Bombshell Study – Federal Cannabis Prohibition Major Cause of Premature Death in U.S.

The mythology behind the War on Drugs has been dealt another blow in the form of a study finding that medical cannabis, if legal nationwide, would prevent 23,500 to 47,500 premature deaths every year.

While the DEA continues to claim cannabis has “no accepted medical use,” medical science has actually been making leaps and bounds in understanding the plant’s medicinal properties and applying them. This is why 29 U.S. states have legalized some form of medical cannabis.

The range of conditions cannabis can treat—thanks to its ability to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system and reduce inflammation—is significant to the health of the population as a whole, as this study demonstrates.

“Adverse effects of moderate Cannabis use on physical health are subtle and rarely fatal, while Cannabis use is associated with decreased rates of obesity, diabetes mellitus, mortality from traumatic brain injury, use of alcohol and prescription drugs, driving fatalities, and opioid overdose deaths…


“Marijuana use is estimated to reduce premature deaths from diabetes mellitus, cancer, and traumatic brain injury by 989 to 2,511 deaths for each 1% of the population using Cannabis.” This means “an estimated 23,500 to 47,500 deaths prevented annually if medical marijuana were legal nationwide.”

Cancer ranks among the top five leading causes of death, according to the CDC. Researchers say their analysis underestimates the real potential of nationwide medical cannabis, suggesting their estimation of preventable premature deaths would double if other causes such as “drunk driving, homicide, or fatal opioid overdose” were included.

We know from previous studies that opioid overdose deaths plummet in states with legal medical cannabis, and that cannabidiol (CBD) actually blocks the opioid reward in the brain—showing exactly how it treats addiction.

The authors make no bones about the logical conclusion of their study:

Cannabis use prevents thousands of premature deaths each year, and Cannabis prohibition is revealed as a major cause of premature death in the U.S.

This adds to the numerous ways in which the war on drugs is really a war on people. Prohibition prevents access to medicine, fuels mass incarceration, steals from innocent people through civil asset forfeiture, props up the black market, and denies billions in economic opportunity.

As the opioid epidemic rages, premature deaths from opioids are sure to increase with continued federal prohibition. Congress goes out of its way to suppress cannabis from having any role in solving opioid addiction. Lawmakers stripped out all mention of medical cannabis in the Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, not even allowing a simple study of its efficacy.

Veterans returning from war zones with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are continually denied medical cannabis by lawmakers and the Veterans Administration. In turn, those who fight overseas wars of aggression for politicians must become criminals to obtain the medicine they need where pharma meds fail.

Even small advances are always under the threat by drug war crusaders and Big Pharma shills. Just yesterday, the House blocked an amendment—in place since 2015—that prevents Dept. of Justice from cracking down on legal cannabis states. If the amendment fails in the House-Senate committee, rabid drug warrior Jeff Sessions will get the teeth he needs to wage war against legal weed states. Prohibitionist groups such as Smart Approaches to Marijuana are urging the feds to “systematically shut down” the cannabis industry.

The willful ignorance required by prohibitionists grows more astounding by the day. Maybe knowing that cannabis prohibition causes upwards of 40,000 premature deaths a year will cause at least a few to consider the facts, which lead to only one rational conclusion.

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Wisconsin Moves to Be First State Ever to Nullify Federal Cannabis Prohibition Through Legislation


Madison, WI – Yet another state is moving towards legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use. However, Wisconsin is going about it in a most Constitutional way. The state of Wisconsin introduced a bill last week that would effectively nullify the federal prohibition of marijuana in the state.

According to the 10th Amendment Center:

“Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) and 17 co-sponsors introduced Assembly Bill 482 (AB482) on Aug. 24. The legislation would legalize marijuana under a tax-and-regulate system enforced at the state level similar to alcohol. Under the proposed law, a Wisconsin resident who is at least 21 could legally possess no more than two ounces of marijuana and a nonresident of Wisconsin who is at least 21 could possess no more than one-quarter ounce of marijuana. The legislation would also create a licensing structure for the cultivation, processing and sale of marijuana. Additionally, the bill would create a process for medical marijuana use.”

“This bill is so much more than legalizing marijuana—it’s about legalizing opportunity and prosperity,” Rep. Sargent said. “The state budget was due two weeks ago, and Wisconsin simply can’t afford to wait any longer. We deserve a real plan to create new jobs and stimulate our lagging economy, and that’s what this bill is.”

If successful, the legislation would make Wisconsin the first state to legalize cannabis through a state legislative process, as every other state has utilized a ballot initiative to effectively nullify the federal prohibition.

State nullification of federal marijuana prohibition is completely constitutional, with the feds having little, if any, recourse to stop the process. Despite the federal contention that the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) gives the federal government authority to completely prohibit cannabis within a state’s borders, one need only ask themselves why a constitutional amendment was necessary to enact a nationwide prohibition on alcohol to clearly see the flimsy basis on which the federal prohibition of cannabis stands.

