Re: Attack on UN agency exposes Israeli charge of Palestinian ‘incitement’

Last month saw yet another attack on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the body supporting Palestinian refugees in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and wider region.

“New UNRWA textbooks for Palestinians demonize Israel and Jews” ran the headline in The Jerusalem Post on 28 September, in a piece on a new “study” funded, carried out and published by the Los Angeles-headquartered Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the anti-Islam, Daniel Pipes-led Middle East Forum, and the Jerusalem-based Centre for Near East Policy Research (CNEPR).

There was one problem, however: almost 90 percent of the books cited are not being used in UNRWA schools. As UNRWA pointed out, the “inaccurate and misleading” report included books that “were phased out when the Palestinian Authority changed their curriculum and textbooks starting in 2016”. Some of the books are for grades not even taught in UNRWA schools in the oPt.

The shoddiness of the research should be a source of embarrassment for the groups behind it, but that is unlikely. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre regularly disseminates ludicrous smears against anyone or any entity that threatens Israeli impunity, while the CNEPR is headed by David Bedein, a West Bank settler obsessed with attacking the UN.

Accusations that Palestinian schoolchildren are ‘taught to hate’ are a staple of pro-Israel propaganda. As far back as 2001, American political scientist Nathan Brown wrote that “the charges against it [the Palestinian curriculum] are often wildly exaggerated or inaccurate”.

Read: Israel teams with US officials to dissolve UNRWA

The “myth of incitement” has long since been rebutted by the PA itself, and even a US government-funded study in 2013 – boycotted by Israeli authorities for including their textbooks too – “undermine[d]” claims “by the Israeli government that Palestinian children are educated ‘to hate’”.

Just last month, the UK government rebuffed Israel lobbyists seeking to follow up an April 2017 report on the Palestinian curriculum, which generated familiar headlines about incitement and hatred. The report, a government minister noted, was “not objective in its findings”.

While the Palestinian education system in the oPt faces constant accusations and smears, Israeli textbooks are rarely subjected to anything like the same scrutiny. Yet it is Israeli textbooks that use maps showing the West Bank as Israeli territory, disappear the Green Line, and erase Palestinian population centres.

In 2016, Israel’s Education Ministry unveiled a new high school civics textbook that closely ties “Israeli statehood to Jewish teachings”. It contains “little more than a few dismissive references to Arab culture”, while Muslims, the majority of Israel’s Palestinian citizens, are mentioned in “two short sentences” – which “mainly accuse them of discriminating against and oppressing women”.

A protester holds a placard reading ‘End the occupation of Palestine’ during a BDS rally

In 2011, Israeli academic Nurit Peled-Elhanan, published a major study of Israeli textbooks, concluding that Palestinians are systematically dehumanised. “The Arab with a camel, in an Ali Baba dress. They describe them as vile and deviant and criminal, people who don’t pay taxes, people who live off the state, people who don’t want to develop”, she told The Guardian.

The only representation is as refugees, primitive farmers and terrorists. You never see a Palestinian child or doctor or teacher or engineer or modern farmer,

she added.

After studying the content of Israeli school books for five years, Peled-Elhanan’s conclusion was grim: “Students leave high school knowing nothing about the history and borders of the state, and seeing Palestinians as intruders, and then have to go out and control and sometimes kill them”.

There are two main elements to the political context for the new ‘report’ on Palestinian textbooks and UNRWA. First, are ongoing efforts to target UNRWA and the UN more widely, on account of alleged ‘anti-Israel’ bias.


The Simon Wiesenthal Centre report was discussed on Capitol Hill with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado). Lamborn subsequently wrote a piece for pro-settler news site Arutz Sheva, insisting that “all funding for UNRWA should be cut until reform conditions are met”.

Second, the charge of Palestinian ‘incitement’ continues to be a central plank in the Israeli government’s propaganda talking points, repeated ad nauseam internally, in the Israeli media and parliament, and externally, to foreign diplomats and journalists.

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As settlements expand, under the watch of an Israeli government run by an alliance of bashful and proud opponents of Palestinian statehood, claims of ‘incitement’ and Palestinians being ‘taught to hate’ play an important role as a distraction, a way to divert attention from Israeli rejectionism.

