Disturbing Video Shows Cops Take Turns Beating a Disabled Elderly Man—In HANDCUFFS


Louisville, KY — A recent settlement paid out by the Kentucky State Police, highlights the utter importance of filming cops. A 68-year-old disabled man was accused of attacking police officers but video evidence showed the exact opposite.

The victim, Lewis Lyttle has since been paid $130,000 in taxpayer money because officers took turns kicking and punching him while he was in handcuffs. The suit was settled in October of last year, however, police have kept it secret and even lied about it.

According to WDRB, Kentucky State Police denied an open records request for a copy of the settlement on Jan. 10, saying no settlement existed and “any documents related to a possible settlement is protected by attorney-client privilege.”

However, WDRB News obtained records of the settlement from the Kentucky State Treasurer. A check to Lyttle was dated Dec. 15.

Lyttle’s attorney also confirmed the issuance of the check, noting the “matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

Lyttle, who used to be a construction worker, was severely injured in the 90’s and left disabled which made the fact that cops allegedly saw him as a threat even more repugnant.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a hospital on Aug. 1, 2016, as more than a dozen witnesses watching in horror as cops attacked this elderly disabled man.

According to police, Lyttle did not follow orders, became combative and assaulted officers as they tried to arrest him.

However, according to 16 difference witnesses and a cellphone video of the incident, the officers were lying and Lyttle became the subject of a violent and unlawful arrest.

According to the report, on the day of the incident, Lyttle left his home in St. Charles, Virginia, to drive his neighbor to Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital because she was having problems with chronic bronchitis.

Lyttle may have had some drinks that day but drove his neighbor in need anyway. When the elderly man was in the parking lot, someone accused him of exposing himself as he likely urinated, so police were called.

Police then responded to the elderly man using extreme prejudice. As the first video shows, Lyttle is sitting on the ground with his hands in handcuffs as Trooper Jimmy Halcomb and KSP Sgt. Rob Farley stand over him.

Without provocation, Farley reaches down and slaps the old man across the face so hard that he falls into the pavement.

The person filming from inside the building gasps after watching the abuse. But it was only just beginning.

“He had no business smacking him in the face,” one woman can be heard saying on the video.

The abuse was so bad that people watching actually thought it was fake and part of a movie being filmed nearby.

“I bet that’s part of the movie, reckon?” one witness said.

As the abuse continued, another witness pulled out their phone to record it. Although we can’t hear the exchange between Lyttle and the officers, because the person filming is inside, we can see that Lyttle is being entirely compliant and non-violent when he’s attacked again.

The officers pick Lyttle up and for some reason—likely to justify the fact that they were beating him—they uncuffed the man. However, Lyttle remained entirely compliant.

Farley then reaches toward Lyttle’s face, grabs his beard and knees the disabled man in the stomach while slamming him to the ground.

While Lyttle is on the ground, both officers begin punching and kicking him for no reason.

“They are just punching him, beating the shit out of him,” said the man recording from inside a nearby building. “Four cops for one man, and as old as he is.”

The cops then placed Lyttle back in handcuffs and arrested him on a slew of false charges.

According to WDRB,

Prosecutors dismissed the felony charges in January 2017, based on evidence that came to light after Lyttle was indicted. That evidence included the two cellphone videos of the incident and 16 sworn statements by witnesses who said Lyttle was the one assaulted.

In February 2017, eight months after the arrest, state police launched an investigation, eventually finding Farley used excessive force. He was suspended for 120 days and demoted from sergeant to trooper.

And we call this “public service” in the land of the free.

“Lewis is 68-years-old and has never had a criminal conviction for anything in his entire life. He has a good deal of health issues including 8 metal pins in his leg. The same leg that detective Miller kicked several times and stood on according to the video and several eyewitnesses. Even before he took that beating, he had a great deal of trouble just trying to walk around. When those bully KSP officers beat my Lewis, they beat up a then 67-year-old crippled man who couldn’t have hurt them even if he wanted to,” Lewis’ wife said.


Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/taxpayers-held-liable-elderly-man/

Surveillance Video Catches Cops Brutally Attack Innocent Elderly Man & Then Lie to Arrest Him


Long Island, NY — An innocent elderly man was yanked from his front porch, thrown down stairs, and then brutally attacked by those who claim to protect and serve. Then, after he was permanently injured, police charged him with a crime.

Robert Besedin, the 72-year-old Air Force veteran has since filed a federal lawsuit against police after he said two officers “pushed him, grab him by his neck, hurled him down four steps and body slammed him to the ground.”