While federal prohibition would remain on the books, the passage of AB482 would remove the vast majority of laws prohibiting the use and possession of marijuana under which people are prosecuted by law enforcement in Wisconsin.

The reality is that law enforcement in Wisconsin makes approximately 99 of 100 marijuana arrests under state, not federal law, according to FBI statistics. By choosing to end the state prohibition of cannabis, Wisconsin can effectively eliminate the basis for 99 percent of arrests for cannabis.

It’s clear the federal government lacks the resources to prohibit marijuana without the assistance of state governments. Figures indicate that it would take 40 percent of the DEA’s annual budget to simply investigate and raid the dispensaries in just the city of Los Angeles—a single city in just one state.

If this legislation passes, Wisconsin will become the latest of a growing number of states that have chosen to nullify marijuana prohibition. However, it would be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the state legislature rather than the ballot initiative process.

Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and Alaska were the first states to usurp the federal probation of cannabis for recreational use, only to be joined by California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts after successful ballot initiatives to legalize cannabis last year.

Additionally, a total of 29 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico now allow for comprehensive public medical marijuana and cannabis programs, while recently approved efforts in 18 states allow use of “low THC, high cannabidiol (CBD)” products for medical reasons in limited situations or as a legal defense, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

With a majority of states now allowing cannabis for medical use as well, the federal government finds themselves in a position where they can no longer sustain the ability to enforce marijuana prohibition.

“The lesson here is pretty straight forward. When enough people say, ‘No!’ to the federal government, and enough states pass laws backing those people up, there’s not much the feds can do to shove their so-called laws, regulations or mandates down our throats,” Tenth Amendment Center founder and executive director Michael Boldin said.

Currently, AB482 is in the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. The legislation will need to pass by a majority vote before it can be considered by the full State Assembly.

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Wisconsin Bill Nullifies Federal Prohibition Of Cannabis

MADISON, Wisc. (Sept. 2, 2017) – A Wisconsin bill introduced last week would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Passage would take a big step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in practice in the Badger State.

Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) and 17 co-sponsors introduced Assembly Bill 482 (AB482) on Aug. 24. The legislation would legalize marijuana under a tax-and-regulate system enforced at the state level similar to alcohol.

Under the proposed law, a Wisconsin resident who is at least 21 could legally possess no more than two ounces of marijuana and a nonresident of Wisconsin who is at least 21 could possess no more than one-quarter ounce of marijuana. The legislation would also create a licensing structure for the cultivation, processing and sale of marijuana. Additionally, the bill would create a process for medical marijuana use.

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“This bill is so much more than legalizing marijuana—it’s about legalizing opportunity and prosperity,” Rep. Sargent said. “The state budget was due two weeks ago, and Wisconsin simply can’t afford to wait any longer. We deserve a real plan to create new jobs and stimulate our lagging economy, and that’s what this bill is.”

If AB482 is successful this year, Wisconsin would be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the state legislature rather than the ballot initiative process. Despite the federal prohibition on marijuana, measures such as AB482 remain perfectly constitutional, and the feds can do little if anything to stop them in practice.


Under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) passed in 1970 the federal government maintains complete prohibition of marijuana. Of course, the federal government lacks any constitutional authority to ban or regulate cannabis within the borders of a state, despite the opinion of the politically connected lawyers on the Supreme Court. If you doubt this, ask yourself why it took a constitutional amendment to institute federal alcohol prohibition.

This is how far greedy money makers went to scare people into corporate manufactured alternative phamcueticals.

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Legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin would remove a layer of laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana, but federal prohibition will remain on the books.

FBI statistics show that law enforcement makes approximately 99 of 100 marijuana arrests under state, not federal law. By mostly ending state prohibition, Wisconsin essentially sweeps away most of the basis for 99 percent of marijuana arrests.

Furthermore, figures indicate it would take 40 percent of the DEA’s yearly-budget just to investigate and raid all of the dispensaries in Los Angeles – a single city in a single state. That doesn’t include the cost of prosecution. The lesson? The feds lack the resources to enforce marijuana prohibition without state assistance.


Wisconsin could join a growing number that are simply ignoring federal prohibition, and nullifying it in practice. Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and Alaska were the first states to legalized recreational cannabis, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts joined them after ballot initiatives in favor of legalization passed last year.

With more than two-dozen states allowing cannabis for medical use as well, the feds find themselves in a position where they simply can’t enforce prohibition any more.

“The lesson here is pretty straight forward. When enough people say, ‘No!’ to the federal government, and enough states pass laws backing those people up, there’s not much the feds can do to shove their so-called laws, regulations or mandates down our throats,” Tenth Amendment Center founder and executive director Michael Boldin said.

