Cops Brag About Arrests & Killing Dogs on Facebook Live, Both Fired as a Result

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Two police officers in Mississippi fell victim to their own words, as the pair were fired bragging about shooting a barking dog dead, along with picking a random driver to pull over and ticket. According to reports, the two officers live-streamed their day via Facebook Live and started off with a convo that led into their admissions. The video of the stream was sent to the police and ultimately led to them being fired. In the video, the cops can be seen holding a conversation by a lake, that eventually progresses to being grim and dark.

One officer spoke on his “ass whoopin’ gloves” that he uses to brutalize people, while another officer can be heard saying “Man we shot the sh*t out of somebody’s dog. It ran to him, ruff ruff ruff, pow pow pow pow, like damn, Shots fired! Shots fired!” From there, one part of the video shows the officers itching for the moment to pull over a driver, with one of the officers saying “I wanna pull somebody over!” very excitedly. Further along in the video, one of the cops asked viewers to give more “hearts” to the live feed. He noted that if the viewers stopped liking the video, he would turn it off. Shortly after saying that, the officer killed the feed.

The officers’ police chief Andre Loyd noted that he had not seen the video yet. When asked about it, Loyd said “‘I haven’t seen the video yet. right now, we’re investigating it through my internal affairs. As soon as they come through with their findings we’ll take care of that situation.”

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Police Officer Resigns After Posting Racist Meme On Facebook

laytonA Layton City Police officer has resigned after posting an offensive meme on a prominent member of the NAACP’s Facebook page.

The Layton City Police Department said in a statement released Friday that the employee wrote a response on one of Bishop Talbert Swan’s posts “consisting of a meme, adding language that was clearly in violation of Layton City standard.”

The meme was posted in response to an article Swan had posted and began “WE WUZ KANGZ.”

The image appears to depict three black men performing a ritual on two white men’s genitals. It’s followed up with the statement, “No, you were [expletive] washers,” the expletive referring to male genitals.

2News censored the image below to remove offensive language and imagery.

The department determined the post came from one of its officers and put the officer on leave while it investigated. The department said he was cooperative with the investigation and eventually resigned. The investigation is now closed.

On June 9, Bishop Swan publicly posted on his personal Facebook page thanking Layton Police for their prompt response.

Cop who posted #Racist meme on my page resigned today. He anticipated being terminated on Monday. I commend Chief Allen Swanson and the Layton Utah Police Department for their professionalism, swift action, and intolerance for such despicable behavior. #StayWoke

Swan is a pastor, activist, author, radio talk show host and President of the Springfield, Massachusetts, NAACP chapter, according to his Facebook page. The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.

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A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering

MIKE ADAMS–With now purchasing Whole Foods, giving it a near-monopoly over multiple sectors of the U.S. economy, we are entering the age of corporate giants dominating and enslaving humankind. Apple has more debt-free cash than nearly all world governments, including the United States of America (which is drowning in debt). Google has a near-monopoly over all search results, a position of power it exploits to silence dissenting views and disconnect humanity from important knowledge. And Facebook suppresses all truthful information that challenges the false narratives of the globalists. Corporations like these abuse their power to enslave humanity rather than setting us free.

At the dawn of the invention of television, the technology was hailed as a way to bring uplifting education to every corner of the globe. It didn’t take long, however, before broadcast television was turned into a means to control the masses through the dissemination of fake news — which has been going on forever — and the programming of consumers to purchase branded products often made with toxic ingredients. The dream of turning TV technology into a mechanism to set humanity free was quickly crushed, and today it is widely known that the more hours people spend watching TV, the more unintelligent and unaware they are. (Do you know any intelligent, self-aware, healthy person who watches TV at all?)

