EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Col. Buys 24 Billboards To Expose Cops Who Executed His Son


Thirteen years have passed since one man’s son was fatally shot by police officers, and he cannot rest until his family sees the men who shot and killed his son brought to justice. Unsatisfied with the turn-around investigation which, predictably, exonerated all of the officers involved, Michael Bell Sr. has now leased 24 billboards in and around Kenosha, Wisconsin, calling for an investigation into his son’s death to be reopened.

Lt. Col. Michael Bell (USAF, Ret.) lost his son, also named Michael Bell, 13 years ago. After a night of drinking, Bell was reportedly the soberest of his friends and drove his friend’s SUV home early on the morning of Nov. 9, 2004.

Kenosha Police encountered Bell in front of his own home. When approached by officers, he got out of the car. He was told to get back in and when he did not fully comply with officers’ commands, an altercation began, escalating to the point at which one officer shot the young man in the head, killing him instantly.

Bell was unarmed when he was shot and killed in front of his mother, sister, and three neighbors. “I cannot even think of one time in my son’s life where he even fired a bb gun,” Bell Sr. said.

At one point in the conflict, one officer believed the young man had taken his pistol and was going to kill him. After a third officer approached, he was ordered to shoot Bell, and he executed the young man with a carefully placed shot to his temple.

“They placed the gun so tightly to his head that the slide moved and rendered the gun unable to fire, so the removed the gun, and placed it a second time to his head and shot him.”

Following the young man’s homicide, Bell Sr. used his influence and activism to change Wisconsin state law. Before Bell Sr. got involved, all law enforcement agencies were allowed to investigate officer-involved shootings themselves, essentially making it possible to easily clear their colleagues of any criminal wrongdoing, such as shooting an unarmed suspect in the head while he is being restrained by another officer. Following the retired Lieutenant Colonel’s vigilance, a new state law was signed April 23, 2014, by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“I am able to talk about his death because I received a million-dollar settlement with the city of Kenosha, and I used all of that money plus a lot of my own to get Wisconsin to change their laws.”

Now, when a suspect is killed in an officer-involved shooting, two independent investigators must be representatives from an outside agency (such as the State Bureau of Investigations, or another unrelated LEA). The LEA which is involved can be a part of the investigation but cannot be the lead investigator in the subsequent investigation. Understandably, Michael Bell Sr. now wants his son’s case to be reopened and investigated by an outside agency.

“And I will tell you right now that’s why I am doing this,” Bell told PTP. He recounted case after case where police officers in Wisconsin were planting evidence at crime scenes and using positions of authority to steer investigations in the direction they wanted them to go. As a result, Bell has been taking out full page advertisements in newspapers like USA Today and others to highlight the police corruption and cover-ups he found in the city of Kenosha.

All of which are the reasons Bell leased the billboards:

“I actually hired a researcher and we looked at the history of law enforcement investigations in the State of Wisconsin. And since 1885, the year that Wisconsin formed their police and fire commissions, we could not find one unjustified ruling by three of those reviewing authorities (which are the police department itself, coroner’s inquest, and Police and Fire Commission). We were only able to find three shootings that were deemed unjustified by a district attorney. One officer committed suicide. The two other officers served prison time.”

Bell stated that in one of the three cases where an officer-involved shooting was deemed unjustified, it was only because a citizen brought forth information that revealed the officer was lying. As a result, Bell believes, “It is not the job of citizens to investigate police crimes but we have to.”

“My son’s investigation was complete within 36 hours…They exonerated themselves…so that’s another indication of the problems that occurred here.”

The retired Air Force veteran believes other states should follow the lead of Wisconsin and make it a state law to require outside agencies to be a part of all officer-involved shooting investigation. He said his billboards were the reason why he was so successful in getting the state law passed. Here is a look at the billboards, which are currently displayed 24-hours a day in Kenosha. For more information or to get involved, go to michaelbell.info.

