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Trump’s Rogue US Regime Murders Syrians Defending their Homeland

Evil animal Donald “Dr. Strangelove” Trump, who broke rogue US regime record from inauguration to war crimes.

The rogue US regime of the evil animal and fake swamp drainer Donald J. Trump has struck again. At around 2400, 8 February, the war criminal Obama cum Trump coalition targeted 10 positions of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and affiliated militias between the villages of Khsham and al Tabyia in Deir Ezzor countryside.  These Syrian military forces were defending Syrians within their national borders, defending Syrians and the homeland within their legal, national borders.  Scores were murdered, dozens were injured, and material damage was immense.

The Central Command (CENTCOM) of the rogue US regime outrageously issued a public statement, using Newspeak to claim its deadly, atrocious attacks on Syrian forces were in “self-defense.”  Can a burglar illicitly, criminally, enter your house, murder your family, decree that you provoked him after which he arrogant asserts his “non-negotiable right to act in self-defense.”

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

Rogue US regime CENTCOM lies in its public statement.

There is no Cessation of Hostilities agreement between Syria and the rogue US regime.  Syria has consistently condemned the criminal aggression of the US and its underling coalition of terror states.  There is no “agreed-upon Euphrates River de-confliction line;” the only agreement is the US one the US signed for US troops in Syria. The rogue US regime has no “SDF partners.”  The fraudulent Syrian Democratic Forces is a creation of the US:  An international foreign mercenary militia composed of international human garbage, and a small number of separatist Ziokurd incompetent, traitor-losers.  War criminal Obama had to put this gang of thugs together, because individual wetworkers could not be beheaded, indefinitely, without losing that sociopathic employment pool.  War criminal Trump has expanded, exponentially, these killers (anyone really believes that the Pentagon lost $800 million, through incompetency?  That money is payroll for hired assassins.).

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.

The rogue US regime bipartisanly created al Qaeda, created ISIS, created the terrorist SDF.  No US military base has a right to be in the SAR.  US presence there is a breach of International Law, per the post-WWII Geneva Treaties, to which the US is a hypocritical signatory.

Yesterday’s slaughter of Syrian troops, by American illegals was not the first time the US committed a massacre of Syrians defending their homeland from foreign invaders.  In September 2016, Barack Obama rescued al Qaeda/ ISIS by ‘accidentally’ massacring 83 SAA troops in al Tharda mountain, near the Deir Ezzor airport.  Trump began his war crimes against Syria just 13 days after taking the oath of the presidency, when he bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, ravaging infrastructure that supplied water to the city of 800,000 civilians.  Trump has exceeded Obama’s atrocities against Syria, helping to make al Qaeda great, again. It was Trump who intentionally bombed Syrian soldiers, 10 April 2017.  It was Trump who followed fake news! CNN’s criminal lies from Brit terrorist embedded with al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun, to bomb Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending their homeland from foreign invaders.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun

This is Col. Ryan Dillon, the head of the rogue US regime Operation Inherent Resolve, a subsect of CENTCOM.  The Department of Defense has called him “infamous,” and pretends that he spends his time in Baghdad (the US satrap) or Kuwait (of incubator babies infamy).  It is likely that he is an illegal in Syria, as the various foreign assassins — such as the self-named  jack off and junkie Brace Belden — require some type of direction.

Ryan Dilllon, colonel of the rogue US regime and head of OIRSpox.

Dillon has recently outted the plans of the US to ethnically cleanse al Raqqa of Syrian Arabs.  On the day that the rogue US regime again bombed Syrian soldiers, he tweeted a report from Reuters — gloating about the obliteration of al Raqqa by the US and its foreign mercenary militia — which complained about 60,000 Syrians reported to be returning home.

Reuters, the UN mafia, and the rogue US regime try to dissuade Syrian Arabs from returning to al-Raqqa.

