Admiral Harris Issues Disturbing Warning About China’s Military Intentions

The esteemed Admiral Harry Harris, recently nominated for the ambassador’s position in Australia, has issued a strong warning about Chinese military intentions. This is the stuff that World War III is based upon.

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Kill Mentally Ill Unarmed Man As He Walked Toward Them

mentally illmentally ill

Millville, NJ — Disturbing dashcam footage of police shooting and killing an unarmed mentally ill man was released this week. The video has sparked debate because the man was unarmed, however, he was holding an “unidentified object” in his hands when police opened fire.

The dashcam video is from the police cruiser belonging to Millville police officer Colt Gibson. On January 22, Gibson and several other officers responded to the intersection of North High and McNeal streets. Officers were responding to 911 calls from the man they would kill on arrival, Edward C. Gandy Jr.

Gandy was apparently attempting suicide by cop and when officers arrived, they quickly obliged.

As the Daily Journal reports:

The video begins about 10:48 a.m. with the cruiser moving north on North High Street until it reaches a point just south of the McNeal Street intersection. Gibson is off camera until after shots are fired.

As the video shows, Gandy is seen pointing an object at the officers and then putting his hands behind his back. The entire time, police are yelling at him to stop and put his hands up, but Gandy does not respond.

A few seconds after Gandy places his hands behind his back, he is shot.

Catherine Gandy, the mother of Edward Gandy, told The Daily Journal last month that her son recently was released from a mental health crisis center and had been “suicidal” since a change in his prescription medication.

According to police, Gandy called 911 telling them that he was armed with a loaded firearm and was “feeling homicidal.”

Although Gandy was unarmed, he presented a threat by pointing an object at the officers which they may or may not have been able to determine was a gun.

Below is the graphic footage. Warning, it may be disturbing to some viewers.

Sadly, this mentally ill man in need of medical treatment was killed in a manner in which dozens of people seek out every year. It even has a name: the term suicide by cop was coined in 1983 by a police officer­–turned–suicide hotline operator.

“As a cop, I knew of a number of cases where it appeared that people had actually forced police officers to shoot them,” Dr. Karl Harris explained to the New York Times in 1998. “In the suicide business I saw all the different ways people attempted suicide, and it occurred to me that maybe some people were actually forcing cops to shoot them because they wanted to die.”

While there is no clear data on how many people attempt suicide by cop every year, Police One keeps an unofficial count on it, indicating that it is a serious problem. When people know cops will kill them, it may be time for new training.

As Rebecca Leber noted in the New Republic, police training in these scenarios is heavily lacking. “In practice, police are frequently the first responders to mental health crises—and they are frequently unprepared to handle them. Police training typically emphasizes asserting command and authority. As the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has pointed out that’s precisely the wrong approach to take with somebody who has mental illness, because it can disorient that person and encourage him or her to strike out.”

“Traditional law enforcement tactics are rooted in logic, in reasoning – and in issuing commands for someone to comply so that we can make the situation safe right now by taking a person into custody,” said Douglas County Police Capt. Attila Denes, who’s worked to improve police interaction with the mentally ill, according to an Al Jazeera report. “But barking orders at a person with serious mental illness doesn’t work.”

Indeed, as the above video illustrates, it certainly does not work.

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Take Turns Beating a Disabled Elderly Man—In HANDCUFFS


Louisville, KY — A recent settlement paid out by the Kentucky State Police, highlights the utter importance of filming cops. A 68-year-old disabled man was accused of attacking police officers but video evidence showed the exact opposite.

The victim, Lewis Lyttle has since been paid $130,000 in taxpayer money because officers took turns kicking and punching him while he was in handcuffs. The suit was settled in October of last year, however, police have kept it secret and even lied about it.

According to WDRB, Kentucky State Police denied an open records request for a copy of the settlement on Jan. 10, saying no settlement existed and “any documents related to a possible settlement is protected by attorney-client privilege.”

However, WDRB News obtained records of the settlement from the Kentucky State Treasurer. A check to Lyttle was dated Dec. 15.