Yet perhaps what is particularly striking in this regard is the content of this latest ‘report’, with textbooks criticised for simply giving an account of historical events, such as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Nakba and the colonisation of Palestinian land.

It would seem that the likes of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Middle East Forum will not be satisfied until every Palestinian class starts the day with Hatikvah, and every Palestinian schoolchild heads home praising the Zionists for making the desert bloom.

The continued attacks on UNRWA, or the Palestinian education system, are delusional or disingenuous. Palestinian refugees’ rights aren’t dependent on an agency, and there is no occupation without resistance. Palestinian children get their ‘lessons’ in military court rooms and at checkpoints; their ‘teachers’ are the soldiers who kill and jail their relatives. Israeli and Palestinian textbooks alike simply reflect the reality on the ground – that of coloniser and colonised.

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Dr. Duke Exposes the Vicious Mass Murder of European Americans in Las Vegas & the ZioWood Sick Culture of Blood and Violence!

Dr. Duke Exposes the Vicious Mass Murder of European Americans in Las Vegas & the ZioWood Sick Culture of Blood and Violence! — with guest Andrew Hitchcock


Today Dr. Duke addressed the news of the mass shooting of attendees of a country music festival in Las Vegas. While the details of the tragedy are still unclear, an Israeli paper is reporting that the shooter was a recent convert to Islam and supporter of ISIS. He reportedly had a female colaborator of apparent South Asian origin. Dr. Duke pointed out that rather than viewing this as an attack on white country music fans, the event will likely be used in a way contrary to white interests.

Dr. Duke was then joined by Andrew Hitchcock from the United Kingdom. They discussed the Las Vegas event along with other matters of interests.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

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“They Won’t Know What Hit Them” Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa’s “Premeditated” Violence


As if the public needed any more evidence that violence is a central part of Antifa’s mission, conservative comedian Steve Crowder has published footage that he and his producer surreptitiously recorded after infiltrating a local Antifa cell and accompanying it to a protest at the University of Utah.

The shockingly candid footage offers a disturbing glimpse into the innerworkings of Antifa – a loosely organized band of far-left agitators – and the central tenant of violent resistance that encapsulates the group’s philosophy. The footage primarily focuses on a transgender woman, the purported leader of a small cell of Antifa protesters, who can be heard telling Crowder’s producer that she’s armed with a handgun, and that she expects reinforcements to arrive later with “two AKs”. The organizer can also be heard recommending that Crowder’s producer buy a small blade at a military surplus store and strap it to his ankle “just in case.”

What they show appears to confirm that the group protesters were planning to disrupt a speaking event hosted by conservative commentator and Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, whom Antifa has accused of being a nazi despite the fact that he is Jewish. Shapiro’s recent appearances at UC Berkeley and other university campuses drew protests, with demonstrators labeling him a “fascist.”

But perhaps the most surprising thing about the footage was the fact that mainstream media reporters AND police essentially told Crowder & Co. to get lost when they shared it with them.

In another shocking excerpt, the Antifa leader – whom Crowder didn’t name because he said he didn’t want to “dox” anybody, though he added that police have confirmed that they have been monitoring her – described a plan to lure right-wing demonstrators to a secluded area where, presumably, they would be attacked by Antifa.

“Plain clothes, hard tactics, I don’t think they’ll know what hit them. Because they’re not prepared for what we’re planning,” the organizer says at one point.

In the video, another unnamed Antifa member who goes by the pseudonym Clark can be heard explaining that the difference between Antifa and other activist groups is a “willingness to respond with violence.”

As we’ve reported time and time again, Antifa protesters have been inciting violence across the country since Trump’s upset victory in November, beginning with protests during Trump’s inauguration that quickly turned violent in destructive.

According to Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Crowder published the undercover video Thursday that purports to show far left-wing protesters distributing weapons ahead of the speech. Crowder’s production team presented the video to police moments after it was recorded.

Yet after evaluating the video, the police determined that there was no credible threat.

