Why Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all need to be urgently regulated to halt politically motivated censorship

Image: Why Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all need to be urgently regulated to halt politically motivated censorshipImage: Why Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all need to be urgently regulated to halt politically motivated censorship

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White House chief strategist and free market advocate Steve Bannon made news late last month by allegedly floating the idea of regulating Google and Facebook like utilities.

In a familiar refrain, three anonymous sources who were involved in discussions with Bannon supposedly revealed this development to The Intercept.

Government intervention into the private sector is usually and generally a bad idea, but assuming this report really reflects Bannon’s thinking, it may be worth considering given the internal and external censorship allegations engulfing Big Social, i.e., the Leftist, politically correct Silicon Valley oligarchy.

From The Intercept:

Bannon’s basic argument, as he has outlined it to people who’ve spoken with him, is that Facebook and Google have become effectively a necessity in contemporary life….

Regulating a company as a utility does not mean that the government controls it, but rather that it is much more tightly regulated in what it is able to do and prices it is able to charge. And it doesn’t mean every element of the company would be regulated in that way. For Google…it may only be the search function that would be regulated like a utility.

The Intercept added that in years past, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg actually referred to his creation as a social utility.

Earlier this week, Google fired software engineer James Damore who wrote a 10-page essay from a centrist standpoint challenging the tech giant’s far Left, diversity-at-all-costs culture, a progressive agenda that simultaneously rejects intellectual diversity. This is, of course, the same organization that creates the search algorithms upon which almost every Internet user relies. (Related: Read more about online censorship at NewsCartels.com.)

In an interview after his termination, Damore remarked that there are lots of libertarian, conservative, and anti-social justice warrior employees in Silicon Valley but they have to keep their opinions on the down low to maintain job security, Breitbart reported.

As Natural News has detailed in a whole series of articles (with more coming), Google critics maintain that the giant search engine has down-ranked independent journalism and natural medicine sites — including Natural News at one point — that don’t share its progressive worldview, and is destroying their web traffic in the process.

In June 2016, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed that Google was actively engaged in trying to help Hillary Clinton become president. In a subsequently deleted video, SourceFed demonstrated that Google was allegedly manipulating auto-complete search results to bury negative information about Hillary Clinton.

Last year, Facebook found itself in a scandal over censoring conservative-oriented news from its news feed. As part of the “solution,” it now relies on far-left, third-party fact checkers to determine the difference between real and fake news. “We now live in a world where Facebook has the power and authority to flag and filter out what you can and cannot read,” Natural News separately explained.

Google-owned YouTube is currently demonetizing certain political videos, the latest being those produced by longtime Trump backers Diamond and Silk, thereby choking off a revenue stream, which is a form of stifling free speech.

As part of an expose with the “rebels” of Google, one former engineer using the alias Emmett told Breitbart that “he personally witnessed efforts from leftists within Google to bias YouTube’s algorithms to push anti-PC content off the platform’s ‘related videos” recommendations…and ‘it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before Google begins to bias its search results against the Trump movement, Republicans, and right-leaning politicians.”

Twitter has also been accused of suspending the accounts of Trump supporters and others on flimsy pretexts and shadow-banning tweets favorable to the president or that run counter to the Leftist, globalist worldview.

Earlier this year, Natural News founder Mike Adams wrote that the Google monopoly should be broken up for the benefit of consumers, the competitive marketplace, and free information flow. A New York Times Op-Ed subsequently seemed to agree with the Health Ranger about Google in general, suggesting that the government may need to regulate the search engine giant like a public utility given its gatekeeping sway over web traffic and e-commerce.

Given the revelations that seem to unfold on a daily basis, class-action lawsuits against these dominant social media platforms may also be on the horizon. In the meantime, free-speech advocates are planning nationwide protests, (#MarchOnGoogle) at Google offices around the country.

Parenthetically, the Health Ranger developed GoodGopher.com (which, unlike Google, doesn’t spy on the user), providing uncensored search results from thousands of independent media websites.

Any form of regulation would have to be carefully crafted to avoid any infringement on the First Amendment.

