OPCW Rubber-Stamps UK Skripal Incident Findings

OPCW Rubber-Stamps UK Skripal Incident Findings

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Skripal Incident Big Lie unravelled earlier. It’s unclear what harmed Sergey and Yulia, clearly not a military-grade nerve agent. 

If exposed, they’d be dead. They’re alive, doing well, Yulia discharged from Salisbury hospital, Sergey to follow in the coming days or weeks.

The alleged poisoning was a US/UK concocted scheme to vilify Russia more than already. When legitimate reasons don’t exist, phony ones are invented. 

The Skripals are geopolitical pawns – their rights, health and welfare harmed to serve US/UK interests.

The OPCW went along with the scheme, analyzing UK-supplied toxic material, nothing suggesting it harmed the Skripals.

It’s the same substance Britain’s Porton Down lab called novichok, saying it was unable to determine its origin – as likely to have been produced in the West as anywhere else, nothing connecting it to Russia.

An OPCW statement said the following:

“The results of the analysis by the OPCW-designated laboratories of environmental and biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team confirms the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury and severely injured three people” – identifying the agent as novichock without indicating its origin.

The OPCW let itself be used, going along with Britain’s findings – instead of explaining it couldn’t connect what it analyzed to what may have harmed the Skripals, making its analysis irrelevant.

The Russian Federation never produced anything called novichok. Despite nothing new from the OPCW’s report, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson jumped it, again turning truth on its head, saying:

“There can be no doubt what was used, and there remains no alternative explanation about who was responsible – only Russia has the means, motive and record.”

“We will now work tirelessly with our partners to help stamp out the grotesque use of weapons of this kind, and we have called a session of the OPCW executive council next Wednesday to discuss next steps. The Kremlin must give answers.”

Russia’s Permanent Mission to the  OPCW received its report, a statement issued saying “it will take some time to study it” before issuing an official response.

The organization’s findings didn’t surprise. Britain gave its scientists a novichok sample to be analyzed and identified by name – proving nothing, no connection to the Skripals or Russia.

Nor do OPCW findings on the substance have validity without Russian access to information on the incident.

In legitimate judicial proceedings, defendants are entitled to all relevant documents, witness depositions, questions and answers from interrogations, crime scene and other forensic evidence including toxicology results, police reports, “raw evidence,” arrest and search warrants, grand jury testimony, and other relevant data – to assure judicial fairness.

Russia was shut out of the so-called discovery process straightaway after the Skripal incident occurred.

Accusations without evidence are groundless. Nothing suggests Russian involvement in what harmed the Skripals. No evidence proves it.

Britain breached its legal obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, refusing to provide Moscow with samples of the alleged toxin it claims responsible for harming the Skripals, nor any other relevant information on the incident.

Yulia was well enough to be released from Salisbury hospital. According to UK media, she was taken to a secure location, reportedly another medical facility on a military base.

A statement attributed to her released by metropolitan police reads like coverup, Britain wanting full control over her whereabouts and remarks she’s reportedly making.

It said she “find(s) (herself)  in a totally different life than the ordinary one I left just over a month ago, and I am seeking to come to terms with my prospects, whilst also recovering from this attack on me.”

Earlier she told her cousin Viktoria Sergey is “all right.” The latest comment attributed to her said he remains “seriously ill,” adding:

At “the moment I do not wish to avail myself of (Russian embassy) services. (N)o one speaks for me or my father, but ourselves.”

Viktoria should “not visit me or try to contact me. (H)er opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father’s.”

Does this sound like a national of one country reportedly recovering from illness abroad, wanting no contact with family back home or her nation’s embassy services?

Russia’s embassy in London believes she’s been detained against her will, cut off from the outside world, Britain denying the embassy information about “her true health, status, wishes and location,” adding:

“It is apparent that she is being isolated. Eyewitness evidence is being concealed, and obstacles are being erected in the path of an objective and independent investigation.”

The Skripal incident was a US/UK false flag to demonize Russia. Father and daughter are likely detained against their will, not protected.

Moscow is denied contact with its own citizens. Yet it continues to believe tattered relations with Washington and Britain can be restored diplomatically.

No evidence whatever suggests it, Russia’s relations with these countries worsening, not improving.

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Source Article from https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/238308-2018-04-13-opcw-rubber-stamps-uk-skripal-incident-findings.htm?EdNo=001&From=RSS

Inappropriate meetings & ineffective intel: Key findings of House Committee on Russia probe

The full report, which is “based on 70-plus witness interviews and more than 300,000 documents collected,” is not going to be made public for another few weeks in order to give the intelligence community an opportunity to go through it with a fine-tooth comb.  