Officer Eric Strausbaugh committed suicide. He was the officer who claimed Bell had taken his gun. “I think he made an honest mistake,” Bell admitted. Officers Erich Wiedner and Albert Gonzales are still on the force. Lieutenant Krueger has since retired. Krueger, Strausbaugh, and Gonzales received the Meritorious Service Award in May 2005, which prompted Bell to take action, change the law, and now call for the reopening of what he perceives as his son’s unjustifiable homicide. The problem I have is that the police department covered it up and tried to blame it on my son, Bell concluded.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/veteran-son-executed-police-using-millions-billboards/

EXCLUSIVE: Family Says Cop Killed Unarmed Father, Shooting Him from 50 Yards Away


West Nanticoke, PA — The friends and family of a homeless father are now mourning his death after he was reportedly shot and killed by a local game warden. Although the man had a history of run-ins with the law, his family claims he was not violent.

Sean Bohinski, 37, was melting scrap copper down into bars when he was approached by a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officer who was patrolling nearby waters. Friends say Bohinski retrieved binoculars because he believed a boat had capsized in the river and he wanted to see it. Shortly after heading back to the river, he was gunned down by the wildlife officer.

Bohinski was homeless, living in the woods behind a relative’s house, and earning a subsistence living by recycling copper. He would melt copper wires down into ingot and sell the scrap metal for cash. He was no stranger to law enforcement, though, having a history of running from police—something his family admits he did every chance he was encountered by the law.

Most likely, he ran because he had warrants for not paying child support for some of his eight children with several women. But they insist he was not a violent man and had never attempted to strike a law enforcement officer.

That all changed on Tuesday when PA Fish and Boat Commission officer, Aaron Lupacchini, approached Bohinski on the riverbanks where he was melting copper wire. The District Attorney’s office, which is investigating the shooting, says a fight broke out between Lupacchini and Bohinski. They claim the homeless man beat the officer with a rock and attempted to drown him. Assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce told reporters:

“For some reason, a fight ensued with that male. The officer was struck repeatedly, and so far the evidence tends to indicate that there may have been an attempt to drown that officer. The officer discharged his weapon. He struck the individual who is now deceased.”

Mike Grabinski, Bohinski’s brother, said he was fairly certain his brother was trying to get away. “I can bet my life my brother tried to run. He’s been put in that situation before and he ran from them. He just didn’t want to go to jail,” he said.

Heidi Grabko, Bohinski’s girlfriend, and mother of two of his children, told The Free Thought Project that he was afraid of going back to jail. He spent time in jail for failing to pay back child support to the mothers of his other children.

Grabko told WNEP News 16 that Bohinski “was a great father” who would never attempt to kill a police officer. She does not believe the officer’s side of the story.

“He just was burning wire down here, which he always did,” Grabko said. “He actually picked up garbage and cleaned up around here and did good around here, not bad. He never got into fights. He would never hurt anybody. He would never do that.”

Grabko also said Bohinski was a pacifist by nature who would give the shirt off of his back to a stranger. He would never hurt anybody. “He never would even kill a spider in our house. It just hurts a lot,” she said.

Bohinski’s best friend, Jack Faux, also does not believe the officer is telling the truth about what happened. Faux called Lupacchini a liar and a coward in a Facebook post:

“You scumbag hope something happens to you for what you did you killed a man with a family and lied about how it happened you piece of shit hope you can’t sleep at night cause a decent man wouldn’t be able to after killing a man for no reason rot in hell you stupid little f—boy.”

In an earlier Facebook post, Faux claims Bohinski was nowhere near the water and was actually killed at a distance—not from up close, as the official police narrative implies. Faux said he believes the officer actually shot Bohinski at a distance of 50 yards.

“1 of my (best friend’s) brother in-law was killed today by a game commission guy shot him at 50 yards away and he said he tried to drown him he wasn’t even by the water f— scumbag cowered piece of shit he was a good dude.”

The only witness to the shooting death was a neighbor who said she heard two shots fired and then saw Officer Lupacchini emerge from the woods bleeding from his head. Grabko told TFTP her boyfriend was shot in the chest and the arm, although the official autopsy has not yet been published.

Heidi Grabko

Posted by Sean Bohinski on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Predictably, the press has published several articles detailing Bohinski’s history with police, which does not describe him as a particularly violent man, just one who does not like to be in jail. He once escaped from prison and was charged with a felony for escaping. All in all, his record appears to portray the homeless man as someone who feared the system of justice to which he was subjected. However, he did have warrants for his arrest for failing to pay child support. Family and friends say at one point the system was taking 75 percent of his weekly earnings when he had a job to pay for his many children.