That said, taking all the circumstances into account, do you think it’s time for government, as flawed as it often is, to step in and regulate Google, Facebook, and Twitter like public utilities?

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“Hahahaha Love This!”: Cop Celebrates the Mowing Down of Protesters in Charlottesville on Facebook


While many Americans were horrified as they watched coverage of the violent scene that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, a police officer in Massachusetts cheered on the car that plowed through a crowd, leaving one dead and 19 injured.

On an article titled, “HORROR: Car Plows Into Protesters In Charlottesville; One Dead, 19 Injured,” Springfield officer Conrad Lariviere responded with a comment that said, Hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn’t block roads.”

Lariviere then added another comment that said “How do you know he was a Nazi scumbag? Stop being part of the problem.”

Other individuals reacted to Lariviere’s callous rhetoric with comments such as “Are you serious? A person DIED. 19 other people were injured, some badly. You ‘love’ this?” and “How many times has a car plowed into you, Conrad?” and “You are an idiot.”

Lariviere responded by writing, Actually ******* I’ve been hit by ashitbag with warrants but who cares right you ignorant brat live in fantasy land with the rest of America while I deal with the real danger.”

Image via MassLive.com

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri confirmed that there is a patrolman employed by the department named Conrad Lariviere, and said that he is investigating the Facebook comments to confirm the user’s identity before pursing disciplinary action.

“I received notification of this Facebook post earlier today via email from a complainant. The post is purportedly from Springfield police officer. I took immediate steps to initiate a prompt and thorough internal investigation,” Barbieri told MassLive in an email. “If in fact this post did originate from an officer employed with the Springfield Police Department, this matter will be reviewed by the Community Police Hearings Board for further action.”

In response to Lariviere’s comment, Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno released a statement Sunday night calling the rhetoric “unbelievable,” especially from a member of law enforcement.

“I just got done issuing a statement this morning on how upsetting the tragic incidents were in Charlottesville, VA, and one of our own officers does this? Unbelievable!” Sarno said. “There is no place for this in our society, let alone from a Springfield Police Officer.”

After his comment went viral and he began to realize the repercussions, Lariviere showed a very different side, and he told MassLive that his comment was just meant to be “a stupid comment about people blocking streets.”

“Never would I want someone to get murdered. I am not a racist and don’t believe in what any of those protesters are doing,” Lariviere said. “I’m a good man who made a stupid comment and would just like to be left alone.”

However, it should be noted that even though Lariviere said he would not want to see anyone murdered, his original comments were on an article that already confirmed one person had died as a result of the same actions he was encouraging.

Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal from Charlottesville, was killed in the crash. Her mother, Susan Bro, told the Huffington Post that her daughter’s mission was “about stopping hatred.”

“Heather was about bringing an end to injustice,” Bro said. “I don’t want her death to be a focus for more hatred, I want her death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion.”

Heyer’s final status on Facebook read simply, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” 

Conrad Lariviere’s cringeworthily comment cheering on a car that purposefully rammed into a crowd should cause outrage, and it should also serve as a reminder that if he had been in uniform, and on the scene on Saturday, he would have fit in perfectly.

In fact, as The Free Thought Project reported, officers in Charlottesville were ordered to stand down as violence erupted, and one police source was quoted as saying, “We’ll not intervene until given command to do so.”

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-celebrates-facebook-protesters-run-over/

Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson banned from Facebook over 2016 feminism parody video

watson and jones
Alex Jones (Front) and Paul Joseph Watson (back) (Tyler Merbler/Flickr)

(INTELLIHUB) — Infowars editor at large Paul Joseph Watson says he was banned from Facebook over a parody video he did 18-months ago which makes fun of feminism.

Last Thursday the fed up editor posted a video titled “I won’t be around much longer” where he explains why he is so disgusted with corporate controlled social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

“Think that headline sounds like click bait? Well think again,” Watson said. “They banned me on Facebook because of a video I posted eighteen months ago. A parody video making fun of feminism — the target of which, CopperCab, was in on the joke.”

“Making fun of feminism is now a bannable offense on Facebook,” he said. “Remember, this is a guy who wants to be a cult leader and the President of the United States.”