Panos Moumtzis, UN Ass. Secretary-General — whose boss recently demanded that Syria be referred to the ICC, for defending itself against foreign pathogens — ejaculated hysterically and in fear mongering fashion, that “the number of unexploded ordnance in Raqqa is something that we have never seen before. Extreme. Every house, every room, every inch of the city.”  Somehow, the gang was completely ignorant to Russian sappers having cleansed almost 1,000 hectares of explosives left behind in liberated Aleppo December 2016 — left behind by those wonderfully moderate terrorists. Somehow, the humanitarian diplomat was also kept in the dark over the more than 150 million square meters de-mined by Russian and Syrian sappers in Deir Ezzor city, September 2017.

The rogue US regime continues to slaughter with impunity, and with the depravity of killers fueled by Captagon.

— Miri Wood

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Re: US faith groups publish statement defending right to boycott Israel

US faith groups have published a statement in support of the right to boycott, asserting that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign is protected by the First Amendment.

The statement was backed by the Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, Alliance of Baptists, American Friends Service Committee and dozens of other faith organisations.

“We are alarmed by legislation recently passed in a number of states penalising participation in the nonviolent, grassroots Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights,” the groups said, “and by similar legislation that is proposed in the US Congress.”

“As faith leaders, we have long used the nonviolent instruments of boycott and divestment in our work for justice and peace.”

Read: Israeli ministers advance new anti-BDS legislation

In recent years, a number of anti-BDS bills have been passed by state legislatures and governors across the US. Congress is also considering a federal-level anti-boycott law. The American Civil Liberties Union has warned that such measures are unconstitutional.

Mainline Christian denominations like the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the United Church of Christ and the Mennonite Church USA, have all adopted boycotts and other economic tools in support of Palestinians.

Said Tarek Abuata, executive director of Friends of Sabeel North America, said: “We unequivocally oppose any attempts by our state or federal governments to deny us the opportunity to express our faith-inspired convictions that Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land in violation of longstanding official US policy and international law, its destruction of Palestinian homes, severe restrictions on Palestinian movement, and other human rights abuses are morally wrong and a major impediment to peace.”

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Defending Zionist impunity in UK: The case of Rabbi Zvi Solomons and Lord Greville Janner

By Gilad Atzmon

When the British Zionist zealots figured out that their smear campaign against me had gone nowhere and Reading Festival was not going to surrender to their relentless pressure, they decided to mobilise. They deployed their special weapon: the sleazy orthodox Rabbi Zvi Solomons, who was available since he was sacked by his congregation in 2016, which he then sued.

The problematic rabbi played his part. He has able to tick every box in the Hasbara book, from verbal smears to proper harassment. On the day of my talk, he and his rebbetzin wife even visited the Fairtrade shop at the community centre where I was presenting my talk and attempted to intimidate the staff by shoving a camera in front of their faces. This shouldn’t surprise us: if it looks like a settler and behaves like a settler, it may as well be a settler. However, the British town of Reading is not in the West Bank and that kind of vile behaviour is not what well mannered Britons expect from religious clerics.

Forty-eight hours before I was scheduled to talk, the rabbi circulated a letter to the local councillors in Reading’s councillors, the local press and other parties involved. In the letter the rabbi wrote:

I wish to express on behalf of my community [as mentioned above, the rabbi doesn’t have a community, he was dismissed] my great distress that RISC [Reading International Solidarity Centre] are allowing a meeting to be held to promote Gilad Atzmon’s latest book.

The rabbi promised to “provide examples” of Gilad Atzmon’s “hateful, anti-Semitic output”.

However, the rabbi failed to present a single cogent argument. Those who examined his accusations found them misleading, unfounded and duplicitous. But he did succeed in providing insight into the problematic Jewish institutional attitude to shonda (shame) in relation to Jewish sex predators.

Rabbi Solomons accused me of being an “anti-Semite” for pointing at the troubling and embarrassing fact that the British press omitted from its coverage that Lord Greville Janner was the head of the Jewish community at the time that the British press wrote that he was engaged in gross predatory behaviour towards young British children.

Here are Rabbi Solomons’s words, taken from his message to the local press, Reading councillors and the leader of Reading Borough Council. 