The force with which the officers attacked Besedin was so brutal that it knocked his hearing aids from his ears.

After the officers savagely attacked the innocent elderly man, he was arrested, brought to jail, locked in a cage for days—unable to hear anything without his hearing aids—and charged with felony assault against two Nassau police officers. The only thing is, he never touched them.

The fact that Besedin was innocent was of no concern to the officers who charged him. In their sworn testimony and their written statement, the officers had accused Besedin of resisting arrest, stating that he “violently flailed his arms, kicked, screamed, and pushed Officer Mantovani down four steps” after a confrontation on Besedin’s front porch.

Luckily for Besedin, however, he had a surveillance camera on his front porch which captured the incident on video and proved the cops were lying thugs.

While in jail, Besedin told police that there was video of the incident but they never cared to look at it. The charges were held over this innocent man’s head for a year because the cops lied and the “investigators” couldn’t have cared less about video evidence exonerating Besedin. It was not until this week that all charges were dropped against Besedin, in spite of the original attack happening a year ago.

“These officers lied,”  Frederick Brewington, Besedin’s lawyer said. “And there’s no question they lied.”

Officers Stephen Beckwith and John Mantovani haven’t faced any discipline for their role in beating an innocent elderly man and lying about it in their report either.

According to Brewington, police responded to Besedin’s home that night because his phone “butt dialed” 911 several times.

“There’s a question of how all those calls were made,” Brewington said. “We believe that a good number of them were made accidentally, kind of what we refer to as ‘butt calls.’”

Regardless of what brought police to Besedin’s home that night, attacking an innocent, non-violent man and then lying about it to falsely charge him was a criminal act and the officers need to be held accountable.

Sadly, however, if history is any indicator, only the taxpayers of Long Island will pay for the crimes of Nassau’s finest.

Video footage surfacing days, weeks, or months after a violent incident involving police often disputes their original versions and prove that cops have no problem lying to justify their brutality.

One such incident involved an officer’s dashcam. In 2013, Officer Adam Lin spotted 19-year-old Dontrell Stephens in a “high-crime area” — the man’s own low-income neighborhood — riding a bicycle in a manner the deputy found suspicious.

Lin stopped the youth, who dismounted the bike with a cell phone in his hand and slowly approached the officer. Just outside the range of dash cam video, the officer shot Stephens four times — claiming he was in fear for his life — but footage and evidence clearly showed the claim to be baseless.

Three of the bullets remain lodged in Stephens’ body, according to the Sun Sentinel — two in his arm and one in his spine, which left him paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

Stephens won a massive $22.4 million settlement. U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer, last year, however, set a precedent, and instead of the taxpayers being held solely liable, nearly everything this officer owned was seized to pay back Stephens — including everything from his furniture to his clothing.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/innocent-elderly-man-vindicated-video-shows-cops-brutally-attack-no-reason/

Israeli man rapes and murders elderly woman, feeds her remains to his dog

Just a thought;

It is likely that the Jewish rabbis will maintain this incident to be a very nasty case of a malicious gentile demon soul inhabiting and manipulating the body of the ‘innocent’ Jew responsible for the killing, whose soul, like that of all other Jews, is held to be eternally as good and sinless as God Himself, and so, maybe some poor Kapparot chicken, like the Gadarene swine, will be forced to receive this ‘demon’ and suffer the consequences of this killing in their future lives in his stead.

Or, knowing sick Jewish mentality, the more rabid among them might even seek to get some ‘revenge’ on the ‘demon’ responsible and murder some poor innocent Palestinian, whilst insanely considering that psychic hostility from Palestinians is harming the mental health of the Israeli Jews, or even directly influencing their physical behaviour.

The Jewish mentality is that just as all Jews are ultimately one soul, so all gentiles are ultimately one soul, the gentiles being eternally and irredeemably on the dark side in their twisted estimation, and so, if they see any incident that they can blame on gentiles, they can and do punish collectively, any victim will do, anyone at all can be killed, it makes no difference at all to them. Think of the ‘revenge’ intended by the Jews upon all ‘Amalekites’. The Jews are completely mental. They quite literally believe that sin is like an infection that an otherwise pure Jewish soul actually catches from a naturally demonic gentile soul.

I really wonder what the rabbis will make of this, and how long he will serve.

What if, after a Kapparot ritual has been done to purge the ‘demon’ and purify him, the Jewish murderer remains loopy? That is very likely indeed, knowing their bizarre mental defects and associated proclivities.