It’s obvious that the recent devilish maneuvers made by top social media giants will affect the income and output of some of the most outspoken people in modern times and it is a blatant form of censorship that is hidden within a politically correct policy.

Adding to his frustration, Watson said that virtually every YouTube video he ever made on “Islam” was demonetized.

To top it all off Diamond and Silk are now claiming that 95% of their pro-Trump YouTube videos, some of which were uploaded over a year ago, have been demonetized by the platform for not being ‘advertiser friendly’ despite the fact that their channel has over 16 million views and its own targeted demographics.

Now the dynamic duo is threatening a class action lawsuit over the matter which may lead to big problems for YouTube in the future.

Featured Image: WNPR/Flickr
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shepard ambellasShepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.

Source Article from https://www.intellihub.com/infowars-editor-paul-joseph-watson-banned-from-facebook-over-2016-feminism-parody-video/

Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by "flagging" real news as fake

Image: Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by “flagging” real news as fakeImage: Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by “flagging” real news as fake

(Natural News)
With approximately 2 billion monthly users from around the globe, Facebook is the most popular website for sharing information and interacting digitally with other people. The real problem with Facebook now is censorship. Facebook is censoring information that is truthful, bold, eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, controversial or dissenting to the status quo.

You shouldn’t be penalized or censored for thinking, writing or speaking about something from a different angle than what is currently popular. Popular ways of thinking need to be challenged and questioned from time to time, especially when human lives are involved. It’s easy to follow along, to get along. We shouldn’t be afraid to blow the whistle and discuss things that matter to life itself.

Information should flow freely. People should think for themselves. It’s up to the individual to think critically and form their own worldview. Having some “official” institution filter out what is true and fake is equivalent to indoctrination and brain washing.

Even the most firm conclusions are malleable to new thought and new perspective. Science isn’t “settled” on issues such as GMOs and vaccines. We were just taught to obey the conclusions, and now we’ve taken all the conclusions for granted. Good science challenges itself with new hypotheses and a yearning to explore what hasn’t been examined.

We now live in a world where Facebook has the power and authority to flag and filter out what you can and cannot read. Facebook is working on a platform that allows articles to be flagged and sent to third party fact checkers. Facebook management claims they are trying to stop the flow of fake news, but in the end, all they are doing is dubbing themselves the official authority for determining what is fact and what is fiction. Facebook is literally becoming a mind control platform.

This Facebook censorship power trip will easily be used by industry or government that has an agenda to push. All dissenting facts, experiences and opinions will be silenced through these clever Facebook algorithm filters. Those industries with the most money, political influence and connections will be able to have their news heard.

The truth, which could liberate people from being pawns of these industries, will be called “fake news.” The news that people don’t want to hear or realize, will be flagged. Unpopular truth will be made to look like second-hand, unfounded opinion, not backed by any “official” source.

The official news that Facebook will allow to flourish and remain in people’s Facebook feeds will be the news that the most influential people want them to hear, to ultimately push their agendas and uphold their net worth.

The new Facebook program will use updated machine learning tools to detect questionable news stories. The content not allowed by Facebook management will be sent to third party fact checkers, who will judge the stories further. The fact checkers will judge using their limited worldview, narrow education background, political stance and controlled decision making process. These fact checkers will alert Facebook users when they come across so-called fake news material. Millions of people will be brainwashed in the process.

Since the presidential election of 2016, Facebook has been under pressure from extreme Left Wing factions which decry the fact that Facebook allowed the spread of what they call “fake news” during the election cycle, which ultimately led to the nomination of Donald Trump as president. This ongoing pressure from the Left over the loss of their ideas, shows that this fake news witch hunt is all about censorship to control public opinion.

Since being in office, President Trump has used reverse psychology against the establishment to call out fake news hit jobs published by the mainstream media. Trump and the independent media have used the words “fake news” against the establishment and have called out the conflicts of interests and actual propaganda news stories that are being published through official sources such as CNN and the Washington Post.

