Absolutely Deranged: Matthews Leads Fact-Free Gun Control Panel Filled with Churlish Rhetoric

MSNBC’s Hardball
May 18, 2018
7:00 p.m. Eastern

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Only in America. Let’s play Hardball. [HARDBALL OPENING CREDITS] Good evening. I’m Chris Matthews in Washington or is it a good evening? Yet another school shooting three months after the massacre at a high school in Parkland. This time it’s Santa Fe high school in Texas, 30 miles southeast of Houston. It’s a common story now in America as is the absence of action by the country’s leaders. Intermediate — intermittent gunfire across the country, political silence here in the Capital. This time, ten people are dead, nine students and a teacher, another ten wounded. This time, all hell broke loose before 7:30 app local time. Several witnesses said they heard a fire alarm go off, then shots rang out. 


MATTHEWS: What do you think should be done? Maybe this is a bad question. It’s in people’s minds, if a kid grabs his father’s shotgun and his .38 revolver and heads out to shoot people, should the father be held accountable for the fact he left the gun sitting around the house?

DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN JOAQUÍN CASTRO (TX): That is a tough question. What I think we need gun owners to be much more responsible and I agree with some of the comments made by the Texas leaders even though Texas state officials have done little to stem gun violence, I agree parents need to be more responsible in making sure their guns are locked up and kept safe from their kids. 

MATTHEWS: The Lieutenant Governor is out there, talking about his solution is to have one door rather than two doors to the school. Is that it? The single door policy? That’s going to deal with this issue? Do you think it’s that serious? 

CASTRO Yeah, I was really dumbfounded when I heard that comment by the Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. He —

MATTHEWS: Let’s listen to it. We’ve got it here cause let everybody judge for themselves if they think this is a serious response or not. 

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This has been going on too long in our country. 

MATTHEWS: We’re going to get backing to that, but let me go onto Shannon. Shannon Watts, you’re a founder of Mothers Demand Action. What action can we expect here? I mean, fairly, I don’t expect any action. I think we live in this country. It’s a gun tooting country. We believe in the Second Amendment. We live with it the way it’s interpreted by the Supreme Court I think is irresponsible, but here we are. 

SHANNON WATTS: Well, you know, we have seen significant change on the ground even just since parkland. We’ve seen Republican governors sign sweeping gun reform into law, so we are seeing movement state-by-state. Red flag laws being based, laws that disarm domestic abusers, even states continuing to close the background check loophole. Texas doesn’t have many of these laws. There have been 20 mass shootings in the state of Texas since 2009, two just this week and all we’ve seen Greg Abbott do is make it easier for dangerous people to get guns. I know everyone wants a cathartic moment in Congress, but it really is on all of us in November to elect lawmakers that will vote the right way on there issue and that will act. 

MATTHEWS: Well, just to make your point, all I hear is calls for open carry in saloons and restaurants, people want to walk through the malls with guns, toting guns openly. It always seems to be going in that direction, more guns in more places more openly. 

WATTS: Well, you know, we have something nothing other developed nation has which is the gun lobby and NRA lobbyists are always fighting for guns for anyone anywhere anytime, no questions asked. That’s how they continue to sell more guns. There’s $100 million loss in gun sales since Donald Trump was elected and the NRA is trying to figure out how to make up for that losses in sales. Part of it is to do things like arming teachers. If they arm just a fraction of America’s 3.6 million teachers they could easily recoup the loss and get ready to hear those talking points tomorrow morning. 


MATTHEWS: Well, let me go to Greg Pittman because you’ve been through this before, sir, as a teacher at a school hit hard by gun violence and that do you think of politicians who openly say their entire philosophy is answered in fewer doors? And somehow, seriously, the guy shows up dressed like he’s in the movie The Matrix with a long coat on. Well, you would think they would have noticed that behavior before and not have a law about it but common sense would have told them this is a troubled kid out to make a point. But I want to go back to this. What do you make of a politician, lieutenant governor of a state whose entire response to this is fewer doors?