READ MORE: ‘No collusion’: House Intel Committee votes to end Russia probe

No collusion

The headline finding from the 14-month-long probe was that lawmakers found no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. The summary notes comprehensively dismiss all of the popular collusion theories, from Trump’s pre-campaign business dealings to involvement with the Wikileaks release of Clinton emails. The contacts with the whistleblower organization are called “ill-advised.”

As for the stars of the collusion theories, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page the Republican establishment is blamed in the report for turning their backs on Trump. This led to these “less experienced individuals with pro-Russia views” becoming advisers, it states.

And no matter what different media and pundits speculated, the random meetings between Trump associates and then Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak are not the signs of collusion or conspiracy with Moscow.

Interestingly, one of the findings notes that “possible Russian efforts” to establish a back channel with Trump associates – you know, all those alleged meetings at the Seychelles after the election – actually suggest a lack of collusion during the campaign, since the communication associated with collusion would have rendered a back channel unnecessary.

‘Ineffective’ intel

In a section titled “America Reacts,” the report lists actions of the intelligence community and criticizes most of them as ineffective. They are also criticized for a lack of “proper analytic tradecraft” in their judgement of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “strategic intentions.”

The FBI is hit the hardest in the report, which calls its actions inadequate when it comes to notifying the victims of alleged hacking. The paper also notes the mistrust of state officials of federal government overreach that hampered the communications between them and the Department of Homeland Security.

Russia attacks

Without going into details or providing any proof, the section of the report titled

“Russia attacks the United States” accuses Moscow of carrying out cyberattacks on US political institutions in 2015 and 2016. It also says that Russian-state actors and “third-party intermediaries” disseminated “documents stolen from US political organizations.” They’re talking about you, WikiLeaks!

Of course, the report could not have failed to mention yours truly. The committee singled out this news organization in one line, claiming that the Russian government used RT to “advance its malign influence campaign.” It previously accused RT of being ‘fake news,’ although it was only able to point to accurate and widely reported stories on the network, and talked to social-media giants like Twitter and Facebook only to find out that RT spends on advertising like any other news outlet.


The summary says that leaks of classified information alleging that Russia tried to help Trump win the election increased dramatically after the election day. They dominated the news as many in Washington were unhappy with the outcome.

The report also found that the continued leaking of classified information damaged US national security and potentially endangered lives. Former director of national intelligence James Clapper is rebuked in the report for providing inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media. Clapper now works for CNN as a national security analyst.

Usual suspects

Paul Manafort’s name was uttered zillions of times in the media in relation to Trump-Russia collusion, even though the charges against him have nothing to do with the campaign. And the intelligence committee stated just that – none of the charges relate to allegations of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

The report says that the infamous dossier compiled by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele was largely based on second- and third-hand sources, which Steele claims were in high places. It also noted that the firm Steele compiled the report for, Fusion GPS, had previously conducted research benefitting Russian interests.  


The lawmakers compiled five chapters of recommendations to accompany the findings. Besides calling for more funding of election-related activities and improving relations with local officials, the committee calls for changes to the notorious Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act to “cover malicious international cyber actors.”

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/usa/422130-house-intel-russia-key-findings/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Nets Give Less than a Minute to House Committee’s ‘No Collusion’ Findings

On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee closed its inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, much to the chagrin of the liberal media. The committee confirmed that the Russians were indeed trying to cause chaos in the election, claimed they weren’t out to help candidate Donald Trump specifically and that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But during their evening broadcasts, ABC and CBS downplayed the findings while NBC ignored them.

CBS Evening News only gave 31 seconds to the House committee’s findings. “Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said there was no collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election,” reported anchor Jeff Glor. “They also say that while Russia tried to interfere with the elections, they do not agree with U.S. intelligence that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump.

Glor followed that up by noting that committee’s Democrats would be releasing their own findings:

Democrats on the House panel are expected to put out their own report with different findings. The Senate Intelligence Committee is also investigating Russian meddling, as is the special counsel, Robert Mueller.



Meanwhile, on ABC’s World News Tonight, they only gave the development 27 seconds, which meant the three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) gave the story less than a minute of combined airtime (58 seconds).

There’s late word coming in from the House Intelligence Committee, that they are moving up to wrap up their Russia investigation? Republicans on the committee saying they have found no evidence of collusion,” wondered anchor David Muir to Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl.

Karl appeared to be almost irritated by the committee’s findings: “These are the Republicans that control that committee.” “The finding is hardly surprising,” he scoffed. “And given how partisan that committee is, it’s not going to have any impact on the overall debate over Russia.” He wrapped up the segment by holding out hope that the Senate and special counsel investigations would find something incriminating against the President.

