Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests

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Military Psychologist Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Rape Victims—During Therapy


Fairfield, California – A psychologist working at Travis Air Force Base near Sacremento has been arrested for sexually assaulting his patents after multiple patients accused him of misconduct and claimed that they are now “even more traumatized” because of the abuse they endured at the hands of the man who was supposed to help them.

According to a report from CBS Sacremento, Dr. Heath Sommer was working with rape victims who were sexually assaulted while deployed in the military. But instead of helping them, he added to the abuse. 

Sommer reportedly used “exposure therapy” as an excuse to victimize his patients under the pretense of an experimental treatment. Exposure therapy is a psychological treatment where people are forced to confront their fears or traumas, and while this technique has many great applications, sexual assault is obviously not one of them.

It was revealed that the abuse occurred between 2010 and 2016, but it is not clear how many victims there actually were. Sommer now faces charges of sexual battery, rape, and oral copulation, to which he pled not guilty earlier this week.

Sommer’s attorney, Thomas Maas said in court that the sex was consensual and was a part of his client’s “therapy work.

However, at least nine women have come forward to testify in the case against Sommer, including Caitlyn Sampson, who recently spoke with KCRA about her experience.

“I had a traumatic experience at my first base. I had some residual and was diagnosed with PTSD. After that, every base that I went to, I sought treatment at,” She explained.

Sampson then detailed how Dr. Sommer would aggressively manipulate women during the sessions.

“It was apparent that he had read over my entire medical history. He was telling me everything about who I was and what I thought, what I felt. I think he took a lot of information from those notes to tell me who I was and how I felt to almost like gain credibility maybe. He was telling me all kinds of other things about myself that were not true at all. Saying that I didn’t love my husband… that I wanted to cheat on him or that I had sexual desires,” Sampson said.

“If I told him no, he would tell me I was lying. And he would ask the question again and again until I gave him the right answer. Or once in a while, he would move on to the next topic: (Very personal questions like) ‘What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?’ or ‘What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done sexually.’ Anything I had to tell him wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t wild enough. I was uncomfortable very early on. Even before he started getting into the really personal things, he was just telling me all about me and wasn’t giving me a chance to express myself. And when he started telling me that I was lying about my own perspective, I knew there was something wrong,” she added.

Sampson said that Sommer’s tactics eventually caused her to panic and shut down, which is a common response for victims of trauma who have encounters like this, something that Sommer likely knew and took advantage of at the time.

“Throughout the whole appointment, I was pretty uncomfortable—but I wasn’t really sure that what he was doing was malicious. By the end of the appointment, he goes and says that I have feelings for him and that I find him sexually attractive and that I want to be with him sexually. When I realized that he wasn’t taking my answers and he wanted his own answers—he was very determined on getting a specific answer from me—I think I kind of just shut down,” she said.

Sampson also explained how Sommer attempted to pass his behavior off as a therapeutic technique.

“I wasn’t quite sure. Maybe he was just a provider that was using some different tactics. You know, trying to make me feel uncomfortable for like a therapeutic reason. That’s horrible. It’s a hard time. You’re not thinking straight. If he says to you this is how you’re going to get better. Exposure therapy works for getting people to slowly try the things that scare them. So yes, if you’ve been sexually assaulted, sex might scare you. And to say that the solution is to have sex with me—as your provider, the person that you’re supposed to trust—it is like the most serious abuse of power I’ve encountered,” Sampson said.

A Spokesperson for Travis Air Force Base said that they do not officially support exposure therapy for these types of cases. Sommer is currently being held at the Stanton Correctional Facility in Fairfield, with a bail of $750,000.

The U.S. military is an extremely unsafe place for women, and many of the threats that they face are from within. U.S. officials say reports of sexual assaults across the military jumped by nearly 10 percent in 2017 with 6,769 reports of sexual assaults.

Military Times reported that defense officials actually praised the increase, because it is an underreported crime, and they believe that an increase in reports “shows there is more confidence in the reporting system and greater comfort with the support for victims.

