Horrific Video Catches Cops Dragging Innocent Woman By Her Handcuffs Across Concrete Floor


Sydney — Multiple police officers stand accused of using excessive force and lying about it after harrowing video showed them handcuff a woman for apparently no reason and then violently drag her by the handcuffs across a concrete floor, leading to multiple injuries.

The defenseless woman, who remains unnamed, was arrested on April 9, 2016 on multiple charges after the ordeal. However, having no evidence of an actual crime, all the charges were then dropped.

The video is now the subject of a hearing of the New South Wales’ Commission, in which the brutal actions of ten police officers are under investigation.

The graphic footage shows one officer dragging the woman across the floor by her handcuffs as another grabs her feet. Because she is surrounded by nearly a dozen cops and in handcuffs, the use of force appears to be entirely unnecessary and excessive.

As the video shows, none of the other officers standing around attempt to prevent their fellow cops from savagely assaulting the woman.

According to ABC, the Counsel Assisting the Commission, David Huen, is now recommending that action be taken against some of the officers.

He recommended that one of the officers should be found to have used “excessive force whilst engaging in an inappropriate method of moving” the woman.

“Officer One engaged in serious misconduct which could result in either serious disciplinary action,” Mr Huen said. “Or referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice with respect to a possible prosecution.”

To defend their actions, officers claimed the woman was a “difficult” prisoner and lashed out and assaulted officers in the moments leading up to her brutal treatment captured on video. However, none of this alleged assault was captured on video and officers were caught lying about it.

According to Huen, at least one of the officers lied to cover up the incident and gave false information in the local court and two other officers have committed serious misconduct for their testimonies.

Four other officers are recommended for internal discipline for their unsatisfactory performance in their statements in court as well.

According to reports, the punishments for the officers will be announced at a later date. Below is the disturbing footage.

As the Free Thought Project has reported, Australian police can be just as brutal as their American counterparts. While sleeping in bed with her fiancé in 2016, a former Miss Australia awoke to a police flashbang grenade disfiguring her face and melting her hand. Although she required immediate medical attention, paramedics did not arrive at the scene until 40 minutes later.

Crowned Miss International Australia in 2013, Felicia Djamirze was asleep in bed with her fiancé, Dean O’Donnell that morning, when a police flashbang grenade landed in their bedroom. Accused of drug trafficking, the former Miss Australia was placed under arrest as police waited 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. The cops refused to allow Djamirze to see her injuries even though she suffered third-degree burns to her face and right hand.

“The police treated this like a military operation which was entirely unnecessary,” Djamirze’s lawyer, Chris Ford, told the Daily Mail. “There was a high level of both physical and electronic surveillance. The police must have known my client was sleeping in a confined area when they tossed the stun grenade into her bedroom.”

The former beauty queen is now left blind in her right eye and suffers from PTSD as a result of these Australian cops.



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Source Article from https://thefreethoughtproject.com/dragging-woman-across-floor-police-handcuffs/

Howard Bryant Says President Trump Dragging Athletes into Culture War

On Saturday ESPN Radio’s “The Sporting Life,” host Jeremy Schaap and ESPN Senior Writer Howard Bryant discussed “the increasingly rocky relationship between Trump and athletes.” Author of “The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism,” Bryant said President Donald Trump is dragging athletes into a culture war and the new no-kneeling rule he forced on the owners was a “stab in the back.”

Schaap started the interview by asking Bryant for a reaction to this week’s Trump withdrawal of an invitation to the Super Bowl champion Eagles to a White House celebration, which only a handful of players and the mascot agreed to attend. Bryant responded:

“We’re in the middle of a culture war, and we can see that the president sees this as not only something that he can capitalize off of politically, but also something that the players now have to make a decision on, in that is the White House visit respect for the office or a repudiation of him? And I think that what we saw with the Eagles—they did not see it as you just kinda go even if you don’t like the guy in office because you have so much respect for the office and who gets to go to the White House in our lifetime. I think they really viewed this as no, it’s a direct repudiation of you, we’re not going. Not because we disagree with your foreign policy, but because we disagree with you period.”

To Bryant, the deal breaker for the Eagles who weren’t planning to attend was Trump’s September speech in Alabama when he called kneeling protesters SOBs.

“And I think that is a direct reaction from what the president did in September, calling the players SOBs and questioning their citizenship and questioning whether or not they even belonged in the country,” Bryant said.

Also, Bryant thinks the activist players believed their social justice concerns were settled when the NFL gave them $89 million to throw at racial inequality, prison reform and education reform. The players view the recent decision of the league to ban anthem protests as a betrayal inspired by their biggest critic, the president. Bryant said:

“So then for the owners to come out with a national anthem policy it sorta seems like being stabbed in the back, like a double cross. And then for Donald Trump to go and attack them for political points, and the players said, ‘you know what? You mess with us, we’ll mess with you.’ And that’s where we’re at.”

Schaap asked how “we” can possibly sustain another 2 1/2 or 6 1/2 years of Trump drama “that doesn’t seem sustainable.”