“Police looked at the video, evaluated other information available to them, and determined the individuals did not pose a credible threat that warranted action,” Nelson told Fox 13 News.

Similarly violent clashes instigated by members of the far-left group erupted on the campus of UC Berkeley in early February, where members of the group hurled Molotov cocktails and attacked “facists” and “nazis” who were attending a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos, causing extensive property damage on campus.

While both the mainstream media and more mainstream leftists initially defended the group, public sentiment has soured on the group.

Several media organizations – including the LA Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal – have criticized the group’s violent tactics. A month ago, it was reported that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security classified Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” group in internal communications that described them as “primary instigators of violence at public rallies” going back to at least April 2016 when the reports were first published.”

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TV Show Exposes Hollywood Elite Satanic Illuminati Sex Club

A new TV show has gone undercover to expose a Satanic Illuminati-members only sex club used exclusively by Hollywood’s elite.The documentary has lifted the lid on Los Angeles’ SNCTM club and its founder, Damon Lawner who confessed during filming that the club is used by Gwyneth Paltrow and her Glee producer boyfriend along with other major Tinsel Town VIPs.

The Beverly Hills-based club regularly hosts Satanic Illuminati sex rituals, and aside from membership only being offered to the upper echelons of the social hierarchy, members must also pay an annual fee with costs between $12,000 and $75,000.

The provocative new documentary offerers a never-before-seen look behind the scenes of an exclusive Illuminati sex club catering to the desires and fantasies of the rich and famous.

The eight-part series titled Naked SNCTM, gives a candid, undercover glimpse of the Hollywood underbelly as it follows the exploits of the club’s founder, Damon Lawner, as he and his team of Satanists, event planners and chefs host Eyes Wide Shut-style events mixing erotic theater, rituals, S&M and masquerade.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Glee producer Brad Falchuk caught leaving the club.

Daily Mail reports: Lawner, 45, who is a father-of-two and divorced, founded the club four years ago.

The Showtime series delves into Lawner’s struggle to balance his unique career as the ringmaster of the high-end erotic three-ring circus with his ‘normal life.’

The founder of SNCTM previously claimed its members include Grammy-winning artists and said Gwyneth Paltrow has attended their parties with her boyfriend, Glee producer, Brad Falchuk.

Lawner said he and his staff are banned from engaging in sexual activities during their events, but, according to an article published in the New York Post earlier this year, he likes to watch.

Highest level members of the club, of which there are only 11 men and one woman, take part in a ‘blood oath’, and in return, they get access to private rooms, a special silver necklace and the advice of sex experts.

Alternatively, there is a lower level membership that offers discounted party tickets and networking opportunities.

The club hosts monthly adult black-tie costume parties, private dinner soirees and summer pool parties where female guests can come dressed in a bikini, or opt for their birthday suit.

Lawner said some members attend parties to learn ‘how to give better [pleasure]’ while others see it as a place ‘for primal urges to be explored’.

Single men pay $1,850 per party or $1,500 if they attend with a woman, according to the newspaper.

Women do not pay but are required to submit an application in the form of full-body photographs.

Privacy is an important consideration for the club. Mobile phones are banned and everybody is required to wear masks on entry.

The dress code consists of tuxedos for men and either evening wear or negligee for women. A teaser trailer promoting the documentary shows men in black-tie attire and ornate Venetian-style masks, and women in sexy lingerie gallivanting around a room lit in red.

The video also shows a woman dressed in a boudoir ensemble crawling on her hands and knees while being led on a leash by another woman, and other risqué elements of BDSM reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey involving restraints, whips, and muzzles.

Last year, SNCTM held a secret party in New York to coincide with fashion week where guests were required to collect keys engraved with the location address. Despite the focus on the eroticism of the club, Lawner insisted it has ‘never been about sex’.He told Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop: ‘There are sex parties out there and I’ve honestly never been to one, nor desire to.

“SNCTM is a place to get turned on, to explore, to hold hands, to realize that sex doesn’t have to be hidden away. It can be open and celebrated, and that’s all right.” Episode 7 of Naked SNCTM is airing Thursday night at 11 pm on Showtime.

