Dr Duke Exposes the Jewish Origin of Yellow Journalism & How it affected the Alabama Senate Race!

Dr Duke Says Vote for Moore & Your Children’s Future! Expose the Hypocrisy of the J News & Entertainment Media!


Today Dr. Duke talked about “yellow journalism,” a form of sensationalized journalism aimed at promoting acceptance of a political agenda that was originated by the Jewish publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The attacks on Roy Moore by Jewish-backed accusers whose main evidence was an admittedly forged signature in a high school year book were sensationalized to the extent that a liberal Democrat won a state-wide race in one of the most Republican states in the union.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and recalled that when the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, the Jewish-run Tablet Magazine published an article describing Weinstein’s actions as not be motivated by “horniness” the way Bill Clinton’s were, but rather were an example of Jewish revenge against the goyim. Thus, Dr. Slattery argued that the fire that Weinstein started shouldn’t spread to Roy Moore or even Al Franken, but rather should spread to other examples of Jewish attacks against white people, like those found in the advertising industry, the local news media, and Jewish academia.

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Below is a Duke Video that exposes the impact of Jews such as Weinstein on the mores and values of the West.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video (Currently banned for violating YouTube rules on frankly discussing obvious events going on before our very eyes):

Or find the alternative location from Mark’s Twitter feed. And follow him while you’re at it.

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-exposes-the-jewish-origin-of-yellow-journalism-how-it-affected-the-alabama-senate-race/

Video of Cop Macing Innocent Elderly Man Exposes Dept’s History of Corruption & Violence in LA

los angeleslos angeles

Los Angeles, CA — The results of an extensive LA Times investigation recently revealed the existence of a secret list within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department containing the names and crimes of hundreds of problem cops who are currently employed by the county. Blowing the bad apple theory completely out of the water, the list revealed over 300 deputies with histories of dishonesty, misconduct, and brutality—who all still have their jobs.

Despite the discovery of this list, however, the LA Times was unable to look at it and it remains a tight secret among the department’s top brass. Not even prosecutors can access it—and this is a problem.

As the LA Times reports, amid growing public scrutiny over police misconduct, Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants to give the names on the list to prosecutors, who are required by law to tell criminal defendants about evidence that would damage the credibility of an officer called as a witness. But McDonnell’s efforts have ignited a fierce legal battle with the union that represents rank-and-file deputies.

The list evolved from a roster of bad cops, known as a “Brady List,” which was drafted in 2014 during interim Sheriff John Scott’s tenure. It was compiled to track officers whose histories are so heinous and criminal that they may pose a problem with their credibility in court when called to testify against an accused criminal.

The LA Times was able to review a roster of these problem cops which “offered the first public glimpse of officers whose misconduct the Sheriff’s Department has decided should be reported to the courts.”

The deputies have been identified as potential witnesses in more than 62,000 felony cases since 2000, according to a Times analysis of district attorney records. In many of those cases, the deputies’ misconduct would probably have been relevant in assessing their credibility.

Some of the crimes committed by cops on this list included deputies pulling over strangers and demanding oral sex, deputies convicted of crimes, deputies who pleaded guilty to beating their wives, and other deputies who sexually abused their victims. To reiterate the purpose of this list, it is to make sure deputies have enough credibility to testify in court—because not a single one of them was fired for these crimes.

One such problem cop who was on this list is deputy Chris­ti­an Cham­ness who was suspended for a measly 25 days after he wrote a false report and used entirely unreasonable and excessive force on an elderly veteran.

In 2007, Chamness was part of an unwarranted raid on a barbershop in which all occupants were falsely arrested without cause. After the raid, Chamness wrote in his report that he pepper-sprayed Raymond Davison after the 73-year-old refused orders to move and began to “advance” on him.

This was a complete lie.

Not only does surveillance footage prove the cop lied, but it shows an entirely unprovoked assault on an elderly veteran by a public servant.

After Davison was pepper sprayed, he was charged and arrested with the rest of the group of men for no reason. Eventually, all charges would be dropped after the surveillance footage was reviewed.

The taxpayers then shelled out close to $200,000 to pay for this reckless tyrant’s violence and the county still refused to fire him. In spite of assaulting an elderly man, lying on the report to justify kidnapping him, deputy Chamness remains part of the department and still currently collects his taxpayer-funded base salary of $135,000 per year.

