13 crazy things to know about planet Earth

In celebration of Earth Day: An ode to our awesome orb.

Allow me to roll out a cliché and say that here at TreeHugger, every day is Earth Day. Tips on going green and sustainable design and treehugging in general are business as usual; our modus operandi 24/7. But who would we be to let such a momentous day as April 22 pass without some fanfare? So with that in mind, here’s some praise for the planet, glory for the globe, an all-around high-five highlighting some randomly remarkable features of this wild world we’re so lucky to call home.

1. Earth plays host to deadly, exploding lakes

Why should science fiction and horror movies have all the fun? Earth is pretty dramatic too. We’ve even got exploding lakes. In Cameroon and on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo there are three crater lakes – Nyos, Monoun and Kivu – which sit above volcanic earth. The magma below releases carbon dioxide into the lakes, and the gas can escape to form a limnic eruption, potentially killing everything nearby. Around Kivu Lake, geologists have found evidence of massive biological extinctions about every thousand years.

2. And boiling rivers

Hidden deep in the Peruvian rainforest and overseen by a powerful shaman, the sacred healing site of Mayantuyacu is home to a 4-mile long river that is 82-feet wide and 20 feet deep. And boasts water temperatures that range from 120F degrees to 196F degrees; in some parts it actually boils! Animals who fall in are killed quickly. And while there are hot springs in the Amazon, there is nothing like this river which is known to locals as Shanay-timpishka. (Read more about it here.)

3. The planet is covered in stardust

Every year, 40,000 tons of cosmic dust falls upon our planet. It’s not something we notice, but eventually all that dust, which is made of oxygen, carbon, iron, nickel, and all the other elements, finds its way into our bodies. We are stardust.

4. You can’t keep a good planet still

While we may feel like we’re standing still, of course, we are not. We’re actually spinning wildly and flying through space! It’s a wonder life seems so calm. Depending on where you are, you could be spinning at over 1,000 miles per hour (though those on the North or South poles would be still). Meanwhile, we’re moving around the sun at a zippy 67,000 miles per hour. Whoosh.

5. It has some really cold spots

We’re talking really, really cold. A few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle is the town of Oymyakon, Russia, which in 1933 earned the title as the coldest place on Earth when the temperature dropped to -90F. It is so cold here that people don’t turn their cars off and must heat the ground with a bonfire for days before in order to bury their dead. During the winter, the temperature averages -58F. Who needs mascara when you have crystal eyelashes?

6. And others that are as hot as Hades

On the other end of the mercury, Death Valley plays home to the hottest temperatures recorded: the hottest on the planet being 134F on July 10, 1913. That was not a good week in the desert; temperatures reached 129F or above on five consecutive days. More recently, the summer of 2001 saw 100F for 154 consecutive days, while the summer of 1996 was bestowed with 105 days over 110F and 40 days when the mercury reached 120F.

7. The high highs are really high

At 29,028 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is the highest place on Earth when measured by sea level. But if you measure height based on the distance from the center of the planet, Mount Chimaborazo in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador takes the prize. Although Chimaborazo is about 10,000 feet shorter (relative to sea level) than Everest, this mountain is about 1.5 miles farther into space because of the equatorial bulge.

8. And the low down is deep

The lowest point on Earth is the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. It reaches down about 36,200 feet, nearly 7 miles, below sea level.

9. The planet has rocks that scoot themselves

In a remote stretch of Death Valley, a lakebed known as Racetrack Play plays home to one of the natural world’s more compelling mysteries: Rocks that sail across the bed of the lake, propelled by nothing that anyone can see. It’s a puzzle that has long-stumped scientists, and has rarely ever been seen in action, save for the long meandering tracks left behind in the mud surface. One theory holds that the scooting is caused by a succinct combination of rain, wind, ice and sun all playing on concert.

10. And dunes that sing

Around 30 places across the planet have sand dunes that sing and croak, creating low droning music that lands somewhere between chanting monks and a swarm of bees. From the Gobi Desert and Death Valley to the Sahara and Chilean desert, the source of the sounds has long remained a mystery, although there are a number of theories explaining the sonic phenomena, it remains a hotly debated topic.

11. There’s a sweet spot for lightning

Every night in northwestern Venezuela, where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo, a thunderstorm occurs. And not just a passing show, but a storm that can last up to 10 hours and averaging 28 lightning strikes per minute. Known as Relámpago del Catatumbo (the Catatumbo Lightning) it can strike as many as 3,600 bolts in an hour. Every night!