A report published in September 2017 also revealed that the suicide rate for female veterans is 250 percent higher than the suicide rate for female non-veteran civilians


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ICE Agents Haul Off Pallbearer During Funeral on Fox Music Drama

ICE Agent: Angel Rivera, you are to be detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Second Agent: I’m gonna ask you folks to step aside.

Angel: Yeah, I know what you’re doing here. Uh, could I just bury my uncle, please?

Agent: We don’t wait on criminals.

Carlotta: He’s not a criminal. Let him bury his uncle.

Angel: Get off me, man. Hey, man, get off me.

Simone: No, no, no, no, no.

Angel: Get off me! Stop it! Get off me. Have some respect.

Agent: Step aside, people.

Simone: No. No, no, no. Angel. You can’t take him. No, no, no. No, Angel! Where are you taking him? Don’t take him!

Carlotta: It’s okay.

Simone: Angel, look at me!

Carlotta: We gonna figure it out.

Simone: Don’t you… -No, no, no, no! They can’t take away Angel! No, please! Angel! No!

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How to care for yourself mentally and emotionally after experiencing trauma during an airplane flight

Image: How to care for yourself mentally and emotionally after experiencing trauma during an airplane flight

(Natural News)
If you’re already wary of traveling by air, recent news reports might have added to your apprehension when it comes to airplanes. For example, last April, tragedy struck a Southwest Airlines flight, with one passenger dead after an engine exploded.

Many of the passengers on the same flight were shaken as they witnessed firsthand how vulnerable we are when we travel by plane. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, flight disturbances like this can happen at least three or four times a year.

Now, when you’re trapped at 30,000 feet, how do you deal with the trauma caused by what you’re experiencing?

Carmen Visan, a Seattle-based therapist in private practice, said that the earlier you learn to process the traumatic event, the better it is for your mental health. (Related: Big Trauma Vs. Little Trauma: What’s the Difference?)

Visan warned that while your instinct may be to block the traumatizing event from your mind, this is the last thing that you should do because it might “repress and postpone healing.” She continued that the best way to deal with trauma is to practice “[conscious], sustained, and supported engagement with the entirety of the memory of the event.”

Visan advised individuals to talk about the event by expressing emotions physically and verbally. Another way to deal with it is to find a healing and nurturing place where you can talk to people you trust.

If you’ve lived through a plane crash or other trauma in the air, you might be wondering if you’re going to die. This is normal because it’s the most basic fear we have hardwired into our brains: “The fight for survival.”

Sponsored solution from the Health Ranger Store: Lab-verified Nascent Iodine solution is a dietary supplement that provides your body with supplemental iodine to help protect your thyroid during radiation exposure. Nuclear accidents such as Fukushima (or nuclear war) can expose your body to radioactive iodine-131, a dangerous radioisotope. Pre-loading your system with stable iodine occupies the iodine receptor sites on your organs, causing your body to naturally expel radioactive iodine you may have been exposed to through air, food, water or milk products. This defensive strategy is recommended by nearly all health authorities, worldwide, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Discover more at this link.

When you survive an event like a plane crash, it may cause major trauma and this can result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People often deal with PTSD for some time following such an event. However, if you’re struggling with symptoms, you may need to consult a therapist or join a PTSD support group so you can discuss the incident with people who have had the same experience.

Other things you may start asking yourself include: “Will I be able to fly again after this?” or “Can I let my loved ones get on planes after this?”

Coping strategies for trauma caused by an airplane flight

If you’re unsure what kind of coping strategies to try after you’ve experienced traumatic flight disturbances, Visan suggests consulting trained trauma professionals because your recovery is mostly psychological in nature. Instead of hiding the memory in your mind, discuss it with people you trust so you can come to terms with your feelings and fears.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to experience trauma firsthand, possible symptoms may involve:

  • Avoidance of references to the traumatic event
  • Being bothered by intrusive thoughts
  • Increased vigilance
  • Persistent hyper-arousal to triggers
  • Social isolation
  • Trouble sleeping

In some cases, these symptoms may be misinterpreted as generalized anxiety or depression in adults or even panic attacks when in fact they should be diagnosed as symptoms of PTSD.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with trauma due to an airplane flight, consult a trained trauma expert for a therapeutic debrief. You can either join an individual or group debriefing session to address any of your concerns so you can process your feelings in a suitable manner.

