Bozell & Graham Column: Exploiting Teenager Rage

The school shooting in Parkland, Florida shows how quickly our media elites move horrors from tragedy to political opportunity. They amplified the loudest voices of the shooting aftermath, teenage survivors who demanded gun-control “solutions” like banning all semi-automatic “assault weapons.” These teenagers might accomplish in one week what the anti-Second Amendment crowd, led by these same media elites, has failed to do for decades.

Survivors of failed abortions (like Gianna Jessen or Melissa Ohden) have never held their attention for five seconds. That conflicts with the narrative.

Liberal journalists have openly discussed how these teenaged advocates could be a crucial factor in defeating the gun-rights lobby. They could become the key to the kind of turnout necessary to putting the Democrats in the majority in Congress. So they gave them every opportunity to push for liberal victory, without any need to be civil.

David Hogg, the most prominent student survivor, went on CNN and proclaimed politicians shouldn’t take money from the NRA because they were “child murderers.” CNN morning anchor Alisyn Camerota didn’t correct him — or condemn his statement, given he’d just stained the reputations of millions of NRA members by labeling them killers. She said nothing. She was satisfied — pleased, in fact. happily posted video with the headline “Shooting survivor calls NRA ‘child murderers.’”

CNN’s motto is “Facts First.”

CNN hosted a “town hall” full of leftist rage against anyone who believes in Second Amendment rights. Their agenda was obvious from the program’s title: “Stand Up: Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.” They used the hashtag #StudentsStandUp to promote it.  Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch were verbally slashed by the students without mercy.

Survivor Cameron Kasky stood a few feet from Rubio, and smeared him on national television: “It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel on an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz, but the point is: You’re here and there are some people who are not.” Kasky also said he wished he could question “the NRA lady” (Dana Loesch), since “I would ask her how she can look in the mirror, because she has children, but maybe she avoids those.”

In the next hour, when Loesch was on, people in the audience shouted “murderer,” and “burn her,” and student survivor Emma Gonzalez lectured her that she would be a better mother: “Dana Loesch, I want you to know that we will support your two children in the way that you will not.”

Moderator Jake Tapper allowed the audience to be as immoderate as it wanted.  He tweeted afterward: “People freestyled a bit” — a bit? — “and I wasn’t inclined to reprimand a school shooting survivor or parent who lost a child for expressing him or herself in a question — even if aggressively.”

But this is the most amazing part. In the aftermath, no one in television “news” replayed the students’ rudeness as a storyline worthy of condemnation, even comment. It matched their own political agenda and emotional temperature. When Rep. Joe Wilson yelled “You lie” at President Obama in 2009, these networks all angrily replayed it ad infinitum as a national disgrace.  They called it “infamous.” CNN’s headline on the video called it “the heckling heard ‘round the world.”

Even Justice Alito shaking his head silently at the 2010 State of the Union was projected as inappropriate.

Remember these student hecklers when CNN and their colleagues decry how Donald Trump has single-handedly ruined civil discourse. Trump mocking CNN as “fake news” caused far more media outrage than Hogg calling the NRA “child murderers.” 

It will happen again and again. They are hell-bent on ridding this country of the Second Amendment, one tragedy at a time.

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Media Using Royal Engagement to Distract from REAL News of Queen Exploiting the Mentally Ill


The mainstream media frenzy over the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is no surprise, as speculation has been ongoing for weeks—but the current obsession has been used to drown out serious accusations against the Royal Family that have been virtually ignored by the media.

From the moment reports claimed that Markle was dating the Prince, the rumor mill began speculating about when they would get engaged. However, when the second largest document leak in history painted the Royal Family in a much different light, attention from the mainstream media was nowhere to be found.

The Paradise Papers, a leak comprised of 13.4 million documents from two offshore service providers and the company registries of 19 tax havens, received very little media coverage—and the records implicating the Royal Family received even less.

As The Free Thought Project reported, among the world’s elite exposed in the Paradise Papers was Queen Elizabeth II. According to the leak, the Queen’s private estate has invested millions of pounds in a Cayman Islands fund that has a history of taking advantage of poor and mentally ill individuals.

The Paradise Papers also revealed that Queen Elizabeth II “has used offshore private equity funds designed to shield UK investors from having to pay US tax on their holdings.

The documents were obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. According to a report on the Paradise Papers from ICIJ:

“Queen Elizabeth II has invested millions of dollars in medical and consumer loan companies, Appleby’s files show. While the Queen’s private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, provides some details of its investments in U.K. property, such as commercial buildings scattered across southern England, it has never disclosed details of its offshore investments. 


‘Yes, the Duchy was aware that the Jubilee Absolute Return Fund was run offshore,’ said Chris Addock, chief finance officer of the Duchy of Lancaster. 


