Could electric vehicles help reduce driver stress?

When I recently misjudged my range driving out of the mountains of North Carolina, I was not exactly calm. But as a driver of two different plug-in vehicles, I can say that the genuinely quiet ride and smooth, linear throttle response make for a decidedly pleasant, predictable and stress-free driving experience.

Now Electrek reports on a study—commissioned, admittedly, by the London Electric Vehicle Company—which claims electric powertrains may offer significant mental health benefits to their drivers. Now, before we get any further we should acknowledge this was a study involving four drivers, and commissioned by a company that builds plug-in versions of London’s iconic black cab. So your bias radar should be well and truly engaged.

But still, the results of the effort—which involved monitoring drivers’ brain activity and comparing how it differed between electric and diesel cabs—are not dissimilar to what I’d expect from my own experiences of driving electric. Specifically, when driving electric, drivers showed higher levels of active concentration, less variable heart rates and even increased reported levels of happiness. The study was led by Dr. Duncan Williams of the University of York, who posited that the quieter working environment (a reduction of 5dB amplitude compared to diesel) was the most likely cause of the positive impacts.

Like I say, this is a limited study based on one vehicle type, and commissioned by a company with skin in the game. So I’m certainly not presenting this as definitive evidence. It is, however, an interesting potential benefit of electric vehicles beyond their environmental impact. As everything from buses to delivery vehicles go electric, drivers may just reap the mental health benefits. (Assuming, that is, they are not too busy about robot vehicles stealing their jobs…)

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Innocent Driver Blamed After NY Cop Drives 74 in 40 MPH Zone Without Lights, Sirens, or Seatbelt, and Dies

New details have been released by New York State Police in the case of the Whitesboro police officer who crashed and died while speeding with his lights and sirens off in an April 11 incident.

Whitesboro Police Officer Kevin Crossley, 34, was traveling at 74 mph in a 40 mph zone without wearing a seatbelt, and without lights and sirens to warn others of his dangerous driving, reported WKTV.

The driver of the vehicle that was struck by the speeding officer, Nicole Moshier-Harris, was ticket for failure to yield the right of way.

NY troopers say that a witness statement and video from a nearby business show Crossley was going eastbound on Oriskany Boulevard when he collided with a Chevy Avalanche near the intersection of Westmoreland Street.

Crossley was taken to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Utica, where he was pronounced dead. The Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office said he died from multiple traumatic injuries.

Moshier-Harris was also taken to the hospital and treated for a leg injury before being released.

New York State exempts police from the seatbelt law, but the Whitesoboro Police Department policy and procedure manual states anyone operating a village vehicle is required to wear a seatbelt.


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CBS: Toronto Driver’s Van Attacks Were ‘Hit-and-Run,’ and a ‘Collision’

CBS News broke the absurdity meter in a Monday afternoon tweet and related story about today’s sidewalk attacks by the driver of a van in Toronto. Despite acknowledging that the man’s actions appeared to be deliberate, the networks described them as “hit-and-run.” defines “hit-and-run” as “fleeing the scene of an accident or injury one has caused, especially a vehicular accident, thereby attempting to evade being identified and held responsible.”

The definition is entirely in the context of an accident, i.e., something occurring unintentionally.

That can’t credibly be said of today’s attacks in Toronto. The plural version of “attack” is appropriate, because, as reported, “Witnesses said the man drove onto the sidewalk multiple times.”

Additionally, as seen below, a Google News search at 6 p.m. ET Monday showed that the original headline at a New York Times story on the attacks described them as having occurred “at two locations” (proof of headline and original opening text is here):


The Times’s headline has since been changed to “Toronto Van Plows Along Sidewalk, Killing 9 in ‘Pure Carnage,’” but the following paragraphs remained at the story at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time:


CBS News’s tweet incoherently pre-judged the incident as “hit-and-run” with no justification (h/t/ Twitchy):


The CBS tweet’s story tease, CBS’s story headline, and the story itself characterized the attack as the result of an inanimate object, i.e., the “van”:

Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, killing 9 — live updates

A van struck and killed nine pedestrians Monday afternoon in north Toronto and fled the scene, Canadian police said. Sixteen others were injured in the incident. Authorities said the van has been found and the driver was in custody. Police Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu said authorities do not yet know the cause or reason for the collision.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that the van not only acted on its own to strike pedestrians, but also decided on its own to flee the scene.

As to the description of the pedestrian attack as a “collision,” that word is obviously inappropriate, and even if used, it should have been plural, given that 25 people were hit.