Tenth Amendment Center

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Mainstream Media Finally Realizes the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank that Controls the Govt

federal reservefederal reserve

(ZH) — While the concept of ‘independence’ among the unelected central bank cognoscenti is as cute as the tooth fairy or santa claus, it is nevertheless defended by those on high as sacrosanct to our very democracy. That is until The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board finally had enough of Fed officials joining the ‘resistance’ against financial reform…

Via WSJ,

Janet Yellen didn’t run for President, but you wouldn’t know it from her policy démarche Friday at the Federal Reserve’s annual Jackson Hole retreat. The Fed Chair unleashed a defense of post-crisis financial regulation that shows how political the world’s central bankers have become.

“Already, for some, memories of this experience may be fading—memories of just how costly the financial crisis was and of why certain steps were taken in response,” Ms. Yellen said.

She added that regulatory changes “should be modest” and retain the superstructure built under Dodd-Frank.

Ms. Yellen’s comments followed a blunter recent warning from Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer, who told the Financial Times that “one can understand the political dynamics of this thing, but one cannot understand why grown, intelligent people” would “reach the conclusion that” you should “get rid of all the things you have put in place in the last 10 years.” Thank you, Senator Warren, er, Fischer.


This is extraordinary. Fed officials are launching a political campaign to retain their vast discretionary control over the American financial system. The brazenness of the effort shows how far afield central bankers have roamed from their traditional remit of monetary policy, which Ms. Yellen barely mentioned. You’d think she’d focus on that duty given that the Fed faces a watershed as soon as next month as it decides whether to begin rolling back the $4.5 trillion balance sheet it has amassed since the 2008 financial panic.

The size and scope of that balance sheet is itself a political intrusion because the Fed’s bond purchases are a form of credit allocation. The purchase of mortgage securities favors housing, while the Fed’s focus on long-duration bonds has been a deliberate attempt to push investors into riskier assets.

These decisions haven’t done much for the real economy, which has grown at a historically slow pace since the recession ended in June 2009. But the Fed has succeeded in lifting some asset prices, and no one knows what will happen to those prices once the Fed begins unwinding its portfolio. Perhaps it will all unfold without a hitch, but some very smart people aren’t as sanguine.

As for the stability of the financial system, Ms. Yellen and Mr. Fischer are at pains to assure us that, due to their efforts, all is well. “Banks are safer,” she says, thanks to capital and liquidity mandates and the wisdom of financial regulators. Oh, and “credit is available on good terms.”

But Ms. Yellen wasn’t nearly as optimistic about lending in the later Obama years. She often fretted that tight credit conditions were limiting growth, and the facts bear out that concern. Bank lending in the current expansion has trailed that of seven previous recoveries, and lending for small business has been especially slow. None of this is cause for Fed triumphalism.

Banks are safer, but they should be after eight years of modest expansion. The real test of financial stability comes in times of economic stress, when interest rates rise or investors get nervous and rush to safer assets. The system has already had one liquidity panic, in October 2014, when the yield on U.S. Treasurys moved some 40-basis points in a day.

You have to ignore history to believe that regulators are suddenly so wise that they know the current regulatory regime will prevent the next crisis. The Fed misjudged the economy in the mid-2000s and kept feeding easy credit that produced the housing bubble. Fed officials Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner then underestimated the financial risks in early 2008 when the stresses were already apparent.

That’s one reason to support a financial regime with high levels of capital to defend against potential losses but with less regulatory micro-managing. This is the trade-off that House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling has proposed, which contrasts with the lower capital and lower regulatory barriers that the Trump Administration seems to prefer.

This is the debate we should be having, but the Fed wants Americans to believe that Dodd-Frank is gospel and the only alternative is to return to pre-crisis policies. The irony is that Ms. Yellen is thus associating the Fed with the post-crisis status quo that has been splendid for Goldman Sachs and giant banks that have gained market share and can afford higher regulatory costs.

Ms. Yellen did concede that “there may be benefits to simplifying aspects of the Volcker rule” that limits propriety trading, which is the least she can do since the rule as written is more than 950 pages of text and explanation. But until she runs for public office, she and the Fed ought to stick to executing regulatory policy rather than trying to dictate it.

Ms. Yellen’s term as Fed chair expires early next year, and her Jackson Hole foray is a signal to President Trump about what he can expect if he reappoints her.

The Fed needs a leader who won’t bend to political pressure. But it also needs a leader who understands the limits of the Fed’s political role.

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Democrat Maxine Waters Indicted On 3 Counts Of Violating Federal Ethics Codes & Congressional Rules

Maxine Waters

The House ethics committee on Monday outlined its charges against Rep. Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock secure federal bailout funds.

The committee charged the 10-term California Democrat with three counts of violating House rules and the federal ethics code in connection with her effort to arrange a 2008 meeting between Treasury officials and representatives with OneUnited bank.

The panel said Waters, who sits on the Financial Services Committee, broke a House rule requiring members to behave in a way that reflects “creditably” on the chamber. The committee said that by trying to assist OneUnited, she stood to benefit directly, because her husband owned a sizable amount of stock that would have been “worthless” if the bank failed.