GREG PITTMAN: Again, I think Chris, one of the things here with that, that’s certainly might help in one way. But we go back to the problem of the question of the guns, back to the question you all raised earlier. A 17-year-old was able to obtain the father’s guns. Why did the father not have them locked up? Why — again, there is some responsibility borne by both the father, the mother, the parents here with this kid being able to access guns. One of the big problems in our society is no one ever is responsible anymore. 


PITTMAN: Our politicians aren’t responsible. They’re not responsible to the people. The parents here aren’t responsible. Somebody needs to be responsible for some of the actions and just the idea of limiting the doors, that certainly may help. I know at Douglas, we’ve tried to limit, they’ve tried to reduce access points, so they can better watch the students as they come in. They’ve gone to these clear bags, they’ve gone with these other things. Again, if they really want to get a gun in, you can still get a gun in. The same thing here not unless they search every single kid with everything they bring in. It goes back, I think, to the access to be able to obtain the guns to begin with. It goes to raising the age, I think, to be able to obtain guns. How do these 17-year-olds, so many of these shooters, the shooter at our school was 19, who was able to legally buy the gun at that time. Florida raised the age to 21. Many of these states need to raise the age to 21 or perhaps older. Very easy to get guns. We need to extend background checks which wouldn’t have prevented this but back to some responsibility of the parents or someone on controlling guns. Whose fault is this supposed to be? It can’t be no one’s fault. Someone has to — to — to be responsible for this and I don’t understand why the parents are never responsible anymore. That’s one thing that we see at schools now. No one is responsible for anything. The only ones responsible are the teachers. The teachers are being asked to do everything. 

MATTHEWS: Well, Governor Abbott of Texas also said he planned to hold a roundtable around the state to discuss how to prevent further shootings in Texas. Here’s the governor of the state. 

REPUBLICAN TEXAS GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT: We will assemble all stakeholders to begin to work immediately on swift solutions to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again. We want to hear from parents. We want to hear from students. We want to hear from educators. We want to hear from concerned citizens. We want to hear from those who hold the Second Amendment right in high esteem. We want to hear from everybody who has an interest in what has happened today so we can work together. 

MATTHEWS: I’m sorry, but it — Congressman — it makes me convinced that politics is an acting profession. That was an act. Mike, let me ask you this because this is the question. Everywhere in the world, there are countries that have violence of course, but they don’t have school shootings. We seem to have a lot of them. 

CASTRO: Yeah. 

MATTHEWS: You know, every couple months it happens and every couple months somebody like the governor says we’re going to have roundtables on it and we’re going to talk about it and the pro-gun safety people like me I guess and the other people on the show say something, the pro-gun people say do nothing and we go back and think about something else the next two days. 

CASTRO: Yeah, I mean, Chris, it is a shame that the United States Congress has not done anything, anything to protect our students from gun violence. 

MATTHEWS: What does the NRA say to you? Do you feel their prevalence in your life? 

MATTHEWS: Certainly in Texas. 

MATTHEWS: If you go to vote — if you vote for gun safety, you know they’re coming at you, right? 

CASTRO: Sure. I’ve stood at polls and asked for people’s support and they’ve said before that they’re not going to because the NRA said they shouldn’t cause they’ve got a list of approved candidates, but Greg Abbott was basically lip syncing. That man has stood by while tragedy after tragedy has happened and has hurt Texans and he’s done nothing. And when they have the roundtables I have the first suggestion for him. He should allow, under Texas law, local governments to take action into their own hands. Right now, Texas state law doesn’t allow any local government to do anything about gun violence to make their own laws regarding any of this. He should free up local governments to do that, especially if they’re going to sit on their hands and do nothing. 

MATTHEWS: Shannon, we’re looking at the people here — the parents apparently are recovering. Well, they’re not going to recover from this violence because it’s a hell on Earth situation. What is it about America that has this headline, around the world, I mean, if you’re in Tokyo right now where they don’t have this or London where they really don’t have this or Paris or anywhere in the world, South Africa, they don’t have this kind of stuff, you go what’s with America? What’s with us? 