On this page, Atzmon uses the trope of Jewish power and the trope of the Jew as the child-abuser. Here are selected quotations which are anti-Semitic in nature; I have coloured the anti-Semitic elements red [shown below in blue – to avoid confusion with hyperlinks]:

“The Daily Telegraph and other press outlets list the sex abuse allegations against Lord Janner, a 27-year Labour MP. But there is one thing The Telegraph and other British press outlets fail to mention. They omit the fact that at the time Lord Janner was allegedly sexually abusing young British orphans, sometimes, actually in his marital bed, he was the head of the British Jewish community.

“Between 1978 and 1984 Lord Janner was the chairman of Board of Deputies of British Jews, a body with claims to represent British Jewry.”

I admit, I fail to see what I am accused of. The rabbi doesn’t dispute the facts. At the time Lord Janner was allegedly molesting young orphans in his marital bed, he was the chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. As such, he was de facto the leader of British Jewry. What is anti-Semitic about me pointing out that fact? The rabbi doesn’t accuse me of not telling the truth; quite the opposite – he sees me as a “hateful character” for actually sticking to the truth. 

Rabbi Solomons continues quoting me as he desperately attempts to identify my “anti-Semitsm”.

While inflicting Shoah on British orphans, Lord Janner was a prominent advocate of holocaust education. He was the chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, the president of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, and Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress.

“Specifically,” the rabbis asks, “why would this have been relevant?”

Here the rabbi is suggesting that Lord Janner was the leader of British Jews at the same time he reportedly raped kids is somehow irrelevant. I actually believe that this information is so relevant that not a single British outlet knew how to handle it.

“And why does Atzmon use the word shoah (holocaust) in the second paragraph? This is obvious anti-Semitism,” Rabbi Solomons continues.

Is it really too complicated for the Rabbi to understand why the shoah is relevant? At the time Lord Janner reportedly molested young orphans and inflicted a personal shoah on each of them, he was the chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust. I guess that in Rabbi Solomons’s mind, the shoah is Jews-only territory.

Solomons concludes his point by quoting me yet again:

If Jewish power is the capacity to silence the discussion of Jewish power, in the case of Lord Janner it also managed to delete the fact that Britain’s suspected arch sex offender was also the leader of the Jewish community.

To which the rabbi comments, “Imagine if Atzmon were to say this about any other ethnic minority.”

I guess that by now it will surprise no one that Rabbi Solomons lies compulsively. This is an obvious and deliberate attempt to deceive councillors and the local press since he conceals that in the next paragraph I addressed his supposed question.

Here are my words:

At the least, all these prominent Jewish organisations ought to issue an apology or at least admit to gross misjudgement in letting a person who was a suspected paedophile remain a leader of prominent Jewish institutions for almost five decades. Would the English church enjoy such impunity? Would the British Muslim community get away with any of its leaders being associated with buggery and paedophilia? I’ll let you ponder this one.

Many Britons are perplexed and angered by the intense whitewash surrounding Lord Janner and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse shambles. 

Rabbi Solomons’s message provides us with precious insight into the dark forces operating behind the scene and suppressing truthfulness and justice. The rabbi’s message is obvious: looking into Lord Janner’s possible misconduct involves a head on war with the Jewish leadership and institutions; it interferes with their sense of total impunity. As we know, most British Jewish leaders and institutions kept silent about Lord Janner. Rabbi Zvi Solomons is stupid enough to unveil the sinister and orchestrated matrix that is involved in this concealment campaign.

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U.S. neo-Nazi: ‘I’m Defending Yair Netanyahu Because He Stood Up Against the Jews’

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Re: Khashoggi: Defending what’s happening in Egypt is disgraceful

In response to a Human Rights Watch report on torture in Egypt, Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi said: “Defending what is happening in Egypt is disgraceful”.

In an entry on Twitter, Khashoggi wrote:

What is going on in Egypt is painful, tolerating it is cowardice and defending it is a disgrace.

He retweeted several tweets from Human Rights Watch’s Twitter account about its report on torture in Egypt.