While NBC Nightly News completely ignored the committee’s findings, they managed to find time to whine about President Trump’s school safety plan being light on gun control, a Powerball winner, and billionaire Warren Buffett’s $1 million March Madness bracket challenge. All told, it’s a demonstration of their priorities when a big news story broke.

Transcripts below:


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CBS Evening News
March 12, 2018
6:39:50 PM Eastern [31 Seconds]

JEFF GLOR: Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said there was no collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. They also say that while Russia tried to interfere with the elections, they do not agree with U.S. intelligence that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump. Those are the findings of the Republicans’ draft report today.

Democrats on the House panel are expected to put out their own report with different findings. The Senate Intelligence Committee is also investigating Russian meddling, as is the special counsel, Robert Mueller.


World News Tonight
March 12, 2018
6:42:31 PM Eastern [27 seconds]

DAVID MUIR: And Jon, I mentioned a moment ago, there’s late word coming in from the House Intelligence Committee, that they are moving up to wrap up their Russia investigation? Republicans on the committee saying they have found no evidence of collusion?

JON KARL: These are the Republicans that control that committee. The finding is hardly surprising and given how partisan that committee is, it’s not going to have any impact on the overall debate over Russia. And it certainly won’t stop the investigations that continue, David, in the Senate and, of course, Robert Mueller.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2018/03/12/nets-give-less-minute-house-committees-no-collusion-findings

Autopsy Doctors Say Sheriff Overrode Death Findings to Protect Law Enforcement

Two San Joaquin County forensic pathologists have accused the sheriff of meddling in death investigations in order to protect officers of the law. Documents released Monday by a pathologist who announced her resignation last week raise serious questions about the integrity of investigations of people who died in the custody of law enforcement officers who used Tasers or other types of force.

Dr. Susan Parson, who performs autopsies for the county, accused Sheriff-Coroner Steve Moore of interfering with her work, and sent copies of emails, notes and other correspondence to the district attorney and the Board of Supervisors documenting her claims.

‘The sheriff was using his political office as the coroner to protect police officers whenever someone died while in custody or during arrest. … I had thought that this was initially an anomaly, but now, especially beginning in 2016, it has become routine practice.’

The documents, obtained by KQED, also include correspondence and memos written by the county’s chief forensic pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu.

The Nigerian-born neuropathologist rose to national prominence in 2005 after he published his discovery of a degenerative brain disease in football players he named chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. His discovery was documented in the 2015 film “Concussion,” starring Will Smith.

San Joaquin County hired Omalu in 2007 to raise the standards of death investigations. But in a memo Omalu wrote on Aug. 22, 2017, he indicated it was a losing prospect.

“I have always believed that the longer I spent in the office, the better the office would become,” Omalu wrote. “I was wrong.”

In March 2017, Omalu and Parson began documenting incidents they believe show wrongdoing by Sheriff Moore. The two doctors allege the sheriff labeled certain deaths as “accidents” rather than “homicides” to shield from prosecution law enforcement officers who were involved.

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  • This bastard needs to be voted out of office by the people of San Joaquin County. I say this because you, and I, both know that the state AG will never bring charges against this douche who calls himself a member of law enforcement. Can you say recalll…

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Officials Caught Forcing State Scientist to Alter Findings to Cover Up Earthquake Fracking Link


Hydraulic fracturing is a natural gas extraction method that has become extremely controversial for its environmental impacts. Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand, and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure, which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well. Wastewater produced from this process is highly toxic and filled with a variety of chemicals.

In many cases, people who live near fracking sites have been able to set fire to the water and air that comes through their pipes. It has also been found to contaminate drinking water. Unfortunately, fracking is still somewhat popular publicly because people know very little about it and it is also popular politically because all of the politicians have a hand in it.

Due to an increased prevalence of seismic activity in the vicinity of fracking areas, many activists have pointed that this process may cause earthquakes as well. While environmentalists have been hoping to raise awareness about this problem for years, new testimony from one of the country’s top seismologists gives us a glimpse into why the scientific community has been largely silent about this issue.

According to Austin Holland, the former lead seismologist for the state of Oklahoma, officials at the University of Oklahoma worked to actively cover up scientific findings that linked fracking to earthquakes. Oklahoma is one of the most drastic examples of how fracking can cause an upsurge in seismic activity, with the state seeing 639 earthquakes in the year of 2016 alone.