Similarly, the internet was once hailed as a means to set humanity free. But that dream, too, has been crushed under the extreme censorship and obfuscation of internet-intensive businesses like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Here are just a few examples:

  • Google censors nearly all REAL news publishers from Google News, making sure that only FAKE (mainstream) media achieves visibility so that fake media narratives dominate public attention. Those fake narratives include everything from the collapse of WTC 7 from “office fires” to the pharmaceutical industry’s ridiculously false claim that vaccines have never harmed any child in the history of the world. For all the same reasons, Google also algorithmically suppresses websites it doesn’t like, including independent news publishers covering investigative stories on vaccines, GMOs and the climate change science hoax. Far from setting humanity free to find what they want on the internet, Google covertly limits search results to primarily those content sites that agree with globalist narratives, all of which are anti-human and anti-progress. Google is also pro-Big Pharma and bans the advertising of natural supplement products that help people prevent disease and reduce suffering.
  • Facebook follows a similar algorithmic censorship track, penalizing websites that dare talk about children being harmed by vaccines, science corruption in the genetic engineering industry, the dangers of pesticides or the scientifically validated benefits of carbon dioxide to planet Earth. Facebook manually assigns penalty scores to entire websites, crushing their reach and making sure their content can’t even reach fans who have deliberately “liked” the site and want to receive its information. Mark Zuckerberg, the grandson of a Rockefeller, is being groomed for a position of globalist domination and says he might run for president. He’s already obediently spouting every official lie that Hillary Clinton repeated on the campaign trail in 2016.
  •, founded by evil globalist Jeff Bezos, uses its marketplace dominance to promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry while suppressing natural medicine. Did you know that Amazon is getting into the prescription drug business in the hopes of putting local pharmacies out of business? The company also bans FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) activities with many nutritional supplements and botanical extracts that can prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Now that Amazon is purchasing Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos is likely going to use the same pro-pharma stance to try to transform Whole Foods stores into prescription drug pharmacy locations while eliminating most of Whole Foods’ staff by replacing them with robots.
  • Amazon has already pioneered robot-staffed retail stores and has also developed a way to eliminate human cashiers by using RFID tracking of all customers and the items they pick off the shelves. Whole Foods workers are already freaking out, realizing they’re going to be replaced by robots and drones. In effect, Jeff Bezos will promote mass unemployment, mass drug addiction, the censorship of natural products and centralized control over retailing. All of this makes Jeff Bezos richer and more powerful, but it also destroys human dignity, human health and human knowledge. (For people like Jeff Bezos, selling opioids is a great business model because people keep buying them over and over again… the impact on society be damned!)

Evil corporations, evil globalists and evil agendas

What do all these evil corporations and globalist leaders have in common? They are all enemies of humanity:

  • They all promote toxic vaccines that are right now killing over 1,400 children a year in the U.S. alone, injuring another 100,000 plus annually.
  • They all promote Big Pharma’s toxic medications that earn high profits.
  • They all suppress natural medicine, medicinal herbs and cannabinoids (CBD).
  • They all supported Hillary Clinton and promote Democrats, the DNC and big government. They all hated Trump just like they hate America, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.
  • They all promote Monsanto, GMOs, glyphosate and pesticide chemicals as being “good for humanity.” They all claim to be “pro environment” even while supporting the corporations that poison our world with toxic chemicals that kill life and devastate ecosystems.
  • They all believe in censorship and suppression as a way to shore up their power and silence dissent.
  • They all put profits first and humanity last. To them, human beings are just “useless idiots” to be manipulated or exploited for profit. If Jeff Bezos could fire every single Whole Foods worker right now and replace them all with robots, he would absolutely do so.
  • They all believe the ends justify the means, which is why Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post feels justified in completely fabricating “anonymous sources” to publish fake news in an attempt to overthrow the American Republic.
  • They all despise diversity of thought and demand absolute conformity and obedience to left-wing narratives covering everything from LGBT issues to the elimination of gun rights. Diversity of opinion is not allowed. Conformity is mandatory.