Lyttle’s attorney also confirmed the issuance of the check, noting the “matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

Lyttle, who used to be a construction worker, was severely injured in the 90’s and left disabled which made the fact that cops allegedly saw him as a threat even more repugnant.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a hospital on Aug. 1, 2016, as more than a dozen witnesses watching in horror as cops attacked this elderly disabled man.

According to police, Lyttle did not follow orders, became combative and assaulted officers as they tried to arrest him.

However, according to 16 difference witnesses and a cellphone video of the incident, the officers were lying and Lyttle became the subject of a violent and unlawful arrest.

According to the report, on the day of the incident, Lyttle left his home in St. Charles, Virginia, to drive his neighbor to Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital because she was having problems with chronic bronchitis.

Lyttle may have had some drinks that day but drove his neighbor in need anyway. When the elderly man was in the parking lot, someone accused him of exposing himself as he likely urinated, so police were called.

Police then responded to the elderly man using extreme prejudice. As the first video shows, Lyttle is sitting on the ground with his hands in handcuffs as Trooper Jimmy Halcomb and KSP Sgt. Rob Farley stand over him.

Without provocation, Farley reaches down and slaps the old man across the face so hard that he falls into the pavement.

The person filming from inside the building gasps after watching the abuse. But it was only just beginning.

“He had no business smacking him in the face,” one woman can be heard saying on the video.

The abuse was so bad that people watching actually thought it was fake and part of a movie being filmed nearby.

“I bet that’s part of the movie, reckon?” one witness said.

As the abuse continued, another witness pulled out their phone to record it. Although we can’t hear the exchange between Lyttle and the officers, because the person filming is inside, we can see that Lyttle is being entirely compliant and non-violent when he’s attacked again.

The officers pick Lyttle up and for some reason—likely to justify the fact that they were beating him—they uncuffed the man. However, Lyttle remained entirely compliant.

Farley then reaches toward Lyttle’s face, grabs his beard and knees the disabled man in the stomach while slamming him to the ground.

While Lyttle is on the ground, both officers begin punching and kicking him for no reason.

“They are just punching him, beating the shit out of him,” said the man recording from inside a nearby building. “Four cops for one man, and as old as he is.”

The cops then placed Lyttle back in handcuffs and arrested him on a slew of false charges.

According to WDRB,

Prosecutors dismissed the felony charges in January 2017, based on evidence that came to light after Lyttle was indicted. That evidence included the two cellphone videos of the incident and 16 sworn statements by witnesses who said Lyttle was the one assaulted.

In February 2017, eight months after the arrest, state police launched an investigation, eventually finding Farley used excessive force. He was suspended for 120 days and demoted from sergeant to trooper.

And we call this “public service” in the land of the free.

“Lewis is 68-years-old and has never had a criminal conviction for anything in his entire life. He has a good deal of health issues including 8 metal pins in his leg. The same leg that detective Miller kicked several times and stood on according to the video and several eyewitnesses. Even before he took that beating, he had a great deal of trouble just trying to walk around. When those bully KSP officers beat my Lewis, they beat up a then 67-year-old crippled man who couldn’t have hurt them even if he wanted to,” Lewis’ wife said.


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Disturbing Precedent: Mother Sterilized As Court Hands Down Order Recommending It


At the request of an Oklahoma court, a mother of seven has been sterilized as part of a judge’s order, setting a damning precedent in the process.

Summer Thyme Creel, 34, had the procedure in November after the judge wrote he could consider it at her sentencing if she chose to do so.

Although the procedure was “voluntary,” the court order to do so crosses some ominous barriers. In spite of the fact that it is described as “voluntary,” it stretches the definition of that term by putting Creel in the position of bartering her fertility for leniency in her sentencing.

Last year, this practice gained national attention when it was applied to prisoners. In exchange for undergoing a sterilization procedure, prisoners were given shorter sentences. However, as the ACLU pointed out at the time, this program is deceptive and even unconstitutional.

“Offering a so-called ‘choice’ between jail time and coerced contraception or sterilization is unconstitutional,” Tennessee ACLU head Hedy Weinberg wrote in a statement. “Such a choice violates the fundamental constitutional right to reproductive autonomy and bodily integrity by interfering with the intimate decision of whether and when to have a child, imposing an intrusive medical procedure on individuals who are not in a position to reject it.”