The fight over freedom of information is far from over. The real news that comes through Facebook in the future will merely be the stories that the most powerful people want you to hear. Corporations, the CIA, the CDC and other powerful entities will determine what you read on Facebook.

The same regurgitated pharmaceutical and vaccine propaganda that gets played through NPR and CNN will be hailed as real news and prioritized on Facebook news feeds, while important information that liberates people from these harmful medical frauds, will be denoted as “fake news” by Facebook and their so-called unbiased “third party fact checkers.” (Related: For more discernment, check out NewsCartels.com.)

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-11-facebook-to-push-more-left-wing-fake-news-by-flagging-real-news-as-fake.html

Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possible

Image: Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possibleImage: Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possible

(Natural News)
Controversy has erupted across social media after Twitter suspended the account of a user named “Nicole Mincey” who President Trump re-tweeted on August 5, thanking her for tweeting words of adulation about his presidency. Trump supporters claim that the removal of Mincey’s account by Twitter is a blatant act of censorship, which would seem to follow the trend of Google, Facebook and many others that have done the same thing over the past year.

And now, YouTube has just demonetized 95% of the videos of “Diamond and Silk,” two African-American Trump supporters who gained fame in the 2016 election for their entertaining and energetic videos in support of Donald Trump. The message from the alt-left “techno tyrants” is very clear: Any who support Trump will be discriminated against, censored and silenced into oblivion.

President Trump’s re-tweet of the Mincey tweet was already showing an “Account suspended” message just hours after it was originally published on Saturday to Mincey’s Twitter account, which bears the name “ProTrump45” for an online Donald Trump merchandise store that supposedly operates out of New Jersey. Mincey described herself as a black, conservative woman who used to be a liberal. Her Twitter account, both supporters and critics alike seem to agree, was seized upon by the president to show that his base is comprised of people from both sexes and of many different races.

It was a simple gesture that turned into a huge ordeal after Mincey’s account disappeared, with one side claiming censorship and the other alleging that the account wasn’t even real, and that it was operating as a “bot.” Even mainstream media outlets were quick to deny this bot claim, however, suggesting that a woman by the name of Nicole “Mincy” – without the e – is, in fact, a real person and a college student from New Jersey whose identity was stolen (or who may have been working for a pro-Trump social media outfit).

The “Nicole Mincey” ordeal is suspicious, especially considering that the address apparently linked to her social media accounts, which have since disappeared, originates at the mail room of Saint Peter’s University, a Jesuit college in Jersey City where the real “Nicole Mincy” attends classes. At the same time, Twitter’s removal of the ProTrump45 account that the president retweeted is seen by some, including Prison Planet‘s Paul Joseph Watson, as constituting evidence of social media’s bias against President Trump.

“The woman who Trump quote-tweeted over the weekend has had her account suspended by Twitter,” Watson tweeted on August 7. “Just a coincidence,” he sarcastically added, emphasizing his frustration with this embarrassment to the president.

There have been so many instances of anti-Trump censorship that’s it hard to keep count

President Trump’s son, Eric, says his re-tweets have also been censored, including one in which he attempted to share a screenshot of a tweet his father had posted earlier about the latest job-growth numbers. Eric Trump’s re-tweet remark, “Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!” was reportedly grayed out, according to The Hill, with a message explaining that it was no longer available because it contained “potentially sensitive content.”

Trump Jr. followed up this blocked tweet with another that questioned why his first one was censored:

“Why are my tweets about jobs and the economy being censored? #Interesting,” he wrote.

Late last year, Facebook announced its own fight against then-candidate Donald Trump, reportedly pushing its employees to remove all pro-Trump content from the platform as if it was “hate speech.” The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg later relented, admitting that such censorship would be “inappropriate.”

And yet, just a few months later, Facebook would issue a new set of guidelines about how to handle the rampant threat of “fake news,” i.e. any news that portrayed Hillary Clinton in a negative light, or Donald Trump in a positive light. Joining the chorus of anti-Trump posturing, Facebook would claim that the president conspired with Russia to sway the 2016 election, citing fake news content on its platform as being at least partially responsible.

