Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Emergency landing hail damaged aircraft USA, huge hail in Italy and June snow for Canada

American Airlines plane damaged by hailstorm


An American Airlines flight over Texas was forced to make an emergency landing after being heavily damaged, smashed and battered by a sever hail storm which shattered the nose cone, windshield and side windows of the plane. Huge hail stones in Italy and record snow in Newfoundland St Johns Canada on June 4th, buy the media quickly removed the videos, but I was able other images on Twitter.


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State of emergency, rescues in Hawaii after severe flooding

More than 340 people have been airlifted to safety after nearly 30 inches of rain hit the Hawaiian island of Kauai, with another storm on its way.

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Emergency Igloo Shelters Help Homeless People In France Survive Freezing Temperatures

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Meet Geoffrey de Reynal, a french engineer who dedicates his time to providing shelter for France’s homeless population. The waterproof shelters known as the “Iglou”, are made of polyethylene foam and aluminum foil. When someone is inside, their body temperature heats the Igloo up and can make the shelter 15 degrees warmer than outside.

Reynal wanted to do something about the high rates of homelessness in his country and used his innovative skills to create a pop-up shelter that he can gift to those less fortunate than himself. So far, he has developed 20 shelters and distributed it to those in need. Through crowdfunding, Reynal has also raised over $22,000 and his plan is to use this money to develop further models. By next winter, Reynal’s mission is to have thousands of igloo shelters ready for those who will be seeking refuge from the cold.

Reynal is not the only one taking action to help the homeless in his country, various other initiatives have emerged too. According to The Connexion, a homeless family in Marseille were able to move in to a “portable and independent” house equipped with solar panels for energy. In Alsace, an online community work together to distribute tents and stoves, and in Strasbourg, teachers are offering accomodation in their own homes for homeless students.

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Scotland Yard holds emergency meeting as London murder toll reaches 55

Community and youth workers have been invited to the Metropolitan Police headquarters, Scotland Yard, as London’s murder investigations rose to 55 this year alone. Two people were killed just this week in the east London borough of Hackney, while another six were taken to hospital on Thursday after being injured in knife attacks.

Among those attending the meeting will be Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy, who recently spoke out to say police are “vanishing” from the streets of the capital, and Nicola Calica-Myall, an activist against knife crime whose son survived after being stabbed 37 times at the age of 17.

“It’s important to know that our fears as a community are being recognized and things are in place,” Calica-Myall said, according to the Guardian. “It’s everybody’s problem and more Londoners need to recognize this situation may not go away any time soon.”

It comes as the former head of diversity and policing in Tottenham, Victor Olisa, warned that police are losing control of public spaces and hit out at senior officials for their “deafening silence.”

“Communities are saying we don’t see the police around anymore,” he said. “It appears to people I have spoken to as though the police have lost control of public spaces and the streets,” the Guardian reports. “The silence from senior officers in the Met is deafening. They should say we need more information from the public, this is what we are doing, this is what the results are.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has tried to take control of the spate of violence by pledging to adopt ‘Al Capone’ tactics to deter potential criminals and take violent offenders off the streets “for any crime.” She added a further 120 officers will be deployed to tackle organized crime, apparently in addition to the 80-member Operation Sceptre anti-knife unit launched last May.

READ MORE: Labour MP David Lammy rants on live TV about ‘vanishing’ police… as cop stands in background (VIDEO)

However, Olisa said that wider cuts were making police officers’ jobs harder.“You don’t have as many officers available to patrol or spend time in public spaces as you did five years ago. There is less time to build conversation lines so you can get information back.”

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Emergency Security Council Session on Bloodbath in Gaza

Emergency Security Council Session on Bloodbath in Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Late Friday, Security Council members met in emergency session – in response to Israeli violence in Gaza.

Nearly all SC members called on both sides to show restraint, ignoring Israeli mass murder, the session lasting a scant 66 minutes – from 7:42 – 8:48PM, accomplishing nothing for long-suffering Palestinians, especially besieged and attacked Gazans.