The records show that as of 2007, the queen’s private estate invested in a Cayman Islands fund that in turn invested in a private equity company that controlled BrightHouse, a U.K. rent-to-own firm criticized by consumer watchdogs and members of Parliament for selling household goods to cash-strapped Britons on payment plans with interest rates as high as 99.9 percent.”

The Queen’s investments were made in BrightHouse, Britain’s biggest rent-to-own retailer. The company was recently ordered to pay 14.8 million pounds to 249,000 customers after the watchdog Financial Conduct Authority found that it was guilty of overcharging customers and intentionally taking advantage of people with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

While investments from the Queen’s estate have reportedly been ongoing for the last 12 years, a report from the Guardian claimed that the Queen appeared to have around 519 million pounds worth of investments, as of the end of March.

The mainstream media’s hypocrisy is blatant when it comes to the Royal Family, and it serves as a reminder that when there is a new engagement to gossip about, there will be 24/7 coverage. But when documents are leaked showing that the Queen of England has reportedly made millions by exploiting poor and mentally ill individuals, the mainstream media has no interest in investigating.

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‘Islamophobes’ exploiting terrorist attacks for more Twitter followers – study

The group noted that a sample of anti-Muslim UK and US activists, who all push the line that Islam is an “imminent threat,” saw significant growth in their social media followings over the last year. Pamela Geller, a US activist who was banned from the UK for not being “conducive to the public good,” used 102 automated or semi-automated accounts to retweet her posts. The Geller Report, her blog, doubled its monthly audience to 2 million viewers between July and October this year, according to the study.

Between March and November of this year, the accounts sampled saw an average 117 percent increase in followers. The period saw five terrorist attacks in the UK, four of which were carried out by Muslims and one of which was inflicted against Muslims.

Former head of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, was one of the chief beneficiaries of the trend, gaining 40,042 followers in the days following May’s terrorist attack in Manchester. Now working for the far-right Rebel Media network, Robinson arrived in Manchester after the attack and told his YouTube followers that the city’s Muslim residents should be treated like “enemy combatants.” Robinson also gained 22,365 after the Westminster attack in late March. On November 24, Robinson was forced to delete tweets in which he suggested that a “Jihadi attack” had caused a panic in central London.

Following the London Bridge attack in June, the study notes that 32 out of the top 100 most shared tweets about the incident expressed anti-Muslim sentiments. An example cited by the study was the now notorious picture of a Muslim woman walking beside a group of people helping the victims of the attack. The picture was prominently shared by a Twitter used called @Southlonestar, who posted that the image depicted the woman’s indifference to attack. The account was presented by Twitter to the US House Intelligence Committee as an example of a fake account created within Russia to influence US and UK politics.

In a statement to the Guardian, Patrik Hermansson, researcher for Hope not Hate, said: “The growth among Twitter accounts and websites spreading anti-Muslim hate is alarming. In such a key area of public interest, it is an indication of increased interest in these views and, as each account or site grows, more people are exposed to deeply prejudiced anti-Muslim views.”

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Politicians & Media are Already Shamelessly Exploiting Vegas to Push for Massive Gun Grab

las vegaslas vegas

The Las Vegas massacre, which has been dubbed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, presents a new set of challenges and questions for Americans—but many politicians and celebrities are using it to make the usual calls for gun control.

The shooting left 59 people dead and 527 injured, and the official story is that it was carried out by Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man whose life is missing all of the qualities that make up the profile of a typical mass shooter. Among a number of glaring inconsistencies, Paddock appears to have been a happy, rich, retired man. Along with his actions in the days leading up to the shooting, the idea that he transported 23 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition up to his hotel room—and it went unnoticed by the hotel’s cleaning service for days—simply does not add up.

However, instead of pursuing justice for the victims by searching for answers that go beyond the official narrative of how the shooting occurred, a number of politicians and celebrities have responded by calling for gun control.

Hillary Clinton wasted no time in politicizing the tragedy, taking to Twitter just hours after the shooting occurred, to write that Americans should “stand up to the NRA” in the exact same Tweet that she wrote Americans “must put politics aside.”

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein shared similar sentiments, criticizingeasy access to weapons and ammunition” before the majority of the details on the shooting had even been released.

While it is not surprising to hear politicians calling for gun control, their thoughts have been shared by voices in the mainstream media. Hayley Geftman-Gold, a top legal executive at CBS, wrote on Facebook that she was “actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

A number of celebrities have also joined the chorus. Late night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel gave a tearful monologue claiming that Congress should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”

“When someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones, we invoke travel bans, we build walls, we take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Kimmel said. “But when an American buys a gun and kills other Americans, then there’s nothing we can do about that. And the Second Amendment, I guess, our forefathers wanted us to have AK-47s is the argument, I assume.”