The committee also accused Waters of violating the “spirit” of a House rule prohibiting lawmakers from using their positions for financial gain, as well as a government ethics statute banning the dispensing of “special favors.”

Elijah Cummings Democrat
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Waters has vehemently denied wrongdoing and said she would rather defend herself at an ethics trial than admit to “something I did not do.”

In a motion to dismiss the charges, which the ethics panel has denied, Waters’s attorney, Stanley M. Brand, said the congresswoman had done nothing wrong.

“This committee asserts that Rep. Waters improperly used her position to ‘preserve her husband’s investment in OneUnited,’ ” he wrote. “Yet, after its exhaustive investigation, it cannot identify a single active step taken by Rep. Waters in furtherance of that goal.”

The release of the formal charges comes at a bad time for Democrats, as Waters is the second party lawmaker heading to a public trial after the August recess — with time running out before the November midterms. In late July, the House ethics committee charged Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) with 13 counts of breaking House rules and federal ethics statutes.

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Now, for the third straight week, as House lawmakers return from recess Tuesday to pass a $26 billion state aid package, Democratic leaders must watch their legislative agenda take a backseat to ethics scandals that Republicans already are using against them.

The ethics committee last week released a detailed report, by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), on Waters’s alleged wrongdoing in the OneUnited matter, but it did not outline the formal charges against her until Monday.

The panel’s investigative subcommittee, to buttress its case, released more information Monday about Waters’s involvement with OneUnited and a meeting she helped arrange between the National Bankers Association (NBA), a trade group of minority owned banks of which OneUnited is a member, and Treasury officials. Three of the four attendees NBA invited had ties to OneUnited, according to the OCE report.

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OneUnited asked for $50 million in assistance to cover expected losses from the collapse of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but Treasury lacked the authority to grant the request, the ethics committee said.According to the 10-page Statement of Alleged Violation, Waters “did not instruct” her chief of staff, Mikael Moore, to stop assisting OneUnited after she told Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) she would halt her outreach.

In early September, Frank had warned Waters against getting involved because of her husband’s ties, telling her he would handle all contact on behalf of the bank, according to the report, even before he knew about her husband’s OneUnited stock. It is unclear when Frank learned about his holdings.

But Moore, who is Waters’s grandson, contacted OneUnited executives in late September, sending them publicly available draft legislation of a broad Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bill that would have permitted Treasury to buy certain assets of banks.

OneUnited CEO Kevin Cohee and OneUnited senior counsel Robert Cooper exchanged several e-mails with Moore that September. In one, Cooper wrote: “Thank you for all your hard work!”

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In October, the legislation authorizing the TARP contained language intended to apply to OneUnited, according to Frank. The bank eventually applied for TARP funds and received $12 million in December.

The ethics committee valued Williams’s stock holdings at over $350,000 at the end of 2007, between 4.6 and 15.2 percent of the couple’s net worth, according to Waters’s financial disclosure reports. By the end of September 2008, the stock’s value plummeted more than 50 percent, to $175,000, because of the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“If OneUnited failed, [Waters’s] husband’s investment would have been worthless,” the subcommittee wrote.

The panel also reported that Cohee had previously hosted a fundraiser for Waters at his home and that he and his wife contributed to her campaign on “numerous occasions.”

The investigative subcommittee denied two motions filed by Waters: one to provide further clarification of the charges against her and another to dismiss the case.

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The fact that her grandson handled the OneUnited matter for her raises even more ethics concerns, watchdogs argue. House rules bar members from hiring for their congressional offices nearly anyone with a family relationship, though not grandchildren.

“Congress has anti-nepotism rules, which sadly don’t rule out members from hiring their grandchildren,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Public Citizen’s Craig Holman said, “The family and the business relationship is just so close — it defies credibility that he would be acting on his own without her knowledge.”

Waters plans a vigorous defense this week. Her attorneys previously have argued that Moore acted without her knowledge and compared her office’s activities to those of Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), whom the committee exonerated last year.

Graves had invited a business partner of his wife’s to testify before a committee. The hearing covered the industry in which the witness and Graves’s wife were investors, and he failed to disclose the relationship at the hearing.

The Hill

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Federal land grab was completely illegal: The case for pardoning the Bundys and their supporters

Last week a Nevada jury dealt another blow to the government’s case against participants in an armed uprising against federal agents three years ago involving the family of rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters.

The jury acquitted two men, Richard Lovelien and Steven Stewart, of all 10 charges against them, and two others, Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler, on most counts. The jury deadlocked on the remaining charges against Parker and Drexler, and then Judge Gloria Navarro an appointee of President Obama hand- picked by Harry Reid, declared a mistrial.

Navarro’s conduct in the case and her efforts to cook the results of the next trial by denying the defendants any real defense. Navarro knows that no matter how outrageous her conduct the X circuit, the most politically activist liberal would be unable to overturn her rulings and all the Bundy defendants will have died in prison before the US Supreme Court could hear this case.