Now, it appears, that the program has evolved from the prison and moved into the court.

Quite frankly, Creel is no model citizen. She is a repeat check forger and her addiction to methamphetamine is so severe that she admitted to using the drug while pregnant. However, bringing in the issue of sterilization as a factor in Creel’s sentencing crosses a major line and is reminiscent of America’s dark history.

Eugenics, the ‘science’ of attempting to improve a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, is a dark stain on humanity’s past.

While most people associate it with Adolf Hitler and his movement to create a supreme race in Nazi Germany, the fact is that eugenics sciences began in the 1860s. By Hitler’s time, it was a consensus among many that the human population could be improved through selective breeding and the horrific treatment of people deemed ‘inferior’ by science.

Eugenics laws in the early twentieth century resulted in the forced sterilization of over 64,000 people in the United States. At first, sterilization efforts focused on those with disabilities but later grew to include people whose only “crime” was poverty. These sterilization programs even found legal support in the great Supreme Court (Buck v. Bell 1927).

According to Edwin Black’s historical account of the Eugenics movement, California’s program was so robust that the Nazi’s turned to California for advice in perfecting their own efforts. Hitler proudly admitted to following the laws of several American states that allowed for the prevention of reproduction of the “unfit.”

The precedent being set in Oklahoma with Creel’s case is so damning that even the prosecutor is urging the judge to not consider her sterilization as a factor at sentencing.

“Creel not only has a fundamental constitutional right to procreate … but she admits that she had an interest in an elective sterilization procedure even before the court’s order of June 16,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Perry told the judge in a sentencing memo, according to New OK.

“Furthermore, Creel’s decision to have (or not have) additional children is sufficiently removed from the type of criminal activity involved in this case that such a factor is irrelevant to determining a sentence,” the prosecutor wrote.

But the judge, apparently ignorant of the history of such practices, disagrees.

“By virtue of a series of relationships with various sires over approximately the last 14 years, Ms. Creel has given birth to seven children out of wedlock,” the judge wrote in the June order.

In the court order, the judge clearly laid out his request, noting that at her sentencing she “may, if (and only if) she chooses to do so, present medical evidence to the court establishing that she has been rendered incapable of procreation.”

As was stated above, the fact that it is voluntary—but conditional to her sentencing—is where the line is crossed. Americans should be wary of where this path leads and this practice should be stopped immediately.

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‘Disturbing decision, no evidence’ – French skiing outlet on reports of more Russian Olympic bans

In an article titled “Shipulin et Ustiugov privés de JO” (Shipulin and Ustiugov excluded from the Olympic Games), journalist Mirko Hominal slammed the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Invitation Review Panel, which was granted the right to approve Russian athletes for the upcoming Winter Games, for its reported decision.

Following the IOC decision to ban Russia from February’s Games in South Korea, the Olympic governing body ruled that “clean” Russian athletes will be able to compete under a neutral flag, provided their status is confirmed by the IOC-appointed panel.

READ MORE: Russian Olympic Committee banned from 2018 Winter Games, athletes allowed to compete as neutrals

The ROC included 500 athletes in the Olympic application which was sent to the IOC last week. The Invitation Review Panel immediately excluded 111 members, who in their view failed to meet their requirements.

ROC vice-president Stanislav Pozdnyakov, who received the approved list on Monday, said the list does not include Olympic biathlon champion Anton Shipulin, world-title holder in cross country skiing Sergey Ustiugov, and six-time Olympic gold medalist in short track skating Viktor Ahn, despite their non-involvement in any doping cases.

“So in recent days a committee appointed by the IOC and led by a biased person banned athletes without any evidence, it is more than disturbing,” the French outlet said, reacting to the news.

The official reason for the athletes’ possible exclusion has not yet been announced, but Ski-nordique says the panel’s decision was driven by the fact that the athletes took part in the Sochi Games, where doping sample tampering allegedly took place, as well as the mentioning of their names in the McLaren report and Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory database.

The French outlet also stressed that all of their doping control tests carried out abroad by independent bodies were clean.