According to UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affair Taye-Brook Zerihoun, Israeli forces attacked peaceful Palestinian demonstrators with live fire, adding:

“The developments in Gaza today are again a painful reminder of the consequences of a missing peace between Israel and Palestine and the need to step up our efforts in support of a peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

UN special coordinator for the (no-peace) Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov explained Palestinians called on everyone to exercise restraint and avoid violence, adding:

“There is fear the situation might deteriorate in the coming days.  We will continue to underline that civilians, in particular children, not be targeted and that all actors refrain from putting children at risk.”

So-called “actors” are Israelis, not Palestinians, flouting core international laws and standards. Urging them to “exercise maximum restraint” is meaningless without holding them accountable for murder, other forms of violence, and oppression of a beleaguered people.

Representing the Trump administration at Friday’s SC session, deputy political coordinator Walter Miller disgracefully blamed Gazans, not Israel for Friday’s violence, saying:

“Bad actors who use protests as a cover to incite violence endanger innocent lives.”

Russian deputy UN envoy Vladimir Safronkov shamefully urged both sides to show restraint – ignoring premeditated Israeli mass murder, continuing a decade-long pattern, perhaps much more to come through mid-May.

Bolivian envy Pedro Luis Inchauste Jordan alone among SC members condemned Israeli violence, blaming 70 years of conflict and 50 years of occupation.

Permanent observer of the State of Palestin Riyad Mansour attended the session, demanding an immediate halt to Israeli slaughter, along with holding its officials accountable for what happened, adding:

The SC “must take a stance and condemn the massacre while providing protection for the Palestinian people, (acting with) a sense of repugnance and urgency.”

“There is nothing more repulsive than a massacre of unarmed defenseless people, including women and children.”

“We call on the Council to swiftly uphold its Charter duties and the integrity and authority of its resolutions in light of the violations and provocations against the rights and legitimate national aspirations of the Palestinian people.”

The world body and member states have done nothing to relieve Palestinian suffering, nothing to hold Israel accountable for high crimes of war, against humanity and slow-motion genocide, nothing to end over half a century of illegal occupation harshness.

US support for the Jewish state lets its rogue officials get away with mass murder and much more.

Palestinians have been victimized for decades, no relief in prospect for a long-suffering people because the world community doesn’t give a damn about their rights and welfare.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Emergency Room Visit for Kidney Stone Situation, Now What?

Emergency Room Visit for Kidney Stone Situation, Now What?

March 28th, 2018

Warning: Nothing that appears on Cryptogon should be viewed as medical advice.

At around 2am last night, I experienced a sudden onset of severe pain between my right side and lower back and down into my groin. The pain quickly grew in intensity. I knew that whatever was happening, I was in trouble. I drove myself to the hospital. (In case you’re wondering, paramedics would take 30 to 45 minutes to reach us—best case.)

Hospital staff tried to give me oral pain meds, but I puked them up within a couple of minutes. And I kept puking, shaking and wimpering for them to do something.

I thought that I was going to die.

I was passing a kidney stone.

Wikipedia describes the pain like this:

The hallmark of a stone that obstructs the ureter or renal pelvis is excruciating, intermittent pain that radiates from the flank to the groin or to the inner thigh. This pain, known as renal colic, is often described as one of the strongest pain sensations known.


I was muttering incoherently and I remember my pleas going quieter. I think I was blacking out. There was no doctor in the hospital, only a nurse who was in phone contact with a doctor. I heard the nurse say on the phone, “His pain is 10 out of 10.”

The nurse put in an IV line and started injecting stuff into me. I lost track of time. Eventually, she asked me how I was feeling, and I think I said something like, “I’m fucked. It’s game over. Whatever you gave me isn’t working.”

Back on the phone with the doctor.

“He’s still 8 out of 10 at least.”

I can then remember her hooking me up to a bottle of clear liquid. I don’t know what that stuff was, but a half hour later, I had no pain. She asked what my pain level was and I had no pain at all.

Then I fell asleep.

Hours later, the doctor who was calling the shots on the phone was standing beside my bed. She told me about kidney stones and pretty much said that I need to drink a lot more water.