Maybe something is coming back to these Jewish nutcases after all, or he forgot to do his Kapparot sacrifice this year.

They are, after all, the self-declared masters of making others kill each other by psychic attack using black magic methods, as in;

King James Bible Isaiah 19:2
“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.”

The rabbis do declare that God Himself is actually every Jew on Earth, so when ‘God’ is said to be going to do something, it is actually a cryptic way of telling the Jews themselves to do it.

Here are the words of some ‘lovely’ voices from their ‘Father’ that the Jewish prophets have been listening to and transcribing;
Exodus 32:27

“He said to them, “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Every man of you put his sword upon his thigh, and go back and forth from gate to gate in the camp, and kill every man his brother, and every man his friend, and every man his neighbor.’”” (sounds absolutely super, Prime Minister, I simply must have some Jews round for dinner, no more anti-semitism will be allowed in my house for sure. Er … not really, we have to ban Jews from our countries as soon as possible or we will quite literally simply get slaughtered one way or another by these absolutely malevolent complete nutters, thus sayeth Mothman).

Think also of Jesus, who says he is one with the ‘Father’ just mentioned above, stating he will be using psychic methods to cause at least emotional and spiritual discord in the NT;

Matthew 10:34-36
“Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.…” (simply lovely, must join up to this crazed cult right away, or maybe not on second thoughts)

And here we see the statements in Ephesians quite obviously referring to psychic phenomena;
Ephesians 6:11-13
11 “Put on the full armour of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore take up the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand….”

And here is a twist, take the verse following Matthew 10:21 into consideration;
Matthew 10:21 King James Bible
“And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.”

Isaiah 45:7 King James Bible
“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

Ha Ha, so God the Father kills even his own Christian followers, what jolly fun, must join up to this cult right way, where is the nearest recruitment office, your Majesty?

Well, Jews were behind the creation of Christianity as a psy-op, ultimately intended to make purposely weakened Christians serve Israel, so what can you expect? If a Christian can accept that load of tosh, he will surely be able to run over any battlefield for the Jews and happily get himself blown up too, absolute piece of cake.

This is why no nation should EVER allow any Jews to live amongst them, as the effect of the Jews on the gentile peoples of any nation can be very unpleasant indeed, not only on the physical levels, but on the unseen levels on the inner planes in ways that remain unperceived by many.

The minds of all people in society affect each other, even non-verbally, I can even feel what a dog or a cat or a horse feels like near me, as well as other human beings, I am sure we all can, and a reasonable degree of suitability to live alongside each other needs to be maintained for the spiritual, psychic, mental, whatever you may wish to call it, atmosphere to remain decent enough to live in, a society should ideally maintain a reasonable degree of its own cultural characteristics, its own language, it’s own racial genome, in order to remain even functional, then the people feel safest and most secure and happy with each other, living amongst fairly similar people with fairly similar beliefs and practices.

Different peoples of all lands can always visit other peoples in other lands and taste and enjoy their cultures to the fullest as they desire, using temporary visas for many different purposes, without having to immigrate and cross-breed by Marxist ordain, but when malevolent pseudo-cultures, actually warlike predatory movements like Judaism are permitted to immigrate by weak-minded or traitorous infiltrators within our government, then our own cultures and even races will not only be diluted, they will be utterly destroyed, exactly as is the Judaic intention.

Malevolent religions like Judaism have absolutely no place in our society at all as they have an entirely corrosive action upon us.

If gentile nations continue to allow the Jews to remain in close physical proximity to their gentile peoples within their lands, that gives the Jews not only the opportunity to spy for the Mossad as sayanim upon military, technical and industrial installations, it also allows them to manipulate our societies on every level, and to become familar with us on a personal level, especially when they self-identify to us as Christians or ‘agnostics’ or ‘atheists’, etc., as the overwhelmingly vast majority do (you often only find out much later what they really are when they let it slip verbally), and use that ruse to begin to undermine us, as the Jews go by the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

Jews use political manipulation and the media to twist people’s minds, but psychic powers do exist, even though the state will, for security reasons, maintain that they do not. I spoke to an ex-bodyguard of Princess Dianna and he spoke of not only MI5, and MI6, but also of other military intelligence groups like MI2 and MI3, one of which specialises, he stated, in using a psychic methodology to achieve their aims.

I saw the film ‘Get Out’ recently, by the way, which I recommend, it really makes you think.

Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/israeli-man-rapes-and-murders-elderly-woman-feeds-her-remains-to-his-dog/

WATCH: Cop Abuses Power, Smashes Into Elderly Couple While Speeding—Court Blames Couple


Cookeville, TN – The police officer who crashed his patrol car into an elderly couple’s car while driving nearly 30 mph over the speed limit will face no charges and will remain on the job, despite a history of dangerous driving accidents.

The surveillance footage is gruesome, and it shows James Cryer, 69, and his wife Rena, 78, exiting a parking lot and pulling out onto the road in their 2001 Chevy Blazer when a 2015 Dodge Charger races down the street and crashes into the left rear of their car. Mr. Cryer was ejected from the car and left lying in the middle of the street.

The speeding car, which clearly had “POLICE” emblazoned on its side, was an Algood City patrol car driven by Officer Christopher Ferguson, 32. An investigation from the Tennessee Highway Patrol placed the blame on both drivers—claiming that while Ferguson was exceeding the speed limit, Cryer also “failed to yield” to oncoming traffic.

However, Cryer claimed that because Ferguson was driving nearly 30 mph over the speed limit, he did not see the patrol car when he pulled out into the street until it was too late.

Even with an investigator claiming that “If the officer had been driving the posted speed limit…the collision would have been avoided,” District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway told WSMV News that he had no regrets about declining to charge the officer.

“Both of them did things they shouldn’t have done, and both of them violated the law,” Dunaway said. “They violated the rules of the road.”

While Ferguson was driving at least 26mph over the speed limit, which may be considered “reckless driving” in some states, Dunaway insisted that “his actions did not meet the definition of reckless driving, and both drivers only committed minor driving offenses that would have amounted to class B misdemeanors.”

In fact, as attorney Patrick Stegall noted, in the state of Tennessee, there is not a set speed that indicates that a driver is being “reckless,” and the charge is instead determined at the discretion of the police officer.

“The crime of reckless driving in Tennessee is found in the Tenn. Code Annotated 55-10-205. It is defined simply when ‘any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.’ The law doesn’t give any specifics, so police have a lot of discretion in determining what exactly is reckless driving. For instance, the law doesn’t say how fast a motorist has to be driving in order for it to be reckless driving. Twenty-five mph over the speed limit would probably be enough, but a driver might just get a speeding ticket for that. It may depend on the weather, the road, surrounding traffic, even the police officer’s mood that day.”

In addition to the fact that Christopher Ferguson’s actions clearly caused the crash and his status as a police officer should be called into question, an investigation from WSMW revealed that this is not the first time Ferguson has caused a driving accident.

Ferguson was disciplined for his involvement in at least five car accidents, according to records from Cookeville Police Department. The scenarios that damaged his patrol car included driving recklessly on black ice, changing lanes improperly, hitting a stop sign and hitting a mailbox.

When Ferguson hit a semi-truck, the department recommended his resignation. He complied and went on to join the Algood Police Department in 2015.

Now, Ferguson is still on the job after his crash with Mr. and Mrs. Cryer, and because he received only a verbal reprimand from the department, there is a good chance that will he continue with the same behavior.

When the accident happened in May, James Cryer was ejected from the vehicle in the middle of the street, and Rena Cryer stayed in the passenger seat of the car as it rolled over on the side of the road. It is a miracle that they both survived.

“I thought, ‘Oh god, please, I don’t want to die right now, I got grandkids, I got to get back home to,’” Rena Cryer told WSMW, recalling her initial reaction to the crash.

Ultimately, Cryer said she believes something needs to happen to hold the officer accountable for his actions. “I want justice done. Whatever it has to be, I think something ought to be done,” she said.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/speeding-cop-slams-car-elderly-couple-faces-no-charges/

Elderly Vet Accidentally Trips His Medical Alert System, Cops Show Up and Kill Him—No Charges

medical emergencymedical emergency

White Plains, NY – A police officer who shot and killed an innocent 68-year-old mentally ill veteran who accidentally hit the medical emergency button in his home, will face no consequences after acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim determined that there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

The victim, Kenneth Chamberlain, accidentally triggered a medical alert through “Life Aid,” which prompted police to visit his home. When the officers arrived unexpectedly, Chamberlain told the responding officers that he was OK and did not need any help. He refused to answer his door, and instead called Life Aid and told them that he did not need the police at his home.

“I have the White Plains Police Department banging on my door, and I did not call them and I am not sick,” Chamberlain told the dispatcher on the phone.

However, the officers refused to leave and initiated a standoff with Chamberlain, allegedly taunting him with racial slurs, according to his family.

“On the recording, the police can be heard calling my father a ‘nigger,’” the family stated.