WATTS: Yeah, I mean it’s —

MATTHEWS: Are there that many angry kids 17 years old angry at the kids in class who don’t treat them right and go out shooting at them? What combination of facts do we have that is nobody else seems to have?

WATTS: Every nation is home to disgruntled teens, to bullied teens. What we have that is different is easy access to guns in this country. If more guns and fewer gun laws made us safer, we’d be the safest country in the world. Instead, we have the highest rate of gun violence of any nation. 96 Americans are shot and killed in this country every day and we talk about it when ten people are killed at a time. But the reality is there’s gun violence in communities all day long that isn’t being addressed or seen or even reported on the news and these families are suffering and it is on our lawmakers to act. They could stop this. We know that in states with strong gun laws they have much fewer gun deaths and yet, these lawmakers are sitting on their hands. 


MATTHEWS: Texans aren’t going to change, are they? Or anybody in this county. It doesn’t look like — it sounds like we’ll be back here in a couple months with another one of these. 

CASTRO: I think that, as Shannon mentioned, I think things are changing. I think they’re changing too slowly, but I think, the public sentiment is changing in Texas also. Unfortunately, the politicians have not changed with the sentiment.

MATTHEWS: NRA still calls the shots? 

CASTRO: They still have a lot of sway, but I think that’s waning also. I think they’re losing power. 

MATTHEWS: I got to go to Greg on this. Greg, what were the reactions today of your students in Parkland who have been through this hell before — up front? 

PITTMAN: Again today, this afternoon, I was with my fourth period which is a class that I was with the day of the shooting at Douglas on the February 14th. And all the kids were very upset about it. They wanted to watch, they wanted to see what was going on. Some were very quiet but they were very interested, but also upset and it was bringing back, you know, some of the same feelings that we went through, the fire alarm goes off, everybody starts going out, starts the same kind of things that we did that same day and then — then so similar as to what we experienced. And so again, kids were upset by it. Very much and the other thing I’ll just throw out, not only that, but before this, our kids, our teachers, our school is suffering from PTSD. Even the people that weren’t in the building directly where the students were shot and teachers and others were killed, it has been a very slow process to get to where we are right now. We are definitely not healed. The school is not normal. There — we’ve got there — we joke or call it this new normal which is nowhere near what we used to be. It’s very difficult. Three months out and then obviously this kind of brings it all back to life again for us and I can only sympathize with the community there and what they’re going to experience because I understand what it’s like and it’s going to be a long, difficult road and they’re going to need a lot of support and so, certainly I’m sure we’ll try to help support but they’ll need support from all around the country cause it’s not an easy thing to deal with and then you go back. I mean, it’s not like many other places that you’re at some other random place. There is where the kids go to school, this is where we go to work, why we don’t use that one building at school, we’ll go to the school. I mean, and we’ve got three more years of kids before they graduate and the teachers obviously will still there be. So, it’s a long road ahead.

MATTHEWS: Congressman, I want to thank you. Greg, I don’t want to cut you off, but I want to tell you one thing, I’m so proud of the fact your students spoken out and I hope they keep speaking out because the one thing the gun lobby has going for it, 

PITTMAN: They will.

MATTHEWS: — all these years, is they’re be obsessed. I think the people who want gun safety have to be equally obsessed and that means relentless and thank you. That seems to be true with your students. Thank you, U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro, a great guy to come on this show. Thank you for coming on this grim — by the way, you were going to come on anyway, but thank you for coming on despite this. Shannon Watts, keep up the wonderful work. You’re a wonderful spokesperson and we need you. We really do. And Greg Pitman, again, sir, teachers are great.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2018/05/18/absolutely-deranged-matthews-leads-fact-free-gun-control-panel

Now the deranged "Left Cult" is banning a science fiction author from attending a conference because he’s a conservative

Image: Now the deranged “Left Cult” is banning a science fiction author from attending a conference because he’s a conservative

(Natural News)
A popular science fiction writer was recently blacklisted from attending the WorldCon sci-fi convention simply because he holds conservative viewpoints.