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Total Individual Control Technology: Insider exposes how you & your DNA are being targeted

Total Individual Control Technology is a nefarious type of EM (Electromagnetic) and V2K (Voice to Skull) weaponized technology that is being experimented with and deployed against segments of the American population. Those attacked by this electronic stalking are known as TIs (Targeted Individuals). Recently another brave whistleblower has stepped forward to expose it. Bryan Kofron (who formerly used the alias of Justin Carter) is a security industry specialist who used to work for a private security company SIS (Security Industry Specialists) in Seattle, Washington. He quit in disgust after realizing that his former firm, and others just like it, were actively using this so-called total individual control technology to target people, then ultimately control and destroy their lives. Since he quit, he has himself become a victim of the technology via gangstalking.

What Total Individual Control Technology is Capable Of

According to Kofron, this technology is so advanced that it can be used to read your mind, program your mind with thoughts (that you would believe are your own) and induce emotional states in you (including pain, hate and fear). It can be used to tap into your optical nerve and auditory systems to see and hear what you are seeing and hearing. It can target particular people by engaging in individual-specific attacks (based on the target’s DNA resonance). Finally, it is being used in vast social engineering programs as a way to experiment upon poor, homeless and weak people who have little or no chance of fighting back.

In interviews or presentations such as this and this, Kofron explains that this technology is being used by psychopaths who have little scruples about the harm they are causing. They are targeting specific groups of people: those who are cognitively inclined, highly intelligent, knowledgeable about advanced technology or interested in alternative research (i.e. conspiracy research). In general, they are either targeting empowered individuals with free minds (to stop dissidents and revolutionaries) or those too poor and weak to fight back.

Using Kofron’s own words, here are some of the things Total Individual Control Technology is able to do:

“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”

“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”

“This technology can also tap into the optical nerve of the target, and the auditory system of the target, so that those monitoring the target can see what the target is seeing and hear what target is hearing. This information is then downloaded and stored on a computer, in a highly secure classified site on servers that are guarded by some of the tightest security in the world. This results in the individual’s entire day, everything they see, everything they hear, everything they experiment, everything they experience, and everything they feel being recorded till the end of time.”

“This technology can also be used to manipulate the emotions of the target. It can induce fear, love, hate.”

“This technology can be used to beam images and even motion pictures into one’s brain. Images and motion pictures that are so realistic that you think you are actually watching a movie or seeing something in reality. It’s like a virtual reality 3D rendering that takes place within the target’s mind. The images and motion pictures manifest themselves in such a way that the target if they are not aware that this technology is being used on them will believe that they are natural thoughts and natural images.”

“This technology can also be used to induce and control dreams. It can be used to control dream cycles and sleep patterns. To cause one to sleep very deeply or to cause one to not sleep at all. REM cycles, alpha beta and delta brainwaves can be induced immediately by this technology. And this technology can also be used to mimic spiritual experiences. Joy, love, peace that passes understanding can all be induced artificially by this technology to make the target believe that they are having a genuine spiritual experience when they’re not.”

“This technology can also be used to sexually manipulate the target. Make them feel sexual arousal or turn off their sexuality altogether, it can stimulate them and it can shut them down at a moments notice. It can also be used to manipulate the hormones of the target, thus lowering and raising estrogen and testosterone levels in women and men respectively.”

“This technology can also be used to read the thoughts of the target in real time … they can read your thoughts verbatim as they occur within your own mind.”

“Anywhere from small groups of people 10-20 to 100, to medium size groups of people several thousand to tens of thousands. This is done by creating a field effect, where an entire field of electromagnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human being within that geographical location within that electromagnetic field affecting that geographical location will be effected by the technology. This can be used to induce a general mood in a population or a crowd of people. It can be used to make them passive, it can be used to make them agitated. And this can be used to cause or stop, induce riots. Stop crime, start crime. Stop thoughts, start thoughts. Massive mind control on a citywide level.”