This recent result was despite a concerted effort by Judge Gloria Navarro to deny the due-process rights of the defendants. Navarro has refused to release the Bundy’s and their supporters including journalist Pete Santilli under pre-trial release even none have prior criminal records, leaving them to languish in a squalid Nevada for 18 months and has ordered that they remain shackled during their trial. Navarro has denied the Bundy’s attorneys the right to mount a First, Second or Fourth Amendment defense. She also refused to let jurors hear a BLM radio transmission which features the order to attack the Bundy ranch and refused to allow final arguments by the defendant’s attorneys.

This was the second trial for the four men, who had been accused of conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer, among other charges. A jury in April deadlocked on all charges against them.

Now, incredibly the Government has announced its intention to try Parker and Drexler a third time! Thirty days after the third “re-trial” of Parker & Drexler the next set of Bundy Ranch Defendants will have their trial, including Cliven Bundy, his sons, and journalist Pete Santilli whose only crime seems to be his coverage of the dispute as a news story. Six other accused, which include two other sons of Clive Bundy, are awaiting trial sometime in 2018.

The four were in Bunkerville, Nevada in April 2014, when rancher Cliven Bundy and his sons rallied armed militia and other supporters to face off against agents with the federal Bureau of Land Management who had come to impound Bundy’s cattle.

The Bundys’ fight against the federal government began decades earlier as a dispute over grazing land for the family’s cattle.

To understand this case and why the Department of Justice is determined to deny the Bundys and their supporters their right to a fair and speedy trial it is necessary to dig deeper into the situation and the involvement of Sen. Harry Reid.

The Bundy Family has been on their family land in the Gold Butte area of Nevada since 1877.  This is long before the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ever existed. When the BLM started changing laws by fiat, many, including the Bundy Family, accused the Feds of overtaking state sovereignty.

One such created law forbids cattle from grazing on Federal land in the name of protecting an endangered tortoise. Bundy Family and friends claim that this is preposterous, and nothing but a display of Federal government gone bad. All of their attempts to redress their grievances with the Government were rebuffed or ignored outright.  The Bundy family continued to disagree and refused to comply, being suspicious of the Feds motives.

Although the facts are still unclear, many analysts are claiming that the Public Lands on which Bundy’s cattle grazed are not only heavy in mineral deposits but are also set to become an oil and gas fracking project.  Gold Butte area was used for exploratory energy drilling and could hold untapped energy sources. The BLM already has a track record of auctioning fracking leasing rights to energy companies. While it might be about oil, one thing is clear, it is definitely about solar. Senator Harry Reid (D Nev.) was involved in an expansion of a solar power project that needed the Gold Butte area to deploy more solar panels (and therefore had to remove Bundy’s cattle by force).

The original stated intent of the BLM and associates was to close off the federal land from the Bundy Ranch and remove the trespassing cattle, not to launch an all-out assault on the ranch in Waco fashion.

Longtime Reid policy adviser Kornze was confirmed by the Senate as BLM director (formerly its principal deputy director) on April 8, 2014, just a few days before federal authorities were descending on the cattle ranch. Coincidence?

In a March 14, 2014 press release, the BLM announced support for “the Western Solar Energy Plan, a two-year planning effort conducted on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy to expand domestic energy production and spur development of solar energy on public lands in six western states.”  While this press release can be found easily on the Internet, it has been conspicuously removed.  The agency clearly wanted Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations.

Erasing history is a BLM hallmark.  BLM had also posted on its website a document stating that the agency wanted Bundy’s cattle off the land as part of a mitigation strategy for such solar panel power stations. BLM removed it when the standoff became national news.

“Non-governmental organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle,” (Bundy’s) the document states.

The BLM wanted Cliven Bundy out of the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area so the agency could use the land for future solar projects, including one represented by Reid’s son Rory (ENN Energy Group via Chinese government).

Reid has been accused by ranchers in Nevada of using the BLM to control Nevada land, over 84 percent of which is already owned by the federal government.  He also uses this power to pay back special interests, including his top donor, Harry Whittemore, who first urged Reid to have the habitat of the desert tortoise moved.  That was before he was convicted of violating federal election laws by illegally funneling $150,000 to Reid’s 2007 re-election campaign.

Harry Reid can be seen in a March 2014 photo breaking ground for a new solar farm near the Bundy Ranch, emphasizing that the senator’s plan for solar projects in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved solar farm near Laughlin. About 35 miles from the Bundy homestead in Bunkerville, Nevada, Sen. Reid joined representatives from the Moapa Band of Paiutes, executives from First Solar, Inc. and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for the groundbreaking ceremony on March 21. “First Solar is thrilled to celebrate this important milestone with Sen. Reid and distinguished guests, and honored to work with the Moapa Band of Paiutes on this landmark project,” Jim Hughes, the CEO of First Solar.