WorldCon has dubbed Jon Del Arroz a “racist bully,” announcing in a recent Facebook post that the group is reducing his membership to a lower status in order to prohibit his attendance from its conventions.

The group claims that it had to remove Del Arroz from its ranks because he chose to break its “code of conduct.” The group adds that it “strives to be an inclusive place in fandom,” and that “racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable.”

“This expulsion is one step towards eliminating such behavior and was not taken lightly,” the WorldCon Facebook post explains. “The senior staff and board are in agreement about the decision and it is final.”

So what did Del Arroz do, exactly? Well, not much of anything, it turns out. While Arroz was once seen wearing a red hat with the words, “MAKE SCIENCE FICTION FUN AGAIN,” an obvious reference to Donald Trump’s “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” campaign hats, he’s done none of the things that WorldCon is claiming.

Del Arroz has since hired an attorney to respond to WorldCon, claiming that the claims being made against him are “both untrue and highly injurious,” and threaten not only his livelihood but also his reputation as a writer in the science fiction community.

“The accusation of ‘racism’ is a factual claim that in the present social climate is extremely derogatory and stigmatizing,” Del Arroz’s attorney wrote in a warning letter to WorldCon.

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“The effect of such stigmatization necessarily injures the person so stigmatized in the pursuit of his chosen profession, thereby causing substantial foreseeable financial damage. It is also deeply offensive, particularly to Mr. Del Arroz, who is very proud of his Hispanic heritage.”

Del Arroz says WorldCon can avoid lawsuit by making its employees undergo sensitivity training for dealing appropriately with conservatives

If WorldCon doesn’t relent in its accusations against Del Arroz and restore his membership, his attorney plans to sue WorldCon. Del Arroz is asking for an apology, a lifting of the ban, and that WorldCon employees be forced to undergo sensitivity training to learn how not to discriminate against conservatives.

Not surprisingly, WorldCon has refused the offer, so Del Arroz is moving forward with a lawsuit. He recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for it, entitled “Make WorldCon Great Again.”

The filing fees for the lawsuit have already been raised, and fundraising for the lawsuit itself is now underway. Del Arroz plans to take advantage of a little-known discrimination law in California, where WorldCon is held, that prohibits places of public accommodation – in this case the convention center in San Jose – from discriminating against any person:

“… based on a personal characteristic representing a trait, condition, decision, or choice fundamental to a person’s identity, beliefs and self-definition as that factor has been applied in previous cases.”

This law is known as California’s Unruh Act and exists as California Civil Code§51 et seq. which, based on earlier precedent, prohibits discrimination against people based on their political affiliation.

“Whether the exclusionary policy rests on the alleged undesirable propensities of those of a particular race, nationality, occupation, political affiliation, or age … the Unruh Act protects individuals from … arbitrary discrimination,” the law states.

The fact that a leftist organization is openly discriminating against one of its conservative members isn’t really all that surprising, considering that the intolerant left is now widely known to be pushing an anti-conservative, anti-white agenda throughout American society.

To keep up with the latest news involving the lunatic left, visit Biased.news.

Sources for this article include:






Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-05-06-now-the-deranged-left-cult-is-banning-a-science-fiction-author-from-attending-a-conference.html

Violent, deranged, inbred, feral NeoCon Judaic and Israel-Firster David Frum– ‘America Is Under Attack and the President Doesn’t Care’

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2018/02/18/violent-deranged-inbred-feral-neocon-judaic-and-israel-firster-david-frum-america-is-under-attack-and-the-president-doesnt-care/

Florida mass shooting: Another deranged Democrat obsessed with guns, violence and "resistance"

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

Mike Adams serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation. He has also achieved numerous laboratory breakthroughs in the programming of automated liquid handling robots for sample preparation and external standards prep.