It also insists that the IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have a completely different approach towards doping cases involving athletes representing Western, presumably Anglo-Saxon, countries. While punishing Russia for doping violations which have not been proved, the bodies give dispensations to Western athletes allowing them to officially use doping under WADA’s Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) program, it noted.

Hominal stressed that Shipulin and Ustiugov, who have never tested positive for banned substances, could be forced to watch the Olympics on TV, while other athletes will have a better chance of winning medals in PyeongChang in their absence. He also recalls the story of Norwegian skier Martin Sundby, whose doping test taken in the summer of 2016 revealed elevated levels of ventolline, a medicine used to ease asthma symptoms.

Further exploration showed that the athlete had exceeded the maximum allowed use of the drug by 15 times.

“But he is Norwegian, and not Russian, so we give him a two-month suspension from July and August, nice for a doper, and of course nobody has ever thought of banning him from the 2018 Olympics,” Hominal said.

Following the news regarding the possible bans of leading Russian athletes, the ROC said it will send an official letter to the IOC to demand an explanation for their controversial decision.

READ MORE: Russian Olympic Committee to demand explanation from IOC over Winter Games bans

“In accordance with the Executive Board’s decision, the IOC has an exclusive right to invite or not invite particular athletes [to the Olympics]. At the same time the reasons for [refusing invitations] must be explicitly explained to the athletes,” ROC vice-president Pozdnyakov said on Tuesday.

“Ahn, Ustiugov and Shipulin were not mentioned in the Oswald Commission report, neither have they been involved in any doping cases. They underwent multiple doping tests during their careers, proving that they are clean athletes. Nevertheless, their names are currently missing from the list of potential participants in the games,” he added.

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Disturbing Video Catches Cop Beating His Girlfriend in a Bar—No Charges, Dept Let Him Retire


Lafayette, LA — A woman beating cop was caught in the act thanks to a bar’s surveillance camera. However, thanks to a corrupt system that protects crooked and violent police officers, the high-ranking officers was allowed to quietly retire and will likely face no consequences.

This week, a video was uploaded to youtube by an anonymous source which showed Lafayette Police Department Captain Dwayne Prejean striking a woman in the head in a local bar. Conveniently for the police department, however, the video was removed by Youtube. However, it survived and was reported on by local media.

The department likely knew about the existence of the video well before it was reported on by local media. However, they chose to remain silent until the report aired.

This week, the department finally announced that they were conducting an internal investigation into one of their officers—who they conveniently refused to name. However, multiple sources identified the person striking the woman in the video as Prejean.

On Friday, LPD spokesman Karl Ratcliff said the officer was allowed to retire after he was given a brief paid vacation.

The disturbing video was taken on New Year’s Eve night in a local bar. It shows the officer, who was entirely unprovoked, strike a woman in her forehead. The woman then hit him back before storming out of the bar.

If a police officer was willing to hit a woman in public space like a bar, one can only imagine what he would do in private.

Predictably enough, this is not the first time Prejean has been in the news. In fact, according to KLFY, this woman abusing cop has a history of corruption and a history of covering it up.

In 2016, the officer was transferred from his post as Lafayette metro narcotics captain due to a circumstance involving a 15th Judicial District assistant attorney who was terminated over the matter.

Neither the district attorney’s office or the police department sought further disciplinary action, however, the nature of the relationship between the two individuals was never disclosed.

-In 2014, Prejean was named in a federal lawsuit filed by 15 former police officers alleging corruption and retaliation within the department.

One plaintiff, who was fired from the LPD in 2013, claimed former Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft terminated him for making allegations that Prejean was guilty of drinking and driving.

According to administrative documents obtained by The Daily Advertiser in 2013, the formal complaint concerning Prejean’s alleged impaired driving reportedly included video surveillance.

Because the officer who made the complaint would not reveal the identity of whoever provided him the video, which Craft claimed “to have possibly (been) edited”, the department said it could not prove that Prejean was under the influence.

Craft terminated the officer who made the allegations against Prejean for “violating three general orders of conduct”, according The Advertiser.

The suit and its appeal were both dismissed.

Now, this abusive and corrupt cop will likely get to keep his pension and retire on the taxpayers’ dime.

As TFTP has reported, police in the US beat their wives and girlfriends at nearly double the national average. And, a report by a government-appointed watchdog group shows that most of them do so with seeming impunity.

