Video Catches Cops Drag Innocent Disabled Man From Home, Torture Him in His Front Yard


Horrifying surveillance footage has been released that shows multiple police officers aggressively assaulting and torturing a disabled man in his front yard after they dragged him from his home during a welfare check.

John, a retiree in Melbourne, Australia, was supposed to be enjoying his golden years in peace—but after his psychologist called the Australian equivalent of 911, all hell broke loose. Victoria Police arrived to presumably perform an unwanted welfare check. When John refused to speak with the officers, they dragged him into the yard and beat him, pepper-sprayed him, and then hosed him down with his own water hose—all while mocking him.

The entire incident was caught on video recording principally because the homeowner had installed a surveillance system after his house was previously burglarized. In the graphic video, Victoria Police can be heard taunting the elderly man, cursing at him, beating him in the legs with their batons and covering his face with pepper spray.

“You fucking idiot!…You like that?…Smells good, doesn’t it?” the officers mocked him.

The man, who suffers from a bad back and emotional distress can be heard screaming “My back!” as the pack of officers manhandle him.

The officers’ true intentions were revealed when they were presumably attempting to wash off the pepper spray with which they had filled his face. When the one officer with the hose started applying the water, the nozzle’s setting was set to hose. Later, the setting was changed to spray, and a solid stream of water was applied to the man’s head and face, likely injuring John further.

When the officer with the hose noticed his fellow officer was recording with his cell phone, he stepped back, as if to imply by his actions that he did not want to be caught on camera abusing the man. But caught on camera he was—just not the one he believed his colleague was holding.

Upon the arrest, officers charged the man with assault but the recording tells a much different story. Not only did the man not call authorities, he asked them several times to leave him in peace. When he refused to comply with their unlawful orders, the man was violently mistreated.

Officials and politicians weighed in on the attack. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy told reporters, “All Victorians will be outraged by it,” and called the actions of the police officers “abhorrent.”

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) issued the following statement:

“Victoria Police, as their employer, is responsible for determining whether the officers are ‘stood down’ from policing duties while they are subject to investigation.”

Acting Commissioner Luke Cornelius called the CCTV “concerning” and said, “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” welcoming external scrutiny of his department’s actions in John’s case.

“Our practice is we conduct an initial inquiry,” Cornelius said. “It is too early at this stage to form an opinion of whether they should be stood down.”

Although his public statements welcomed the unwanted attention to the alleged abuse, Cornelius did say it was “concerning” that the incident was reported directly to IBAC, instead of Victoria Police.

“We welcome external scrutiny…and welcome the concerns the wider community may have,” Cornelius stated. But whether or not any disciplinary action or restitution will be made to John remains to be seen.

Victoria Police responded with their own statement provided to 9News, claiming their department, “has no tolerance for poor behavior within its ranks…Our officers make mistakes like anyone else, and when that happens, we learn from that.”

Premier Daniel Andrews said he has not watched the footage but he defended the Victoria Police Force. “Victoria Police, as the nation’s best police force, conduct themselves with professionalism and in my experience proportionate to the risk that they face,” he said.

This “professionalism” can be seen below:

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Take Turns Beating a Disabled Elderly Man—In HANDCUFFS


Louisville, KY — A recent settlement paid out by the Kentucky State Police, highlights the utter importance of filming cops. A 68-year-old disabled man was accused of attacking police officers but video evidence showed the exact opposite.

The victim, Lewis Lyttle has since been paid $130,000 in taxpayer money because officers took turns kicking and punching him while he was in handcuffs. The suit was settled in October of last year, however, police have kept it secret and even lied about it.

According to WDRB, Kentucky State Police denied an open records request for a copy of the settlement on Jan. 10, saying no settlement existed and “any documents related to a possible settlement is protected by attorney-client privilege.”

However, WDRB News obtained records of the settlement from the Kentucky State Treasurer. A check to Lyttle was dated Dec. 15.

Lyttle’s attorney also confirmed the issuance of the check, noting the “matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

Lyttle, who used to be a construction worker, was severely injured in the 90’s and left disabled which made the fact that cops allegedly saw him as a threat even more repugnant.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a hospital on Aug. 1, 2016, as more than a dozen witnesses watching in horror as cops attacked this elderly disabled man.