Concerns about the environment and ecology of the federal lands in question were conveniently missing when the land was opened up for Harry Reid’s pet projects with Chinese businesses. This evidence is damning; it shows government collusion between Senator Harry Reid and his former senior advisor who had become the director of the BLM, as well as Reid’s son Rory Reid, the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm that was planning to build a $5 billion solar plant on public land in Nevada.

It is estimated that it would cost around $3 million to round up all 900 of Bundy’s cattle, enough money to have kept the tortoise conservation open another three years. It’s clear the Federal Government was not being honest about their methods and intentions. Either way, they had no business infringing on the rights of the Bundy family in the name of protecting turtles.

As far as the turtles go, later it turns out that the BLM was about to euthanize several hundred of these tortoises in part because of a lack of funding for the conservation (remember that $3 million allocated to the round-up?), and many were actually euthanized by US Fish and Wild Life.  An interesting side note, recent research has suggested that there is a direct correlation between the number of cattle and the number of tortoises, and an elimination of cattle has a direct negative impact on the turtle population.  The tortoises seem to need the cattle!

Because the Bundy Family were one of the last hold-outs, as many of their neighbors had already been forced out of the cattle business, they were subjected to their cattle being rounded up in retaliation for unpaid ‘grazing fees.’

Feds began rounding up cattle with the excuse they were protecting the endangered desert tortoise.  They were not gentle about it either, literally running the cattle to death.

The Feds were illegally and purposefully killing cattle off in the raid, using backhoes to bury some in shallow graves, and load other carcasses onto dump trucks. When the Bundy Family and supporters investigate the whereabouts of their cattle and what was happening to them, the BLM respond by assaulting a cancer patient (Margaret Houston), unleashing attack dogs on protesters, and tazed Ammon Bundy multiple times.

Cliven Bundy then called on the sheriff to start arresting BLM agents for trespassing and theft.  While sympathetic, the sheriff was unable to stop the confrontations.

People started to notice, and people voiced their support for the Bundy Family, many in person. When Bundy started gaining even wider-spread support, the Feds erected ‘free-speech’ zones.

After Bundy’s ‘violated’ their zone to film the round-up, the BLM blared loudspeaker warnings, and four snipers pointed guns at them.  When Dave Bundy didn’t comply, the Feds sicced at a vicious police dog on him and had him arrested.

In order to hide their doings, the government declares a ‘no-fly’ zone over the ranch to prevent embarrassing footage from the media showing the ‘bovine concentration camp’ where large numbers of cattle are being stuffed into small enclosures. The Feds also create mass burial graves of those cattle unable to survive the stressful ordeal of being ‘herded’ by a low flying helicopter.

Cliven Bundy, having had enough, makes the claim that he is prepared to become a martyr to protect liberty and freedom vs. Government ‘tyranny.’

More and more Americans become outraged and gather in support. Patriot and militia groups arrive to protect the peace.

The Governor of Nevada orders that the ‘free-speech’ zones be dismantled, and warns BLM about their ‘atmosphere of intimidation,’ and recommends BLM reconsider its approach on the constitutional rights of Nevadans.

BLM officials agreed to cease their operation to seize Bundy’s cattle after a massive public backlash. Bundy then demanded that Sheriff Douglas Gillespie disarm BLM officials and return his stolen cows. When this didn’t happen, hundreds of Bundy supporters, including cowboys on horseback, descended on a nearby cattle pen outside of Mesquite where the seized cows were being held.

In a tense standoff, armed BLM feds, backed up by at least one SWAT team, threatened to shoot at Bundy supporters if they marched any closer to a line of vehicles. Refusing to back down, the protesters marched straight past the armed men and towards the cattle pen.

Supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute

According to Piute County commissioner Darin Bushman: I was just told by commissioner Collins of Clark County NV that all of us folks from Utah are a bunch of “inbred bastards” and if we are coming to Clark County NV to support Cliven Bundy we all “better have funeral plans”. We should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”.  Classy leadership for all to see.

Cliven Bundy later claims that he would have been happy to pay ‘grazing-fees,’ as long as it went to the state of Nevada and benefit the local community. But not to the unaccountable Federal government who had been illegally harassing them for years.

If the Federal government were truly concerned about the welfare of the turtles, they would have stopped the development in Southern Las Vegas, not Bundy’s grazing cattle.

Never in the history of America has the government called out snipers, helicopters, assault troops and restricted air space to save any animal… not even the American Bald Eagle, much less a reptile. The U.S. government treated the Bundy Ranch like a Middle-Eastern war zone.

Harry Reid and those against the Bundy Family begin to refer to them and their supporters as ‘domestic terrorists.’

Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land, over 84% of which is owned by the federal government.  The reason he wants this control is to pay back special interests.

BLM has proven that they have a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development. Clearly these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area.

The development of solar farms just like this one is exactly why Sen. Reid was using the BLM, whose director is Reid’s former senior advisor, to push Bundy out of the Gold Butte area.