A study conducted by the Domestic Violence Task Force called Domestic Violence in the Los Angeles Police Department: How Well Does the Los Angeles Police Department Police Its Own? revealed that performance evaluations of cops with a history of domestic violence are largely unaffected. The study of the LAPD examined 91 cases in which an allegation of domestic violence was sustained against an officer.

  • Over three-fourths of the time, this sustained allegation was not mentioned in the officer’s performance evaluation.
  • Twenty-six of these officers (29%) were promoted, including six who were promoted within two years of the incident.

The report concluded that “employees with sustained allegations were neither barred from moving to desired positions nor transferred out of assignments that were inconsistent with the sustained allegation.”

Sadly, it is estimated that many of the abused women never come forward as they know the likely result — which is getting shamed by the department for reporting it and potentially more abuse.

Diane Wetendorf, a specialist on police abuse, points out the most common fears when reporting police domestic abuse in her handbook:

If your abuser is an officer of the law, you may be afraid to:

  • Call the police — He is the police.
  • Go to a shelter — He knows where the shelters are located.
  • Have him arrested — Responding officers may invoke the code of silence.
  • Take him to court — It’s your word against that of an officer, and he knows the system.
  • Drop the charges — You could lose any future credibility and protection.
  • Seek a conviction — He will probably lose his job and retaliate against you.

These fears can make someone feel incredibly trapped and feel like there is no way out.

If you or someone you know is a victim of this type of abuse we encourage you to no longer remain silent. As long as people go unpunished for their abuse, they will continue their abuse.

Film it, record it, expose it in any manner you can. Tell us your story and we will expose these abusive jackboots for the cowards they are.

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“You Look Disgusting” The Disturbing Reaction To A Vlogger Who Posted No Makeup Selfies On Social Media For Three Months

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

“WTF is wrong with her face” “Her face is so ugly” “Ewww” “Gross” “Horrible” Ugly”. Just some of the comments left by 100,000 people when a vlogger decided to post 3 months of no makeup selfies.

The video was created by Em Ford a Youtuber who suffers from acne and creates tutorials on how she uses makeup to cover her blemishes. She spent 3 months posting images of herself without makeup on social media. The film contains real comments that were left during this time.

Taken from the video description:

Over the past few months, I’ve received thousands of messages from people all over the world who suffer or have suffered from acne, an insecurity or self confidence issues.

I wanted to create a film that showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations on both women and men. One challenge many face today, is that as a society, we’re so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that It can be hard to remember the most important thing – You ARE beautiful.

You are beautiful – no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you’re not beautiful – not even yourself.     

You are a beautiful being and I hope this video and article can help you to realise, you are not the opinions of others and no matter what other people (and even yourself) have said about your appearance and personality, you are amazing and uniquely you! Please share this article! Luke

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Disturbing Video Shows Cop Beating Handcuffed Man for No Reason—Cop Suspended


Titusville, FL – An unnamed police officer is on paid vacation after he was caught on video punching a nonviolent man in the face during an arrest. In a cellphone video recently posted online, the officer can be seen punching 20-year-old Amari Nicholas Hair while he was already handcuffed.

“Upon seeing the video, members of command staff at the police department immediately removed the Detective from his duties and placed him on leave so that a due process investigation can be completed on the use of force during the arrest. We want to assure our community that we are committed to a thorough investigation in this incident and will be completely transparent on our findings,” a spokesperson from the Titusville Police Department said.

The officer punched him at least twice in the head while he was handcuffed, leaving him with a bloodied nose after allegedly finding drugs on him during a traffic stop.

According to the police report, an officer got out of his patrol car earlier and spotted Hair climbing over the center console into the passenger seat of a Toyota.

The confrontation began when officers approached Hair, who was standing outside of the vehicle, during a traffic stop. The officer ‘quickly grabbed a hold of Amari and placed him under arrest,’ according to a police report.

According to police, at that point, the officer attempted to search Hair but Hair pulled away. However, it only looked like Hair was squirming due to the invasive nature of the cop groping him in search of some arbitrary substance deemed illegal by the state.