Other tips to deal with trauma

If you’re still unsure how to properly deal with trauma, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Don’t rush your healing. It may take you weeks or months to accept what happened, and that’s perfectly normal.
  2. Instead of ignoring the accident, try to find out what caused it in the first place so you can have closure.
  3. If there are casualties from the flight disturbance, try to attend funerals or memorial services. Aside from comforting the families of those who have passed away, doing this can help you accept what happened by spending time with others who have had the same experience.
  4. Talk about what happened with your family and friends, but try to understand that they may not always know what to say to you.
  5. Spend time alone so you can process your thoughts and feelings about the incident.
  6. Try to discuss the traumatic event in your own time. Never feel bad for crying when you talk because this is a natural way of dealing with traumatic experiences.
  7. Do your best to resume a normal routine, like eating regular meals or exercising.
  8. Spend time with other people and do “normal” things to take your mind off of what happened, which could comfort you.

You can learn more about how you can care for your mental health after a traumatic event at

Sources include:



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Jeremy Hunt under fire for ducking out during Urgent Question on disabilities (VIDEO)

Labour MP Barbara Keeley, who asked the health secretary to make a statement on the review, tweeted: “Disgraceful that @Jeremy_Hunt ran out of the Chamber rather than answering my Urgent Question on the Learning Disability Mortality Review just now.”

Footage from the Commons on Wednesday shows Hunt getting up as he hears his turn to speak. He visibly crouches down as he attempts to leave the house unseen.

Keeley is heard saying: “He’s gone,” when she calls for Hunt to answer her question but realizes he is no longer sitting on the frontbench opposite her.

The Learning Disability Mortality Review aims to bring to light any factors that may be associated to the death of a person with learning disabilities. The UQ came after an NHS investigation into the death of 13 people with learning disabilities found that failure to contribute adequate care contributed directly to their deaths.

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British Obstetrician ‘sliced baby’s neck with scissors’ during delivery

baby death


According to the Herald, a doctor at Ninewells Hospital in the Scottish city of Dundee was suspended by NHS Tayside after she opted for a vaginal delivery, ignoring a wide range of medical complications indicating that a caesarean section would have been safer.

Doctor Vaishnavy Vilvanathan Laxman is said to have sliced a baby’s neck with scissors during delivery, resulting in the child’s death. A Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard that Laxman had allegedly failed to receive the mother’s consent for a vaginal delivery, as well as asked her to push when she was “not in established labor” and “undertook one or more incisions of the cervix without due care.”

The infant was reportedly in the breech position, had abnormally low fetal heart rate and a prolapsed umbilical cord, which indicated that the risks of the baby becoming entangled with it were high.

As the baby boy died during childbirth, Laxman purportedly failed to provide the mother with adequate anesthesia prior to going on with surgical incisions to extract the fetus, and, according to the Herald, “failed to acknowledge [the mother’s] requests to stop.”

At the hearing, which is expected to last until June 5, the tribunal will also consider claims that the medic neglected her colleagues, who said that she should proceed with a caesarean delivery, as well as fellow doctor’s warning that the baby’s neck was being stretched.

Laxman has been suspended from practice in wake of the incident in March 2014.

The news comes amid mounting concerns over NHS funding: as key health services are overwhelmed by rising demand during winter, with many starting to call for increased financing, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to come up with a long-term funding plan for the National Health Service ahead of the spring 2019 spending review, having acknowledged that the system needs an increase in resources.

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WATCH: Cop Snaps, Abuses His Own K9 After He Failed to Find Drugs During Stop


Fort Lauderdale, FL — An infuriating video has surfaced this week showing a police officer harassing an innocent motorist over the darkness of his window tint—and likely his skin color too. The detainment and extortion of innocent motorists for dark windows is a terrible injustice, as TFTP has consistently reported, which makes this video twice as infuriating. During the stop, the man filming the interaction caught the cop on camera violating his rights while abusing his own K9 partner too.