The headline at CNN’s report also inappropriately described a “collision,” while the content referred to “collisions.” But at least the network tagged the driver as the person responsible for the carnage:

Toronto collision leaves 9 dead, 16 injured; suspect in custody

Nine people are dead and 16 are injured after the driver of a van plowed into multiple pedestrians in Toronto on Monday, Acting Police Chief Peter Yuen said.

The driver, who authorities said hit pedestrians on a busy street north of downtown Toronto, was in custody after leaving a trail of destruction stretching up to a mile, officials said. The van has been located, Toronto Police media representative Gary Long said.

Authorities have not said publicly if the vehicle collisions were intentional.

CBS’s tweet and story, and to a lesser extent CNN’s story, appear to betray a desire to downplay the attacks’ potentially broader significance.

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Illegal immigrant Uber driver raped passenger then fled to native Ghana while out on bail

uber rapist


An Uber driver charged with raping a passenger earlier this month was able to walk free because officials failed to notify immigration agents about his arrest, authorities said.

Frederick Amfo, 30, an illegal immigrant from Ghana, was arrested after a female passenger said that on April 8 he forced her into the backseat of his car and raped her, police said. Hours after he was released from police custody, he fled to his native Ghana. He was supposed to surrender his passport but did not.

“A loss for words,” Emily Murray, the victim who insisted on being identified by the press, told Boston 25. “I was angry, I’m still angry. I’m confused.”

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Boston 25 that a federal immigration detainer should have been placed on Amfo. Weymouth police claimed it forwarded the detainer to Quincy District Court.

“The court chose not to forward the detainer to Norfolk County, allowing for his subsequent release on bail from custody,” the agency said in a statement. “This case highlights the potential dangers of policies that prohibit cooperation with ICE.”

The court told the Patriot Ledger that there was no record of an immigration detainer at the time of his arraignment.

A ruling last year made Massachusetts a sanctuary state – meaning illegal immigrants accused of a crime cannot be transferred to immigration officials.

Murray claims on April 8 she was trying to get home when Amfo allegedly locked the doors to his vehicle and sexually assaulted her in the backseat.

“Within minutes, I was in a situation I couldn’t control and I was assaulted,” she said.

Police said DNA collected from a rape kit and Amfo’s car led to his arrest days later.

Amfo was charged with sexual assault. On Friday, a Quincy District Court set bail at $10,000 and he was given a stay away order.

Court records show that Amfo was also given 24 hours to surrender his passport if he made bail. But he made bail later that afternoon without surrendering his passport.

Three days later, Murray was told that Amfo had fled to Ghana.

“If I went to Ghana and I committed a crime, I wouldn’t expect to be able to hop on plane and say sorry about that, here’s some money,” she said Tuesday. “I would expect to answer for it. Accountability. And there had been just zero.”

She told the Boston Herald that Amfo is a coward.

“He proclaims his innocence and then just leaves?” she said. “I feel hurt. … People get blamed for not coming forward and then get victimized more when they do.”

She said she doesn’t believe she will ever get justice.

“But I hope this shines a light and it won’t happen in the future,” she said, “because of me coming forward and me releasing my name and putting a face behind this whole situation.”

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California to Allow Testing of Self-Driving Cars Without a Driver Present

California to Allow Testing of Self-Driving Cars Without a Driver Present

February 27th, 2018

Thinking about the security side of this sends a chill down my spine.

We’ve all heard of botnets.

We’re probably not more than a couple of years away from the first botnet consisting of thousands of autonomous vehicles. I have roughly zero confidence that the security around autonomous vehicles will be sufficient to prevent this from happening.

Via: TechCrunch:

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles established new rules announced Monday that will allow tech companies and others working on driverless vehicle systems to begin trialling their cars without a safety driver at the wheel. The new rules go into effect starting April 2.

Until now, the DMV has allowed companies approved for autonomous vehicle testing to run their cars on the roads, with autonomous driving systems engaged, provided that there’s a trained safety driver behind the wheel ready and able to take over manual control. Now, the regulators are updating their rules to allow for fully driverless test, which is a key step along the route towards actually deploying self-driving vehicles in a commercial capacity.

This doesn’t mean test vehicles will be out there on the roads without any kind of human intervention backup – the DMV will require that those testing autonomous cars without a driver present have a dedicated communications channel that ties the car to a remote operator, who can take over if needed. The cars will also need to be hardened against cyber attacks and be able to provide their owner and operator info to any other parties in the event of an accident.




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Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock on How the Zio Deep State is the Driver Behind the Invasion of every White Nation!