In effect, these corporations are pure evil. They are run by evil globalists and they ally themselves with other evil corporations that poison our planet, enslave humanity and seek to deprive us all of basic human liberty and dignity.

You’re not helpless: Here’s what you can do to protect your power, your liberty and your future

All these evil corporations depend on one thing to remain in business: Compliant consumers.

If people stop financially supporting these evil corporations, they will cease to exist. The only reason they continue to grow right now is because people continue to feed them economic resources.

Until now, many people had not been fully aware of just how evil these corporations truly are. They had no idea they were about to be enslaved and overrun by Google, Amazon, Facebook and other similar corporate entities. Suddenly, however, it’s becoming obvious to even those who previously decried such warnings as “conspiracy theories.” Suddenly even Whole Foods workers are waking up, flipping out and realizing they are all about to be made obsolete by the Jeff Bezos robot apocalypse. From Reuters:

“I’ve heard that Amazon’s culture is really cutthroat. That worries me,” one bagger at a Providence, Rhode Island, store said.

At least one customer was concerned that an Amazon purchase would further distance Whole Foods from its roots as a purveyor of premium, organic and specialty foods.

…”I think that they are a very profit-driven company, so there might be some streamlining as far as labor,” said Sasha Hardin, 28, of the Mount Pleasant store, who has been with Whole Foods for 6-1/2 years.

Here are some action items you can take right now to stop feeding these corporate monsters that are destroying our collective future:

  1. Stop using Google. Find alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo. For searching news and the independent media, use or read each day, which aggregates headlines from the internet’s most censored indy news sites.
  2. Stop using Facebook. Why would you divulge all the details of your private life to an NSA data collection front anyway? Facebook is nothing but a massive social network spy machine that ruins your life and makes you feel disconnected and depressed. Check out instead.
  3. Stop shopping at and Whole Foods. Support local retailers and local grocers, or you’ll soon find them all out of business. If you don’t consciously decide to start shopping at other retailers, you’re going to wake up one day in a world totally dominated by Amazon, where natural health products are banned and prescription drugs are pushed for everything. For lab-verified natural health products, support the Health Ranger Store. For fresh produce, grow your own food or support your local grocers that provide organic and non-GMO options.
  4. Make conscious choices about where you spend your money, knowing that every dollar you spend is a “vote” for that organization. Globalist organizations like Google, Amazon and Facebook are all about enslaving humanity and stripping you of knowledge, dignity and health. Vote for the kind of companies who share your belief in natural medicine, empowering individuals, decentralizing political power (returning power to local communities) and halting the mass poisoning of our world with pesticides and GMOs.

The power is in your hands.

P.S. On a personal note, I’m ready to pre-announce a massive expansion to the Health Ranger Store warehouse and fulfillment center in Texas which will be completed at the end of this year. I’m going to post a survey where you can tell us what sort of products you want us to carry and ship. Because we’ll have so much warehouse space available, we’re going to substantially expand our product offerings so that you have an ethical choice of where to buy those products. Watch for a story + survey to be posted soon on Natural News. Although we’ll never be able to compete with the sheer scale of Amazon — nor its free Prime shipping — we aim to bring you a real alternative to and Whole Foods for the non-perishable products you want the most.

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Facebook ‘revealed names of counter-terrorism moderators to suspected extremists’

The man, an Iraqi-born Irish citizen in his 20s, was working on Facebook’s counter-terrorism team in Dublin, Ireland. As an Arabic speaker, he was part of a 40-strong team responsible for monitoring and removing content that breached the social media giant’s terms of service.

Speaking to the Guardian, the unnamed man said: “[When] you have people like that knowing your family name you know that people get butchered for that.

“The punishment from IS [Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL] for working in counter-terrorism is beheading.”

The lapse was discovered in November last year, when a bug in the software was found to put the personal information of moderators in the activity log of the Facebook groups targeted for breaching the terms of service. In groups whose administrators had been removed, the remaining admins were free to view the moderators’ details.