According to police, Lyttle did not follow orders, became combative and assaulted officers as they tried to arrest him.

However, according to 16 difference witnesses and a cellphone video of the incident, the officers were lying and Lyttle became the subject of a violent and unlawful arrest.

According to the report, on the day of the incident, Lyttle left his home in St. Charles, Virginia, to drive his neighbor to Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital because she was having problems with chronic bronchitis.

Lyttle may have had some drinks that day but drove his neighbor in need anyway. When the elderly man was in the parking lot, someone accused him of exposing himself as he likely urinated, so police were called.

Police then responded to the elderly man using extreme prejudice. As the first video shows, Lyttle is sitting on the ground with his hands in handcuffs as Trooper Jimmy Halcomb and KSP Sgt. Rob Farley stand over him.

Without provocation, Farley reaches down and slaps the old man across the face so hard that he falls into the pavement.

The person filming from inside the building gasps after watching the abuse. But it was only just beginning.

“He had no business smacking him in the face,” one woman can be heard saying on the video.

The abuse was so bad that people watching actually thought it was fake and part of a movie being filmed nearby.

“I bet that’s part of the movie, reckon?” one witness said.

As the abuse continued, another witness pulled out their phone to record it. Although we can’t hear the exchange between Lyttle and the officers, because the person filming is inside, we can see that Lyttle is being entirely compliant and non-violent when he’s attacked again.

The officers pick Lyttle up and for some reason—likely to justify the fact that they were beating him—they uncuffed the man. However, Lyttle remained entirely compliant.

Farley then reaches toward Lyttle’s face, grabs his beard and knees the disabled man in the stomach while slamming him to the ground.

While Lyttle is on the ground, both officers begin punching and kicking him for no reason.

“They are just punching him, beating the shit out of him,” said the man recording from inside a nearby building. “Four cops for one man, and as old as he is.”

The cops then placed Lyttle back in handcuffs and arrested him on a slew of false charges.

According to WDRB,

Prosecutors dismissed the felony charges in January 2017, based on evidence that came to light after Lyttle was indicted. That evidence included the two cellphone videos of the incident and 16 sworn statements by witnesses who said Lyttle was the one assaulted.

In February 2017, eight months after the arrest, state police launched an investigation, eventually finding Farley used excessive force. He was suspended for 120 days and demoted from sergeant to trooper.

And we call this “public service” in the land of the free.

“Lewis is 68-years-old and has never had a criminal conviction for anything in his entire life. He has a good deal of health issues including 8 metal pins in his leg. The same leg that detective Miller kicked several times and stood on according to the video and several eyewitnesses. Even before he took that beating, he had a great deal of trouble just trying to walk around. When those bully KSP officers beat my Lewis, they beat up a then 67-year-old crippled man who couldn’t have hurt them even if he wanted to,” Lewis’ wife said.


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Cop Arrested for Robbing a Disabled Man of His Opioid Prescriptions, While On Duty

Hagerstown, Maryland – A police officer who has been a member of his department for more than 15 years was arrested and charged with distributing and possessing prescription opiate medications, which he stole from a disabled man while he was on duty.

Christopher Michael Barnett, a sergeant with the Hagerstown Police Department, was arrested after he was caught stealing from a disabled man who was physically unable to leave his bed. WJLA News reported that Barnett entered the man’s apartment using “a phony pretense,” and he then began to go through the man’s bottles of prescription painkillers.

When a caregiver arrived later and noticed that several of the man’s pills were missing, he called the police department, and Barnett was the one who was put on the phone. The report claims that Barnett was quick to hang up the phone, and decided to return to the apartment in person.

When Barnett arrived, the man was able to film him, and he caught the officer on camera promising to return the drugs and begging the man and his caregiver not to report the incident.

However, a news release from the police department claimed that Barnett was caught attempting to sell the drugs, and Investigators were presented with video footage of Sergeant Barnett providing a prescription narcotic to another individual at a location within the city of Hagerstown.”

Hagerstown Police Chief Victor Brito confirmed that after he was given the video, he moved to arrest Barnett, who has now been charged with distribution of controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, malfeasance in office and theft under $100.

