed up the “provocation.”

“The Russian Defense Ministry also has evidence that Britain had a direct involvement in arranging this provocation in Eastern Ghouta,” the general added, referring to the neighborhood of which Douma is part. “We know for certain that between April 3 and April 6 the so-called White Helmets were seriously pressured from London to speed up the provocation that they were preparing.”

During a briefing, the MOD released interviews with two men who it claimed are medical professionals working in the only hospital operating in Douma.

“Please, notice. These people do not hide their names. These are not some faceless claims on the social media by anonymous activists. They took part in taking that footage,” said ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

The two men explained how footage, widely distributed among western media, was shot of people dousing each other with water, which was purported to show the aftermath of the alleged April 7 chemical weapons attack in Douma.

According to a report by RT:

According to Konashenkov, the group, which was a primary source of photos and footage of the purported chemical attack, was informed of a large-scale artillery attack on Damascus planned by the Islamist group Army of Islam, which controlled Douma at the time. The White Helmets were ordered to arrange the provocation after retaliatory strikes by the Syrian government forces, which the shelling was certain to lead to, he said.

The U.S. Department of Defense said that the option to strike the Syrian government would remain should Assad use chemical weapons again, thus providing terrorist groups the ability to stage false flag attacks at any time in an effort to provide themselves with western air support – which Trump has proven is sure to follow – without any evidence.

While France and the US have claimed they have evidence, the actual evidence they are referring to is open source, which is nothing more than reports from White Helmets and video garnered from social media and media inputs. The reality is that this is not evidence, it’s fabricated propaganda meant for public consumption – in hopes of garnering public support for another U.S. regime change operation under the guise of humanitarianism.

It’s time to stop taking the bait—over and over again—America.

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