The simple fact is the feds were using the Bureau of Land Management to bully and intimidate ranchers like Bundy, pushing them off public land in order to pave the way for lucrative “green energy” projects backed by the Communist Chinese government and linked to Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

FOX Legal Analyst Judge Napolitano said the feds were forced to back down because they had suffered a public relations nightmare, pointing out that Bundy lost his case in a federal court but that the case should have been tried in a state court. “The federal judiciary should not be deciding what land the federal government owns,” said Napolitano, adding that the feds should have placed a lien against Bundy’s property to collect grazing fees and not conducted a raid backed up by armed agents to seize his private property.

“The government’s option is to take the amount of money he owes them and docket it, that is, file the lien on his property….the federal government could have done that, instead they wanted this show of force,” said Napolitano, adding, “They swooped in….with assault rifles aimed and ready and stole this guy’s property, they stole his cattle, they didn’t have the right to do that, that’s theft and they didn’t have the right to do that, that’s theft and they should have been arrested by state officials”

Instead of doing the right thing, Federal judges, prosecutors, investigators, and more have all done the wrong thing.  At each opportunity where the situation could have been de-escalated, it was instead escalated.

There can be no more clear and egregious overreach of Federal power than is being demonstrated in the case of the Bundy Family. The third retrial of Parker and Drexler requires the written approval of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Incredibly, Sessions visited Nevada during the first trial and blurted out praise of the prosecutors oblivious to the fact that such public comment by the highest law enforcement official in the nation tainted the trial and could have been grounds for dismissal.

I have called upon US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to call Judge Navarro to hearings to explain her denial of the due process for the Bundy Ranch defendants. No person, not even Reid stooge Navarro is above the law.

On July 15th I called upon President Donald J. Trump to review the actions of both the BLM and the Department of Justice in this case and to use his pardon authority to end this travesty and immediately release all of the Bundy Family members as well as their supporters who have been locked-up by an out-of-control Federal government that seeks to intimidate and subjugate through the abuse of brute force. I appeal again to the President for mercy and justice.

Via Infowars

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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Peter Schiff Slams The Stock Market, Federal Reserve, And Bitcoin: That Is ~ Bookie’s Digits On A Spreadsheet

While the crypto-currency is promoted as anti-elite and a rare opportunity for the little guy to create some real wealth, Robinson says the Bitcoin scam is actually being peddled by the elite to pull the people away from real money and real wealth. Your News Wire

  1. Bitcoin With Click Of A Mouse You Could Be Without: Contrary To The Hype, Bitcoin Is Centrally Controlled
  2. 12 Critical Events To Happen Over The 40 Day Period Of August 21st To September 30th

What happens when new currency [counterfeit = unbacked Foreign Federal Reserve Note] is created with few limits by central banks and commercial banks?


Far too much debt and currency are created.

Central Bank Balance Sheets have increased by $10 trillion in the last decade and $1 trillion YTD in 2017.

What happens when an extra $10 trillion in central bank debt plus another $80 trillion or so in other global debt is created in a decade?


Prices rise because each fiat currency unit purchases less.

Market                           early 2007                             early 2017

NASDAQ Composite            2,400                                        6,000

S&P 500 Index                      1,400                                        2,370

T-Bond                                     110                                            150

Gold                                         700                                         1,250

Silver                                         13                                              18

Crude Oil                                  60                                              50

Paper Silver Manipulations linked by Bank Cabal Shysters To Physical Silver & Gold So As To Buoy Up Foreign Federal Reserve’s Exploitation Of Their Dollar

The debt creation “money hose” levitated the NASDAQ and other stock markets, the bond market, and most commodities. Crude Oil, like gold and silver, rallied much higher and then crashed.

In the U.S. the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ appear healthy while the economy, employment, and middle class limp along. Many pension funds, after nearly a decade of levitated stock market returns and repressed interest rates, look like a train wreck in the next decade.

Are we close to a blast that will explode our financial world?


It hardly matters what the fuse will be, but a few come to mind

  1. Escalating war in Syria, Middle-East, and/or North Korea.
  2. Government shut-down and loss of confidence in the administration and congress.
  3. Derivative crisis, similar to 2008 meltdown.
  4. Collapse of the Euro and EU.
  5. German or Italian banks implode.
  6. Global dollar crash and rise of the SDR as the new “trading currency.”
  7. Federal Reserve revival of Quantitative Easing and more aggressive dollar devaluations.

Middle Class Tears ~ Bamboozled By Deep State Banking System

Regardless of which “snowflake” (The James Rickards example) causes the avalanche, there is an avalanche in our future, whether it is an overdue stock market crash, on-going bond market crash, another massive QE program to levitate markets that leads to a crash in the dollar, wars in Syria, North Korea, or wherever the [Deceiving Murderous] powers-that-be choose for 2017-2018. Read “Neocons Have Trump on His Knees.”