As you watch the video below, remember that this is only one case which happened to be captured on video. How many other times has this known problem cop attacked, kidnapped, and falsified charges against other completely innocent people? Well, thanks to a system that protects and rewards bad apples with impunity and egregiously irresponsible job security, we may never know.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/los-angeles-cop-pepper-sprays-elderly-problems/

Video of Cop Macing Innocent Elderly Man Exposes Dept's History of Corruption & Violence in LA

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Source Article from https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/230977-2017-12-12-video-of-cop-macing-innocent-elderly-man-exposes-dept-39.htm?EdNo=001&From=RSS

Victim’s Testimony Exposes Vast Child Trafficking Network Among the Politically Elite


It is no longer a secret that throughout all levels of the Hollywood establishment there is rampant sexual abuse. However, this massive ousting of pedophiles and sex abusers is leading to a place in which some of society’s worst abusers make a living off your tax dollars—Washington D.C.

In a bombshell interview with Disobedient Media, Greg Bucceroni, a survivor of sex trafficking, described his experiences in an alleged child sex ring in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that primarily targeted troubled young boys on the East Coast. The network was said to be comprised of known human traffickers, abusers and producers of child pornography with ties to organized crime who openly associated with prominent political figures, including some who have been accused of indiscretions in the past, according to DM.

For those who don’t remember, Bucceroni is no stranger to exposing elite pedophiles as he came forward in 2012 with major allegations linking Jerry Sandusky to a massive pedophile ring tied to former Poly Prep football coach Phil Foglietta.

The pedophile ring operated under the cover of being a charitable organization that helped at-risk youths. Only this alleged pedophile ring preyed on them instead of helped them.

“(Between) 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-PA) pedophile ring. (During the) summer of 1979 I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser,” Bucceroni wrote in the email. “Due to time constraints, Sandusky became unavailable and I was introduced to Phil Foglietta by Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky. Foglietta was introduced to us as Coach Phil who coached youth football in NYC. Foglietta agreed to pay $200.00 for child sex and followed us back to a Philadelphia hotel, myself (sic)ad another child prostitute then engaged coach Phil in child sex.”

As DM reports, Bucceroni’s assertions are corroborated by media reports, emails published by Wikileaks, FBI documentation of mafia activity and testimony from a congressional committee hearing obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests.

The pedophile rings included former Philadelphia businessman, Ed Savitz, philanthropist Samuel Rappaport,  former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, Coach Phil Foglietta, and former Wharton School of Business professor, Lawrence Scott Ward. Along with Sandusky, Ward was busted as well and is currently serving a prison sentence for producing and distributing child porn.

Bucceroni also linked former speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, Lawrence King, and former DNC Chair Ed Rendell to the scandal.

King ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was alleged that the ring was “a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice, and cannibalism of numerous children.”

During the fall of the credit union, the NY Times reported that State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha, said the activities of Lawrence E. King Jr., the credit union’s manager for the last 18 years and the central figure in its collapse, were ”just the tip of an iceberg, and he’s not in it by himself.”

Bucceroni told Disobedient Media that Lawrence King would host trips to “take kids from the South Philly Boys Club to Washington D.C.” Bucceroni explained that he was never tortured by Savitz or Lawrence King and was not personally aware of others being tortured but that Savitz used the “honey approach rather than vinegar.”

Hastert was apparently very close to Lawrence King as well. As TFTP has reported in the past, Hastert, the former speaker of the house under Clinton and Bush is an admitted child rapist whose political connections got him a sweet deal during his prosecution.

Aside from the FOIA requests, WikiLeaks, and mainstream press backing up the claims of Bucceroni, as TFTP recently reported, we are now seeing the curtain get peeled back on DC showing how taxpayer dollars are being spent to cover up the rampant sex abuse taking place in the nation’s capital.

Bucceroni’s allegations not only tie sex trafficking philanthropists to the political elite, but they also encompass the mafia and a pornography empire that would help create and distribute the horrific acts by these monsters.