“When we received this information, we acted as quickly as we do in any criminal matter to address the issue,” Brito said. “This will be treated the same as every case we handle on a regular basis, and he will be rightly afforded due process of the law.”

The police chief also said he was “sickened by this criminal act,” and he does not believe Barnett’s conduct reflects the values of other officers in the department.

“I cannot and will not make any excuses for this betrayal of our agency, badge, and community,” Brito said. “I’m personally deeply disappointed and quite frankly sickened by this criminal act. That said, I know in my heart that the men and women I serve with at the Hagerstown Police Department perform their duties with integrity and selfless dedication every day.”

While the police chief was adamant that this is the first case of such behavior he has seen within the Hagerstown Police Department, it should be noted that, as The Free Thought Project has documented on numerous occasions, this type of behavior happens in police departments across the country.

A police chief in Lee, Massachusetts, was caught stealing nearly $60,000 from a children’s Christmas charity fund; police officers in Denver, Colorado, were caught on video stealing blankets from homeless people; and a police officer in Grants, New Mexico, was caught stealing marijuana from his police department by footage captured on his own body camera.

In the case of Sgt. Christopher Michael Barnett, he has been suspended without pay, and he is now awaiting trial.

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Dept. Covering Up Details as Cop Charged with First-Degree Rape of Disabled Person

Lansing, NY – Nearly five years after two men were accused of sexually assaulting a disabled person, a sheriff’s deputy has been charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sexual assault.

The charges were confirmed in a report from the Ithaca Voice, which noted that both Tompkins County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Walters and another man named Matthew Pinney, are facing felony charges for an assault that was carried out in Walters’ home on Feb. 2, 2013.

There are very few details available about the victim of the assault. The report claimed the men “had sexual intercourse and sexual contact with a person who was incapable of consenting ‘by reason of being physically helpless.’”

It is not clear what the age of the victim is, how the victim is related to Walters, or under what circumstances the victim was “physically helpless” at the time of the assault. However, it does mean that the alleged victim was physically or verbally unable to communicate unwillingness—a shameful crime indeed.

After the indictments were unsealed, the men were arraigned by Schuyler County Special Prosecutor Joseph Fazzary, and they appeared before Judge John Rowley. However, despite the charges, the men were not taken into custody, and the report claimed that they have “until 5 p.m. Monday to post a $5,000 bail or $10,000 bond.”

In a statement to the Ithaca Voice, Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Dan Donahue said, “Walters’ employment status is a personnel matter, which cannot be discussed by this office. As this is not a Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office case, the Sheriff’s Office has been advised to refer all inquiries to Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph Fazzary, the prosecuting attorney in this case.”

While the department appears to have worked overtime to conceal the details in this case, it is likely that Walters is currently on a taxpayer-funded vacation where he is “suspended,” but is still receiving his salary.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, sexual abuse by police is not uncommon, and a 2016 study revealing that around three officers are charged daily, also noted that many of their charges are for horrific sex crimes:

“Police crimes are not uncommon,” the study’s lead researcher Philip M. Stinson concluded. “Our data directly contradicts some of the prevailing assumptions and the proposition that only a small group of rotten apples perpetrate the vast majority of police crime.”

Although nearly 60 percent of the crimes “occurred when the officer was technically off-duty,” Stinson wrote, “a significant portion of these so-called off-duty crimes also lies within the context of police work and the perpetrator’s role as a police officer, including instances where off-duty officers flash a badge, an official weapon, or otherwise use their power, authority, and the respect afforded to them as a means to commit crime.”

While the victims of sexual assault by police officers are both women and men, there are also a number of victims who are children. In one case, a 19-year veteran of the El Paso Police Department was arrested for sexually assaulting a child in February. In another case, a teenager filed a lawsuit claiming that she was sexually assaulted by 30 officers who forced her to become a child prostitute.

An investigation into sex crimes committed by police officers found that between 2009 and 2014, at least 1,000 officers had this licenses revoked in 41 states for sexual offenses. While around half of the officers were fired for rape or forcing victims to perform sex acts to avoid arrest, several were found possessing child pornography and “about one-third of the officers lost their jobs for committing sexual offenses with juveniles.”