Police knocked down his door and saw him holding a knife, so they tased him, shot him with beanbag rounds and then killed him with a fatal gunshot. According to Pix11, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan opened an investigation after a state grand jury declined to indict the officers, but because the man was holding a knife in his own home U.S Attorney Kim decided that he was a threat to the officer’s lives, and thus deserved to die.

“The weight of the evidence indicates that, at the time the shooting took place, the WPPD officers believed that Mr. Chamberlain was threatening Sergeant (Keith) Martin with a knife and that Officer (Anthony) Carelli believed that Sergeant Martin was in danger of being seriously injured by Mr. Chamberlain,” a statement from the Department of Justice said.

However, Chamberlain’s family says that this case shows that police are above the law.

“It’s clear if you look at situations like this—and I’m not an attorney—but it’s very clear that the rule of law doesn’t apply when you talk about cases like this. Rather than have the FBI go out and interview witnesses, rather than hire forensic pathologists and ballistics experts that can challenge what the police story is, they just pick up the police story and say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing here.’ They don’t do their job.” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. told reporters.

The family attempted to file a civil case against the police department, but that was ultimately rejected by a jury.

For Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., this has been a life-changing event, which has pushed him to get involved in activism. He said that he hopes to work towards legislation that makes it easier to prosecute police officers in situations like this.

“This is what my objective is, this is what my mission is, this is what I’m trying to do now. That’s going to take reform-minded prosecutors and judges and people who really believe in the rule of law so we can begin to hold these officers accountable,” Chamberlain Jr. said.

As The Free Thought Project reported in April 2017, a study found that police do more harm than good in encounters with mentally ill people.

Researchers sought to answer the question of whether or not police help or hinder the situation when they respond to a call of a mentally disturbed individual. The survey was conducted by the Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues. The method employed was a survey.

The sample for the survey was taken from those seeking mental health care. There were 244 individuals who were polled and self-reported having mental-health issues seeking treatment in the Phoenix metropolitan area. They were located in health clinics, residential programs, and some were homeless. Of those polled, a reported 51 percent had at least one encounter with police and 24 percent had three or more encounters with law enforcement.

The results of the survey found that 45 percent of those who reported having been in contact with police said the encounter quickly deteriorated after police arrived. Only 30 percent said police helped at all. And just 19 percent said they helped a lot. Only 6 percent of those polled said police had no effect at all.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/man-trips-medical-emergency-button-cops-kill/

Govt Kidnaps Innocent Elderly Man, Forcibly Injects Him with Drugs—Gives Him $50 Gift Card for Steak

Meadville, PA — Eugene Wright told reporters he still has nightmares about being kidnapped, caged, and forced to take drugs. The 63-year-old Meadville man says he was just minding his own business outside his home in June of 2017 when he was taken into custody by police at the request of Stairways Behavioral Health.

They claimed Wright was threatening people at a local physician’s office but he told the police and the representative from Stairways that was impossible because he was at work. What happened next was nothing short of a living hell and resembled a scene out of 1984. Wright says he’s now suing for having his civil rights violated. He said:

They explained to me earlier that day at 10 a.m. I was at an orthopedic office threatening people. I was at work.

While at the Meadville Medical Center he and his lawyers say he was injected with Halcion and Ativan, an anti-psychotic and an anti-anxiety drug. He described how utterly helpless he was to stop the assault on his health and his freedom. He said:

I was powerless. I had no control of what was going on down there.

Once doctors, and the hospital who should have first identified him correctly, realized they’d made a horrendous and horrific mistake, they apologized and gave him a $50 gift card to a local steakhouse—seriously.

Named as defendants in his lawsuit are the Meadville police, Meadville Medical Center and Stairways Behavioral Health.

The case will likely end with a judgment or settlement in Wright’s favor. He will almost certainly win a large cash settlement, which if settled through the city’s insurance company, will lead to higher taxes for the average Meadville citizen. Errors in judgment involving medical centers often end with multi-million dollar payouts. Sometimes the amounts are undisclosed while others are published.

But when police are involved, who arguably should be experts at determining a citizen’s identity, the stakes are much higher. Not only do the police become agents operating in conjunction with private behavioral health organizations, they also rightfully earn the criticism of being strong arms of an ever-expanding police state.

Worse still, the hospital attempted to bribe the senior citizen with a $50 gift card. An elderly citizen’s freedom taken away from him, his mental health was compromised by dual injections of medicines long believed to contribute to the deterioration of one’s overall well-being, and they incredulously attempted to give him a meal and send him on his way.