The man, who came to Ireland as an asylum seeker, left the country for Eastern Europe after learning that his profile had been viewed by an Egypt-based group he’d removed over its support of Hamas and Islamic State.

“It was getting too dangerous to stay in Dublin,” he said.

The Guardian reports that more than 1,000 moderators across 22 different departments have potentially had their personal profiles viewed by posters removed from the network. Moderators reportedly first suspected the breach when they began to receive friend requests from the people associated with groups they had removed.

A group of six moderators in the Dublin office were classed as ‘high-risk’ after Facebook first detected the problem, with accounts tied to IS and Hezbollah known to have viewed their profiles. has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Facebook’s head of global investigations, Craig D’Souza, sought to alleviate concerns by telling the group there was “a good chance” suspected terrorists would not identify them as moderators.

A spokesman for the social media giant said: “Our investigation found that only a small fraction of the names were likely viewed, and we never had evidence of any threat to the people impacted or their families as a result of this matter.”

“We care deeply about keeping everyone who works for Facebook safe. As soon as we learned about the issue, we fixed it and began a thorough investigation to learn as much as possible about what happened.”

Removing ‘terrorist’ content

Meanwhile, Facebook has announced details of its plans to crackdown on terrorist-related content using AI technology, saying: “We want to find terrorist content immediately, before people in our community have seen it.”

Using a technique known as ‘image-matching,’ the company’s system matches stills from known extremist content to new uploads, stopping it from being uploaded in the first place.

The company says it is also using algorithms to detect ‘clusters’ of profiles relating to support for terrorism and whether an account is friends with a high number of accounts disabled for supporting terrorism.

“This work is never finished because it is adversarial, and the terrorists are continuously evolving their methods too,” Monika Bickert, director of global policy management, and Brian Fishman, counterterrorism policy manager, said in a statement.

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Man Sentenced To Death Over Facebook Posts

Raza’s defence lawyer said he’d become embroiled in an argument about Islam on the social media site with a counter-terrorism official posing as a stranger.

He will be able to appeal the decision at Lahore High Court and then, if necessary, Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Amnesty International recently published a damning criticism of the existing blasphemy laws in Pakistan, saying:

[They] enable abuse and violate the country’s international legal obligations to respect and protect a range of human rights, including freedom of religion or belief and of opinion and expression.

Once someone is charged, they can be denied bail and face lengthy and unfair trials.

A court in Pakistan temporarily blocked local access to Facebook seven years ago after a contest to draw images of the Prophet was promoted across the social network.

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Pakistani court Issues death sentence for ‘Blasphemous’ Facebook post on Islam


An antiterrorism court in Pakistan on June 10 sentenced a Shi’ite man to death for posting information on Facebook that the court deemed as blasphemous.

The sentence against 30-year-old Taimoor Raza was announced by Judge Shabbir Ahmed in Bahawalpur in eastern Punjab Province.

The court ruled that Raza posted derogatory content on Facebook in 2016 about Sunni Muslim religious leaders and the wives of the Prophet Muhammad.

Pakistan is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country. A rivalry between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims dates back to the seventh century when they had a disagreement about who should be the heir to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Under harsh blasphemy laws in Pakistan, the death sentence can be issued against anyone accused of insulting God, Islam, or religious personalities.

Human Rights Watch says Pakistan in 2016 arrested 10 Muslims and five non-Muslims on blasphemy charges.

Rights groups say Pakistan’s blasphemy laws often are abused in order to settle personal vendettas.

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New Patent Reveals Facebook Can Secretly Watch You With Your Camera, Here’s How to Stop It


A newly discovered patent ( Patent #: US20150242679 ), filed on behalf of the social media monolith, Facebook, is disturbing, to say the least — and, grounds for the immediate covering of your webcam or smartphone camera.

The patent, titled, Techniques for Emotion Detection and Content Delivery, explains how the device’s camera will be used to view the user’s face to determine their mental state: ie sad, happy, angry, etc. When Facebook identifies your mental state, they will use it to keep you on the site longer.