Bryant said “when you’ve got a White House that keeps inserting sports into its politics” it is a sustainable battle between Trump and athletes. Discounting the national outcry against disrespectful kneelers, Bryant claims we’re not really sure how people feel because 90 million people didn’t vote. Though a confused Bryant isn’t sure where the public stands on this whole thing, he also says, “Right now, it’s been completely one-sided. It’s been to blame the players and to blame the kneelers and to blame everybody who’s wearing the uniform.”

The interview came to an end with Bryant getting in one more dig at the president and plugging his book and his favorite complaint: too many military salutes, military family reunions and too many American flags at sports event. “Where we’re really at is, you know we’re in year 18 of post-9/11 politicization and militarization of sports. And on top of that now you’ve got another wild card element which is the president attacking players when he decides to attack them.”

It may come as a surprise to Bryant that his athlete heroes are no angels. Colin Kapernick fired the first “shot” in sports’ culture war. LeBron James has sworn at President Trump and called him a “bum.” Stephen Curry called him “an asset without the et.”


Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/jay-maxson/2018/06/10/howard-bryant-says-president-trump-dragging-athletes-culture-war

Watch As Colonel Says Israel Is Dragging The United States Into World War III

Israel is in the process of plunging America into a war with Iran that could destroy what’s left of the Middle East and ignite a third world war, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, warned in Washington approximately a week ago.

Wilkerson, a retired army colonel who now teaches at Washington-area universities, didn’t hold back in his critique of where the status quo is leading the United States via its client state, Israel.

At the annual Israel lobby conference at the National Press Club, sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and Institute for Research: Middle East Policy, Wilkerson explained that Israel is headed toward “a massive confrontation with the various powers arrayed against it, a confrontation that will suck America in and perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become.”

One of the principal antagonists begging for a war with Iran that Wilkerson identified was none other than Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Russian-born Defense Minister. Wilkerson stated:

“Lieberman spoke in April in New York City at the annual conference of the Jerusalem Post. The title is, ‘The New War with Iran.’ It is clear that he’s [at] the forefront of promoting this war.

“And nowhere does my concern about such a war focus more acutely at the moment than Syria. As [the] president of France Emmanuel Macron described it recently, ‘The current rhetoric of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel is pushing the region toward conflict with Iran.’”

Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s incessant denigrations of Iran, including claiming the greatest danger facing the Jewish state is the Islamic republic — a country he accuses of fanning the flames of anti-Semitism — Wilkerson blew these accusations out of the park using simple logic. He said:

This antisemitism bit, of course, as we’ve heard today, is almost always a weapon of choice for Israeli politicians under stress hurled, in this case, at the country whose Jewish population — by the way, the largest in the Middle East outside of Turkey and Israel — lives in Iran in reasonable peace.”

He continued:

“And don’t forget that these words were uttered by the man who, as we’ve heard today, is doing everything he can to expel dark-skinned African refugees largely from Eritrea and Sudan from Israel, where most have come as legitimate refugees.”

Wilkerson highlighted the hypocrisy of Netanyahu and his cohorts in more ways than one. For example, Wilkerson referred to Netanyahu’s grandiose speech at the Munich Security Conference in which he directly challenged Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif while holding remnants of a drone allegedly downed over Israeli airspace. Israel claimed the drone was Iranian-manufactured. Wilkerson noted that in response, Iran found itself being rescued by Lebanon’s Defense Minister, who said he had an Israeli drone over his head virtually 24 hours a day.

Further, the mainstream media and the governments that benefit from their narratives pay close to zero attention to the fact that Israel routinely violates Lebanese airspace with its sophisticated aircraft. Rather, Iran is constantly painted as the major threat and violator of international law.

“Of late of course,” Wilkerson continued, “Tel Aviv is increasingly using Iran’s presence in Syria, its support for Bashar al-Assad, and its alleged drive– and I love this one, and my military comrades love it, too– for a Shia corridor from Tehran to Aden, as the hoary beast that must not be at any cost, including of course America’s treasure and lives, as his probable cause and existential prompt for action.

But why is there a danger that the U.S. will be dragged into this war, and why does Israel need America’s help? As Wilkerson explains:

“I believe the answer is fairly clear once you push aside the cobwebs that surround it. The legitimacy of great power is what I call it. And that is precisely what Netanyahu and Lieberman desire.

“It’s also what Riyadh desires, especially with the new boy king Mohammed bin Salman, now an erstwhile ally of Israel.

“In short, the IDF could defend Israel but it could not attack Iran. Not successfully, anyway. And were it to do so, it would be damned internationally and thus isolated even more than it already is today, perhaps devastatingly so.”