In a deposition last month, Holland stated that Larry Grillot, former dean of OU’s Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, and Randy Keller, the former director of the Oklahoma Geological Survey pressured him to alter his findings to be more favorable to fracking companies. After the incident, Holland left his position at OU and the Oklahoma Geologic Survey.

“I don’t know if ‘angry’ is the right word, but just disappointed … that I’d spent my time working towards something, and I thought I was in my dream job, and then I couldn’t be a scientist and do what scientists do, and that’s publish with colleagues. Well, that’s the point at which I realized that for my scientific credibility, I had to leave the position I was in,” Holland said.

Keller and Grillot took issue with Holland’s report because they said that it advocated for specific policy changes. However, the only policy measures that Holland advocated was to ensure that important information about fracking and its effects were made available to the public.

Holland was told that the following passage in his article was “unacceptable“:

“Even if a network is owned and operated by industry, regulators must ensure that seismic data are not withheld from the public,” the report read. “Similarly, making injection data, such as daily injection rates, wellhead pressures, depth of the injection interval, and properties of the target formation, publicly accessible can be invaluable for attaining a better understanding of fluid-induced earthquakes. Open sharing of data can benefit all stakeholders, including industry, by enabling the research needed to develop more effective techniques for reducing the seismic hazard.”

Holland went through with publishing the report anyway, and although he did not receive a formal reprimand, his superiors were not pleased.

“Well, the president of the university expressed to me that I had complete academic freedom, but that as part of being an employee of the state survey, I also have a need to listen to the people within the oil and gas industry. So Harold Hamm expressed to me that I had to be careful of the way in which I say things, that hydraulic fracturing is critical to the state’s economy in Oklahoma, and that me publicly stating that earthquakes can be caused by hydraulic fracturing was — could be misleading, and that he was nervous about the war on fossil fuels at the time,” Holland said.

Holland also pointed out that while energy companies and environmentalists both contacted him and attempted to recruit him as a spokesperson for their cause, he did not feel directly threatened by them as he did by the bureaucratic structure within his own industry.

“I was navigating a difficult landscape, but I was not pressured by industry to change what I’m doing, I was pressured by staff. Now, I did — was pressured by Harold Hamm to change the way I spoke about [fracking] in public. And I did have people in the industry say, ‘Well, you can’t say that’ or ‘You can’t say this.’ But the ones that actually write the paycheck control what I say in the public eye and what I don’t,” Holland said.

It was also reported this week that the EPA approved dangerous fracking chemicals even though previous studies had shown that they had a significant negative impact on living creatures and ecosystems.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/officials-force-state-scientist-alter-findings-earthquake-fracking-link/

Two Key Findings that Show Us CIA Redacted Potential Smoking Gun from JFK Files


The U.S. government’s last-minute announcement that President Trump has chosen to only release some of the remaining classified documents on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, has raised the question of what the government is leaving out, and why.

Two of the most notable indications can be found in the latest trove of documents that was released Thursday night. One document detailed the deposition of former CIA Director Richard Helms, who was “called for examination by Counsel for Commission on CIA Activities” on April 23, 1975. The document ends with a crucial question from commission member David Belin.

“Well, now, the final area of my internal investigation relates to charges that the CIA was in some way conspiratorially involved with the assassination of President Kennedy,” Belin said. “During the time of the Warren Commission, you were Deputy Director of Plans, is that correct?”

“I believe so,” Helms replied.

“Is there any information involved with the assassination of President Kennedy, which in any way shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was in some way a CIA agent…” Belin asked.

The released documents end at this point, failing to answer one of the most asked questions in the entire JFK conspiracy.

While the newly released documents indicate that the FBI had contact with suspect Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting that killed Kennedy, this particular document does not include Helms’ answer on whether Oswald had any ties to the CIA. This raises questions about what was included in Helms’ answer that would have made the government keep it redacted for “national security” purposes.

In one document labeled “Top Secret,” the identification form claims that it includes a 33-page transcript from a hearing on July 17, 1975, with a testimony from Richard Bissell. The former CIA agent was appointed as the CIA’s Deputy Director of Plans in 1958, which reportedly gave him control over half of the CIA’s budget, and over the CIA’s Black Operations. Bissell’s chief focus was a plan to overthrow Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

The opening page of the document claims the transcript covers topics such as the attempt to overthrow Castro with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion; former CIA Director Allen Dulles and former President Eisenhower; the overthrow of Dominican Republic President Rafael Trujillo; the ZR/Rifle Project and CIA agent Arnold Silver; former CIA Director John A. McCone; Mafia boss Sam Giancana; CIA and FBI recruit Robert Maheu; and the Department of Justice.