12. The world below is a giant, mysterious thing

We think we’re so fancy with our terrestrial lives, but you should see what’s going on down in the coral reefs. It is there in which exists the most species per unit area of any of the planet’s ecosystems, even more than the rainforests. And while the reefs are comprised of tiny individual coral polyps, together they form the largest living structures on Earth, even visible from space.

13. And we don’t know the half of it

While oceans cover around 70 percent of the planet, we’ve only explored some 5 percent of them. In a similar vein, scientists estimate that there are anywhere between 5 million and 100 million species on Earth, but … we have identified only about 2 million of them. We think we know it all, but there is so much left to discover. What a wonderful world!

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NASA: Previously unknown asteroid has a near miss with Earth

Asteroid 2018 GE3


We dodged a bullet today. It came within one half of the distance to the moon.

I got this notice in email from NASA about a surprise asteroid that gave us only one day of warning passing halfway between the Earth and the moon. It was the largest known asteroid to ever pass that close to Earth in observational history.

SURPRISE ASTEROID FLYBY: With little warning, on Sunday, April 15th, a “Tunguska-class” asteroid about the size of a football field flew through the Earth-Moon system. 2018 GE3 was discovered just the day before as it plunged inward from the asteroid belt. A quick-thinking amateur astronomer in Europe was able to record a video of the asteroid as it flew by.

With little warning, a relatively large asteroid flew through the Earth-Moon system on April 15th only 192,200 km (0.5 Lunar Distance) from our planet. 2018 GE3 was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey approaching Earth on April 14th. Hours later, amateur astronomer Michael Jäger of Weißenkirchen Austria video-recorded the space rock rushing through the southern constellation Serpens:

asteroid 2018 GE3


According to Wikipedia, 2018 GE3 is the largest known asteroid to pass that close to Earth in observational history,” says Jäger. “It was shining like a 13th magnitude star at the time of my observations.”

Based on the intensity of its reflected sunlight, 2018 GE3 must be 48 to 110 meters wide, according to NASA-JPL.

This puts it into the same class as the 60-meter Tunguska impactor that leveled a forest in Siberia in 1908. A more recent point of comparison is the Chelyabinsk meteor-a ~20-meter asteroid that exploded in the atmosphere over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013, shattering windows and toppling onlookers as a fireball brighter than the sun blossomed in the blue morning Ural sky. 2018 GE3 could be 5 to 6 times wider than that object.

If 2018 GE3 had hit Earth, it would have caused regional, not global, damage, and might have disintegrated in the atmosphere before reaching the ground. Nevertheless, it is a significant asteroid, illustrating how even large space rocks can still take us by surprise. 2018 GE3 was found less than a day before before its closest approach.

Based on an observational arc of only 1 day, 2018 GE3 appears to follow an elliptical orbit which stretches from the asteroid belt to deep inside the inner solar system. Every ~2.5 years the space rock crosses the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars – although not necessarily making close approaches to the planets themselves.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made an interactive orbit viewer available online here

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/382994-NASA-Previously-unknown-asteroid-has-a-near-miss-with-Earth

Taylor Swift covers Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘September’

Superstar Taylor Swift has taken Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September”–an upbeat, fun 1970s song that’s a staple at weddings and celebrations everywhere–and completely turned it on its head.

As part of the Spotify Singles series, which typically features both an original song and a cover, Swift opted to take on the funk classic but with dramatic changes, slowing it down and featuring a banjo to create a slow, folksy ballad. And a little lyric change–the date “the 28th night of September,” rather than the “21st night” from the original–has fans wondering as to the significance of the day, especially since a statement about the release said the Swift chose the song for “sentimental reasons.”

The extreme style changes have led to some backlash on social media, particularly from Earth, Wind and Fire fans, but Swift has some support from both the group’s lead singer and one of the song’s writers.

““’September’ was my first hit and favorite song of mine I ever have had the joy of being a part of,” co-writer Allee Willis told Billboard.”Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae.”

Lead singer Phillip Bailey also commented, saying “music is free like that” and that he “ain’t got nothing but love” for Swift.