She prescribed two drugs for me to take that she said would, “Help things settle down in the days ahead.”

I was in such a terrified, zonked out state that I said, “Ok, I’ll do anything you say to do.”

The drugs were Doxazosin and Diclofenac.

The label on the Doxazosin says to stop taking it if dizziness occurs. Fair enough. Then I typed it into Google and this is my favorite potential side effect:

“Rarely, males may have a painful or prolonged erection lasting 4 or more hours. If this occurs, stop using this drug and get medical help right away, or permanent problems could occur.”

Wow. That’s just great.

Then there’s this on Diclofenac:

“This medicine may cause life-threatening heart or circulation problems such as heart attack or stroke, especially if you use it long term. Do not use diclofenac just before or after heart bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass graft, or CABG).

Get emergency medical help if you have chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, or problems with vision or balance.

This medicine may also cause serious effects on the stomach or intestines, including bleeding or perforation (forming of a hole). These conditions can be fatal and can occur without warning while you are taking diclofenac, especially in older adults.”

My question to doctors and people who have gone through this kidney stone situation out there in Cryptogon-land is this:

Do the potential benefits of taking these dangerous drugs outweigh the risks???



4 Responses to “Emergency Room Visit for Kidney Stone Situation, Now What?”

  1. djc Says:

    Hi Kevin, as you know drugs will only mask symptoms and given the results of your search I wouldn’t want the drugs – perhaps a visit to a naturopath and a diet change need to be considered. Anyway, check out greenmedinfo – it really is invaluable –

  2. Miraculix Says:

    There is a non-pharma solution. A traditional plant from the South American pharmacopia is known as “chanca piedra”, or “stone breaker”. One can buy the raw leaf and brew a highly effective grassy tea, or purchase concentrated tinctures. I “enjoyed” a similar experience a few years back. A healthy dollop of raw honey and a drop of orange oil in the tea renders it better than palatable — and I haven’t had another one since. Honestly, I’m mildly surprised you’re not already aware of this vector — but no matter. Here’s wishing you less pain and more healing, w/o all the side effects the allopaths pharma products portray as “curative”.

    A couple cups of stomach-easing tea daily, or pills w/heinous “Nebenwirkungen”…?

    The wife and I waded into the realm of fasting and “cleanses” soon after leaving L.A. for the farm, and came by our awareness of Chanca Piedra during that particular learning curve.

    The “Pasteur vs. Bechamps” conflict in the 19th C. saw the rise of Pasteur’s “germ theory” against Bechamps’ “milieu theory”. This is the scientific base of the whole concept of managing acid/alkaline balance via nutrition and old-school herbology, which was essentially pre-industrial pharmacology.

    Ironically, Pasteur came around to Bechamps’ view at the end of his life, but this small truth flies in the face of contemporary culture’s germophobic obsession with anti-bacterial hand goo, et al.

    Think of it as the “War on Germs”…

  3. Kevin Says:

    Yes, I came across chanca piedra after I got home from the hospital and starting looking for alternatives. I ordered some tincture and capsules from iHerb already. I have no idea if it works or not, but at least there are no bowel perforation or zombie erection warnings on it!

  4. Kevin Says:

    I forgot. I also got some chanca piedra loose leaf tea.


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Putin-Trump Begin Emergency Talks After Top US Nuclear Commander Disappears


An alarming new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (both of whom are on the African Continent, with Tillerson cancelling all events today) have established a secure communication channel enabling advisors of both President Putin and President Trump to maintain continuous contact while investigations are taking place into the whereabouts of US Navy Vice Admiral Charles Richard—who is the Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) that controls Americas nuclear weapons in time of war—and who, for reasons unknown, has not had his presence accounted for in the past nearly 24 hours. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard is one of the most hated and loathed officers in the US Navy due to his maniacal persecution of Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier during the 2016 US presidential election—with Saucier, as a crewman aboard the Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria (SSN-757), having committed the offense of inadvertently taking pictures to preserve his memory of service, but that, also, showed classified equipment.