As DM notes, pornography mogul Richard Basciano was reported to have partnered with mafia notable Robert DiBernado, who The New York Times lists as a captain in the Gambino crime family that was under federal investigation for child pornography at the time of his murder. The New York Times reported that “Mr. DiBernardo and Mr. Rothstein are officers of Star Distributors, a company that Federal prosecutors are investigating for involvement in child pornography.” The New York Daily News also confirms that in the 1980’s, Robert DiBernardo and Ted Rothstein were partners of Richard Basciano. FBI documents state outright that Basciano oversaw Star Distributors, which was referred to as an outlet well known for distributing child pornography.

Aside from his mafia ties, Basciano was also well-connected to the political class.

Basciano had a well-documented friendship with Ed Rendell, a former District Attorney for Philadelphia, former Governor of Pennsylvania and former DNC Chair. Some press reports go so far as to suggest that Rendell shielded Basciano in the aftermath of a 2013 building collapse. An editorial by the Philadelphia Inquirer lamented that “It was disheartening to hear a former mayor, Ed Rendell, defend Richard Basciano,” during the ensuing scandal. The editorial appears to have since been removed from the Inquirer’s site.

Aside from being the former DNC Chair, Rendell was also reportedly involved with the child trafficking ring operating out of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

The Obama administration, with the help of Rendell who was the Governor of Pennsylvania, removed children from Haiti—illegally—and transported them back to the US.

Diane Paul, an expert on human rights in disaster zones at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said at the time, according to the Telegraph, “These people were well-intentioned but they were taking children out of the country without the right permission and that just shouldn’t happen. Political pressure should not be used to take children in violation of regulations.”

As DM notes, Wikileaks emails sent during the crisis reveal that in behind-the-scenes discussion of Rendell’s Haitian efforts, Hillary Clinton’s aides characterized Rendell as extremely motivated to remove the children from Haiti as quickly as possible. The discussion included statements by Clinton aides showing an awareness that the children Rendell sought to fly from the earthquake-ravaged island nation included 12 minors who were not involved in any adoption process.

Excerpt from Wikileaks-published email showing discussion of Rendell’s efforts to remove orphans from Haiti

Rendell was so eager to take these children out of Haiti, that Clinton’s aides noted that the Secretary of State herself may be the only person capable of stopping him. “The only person who may be able to back Rendell off is Secretary Clinton. Has anyone looped Cheryl Mills in on this issue?” the email read.

But it gets worse. As DM reports:

Rendell’s intervention in Haiti was not the only human trafficking scandal tied to the former DNC Chair. Bloomberg reported on allegations of “systemic human smuggling” of forced laborers and money laundering documented in relation to a Saipan casino project by Hong Kong-based Imperial Pacific, controlled by Chinese billionaire Cui Lijie. The New York Times wrote that Rendell served on the company’s Advisory Committee. Bloomberg reported that others involved with Imperial Pacific included former Directors of the FBI and CIA, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and a former executive in President Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino business.

Given the bombshell evidence presented by Bucceroni and delivered by Disobedient Media, which is backed up by massive amounts of evidence, the idea that someone could easily dismiss the allegations of rampant child trafficking among America’s elite as a conspiracy theory is irresponsible at best, and complicit at worst.

On multiple occasions, the Free Thought Project has reported interviews of former child sex trafficking victims who’ve all noted—just like Bucceroni—that they had nowhere to go as police and high-level politicians all took place in the abuse.

In case after case, the Free Thought Project reports on horrifying instances of child sex rings that were allowed to go on for decades because politicians — including heads of states — policemen, clergy, and others were all in on the sick game.

This can no longer go on. As DM so eloquently put it, The Huffington Post recently wrote of the Weinstein scandal: “Since Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, we as a society have apparently decided to try this radical new idea called “believing women.” We propose that as a society we also try the radical idea of believing the children.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/victims-testimony-reveals-establishment-connected-east-coast-trafficking-network/

BEST OF THE WEB: Why Flynn’s plea exposes the nonsense that is the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy

Flynn plea deal


President Donald Trump’s short-lived national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Most US media jumped on the plea as proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Actual documents, however, tell a different story.

A court document signed by special counsel Robert Mueller, dated Thursday, specifies two instances of Flynn telling FBI investigators things that were not true. They relate to two conversations he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, in December 2016.

In the Statement of Offense signed by Flynn at his court appearance on Friday, he admitted to acting on instructions from a senior “Presidential Transition Team” (PTT) official, prompting breathless speculation if that was Trump himself, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, or someone else altogether. The one question nobody seems to be asking is, “So what?”