Swift also performed “Delicate,” from last year’s Reputation, in a stripped-down acoustic format. Both songs were recorded at the Tracking Room in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fans can see Swift live when she kicks off a stadium tour in May. Tickets are on sale now right here on AXS. If you’d rather hear the original version of “September” live, Earth, Wind and Fire also has a few shows coming up this summer.

Source Article from https://m.axs.com/taylor-swift-covers-earth-wind-and-fire-s-september-129587

‘Semi-Infinite’ Trove of Rare-Earth Metals Found in Japanese Seabed

‘Semi-Infinite’ Trove of Rare-Earth Metals Found in Japanese Seabed

April 12th, 2018

Via: CNBC:

Researchers have found hundreds of years’ worth of critical rare-earth metals beneath Japanese waters — enough to supply to the world on a “semi-infinite basis,” according to a study published on Tuesday.

The materials sit in a roughly 965-square-mile Pacific Ocean seabed near Minamitorishima Island, which is located 1,150 miles southeast of Tokyo, according to the study published in Nature Publishing Group’s Scientific Reports.

Rare-earth metals are crucial in the making of high-tech products such as electric vehicles, mobile phones and batteries, and the world has relied on China for almost all of its rare-earth material.

The seabed contains more than 16 million tons of rare-earth oxides, according to the study. That’s equivalent to 780 years’ worth of yttrium supply, 620 years of europium, 420 years of terbium and 730 years of dysprosium, it added.

The discovery “has the potential to supply these metals on a semi-infinite basis to the world,” the study said.




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Earth’s First Luxury Space Hotel Could Launch As Soon As 2022

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Nearly everyone has dreamt about traveling to space and within the next few decades, many will have the chance. But when passengers make it to their destination, where will they stay? If all goes according to plan, at the Aurora Station, Earth’s first luxury space hotel.

By 2021, the startup Orion Span seeks to launch the Aurora Station into orbit. As early as 2022, it could start accepting guests. If you are interested in such an experience, you may want to start saving money. The 12-night stay, which includes food, transportation to and from Earth, and three months of training, costs $9.5 million per person.

Only four guests can check into the Aurora Station at a time. To reserve a spot, an $80,000 deposit is required. Fortunately, it is entirely refundable.

As Space News reports, little else is known about the startup’s plans. The only other tidbit of information the company has shared is that because the hotel is a single module, no additional assembly would be necessary once it reaches orbit.

As neat as it sounds, the Aurora Station is still a concept. If it becomes a reality, however, Orion Span will likely partner with private companies for transportation, such as Virgin Galactic. “That will be through partnerships with SpaceX, Blue Origin or a space agency,” said Orion Span’s CEO, Frank Bunger. As of yet, no partnerships have been announced.

Other details have yet to be worked out, such as where the Aurora Station will be built. According to Bunger, it will be assembled in a facility in Houston, Texas. However, that facility does not yet exist. “We’ll probably be getting that in the next six to nine months,” said Bunger.

The company currently has six employees. Only a handful have backgrounds in space. Before Bunger got in the business of luxury space accommodation, he worked as a vice president at an information technology company.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Source: Space News, Engadget

Image Credit: Orion Span

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Flat Earth Rising | iLLuMiNuTTi.com


By Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog » Flat Earth Rising

A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth.
CREDIT: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic | Trekky0623

Interest in the notion that the earth is flat has been increasing in recent years. I have to say, as much of a jaded skeptic as I am, this level of self-deception is still amazing to me. It truly demonstrates that there is no practical limit to the power of motivated reasoning or the absurdity of conclusions which it can defend.

Serious flat earth proponents actually do believe that the earth is not a globe, but a flat disk. When you think about this for even a moment, many problems arise, but they have an answer to all of it. Not a good answer, but enough of one to allow motivated reasoning to take over.

Space Exploration

Perhaps the most obvious problem with belief in a flat earth is that we have been to space. You can actually see the earth as a spinning globe. There is no other viable interpretation of this direct and dramatic observational evidence. You might as well tell me that a basketball is not round.

This is what the flat earth wiki has to say about this challenge to their position:

The most commonly accepted explanation of this is that the space agencies of the world are involved in a conspiracy faking space travel and exploration. This likely began during the Cold War’s ‘Space Race’, in which the USSR and USA were obsessed with beating each other into space to the point that each faked their accomplishments in an attempt to keep pace with the other’s supposed achievements. Since the end of the Cold War, however, the conspiracy is most likely motivated by greed rather than political gains, and using only some of their funding to continue to fake space travel saves a lot of money to embezzle for themselves.