In the case of Deputy Scott Walters, he is scheduled to appear at the Tompkins County Courthouse again for a conference on Jan. 5. However, it will not be open to the public, and it remains to be seen whether further details from the case will be released.

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‘Ignorant’ Chancellor Philip Hammond says disabled workers may be hitting Britain’s productivity

Hammond insinuated that “increasing participation” in the workforce of disabled people may have “had an impact on overall productivity measures.”

Disability Rights UK’s policy manager Philip Connolly told RT the chancellor’s comments are “extraordinarily ignorant” as they have no foundation in reality, and that disabled people are bound to feel “highly insulted” by them.

Connolly defended employed disabled people saying that far from creating a “drag effect,” they are “highly productive and contribute massively to the employers they work for.”

“Disabled people are underrepresented in the work force and if more of them were in-work they would provide more contribution to the economy,” he told RT.

The chancellor made the comments to a Treasury select committee when he was asked about low economic productivity levels.

“It is almost certainly the case that by increasing participation in the workforce, including far higher levels of participation by marginal groups and very high levels of engagement in the workforce, for example of disabled people – something we should be extremely proud of – may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements,” Hammond said.

Anna Bird, the director of policy and research at Scope, branded his comments “unacceptable and derogatory.”

“They [comments] fundamentally undermine the government’s policy to get more disabled people into work, and the ambition set out by the prime minister just a week ago,” she said, according to the Guardian.

“The chancellor must urgently withdraw them and offer a full apology,” she added.

The shadow minister for disabled people, Marsha de Cordova, was among the many who took to Twitter to criticize the chancellor’s comments.

It comes after the UN published a damning report back in August claiming the UK is failing to uphold disabled people’s rights across different sectors.

A report by the UN committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities found Britain had fallen short of complying with a UN convention enshrining the right of disabled to go about different areas of their lives without discrimination.

Shortly before that, Theresia Degener launched a scathing attack on the government’s welfare cuts which she said have created a “human catastrophe” for disabled people.

A government spokesperson responded at the time saying: “The UK is a recognised world leader in disability rights and equality, which is why we supported the development of the UN convention.

“Almost 600,000 disabled people have moved into work over the last four years and we spend over £50 billion a year to support disabled people and those with health conditions, more than ever before.

“This first periodic review will help build on our progress to empower disabled people in all aspects of their lives.”

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Disabled Muslim boy branded ‘terrorist’ by teacher in US – reports

“It’s not true, he doesn’t speak at all,” the boy’s father Maher Suleiman told local outlet KRIV, adding that “He needs care all the time,” owing to both speech and intellectual disabilities.

“She claimed he was a terrorist,” Maher said. “This is so stupid, it’s discrimination. Actually, it’s not implied discrimination, it’s actual discrimination.”

The substitute teacher’s accusation reportedly prompted a police investigation but authorities told Bustle they had “determined it was not a police matter.” It is understood that Child Protective Services are investigating the incident.

“The last three to four weeks have been the hardest of my life,” the boy’s father told KRIV. “My wife and kids were crying a few days ago and I told them everything is fine.”

A spokesperson for the school district told the station that they cannot release details on any student due to privacy laws. has reached out to the school for comment.

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CPS Grabs Newborn Baby From A Disabled Christian Mother After The Parents Expressed A Desire Not To Vaccinate

Sometimes a story comes along that makes your blood boil, and this is one of them.  All over the nation CPS is stealing children from Christian families that express concerns about the safety of vaccines, but I never expected it to happen in north Idaho.  Actually, a large number of families from all over the country have moved to Idaho in recent years specifically because of the vaccine issue.  In Idaho, there is no legal requirement to vaccinate your children, and so no child should ever be taken away because parents do not intend to vaccinate.  Unfortunately, that appears to be what happened in this case.