Human Rights Watch accused police officers and the security forces working under President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of regularly torturing political detainees, using methods including beating, electric shocks and sometimes rape.

Joe Stork, deputy director for Middle East and North Africa at Human Rights Watch, said: “President Al-Sisi gave the police and national security officers permission to use torture whenever they wanted. And because of the immunity from suit they enjoy, citizens have lost all hopes in state justice.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the report reflected “a deliberate plan to incite violence and inflame public opinion” and contained “insubstantial allegations and an obvious attempt at politicisation” of the situation in Egypt.

Read: Two organisations shaking the General’s throne

“Human Rights Watch is a respectable organisation that does not receive funds from Qatar or other countries and is adopted by many governments around the world as a neutral source,” Khashoggi wrote on Twitter.

“It is better for Egypt not to ignore the Human Rights Watch report,” he added.


“Even US President Donald Trump’s administration can no longer defend or even tolerate the terrible violations that are taking place there.”

In response to unconvinced Twitter users, Khashoggi wrote: “I retweeted the Human Rights Watch’s report, some people were sceptical why it did not criticise Israel, Bashar or the Houthis, I say you should visit its website and you’ll find all of that.”

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NATO Terrorists Kill Soldier-Journalist Defending Syria

Mohammad Salman Naser, 1982-2017

NATO terrorists today, 26 August, killed another Syrian soldier, a soldier-journalist, defending his homeland within its borders. Mohammad Salman Naser, 34, was martyred in the southern countryside of Raqqa, Syria while defending his country from foreign terrorist invaders from more than 100 countries around the world.  Though western media call Raqqa the ISIS center, this city of 800,000 was first occupied by NATO terrorists of the FSA.  

Naser was born in the Bostan Alsauge village of Tartous, in 1983.  He was a graduate in English literature who worked for SANA news agency as a journalist, editor, and translator from 2009 until 2016, when he entered his military service in the Syrian Arab Army.  Naser was among the soldiers who fought against NATO terrorists occupying the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.  He helped to liberate and reunify Syria’s second capital.

“We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo. Every other country has one capital but Syria has two: Damascus and Aleppo.” — H.E. Bashar al Jaafari

There is no “moderate opposition” in Syria. By every name they are all terrorists.  NATO and its allies fund and arm terrorists here.  They are responsible for every atrocity against us.  In April 2012 NATO ally Saudis emptied 1,239 death row inmates into Syria to commit horrors against us.

Since the beginning of the foreign imposed crisis, all of Syria’s sons have protected  her with their souls.  In Syria, all our sons do their military service (which is voluntary for women).  They come from all walks of life:   Physicians, engineers, teachers, vendors, electricians, plumbers.  Military service is postponed for those who attend university.

Imagine the whole world launching a war against your country.  Imagine more than 100 countries dumping their mercenaries, their insane, their human garbage into your own.  Imagine more than 350,000 NATO terrorists traveling thousand of kilometers to kill your people, to destabilize your country! Imagine the whole world calling these foreign invaders “opposition,” and claiming they are your own people who are “freedom fighters” in your country.

Weapons gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

Imagine your hospitals, schools, scientists and teachers bombed, and the world cheering fake freedom fighters!

Imagine your children murdered by snipers walking home from school, and nobody reporting about it.

You would not be able to keep calm.  Your country would need your sacrifices.

Foreign NATO terrorists teaching primary Arabic to other foreign invaders. What Syrian family did they slaughter to steal this home? Why do you let them be called “Syrian opposition”?

You wont be able to keep calm, your country need your sacrifices. This is why our army is holy and blessed for us in Syria.  Every soldier is raised in a Syrian family under the care of two Syrian parents who had hoped to see their sons to grow up to be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a scientist.  They didn’t know their children would instead have to fight this ugly war, that their kids would grow up to be soldiers to defend our country.

Today another martyr left us, to the sky.  His name was Mohammad  Salman Naser born in 1983.  He was an English literature graduate, a  journalist and then a soldier-journalist.