Somewhere along the way, Bohinski figured out a way to get by, live on his own in the woods, and earning a subsistence living in the process, so long as he did not get caught by police.

When the law did catch up to him, he paid for it with his life. Bohinski is now one of around 1,200 individuals who are killed by police each year. It is likely the truth about what happened along that waterway will never be fully known, as it is now one police officer’s word against the word of a dead man. Officer Lupacchini is said to be in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Faux says he went to the riverside to see for himself, as it is only shouting distance from his home. “He was nowhere near water at all,” he said, refuting the officer’s contention that Bohinski was trying to kill him by drowning.

Faux said what likely happened was that Bohinski took off running, the officer fell and hit his head, and then started shooting at him after getting mad.

“Whenever he seen the law, he did run from them, but it was over support (child support). They’re trying to say he was a bad man and he was wanted but he don’t fight with them. Who in their right mind would swing at a cop over support? It’s impossible.”

Faux says the notion that Bohinski would hit a police officer with a rock or try to drown him is “all bullshit.”

“I didn’t need to be there to know the whole story that cop (Aaron Lupacchini) is telling is bullshit. I’ve known this kid my whole life. He comes by my house two to three times a day. I know him better than anybody,” Faux said, insisting that Bohinski actually died 30 or 40 yards from the shore, which is why he knows the officer’s story is not adding up.

It remains to be seen whether Lupacchini was wearing a Body Camera at the time of the incident, and if so, whether that footage will be released.

TFTP reached out to Eric Levis, Press Secretary for PA’s Fish and Boat Commission with a number of questions. We are awaiting his response and will keep you updated as we know more. In a statement by the acting District Attorney for Luzerne County, Stefanie J. Salvantis said the shooting was justified.

In the statement, she described the officer’s version of events saying Bohinski was unarmed but was using river rocks to attack Lupacchini. She said the officer elected to fire three rounds into Bohinski at close range after the encounter left him, “bleeding excessively, dizzy, and exhausted.” The statement does not describe whether or not he was shot in the front or in the back.

The family maintains he was fleeing when he was killed and that he would never strike an officer. They also said in statements on social media that eyewitnesses on the scene said the officer was not wet, as earlier reports indicated the man attempted to drown him.

Also, we were approached by a Luzerne county fisherman who said he filed an incident report about the game warden in question and said he was so troubled by the officer’s actions that he also wrote a letter to his representatives but he would not go into any details as to what made his encounter with Lupacchini so disturbing. He says he fears retaliation by the Fish and Boating Commission.


Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/father-shot-killed-game-warden/

Sott Exclusive: Removing the ‘gender straitjacket’


A recent Global Early Adolescent Study analyzed how gender is learned, enforced and reinforced among early adolescents in 15 countries. It concluded that culturally-enforced gender stereotypes – that is to say, calling a boy a boy and a girl a girl – are linked to an increased risk of mental and physical health problems later in life. The study found these ‘stereotypes’ leave the girls at greater risk of exposure to physical and sexual violence, child marriage, and HIV, and boys at greater risk of substance abuse and suicide. It is not clear from the study if a global control group of boys and girls who had grown into adults without ever having been referred to as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ was used in order to make the study’s conclusions even remotely plausible.

It should be noted that the alleged ‘life-long negative consequences’ referred to above are definitely NOT the result of social ills that have existed in human societies for millennia, but are the direct result of parents referring to and treating their male children as males or ‘boys’ and their female children as females or ‘girls’. As such, the authors of the study suggest that the small percentage of human beings that have a hormonal/brain chemical imbalance that presents as confusion about sexual identity should be used as a bench-mark for instructing young, well-balanced children on their own sexual identity.

