WATCH: Distracted Cop Forgets to Brake, Clips Child Waiting for a Bus


Anderson County, SC – Disturbing footage has been released that shows a distracted sheriff’s deputy driving a patrol car, swerving and nearly hitting a young girl who was waiting to board a school bus.

Anderson School District Superintendent Joanne Avery said the school bus was stopped with lights flashing and following all protocols when student Jordan Reyes was suddenly clipped by a speeding police cruiser as she attempted to board the bus.

During a press conference, Avery said that the bus driver “noticed a car in her rear-view mirror that was not slowing down even though the amber bus and then red bus lights were flashing,” and was forced to watch the incident unfold.

Driver Ilah Beard told WSOC that she was traumatized by the incident, and haunted by the officer’s carelessness, which almost killed a young girl.

“I haven’t been doing good at all,” Beard said. “I’ve been reliving it every day. I pass by that house several times a day just to know that Jordan almost lost her life. It kills me.”

Jordan Reyes, 15, is in stable condition after she was nearly run over by the police cruiser, and she said she hopes her experience will open the door for a conversation on distracted driving.

“I just wish that situations like these that no one else would have to go through like I did that day, what my bus driver had to go through, Reyes said.

The unnamed deputy claimed she could not keep her eyes on the road because she was checking her GPS at the time of the incident. She has reportedly been cited, suspended and reassigned, although the exact details have not been released.

Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride has responded by using the incident as a way to improve public relations and market a campaign against distracted driving. “When we go down the road, we see people reading books, magazines, texting on their phones, putting makeup on in the mirror. We see a lot and I hate that this time it was one of us,” he told WSOC.

In a statement, the department revealed that Reyes has agreed to partner with McBride to release a series of instructional videos dedicated to preventing distracted driving:

“Jordan’s experience is a reminder to all first responders of the dangers of driving while distracted and encouragement for them to remain focused, when behind the wheel. Jordan and Sheriff Chad McBride are partnering to develop instructional videos targeted at first responders reminding them of the dangers of distracted driving and later this year, the two will develop back-to-school bus safety reminders for the public.”

In one video, Reyes claims that if she has been looking at her phone or she had earbuds in her ears and was listening to music, she would not have heard the police cruiser and would have kept walking to the school bus—putting herself directly in the path of the car.

While it is true that everyone should be aware of their surroundings, especially when they are stepping out onto the street, it does not take away from the fact that the deputy who caused the incident was clearly in the wrong, and should be held accountable for the actions that almost killed an innocent 15-year-old girl.

If you would like to share your opinion on this incident, contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office by calling (864) 260-4400, or visiting their Facebook page.

The incident has since sparked a PSA about distracted driving.

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Want to see some real distracted walking? Try getting old.

Instead of banning distracted walking, they should ban getting old; it is about as useful and realistic.

This is Timara, a healthy young student. If she crossed the street in Montclair, California or Honolulu Hawaii wearing headphones or looking at her phone she would be charged with distracted walking. But she is not wearing headphones; as part of my class in Sustainable Design at Ryerson University School of Interior design, she is learning how it feels to be old.

Donna Church of Kohler brought all this stuff as part of a discussion of Universal Design. Timara has her ears stuffed with cotton, her elbows and knees velcroed up so that they are harder to move and she has goggles on that reduce her peripheral vision, amount of light and detail of vision. Donna asked if she could see the back of the classroom; Timara responded that she could barely see the front row. Her walking was slow and hesitant.

While I was watching Timara trying to walk, I thought of the recent penalty for distracted walking imposed by Montclair, California. The city notes:

Pedestrians now account for 15 percent of all vehicle-related fatalities and when compared, 2016 experienced a 22 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities from 2014. An estimated 30 percent of pedestrians engage in distracting activities while crossing the street, which include text messaging, phone calls, listening to music, etc.

But what is distracted walking, really? Seriously, we older people are a menace in the crosswalks. As you get older, vision deteriorates as pupil size reduces, focusing is harder, peripheral vision decreases and colour vision deteriorates, while cataracts cloud the picture. A quarter of people over 65 years old have disabling hearing loss. And according to one English study, “the vast majority of people over 65 years old in England are unable to walk fast enough to use a pedestrian crossing.” As you get older, you walk more slowly and carefully, looking down for trip hazards, congesting the crosswalk and blocking the path of impatient drivers.