It is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that Flynn’s “crime” is a procedural one: he told FBI investigators he hadn’t done a thing that he actually did. But was the thing he did – namely, speak with the Russian ambassador to the US – against the law? Not really.

Under the 1799 Logan Act, it is technically against the law for a private US citizen to engage in diplomacy. However, only two people have ever been indicted under that law, and no one has ever been prosecuted. Flynn was a member of the presidential transition team whose duties involved contacts with foreign diplomats. So why would the FBI even ask him about his contacts with Ambassador Kislyak?

“There was nothing wrong with the incoming national security adviser’s having meetings with foreign counterparts or discussing such matters as the sanctions in those meetings,” Andrew McCarthy of National Review wrote on Friday.

Because Flynn was “generally despised by Obama administration officials,” McCarthy added, “there has always been cynical suspicion that the decision to interview him was driven by the expectation that he would provide the FBI with an account inconsistent with the recorded conversation – i.e., that Flynn was being set up for prosecution on a process crime.”

Back in May, former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testified before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee that she came to the White House on January 26 – two days after Flynn’s FBI interview – to say that he had lied about his conversations with Kislyak. How did she know? That, she said, was “based on classified information.”

Clearly, Yates knew Flynn was lying about the conversations because US intelligence had been listening in on them. An Obama administration official leaked that information to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who reported on the Flynn-Kislyak conversation on January 12, eight days before Trump’s inauguration.

Responding to that report, Vice President Pence said that Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak “had nothing whatsoever to do” with the Obama administration’s expulsion of Russian diplomats and closure of two diplomatic properties, enacted on December 29, 2016.

After the Post reported that the two did in fact discuss Obama’s sanctions, citing anonymous sources again, Flynn submitted his resignation.

The dark undertone of the Post’s reporting was that Flynn was somehow “subverting” Obama’s sanctions, intended as punishment for – alleged, and to this day unproven – Russian “meddling” in US elections. What Flynn actually did, as documented by the special counsel, was to ask Russia not to escalate in response to Obama’s actions.

It worked, too: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow would not expel any US diplomats, but rather invite them to the Kremlin for holiday celebrations. It wasn’t until July, after the passage of an anti-Russian bill in Congress, that Putin ordered the US to downsize its diplomatic staff in Russia by 755.

Comment: In the above two tweets you have the essence of this non-event: making efforts to de-escalate tensions with Russia – a nuclear power – is a criminal offense from the point of view of the US deep state that wants to antagonize and isolate Russia at every opportunity; and the screamingly obvious massive influence that Israel has over US government policy, in particular as regards the Middle East, is completely ignored, despite it being there in plain sight.

So what about the frantic insistence of “Russiagate” partisans that Flynn’s plea practically portends the downfall of the president they refuse to accept as legitimate? Their elation is unwarranted and premature, warns McCarthy. If a prosecutor has a cooperating witness who is an accomplice in a criminal scheme, the plea is structured so it proves the existence of the scheme.

“That is not happening in Flynn’s situation. Instead, like Papadopoulos, he is being permitted to plead guilty to a mere process crime,” he wrote, referring to a volunteer Trump campaign adviser who likewise pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about seeking contacts with (a nonexistent) “Putin’s niece.”

Flynn’s plea did include an admission he failed to report activities undertaken on behalf of a foreign government: Turkey, a key NATO ally of the US.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/370087-Why-Flynns-plea-exposes-the-nonsense-that-is-the-Russiagate-conspiracy

WATCH: Senator’s Viral Tax Bill Video Exposes How Corrupt Politicians Pass Laws


Both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate came together to pass a massive tax bill early Saturday morning, and one senator called out the hypocrisy on Twitter, noting that he was handed a nearly 500-page bill just a few hours before he was expected to vote on it—and it included pages of illegible hand-scribbled notes.

“Happy Holidays, everybody! It’s the night we’re going to be voting on the tax bill. I just got the tax bill 25 minutes ago.  This is the tax bill. See how thick it is. This is what it looks like. Oh, no, let’s look at the bill—this is what it really looks like,” Sen. Jon Tester said, as he held up a page filled with messy, handwritten notes. “I want you to take a look at this, folks. This is your government at work. Here’s the bill as it’s written. Here’s the modifications that are in it. I can read one word.”