Pop singer Ariana Grande also called for gun control, and for “people to look at this and call this what it is = terrorism.” While Grande is correct in stating that it was an act of terrorism—which many government officials and media figures failed to acknowledge—it should be noted that earlier this year, 22 people were reportedly killed in a bombing outside of her concert in Manchester, UK. Even with strict gun control regulations already in place, an individual with evil intentions was able to carry out an attack that resulted in mass casualties.

Caleb Keeter, a guitarist for the Josh Abbott Band who was at the Route 91 Music Festival when the shooting occurred, claimed the tragedy made him change his mind on gun control.

“I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd Amendment my entire life. Until the events of last night, I cannot express how wrong I was,” Keeter proclaimed on Twitter in a screenshot of a message that concluded, “We need gun control. RIGHT. NOW.”

The thing is, while Keeter is correct in stating that a man with a handgun on the ground is no match for a man who was reportedly on the 32nd floor of a building with an automatic rifle—that does not mean that individuals who carry concealed weapons do not have the opportunity to defend themselves on a daily basis.

It was reported on Tuesday that police found ammonium nitrate, the same material used to kill 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing, in Paddock’s car. Had he chosen to or been able to deploy an explosive device using this material inside a crowd as large as the one at Route 91, the death toll would’ve catastrophically higher than what it was—and no gun would’ve been necessary.

The families and friends of 59 individuals are currently mourning the tragic loss of their loved ones. The families and friends of hundreds of individuals are waiting for the results from surgeries, and preparing for the ways in which the injuries their loved ones have sustained will affect them for the rest of their lives.

The fact that instead of pursuing justice for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre by searching for the truth and questioning the inconsistencies in the official narrative, influential politicians, celebrities, and media figures have instead resorted to calling for gun control, is both disheartening and blatantly irresponsible.

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FLASHBACK – Germany is ‘exploiting’ refugee suffering to recruit ‘slaves’ via mass immigration

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Mainstream Media Caught Exploiting Children in Psy-Op to Sell War to America—It Worked


Shameless aptly describes the dirty dealings of modern war, from drone bombing human targets from afar in denial of all due process and invasions into sovereign lands, to pro-armed aggression propaganda — often brazen fabrications disseminated across media to engender support for otherwise untenable conflict — including that exploiting young children, who could not possibly possess the critical thinking necessary to grasp the messages their words send to the world.

And no better example of this puppetry of children for war profiteering and Western imperialist agenda-pushing exists than in the case of seven-year-old Bana al-Abed — proffered as the voice of innocent victims of the Syrian government’s bombardment of Aleppo — whose Twitter following just surpassed 386,000, after she featured in a corporate media-touted video promoting the United States’ goal of deposing Bashar al-Assad.

A child was chosen by propagandists for a reason.

September 2016 marked the creation of the Bana al-Abed Twitter account, which exploded in popularity by tweeting express “calls early on for action against the Syrian president, and Russia, and with a glaring absence of information or mention of the terrorist factions occupying eastern areas of Aleppo,” as independent journalist, Eva Bartlett, points out.

In one since-deleted tweet — a prime example of the supposed seven-year-old’s keenly bellicose thinking — al-Abed (sometimes spelled, Alabed) putatively implored,

“Dear world, it’s better to start 3rd world war instead of letting Russia & Assad commit #HolocaustAleppo”

Then, on December 13, a ceasefire agreement saw the purging and transfer of terrorist factions and their families from eastern Aleppo — an action which also triggered a flurry of tweets from ostensively unrelated accounts claiming to be in such a perilous state, their words should be considered a “last message” from inside the besieged city. al-Abed, among them, tweeted,

“I am talking to the world now live from east #Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die. -Bana”

Of course, the child and her family survived after safely absconding from Aleppo, stopping in Idlib, and ultimately settling in Turkey, where Bana shortly set to work vilifying the Assad regime and its ally, Russia — not exactly typical, seven-year-old, conflict refugee behavior.

Indeed, the child’s tweets appeared so sophisticated in tone and sentence construction, nuanced in idiomatic expression, and generally complex, Fatemah al-Abed, her mother, eventually had to admit to assisting on the first of the year, tweeting,

“For those wondering how can 7 year old tweet, I help her compose the tweets while she’s with me. I let her read all the replies & she enjoys”

Ultimately, the mother insisted she would allow Bana to compose social media posts, though suspicions remain that has not happened. Some believe, understandably under the circumstances, Bana may never have composed any tweets herself.

Once she arrived in Turkey, Western media ravenously championed the tear-jerking font of propaganda from the obviously-coached little girl, with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota eagerly extending a microphone, camera, and world stage to Bana.

All told, the platform given Bana comprised a potent elixir for anyone harboring misgivings about the continued dropping of bombs in populated areas of Syria — after all, if this small child pled the case for regime change across international air waves, her story had to be credible, right?

Not so much.