In light of the above, please note that we are not suggesting that space agencies are aware that the earth is flat and actively covering the fact up. They depict the earth as being round simply because that is what they expect it to be.

The conspiracy theory, of course, is the last refuge of the hopelessly deluded. Any inconvenient evidence can be swept aside by making up a conspiracy theory ad hoc. What is the evidence for this alleged conspiracy? Zero. As they admit, this conspiracy would have to involve many nations in the world, not just the US and USSR/Russia. China, India, the UK, the European Union all have space agencies.

Why would the space agencies of all of these countries be engaged in the exact same conspiracy?

Continue Reading @ NeuroLogica Blog


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the shape of the earth, the structure of human power relations, Hitler’s place in history

the shape of the earth, the structure of human power relations, Hitler’s place in history

Patrick Slattery and callers talk about the origins of the universe, the shape of the earth, the structure of human power relations, Hitler’s place in history… in a word, the most fundamental philosophical issues facing mankind.


National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 4.4.18

Check out Dr. Slattery’s website, NationalBugle.com

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If the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, scientists think they know where ground zero will be

Image: If the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, scientists think they know where ground zero will be

(Natural News)
Many skeptics have been speculating over the past several years about Earth undergoing some major changes in the very near future – mainly with regards to the “flipping” of its magnetic field. And new research out of New York claims to have uncovered precisely where “ground zero” of this major event will take place.

According to John Tarduno, one of the co-authors of a new study on the subject, the reversal of Earth’s magnetic field will begin underneath the continent of Africa, as an electromagnetic anomaly in the Southern Hemisphere points directly to this region. He and his colleagues claim to have discovered a waxing and waning of this anomaly, as the magnetic field throughout the region weakens, then strengthens, then weakens again, and so on.

Based on the movements taking place here, Tarduno and his team believe that a gradual reversal of the planet’s magnetic field is already occurring, and that at some point the final switch will occur – which is the same conclusion that was recently made by scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder. They already say they’ve observed magnetic north making its way to the South Pole, and vice versa, a process that they believe last occurred many millennia ago.

“This may be the place that reversal started, at least reversals over the last millions of years,” Tarduno, a researchers from the University of Rochester in New York, is quoted as saying by Space.com.

Earth’s magnetic field is noticeably “weakening,” researchers say

Deep inside the Earth are pools and pockets of magma and other churning hot “liquid” that generate our planet’s magnetic field. Without this field, life as we know it would not exist, as the Earth would no longer have an invisible protective shield of magnetism to protect it against deadly radiation from the Sun and outer space.

And right now that magnetic field appears to be “weakening,” experts say – especially in the South Atlantic region between South Africa and Chile – though nobody is entirely sure why. However, as scientists have begun to investigate the matter further, they’ve determined that changes are indeed taking place to the magnetic field that point to an ongoing and impending pole shift.

It’s only been within the past 160 years or so that magnetic, and eventually satellite, observatories were developed with the capacity to ascertain more precisely how Earth’s magnetic field functions. However, most of the research data collected from such technology comes from the Northern Hemisphere, with only about 10 percent coming from the south.

This is where Tarduno’s research comes into play, having focused more specifically on changes taking place in the Southern Hemisphere. They say that ancient African rituals of burning clay huts and grain bins fixed magnetic minerals into the clay soil that has somehow affected the magnetic field of the area.

Excavations have revealed that the magnetic field underwent sudden directional shifts between A.D. 400 and 450, and again between A.D. 750 and 800. Between roughly A.D. 1225 and 1550, the magnetic field of the area noticeably weakened.

There have also been changes that occurred deep within the Earth’s surface that were not brought about by humans, mainly in terms of the movement of all that hot liquid. It was a strange patch of magnetic field directly below Africa at the boundary between the core and the mantle that the research team ultimately concluded was the most prominent factor in the changes taking place above the surface.

“That patch may be largely responsible for the decreasing magnetic field,” Tarduno says, noting that the mantle portion of the Earth underneath Southern Africa is especially unusual, being both hotter and denser than the surrounding mantle. “We think that is causing there to be changes in the flow of the iron [in the core] as it enters this region.”

See more coverage of science news at Science.news.

Sources for this article include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-04-if-the-earths-magnetic-field-reverses-scientists-know-ground-zero.html