Total Individual Control Technology Attacks Specific Individuals Based on DNA Resonance

As I have discussed in previous articles on mind control such as “They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right?, the state of current mind control technology is beyond most people’s comprehension and idea of what is possible. Yet, we have had enough out-of-the-closet whistleblowers and leaked or declassified documents to give us a clear idea of the scary extent to which we can be psychically attacked. Whistleblowers such as Dr. Robert Duncan have lectured at length about the capabilities of V2K technology, which is defined as an EM frequency technology that utilizes RF (Radio Frequency) signals to induce sound within the cranial cavity of the target. V2K literally pipes thoughts directly into people’s heads without them knowing it.

Kofron bases his information on his own experience as an insider in this field, and also as recent victim of V2K himself. He was attacked once he went public. He claims he has been assaulted with a beta version which is especially nasty, piping thoughts into his head such as:

“Everyone’s against you”

“Please be quiet or we’re going to kill you”

“Don’t work again or we’re going to kill you” 

“You’re the lab rat now motherfucker”

Kofron claims the Total Individual Control Technology attacks are attempting to turn him against his former work colleagues, friends and family. However, since he was trained in this area, he knows that the voices are technological and can defend himself against the manipulations once he hears them.

Kofron echoes exactly what Duncan has warned about: individual-specific attacks. Duncan states that every person has a “unique resonance signature”, and in almost exactly the same words, Kofron states that:

“… the DNA of the individual is used to determine the resonant frequency of the DNA itself, the resonant frequency is then used to fine tune the technology … to tune it perfectly to the resonant frequency of the targeted individual’s DNA.”

The Drive to Create a Worldwide DNA Database

This leads into another aspect of the NWO agenda: the drive to create a worldwide DNA database. When seen in the light of Total Individual Control Technology, the acquisition of an entire population’s DNA takes on a very sinister meaning. It is no coincidence that Amazon and Google (who are ultimately controlled by the same force as David Icke suggests) are racing each other, along with Microsoft, IBM and other companies, to assemble a DNA database as quickly as they can. Those in power who gain access a completed worldwide DNA database and total individual control technology would have a horrifying weapon at their disposal to target literally anyone they wanted.

Kofron exposes how prospective employees are tricked out of their DNA. They apply for a job at SIS, get told they have to do a drug test, and when the urine sample is sent to a lab, part is siphoned off as DNA to go into Amazon’s burgeoning DNA database.

Americans, in the millions, are having their DNA stolen from them, without their knowledge or consent, so they become unwitting targets of this insidious program!

Social Engineering with Total Individual Control Technology

Kofron talks at length about how this technology is fully operational and is already being tested upon those in society who are struggling (such as those who are homeless, poor and who don’t have much family or many friends) since they make the easiest targets. On his website, he exposes the details of ongoing operations within Seattle (where he used to work for SIS). This social engineering is being done by the Federal Government, the Military Intelligence agencies, private security firms (more on this below), some of the largest US corporations (after all, we live in a corporatocracy), local and state police, and social programs within inner-city America.

In one such operation, the perpetrators would target certain geographical blocks of the city, and, for instance, cause everyone in that area to be in a bad mood. In another operation, SIS (employed by Amazon whose headquarters are in Seattle) would test upon Amazon employees. In another operation, SIS would experiment upon its own low level employees. In another operation, homeless people were brought in from all over the nation to special buildings that were then targeted. This is true gangstalking – the ganging up by sociopaths and psychopaths upon the innocent to electronically harass and stalk them.

The Rising Danger of the Private Security Firm Industry in America

Kofron warns about an alarming trend in American society: the rise of private security companies who mostly employ ex-military and ex-intelligence agents. As I covered in this 2-part series, the US Military Intelligence Complex is completely and utterly out of control. It runs the government and pulls the strings attached to all the puppet politicians, who don’t have the necessary “clearance” to access the truly top secret information. These security firms, like the MIC itself, appear to operate above and outside the law.

The culture inside of these companies is toxic. People rising up the ranks are conditioned to use this technology against innocent victims, and are told they will be rewarded with everything (money, power, women, sex, connection, access, status, belonging to the power club) if they go along with the program and become perpetrators. If they have a strong conscience and refuse, they will be sacked, shunned, cut off, threatened and even made into TIs themselves.