Is a kid listening to headphones any more distracted than Timara or me? Or are old people next on their list of people who can’t cross the road? Montclair and Honolulu assume that only people who are fit and capable of jumping out of the way should be in the road. But as Brad Aaron of Streetsblog noted,

If your transport system has zero tolerance for anyone who isn’t a fit adult, the system is the problem, and … By casting blame elsewhere you assume everyone is like you — can see, hear, walk perfectly. Arrogant & extremely unhelpful.

The city notes the increase in fatalities between 2014 and 2018, but a lot of things have changed besides the increase in the use of smartphones. The economy improved and gas prices fell, people are driving more, particularly in SUVs and light trucks. But most probably, most importantly, the population has aged.

It should be mandatory that every city councilor anywhere who is considering a ban on distracted walking law should have to dress up like Timara and try and cross the street. They would learn quickly that first, they have to slow down traffic, ban right turns on red lights, increase the time allowed for crossing and stop complaining about the kids with headphones who are perhaps the least distracted demographic in the road. Then I suggest that instead of banning distracted walking, they should ban getting old; it is about as useful and realistic.

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Anonymous Christmas Message: “Warning, You Are Being Distracted”

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Anonymous has released a couple of interesting videos over the past couple of days, and we’ve written about them here and here. Last year, they released a message prior to Christmas that is still very relevant this year.

It touches on a lot of important points that, judging by the views, obviously resonate with millions of people.

It starts off: “Life as you know it is a lie, society is a cage, your jobs are voluntary slavery. The television you watch is designed to keep you incapable of critical thought and the very freedom and democracy your leaders claim to stand for is nothing but an illusion.” 

This is a sentiment CE has expressed in many of our articles. What exactly has the human experience become? From a young age we are told to go to school, get a job, and fit into society like everybody else. As we grow older, we lose our childlike innocence, experience depression, and question the meaning of life. We get used to this type of routine, to the point where we don’t even question it and, in some cases, it becomes so ingrained into us that anybody who speaks up about creating something new is completely vilified by society.

While we are trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, the world is run by the “one percent.” This is precisely why it’s in the shape that it’s in.

Our planet is going through a massive change, on multiple levels, but most importantly, within. People are starting to question what is really going on here. In doing so, answers appear, and new information is constantly emerging that challenges the longheld belief systems of today. Perhaps the world isn’t everything we’ve been told it is, and perhaps the human race and all its individuals are capable and meant for something far greater than to keep repeating an experience that does not nourish the human soul.

In the process, we’ve allowed ourselves to be deceived, but ultimately, we are in control.

“The very freedom and democracy your leaders claim to stand for is nothing more than an illusion.” 

This is also another pivotal message here at CE. Does democracy even exist? It’s clear, more so than it has ever been, that governments do not really represent the people, but rather put on a show that makes it seem like they do. Voting doesn’t really make a difference, and never really has. The same agendas continue to be played out, and every single presidency since Truman has been heavily controlled by the Deep State Institutions that control America. 

Related CE Article: “Voting Is Rigged And Used To Pacify The Public,” Says Three Time US Presidential Candidate

“As difficult as it was for me, I’ve come to an inescapable and profoundly disturbing conclusion. I believe that an elite group of people and the corporations they run have gained control over not just our energy, food supply, education, and healthcare, but over virtually every aspect of our lives; and they do it by controlling the world of finance. Not by creating more value, but by actually controlling the source of money.”

– Foster Gamble

Below is a great clip from the Thrive documentary, one that we agree with, describing the so-called democracy we currently live in.

The Anonymous message goes on to emphasize that, “Under the guise of morality, your government sells weapons to the very countries they claim to protect you from, lining their pockets with the spoils of war, billions made by the death of millions.”

Another popular topic here at CE — the concept of False Flag terrorism, and the creation of the Islamic State along with its links to the Western Military Alliance. 9/11 was a prime example, where the global elite created the problem so they could then justify and propose the solution.

To read our articles on this topic, you can click here.