The Tax Reconciliation Act was passed by a vote of 51-49. Sen. Tester, a Democrat from Montana, published the video on Twitter Friday evening, and it has since been retweeted more than 133,000 times.

This is unbelievable,” Tester said. “We’re doing massive tax reform on an absolute and credible timeline. This is going to affect everyone in this country. It’s going to shift money from middle-class families to the rich. It’s amazing, and we’ve been given this 25 minutes ago, and we’re supposed to vote on it in a couple of hours.”

Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, also criticized the policy changes in the form of handwritten notes carelessly scribbled along the side of the bill’s text. Trying to review the #GOPTaxScam but they are making hand-written changes to brand new text as we speak—can anyone else read this?” Durbin asked on Twitter.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, published a Tweet on Friday afternoon, claiming that she and her colleagues received a list of amendments to be included in the bill that came from lobbyists, and not directly from the Republicans who were given credit for writing them.

“This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from lobbyists downtown,” McCaskill wrote. “None of us have seen this list, but lobbyists have it. Need I say more? Disgusting. And we probably will not even be given time to read them.”

While Democrats seemed to be in the majority when it came to criticizing the massive bill, every elected official—no matter their party affiliation—should be held accountable for their vote.

In the case of the Tax Reconciliation Act, the senators seemed to be expected to read nearly 500 pages in just a few hours, while also deciphering scribbled handwriting. However, it should be noted that this is not a partisan practice. From the Patriot Act, to the Affordable Care Act, there have been countless occasions in which Democrats and Republicans have worked together to endanger the American people by voting in favor of massive pieces of legislation they have not read.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/senator-tax-vote-video-pass-laws/

This Brilliant Animation Exposes The ‘Shadow Government’ That Controls Our Society (VIDEO)

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It’s so often said “the people who really run the world.” But what does that mean and look like exactly? Recently, even in the mainstream, the word Deep State has come to mass attention as the governing body that ‘lurks in the shadows’ that secretly runs our world.

Beyond presidents and their administrations, these are the true people and interests making decisions. So as we complain about politician this or that, we’re really just putting our attention on someone who truly doesn’t have the control, allowing the true rulers to do what they need without anyone knowing.

This of course isn’t a new idea, it has been said for hundreds of years that there are secret interests who call the shots from behind the scenes, and that who we vote for doesn’t really matter.

In the short film below, writer, producer, and director — Lubomir Arsov — explores our world in a beautifully revealing way that allows us to see the truth. Typically when we learn of these sorts of secrets, we might feel fearful or that this can’t be true. But I truly believe we are in a time where we can’t continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of these shadowy governing bodies.  We must begin to have the courage to see the truth and ultimately change our future as a result. Leaving our heads in the sand no longer serves us.

In the animation below, Arsov exposes the insanity of our modern society and brings incredible wisdom to the ‘dark shadow’ or ‘deep state’ that quietly manipulates in the background.

How our politicians are under control of the shadow government…

Politicians under the control of the shadow government

How our education systems’ content was influenced by the shadow government. It trains us for their agenda..

How it’s our spiritual challenge to move beyond their control and illuminate ourselves…

It is through film and art that we can often learn things in a profound way, and I believe this piece below helps us all to explore these truths more deeply.

This makes me recall an article I just recently wrote about the Pope’s Audience Hall. I draw attention to this now because of the sheer truth and blatant symbolism throughout this building that tells a story that is right in front of our eyes. The Pope speaks from the mouth of a reptilian… and there is a reason for that. Read more here.

Finally, you may be wondering why in some cases the elite puts so much symbolism right in front of us. Why would they show us this stuff if they want to remain a secret? The elite play by certain rules that have been confirmed by a number of insiders. They must get ‘our consent’ so to speak. We interviewed David Wilcock to explore this question more deeply.

You can watch our full interview with David here.

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New research exposes the risks of geoengineering to artificially intervene in global warming: It may devastate the planet

Image: New research exposes the risks of geoengineering to artificially intervene in global warming: It may devastate the planet

(Natural News)
Geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, is exactly what it sounds like. This engineering involves using technology to manipulate the climate system and counter the effects of global warming. Though sound in theory, researchers from the University of Exeter have discovered that the application of geoengineering in one hemisphere could lead to massive damage in another.