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With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed “strange fibers” found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health “gurus,” dangerous “detox” products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released over fifteen popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

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Inbred, violent and deranged Judaic Rob Reiner–‘Trump would rather have a military parade than defend democracy from Russia’

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Violent, inbred, deranged Jewess Sarah Silverman– ‘Pro-Life Laws Make Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus’

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/violent-inbred-insane-jewess-sarah-silverman-pro-life-laws-makes-me-want-to-eat-an-aborted-fetus/

The latest insanity of the deranged Left: Alleged child rapist says he "self-identifies" as a nine-year-old, so it’s not really rape

Image: The latest insanity of the deranged Left: Alleged child rapist says he “self-identifies” as a nine-year-old, so it’s not really rape

(Natural News)
A 38-year-old Chicago man who recently confessed to sexually molesting three underage girls between the ages of six and eight appears to be trying to capitalize on liberalism’s acceptance of the “gender spectrum.”

Joseph Roman is reportedly claiming that he self-identifies as a nine-year-old trapped in a grown man’s body, which using liberal logic means he’s simply a misunderstood “trans-age” individual who’s being unfairly persecuted and discriminated against simply for being “different.”

Roman’s multiple acts of sexual assault against young girls aren’t, in fact, crimes, based on liberalism’s ever-evolving tenets of tolerance. They’re just unique expressions of the vast gender spectrum – representing just another “beautiful” shade of color in the rainbow of sexual identities.

This is the conclusion one would have to come to, of course, in order to be consistent in LGBTQ+ ideology. Who’s to say that Roman is a criminal when all he’s doing is “being himself?” We mustn’t judge him or discriminate for embracing his “sexual identity” as a pre-pubescent child, the left-wing narrative seems to claim.

When Roman was caught molesting an eight-year-old girl while her family wasn’t present, he wasn’t committing a heinous act of pedophilia (according to liberal ideology). He was simply “expressing himself,” and doing what comes “naturally” to him, right?

Or how about when he took advantage of another young girl who was staying with him while her hard-working mother worked the night shift? This was simply “kids being kids,” seeing as how Roman self-identifies as a child.

Leftists must be stopped from normalizing pedophilia perversion

If this all sounds nuts to you, or is making your stomach churn: that’s the point. None of these scenarios are actually happening in the case of Joseph Roman. But they very well could in the not-too-distant future, if “gender spectrum” madness takes its progressive course into “trans-ageism” and other bizarre realms.

The good news about Roman is that the courts are still regarding him as a pedophile, as he’s now being charged with a Class X felony – the most serious felony on the books besides first degree murder. But will it always be this way?

As you may recall, a 52-year-old Canadian man decided back in 2016 that he was going to change his gender identity to become a six-year-old “girl” – complete with a child’s dress and a pacifier.

Formerly known as Paul, he suddenly became a “she,” adopting the new name of “Stefonknee Wolscht” as his new monicker. And the family this deranged individual lives with reportedly accepted it all, referring to their new “daughter” as a “little girl” who plays with their other actual children.

In a more sane world, Paul (or whatever he’s calling himself these days) would have been immediately shipped off to a mental institution for deprogramming and serious medical intervention. But in this brave new world of gender “fluidity,” this dress-wearing lunatic is being embraced (at least by some) as just another normal person.

If you can’t see the slippery slope with all of this, then you’re just not paying attention. If Paul or Stefonknee or whatever can simply decide to be a little girl and receive acceptance, then what’s to stop this same unhinged individual from demanding acceptance of whatever form of sexual perversion might go along with it?

It seems as though it’s only a matter of time before such madness is pushed as “normal,” which is why the gender “fluidity” hoax needs to be nipped in the bud now. The truth that must be reiterated is this: There are only two genders, both of which are biologically defined, and age is a fixed thing that can’t be “changed” merely to suit one’s liberal fantasies. Find more news on the insanity of the “gender spectrum” at Gender.news.

Sources for this article include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-02-03-the-latest-insanity-of-the-deranged-left-alleged-child-rapist-says-he-self-identifies-as-a-9-year-old-girl-so-its-not-really-rape.html

PJ Media agrees with Natural News: Google is a deranged left-wing "intolerant race cult"

Image: PJ Media agrees with Natural News: Google is a deranged left-wing “intolerant race cult”

(Natural News)
With each passing day, liberalism looks less and less like a political ideology and more and more like a cult, the members of which are bound by a certain set of ideas, attitudes, and behaviors. As if that’s not bad enough, if someone diverges from this cult-like mentality and thinks for him or herself (or, God forbid, aligns more with conservatism rather than liberalism), then that person is either shunned, shamed or ridiculed. This is unfortunately the reality of the modern-day progressive movement.