According to the study, the problem is that when a female human child is treated as a female, she is effectively ‘indoctrinated’ with the idea that there exists a certain ‘sexual attraction’ between females and males which, until now, was believed to be a function of the biological and genetic mandate inherent in most human beings that ensures the continuation of the species, similar to how so-called ‘females’ and ‘males’ of other species ensure the continuation of their own kind. This belief however, has been proven false by the new study, which revealed that the alleged biological mandate is nothing more than a cultural manipulation by our global patriarchal society – albeit one that has been rather persistent and widespread throughout human history – that attempts to ensure that women continue to labor under the illusion that one of their primary biological functions is to bear children.

When a male child is treated as a male, he is similarly indoctrinated with the idea that sexual attraction between male and female humans is ‘natural’. Believing this lie, the male adult attempts to secure a female with whom he can reproduce. In this task, the male will often make efforts to charm the female by way of compliments and the offering of gifts. All too often, however, his efforts come to naught because the entire basis of his belief in fixed male and female biology is erroneous. After several such failures, the male adult may resort to substance abuse and suicide to dull the pain of repeated rejection by his prospective mate.

The solution, as outlined by the study, is for the deceptive established gender roles to be inverted or abolished. For example, the male child should be taught in school that the female can and should ‘sweep the male off his feet’, that the female can be the primary money-earner in a relationship (if one is successfully established), perhaps working a 50-hour week on a construction site, while the male should be encouraged to fulfill the role of ‘house husband’ and, if technology allows, the child-bearer. Alternatively, school children can simply be taught nothing about the cultural concepts of ‘male’ and ‘female’ or the previously established gender and biological roles. Instead, they should be allowed to decide for themselves what their roles in later life should be and they should not be constrained by something as malleable as biology. This process should be pursued at as young an age as possible, when children have a very limited understanding of what life entails.

The study contends that if more accurate and progressive portrayals of gender and human biology are enforced in schools, and that if the oppressive ‘gender strait-jacket’ is removed, women will be less likely to be the object of sexual advances from men, and men will be much happier and less prone to drug-taking and suicide. There exists, however, the possibility that at some point in the future, such a reversal of gender roles may result in a concomitant reversal of the life-long negative consequences previously provoked by ‘cis-normative’ gender roles. That is to say, men will experience more sexual abuse and women will take more drugs and commit suicide more often.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/363624-Sott-Exclusive-Removing-the-gender-straitjacket

Exclusive: Trump Looking to Release JFK Assassination Files

President Trump is expected to declassify CIA documents relating to the JFK assassination which may finally debunk the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

The president spoke to Infowars correspondent Roger Stone on Thursday about releasing more JFK files to the public to the dismay of the CIA.

“He was all ears,” Stone said. “The president believes in transparency… he believes in the public’s right to know.”

“I am optimistic that the president is going to do the right thing.”

The JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated that the assassination records would be released in late 2017 unless “the president certifies that continued postponement is made necessary by an identifiable harm… of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in disclosure.”

There’s no indication that President Trump will block the release.

“Now, a very good White House source – not the president – told me that CIA Director Mike Pompeo has been lobbying the president to furiously not to release these documents.”

“Why? Because I believe they show Oswald was trained, nurtured and put into place by the CIA.”

“It sheds very bad light on the Deep State, the very same characters trying to take down our president right now,” Stone added.

Copyright Information: This article was reprinted with permission from Infowars.com. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.

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EXCLUSIVE: Organic bone broth products found to be clear of all agricultural chemicals; lab tests confirm why organic really is better

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

Mike Adams serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation. He has also achieved numerous laboratory breakthroughs in the programming of automated liquid handling robots for sample preparation and external standards prep.

The U.S. patent office has awarded Mike Adams patent NO. US 9526751 B2 for the invention of “Cesium Eliminator,” a lifesaving invention that removes up to 95% of radioactive cesium from the human digestive tract. Adams has pledged to donate full patent licensing rights to any state or national government that needs to manufacture the product to save human lives in the aftermath of a nuclear accident, disaster, act of war or act of terrorism. He has also stockpiled 10,000 kg of raw material to manufacture Cesium Eliminator in a Texas warehouse, and plans to donate the finished product to help save lives in Texas when the next nuclear event occurs. No independent scientist in the world has done more research on the removal of radioactive elements from the human digestive tract.

Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and American Indians. He is of Native American heritage, which he credits as inspiring his “Health Ranger” passion for protecting life and nature against the destruction caused by chemicals, heavy metals and other forms of pollution.