For their study, the team focused on stratospheric aerosol injection, wherein aerosols are artificially introduced into the atmosphere. The presence of aerosols reflects back sunlight before it can reach the Earth’s surface, essentially cooling the planet; a technique not unlike the aftermath of volcanic eruptions.

According to ScienceDaily.com, the team utilized simulations with a “fully coupled atmosphere-ocean model” to study the effects of stratospheric aerosol injection on storms in the North Atlantic. They found that by doing so, they could decrease tropical cyclone activity — which has been linked to destructive storms such as Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, this approach could simultaneously increase the chances of drought in the Sahel, an area between the Sahara to the north and the Sudanian Savanna to the south.

By contrast, the researchers found that injecting aerosols into the atmosphere above the southern half of the planet greatly reduced drought in some parts of Africa, the Sahel included. However, the frequency of tropical storms in the Atlantic grew as a result.

“Our results confirm that regional solar geoengineering is a highly risky strategy which could simultaneously benefit one region to the detriment of another,” said Dr. Anthony Jones, lead author of the study and climate expert at the University of Exeter. “It is vital that policymakers take solar geoengineering seriously and act swiftly to install effective regulation.” (Related: Geoengineering to reduce climate change could adversely affect rainfall, scientists report.)

Forget “effective regulation”, this study is even more proof that climate hacking is anything but a bright idea. There’s simply no good to be had from messing with Mother Nature. Even if you could determine the best points for shooting aerosols into the atmosphere (as a series of separate yet similar studies have demonstrated), gauge the ideal amount of sulfur dioxide, and balance out cooling differences between the poles and the equator, there will be consequences. Extreme meteorological events like heat waves and hurricanes, and changes to power generation and water scarcity, are just some of them.

Plus, as Pacific Northwest National Laboratory climate scientist Ben Kravitz pointed out, keeping the planet cool would require multiple megatons of aerosols annually. Is bending the weather to your whims worth all that? Not in the least.

Visit ClimateScienceNews.com to get your fix of all things related to the weather and our climate.

Sources include:




Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-19-risks-geoengineering-artificial-intervention-global-warming.html

Dr. Duke Quotes Jewish Extremist Who Exposes Himself by Warning Jews Not to Tell Truths that Dr. Duke can Quote!

Dr. Duke Quotes Jewish Extremist Who Exposes Himself by Warning Jews Not to Tell Truths that Dr. Duke can Quote!


In today’s show Dr. Duke quotes an article by a Jewish writer by the name of Elad Nehorai who warns Jews like comedian Larry David against saying anything about Jewish power or Jewish misbehavior for fear that David Duke will quote it. Nehorai wrote of his own experience of writing about Jewish control of the media in a Jewish publication aimed at a Jewish audience, only to have Dr. Duke bring it to the attention of the goyim. The article was pulled from the internet, but in this latest article Nehorai acknowledges its existence and the motive for pulling it.

Dr. Slattery joins the show and makes the point that Jewish advocacy groups with their billions of dollars in annual budgets still shake in the Yarmulkes at the thought of David Duke exposing them. Of course, Jews like Harvey Weinstein are doing a pretty good job of exposing themselves as it is.

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Below is a Duke Video that exposes the impact of Jews such as Weinstein on the mores and values of the West.

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-quotes-jewish-extremist-who-exposes-himself-by-warning-jews-not-to-tell-truths-that-dr-duke-can-quote/

Dr. Duke Exposes the Jewish Extremists Behind the Fake Dossier & the Zioinvestigation of Trump!

Dr. Duke Exposes the Jewish Extremists Behind the Fake Dossier & the Zioinvestigation of Trump!



Today Dr. Duke delved into the issue of the fake “intelligence dossier” purchased by the Hillary campaign full of made up allegations against then-candidate Donald Trump. For more than a year now, the Jewish media has run with it and other bogus accusations that somehow Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary. In fact, the Jewish Deputy Attorney General used these unfounded allegations to appoint a Watergate-style special prosecutor to threaten Trump with the prospect of impeachment, thus turning him into a hostage president.

The Jewish nature of this is undeniable. The Jewish Forward Newspaper boasts of large numbers of Jewish prosecutors on Muellers team, and a Congress dependent on Jewish donors keeps the threat of impeachment real.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-exposes-the-jewish-extremists-behind-the-fake-dossier-the-zioinvestigation-of-trump/