The entire incident wreaks of fascism where an overbearing government along with corporations control the police to do their bidding. Wright’s case is just an alarming instance of a much broader phenomenon where American citizens are seeing their rights, freedoms, and ability to choose their own health paths compromised by an all-powerful government and its police force.

For the skeptic, we provide the common occurrence of forced blood draws. Just this past fall we reported the case of a Mesa, Arizona woman who was kidnapped by police at a gas station, charged with a DUI, and taken to a local hospital where her blood was drawn for the purposes of using her blood against her in a court of law. She had committed no crime and they found nothing in her blood.

Wright’s case is just the latest in a string of judicial overreaches involving citizens’ health. One only has to recall the Utah case of the unlawful arrest of a Salt Lake City nurse who refused to cooperate with police—who were intent on forcibly drawing a patient’s blood without his consent—to conclude the police state is growing larger and more powerful, emboldened by an inability to control itself and its agents.

The Utah nurse’s plight, captured on cell phone footage, serves to illustrate the extent at which officers of the peace will go to take something that does not belong to them (blood) and use it as a judicial weapon against the citizen. It’s incorrigible, disgusting, and horrific for everyone involved, especially those, like Wright, who are kidnapped, caged, and sometimes killed for resisting such sadistic attempts to force them to comply.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/elderly-man-kidnapped-drugged-state/

FLASHBACK: Canadian elderly couple forced to live apart – he dies six weeks after reunited (VIDEOS)

Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk Britisch Colombia elderly couple


Update: The Gottschalk’s grand-daughter Ashley Bartyik told Global News that Wolfram has passed away. She says the family was grateful he was able to spend the last few weeks of his life with his wife.

A Surrey, B.C. couple separated into different care homes for the past eight months has now been reunited and is thanking “everyone around the world” for sharing their story.

Global News broke the story of Anita and Wolfram Gottschalk, married for 62 years, after their granddaughter reached out for help.

The Gottschalks have been forced to live separately because they had been placed in different care facilities.

Anita, 81, has been living at The Residence at Morgan Heights, while her husband, Wolfram, 83, has been living at Yale Road Centre.

Wolfram has dementia and has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma, so the family is concerned Anita and Wolfram won’t have much time left together.

The couple’s story went viral on social media, attracting international attention.

Wolfram was eventually put on the waitlist to be moved into Anita’s care home, but the family was left waiting for answers from Fraser Health.

After media got involved, the family met with authorities and has been given a temporary solution to move Wolfram to Rosemary Heights Seniors Village, which is only five minutes away from Anita’s current residence.

The family was told there were 10 other couples in the system waiting to be reunited.

The Gottschalk family released the following statement to Global News:

“Thursday our family joyfully witnessed the reunification of Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk. Wolfram has finally been moved to the same facility as Anita at the residence at Morgan Heights. The reunion saw tears of joy for all involved. They can now be under the same roof for their remaining years, and we couldn’t be more grateful. They would like to thank Fraser Health for this reunion, and also the media for helping to get their story heard. They also wish to thank everyone around the world that liked, shared, or discussed their story. We thank you for your continued prayers and messages we have received. Although they are now reunited, the story isn’t over for other BC couples waiting to be together, and our family will continue to advocate for those families as well.”

With files from Amy Judd

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/372927-Canadian-elderly-couple-forced-to-live-apart-he-dies-six-weeks-after-reunited-VIDEOS

WATCH: Innocent Elderly Man’s Cat Gets Out, So Cops Attack & Arrest Him


Aurora, CO — The ACLU of Colorado has recently filed a lawsuit against two Aurora police officers after they assaulted and kidnapped an innocent man. The federal lawsuit follows the release of the body camera footage which prompted the legal action.

Dwight Crews is an innocent 60-year-old man who never had so much as a speeding ticket before police came to his door that night. Ironically, it was an act of heroism that prompted the police response that night. Instead of praising the 60-year-old, however, police proceeded to violate his rights.

Earlier in the night, Crews stepped in as his daughter’s husband attempted to physically abuse her in front of him. The husband, who happens to be white, called the police who seemingly sided with him and went after Crews, who is black.

Aurora police officers Steven Gerdjikian and Ryan Marker—the defendants in the ACLU lawsuit—showed up at Crews’ house at 2 a.m., and began banging on the door, demanding the 60-year-old man come outside.

“You’re going to get a warrant for your arrest if you don’t come down here to resolve this,” one officer said.