Last year, a top Israeli general tasked with writing his country’s defense policy admitted that Israel cannot take on Iran’s military alone if the day should come that the regional powers face off in a direct military confrontation, saying they would need to rely on the U.S. for assistance

According to a Politico report, during the Obama years, Israel drew up a military strike option but never really used it. Deep down, Israel knew its effectiveness lied in its ability to pressure the U.S. government into taking further action of its own lest it be dragged into a catastrophic war with Iran that it may or may not be prepared to fight. From the Politico report:

“They [the Israelis] ordered the Israel Defense Forces and the intelligence arms to prepare for a huge operation: an all-out air attack in the heart of Iran. Some $2 billion was spent on preparations for the attack and for what the Israelis believed would take place the day after – a counterattack either by Iranian warplanes and missiles or by its proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah. The latter could use either the 50,000 missiles it had stockpiled (by 2018, Israeli intelligence estimated the number had increased to 100,000), or it could activate its terror cells abroad, with the assistance of Iranian intelligence, to strike at Israeli or Jewish targets. This is what it did in 1992 and 1994 when it responded to Israeli attacks in Lebanon by blowing up the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the Jewish community center AMIA in that city, with a massive number of casualties in both attacks.”

The strike plan never took place, of course, but according to Politico, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to use it to put pressure on the U.S. government to achieve its anti-Iranian objectives. Every day, the likelihood that a war might erupt between Israel and Iran, in turn involving the United States, which has sworn to come to Israel’s defense if attacked by Iran, continues to inch that much closer to reality.



Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/watch-as-colonel-says-israel-is-dragging-the-united-states-into-world-war-iii/

Georgia officer resigns after dragging 65-year-old black woman from car

Dash cam footage show police officers pulling a 65-year-old grandmother out of her car and arresting her during a traffic stop outside Atlanta.

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/georgia-officer-resigns-dragging-65-155649645.html

Shaun White Apologizes for Dragging American Flag

Snowboarder Shaun White apologized Wednesday for dragging a U.S. flag on the snow after his dramatic gold medal victory in the men’s halfpipe, but said he did not know he had let the flag touch the ground.

 “I remember being handed the flag but I was trying to put my gloves on and hold the flag and get board,” he told reporters afterward. “Honestly, if there was anything, I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect.”

These US Athletes Won Medals at the 2018 Winter OlympicsThese US Athletes Won Medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics

“The flag that’s flying on my house right now is way up there. So sorry for that,” White continued. “But I’m definitely proud — very proud — to be a part of Team USA and being an American and to be representing for everyone back home.”

White reclaimed his Olympic halfpipe title, landing back-to-back 1440s to knock Japan’s Ayumu Hirano out of the top spot, and at the same time won the United States’ 100th all-time gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

But White, who also won his third gold medal, immediately got criticism on Twitter for allowing the flag touch the ground several times while he was overcome with emotion following his career-capping performance.

One of the harsher tweets reported by the Washington Post: “@shaunwhite way to be classy. You win the gold medal and then proceed to drag the American flag across the ground. No respect. No excuses for this.”

Latest From Pyeongchang

Feb. 14 Olympics Photos: Shaun White Wins 100th Gold for USFeb. 14 Olympics Photos: Shaun White Wins 100th Gold for US

Is an Olympic Skateboarding Medal Next for Shaun White?Is an Olympic Skateboarding Medal Next for Shaun White?

With skateboarding making its Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, Shaun White may make his Summer Games debut.

(Published Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018)

Source Article from https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/sports/Shaun-White-Apologizes-for-Dragging-American-Flag-474021993.html

Video shows car dragging office up to 60 mph

When Florida police officer Jon Cusak approached a man and woman sitting in a car, they quickly took off, and with Cusak clinging to the driver-side door. The whole incident was caught on his body camera.

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/video-shows-car-dragging-office-160525958.html

Two Officers Are Fired for Dragging Doctor Off a United Flight

Three of the Chicago law enforcement officers involved in dragging a Louisville doctor off a United Airlines’ flight in April are no longer on the job, officials revealed Tuesday.

Chicago’s Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said an officer and an Aviation Security sergeant were fired, a third officer resigned and another received a five-day suspension — which was shorted to two days on appeal — for their involvement in the “violent forcible removal” of Dr. David Dao.

The report did not reveal the identities of the officers.

Ferguson’s report says that the use of “excessive force” caused Dao to break his nose, lose two teeth and sustain a concussion, and noted that the security officer who pulled Dao from the flight broke department policy when he “escalated a nonthreatening situation into a physically violent one.”

Dao refused to leave his Chicago-to-Louisville flight after he was told by United Airlines officials that his seat was needed for a crew member working a connecting route. Security officers surrounded his seat shortly thereafter.

A cellphone video that captured the bloody ordeal went viral, as the 69-year-old doctor can be seen being dragged along the narrow aisle floor by a security officer. Other passengers can be heard expressing their horror.

Passenger David Dao is dragged out of a United Airlines plane at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on Monday, April 10, 2017.

The distressing situation caused United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz to issue a public apology and open an investigation into the matter, amid a growing public relations nightmare for the airline giant.

Dao and United Airlines reached an “amicable settlement” in late April.

In Tuesday’s report, Ferguson also revealed that two security officers tried to cover for each other. He said one officer “made misleading statements in two reports” and the other “made material omissions in a report.”

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