Google even joined in on the fun, at one point blacklisting roughly 140,000 pages of Natural News content from its search platform. The claim once again was that Natural News was part of a conspiracy to spread fake news to the public about Donald Trump, simply because it doesn’t buy into the unfounded Trump-Russia narrative.

Even a high school student from New Jersey bore the brunt of censorship when someone from his school airbrushed his yearbook photo to remove an image of a Trump campaign logo from his shirt. Grant Berardo didn’t violate any of the rules at Wall Township High School concerning his appearance in the yearbook photo, and yet someone with editing authority decided to blur it out entirely.

Ever since he first announced that he would be running for president, Donald Trump has faced intense criticism, bullying and censorship – as have many of his supporters. And major online platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google have been willing accomplices, along with the mainstream media and their many talking-heads, in keeping this persecution running full steam, with no end in sight.

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-10-diamond-and-silk-youtube-google-facebook-on-black-censorship-rampage-to-silence-all-pro-trump-voices.html

Why A Former Facebook Executive Quit The Tech Industry, Moved To The Woods and Bought Guns and Ammo

When I think of workers at social media behemoths Google and Facebook, I get a mental image of people who are far Left on the political spectrum, very politically correct, and more interested in being social justice warriors than just about anything else.

I don’t get a mental image of someone who is into prepping, has a realistic point of view about culture and society, and is getting ready for some sort of major collapse in the future. And yet, that’s what one former Facebook employee is doing.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former product manager for Facebook, says the rise of robots and artificial intelligence has motivated him to seek refuge in a remote, wooded hideaway because he believes the development of both portends the end of the civil society.

“You may not believe it but it’s coming, and it’s coming in the form of a self-driving truck that’s going to run you over,” he said during an upcoming two-part documentary by theBBC called “Secrets of Silicon Valley.”

So he now lives life using a bucket toilet, protected by a semi-automatic rifle and lots of ammunition.

As for Martinez, while many see AI and robotic development as a potential boon for Humankind, he thinks the worst: They are being developed as replacements for human labor, not as compliments, and that will lead to major unrest in the near future.

“Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job,” he said. “It could get ugly — there could be a revolution.”

He’s not the only one to predict or believe that. Others have made similar dire predictions, and for the same reasons: Tech is advancing so rapidly that it’s hard to see which jobs aren’t going to be replaced by a machine in the very near future.

As the Daily Mail reports further:

Martinez claims this will lead to revolt, mass chaos, and armed conflict, also adding that bullets will become the currency of America.

“You don’t realize it but we’re in a race between technology and politics, and technologists are winning. They’re way ahead,” he says.

“They will destroy jobs and disrupt economies before we even react to them and we really should be thinking about that,” he added.

A 2011 book by Gallup polling firm chairman and CEO Jim Clifton called “The Coming Jobs War” makes a similar case.

“Leaders of countries and cities, Clifton says, should focus on creating good jobs because as jobs go, so does the fate of nations. Jobs bring prosperity, peace, and human development — but long-term unemployment ruins lives, cities, and countries,” says a summary of the book (which this reporter has read, by the way). “A global jobs war is coming, and there’s no time to waste. Cities are crumbling for lack of good jobs. Nations are in revolt because their people can’t get good jobs. The cities and countries that act first — that focus everything they have on creating good jobs — are the ones that will win.”

Given that companies are always looking for ways to trim one of their biggest costs (and headaches) — labor — Martinez’s prediction rings true. Before working for Twitter and Facebook, Martinez was a strategist for financial firm Goldman Sachs.

“I’ve seen what the world will look like in five to 10 years,” he said.

The BBC documentary also features interviews with AI pioneer Jeremy Howard, who said that “people aren’t scared enough” about what’s coming down the pipeline.

“They’re saying ‘Don’t worry about it, there will always be more jobs,’” he said, noting that such statements are based on the fact that even after the Industrial Revolution, which automated factory processes and reduced the need for so many human laborers, “there were still enough jobs.”

But the new AI and robotic revolution will be much different. “It’s a ludicrously short-sighted, meaningless argument which incredibly smart people are making,” said Howard, who is also predicting “massive social unrest.”