Google is currently being sued by James Damore, a former employee who is alleging that the company, among other things, discriminates against males, whites, heterosexuals, and people who consider themselves to be conservative or right-of-center. The evidence that Mr. Damore has brought forward thus far has been quite convincing, and it certainly appears that Google has created a work environment that is incredibly hostile to those who do not align with the progressive ideology. With any luck, Google will be forced to answer for the way it treats its right-wing employees, and America’s justice system will prevail. In the meantime, the company’s cult-like ways will inevitably continue.

Earlier this month, Natural News reported further on Damore’s lawsuit, which alleges that Google fosters many “alternative lifestyles.” One of those “lifestyles” includes “furries,” which is essentially a growing trend whereby people dress up and act like animals. Another “lifestyle” that Google accepts and celebrates, according to the lawsuit, is polygamy, which involves marrying more than one person. The fact that Google fosters all of these “alternative lifestyles” while treating conservatives and heterosexuals like scum of the earth is shameful, and as previously mentioned, adds credibility to the argument that the company is turning into a deranged, intolerant cult.

As it turns out, PJ Media agrees with Natural News’ decision to label Google as an emerging cult, whereby white, heterosexual conservative males are to be harshly criticized and just about everyone else is to be celebrated. “Google engineer James Damore’s class action complaint describes creepy cult-like orthodoxy at Google, where dissent is smashed, and the color of your skin is far more important than the content of your character,” writes PJ Media. “Reading the complaint is a deep dive into wicked, racial groupthink, and a frightening reminder that it really can happen here. At Google, it does.”

PJ Media goes on to say, “Damore’s worst sin at Google was to be white and male and to presume that shouldn’t matter. In this, Damore was up against the roaring prevailing winds from the Left, where ‘whiteness’ is wickedness, where ‘maleness’ is a construct, and where the bright young things at the tech giant are remaking the world in their own image.”

So we have one of the largest, wealthiest companies in the world discriminating against employees that are either white, male, heterosexual, conservative, or all of the above – why is there no media coverage of this? Why is it that all the leftists on NBC, MSNBC and CNN who always lecture the American people on “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” are suddenly silent in the face of this blatant discrimination and political censorship going on at Google? It’s almost as if they are selective when it comes to defending certain people or certain groups of people against discrimination – that is, if the left-wing media likes you then you will be defended, and if the left-wing media doesn’t like you then you can fend for yourself. Conservatives at Google are being attacked, harassed and ridiculed, and the same liberals that talk about “acceptance for all” just don’t give a damn.

Follow more news on the lunatic cult of the deranged Left at LeftCult.com.

Sources include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-25-pj-media-agrees-with-natural-news-google-is-a-deranged-left-wing-intolerant-race-cult.html

Deranged MSNBC: GOPers Are ‘North Korean Soldiers’ Led by ‘Sniveling’ Carson, ‘Pathetic’ Ryan

MSNBC’s Hardball
January 12, 2018
7:05 p.m. Eastern

JOY REID: As a child of immigrants myself, I was disgusted by his comments but I think, Chris, I’m even more repulsed by people like Lindsey Graham who don’t have the guts to come out and condemn Trump publically. How — how shameful for those men to sit around that table, listening to this racist commentary and they don’t have the courage to walk out to a camera and do what Dick Durbin did. Shame on them. Shame on Lindsey Graham just telling Tim Scott. Tell us what you told him.    Shame on him.


CHRIS MATTHEWS: How would you like to be Ben Carson in standing there? Ben Carson — whatever you think of his politics, I think he’s a good guy. But he has to play the part as an African-American cabinet member. 

JENNIFER RUBIN: Actually, he doesn’t. He can leave and that’s what bothers me as well. Not a single person — 

MATTHEWS: You mean quit?