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock on How the Zio Deep State is the Driver Behind the Invasion of every White Nation!


Today Dr. Duke British author and talk show host Andy Hitchcock as his guest for the show.



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P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470

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Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern

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Here is Mark Collett’s latest video :

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Smoking Driver Hits Crowd In Shanghai After Accidentally Igniting Van

A van ran into a crowd of pedestrians in Shanghai on Friday morning, injuring more than a dozen people, according to local media reports. 

The accident was caused by the van’s driver, who unintentionally set the inside of the vehicle on fire while smoking, according to the state-run People’s Daily. The news site noted that the driver was suspected of illegally moving hazardous goods.

17 pedestrians were hospitalized after the incident, which occurred in the city’s Huangpu District, according to Chinese state broadcaster CGTN. 

Reports say the van was driving toward a Starbucks on Nanjing Road West about 9 a.m. before it came to a stop at the coffee chain’s entrance after hitting several people. The storefront is near the People’s Park, which is in the center of the city, according to The New York Times.

A Starbucks spokeswoman told HuffPost that no one inside the coffee shop was injured and the location was not damaged by the vehicle. The store will remain closed while authorities investigate.

“We were saddened to hear about the accident that took place outside of our Store on Nanjing Road,” the spokeswoman said in an email. “Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those who were injured as a result of this incident. We are grateful no partners (employees) or store customers were injured and are focused on supporting them during this time.”

A local media outlet called The Paper initially reported that several people were inside the van and that it held several canisters of gas. But the article was removed and later replaced by a statement from the Shanghai government, possibly a signal that China’s media censors ordered it taken down, Reuters reported.

Graphic video of the scene was shared on social media, showing several people lying on the ground and the vehicle in flames as firefighters worked to quell the blaze.

This article has been updated with response from Starbucks.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Truck Driver Blamed For Damaging Ancient Nazca Lines

A truck driver is accused of ignoring warning signs and carelessly plowing across Peru’s famous Nazca Lines on Saturday, causing significant damage to the estimated 2,000-year-old archeological wonder, authorities said.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, which features massive geoglyphs of animals, plants and various creatures that are seen from the air, was left with deep tire marks when the big rig left the road. The culture ministry released a photo showing the damage. 

A video posted on Facebook also shows the vehicle parked off of the road and surrounded by various tire tracks, CNN reported.

The ancient designs surrounding the vehicle, which collectively cover 280 square miles, are touted on UNESCO’s website as being “the most outstanding group of geoglyphs anywhere in the world and are unmatched in its extent, magnitude, quantity, size, diversity and ancient tradition to any similar work in the world.”

According to Argentine newspaper Clarín, cited by NPR, the driver defended his action, saying that he wasn’t familiar with the area and that he only left the road because of a mechanical problem.

The paper speculated, however, that he may have left the road in an attempt to avoid paying a highway toll.

The ancient designs, whose purpose remains unclear, cover 280 square miles.  (MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images)The ancient designs, whose purpose remains unclear, cover 280 square miles.  (MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images)

Local news site Peru21 identified the driver as 40-year-old Jainer Jesús Flores Vigo and said that he was only briefly detained as there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he acted with intent.

Prosecutors for the public ministry say they will pursue charges.

Though the ancient artwork is estimated to be thousands of years old, it continues to puzzle and amaze observers as the exact reason for its creation is uncertain ― though UNESCO’s website notes that the geoglyphs are believed to have had ritual astronomical functions.

One recent example of its ability to surprise was in 2014, when a pilot discovered previously unknown geoglyphs across the land after sandstorms unveiled them.

This wasn’t the first time people have harmed the historic artwork, however.

In 2017, Greenpeace activists damaged some of the land when they pulled a publicity stunt in a protected area near an etched hummingbird figure. That act involved placing giant letters across the land, spelling out a message for their organization.

Simply walking on the land without special footwear will leave permanent scarring, the country’s deputy culture minister, Luis Jaime Castillo, said at the time of the incident.

“They are absolutely fragile,” he told the Associated Press. “They are black rocks on a white background. You walk there and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years. And the line that they have destroyed is the most visible and most recognized of all.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Moderate Rebels Kill Child & Bus Driver in Syria, Wound Several

Moderate rebels spilled more Syrian blood, 16 January. Though a 2 year old boy was murdered, no $10 million crocodile tears were shed for him by msm.

Moderate rebels funded and armed by NATO, bombed a kindergarten school in Aleppo, killing a two-year-old boy and a bus driver, injuring three teachers, on 16 January.  The moderate rebels also bombed al Saan town of Hama and Damascus.  These latest attacks come as the Syrian Arab Army “establishes control over new areas in Aleppo and Hama countryside,” and continues its military campaign to liberate Idlib from terrorist control.