Bostan Alsouge, Tartous countryside of the martyred Mohammad Salman Naser

Today while he was defending Syria against the terrorists, Mohammad Salman Naser was martyred in the southern countryside of Raqqa.

Like so many others of our blessed martyrs of Syria, peace be on you.

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end. — William Shakespeare, Sonnet 30

— Afraa Dagher with Miri Wood

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NSC Analyst Fired for Defending Trump



Is Trump surrounded by Security Adviser H.R. McMaster & Other Deep State Traitors who are determined to subvert the will of the American people? 


Abridged by


The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then de legitimize and ultimately remove the President. Possibly confusing these attacks with an elevated interplay of otherwise normal D.C. partisan infighting and adversarial media relations, the White House response to these campaigns reflects a political advocacy mindset that it is intensely reactive, severely under-inclusive and dangerously inadequate to the threat. If action is not taken to re-scope and respond to these hostile campaigns very soon, the administration risks implosion and subsequent early departure from the White House.

This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle. It must be recognized on its own terms so that immediate action can be taken. At its core, these campaigns run on multiple lines of effort, serve as the non-violent line of effort of a wider movement, and execute political warfare agendas that reflect cultural Marxist outcomes. The campaigns operate through narratives. 

Because the hard left is aligned with lslamist organizations at local (ANTI FA working with Muslim Brotherhood doing business as MSA and CAIR), national (ACLU and BLM working with CAIR and MPAC) and international levels (OIC working with OSCE and the UN), recognition must given to the fact that they seamlessly interoperate at the narrative level as well. In candidate Trump, the opposition saw a threat to the “politically correct” enforcement narratives they’ve meticulously laid in over the past few decades. In President Trump, they see a latent threat to continue that effort to ruinous effect and their retaliatory response reflects this fear.


Responding to relentless personal assaults on his character, candidate Trump identified the players and the strategy:

“The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.” – President Trump, Oct 2016

Culturally conditioned to limit responses to such attacks as yet another round in the on-going drone from diversity and multicultural malcontents, these broadsides are discounted as political correctness run amuck. However, political correctness is a weapon against reason and critical thinking. This weapon functions as the enforcement mechanism of diversity narratives that seek to implement cultural Marxism. Candidate Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign not only cut through the Marxist narrative, he did so in ways that were viscerally comprehensible to a voting bloc that then made candidate Trump the president; making that bloc self-aware in the process. 


President Trump is either the candidate he ran as, or he is nothing. Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative, those that benefit recognize the threat he poses and seek his destruction. For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed. Far from politics as usual, this is a political warfare effort that seeks the destruction of a sitting president. Since Trump took office, the situation has intensified to crisis level proportions. For those engaged in the effort, especially those from within the “deep state” or permanent government apparatus, this raises clear Title 18 (legal) concerns.


The Opposition. While opposition to President Trump manifests itself through political warfare memes centered on cultural Marxist narratives, this hardly means that opposition is limited to Marxists as conventionally understood. Having become the dominant cultural meme, some benefit from it while others are captured by it; including “deep state” actors, globalists, bankers, lslamists, and establishment Republicans. 


(National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is Soros fart catcher) 

Through the campaign, candidate Trump tapped into a deep vein of concern among many citizens that America is at risk and is slipping away. Globalists and lslamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed. Atomization of society must also occur at the individual level; with attacks directed against all levels of group and personal identity. Hence the sexism, racism and xenophobia memes. As a Judea-Christian culture, forced inclusion of post-modern notions of tolerance is designed to induce nihilistic contradictions that reduce all thought, all faith, all loyalties to meaninglessness. Group rights based on sex or ethnicity are a direct assault on the very idea of individual human rights and natural law around which the Constitution was framed. 

“Transgender acceptance” memes attack at the most basic level by denying a person the right to declare the biological fact of one’s sex. When a population has 2 + 2 = 5 imposed on it, there are many that benefit: 

Mainstream Media -The principle mechanism for implementing narratives.