According the person who posted the video, who goes by the name DePastor Yoo, on Facebook, he was driving home Saturday night when he was targeted by an officer with the Wilton Manors Police Department because his tint was suspected of being too dark.

Our attempts to reach DePastor have been unsuccessful, however, the video is self explanatory.

In the land of the free, if police feel that your window tint is too dark, they will claim the right to extort money from you. If you resist this extortion, police will claim the right to kidnap or kill you. Unfortunately, in the land of the free, these instances happen so frequently that they are often caught on video too.

As the video below shows, after the officer initiated the stop, he went on a fishing expedition with his K9. Although the Fourth Amendment is supposed to prevent people from unreasonable search and seizure, the United States Supreme Court ruled that using drug dogs during lawful traffic stops does not constitute a search as an individual does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in illegal contraband within a vehicle.

The Supreme Court case of Illinois v. Caballes laid out this most unconstitutional practice and paved the way for a K9 to be deployed during most traffic stops. This is what we see in the video below.

During a traffic stop in which an officer deploys their K9, if the dog alerts to the vehicle, it gives the officer probable cause to then search the vehicle.

As TFTP has reported at length, the overwhelming majority of the time, K9 officers will alert on vehicles whether drugs are present or not.

In many cases, police dogs are trained with positive reinforcement if they are able to find contraband—a situation that will obviously lead to false positives. Police deny that this tactic is used in training, despite the fact that it is known to be commonplace.

In 2014, we reported on the high-profile case of Timothy Young. Young was pulled over for failure to use his turn signal when a police K-9 was said to have alerted to his vehicle. After police found no evidence of drugs in his car or on his person, he was then handcuffed and driven to a hospital an hour away. During this forced visit to the hospital, Young was x-rayed and sodomized in search of non-existent substances.

Luckily for DePastor, he escaped this traffic stop without being forcibly sodomized in search of non-existent drugs. The K9, however, was not so lucky.

After walking the K9 around DePastor’s vehicle in search of non-existent drugs, the dog never alerted. Enraged that he now lost his ability to continue the traffic stop by searching DePastor’s car, the officer snapped and took his aggression out on the innocent dog.

After he rounds the last corner of the car and the K9 didn’t alert, the officer fiercely jerks the dog’s collar with all of his weight to let out his frustration. This action now has the online community enraged.

Many people are speaking out and are asking for the officer in the video below to be charged with assault on a police officer. Indeed, if a citizen was seen treating a police K9 in this manner, rest assured they would like be facing some sort of accountability.

Hopefully this story also helps to expose the insidious nature of pulling people over for dark windows too, as other folks, like 21-year-old Christopher Ballew, have been severely beaten or even killed over how much sunlight they let in their cars.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the Wilton Manors Police who noted that they were aware of the video and are investigating it. They gave no other details. The department has since pulled down their Facebook page as they are likely being flooded with negative comments.

If you’d like to contact the department, you can do so by phone: (954) 390-2150.


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What to Expect During Martial Law And What You Can Do To Ensure Your Safety – Get Ready To Move Your Family ASAP When SHTF

In case you don’t know, martial law is when the government takes over a designated territory, suspends constitutional rights, and enforces authoritarian power with the use of the military. Basic civilian rights such as a trial before imprisonment and other democratic processes are limited or suspended completely. Every democracy has the potential for martial law.

Martial law usually happens during something like large riot, a terrorist attack, or a large scale natural disaster. During frightening events like these, many people prefer to give up their rights so they can have the peace of mind an authoritarian government offers. Who needs rights as long as you can feel safe from looters, right? The trouble is, there have been instances where martial law has gone too far. In the video below, you’ll see what happened after hurricane Katrina.

Here are a few things to expect during martial law and what you can do to ensure your safety.