Crews, who did not immediately hear police knocking, took several minutes to open the door because he was upstairs on the third floor watching television. As he walked out of the door, he was immediately accosted by police who grabbed his arm and began searching him.

Not knowing why police were at his house, Crews asked the cops what they were doing there, but the officers refused to tell him. However, because the innocent man was pulled from his home immediately upon making contact with police, his door was left ajar. That’s when his cat walked out.

“My cat’s outside,” said Crews.

“Your cat’s been outside the whole time,” responds the cop.

“Archie! No, he has not,” Crews says with clear concern in his voice.

Crews then tries to pick his cat up and put him back inside, which provoked the cops to attack him. The officers then jumped on the 60-year-old man’s back and he was taken to the ground and injured by cops in the process.

He would then be arrested on charges of resisting arrest and suspicion of assault. However, neither of these charges would hold up.

As Westword notes, a judge didn’t see enough evidence to support the resisting-arrest accusation, and a jury subsequently found him not guilty of assaulting his son-in-law because he had been acting to defend his stepdaughter.

In spite of the fact that the assault of an innocent elderly man was captured on the officer’s own body camera, neither of the officers were disciplined. After the police investigated themselves, they found that the officers acted properly and released the following statement after they were presented with the lawsuit, reading in part:

With regard to this incident, which was captured on a body-worn camera, a use-of-force investigation was conducted by a supervisor, pursuant to the policy in effect two years ago, and the officers were found to have acted appropriately.

Due to active civil litigation, the Aurora Police Department is unable to comment any further on the matter at this time.

Below is what can happen to innocent people who try to stop their cats from running away while being harassed by cops at 2 a.m.

For those who don’t remember, the Aurora police department has quite the sordid past. As TFTP reported in July, an innocent man settled a lawsuit for $110,000 after cops were seen on video deploying a taser in his back as he stood there with his hands up.

The incident happened in February 2016, when the victim, Darsean Kelley, and his cousin were stopped by police. Officers were in the area responding to a weapons incident at a nearby apartment building and Kelley happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police had no description of the suspect and decided to harass Kelley and his cousin.

Kelley was naturally upset that he’d been targeted by police for no reason, so he was verbally expressing it. He never once physically resisted, however.

As the incident begins, police tell the two men to put their hands in the air. Both of them comply. Then the officer yells for them to interlock their fingers on top of their heads. At this point, Kelley continues to ask why he is being detained.

The cops answer back by refusing to tell him why. Just as Kelley says, “I know my rights,” the taser is deployed into his back and he falls to the ground. Naturally, after police assaulted him for no reason, Kelley was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct — for asking a question and being tasered in the back. After spending three days in jail, he was bonded out.

The ACLU picked up his case as well and all charges against him were dropped.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-innocent-mans-cat-gets-cops-taser-back-arrest/

Researchers find just 7 minutes of exercise a day can prevent loss of mobility in the elderly

Image: Researchers find just 7 minutes of exercise a day can prevent loss of mobility in the elderly

(Natural News)
Seven minutes may not seem like much, yet it can mean a world of difference to the elderly. According to a study led by University of Florida researchers, seven minutes of exercise a day – or 48 minutes of exercise a week – can enhance the physical function of senior citizens. More than that, a mere seven minutes of exercise daily can even prevent major mobility disabilities.

“That journey from nothing to a few minutes of moderate exercise daily actually bridges a chasm. There is a huge difference between doing nothing and doing just a little,” stated Dr. Marco Pahor, co-author on the study and director of the UF Institute on Aging.

For their study, Pahor and his colleagues enrolled 1,635 participants, ages 70 to 89, all of whom had a form of functional limitation. The participants were divided into two groups and were given different sets of exercises. The first group underwent health education sessions and did stretching exercises; the second group, meanwhile, were given a moderate-intensity program that included flexibility and resistance exercises, as well as 150 minutes of walking every week. To help the researchers monitor the participants’ physical activity, each one was outfitted with a measuring device. In addition, the researchers kept track of the participants for an average of two-and-a-half years.

On the study’s conclusion, the moderate-activity group showed the most promising results. The participants from this group retained their ability to walk at a rate higher (18 percent) than sedentary older adults, or those who didn’t get any kind of exercise. The researchers further noted that moderate-intensity exercise could greatly reduce the risk of permanently losing the ability to walk with ease.

Using data from this study, the researchers conducted another one. Their goal for the second study was to answer the question: How much exercise should a person do before they start noticing improvements?