The Human Rights Loophole: False Diagnoses

Another aspect of Total Individual Control Technology which the perpetrators use to shield themselves is the cruel use of false psychiatric diagnoses. Here’s how it works: they manipulate TI victims to see a psychiatrist, and then they bribe the psychiatrist to deliver a fake diagnosis that the victim is mentally unstable, deranged, delusional, crazy, incompetent, paranoid, schizophrenic, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder – or they invent some similar legal-medical-psychobabble diagnosis. This has the unfortunate effect of stripping away the victim’s natural or human rights, which leaves him or her with no recourse to fight back against his attackers, since his claims and testimonies will be dismissed as the ravings of a madman.

This is a similar tactic to what is used with other victims of mind control. In my interview with Max Spiers, he touched on the use of the Big Pharma “false memory” foundation, which includes bogus therapists and psychiatrists who convince mind control victims that they’re having false memories (when they are actually recalling how they were tortured and programmed).

The Infrastructure Underlying Total Individual Control Technology

The infrastructure that is enabling the total individual control technology is composed mostly of antennae, radar and cell phone towers. Often, the antennae are camouflaged (hidden behind walls). Some or most of the radar used is from military bases. Kofron was not able to explain much of how the technology actually works, although an electrical engineer who called in on one of the radio interviews suggested that the perpetrators are setting up a standing wave of DNA, then doing slight variations in the phasing using pulse code modulation.

Final Thoughts: Total Individual Control Technology Perpetrated by the Cult of Power

In concluding, it’s important to realize how such cruel surveillance is being perpetuated. As Kofron explains, it’s all about creating an “in” club of perpetrators who get rewarded with money, sex, power and the intrinsic human need for belonging, get told they are on the “right” side and the TIs are on the “wrong” side – and get threatened that if they speak up or quit, they may end up on that wrong side. It’s the cult of power.

Hopefully this testimony can serve as a wakeup call for those on the fence who can’t quite bring themselves to believe or act. In many ways, time is running out and the net is being drawn tighter and tighter. The more technology advances, the more weapons the cult of power will have to enslave those who stand for truth and freedom. At a certain point, there will literally be nowhere to run or hide. The only option is to face it now before it’s too late.

Via Tools For Freedom

Featured Image: thierry ehrmann/Flickr

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Dr. Duke Exposes the Anti-White NFL and the Vicious Anti-White ZioMedia Hate Speech!


Today Dr. Duke addressed the anti-white nature of the NFL kneeling controversy. The players are not saying that they are kneeling because they have color hatred of red, white, or blue (well, maybe white if it is skin color). They are protesting what our Jewish overlords call white oppression of blacks that explains all their problems and bad behavior, including why they need to rape white women so often.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that if recent events prove anything, it is that whites lack institutional power. They are unable to organize or voice their grievances, and if any white person tries they are subject to attacks and even denial of services from the most powerful institutions in our country, including the media, financial institutions, internet service providers, and even the U.S. Government.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

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A Jew Born in Iran Exposes the Jewish Supremacist, Tribalist Effort to Destroy Western Mankind!


Today Dr. Duke had an Iranian born person of Jewish ancestry, Paymon Mottahdeh, as his guest. Mr. Mottahdeh described the Jewish origin of the “divide and conquer” strategy, even while it was being associated with the British Empire. He pointed out that Israel is the only country in the world that refuses to declare its own borders, thus allowing it to continually grab “disputed” land from its neighbors.

He and Dr. Duke discussed the ability of Jews to dominate the banking systems of countries that do not even have significant Jewish populations or Jewish ownership of banks. Dr. Slattery noted that when Jewish bankers make waves, the rest of the world has to surf or be wiped out.

It is always valuable to have an honest Jew explain the internal workings of the Jewish group mind. Please share this show widely.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

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Shock: MSNBC’s Hayes Exposes ‘Conservative’ Rubin’s Flip-Flop on DACA

On Tuesday’s All In, MSNBC host Chris Hayes surprisingly informed viewers of a flip-flop by guest Jennifer Rubin as he recalled that the frequent MSNBC guest who has a right-leaning history did, in fact, oppose President Barack Obama’s creation of the DACA program before deciding she is now in favor of it with President Donald Trump rescinding it.