Police said the detective then ‘escorted’ Hair to the pavement, placing his weight on Hair. After a few moments, Hair could be heard screaming, “Oh my God…my (expletive) face is bleeding…Do not touch me!”

In the video, Hair can be heard saying “You punched me in my face.” To which the officer replies, “Yes, I did.”

Police then attempted to justify their excessive force by claiming Hair—who was handcuffed and compliant—was reaching for his waistband. Exactly why Hair was allegedly “reaching for his waistband” remains a mystery as no weapons were found.

According to Space Coast Daily, Hair was charged with Possession of Heroin, Possession of Hydromorphone, Resisting an Officer and Driving With a Suspended License. He was booked into Brevard County Jail Wednesday night and was released at 10:10 a.m. Thursday morning.

However, Hair’s family believes that he is being targetted and harassed by the officers who pulled him over. Hair’s father, Alonzo Hair, says that his son has had multiple run-ins with the arresting officer in the past year alone.

“They’ve got it in for my son. He could be walking down the street, and they’ll stop him. They are a threat to the community. At least we were able to get it on video this time, Alonzo Hair said.

As the Free Thought Project has previously reported, police officers across the country have been caught beating handcuffed suspects. Also, they have been captured on their own body cameras planting drugs on entirely innocent people.

Whether or not Hair had actual narcotics on him will be left for the courts to decide. However, this incident provides a perfect example of how the war on drugs is an utter and violent failure.

If Hair does have a heroin problem, handcuffing, beating, kidnapping and caging him will do nothing to solve it. It will also cost the taxpayers of Brevard County. Not only will the citizens have to pay to keep Hair in a cage but they will also be forced to pay for the brutality of these officers in the form of a lawsuit settlement that will inevitably follow this arrest.

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Beat 15yo Boy, Knock His Tooth Out for a Weed Pipe


Farmington, AR — A disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing the brutal arrest of a 15-year-old kid for allegedly possessing a marijuana pipe. The incident was captured on video by the teen’s friend and it shows Farmington police officer abuse a kid for no other reason than they could.

According to a report on Northwest Arkansas Lifestyle, on New Year’s Eve, the teen was in the bathroom of a convenience store, with his friend, when he was approached by two police officers who demanded to know what the teen had in his pocket.

When asked by police what was in his pocket, the teen originally denied having anything. However, he eventually admitted to having a pipe for smoking marijuana and at this point, things got bloody, according to the report.

When the teen went to pull the pipe from his pocket, the officers allegedly threw the child against the bathroom wall—breaking out one of his teeth. As the officers yell at the teen to stop resisting—which is clearly not happening—the teen screams in agony trying to tell the cops that he is not resisting.

When the 15-year-old mouthed off to the cops after becoming frustrated with the fact that they keep telling him to “stop resisting,” the officers then threw him to the ground. At this point, as seen on the video, the officers pile on top of the young man, kneeling in his back and appear to be punishing him.

Again, the 15-year-old boy loses his temper, calling the officers—who just broke out his tooth—”pieces of shit.” This insult apparently caused the cops to inflict even more pain as we here the teen’s screams become even more agonizing. It is truly hard to watch.

As Michael Stephen writes, for NWAL:

Speaking for myself, I am horrified and disgusted at this behavior from law enforcement. These two cops, who are clearly larger and far stronger than the 5’7”, 125 LB., 15-year-old obviously did not feel a threat of danger while they left another unattended teenager to film them. The boy continually cries out that he isn’t resisting. When he loses his temper, letting out a barrage of curses at the bully cop who just slammed his face into a wall, breaking his front tooth out; the officer elbows his face and twists the kid’s arms all the way up his back in what is clearly excessive and unnecessary force and revenge.


In a community that is usually a small and fairly quiet community, the police forces seem to like to ignore rising gang problems and focus their attention on teens smoking weed, treating them like potential violent offenders? These officers were clearly NOT in danger, felt no threat of being in danger and had no cause to exert the amount of force they used on this child, which left medical damage to not only his face, but left a myriad of muscle damage to his back and shoulders.