Sources include:

DailyMail.co.uk  /  Gallup.com  /  Robotics.news  /  www.naturalnews.com

Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/why-a-former-facebook-executive-quit-the-tech-industry-moved-to-the-woods-and-bought-guns-and-ammo/

Facebook declares WAR on CHILDREN: Censors independent science that tries to protect infants from medical harm

Image: Facebook declares WAR on CHILDREN: Censors independent science that tries to protect infants from medical harmImage: Facebook declares WAR on CHILDREN: Censors independent science that tries to protect infants from medical harm

(Natural News)
As part of Facebook’s war against truth and reality, the social media Ministry of Truth just blocked 100 percent of all posts from Natural News, one of the internet’s most trafficked sites on independent science, natural medicine and disease prevention. Having attracted over 2.2 million Facebook likes over the last decade, Natural News is relied upon by millions of people for independent science and medicine reporting that blows the whistle on dangerous prescription medications, vaccine adverse events and toxic pesticides and herbicides.

For example, Natural News was the first and only independent science organization to build a large-scale private lab and test flu shots for mercury contamination. The results found flu shots to contain 25,000 times more mercury than the legal limit of mercury in public water, by the way. And those data are backed by ISO accreditation.

Facebook’s decision to block Natural News posts came immediately after Natural News posted a link to this White House petition which calls for an end to legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers, who currently cannot be sued by the thousands of families whose children are maimed or killed by vaccines every year in the United States alone. The petition also demands the following reforms:

  • Impose a five-year moratorium on all childhood vaccines from birth to age eighteen.
  • Repeal the 1986 National Childhood vaccine injury Act and return vaccines to the traditional civil justice system.
  • Perform large scale studies of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.
  • Ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and allow such advertising only to medical professionals.

Facebook immediately deleted the post within minutes, then slammed a total site sharing ban on the NaturalNews.com domain, halting any sharing of the White House petition that seeks to protect children from medical harm.

Facebook declares war on children

If thousands of children across America were being harmed by President Trump, Facebook would amplify any attempt to bring attention to that problem, but when children are harmed, maimed or killed by vaccines — which even the U.S. government admits happens thousands of times per year — Facebook’s culture of collusion and child sacrifice is so ingrained in its twisted culture that article posts which highlight such dangers are permanently banned from sharing.

In other words, under the control of globalist Mark Zuckerberg — who cares for no one but himself — Facebook is actively silencing independent science that seeks to protect children from medical harm.

Facebook has joined the chemical war against our children, in other words, ripping a page right out of the Holocaust which destroyed the lives of six million Jews in the claimed goal of creating a “master race.” Now, Mark Zuckerberg follows in a similar pattern of crimes against humanity to collude with a murderous, baby-sacrificing industry in order to achieve the so-called “greater good” of medicine, even if it means sacrificing some children in the process.

Globalists like Zuckerberg often pursue child sacrifice or rape in their ascension to power

Not surprisingly, the very theme of child sacrifice is widely reflected across globalist culture, where pedophilia and human trafficking run rampant through the halls of power. Just recently, for example, a high-ranking member of the Washington elite pleaded guilty to child rape. He’s a Democrat named Richard Keenan, and he raped a 4-year-old girl but claimed “she came on to me.”

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t accused of raping little children with his biology, but he controls the social media network that openly espouses the medical violation of childrens’ bodies with toxic injections — a form of “medical rape” that obscenely violates the American Medical Association’s medical ethics when mandated by coercive government (as has already happened in California with SB 277).

Further adding to the horrifying truth of what Zuckerberg and Facebook are really up to, many vaccines given to children in America today are made from the ground-up, homogenized, disease-inoculated organs of aborted black babies. These “human embryonic lung cell cultures” are openly listed as chicken pox vaccine ingredients by the CDC and vaccine manufacturers, all of whom also openly admit that vaccines are made from diseased animal organs such as African Green Monkey kidney cells. (MMR vaccines are also made from the tissue of aborted human babies.)