Kindergarten school bombed by terrorists, on al Nile street in Aleppo.
A day in kindergarten in Aleppo.
Syrian child with head injuries caused by freedom-loving moderate rebels.
From SANA.

In al Saan, Hama, two women were seriously injured by the takfiri.  A subsequent — unconfirmed — report was that one of the women, a physician, died of her wounds.  Several homes and businesses were damaged.

Syrian woman going about her daily life, was wounded.

The Masaken Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus was also shelled, injuring one woman, and causing material damage to homes and businesses.  Those moderate bombs were fired from eastern Ghouta terrorist-stronghold; the SAA returned precision fire, “inflicting losses upon the armed groups,” according to SANA. 

Perhaps, tomorrow, western media will bleat about the fire returned upon the takfiri in eastern Ghouta; this region in which Syrian women are invisible has been a long-time favorite of NATO war propaganda correspondents.

Last summer, criminal MSM ran with reports of a chlorine attack in Ain Tarma, based on a ridiculous, 40-second video.

It is now 2030, Washington, D.C., time, on 16 January.   Western media have not uttered a news byte over the bombings of three Syrian neighborhoods, by NATO moderate terrorists.  Anderson Cooper has not wept a single crocodile tear for the little Syrian boy whose crime was to have been taken to school.

Compare the new standard in hypocritical media low.  Compare the lack of reporting on these terrorist atrocities, to the massive reporting of the report in which Cooper choked himself up, and forced some salty water into his eyes, to discuss the dignity of the Haitian people.

Should our readers be amenable to a bit of mouth vomiting, watch his two minutes/36 seconds of almost weeping, and count the number of times he uses the word while ostensibly paying tribute to Haitians.

Cooper, squeezing out two tears on CNN, prior to being unable to speak…

Miri Wood

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Crash of water and a terrifying ride: Driver glad he's alive

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — A driver who rode a wave of muddy water down a twisting street in his car during a Southern California flood said he is lucky to be alive.

“I just got pushed down the side of a hill by a wall of water and mud,” Desionne Franklin said in an Instagram video after Tuesday’s terrifying ride. “Rocks flowing, mud flowing everywhere. Barely made it out.”

Franklin, 44, and his girlfriend evacuated a friend’s home in the city of Burbank where they were staying as waves of storm runoff began pouring down a steep foothill street near hiking trails and a golf course. Water, rocks and mud cascaded down from mountains stripped bare of soil-stabilizing brush by a recent wildfire.

Franklin, who is from Dallas, said he heard rumbling around 6 a.m. Tuesday and saw something he’d never seen before: “river rapids in the middle of a residential street.”

But then the rain stopped and the water receded.

“I went back to sleep, not thinking about it,” he said Thursday.

Hours later, however, Franklin was told the neighborhood might be in danger and was being evacuated. He and his friend packed their cars and shoveled away several feet of mud that was caked in front of the driveway.

Then, a neighbor reported that rocks and small boulders were beginning to fall farther up the hill.

Franklin said he told everyone, “‘We’ve got to go now.’ I was a little frantic.”

He said his friend packed his daughter and three cats in a car and left. Franklin and his girlfriend left in a gray Prius.

Franklin drove slowly down the steep, curving road through waves of rock-laden, muddy water. The brakes did little good as the wheels skidded on rubble, the steering wheel shuddered and the surging current pushed at the car.

Then, a wave of water crashed into the back of the car.

“My girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs: ‘Go, go, go! We’ve got to get out of here!'” Franklin said.

“There was barely any traction,” he said. “Then the hydroplaning started. I was completely at the mercy of the flow of the water.”

Video by a local firefighters’ union showed the car sweeping down and around a curve on the cascade. For 30 seconds, Franklin lost all control of the car before regaining a little traction.

“‘Oh, this might be how it ends,'” he said he thought.

On the way, Franklin saw other, mangled cars that had been swept away.

“They looked like wadded-up pieces of paper,” he said. “It was terrible.”

At last, the Prius made it to the bottom of the hill. Franklin said he and his girlfriend looked at each other and “just sat there, speechless.”

Remarkably, nobody was hurt in the flooding. The Prius, which Franklin recently had leased, came away with only a few scratches.

“I love the car now,” Franklin said. “It got us through hell and high water, literally.”


This story has been corrected to show that the video was made Tuesday, not Thursday.

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