Adams is the founder and publisher of the open source science journal Natural Science Journal, the author of numerous peer-reviewed science papers published by the journal, and the author of the world’s first book that published ICP-MS heavy metals analysis results for foods, dietary supplements, pet food, spices and fast food. The book is entitled Food Forensics and is published by BenBella Books.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Through the non-profit CWC, Adams also launched Nutrition Rescue, a program that donates essential vitamins to people in need. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed “strange fibers” found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health “gurus,” dangerous “detox” products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released over fifteen popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

Click here to read a more detailed bio on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at HealthRanger.com.

Find more science, news, commentary and inventions from the Health Ranger at:

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-13-exclusive-organic-bone-broth-products-found-to-be-clear-of-all-agricultural-chemicals-lab-tests-confirm-why-organic-really-is-better.html

EXCLUSIVE: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent, antibiotics and prescription drugs – Consumer Wellness Center

Image: EXCLUSIVE: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent, antibiotics and prescription drugs – Consumer Wellness Center

(Natural News)
Popular Bone Broth Protein products sold by companies like Ancient Nutrition, Left Coast and PrecisionNaturals have been found to contain an array of chemicals, according to mass spec laboratory science research conducted by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center.

According to a press release issued today by the CWC, popular Bone Broth Protein products sold on Amazon.com and across the natural products industry contain chemicals which include antibiotics, prescription drug chemicals and an insect repellent sold as part of a brand name insecticide product named “Pyrocide.” (More details shown below.) Products were selected for testing based on their popularity on Amazon.com. All the products tested were non-organic. No companies paid the CWC to be included or excluded from lab tests, and neither the CWC nor its executive director have any financial stake in bone broth products.

Continued coverage of Bone Broth product testing is being launched at a new website BoneBroth.news.

Powerful insect repellent found in nearly every bone broth powder sample tested

Seven out of the eight samples tested showed the presence of Dipropyl isocinchomeronate, also known as MGK-326 and sold as the key chemical constituent of a brand name insecticide known as “Pyrocide 100.” (See PesticideInfo.org for details of chemical composition and toxicity.)

Pyrocide is described by its manufacturer as a, “dual-synergized fogging concentrate provides both flushing action and quick knockdown of a wide range of pests.”

PesticideInfo.org lists this chemical as the predominant active chemical ingredient in “Pyrocide,” depicting a skull and crossbones icon beside the chemical under the column labeled “Carcinogen.”

Dipropyl isocinchomeronate, which may also be called “Di-n-propyl 2, 5-pyridinedicarboxylate” or “MGK Repellent 326” (see EnvironmentalChemistry.com for synonyms), was detect in Bone Broth products from the following manufacturers:

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Sports Research
  • Left Coast
  • LonoLife

The almost universal presence of this chemical in bone broth products that were tested so far indicates a very high likelihood that the processing machinery and equipment used in the manufacture of these bone broth products is frequently saturated with this chemical.

The Material Safety Data Sheet of Pyrocide, published by its manufacturer (MGK.com), warns against ingesting the substance:

If swallowed, IMMEDIATELY call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. DO NOT give any liquid to the person. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a poison control center or a doctor. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

The MSDS also states that users of the insecticide should “prevent entry into waterways, sewers, basements or confined areas” and warns that people should “avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.” Further warnings state: “Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Use with local exhaust ventilation.”

Very high dose exposure to the chemical — far beyond any amount detected in Bone Broth Protein products — was found to produce “marginally higher incidences of benign liver tumors in mice.”

Other chemicals detected in popular Bone Broth Protein products

Here are additional chemicals that were confirmed to be present in popular Bone Broth Protein products. The top graphic for each chemical is the extraction ion chromatography showing accurate mass. The bottom graphic for each chemical is the extracted spectra, confirming the isotopic ratios, isotopic spacing and other “fingerprint” factors such as sodium adducts.