These are scientific facts, not conspiracy theories. Every statement in the previous paragraph is confirmed by the CDC itself. The CDC even confirmed Natural News reporting on all this, validating the existing of these ingredients in vaccines.

Mark Zuckerberg promotes the sacrificial medical raping of children for profit… while silencing those who seek to protect children from harm

In other words, the modern practice of vaccination has become something of a medical cannibalism ritual carried out as a kind of sacrificial medical violation of children… and it’s all apparently approved by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, who seems to be wanting to run for President of the United States where he can no doubt impose mandatory vaccine violations of all children as a whole new standard of medical violence against innocents.

At least the Democrat in Washington only raped a few children. Zuckerberg and Facebook and making sure that, through the censorship of factual truth on vaccine ingredients and vaccine dangers, the pharmaceutical industry can successfully violate and “penetrate” millions of U.S. children per year with dangerous injections of foreign DNA from aborted babies, diseased animal organs and unidentified viral strains. (Related: Read Vaccines.news for more news on ingredients used in vaccines.)

Thousands of years ago, the Mayans sacrificed humans to the Gods, killing them en masse to appease the high priests of their culture. As reported by MayaIncaAztec.com:

Ritual sacrifices played a vital role in the Mayan realm. They sacrificed both animals and humans. The supreme sacrifice was the human life. This took place during elaborate ceremonies. Sacrificial scenes have been depicted in ancient Mayan ceramics, sculptures and murals. Like the Aztecs, this was all done in an attempt to appease the gods. Slaves, criminals, bastards, orphans and children made up the bulk of the sacrificial victims. Children were desired because of their innocence, and they would sometimes be abducted or purchased from neighboring cities. The purchase price was paid in red beans.

Today, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook demand the ritualistic sacrifice of children to the “vaccine gods” as a way to appease their globalist controllers. Just like in the era of the Maya, children are especially prized for their innocence which is violated by puncturing the skin and injecting the child with foreign DNA extracted from other children sacrificed at abortion centers.

Quite literally, the dead children are liquefied and “fed” to other children, many of whom are maimed or killed by the toxic intervention (yes, this is how vaccines are manufactured). This is all carried out in the name of “science,” just as the Maya high priests carried out their sacrifices in the name of “cosmic powers.”

What few people have recognized yet is that in the realm of globalist power, the sacrifice of children is always required for an ascending globalist to “prove” their commitment to the cause. Zuckerberg, you see, wants to become a “high priest” of the modern technocracy which is founded in a scientific dictatorship, medical tyranny and the power of the coercive state. The ritualistic sacrifice of children is a necessary component of those ascensions to power. Read Population Control by Jim Marrs — who just passed away over the last few days — to learn the deeper evidence explaining all this. (Beware what you may learn when you venture down this rabbit hole…)

In summary, Mark Zuckerberg is a child-sacrificing, globalist ascension seeker whose rise to power must be accompanied by prescribing the mass “medical raping,” genetic violation and ritualistic deaths of children. In order to achieve that, Facebook must block websites that openly discuss factual vaccine ingredients, their horrifying aborted human baby origins and why they are added to vaccines in the first place (especially when many ingredients have nothing whatsoever to do with viral strains).

Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to be aware of any of this because awareness of his true agenda would halt its progress. The only way to sacrifice babies and get away with it is to disguise the rituals under the labels of “science” and “medicine” while claiming you’re actually saving lives rather than destroying them. This is the deeper reason why Facebook has blocked Natural News. No curiosity is allowed. No questions are tolerated. No facts are welcomed on Facebook.

Read more about the totalitarian, child-sacrificing globalist known as Mark Zuckerberg at MarkZuckerberg.news. Before long, you will come to understand why Zuckerberg is an extreme danger to humanity, posing just as much of a threat to us as Kim Jong-Un.









Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-09-facebook-declares-war-on-children-censors-independent-science-that-tries-to-protect-infants-from-medical-harm.html

Unfriended: Talk of Facebook CEO’s Presidential Run Sparks ‘F*ck Zuck’ Project

How did the street artist publicize his thoughts, you wonder? Well, for starters, he shared photos of his latest project on Facebook, of course!