1. Confiscation of Firearms

As it shows in the video above, one of the first things to occur under martial law is the confiscation of firearms. Any civilian with a firearm will be deemed a threat, which means it’s important to hide your weapons in a place that only you and trusted family or friends know about. Have multiple stashes so if one stash is found, you can pretend that’s all there is. If you have a bunker, keep some weapons and firearms there as well. Make sure you have plenty of ammo, too.

Expect to be searched without cause. Anything that is found on you is in danger of being taken. Keep this in mind when going out so that you don’t lose something valuable to government forces or other opportunistic enemies. Also, if you have children in your home, please keep your gun in a combination safe.

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EU Commission President praises Karl Marx in Germany during a statue unveiling


2 days ago, Mr Juncker unveiled a 4.4-meter (14-feet) statue of Marx, donated by China, in the centre of Trier.

A German group representing victims of Communism has criticized the Marx anniversary celebrations.

Members of the US Congress and MEPs from formerly communist-ruled eastern Europe appealed for Mr Juncker to pull out of the commemoration in Trier, the town where Marx was born in 1818.

MEPs from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party wrote to Mr Juncker in protest of the visit, saying: “Marxist ideology led to the death of tens of millions and ruined the lives of hundreds of millions. The celebration of its founder is a mockery of their memory.”

Delivering an impassioned defence of Karl Marx’s legacy, EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker argued the radical should not be judged for the Communist atrocities that took place in his name.

The President of the European Commission defied protests to deliver his speech at an event commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto writer’s birth in Trier, west Germany.

Speaking at a church in the city, he said: “Karl Marx was a philosopher, who thought into the future, had creative aspirations, and today he stands for things which is he not responsible for, and which he didn’t cause, because many of the things he wrote down were redrafted into the opposite.

He added: “One has to understand Karl Marx from the context of his time and not have prejudices based on the review, these judgements shouldn’t exist.”

During the event, where he unveiled a statue of Marx donated by China’s authoritarian government, Juncker also highlighted goals of furthering EU integration and “social rights” in the bloc as Marx’s contribution to the European project.

His speech, which was briefly interrupted by an anti-Communist protest, came in the face of pleas from politicians around the world for him to boycott the event, which critics argued represented a whitewashing of “the most destructive ideology in human history”.

Members of the U.S. Congress urged the top Eurocrat “not to honour Karl Marx in any way”, asserting that with a death toll of more than 100 million, Marxism is a “toxic ideology that has led to mass death, torture, and enslavement wherever it has been applied.”

“Marx’s defenders often say he cannot be held accountable for what Communist regimes did long after his life and death; but Marxist dictators who massacred their own people were applying Communist ideology to political practice,” the U.S. Congressional group on Victims of Communism wrote in a letter last week.

“Violence and Marxism go hand in hand,” said caucus chair Representative Chris Smith, pointing to examples including Marx’s praise of “revolutionary terror” as the only method that can shorten “the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society.”

The letter concludes with a plea to Juncker “not to honour Karl Marx in any way, rather to speak the truth about this man whose writing indeed called for the tyranny and murder that have been and continue to be committed in his name.”.

Juncker was also urged not to attend by a group of MEPs from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, who warned the EU boss that his gracing the event would be “particularly appalling for the citizens of countries which suffered for decades under Communist dictatorships”.

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, who fled Soviet-ruled Poland with his family when he was a child, added his voice to calls for Juncker to cancel his appearance at the lavish ceremony, urging the EU leader to “remember that Marxism was all about ripping power and individual means away from people and giving to State.”

“Marxism led to the killing of millions around the world as it allowed a small band of fanatics to suppress the people,” he added.

“We must learn the lessons from this and share with our children.”

A spokesman for the European Commission defended Juncker’s speech and appearance at the event, claiming that “not speaking of [Marx] would come close to denying history.”

“After decades of experience in politics at a national and European level, President Juncker is very well aware of the historical facts and sensitivities,” she said.

“Whatever peoples’ views on Karl Marx, I think that nobody can deny that Karl Marx is a figure who shaped history in one way or another.”



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