Facebook would analyze the images of your face and determine how or what to show you next to keep you engaged.

For example, if you smiled at a meme a friend posted, Facebook would recognize this via your camera and it would work to show you more memes related to that one.

This patent, quite literally, puts the ‘face’ in Facebook.

It’s not just facial expressions either; Facebook wants you to continuously stare at their platform as well. According to their examples in the patent application, if you were viewing videos of a kitten and looked away, Facebook would take note and stop showing you videos that don’t keep you staring directly at the screen.

The secret recording of your face also helps Facebook to directly target ads that fit your desires. If you watched an ad for scotch, Facebook would know you didn’t look away and it would then target you for more ads of that nature.

The patent was submitted in February of 2014 and published on November of 24, 2015. However, it was just granted on May 25, and discovered by the group CB Insights.

As CB Insights reports, aside from spying on you through your camera and recording your face, the algorithm will monitor an entire slew of input and interaction methods to keep you on the platform.

This patent would automatically add emotional information to text messages, predicting the user’s emotion based on methods of keyboard input. The visual format of the text message would adapt in real time based on the user’s predicted emotion. As the patent notes (and as many people have likely experienced), it can be hard to convey mood and intended meaning in a text-only message; this system would aim to reduce misunderstandings.

The system could pick up data from the keyboard, mouse, touch pad, touch screen, or other input devices, and the patent mentions predicting emotion based on relative typing speed, how hard the keys are pressed, movement (using the phone’s accelerometer), location, and other factors.

Naturally, Facebook is being as ambiguous as they can over news of the patent, claiming they may or may not use it.

“We often seek patents for technology we never implement, and patents should not be taken as an indication of future plans,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

However, as the Independent reports, the document raises yet more concern about a company that, in 2014, was found to have secretly manipulated hundreds of thousands of users’ News Feeds as part of an experiment to work out whether it could affect people’s emotions.

The company later admitted that it “failed to communicate clearly why and how we did it.”

What’s more, the world was shocked last year when an image of Mark Zuckerberg surfaced which showed the social media CEO using tape to cover his webcam and microphone. Zuckerberg clearly knows everything his company does and he’s taking no chances.



While there is no indication this secret facial spying has gone live yet, it is highly unlikely that Facebook users would even be notified of its activation. Given the already Orwellian nature of Facebook’s Terms of Service and Permissions for using their app or platform, you’ve likely already agreed to allow them to watch you in bed as you scroll through your newsfeed.

Just to use the Facebook platform, users have to agree to allow the social media giant access to their camera and microphone — in the background — without their consent.

Once these permissions were released several years ago, users began to notice advertisements based on sounds or images from nearby that did not take place on Facebook, or even on the device.

The feature has been available for a couple of years, as a 2016 Independent article noted, but recent warnings from Kelli Burns, mass communication professor at the University of South Florida, have drawn attention to it.

Professor Burns has said that the tool appears to be using the audio it gathers not simply to help out users, but might be doing so to listen in to discussions and serve them with relevant advertising. She says that to test the feature, she discussed certain topics around the phone and then found that the site appeared to show relevant ads.

Although Facebook explicitly denies doing such a thing, the mass of claims by those who’ve witnessed it first hand says otherwise.

Now for the good news.

The easiest way to stop Facebook from spying on you is to stop using it. However, that is not an option for all folks. Aside from the obvious taping of your camera and microphone, you can disable these functions within the Facebook app itself.

For the iPhone:

  • Go into your “Settings” app and scroll down until you find the Facebook app, tap it open.
  • Under “Facebook” tap on “Settings” and you’ll see a list labeled “Allow Facebook to Access.” The microphone and camera will both be under this list.
  • Simply tap on the toggles to disable or enable any of the features you think violate your privacy (location, camera, microphone).