Plastered across Pasadena, outside of Los Angeles, multiple posters reading “F**k Zuck 2020” by local artist Sabo included the social media platform’s classic thumbs-up icon with an added twist.

Though the latest creation is just the first installment of Sabo’s “Things to do while in Facebook Jail” series, the idea, according to Mashable, came to him during the 11th day of a 30-day suspension from Facebook.

If Zuckerberg did make a run for the oval office, Sabo told Mashable he’d be “moving his trusted band of social justice warrior employees into the White House to begin oppressing everyone who doesn’t think the way they do.”

Known for politically charged installations, Sabo didn’t just zero in on Zuckerberg — Arizona Senator John McCain and the Black Lives Matter movement were also on the firing line.

While the social media mogul says he’s definitely not running for president, Zuckerberg’s links to Joel Benenson, a top adviser to former US President Barack Obama; Amy Dudley, a former communications adviser to Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine; and David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager during his 2008 presidential run, suggest otherwise.

The anti-Zuckerberg artist is also offering interested buyers the chance to obtain posters and bumper stickers featuring the “F**k Zuck” pieces through the site UnsavoryAgents.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/unfriended-talk-facebook-ceos-presidential-run-sparks-fck-zuck-project/

Former Facebook exec takes off to the wilderness, convinced that robots will take half of humanity’s jobs


A former Facebook executive has quit his job and now lives as a recluse in the wilderness – because he is convinced that machines will take over the world.

Antonio Garcia Martinez worked as a project manager for the social media giant in Silicon Valley but became terrified by the relentless march of technology.

He reckons that machines will have taken half of humanity’s jobs within 30 years, sparking revolt and armed conflict.

So he quit his job, fled his home and now lives in woodland north of Seattle with a gun for protection.

He spoke to new two-part BBC2 documentary “Secrets of Silicon Valley”, which explores the growing influence of the tech hub on global development.

Mr Martinez said: “If the world really does end, there aren’t going to be many places to run.

“Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job. It could get ugly. There could be a revolution.

“I’ve seen what the world will look like in five to 10 years.

“You may not believe it but it’s coming, and it’s coming in the form of a self-driving truck that’s going to run you over.

“There are 300 million guns in this country, one for every man, woman and child, and they’re mostly in the hands of those who are getting economically displaced. There could be a revolt.

“You don’t realise it but we’re in a race between technology and politics, and technologists are winning. They’re way ahead.

“They will destroy jobs and disrupt economies before we even react to them and we really should be thinking about that.”

He said other ex-Silicon Valley employees had also resigned and were living on land isolated from society because they were equally frightened of what the future held.

Programme host Jamie Bartlett, director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, said: “The tech gods are selling us all a better future but Silicon Valley’s promise to build a better world relies on tearing up the world as it is. They call it ‘disruption’.

“The mantra of Silicon Valley is that disruption is always good, and through smartphones and digital technology we can create more efficient, more convenient, faster services and everyone wins from that.

“But behind that beautifully designed app or that slick platform there’s a quite brutal form of capitalism unfolding and it’s leaving some of the poorest people in society behind.

“There’s a risk Silicon Valley’s promise to build a better world could inflict a nightmare future on millions of us.

“The big secret in Silicon Valley is that the next wave of disruption could tear apart the way capitalism works, and as a result the way we live our lives could be utterly transformed. ”

Artificial intelligence pioneer Jeremy Howard said: “People aren’t scared enough. They’re saying ‘Don’t worry about it, there will always be more jobs’.

“And it’s founded on this purely historical thing of there has been a revolution before, it was called the Industrial Revolution, and after it there were still enough jobs, therefore this new, totally different, totally unrelated revolution will also have enough jobs.

“It’s a ludicrously short-sighted, meaningless argument which incredibly smart people are making.”

He said if society did nothing, a “tiny class of society” would own “all of the capital and all of the data and everybody else adds no economic value, is despised by the class that has things because they’re worthless” creating “massive social unrest”.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/358405-Former-Facebook-exec-takes-off-to-the-wilderness-convinced-that-robots-will-take-half-of-humanitys-jobs