RUBIN: — yeah. Not a single person in the White House staff, not a single person who works for one of those Senators who doesn’t remember walks out the door and says no, this is a bridge too far. What is the matter with these people? 

MATTHEWS: Well, one reason is there’s a lemming behavior by all Republicans that we’ve all noted here that goes beyond any of these moral questions. They seem to be marching in line like North Korean infantry men. They just do. You know, let’s get back to that, Joy, why do Republicans say yes, sir every time Trump says do this? Every time — 

REID: I don’t know.

MATTHEWS: — the tax bill, everything.

REID: Yeah, no, and it’s interesting because, you know, there are different ways to look at it, I agree with Jennifer, Ben Carson absolutely does not need to be there. He has a career and a reputation that was separate and distinct from Donald Trump. Donald Trump disparaged him during the campaign and now he’s as sniveling and supine as the rest of them and all of those African-Americans, Trump’s sort of black friends assembled around him, Darryl Scott answering on his behalf, Katrina Pierson, all of these people, they obviously are just grubbing for position and looking for something for themselves. None of them have any credibly with the black community. 

MATTHEWS: Well, we don’t know.

REID: Set them aside.

MATTHEWS: You don’t know their motive. 

REID: Well, we know — 

MATTHEWS: Well, you just know that —

REID: — they’re there. 

MATTHEWS: — you call them on the Republican side —

REID: They’re decorative. 

MATTHEWS: They call them the worst kind of good soldiers. Well, and anyway —

REID: Yes. They’re decorative.


RUBIN: You know, how pathetic is Paul Ryan, how far he has fallen and he says it’s unfortunate. You know, it’s unfortunate when I get a hangnail. It’s unfortunate when I get a run in my stockings. This is not unfortunate. This is outrageous and look at this man who was fairly well respected who, by the way, has been pro-immigration his whole life. Now, trying to play it down, not to offend the President,

MATTHEWS: Let me go to Joy on this. I think everything Paul Ryan hears or thinks about has to do with his agenda. He’s not very personal. It’s all about this sort of Ayn Rand, objectivist goals he has. 

REID: That’s right.

MATTHEWS: Less taxes, less government, you know, less entitlement programs. 

REID: Yeah.

MATTHEWS: You know, that’s his goal in life and anything that advances that is fortunate. 

REID: Yeah. 

MATTHEWS: And anything that doesn’t is unfortunate. 

REID: It’s unfortunate.

MATTHEWS: He doesn’t care about these moral questions or these issues of how we should talk as American. 

REID: I agree with you. There has never been a more single-minded politician than Paul Ryan. He cares only about eviscerating the social safety net, repealing the 20th century, all of the New Deal, the Great Society, he wants that gone and it is true. He is pathetic. I think it’s one of the darkest, sort of chapters in the Trump era is there Paul Ryan revealing himself.         


REID: So, the question is whether or not there can be good faith negotiations with such a person, with Stephen Miller still whispering in his ear and still, you know, with the Attorney General whispering in his ear and I think Democrats need to make a gut check, is it worth siting around that table with this man, given that he has now put his racist views on the table.

MATTHEWS: I’m betting the Republicans to be Republicans, Joy. 

REID: Yeah, they will. The Republicans will fall in line. As you said, they’re the North Korean army marching behind the Dear Leader. 
MATTHEWS: Every time I see those pictures of that — 

REID: Yes.

MATTHEWS: — uniformity and regimentation, I think of the Republican caucus in the Senate.

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Corporate America goes bonkers: Marvel, Barbie, Disney all push deranged left-wing agendas onto children and teens

Image: Corporate America goes bonkers: Marvel, Barbie, Disney all push deranged left-wing agendas onto children and teens

(Natural News)
Besides destroying America, one of the things that the liberals have become fairly good at is taking advantage of Hollywood and childhood icons in order to advance their radical social justice agenda. It is a very sneaky way of promoting their deranged values and principles, similar to how companies use product placement to casually advertise their brands in movies and television shows. Instead of saying “buy Coca-Cola” or “become a liberal progressive,” the strategy is to instead have the main actor casually sipping on a Coke in one of the scenes, or to have two parents in a children’s show just happen to be homosexual. This type of subtle yet consistent ideological indoctrination is doing a tremendous amount of damage to America’s young people, and forcing them to grow up in a world that is based more in fantasy than in reality.