Rubin ended up taking a shot at Trump as she laughed about how the President “has been so inhumane” and “haphazard” that “they’ve got people like me defending” Obama programs like DACA and the Affordable Care Act.



And, if there were any doubt about whether MSNBC still considers Rubin to be a conservative presence on the network in spite of her recent tendency to trash conservatives, Hayes began the segment by introducing her as a “conservative columnist of the Washington Post.”

After beginning with his other guest — former Obama press secretary Josh Ernest — Hayes went to Rubin and brought up her history of criticizing Obama over DACA:

I feel like there’s been something interesting going on with this DACA decision which is — David Jolly was on the program last week — where it’s almost like the President has called conservatives’ bluff, right? So all these conservatives saying like, “We don’t like DACA,” you know, the Obama administration. You wrote this back in 2012:

The MSNBC host then read:

“In both health care and immigration contexts, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama are lacking in constitutional awareness or have so politicized the Justice Department it is no longer a reliable indicator of the law.”

Hayes then added: “Today,  when they basically ended DACA, you were angry. What happened?”

Rubin defended her change of position on the issue:

<<< Please support MRC’s NewsBusters team with a tax-deductible contribution today. >>>

Well, yes, I am angry because, first of all, there is no pending legislation — there’s no pending need to change it at this moment. People have relied up on it — there’s a due process assumption that we have in this country that, if you follow the law, you play by the rules, you come forward, you identify yourself, the government isn’t going to turn around and throw you out again.

A bit later, after Hayes asked if Trump has a tendency to believe he can use something as leverage of negotiations only to discover that it never works, Rubin jabbed Trump as someone who can make Obama programs popular as she responded:

ObamaCare, DACA, they’ve never been more popular. They’ve got people like me defending them because this administration has been so inhumane, so haphazard in the way they go about it. You can’t treat people like they don’t exist. People rely on these things — they have been told that they can benefit from these things.

She then questioned whether DACA really is unconstitutional as she added:

And, by the way, when we’re talking about people who don’t know which way is up, I’d like to see the legal opinion from Jeff Sessions that he relied on to say that this is unconstitutional. There happens to be a contrary opinion …

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MSNBC ‘Loses Connection’ Right As Reporter Exposes Oil Industry For Robbing Locals Of Infrastructure Funding

Next Story

Hurricane Harvey has been making headlines all over due to the scale of destruction it has caused in Texas. While covering Harvey for Al Jazeera, reporter Shihab Rattansi told MSNBC host Ali Velshi last week that fossil fuel companies have been robbing locals in the Texas, Louisiana, and Gulf Coast area of infrastructure funds that could have lessened their suffering dramatically.

Shihab says himself that as an “Al Jazeera guy,” his job is to “get to the point.” Al Jazeera has always been known for creating news and media focused on openness, transparency, and calling out corruption — things we don’t often see in North American mainstream media.

In the clip below, Rattansi discusses climate change and the oil industry’s role in it. It must be noted that the oil industry has been responsible for a ton of environmental destruction including pollution, clear cutting, ocean life destruction, and more. Humanity needs to move beyond oil and we have, and have had, all the technologies to do so for decades. But there is also much to talk about when it comes to the climate change agenda that is taking place. Yes our climate is shifting and we need to respond. We also need to stop pollution from things like oil, but understanding the cause, the natural cycles at play, and how to properly prepare, is much more important than creating tax systems and carbon credits. These won’t solve anything.

Rattansi Exposes Big Oil

“It’s pretty clear something has gone wrong here,” Rattansi said, describing the unexpected flooding. “We’re in what’s called the Golden Triangle… the reason why it’s called the Golden Triangle is because this is the first place in the United States that they discovered large quantities of oil. And that led to the Texas oil boom and the money flowing into this region.”