For such an offense always handled-in-house by the US Navy’s normal chain of command, this report continues, Seaman-Submariner Saucier was, instead, caught up in the hyper-political 2016 US presidential campaign—and whom then candidate Trump rose to defend him by asking the American people why a lowly seaman was being prosecuted while Hillary Clinton was allowed to walk free from her crimes the Obama regime wouldn’t prosecute her for.

Siding with the Obama regime against Trump, this report details, then Rear Admiral Charles Richard outrageously told a US Federal Judge that Saucier’s inadvertent photographs “had far-reaching consequences for the United States and the officers, sailors and families who serve it”—and who was aided by a US Prosecutor demanding that Saucier be jailed for at least 6 years—but who only received a one year sentence—and upon whose sentencing, saw President Obama immediately promoting Rear Admiral Richard to Vice Admiral and making him Deputy Commander of STRATCOM.

With it being common knowledge within the US Navy that President Trump would bid his time before confronting STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard for his shameful treatment of Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier, this report says, Trump’s opportunity came this past June (2017) when a tornado struck Offutt Air Force Base, in Nebraska (home base of STRATCOM)—and whose damage crippled the entire defense of the United States when only one of its four “Doomsday” communication planes use by the president during time of war was left operable—and that Vice Admiral Richard was directly responsible for as he had not dispersed these critical “Doomsday” planes prior to their being damaged—and that left the US vulnerable for months.

In early February (2018), this report continues, President Trump made a secret trip to Offutt Air Base to directly confront Vice Admiral Richard—but whose Air Force One aircraft was spotted—and that caused STRATCOM to laughably claim that all Air Force One did was “take a few loops around the base, a few touch and go landings, before refueling and flying back home”.

The reality of President Trump’s secret visit to Offutt Air Base, though, this report notes, was to personally notify STRATCOM that the Pentagon was starting an immediate audit of a $1.3 billion construction contract whose vast monies were disappearing—and that was under the direct control and supervision of STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard.

In another blow delivered to the reputation and military judgment of STRATCOM Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Charles Richard, this report concludes, President Trump, within the past 24 hours, totally invalidated Vice Admiral Richard’s entire testimony before the US Federal Court by his granting a full pardon to Seaman-Submariner Kristian Saucier—which is, in fact, a total repudiation of Vice Admiral Richard that no military commander can long survive—and who, after his receiving notice of this pardon, has now mysteriously disappeared—with some fearing he may be suicidal—but still to be thought of is the always feared “Seven In Days May” movie scenario coming true.



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Stunning development: Students bled out while emergency medical teams were ordered to STAND DOWN, delayed from entering the building

Image: Stunning development: Students bled out while emergency medical teams were ordered to STAND DOWN, delayed from entering the building

(Natural News)
You’ve probably been thinking to yourself, “Something doesn’t add up” about the Parkland, Florida school shooting. It’s becoming increasingly obvious to every intelligent observer that someone wanted to maximize the body count from the shooting. Consider the irrefutable evidence that’s been widely reported across the media:

#1) Deputy Scot Peterson stood by and refused to enter the school building even though he was armed and on-site during the entire shooting rampage. This is not in dispute.

#2) In all, four sheriff’s deputies stood down, hiding behind their cars and refusing to enter the building, according to numerous media reports including CNN’s own Jake Tapper.

#3) Their boss, Sheriff Scott Israel, is a known anti-gun Democrat who has been accused of public corruption for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to conduct “positive spin” P.R. campaigns to make himself look good. He also compares himself to Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

#4) Even the Coral Springs police who rushed to the scene (and rushed into the building) accused the Broward County sheriff’s deputies of “dereliction of duty.” This was reported by CNN and dozens of other sources.

Now, we learn that emergency responders were ordered to delay entering the building as students bled out, adding to the casualties.

Emergency responders were ordered to stand around and do nothing while students were bleeding out… WTF is going on here?

As reported by Brian Entin from Fox Affiliate WSVN in Miami, emergency responders were orders to stand down, delaying their entry into the school building while students were bleeding out.