The message is a long message, but the important thing to note is that we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. The views shared in this video, and views like the ones shared on our website, are backed by evidence. We pride ourselves in providing credible sources for our claims, and our articles on the above topics are filled with them.

Working directly in the field, just to be able to witness how many people seek alternative news is unbelievable. A lot of information with solid sources made its way onto the web, information the global elite did not want people to see. This is all part of the mass awakening that’s currently happening; minds are opening to new possibilities about the nature of our reality and the truths about our human experience that have been swept under the rug.

A lot of this information can actual trigger a massive perceptual paradigm shift. To completely lose your view of the world and how it works is not something easy to go throw, but as a result of it, many changes within the individual are sparked, which is important because as we begin to change within, we start changing without.

The important thing to remember is that we can change the game any time, and that although some revelations may trigger fear, they don’t have to. The human experience is just that, an experience, and it’s our job to change the things that do not resonate with us, on an individual and collective level.

We are constantly pointing toward the global elite, and rightfully so, but again, it’s on US as a people to SEE so we don’t allow ourselves to be deceived.

We’ve been trained to care about our own individual lives and focus on us, rather than the whole. The more we start caring about all life on this planet and the benefit of all who reside on it, the quicker we can get through this shift, this re-brith, this apocalypse which, by the way, means revealing the truth.

Hopefully this gives you something to think about.

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New ‘Distracted Walking’ Legislation Will Outlaw Texting, and Even Talking, While Walking


The heinous “crime” of “distracted walking” has become the latest trend that cities in the United States are looking to legislate into nonexistence—relying on tax dollars and the extortion of citizens to solve the problem instead of common sense.

Stamford, Connecticut, is the most recent city to join the bandwagon, and its proposal would make texting, and even talking, on an electronic device while walking illegal.  

A report from CBS New York noted that “nationwide pedestrian fatalities jumped about 11 percent last year with nearly 6,000 people killed,” according to the National Governors’ Highway Safety Association.

John Zelinsky, a Stamford City representative who is fully in support of the proposal, claimed that its purpose “is not actually to raise money for the city, but to hopefully educate the public.” He said residents will face an initial fine of $30 if police deem that they fit the description of “distracted walkers.”

“They’re oblivious to cars,” Zelinsky said. “I don’t want any more injuries or deaths as a result of pedestrians getting hit. We’ve had about four or five within the past three or four years.”

According to CBS New York, most Stamford residents “seemed to like the idea,” of the new proposal. However, residents such as Troy Latham questioned why the city feels the need to legislate common sense.

I think that’s ridiculous,” Latham said. “If it’s an important text message or call they’re getting, like what if it’s too late, what if their mother’s in the hospital and they need someone to call real quick.”

The proposal in Stamford is based on a ban that was passed in Honolulu, Hawaii, in July. The legislation was passed by a vote of 7-2 by Honolulu’s city council, and its fines range from $15 to $99, depending on how many offenses the individuals have accumulated. The ban goes into effect in October.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell told reporters that Honolulu holds “the unfortunate distinction of being a major city with more pedestrians being hit in crosswalks, particularly our seniors, than almost any other city in the county.”

Honolulu resident Ben Robinson told the city council in a written testimony that he sees this new law as a form of government overreach that infringes on personal freedom. Scrap this intrusive bill, provide more education to citizens about responsible electronics usage, and allow law enforcement to focus on larger issues,” he said.

In addition to the argument over whether making “distracted walking” illegal is a waste of taxpayer dollars that will enforce a law that should be common sense, there is also the question of how police will handle it, and if there will be an increase in cases of police brutality stemming from incidents where officers stop individuals in an attempt to issue citations for walking and using an electronic device.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, there has been a recent increase in police using excessive force when apprehending individuals for the heinous crime of “jaywalking.”

In June 2016, police used a taser on a mentally ill man while beating him with batons in Bakersfield, California. In August 2016, police choked a high school student and tackled him on the ground in Fresno, California. In April, a viral video showed police repeatedly beating a man, strip him naked, and then mock him, in Del Paso Heights, California. In July, a viral video showed police repeatedly hitting a man as they held him to the ground in Millville, New Jersey. The one thing all of these cases have in common? The suspect police were using excessive force on had been stopped for allegedly jaywalking.

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