  1. The Deep Hate Of The Deep State: Power Rests In The Hands Of The Public

John P. Hussman, Ph.D. Stalling Engines: The Outlook for U.S. Economic Growth

“… we expect S&P 500 annual nominal total returns to average just 0.6% over the coming 12-year period, even if underlying economic growth accelerates to historically normal rates.”

Margin Debt:

Margin debt looks dangerously high, similar to conditions before the 2000 crash and 2008 crash.

Mish on Margin Debt:

Wolf Richter: Stock Markets Sit Blithely on a Powerful Time Bomb

What about the flamboyant NASDAQ? (Log Scale)

The monthly chart shows 25 years of speculation and crash behavior.

The NASDAQ looks toppy. Watch out below …

The weekly NASDAQ Composite has accelerated higher – from about 4,600 to 6,000 in ten months.

Look out below.

The daily and weekly charts show upward acceleration and increasingly steep support lines. Markets can accelerate higher for only so long before they either correct or crash.

Gaming The System

But we are told the [foreign] Fed and President Trump will make everything great again, the [foreign] Fed will buy stocks and print dollars as needed to inflate the bubble etc. etc. etc.


Example: “We’re Seeing a Healthy Pause Now, Higher Markets Later This Year.”

Contrary to the Happy Talk from the [corporate] media


Sovereign Man: Charles Schwab “announced that the number of new brokerage accounts soared 44% during the first quarter of 2017… the fastest pace in 17 years.” (since the dot-com bust)

Graham Summers:Stocks Just Triggered a Rare Weekly Sell Signal

Paul Tudor Jones Has a Message for Janet Yellen: ‘Be Terrified’

“…years of low interest rates have bloated stock valuations to a level not seen since 2000, right before the Nasdaq tumbled 75% over two-plus years.”

James Rickards: Markets Are Set Up for a Fall

“Once the stock market surveys this landscape of higher rates, slower growth, possible recession and government shutdown, it has nowhere to go but down.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My opinion:

The NASDAQ is primed for a major correction. Other indexes will follow. In response, global central banks will print currencies, levitate markets, buy stocks, extend and pretend, and buy time … making the inevitable crash more devastating.

All-time highs in stocks, escalating war news, Italian banks, French politics, Syria, North Korea, Deutsche Bank, blaming Russia, and a dozen other danger zones suggest caution, encourage gold and silver purchases, and create skepticism regarding [corporate] media “happy-talk.”

Timing a top is difficult given manipulated markets, contrived politics and managed news, but April and May of 2017 look like a time for caution, reduction in stock portfolios, and insurance in the form of gold and silver bullion safely stored outside the banking system.

The Deviant Investor

News Abides

Related News:

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San Francisco a "sanctuary city," takes DOJ to court in showdown over federal grants


San Francisco, a “sanctuary city,” stands to lose $1.5 million in police-related federal funding, but now the city and California are suing the US Department of Justice over this rule. Some $500,000 of the funding is distributed by the federal government.

On Monday, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera slapped the US Department of Justice with the lawsuit.

Sanctuary cities, a generic term for cities not taking up federal immigration enforcement responsibilities, have been threatened with funding freezes by the DOJ. The Justice Department has warned that the federal government will withhold grant money for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Program, which subsidizes police equipment and vehicles as well as community and social programs.

The DOJ specifically requests sanctuary cities allow federal immigration officials to enter their jails in order to pursue the interrogation of suspects. Cities must also provide federal officials with 48 hours notice in the case of an impending release of a prisoner who is being sought for questioning.

City Attorney Herrera and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra also announced Monday that the state would file a lawsuit over the same issue.

This makes California the first state to sue the federal government over the grants.

The Byrne grant, cited in the lawsuit, guarantees money to cities that want to buy new police vehicles or fund public safety efforts, which include jail diversion initiatives, social work services and adult alternative courts.

“We abide by federal law, we respect the Constitution. The federal government should do the same,” Becerra said at a Monday morning news conference at San Francisco City Hall, the Chronicle reported.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions disagrees with this sentiment on sanctuary cities and announced last month that the DOJ will withhold the Byrne grant from sanctuary cities unless they cooperate closely with federal immigration officers.

“So-called sanctuary policies make all of us less safe because they intentionally undermine our laws and protect illegal aliens who have committed crimes,” Sessions said in late July, according to a DOJ press release. “These policies also encourage illegal immigration and even human trafficking by perpetuating the lie that in certain cities, illegal aliens can live outside the law.”

However, Herrera called the Trump administration’s attempts to make sanctuary cities comply with federal officials “an end-run around the Constitution.”

He continued, “It’s a low blow to our men and women who wear the badge, for the federal government to threaten their crime-fighting resources in order to force them to do the work of the federal government when it comes to immigration enforcement,”according to the Los Angeles Times.

“The Department of Justice,” he stated, “does not have authority from Congress to impose these conditions (on the grants), and for good reason.”

The city of Chicago filed a similar suit against the DOJ for threatening to withhold the Byrne grant money last week in US District Court.

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