An emergency responder told Entin, “We were asking to go in… why are we all standing around? …law enforcement… would not allow medical personnel in…” (see full response in tweet, below):

“The responder also reportedly told Entin that medical teams were willing to risk their lives to go inside and were asking their scene commander why they were standing around,” Fox News reported today. From Fox News:

The responder added, “I would hypothesize I could have saved lives. I can’t say for sure.”

Three high-ranking sources including a fire official told Fox News the responder who spoke to Entin could be accurate.

“The WSVN report is correct,” one source said.

“The WSVN report does not shock me given what I’ve found out,” said the fire official.

The allegations of a delayed EMS response came as Florida Gov. Rick Scott launched an investigation into the Broward County Sheriff’s office response on the day of the shooting and how the emergency was handled in its entirety.

All these delays point to a clear motive: MAXIMIZE the carnage for political gain

What’s clear from not just the tragic event itself but also the highly charged, heavily politicized aftermath of the tragedy (as pursued by fake news theater production companies like CNN) is that everybody was being ordered to stand down. When help was needed most, in other words, somebody was ordering all these officials to DO NOTHING.

Why do you think this could be? Why is almost no one in the media covering this stunning realization? How come no one is asking why the very people we depend on to arrive on the scene of an active shooter and engage bad guys with guns were caught standing around with their guns in their holsters rather than taking out the shooter? (As a side note, this once again underscores the whole reason why dialing 911 is tantamount to suicide, proving why we need the Second Amendment to defend ourselves from bad guys that the government refuses to engage…)

Dare I ask: What’s the point of having law enforcement and EMTs respond to a shooting if they aren’t allowed to enter the building and get something done? More importantly, who told all these people to stand down?

Nothing makes sense until you realize who GAINS from maximum violence

None of their actions make sense if you think the goal was saving lives and preventing casualties. In other words, if you believe the “powers that be” are interested in stopping school shootings and ending all violence against children, you’ll be utterly confused and befuddled when trying to explain the stand down orders. But the moment you flip the script and ask yourself “who benefits from school shootings?” suddenly it all makes sense. It becomes immediately clear that this violence was allowed to be carried out — deliberately and maliciously — in order to maximize the body count for political gain. (Yes, there’s nothing Democrats won’t do to demonize their political opponents…)

Yep, I said it: Democrats are happy to sacrifice a certain number of children in pursuit of their political goals of demonizing the GOP, the NRA and the Second Amendment.

John Hawkins from PJ Media dared to say much the same thing in an article entitled, “Sure, I’ll Say It: Liberals Don’t Want to Stop School Shootings.” There, Hawkins writes:

Know who else acts as if they love school shootings? Liberals. The liberals you see on TV. The liberals you read on Twitter. The liberals writing columns. What else can you think after watching the way liberals behave after mass shootings with large body counts? It’s the same thing every time.

…let me suggest something that you are not supposed to say: liberals don’t want to try any of these other things primarily BECAUSE THEY MIGHT WORK and reduce the number of school shootings. You’d think everyone would want fewer school shootings because it would mean fewer dead kids, but it would also mean that liberals would lose a useful tool for pushing the gun control agenda, and that appears to mean more to liberals than the lives of children.

Everywhere you turn in the media right now, you’ll see Democrats arguing against school security measures. The very same people who support guards at banks, guards on airplanes and guards at sporting events are somehow completely opposed to having someone guard their own children. They know that “gun-free zones” are mass shooting magnets. They know that 98% of mass shootings take place in these so-called “gun-free zones,” yet they continue to oppose school security measures that would save the lives of their own children. Ever wonder why?

Not merely incompetence… this is DELIBERATE carnage

Hawkins is elucidating an idea that’s becoming increasingly obvious to every intelligent observer of all this: If the goal were to actually stop school shootings, then armed law enforcement would have rushed into the building and engaged the shooter (at the very least with nuisance fire to pin him down and interrupt his movement). I’m trained in tactical handgun combat, and I can assure you that unloading a few rounds on the bad guy — even if you don’t score direct hits — would sharply interfere with his rampage and almost certainly cause him to lose focus and mobility.