The transcript of Bissell’s responses to questions on any of the topics listed above would be incredibly telling regarding the inner workings of the CIA and the events that led up to, and occurred after the assassination of President Kennedy. However, the document that was released consists of 3 pages, and only 1 page contains text from the transcript.

The only page of text contains questions for Bissell such as “Now, Mr. Bissell, we went over the notes in the other room, didn’t we?” to which Bissell responded, “Correct.” The topic of the page appears to be on the actions of Bill Harvey, a CIA agent who played a crucial role in Operation Mongoose, the agency’s attempt to overthrow Castro after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Mr. Schwarz: “All right. Now, in light of that document … does that have any effect upon your prior testimony that you had no reason to question Mr. Harvey’s statement at the occasion you asked him to set up the capability you said that the White House had twice urged you to do so?”

Mr. Bissell: “Yes. I think these dates do call that into question, because accepting these dates, which are Mr. Harvey’s own notations, it is clear that I had given him at least some exposure to that assignment at the end of January, just at the…”

The document ends there, leaving the public to wonder where the other 30 pages of the transcript are, why they were not released, and if they will ever be released in the future.

While the documents do not contain crucial answers to questions about the assassination of President Kennedy, they do include several ominous revelations about the CIA, showing that the agency openly funded terrorism and worked with the mafia to carry out various assassinations. WikiLeaks has offered a $100,000 reward for the full release of the documents.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/key-findings-redacted-jfk-files/

Nebraska State Patrol Head Fired; Probe Findings Sent to FBI


Gov. Pete Ricketts fired the head of the Nebraska State Patrol on Friday amid an internal review that was launched after officers were accused of changing their story about a crash that killed a South Dakota driver who was fleeing from a trooper.

The review found evidence that high-ranking patrol staffers interfered with the agency’s internal investigations, Ricketts said at a hastily called news conference.

Ricketts said he had fired Col. Brad Rice as the patrol’s superintendent and placed six other employees on paid administrative leave. He also said his administration turned over its findings to the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office. He declined to discuss in detail what the review found, citing the potential criminal investigation.

“We will not tolerate that breach of integrity in the Nebraska State Patrol or any of my organizations,” Ricketts said at a Capitol news conference.

Ricketts ordered a review of the patrol’s policies and procedures following criticism last week of how the agency handled an October crash that killed Antoine LaDeaux as the 33-year-old Pine Ridge, South Dakota, man was fleeing from a state trooper in Sheridan County, Nebraska.

State Sen. Ernie Chambers, of Omaha, called on Ricketts to fire Rice after the Omaha World-Herald reported allegations that state patrol officers changed their story about what caused the crash.

A trooper initially reported that he had bumped the fleeing vehicle in an attempt to safely end the chase, and the vehicle swerved off the road. LaDeaux was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene.

Later, state patrol officers said LaDeaux caused the crash by swerving into the patrol vehicle, which caused him to lose control. A grand jury eventually cleared the trooper, Tim Flick, of wrongdoing after the patrol presented jurors with both versions of what happened.

State Sen. Adam Morfeld, of Lincoln, called on lawmakers to conduct an independent investigation of the patrol.

“Nebraskans deserve and demand accountability and trust in our state’s top law enforcement agency,” he said.

Ricketts said he has appointed Maj. Russ Stanczyk as the patrol’s interim superintendent and will begin a search right away to find a permanent replacement.

The governor said he relieved Rice of his duties Friday morning after Jason Jackson, the state’s chief human resources officer, gave him the findings of an investigation that included personnel interviews and a review of use-of-force case reports. Jackson said he did not talk to Rice directly during his review.

“I rely on my directors to give me information,” Ricketts said. “In this case, (Rice) did not live up to my expectations.”

Ricketts declined to elaborate. Calls to a phone number listed as Rice’s rang unanswered.

Jackson’s review was supposed to have lasted several weeks, but Ricketts said the initial findings prompted him to act sooner.

Jackson said he is still reviewing the patrol’s policies and procedures to identify any additional problems. He said his review didn’t focus on the use-of-force incidents, but on how the patrol handled the internal investigations that followed.

“That’s where irregularities emerged,” he said.

One of the six officers placed on leave was Lt. Col. Thomas Schwarten, the patrol’s second in command, who normally would have been placed in charge in Rice’s absence. Jackson and Ricketts declined to identify the others, citing their due-process rights as state employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement.

Rice’s firing also follows a union survey of state troopers last week that found widespread dissatisfaction among rank-and-file employees with the agency’s management. Ricketts said the survey played no role in his decision to fire Rice.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com

Source Article from http://filmingcops.com/nebraska-state-patrol-head-fired-probe-findings-sent-fbi/