Butylparaben (Butyl paraben)
– An antimicribiol preservative used in cosmetics

Dipropyl isocinchomeronate (MGK-326) (also sold as “Pyrocide”)
– An insect repellent

– A vasodilator drug

– An antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections

Full results of the testing are available exclusively through Good Gopher Mail, a free, uncensored email alert service that bypasses Google’s censorship of science and the mainstream media’s censorship of truth. To receive email alerts about these test results — and other test results delivered on a regular basis — sign up for a free Good Gopher Mail account at Mail.GoodGopher.com.

Scientifically confirmed in five different ways

According to the CWC:

Chemical analytes were confirmed using five different scientific analysis methods. Those methods, encompassed in LC-MS-TOF analysis, include accurate mass, retention time, isotopic ratios, isotopic spacing and ion fragmentation “fingerprint” analysis. 

Watch the following video summary of the science announcement. The full announcement, about one hour long, is being posted by the CWC in approximately 24 hours at ConsumerWellness.org:

Organic bone broth tests coming soon

Organic Bone Broth products have recently become available, and the CWC will test those products in the very near future. Secure an email account at Good Gopher Mail to receive those results when they are published.




Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-05-exclusive-bone-broth-protein-products-found-to-contain-insect-repellent-antibiotics-and-prescription-drugs-consumer-wellness-center.html

Soros Has Created the Battleground for America’s Second Civil War- Exclusive Report



new california

This is a breaking and exclusive story that has not even made its way into Independent Media. California’s seismic activity centered around the San Andreas fault is no match for the tremendous upheaval that is going on inside the state. What is going on in California is a breeding ground and a presecription for violent revolution. And as you would expect, at the center of it all, is George Soros.

A State with No Cohesion

California is a state which is going through tremedous upheaval. There are competing forces which are fighting for the control of the 8th largest economy in the world. The political interests of California could not be more diverse. Economically, California is home to the greatest poverty in the nation as well as the greatest level of affluence. California’s political interests could not be more diverse. The political interests of the State Legislature would make Hitler and Mussolini blush with envy at the extreme liberalism and lack of personal libertiess. However, some of the most ardent conservatives live in one of America’s most affluent counties (Orange County). For 10 million of California’s diverse population, English is not the first language spoken. In short, the interests in California are so diverse that it is hard to believe that a violent revolution does not lie in the state’s future.

The State of Jefferson

state of jefferson banner

The people in No. California have received no help and protection from their state government emanating from the ravages perpetrated upon the residents by the BLM and the EPA. Water compact and historical land use agreements have been frequently been violated by the Federal government to the extent that the residents and their elected representatives, mostly the County Commissioners, led a political rebellion to create their own state, the State of Jefferson.

The movement was completely legal and followed the creation of the new proposed state through Article IV Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution which states:

 New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.” 

Thus, the legal and well-respected movement was born and was moving towards accomplishing the goal of statehood. However, George Soros, the United Nations and the globalists, as a whole had very different ideas.




According to Paul Preston, reports are circulating that numerous state legislators from California, including “California Senate pro tem Kevin de Leon), State representatives from Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado have been meeting with members of La Raza, the Mexican government (consulate), Mexican Mafia (“La EME”), California’s violent Mexican gangs (Nortenos /Sureños/ Sur 13), La Familia () and religious leaders (Catholic / Jesuits) to come up with a plan to separate from the United States as well as the above mentioned states”. Governor Brown, his aides, and the Bank of China have been in attendance in several of these meetings designed to sever California from the US. Further, The Common Sense Show has learned, independent of Paul Preston, that George Soros is bankrolling some of the costs associated with this movement. In addition to Soros, the United Nations and the Chinese government have had representatives at the CALEXIT meetings.

Two Japanese Generals had an all day beheading contest. Can the use of guillotines really be that far-fetched?

Two Japanese Generals had an all day beheading contest. The ring leader was Sasakawa.

Most shockingly, members of the Sasakawa Japanese crime family are in cahoots with Gov. Brown’s efforts to become El Presidente of California. By the way, the Sasakawa crime family is named after the one and only Sasakawa who engineered the brutal “Rape of Nanking”. After the war Sasakawa was not executed because he had money and could used as an asset. The Sasakawa  crime family came to run Mitsubishi. In addition, subsequent meetings revealed that the Bank of China is helping to bankroll this movement in conjunction with George Soros. I want to emphasize that the Obama administration had representatives in the same room as these organized criminals. This is treason of the highest order. Today, former Attorney General, Eric Holder, is leading the movement.