There isn’t a sheriff’s deputy in America who hasn’t received some level of training on how to handle school shootings. “Active shooter” scenarios are, in fact, the highest priority training they receive these days. In every case, without exception, deputies and cops are trained to engage the active shooter.

There are no exceptions to this training. I happen to know lots of cops and deputies. They are all trained in this. I can assure you there likely isn’t a sheriff’s deputy anywhere in America who, left to his own decision, wouldn’t engage an active school shooter with at least some sort of return fire. There is only one situation in which deputies would fail to engage bad guys, and that’s if they are ordered to stand down.

Again, somebody ordered these officers to stand down. And then somebody ordered the EMTs to back off. The body count was thus made worse than it should have been. But why was this allowed to happen?

Now for the really weird part: Teacher describes shooter as “the police” in “full metal garb” wearing a helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor

And now, here’s where things start to go down the rabbit hole. A teacher named Stacy Lippel appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she described her direct encounter with the shooter. She’s a teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, of course, and YouTube has been busy scrubbing this video off all channels to make sure you don’t see it. Watch the video below while you still can. Efforts are under way to memory hole this video interview from the ‘net.

In this video, she says the following:

I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets.  And I’m staring at him thinking ‘why is the police here?’ This is strange because he’s in full metal garb. Helmet, face-mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.

Notice that she immediately recognizes him as a police officer, wearing police gear. She specifically names the helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor. None of this gear was worn by Nikolas Cruz, according to all the media reports, photos and videos of his arrest. Stacy did not describe the shooter as a “student.”

In other words, this teacher is not describing Nikolas Cruz. She’s describing an armed, masked, geared-up person doing the shooting. Now are you beginning to understand why the sheriff’s deputies were ordered to stay outside the building?

Report: Another apparent witness describes a second shooter

As Mac Slavo reports from, there’s another witness whose testimony is being rapidly scrubbed from the internet by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, all of which are now actively engaged in a massive conspiracy cover-up. Here’s how Slavo reports it:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Alexa says she passed school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz immediately after the shooting and had a brief exchange with him.  She also said there was, for certain, more than one shooter.

Both of these eyewitness accounts fly in the face of the official narrative the mainstream media is expecting us to digest. By now, it’s evident that the media has an agenda and is working hand in hand with globalists to disarm the good American people with phony narratives and false flag attacks that become immediately about the loss of rights instead of about the gaping holes in their own story.

“The shots were coming from the other part of the building,” Alexa says, after explaining she was literally walking down the hallway, chatting with Nikolas Cruz, after the shooting had begun.

If the following video appears blank, that’s because YouTube is rapidly deleting all these videos in order to cover up all evidence that contradicts the official (fake) narrative. Watch it while you still can:

If this is the first time you’ve heard anything like this, you need to review the history of the Clinton administration

What to make of all this?

If you’re reading this website, you’re smart enough to know the real answer. The dumbed-down masses refuse to “go there” because they don’t believe there’s evil in the world. They can’t imagine anyone plotting such a heinous crime because they don’t think human beings are capable of such evil.

That’s why those same people think Hillary Clinton is a saint, by the way. And they think Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian rather than a hate propagandist. But those who have lived long enough to really witness the Democrats at work — with all their murders of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, Andrew Breitbart and dozens of others — know exactly what the Dems are capable of. The honest answer is that they’re “capable of anything” that will gain them political power and control over the next election.

In fact, 17 deaths is small time for these people. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, take a closer look at the Bill Clinton regime, the Oklahoma City bombing, and how that was deployed against a government building with a children’s day care center in order to generate dead bodies of little children for the TV cameras. That event was used by Clinton to lay blame on Rush Limbaugh, “talk radio,” the NRA and gun owners. It was a key event in the run-up to the 1994 assault weapons ban that was step one toward nationwide gun confiscation. (That ban expired in 2004, by the way.)

As with all such mass killings, the “official story” is complete nonsense. It’s all shaped for a particular narrative that always leads back to gun confiscation, the demonization of conservatives and the desperate attempts of Democrats to gain political power. There would be almost no mass killings in America if powerful, deep state operatives weren’t actively carrying them out, in other words.

Watch this video to learn more:




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