The answer turned out to be seven minutes. That exercise need not be incredibly intense either. Walking counts as exercise, and for the elderly, it can ensure an independent life away from a nursing home. “Mobility predicts all kinds of health-related outcomes, from mortality to morbidity, cardiovascular disease, cognitive functional decline, hospitalization and institutionalization,” explained Pahor. (Related: Walking can improve memory and reverse muscle loss.)

He added that senior citizens who’ve settled into a couch potato lifestyle shouldn’t discouraged from getting up and moving. As Pahor stated: “It’s never too late. Sedentary people are actually the ones who would achieve most of the benefit from those seven minutes.”

Of course, those who want to reap the most benefits from exercise don’t have to stop at seven minutes. Older adults who have no mobility-limiting health complications and are in a good state of health overall are recommended at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. Walking and cycling both fall under the definition of moderate aerobic activity. Included in this regimen is at least two days’ worth of strength exercises that focus on all the major muscles, namely the legs, hip, abdomen, shoulders and arms.

Those who want to kick it up a notch can do so with 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity weekly, such as games of singles tennis or running. Alternatively, mixing aerobic and moderate activity can be equally effective.

In Pahor’s own words: “The more you do, the more you benefit.”

But for those senior citizens who may not be in the best health, there will always be walking — seven minutes, to be precise. And those seven minutes can and will do a world of good.

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Video of Cop Macing Innocent Elderly Man Exposes Dept’s History of Corruption & Violence in LA

los angeleslos angeles

Los Angeles, CA — The results of an extensive LA Times investigation recently revealed the existence of a secret list within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department containing the names and crimes of hundreds of problem cops who are currently employed by the county. Blowing the bad apple theory completely out of the water, the list revealed over 300 deputies with histories of dishonesty, misconduct, and brutality—who all still have their jobs.

Despite the discovery of this list, however, the LA Times was unable to look at it and it remains a tight secret among the department’s top brass. Not even prosecutors can access it—and this is a problem.

As the LA Times reports, amid growing public scrutiny over police misconduct, Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants to give the names on the list to prosecutors, who are required by law to tell criminal defendants about evidence that would damage the credibility of an officer called as a witness. But McDonnell’s efforts have ignited a fierce legal battle with the union that represents rank-and-file deputies.

The list evolved from a roster of bad cops, known as a “Brady List,” which was drafted in 2014 during interim Sheriff John Scott’s tenure. It was compiled to track officers whose histories are so heinous and criminal that they may pose a problem with their credibility in court when called to testify against an accused criminal.

The LA Times was able to review a roster of these problem cops which “offered the first public glimpse of officers whose misconduct the Sheriff’s Department has decided should be reported to the courts.”

The deputies have been identified as potential witnesses in more than 62,000 felony cases since 2000, according to a Times analysis of district attorney records. In many of those cases, the deputies’ misconduct would probably have been relevant in assessing their credibility.

Some of the crimes committed by cops on this list included deputies pulling over strangers and demanding oral sex, deputies convicted of crimes, deputies who pleaded guilty to beating their wives, and other deputies who sexually abused their victims. To reiterate the purpose of this list, it is to make sure deputies have enough credibility to testify in court—because not a single one of them was fired for these crimes.

One such problem cop who was on this list is deputy Chris­ti­an Cham­ness who was suspended for a measly 25 days after he wrote a false report and used entirely unreasonable and excessive force on an elderly veteran.

In 2007, Chamness was part of an unwarranted raid on a barbershop in which all occupants were falsely arrested without cause. After the raid, Chamness wrote in his report that he pepper-sprayed Raymond Davison after the 73-year-old refused orders to move and began to “advance” on him.

This was a complete lie.

Not only does surveillance footage prove the cop lied, but it shows an entirely unprovoked assault on an elderly veteran by a public servant.

After Davison was pepper sprayed, he was charged and arrested with the rest of the group of men for no reason. Eventually, all charges would be dropped after the surveillance footage was reviewed.

The taxpayers then shelled out close to $200,000 to pay for this reckless tyrant’s violence and the county still refused to fire him. In spite of assaulting an elderly man, lying on the report to justify kidnapping him, deputy Chamness remains part of the department and still currently collects his taxpayer-funded base salary of $135,000 per year.

As you watch the video below, remember that this is only one case which happened to be captured on video. How many other times has this known problem cop attacked, kidnapped, and falsified charges against other completely innocent people? Well, thanks to a system that protects and rewards bad apples with impunity and egregiously irresponsible job security, we may never know.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/los-angeles-cop-pepper-sprays-elderly-problems/