In addition to the criminal cabal elements already mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, MS-13 has entered into this equation. Based upon information that I received from Border Patrol and DEA personnel, obtained in the summer of 2014, I learned that MS-13 was being captured by the Border Patrol and then ordered released by DHS. This is significant because MS-13, as I reported 38 months ago plays the role of political assassins for the cartels in Mexico in which they carry out hits on law enforcement, political leaders, members of the media and their respective family members. Their presence guarantees the same behaviors in California and perhaps beyond for any and all opposition to this unholy alliance.

On a related note, I recently interviewed Congressman Paul Gosar (9/17/17) on The Common Sense Show, and he expressed grave concern about the role that MS-13 is playing and will play in our country.

What If CALEXIT Is Not Successful:An Insider Eyewitness Speaks Out

In addition to what Paul Preston revealed as to the brains behind the Calexit movement, he revealed that he has a man on the inside, let’s call him “Mike”, as Paul Preston calls him.

“Mike” not only reported on the attendees of these Calexit meetings, this insider reports CONFIRMED the Obama administration had three members in attendance and the administration is in support of this movement. Again, this point cannot emphasized too strongly. :Mike” also said that plans to start killing white people were discussed amongst the gangsters in attendance should CALEXIT falter.

Need I point out that this man’s life would be in grave danger if it were discovered that he was a plant and reporting to the Independent Media? Therefore, his identity will never be released.

The La Raza movement seems to be at the core of this movement. However, the original movement has morphed in its scope and implementation.

Brief History of  Reconquista Atzlan

There is no legal mechanism in which a state can legally withdraw from the United States.  I have written about this before as this plan to leave the United States is known in Mexico as the Reconquista movement meaning to reconquer what was forfeited from Mexico following the Mexican American war in the mid-19th century in which the United States purchased land from the defeated Mexico. La Raza and its first cousin MECHA espouse Trotsky’s principles for overthrowing all 8 state governments involved the taking of what once was Mexican land.

The Reconquista movement is so controversial (i.e. the announced intention to expel all Whites from an 8 state area), that the plan has temporarily been reduced and morphed into a plan called Calexit, which used to be referred to at one-time as “YES, CALIFORNIA!”

The Reconquista Movement once looked like this on paper:

Today, these covert meetings indicate that the plan has been reduced to just California and the radicalized La Raza has taken a backseat, publicly, but has been instrumental in bringing together the criminal elements of this unholy organization. I think it likely that California is only a starting point and that this movement is going to spread far and wide. Look at the membership attendees, the state officials are from several states, not just California. This is a safe conclusion to make.

For the reader’s convenience, I included the radio interview with Paul Preston. I have conducted many interesting and sometimes shocking interviews in the nearly 10 years I have been doing radio as the host of The Common Sense Show.  However, I must say that I am stunned by the totality of the criminal element that is participating in the breakup of California and how that criminal element is partnering with elected officials, both federal and state, as they conspire to commit treason against the United States, as well as California.

If one thinks that these assertions are far-fetched, please watch the brief interview recently conducted by Tucker Carlson of Fox News with a spokesperson of Calexit:


As I look at these unfolding facts, I shake my head in amazement as it would be impossible make this information up because of its totally bizarre nature.


The following video is the interview  contains some details that was not included in this article and is provided as contextual background material and verfication for many of the claims made in this article. .

Also at these meetings were the representative of George Soros. The ultimate plan for CALEXIT is to become its own country, but only as a protectorate of the United Nations. At my latest count, there are 23 movements for various states to withdraw from the country and George Soros has his fingerprints on all of them.

It is clear that Soros is planning to destroy the United States from within through this movement. CALEXIT even has gone so far as to open an embassy in Moscow.

Courtesy of Russia Today

Press conference announcing the formation of the CALEXIT embassy in Russia.  Courtesy of Russia Today

On December 15, 2016, Paul Preston told me that CALEXIT had opened an embassy in Russia. On December 18, 2016, Russia Today published the following:

The movement, Yes California, is hoping for a “Calexit” break from the US. Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Louis Marinelli, leader of the movement, said the embassy will not deal with diplomatic issues, but will act as more of a cultural center that will educate Russians about California’s history, boost trade ties and promote tourism.”