Earlier today I spoke with Simona Mona of Health Freedom Idaho on the telephone.  She said that she would send me a basic account of the facts in this case, and I told her that I would share those facts with my audience.  Simona is hoping to get as many people as possible out to a court hearing that is being held on Monday morning…

Friends we have an incredibly important battle on our hands. Something unconscionable has happened in North Idaho this last week. We were notified by the daugther of a local pastor here in Kootenai County regarding a woman of his congregation, Diamond Mehlhoff, who gave birth in Kootenai County @ KMC on Monday November 20th via C section. On Wednesday November 22nd, after the parents refused vaccination for the baby, the state became involved and took this beautiful baby, Elijah, from his loving parents, claiming the mother to be unfit due to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (a non progressive movement disorder). They have stated the mother to be bedbound, which is not at all the accurate, she also lives with her husband Ari and the grandfather of the baby. This is an unbelievable, unheard of, egregious case of disability discrimination. Their court hearing is tomorrow Monday 27th at 8am @ 205 N 4th Street Coeur D Alene ID 83814 in the Juvenile Justice Center. They are asking anyone available to please come support them.

It is very important to note that the state did not take any action until the parents expressed a desire not to vaccinate the child.  This is a common theme that comes up again and again in cases such as this around the country.  If you do not intend to vaccinate, it is probably best not to give birth at a hospital if you have that option.

From what I am being told, the authorities hope to institutionalize Diamond, declare the father to be unfit, and permanently keep the baby away from the parents.  This makes me so angry that I don’t know if I have the words to express what I am feeling right now.  As you can see from the photo at the top of this article, obviously Diamond is not “bedbound”.  She is just fine and definitely does not need to be institutionalized.  And the authorities have never even been to the husband’s home, and so they have absolutely no grounds for declaring him to be “unfit”.

If CPS wins in this case, what is going to happen the next time a disabled woman has a child here in Idaho?

Are all disabled women going to have their babies ripped from them once they give birth from now on?

Simona is 100% correct when she says that this is an “egregious case of disability discrimination”.  Those that are attempting to take this child away from Diamond should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

If you would like to do something to get involved in this case, you can learn more on Health Freedom Idaho’s official Facebook page.  I personally know the leaders of Health Freedom Idaho, and they are relentless fighters for the things that we believe in.

Please share this article and the material about this case on Health Freedom Idaho’s Facebook page as widely as you can.  We want to make as much noise about this case as possible, because we want the authorities to back down and leave this Christian family alone.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

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Virtual reality: Next big thing in gaming or game changer for the disabled? (VIDEO)

Instead of using VR to cut gamers off from society, Russian filmmaker and curator of Russian VR Seasons, Georgy Molodstov, is turning the industry on its head – showing the UK this week just how powerful a tool VR can be to connect people.

“[We] have the chance to show this new genre, this new thing that isn’t existent a lot in the world now and show it at the very beginning,” Molodstov said. “It’s like the [invention] of the train, that’s the phase we are at now.”

VR technology uses a headset to fully immerse the player in digital environments, allowing users to play games or explore far-out or absurd environments like outer space or under the sea. VR headsets respond to movement, allowing users to explore the digital realm around them with a 360 degree view.

Russian VR Seasons creates dynamic, immersive films. You can visit space, go snowboarding, or even go back in time. While his immersive film projects may be fun, Molodstov is making a big difference in the life of Russia’s disabled, who are often still marginalized in society. With the help of virtual reality, Molodstov has given some disabled Russians the chance to fly, to run, to zoom around an ice-skating rink – whilst staying safely within their comfort zone.

“I’m [targeting] the guys in wheelchairs who are participating in sport activities,” Molodstov said.

“I have been showing these works to people with disabilities to try and encourage them to try sport activities that they are not active with. The immersion of VR headset… they can feel how movements and how active this disability sport is and could get interested in doing it in real life.”

As well as his work with the disabled, Molodstov is also reinventing how we watch cinema. People can watch the same immersive film and have a different experience entirely.

“VR is called a social disaster because it’s disconnecting people but what we have [at film week] is a simultaneous screening,” he said.

“They’re watching the same film together, but each of them watch the film in different ways. Those 15 people who will come here and watch the film together, they could discuss what they’ve watched later and everyone will have seen a different film,” he added.

Russian Film Week runs from November 19-26, 2017, with virtual reality stations on all week. View the full VR program here.