“It’s pretty clear though,” he continued, “money has not been flowing into this region for the infrastructure for the climate change effects that we knew were inevitable because of the oil and gas industry’s activities on this coastline, even after those oil and gas industries were covering up what they knew about climate change in the ’70s.”

“You can’t make a connection between the oil and gas industry and climate change much clearer,” he said. “In the past, oil and gas companies have gotten away with sort of covertly losing their toxic waste in emergencies like this.”

“This is something we’ve been warned about for years by climate scientists, Pro Publica had a piece just last year warning something like this was about to happen in the Houston area… And there aren’t the preparations for it. And yet, so much money has been generated here.”

Just seconds after this exposure, Velshi tells viewers that MSNBC had lost contact with Rattansi, and they went on to cover more rescue footage. While it’s nice to see people being helped, the timing is suspicious, given he was speaking against corporate interests.

There’s one other detail I wanted to bring attention to. As I watched this video for the second or third time, I thought I heard whispers before Rattansi’s audio was cut. I played it back many times, but couldn’t make it out or even determine for sure if that’s what it was, but clearly something can be heard around 4:52 that resembles a whisper. Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can click the following links to learn more about oil industry corruption or dive deeper on ‘climate change.’

Watch the video below.

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AETNA accidentally exposes HIV testing status on the OUTSIDE of thousands of envelopes mailed to patients

Image: AETNA accidentally exposes HIV testing status on the OUTSIDE of thousands of envelopes mailed to patients

(Natural News)
Health insurance giant Aetna recently went under fire as it inadvertently disclosed the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status of some of its members through a letter sent to some 12,000 people.

The letters, which were sent out on July 28, originally meant to inform members of a change in pharmacy benefits. However, the texts seen through a small window on the envelop showed the patients’ names and suggestions about changes in filling up prescriptions.

“People have been devastated. We’ve had a number of people tell us they had chosen not to disclose their HIV status to family members — but this is how their family members found out. People with any private health conditions can just imagine, whether you’re being treated for cancer or a behavioral condition, just imagine having that flat out on the front of an envelope for anyone to see. It should be a grave concern to everyone,” Sally Friedman, legal director at Legal Action Center told Stat News online.

Legal Action Center worked with the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania to urge the insurer to cease the mailings and to address the mistake. Both organizations as well as other privacy and AIDS advocacy groups have received complaints from patients across eight states — including Arizona, California, Georgia, and Illinois as well as New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — and the District of Columbia.

The groups also noted that affected patients have already filed complaints with the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS-OCR) or other state authorities.

Aetna apologizes to patients; explains side

In response, a letter sent by Aetna to affected members suggested that personal information was only visible in some cases. Likewise, the health insurance giant also noted that the letter did not include any statement indicating that a member was diagnosed with any specific condition. However, Friedman insisted that all the letters the advocacy groups examined visibly displayed the information.

The letter also contained the company’s explanation about the error. According to Aetna, the letters sent to their members last month could have shifted in a way that allowed the sensitive information to be visible through the envelop window.

“[The company] confirmed that the vendor handling the mailing had used a window envelope, and, in some cases, the letter could have shifted within the envelope in a way that allowed personal health information to be viewable through the window. Regardless of how this error occurred, it affects our members and it is our responsibility to do out best to make things right,” the company’s letter stated.

The company has since then issued an apology and remarked that the error will not happen again.

“This type of mistake is unacceptable. We sincerely apologize to those affected by a mailing issue that inadvertently exposed the personal health information of some Aetna members. Regardless of how this error occurred, it affects our members and it is our responsibility to do our best to make things right. We will work to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to prevent something similar from happening in the future,” a company statement read.

What the law says about privacy breaches

Privacy breaches similar to those of Aetna’s are subject to federal scrutiny under a 2009 law. According to the law, companies that are covered by federal health privacy laws ought to report data breaches that impact more than 500 individuals. A database containing information on data breaches recorded about 30 incidents in July alone.

However, the database did not divulge detailed information about the breaches. Medical companies often settle their violations with the HHS. In some cases, these companies pay millions of dollars as a fine. (Related: HIV vaccines cause 50 percent false positive rate in HIV tests.)

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