Hulu’s new superhero series Runaways, for example, is jam packed with social justice principles and radical left wing values – because God forbid a television show exists today that doesn’t contain some sort of liberal propaganda.

Showrunner Stephanie Savage was ecstatic about the idea of having a superhero show rooted in progressive values when she pitched the idea to Marvel: “I loved all the humor, I love the strong female characters, I loved the great cliffhangers at the end of every issue, the diversity of the characters. To me it felt so contemporary and so, sort of, already of our world that we were just so hopeful that [Marvel] would be open to it.”

Runaways will feature the first ever on-screen lesbian relationship between two of the show’s main female characters. Additionally, the character Gert Yorkes is described as a “riot grrrl” who is ready, willing and able to “dismantle the patriarchy.” Gert is also critical of “organized religion,” which she considers to be more “oppressive to women” than any other institution. If, for some reason, this isn’t enough to convince you that Runaways is nothing more than a liberal propaganda series, in one of the episodes, Gert apparently criticizes her adopted sister for “reinforcing hegemonic masculinity while marginalizing women’s identity” after she does something as horrible and controversial as trying out for a dance team.

Are we absolutely sure that this show wasn’t produced by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

As disturbing and upsetting as it is to see shows being developed with the intent of brainwashing our children, it really should come as no surprise that Marvel would want to adopt a show like Runaways. After all, Marvel is owned by Disney, and Disney has never exactly been shy when it comes to promoting progressivism to young children. (Related: There has been a huge increase in children who have been indoctrinated with gender identity propaganda.)

In October, the show Andi Mack on the Disney Channel introduced viewers to its first gay storyline. According to Breitbart News, the young male lead character named Cyrus struggles to come to terms with the fact that he is sexually attracted to a male friend while also having a brand new girlfriend by his side. As if that’s not bad enough, Cyrus is only 13 years old. It sure seems as though Disney is okay with living in a world where young boys experiment with and develop sexual attractions to other adolescent boys, with absolutely no sense of how morally wrong that is whatsoever.

Disney has been pushing the homosexual agenda for years. Back in 2012, the Disney Channel launched an ad campaign that featured a young filmmaker speaking out against bullying. Of course, the network couldn’t help but focus a bit on the boy’s “two moms” as well with its “Make Your Mark” segment. Anti-bullying campaigns are certainly necessary in many cases, but the fact that Disney chose to promote the filmmaker’s lesbian parents goes to show just how committed the network is to advancing the progressive agenda.

Even something as sweet and innocent as the famous childhood doll Barbie is not safe from the social justice plague that is engulfing American society. In an attempt to both increase sales and promote liberalism, the Barbie doll manufacturing company Mattel is coming out with a doll, whose t-shirt reads in rainbow-emblazoned letters, “Love Wins.” This, of course, is the phrase used often by liberals and LGBT activists to promote the idea of gay marriage, homosexuality and transgenderism. (Related: Transgenders increasingly want to revert back to their original gender after having surgery.)

The question that we must ask is simple: What’s next? Is Bugs Bunny one day going to come out as a homosexual? Are Tom and Jerry eventually going to announce that they have been a gay couple all these years? Is there any part of American society that won’t be affected by the left’s homosexual agenda, even though only 1.6 percent of American adults identify as gay or lesbian while 96.6 percent are heterosexual? How much crazier can things possibly get?

The ironic thing about all of this is that while the leftists like to call themselves “progressives” that are helping America transition into a more tolerant and accepting era, they really don’t stand for progress at all. Indoctrinating young children with the idea that homosexuality and transgenderism are entirely natural is not a sign that our country is moving forward; it’s a sign that our country is, at the very least, slowly regressing. To counter this indoctrination, parents have to step up and teach their children real values and conservative principles.

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