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Five Horrifying Reasons to Never Call the Cops if You’re Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old


(Rutherford Institute) Life in the American police state is an endless series of don’ts delivered at the end of a loaded gun: don’t talk back to police officers, don’t even think about defending yourself against a SWAT team raid (of which there are 80,000 every year), don’t run when a cop is nearby lest you be mistaken for a fleeing criminal, don’t carry a cane lest it be mistaken for a gun, don’t expect privacy in public, don’t let your kids walk to the playground alone, don’t engage in nonviolent protest near where a government official might pass, don’t try to grow vegetables in your front yard, don’t play music for tips in a metro station, don’t feed whales, and on and on.

Here’s another don’t to the add the growing list of things that could get you or a loved one tasered, shot or killed, especially if you are autistic, hearing impaired, mentally ill, elderly, suffer from dementia, disabled or have any other condition that might hinder your ability to understand, communicate or immediately comply with an order: don’t call the cops.

Sometimes it’s dangerous enough calling the cops when you’re not contending with a disability.

Unfortunately, the risks just skyrocket when a disability is involved.

Nancy Schrock called 911 for help after her husband, Tom, who suffered with mental health issues, started stalking around the backyard, upending chairs and screaming about demons. Several times before, police had transported Tom to the hospital, where he was medicated and sent home after 72 hours. This time, Tom was tasered twice. He collapsed, lost consciousness and died.

The Schrocks are not alone in this experience.

Indeed, disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers.

That’s according to a study by the Ruderman Family Foundation,  which reports that “disabled individuals make up the majority of those killed in use-of-force cases that attract widespread attention. This is true both for cases deemed illegal or against policy and for those in which officers are ultimately fully exonerated… Many more disabled civilians experience non-lethal violence and abuse at the hands of law enforcement officers.”

Trained to shoot first and ask questions later, police pose a risk to anyone with special needs whose disabilities may not be immediately apparent or require more finesse than the typical freeze-or-I’ll-shoot tactics employed by America’s police forces.

For example, in South Carolina, police tasered an 86-year-old grandfather reportedly in the early stages of dementia, while he was jogging backwards away from them. Now this happened after Albert Chatfield led police on a car chase, running red lights and turning randomly. However, at the point that police chose to shock the old man with electric charges, he was out of the car, on his feet, and outnumbered by police officers much younger than him.

In Oklahoma, police shot and killed a 35-year-old deaf man seen holding a two-foot metal pipe on his front porch (he used the pipe to fend off stray dogs while walking). Despite the fact that witnesses warned police that Magdiel Sanchez couldn’t hear—and thus comply—with their shouted orders to drop the pipe and get on the ground, police shot the man when he was about 15 feet away from them.

In Maryland, police (moonlighting as security guards) used extreme force to eject a 26-year-old man with Downs Syndrome and a low IQ from a movie theater after the man insisted on sitting through a second screening of a film. Autopsy results indicate that Ethan Saylor died of complications arising from asphyxiation, likely caused by a chokehold.

In Florida, police armed with assault rifles fired three shots at a 27-year-old nonverbal, autistic man who was sitting on the ground, playing with a toy truck. Police missed the autistic man and instead shot his behavioral therapist, Charles Kinsey, who had been trying to get him back to his group home. The therapist, bleeding from a gunshot wound, was then handcuffed and left lying face down on the ground for 20 minutes.

In Texas, police handcuffed, tasered and then used a baton to subdue a 7-year-old student who has severe ADHD and a mood disorder. With school counselors otherwise occupied, school officials called police and the child’s mother to assist after Yosio Lopez started banging his head on a wall. The police arrived first.

These cases, and the hundreds—if not thousands—more that go undocumented every year speak to a crisis in policing when it comes to law enforcement’s failure to adequately assess, de-escalate and manage encounters with special needs or disabled individuals.

While the research is relatively scant, what has been happening is telling.

Over the course of six months, police shot and killed someone who was in mental crisis every 36 hours.

Where does this leave us?

For starters, we need better police training across the board, but especially when it comes to de-escalation tactics and crisis intervention.

A study by the National Institute of Mental Health found that CIT (Crisis Intervention Team)-trained officers made fewer arrests, used less force, and connected more people with mental-health services than their non-trained peers.

Second, police need to learn how to slow confrontations down, instead of ramping up the tension (and the noise).