About Bana’s interaction with Camerota, independent journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, points out,

“It was scripted, and Bana was phonetically sounding out words that she did not understand in order to manufacture public support for more US interventionism in Syria.

“The interview was scripted, and what for me is most shocking is that Alisyn Camerota necessarily had the other half of the script. Bana wouldn’t have been able to improvise answers to unscripted questions, so Camerota was necessarily knowingly acting out a staged, scripted scene and deceiving her audience about its nature. She lied to the American people for the most despicable reason imaginable, and exploited a little child to do it.”

Of all the pro-war propaganda justifying the military-industrial machine’s mere existence, the exploitation of Bana al-Abed and the tellingly similar manipulation of Omran Daqneesh — child victims of conflict championed by the U.S., with goals having next to nothing to do with humanitarianism as so proclaimed — could arguably be deemed the most abominable use of innocents for imperialist purposes in morass in Syria.

Bana’s CNN appearance led to others — including TIME Magazine, which named her one of the top 25 most influential people; the advocacy of CNN journalist, Jake Tapper, who suggested Bana as a viable news source; and, recently, a book deal with Simon & Schuster — despite her inability to form reliably coherent sentences in English.

Another keen example of these discrepancies between written words ostensively belonging to Bana and her statements on video — a collection of misspelled basic words and sophisticated syntax even the casual observer could theorize issued from two, separate people — surfaced in January, when the BBC republished what was said to be her letter to President Donald Trump.

“I lived in Syria my whole life before I left from besieged East Aleppo on December last year. I am part of the Syrian children who suffered from the Syrian war,” Bana al-Abed — a seven-year-old child, putatively writing in her second language — wrote to the president, with bolding added to highlight the more glaringly adult syntax.

“I am very sad about them and wish they were with me because we would play together by right now. I couldn’t play in Aleppo, it was the city of death. …Right now in Turkey, I can go out and enjoy. I can go to school although I didn’t yet. That is why peace is important for everyone including you.However, millions of Syrian children are not like me right now and suffering in different parts of Syria. They are suffering because of adult people.”

But if the pro-regime change propaganda in the supposed authentic letter weren’t off-putting enough, the BBC implores Trump to consider succumbing emotionally to the child’s pleas to depose Assad — albeit without explicitly stating as much.

“Turkey, where Bana and her family now live, supports the Syrian opposition. But President Trump’s position is not yet clear,” the BBC notes, suggesting that, were the president not to support the U.S.-armed, funded, and trained ‘moderate Syrian rebels’ in opposition to the elected administration of Assad, he would be acting single-handedly against Syria’s war-weary children.

Simple manipulation by the media, a refined vocabulary, and disparities in written and spoken comprehension of the English language obviate only superficially something amiss with the story of Bana al-Abed.

Leery of the niggling details, Bartlett, the journalist, previously interviewed Syrian colleague, Khaled Iskef, on the exploitation of Daqneesh — and revisited the topic in reference to Bana al-Abed. She writes:

“For his research, Iskef did more than look at the social media accounts of the family. He went to their home, which happened to be just meters around the corner from an al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) headquarters, and less than 400 meters down the street from the main Al-Qaeda headquarters in Aleppo.”

Iskef learned Ghassan al-Abed, Bana’s father, describes himself on Twitter as an “Independent lawyer, Activist against terrorism and ISIS” — but that, as well as any pretense the family randomly became the face of pro-interventionist policy, falls apart upon inspection. Bartlett writes,

“In the al-Abed home, Iskef found a notebook documenting Ghassan’s work with terrorists over the years. According to the notebook (and coinciding with photos formerly on his social media pages) Ghassan Al-Abed was a military trainer for the Islamic Sawfa Brigade, and worked in the Shariah Council in the occupied state Eye Hospital, under the control of ISIS for a time until 2014, and al-Nusra for all of the time that al-Abed was there. The Shariah Council which al-Abed worked with passed decisions on imprisonment and assassination of the captured civilians being tried.”

From the location near vital al-Qaeda headquarters where photos were taken of Bana to her father’s and grandfather’s direct ties to the terrorist group, nothing about this little Syrian girl with massively popular social media accounts is as simple as made to appear.

When extenuating circumstances shred the thin semblance of innocence from an innocent child’s plea, the pro-war propaganda is working precisely as designed — precisely to engender your support for continued Western intervention in a sovereign nation’s conflict.

To propagandists, a child’s lips can do more to rile public outrage against nebulous geopolitical conflicts than any studied presentation on the merits of an aggressive military campaign ever could.

This is not a condemnation of Bana al-Abed. Rather, that condemnation is reserved for the unscrupulous adults eagerly proffering an innocent, photogenic face of the Syrian war — when they know the contrary to be true — to enjoin support for yet more bombs to be dropped on countless other innocent children who will never know the perks of a timely book deal.

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Israel’s Dirty Little Secret – How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

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