In case you are keeping score, Governnor Jerry Brown is in full support of this movement. This movement is illegal and the participants are guilty of Treason and Sedition because Article 4 Section 3 of the Constitution does not permit the withdrawal of state from the country.

The CALEXIT and the State of Jefferson Movement Are Incompatible

CALEXIT cannot succeed f the State of JEfferson movement goes forward. Enter George Soros. How does George Soros deal with opposition? His history says he takes it over and destroys the opposiition from the inside. And this is exactly what Soros did to the Jefferson movement.

In case one has been in a coma for the past several years, it is well-known that Soros and Moveon.org are one in the same. Meckler is a leader and strong proponent of the law suit being promoted by the second group.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The above picture is of Mark Meckler and Moveon.org founder and leader, Joan Blades. Gotcha!

As they say in the infomercial business, there is more.

According to some I have spoken with in the area, Chuck Beretz is a staunch advocate for the CALEXIT movement. Below, Berets, takes the damning photo of Meckler and Blades and praises their alliances (ie “building bridges). Please note the CALEXIT reference in Beretz’s link in the tweet.

As a result, Soros confiscated the Jefferson movement. The movement promptly launched a law suit that was totally irrelevant to the movement. The obvious purpose was to drain the resources of the movement so it would die. And die it has. I spoke with Paul Preston by phone on 9/18/17 and he stated that the Jefferson movement was dead.

The Soros takeover of the Jefferson movement has been vehemently denied. However, the evidence is omnipresent.

Mark Meckler, one of the founders of the Tea Party joins Geroge Soros operative Joan Blades of MoveOn.org for a “Living Room Conversation” on January 12, 2017 in Berkeley, Calif.  Blades hosted the talk, which sought to bring representatives from both sides of the spectrum to seek common ground on issues. According to the article Meckler and Blades “have been talking online and over the phone for a few years now. Quietly, until now.”Meckler is the front man for radio talk show host Mark Levin’s “convention of states” movement according the Paul Preston

The meeting was revealed in a ‘tweet’ from ‘CalExit’ activist Chuck Beretz.  Cal Exit is the George Soros sponsored movement to have California become it’s own nation. Here is one of the CALEXIT and “Kill the Jefferson movement” which has destroyed the statehood dreams of the proposed 51st state.

So, is the Jefferson movement dead? It would appear so, as the Soros operatives have succeeded in destroying the Jefferson movement. Is California going to be the first of several states that will withdraw from the country, thus, leading to the demise of the United States? Not exactly. Paul Preston and his colleagues have resurrected the movement and have named it New California. Paul will be my guest on The Common Sense Show, on Octoober 1st, to discuss these developments in detai.

New California

The proposed map of New California can be found at the top of this article.

New California is a new state in development exercising it’s Constitutional Right to form from the State of California. The process to form New California is authorized and codified in Article IV Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution in the same manner as the State of Jefferson. 

The movement has attracted monied interests as well as the suppot of 40 out of the 58 counties in California. Ne California has released the following demographic report:

“Demographic Estimates 2016 Populations    New California 15 Million  California 45 Million   New California will be the 6th largest State behind New York (bigger than Illinois and Penn),    It’s Estimated 25-27 seats in the US House of Representatives will go to New California   Old California will become the 2nd most populous state behind Texas and ahead of Florida, losing 25-27 seats in the  US House of Representatives   The 5 Southern New California counties have a population of just over 11million If they were to break away they would be a state the size of Ohio, probably larger as some other counties might join.”


George Soros, for the moment has been defeated. his plan is being met and the people of California have new life. the attempted break-up of the United States is in jeopardy if New California is successful.

However, this will not be the end of this story. Soros and the globalists will throw everything into defeating this newsest movement for independence.

The biggest false flag in out nation’s history is set to happen and it would make an excellent backdrop string of hurricans which have struck major metro areas and a new line of storms is set to take place as well. However, the centerpiece for geoengineering will take place in Northern California, as this would stop the New California movement in its tracks. This will be the topic of discussion in Part Two of this series.


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