After Ethan Saylor’s death in Maryland, police recruits are now required to take a four-hour course in which they learn “de-escalation tactics” for dealing with disabled individuals: speak calmly, give space, be patient.

One officer in charge of the LAPD’s “mental response teams” suggests that instead of rushing to take someone into custody, police should try to slow things down and persuade the person to come with them.

Third, with all the questionable funds flowing to police departments these days, why not use some of those funds to establish what one disability-rights activist describes as “a 911-type number dedicated to handling mental-health emergencies, with community crisis-response teams at the ready rather than police officers.”

In the end, while we need to make encounters with police officers safer for people with disabilities, what we really need is to make encounters with police safer for citizens across the board, no matter how they’re packaged.

As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the problem is not that police officers are inherently bad—in fact, there are many good, caring officers in law enforcement—but when cops are trained to be military warriors instead of peace officers, we’re all viewed as potential threats.

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead [send him mail] is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. He is the author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State and The Change Manifesto (Sourcebooks).

Copyright © 2017 The Rutherford Institute

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Liberal publication "deaf shames" disabled ballet dancer by photoshopping away her cochlear implant for its glamour ad

Image: Liberal publication “deaf shames” disabled ballet dancer by photoshopping away her cochlear implant for its glamour ad

(Natural News)
Virgin Active, which is a chain of health clubs located in South Africa, Italy, Spain, Australia and a few other countries, has recently come under fire for allegedly editing out the cochlear implant of one of their models, 27-year-old Simone Botha Welgemoed.

Naturally, when Welgemoed noticed that her implants were not in the advertisement when it was officially published, she was not very happy. “I was shockingly surprised, and it felt like somebody just dropped a bucket of water on me,” she said in an interview with The Sun. “I couldn’t believe what I saw when my sister tagged me in the Virgin advertisement on Instagram. I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

Welgemoed explained that she was “born profoundly deaf” and received her cochlear implant (CI) at the young age of 22 months. “At that stage I was the youngest child in Africa to receive it – without my CI I hear absolutely nothing at all,” she said. (Related: Why are healthy young men in America suddenly going deaf?)

When she realized that Virgin had digitally removed her cochlear implant, she immediately contacted the company for an explanation. “Virgin Active immediately responded to my post on Facebook and made contact with me to meet with them,” Welgemoed explained, adding that the company was extremely apologetic and that “somebody on the creative team, probably uneducated about hearing disability if I can say so, told them to remove it.”

A spokesperson for Virgin explained in a statement that the photoshopped image “is not in line with our values,” and admitted, “We got it wrong and we realize that.”

Once again, we find ourselves with a story that the left wing mainstream media will most likely stay far away from due to the fact that it’s not in line with their progressive agenda. If it were a right-leaning company or organization that had digitally removed the cochlear implants, then chances are the liberals would be seizing the opportunity to take some shots at conservative Republicans. But Virgin isn’t exactly a right-of-center company; in fact, they have been in the news on several different occasions for falling time and again on the left side of the political spectrum.

Why would the mainstream media be critical of a company whose CEO derides climate change skeptics, for example? Back in 2014, Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson wrote in a blog post that those who do not buy into the idea that mankind is having a significant effect on the weather need to “get out of our way.” The comments came not long after Apple CEO Tim Cook said essentially the same thing, urging climate change skeptics to stop buying stocks in the technology company. Evidently, Richard Branson is not a believer in the facts, nor does he agree with the conclusion that over 31,000 scientists have arrived at.

Branson even spent some quality time with former president Barack Obama on his own private island in the Caribbean earlier this year, which was apparently such a tremendous experience that the Virgin CEO felt the need to publish a full account of the vacation online. As Townhall reports, Barack Obama learned kiteboard during his time spent with Branson, which is an increasingly popular sport whereby riders surf on a board while being pulled by a kite.

In other words, Richard Branson is a leftist who likes to hang out with other leftists, so it makes sense that the left-wing mainstream media wouldn’t want to take any shots at his company, even if it deserves it. As for the model who had her cochlear implant edited out by Virgin Active, she has every right to be upset, and hopefully Virgin corrects the problem in a timely fashion.

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