For an Android phone:

  • Go into your settings and tap on “Applications” then “Application Manager.”
  • Once in “Application Manager,” look for the Facebook app and tap on “More” (top right corner).
  • You’ll now see a list of options, tap on “Permissions.”
  • Under “Permissions” you’ll have the option to disable the microphone (simply tap on it) and other features like the camera.

You can do the same with any other app you think is eavesdropping into your conversations.

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Congressman Calls for Holy War on Muslims on Facebook: ‘Kill Them All’

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Attempt by Cops to Shame Man on Facebook for Weed Backfires As Epic Mugshot Exposes War on Pot


Hampstead, NH — In the state of New Hampshire, whose motto is ‘Live Free or Die’, you will be kidnapped and caged for possessing a plant that is legal in some form in over half the country. Those who proudly uphold this law in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state — the cops — also proudly brag about it on Facebook while publicly shaming their victims. But this time, their victim struck back with only his mugshot.

Last week, the Hampstead Police Department was conducting a traffic enforcement patrol grant, funded by New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency, when they claim they saw Selket Taylor on his phone while driving. So, the officer hypocritically got on his phone (the radio) and called in the stop.

After pulling over Taylor, the officer noticed a tiny bag of marijuana in his cup holder. The horror!! Moving to protect society from the dangers of a grown man ingesting a plant known to treat PTSD, kill cancer cells, fight the opioid epidemic, eviscerate seizures in epileptics, and save countless children’s lives, the officer kidnapped Taylor.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Taylor or his past, at that moment, he was being kidnapped for a plant, something that is morally reprehensible and should happen to no one.

In the Live Free or Die state, any amount of marijuana, be it a seed, a stem, or shake, is a misdemeanor and punishable by 1 year in a cage. If police try to claim that you intend to sell some of the plant, even if it is under 1 ounce, the misdemeanor jumps to a felony punishable up to 3 years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

Taylor has now been charged with multiple crimes, including felony drug possession.

In their Facebook post last week, the Hampstead police called their kidnapping of Taylor over a prohibited plant, a “***Notable Arrest***”

Apparently, the police department in Hampstead is starved for actual criminals whose actions have actual victims — so much so that some random guy with a little weed in his car is ‘notable.’

According to the police department, Taylor was on his phone which is a crime in New Hampshire and he also had another bag of marijuana in his vehicle. Inside that bag, police claim to have found white pills that they did not identify, only calling them a controlled substance.

When Taylor was booked into jail, police claim he had a hard time taking it seriously and continued to badger and swear at the officer. Perhaps if the officer didn’t kidnap Taylor for arbitrary substances, he wouldn’t have to be worried about being sworn at.

During his mugshot, Taylor let the officers know how he felt about the serious nature of his ‘crime’ by making a silly face for the camera. So, police put his mugshot on their Facebook page.

As is the case more and more recently, when police take to Facebook to shame people they’ve kidnapped for possessing a plant, those who see this act for what it really is, come out of the woodwork to let police know it is unacceptable in an ostensibly free society.

Being that the Hampstead department Facebook page is relatively small, only 2,500 likes, the comments were minimal. However, they were still entirely notable.

As drug war supporters praised police for getting this ‘loser’ off the streets, those able to see past the facade called it like it is.

“My bad? I thought being arrested was a shameful offense?” one person said on the post, in an obvious dig at Taylor’s silly face.

However, she was quickly set straight when someone responded by saying, “Yeah, if you do something shameful.”

“Not for something as petty as pot,” another person chimed in.

“He broke the law,” one person said attempting to justify his kidnapping and caging for a plant. To which one, very informed poster commented next, “So did the slaves.”

“Do you mow your lawn or drive a car on Sunday? if so, you better turn yourself in, that’s against the law in NH,” one woman asked rhetorically. “Bottom line, some laws are stupid and no longer relevant to the world we now live in.”

“Live Free or Die”… unless you smoke marijuana,” another person noted.