For allegedly possessing a pipe to smoke a plant, a 15-year-old child was brutally attacked, his tooth knocked out, and he was kidnapped by people who claim to protect society. Sadly, many people will likely claim that this kid deserved what he got because he shouldn’t have had the pipe. And, sadly, those people are the problem.

If you think beating and kidnapping a child will somehow solve his problems, think again. Of course, childhood marijuana use has been shown in studies to have the potential for harm. However, violent police action does nothing to solve this problem. When watching the video below, ask yourself what causes more harm; beating a child or smoking weed?

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The Top 5 Most Disturbing Police Brutality Videos From 2017


Like many years before, 2017 proved to be a deadly and dangerous year for those who found themselves on the other side of the badge. During 2017, 1,188 people lost their lives to the judges, juries, and executioners known as the American police. Everyone from children to the elderly were killed by police this year as most Americans watched football and looked the other way. Police brutality has become so prominent that it is now recorded on video—repeatedly—for the world to see.

To show just how dangerously insane some of these ‘peace officers’ are, TFTP has compiled a short list of some of the worst police brutality videos of 2017.

1. ‘Brave’ Cop Protects Society By Smashing Tiny Woman’s Face in the Ground

Bystanders at Barstool Sports Bar near Colorado State University were treated to a front-row seat at what could easily be described as a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) takedown of a fragile woman by what could be characterized as a bully cop. But, of course, police see the altercation differently.

When the video begins, a woman can be seen arguing with a Ft. Collins police officer. But when one looks closely, the officer can be seen positioning his hands on the woman in such a way as to be able to effect a near perfect body slam. And flawless it was. The seemingly fragile woman who was dressed in a party dress and high heels was, as some have said, brutally smashed on the ground.

No charges for the cop.

Seems excessive @barstoolcsu

A post shared by Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) on Apr 8, 2017 at 10:17am PDT

2. Cop Smashes Drunk Man’s Head into the Ground for No Reason, Knocking Him Out

A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook in August by a West Virginia law firm showing their client get brutally taken down by a Huntington, WV cop. The hard to watch video is the perfect example of excessive force and has led quite the outrage online.

In the video, a man is being arrested for public intoxication. This man’s only ‘crime’ was being drunk while walking, yet this officer chose to escalate force to near-deadly proportions.

3. Tyrant Cop Knocks Handcuffed Woman Unconscious for No Reason & Lies About It

Last July, Tiffany McNeil would walk into the Branch County Jail in handcuffs only to leave in a stretcher moments later after being brutally assaulted by a police officer and knocked unconscious.

What happened while McNeil, 31, was being processed into jail that fateful day is now the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging that police used excessive force and then lied about what happened. The incident—in which a half dozen cops stood by and watched their brother in blue smash a handcuffed woman’s face into the pavement—was also captured on video.

4. Cops Put Teen in a Restraint Chair, Torture Him with a Taser

A horrifying video was released earlier this year as part of a lawsuit on behalf of an 18-year-old man who was tasered over and over again while strapped in a restraining chair. The video looks like something out of a horror movie.

The nightmare for Jordan Norris began last year, in November, when a SWAT team raided his home because he was allegedly selling drugs. Selling willing people a substance they want to voluntarily ingest, however, in no way justified the treatment Norris would receive.

After Norris was arrested, police dragged him out of his cell and strapped him in a restraint chair.

In the extremely disturbing video, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies are seen holding Norris down with a gag while another deputy sadistically and repeatedly deploys the taser, over and over and over.

5. Daniel Shaver Murders an Innocent Unarmed Dad Who was Begging for His Life

In March of 2016, Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder for gunning down Daniel Shaver, an innocent husband, and father of two. The shooting was captured on body cam footage, part of which was released the following May. Earlier this month, however, a jury, apparently blinded by the badge delivered a verdict of not guilty and the rest of the body camera footage was released—showing a cold-blooded murder.

Jurors deliberated less than six hours and despite the horrifying body camera showing Brailsford execute Shaver, they somehow returned a not guilty verdict. This is a travesty of justice and a testament to the system that protects killers who wear badges.

As we watch the videos above, a disturbing pattern is exposed. Police in the land of the free kill more people in a single year than most Western countries have killed in decades. Although the videos above are disturbing, they serve to highlight the extreme need for change among American cops.

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