“This is not a notable arrest. You arrested someone for having a plant. The next notable arrest you posted about the sexual deviant is a notable arrest,” a commenter noted about a sexual predator being taken off the streets, an arrest that actually was notable. “There needs to be a victim for there to be a crime. I get that you don’t make the law of the land but maybe you would recognize that this is ridiculous and makes your department look foolish.”

While many of the comments were in jest, some of them pointed out how the war on drugs actually perpetuates divide and stokes hatred toward police.

“This is why on a daily basis hatred towards the police in this nation grows. Police are the enemies of freedom, and more and more people are coming to this realization.”

Hopefully, as more police departments get chastised for publicly bragging about kidnapping people for arbitrary substances, they will begin to listen to the ones they serve.

To the police, please do the research and see that the opioid epidemic, the cartels, the gangs, underage drug use — all of these things — stem from the war on drugs. 

***Notable Arrest***Selket Taylor27 years of ageDanville, NH- Possession of a Controlled Drug- Transporting a…

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Hampstead, NH Police Department‎‏ في 29 مايو، 2017

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Avid Drug Warrior Cop Caught in Facebook Live Video Drunk in a Car, Bragging About Weed


Mission, TX — Sgt. Manuel Casas has been suspended with pay following the publication on social media of several videos displaying the Mission, Texas police officer in a hotbox with another man who was reportedly holding a bag of weed, and drinking alcohol inside a vehicle. Casas, who is known as an anti-drug cop, didn’t seem to mind as he apparently was getting a contact high in the process.

While jamming out to “Kobe” by Chief Keef, the two men are pictured together, with the unidentified young man holding up what appears to be a bag of marijuana. The man in the car with him also brags about drinking codeine.

The captions to the video claimed Casas was high and drunk but those reports are unconfirmed at this time.

Mission Chief of Police Robert Dominguez issued the following statement to the press;

The Mission Police Department is following civil service law in addressing this particular case and affording the city of Mission employee due process under the law.”

When officers do find themselves the subject of an investigation, as TFTP has reported on several occasions, the very ones doing the investigation are their fellow officers. The obvious conflict of interest is standard practice at many police departments across the U.S. and very rarely results in charges being brought against the officer. Rarer still, when charges are brought against the offending officer, few are severely punished. Most get off without any charges.

As TFTP reported last week, a Texas officer, who was accused of having sex with a 14-year-old middle schooler in a girls bathroom on campus, got off with probation. Casas’ suspension will likely follow such a path, which will probably lead to his reinstatement on the Mission Police force as a member in good standing.

While we at The Free Thought Project advocate for the legalization of drugs, so the war on drugs will be over, we cannot help but notice the obvious hypocrisy in Casas’ actions.

We interview citizens all the time who get charged with Driving Under the Influence, who are doing exactly what the two men pictured in the video are doing, drinking alcohol inside a vehicle with the key in the ignition. Those individuals go on to describe the hell on earth they live through trying to get their names cleared, their license renewed, and their ability to drive restored.

We would actually applaud Sgt. Casas if his actions were taken to support his objections to the War on Drugs, or in solidarity to the legalization of marijuana across the country, but we doubt that is the case.

This video should come as no surprise considering the fact that just five years ago, the Mission police department was raided by the FBI for corruption within their narcotics unit.

During that raid, multiple Mission police officers were arrested. Apparently they left one behind.

More than likely, Casas got caught on camera doing the very things he routinely locks up citizens for. If that’s the case, we hope he suffers the same miserable fate the Police State imposes on others who are intoxicated on the job, who chose to smoke marijuana when their employers say they aren’t allowed to do so, and whose lives are turned upside down as a result.

It’s important to note the first Texas Medical Marijuana dispensary licenses will not be issued until June of 2017, following last year’s vote to legalize medical marijuana across the state. As such, Casas had a sworn duty to arrest the offender he’s seen pictured with in the video.

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