The Academy- Academia has served as a principle counter-state node for some time and remains a key conduit for creating future adherents to cultural Marxist narratives and their derivative worldview. 

.The Deep State – The successful outcome of cultural Marxism is a bureaucratic state beholden to no one, certainly not the American people . With no rule of law considerations outside those that further deep state power, the deep state truly becomes, as Hegel advocated, god bestriding the earth. Global Corporatists & Bankers – Exploitation of populations, unfettered by national protections and notions of personal morality and piety. Democratic Leadership – The democratic leadership has been a counter-state enabler that executes, sustains, and protects cultural Marxist programs of action and facilitates the relentless expansion of the deep state. Republican Leadership – More afraid of being accused of being called a racist, sexist, homophobe or lslamophobe than of failing to enforce their oaths to “support and defend the Constitution,” the Republican Establishment accepts and enforces cultural Marxist memes within its own sphere of operations. In doing so, knowingly or not, it becomes an agent of that.

 These “conservatives” become increasingly indistinguishable from their democratic counterparts save that they misrepresent themselves to their constituents . Lacking the discernment to recognize their situation, they will work with globalists, corporatists, and the international financial interests and will likewise service the deep state. These establishment Republicans are the hard left’s designated defeat mechanism in the destruction of the old regime as well as the American ideal.  Because candidate Trump publicly exposed them for their duplicitous activities, they are at risk as long as Trump can turn on them and are, therefore, bitter foes. Candidate Trump’s success remains an ongoing existential threat to establishment Republicans.

lslamists – Islamists ally with cultural Marxist because, as far back as the 1980s, they properly assessed that the hard left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit. Having co-opted post-modern narratives as critical points, Islamists deploy these narrative to strategically blind and then control US decision makers. This is by design and purposeful. “By their own hands!” has been the declared strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1991. This strategy seeks to divide American society against itself with the forced imposition of Islamist objectives on one half of American society by the other half. Once a society has been effectively atomized, the population will have lost its faith in the old order, detest those who reduced it, and divide along the lines of narrative adherence. This is the intended outcome of hostile information cum political warfare campaigns and today we see their effects on American society.

Battlespace. These attack narratives are pervasive, full spectrum and institutionalized at all levels. They operate in social media, television, the 24-hour news cycle in all media, and are entrenched at the upper levels of the bureaucracies and within the foreign policy establishment. They inform the entertainment industry from late night monologues, to situation comedies, to television series memes, to movie themes. The effort required to direct this capacity at President Trump is little more than a programming decision to do so. The cultural Marxist narrative is fully deployed, pervasive, full spectrum and ongoing. Regarding the president, attacks have become a relentless 24/7 effort.


While there is certainly a Marxist agenda and even lslamist motivations that must be seriously addressed in their own right, these motivations alone seem inadequate to explain the scope and magnitude of the effort directed against the president. The economic drivers behind the Marxist and Islamist ideologues are enormously influential and seek to leverage these ideological movements for their own self interests. While beyond the actual scope of this document, the benefactors of these political movements include; Urban Real Estate who depend greatly on immigrant tenants, International Banking who seeks to maintain US debtor status so as to control the application of American power, and elements of the business sector that depend upon immigrant labor or government infrastructure. The overall objective of these economic forces is the forced urbanization of the populace, thereby necessitating a larger, more powerful government. In summary, this is a form of population control by certain business cartels in league with cultural Marxists/corporatists/lslamists who will leverage Islamic terrorism threats to justify the creation of a police state.

Adversary Campaign Plan. Political Warfare has been described as “propaganda in battledress.”

The effort directed at President Trump is executed along one overt, as well as two covert, lines of effort: 

The overt line of effort is PUBLICITY. Publicity is the straightforward projection of a case that builds a picture in the audience’s mind designed to garner support. It is facts without context and information the adversary wants the audience to possess that creates an impression and sets conditions. It seeks to establish good will and receptiveness to additional inputs.

There are two covert lines of effort: PROPAGANDA and INFILTRATION/SUBVERSION. …

 The current campaign against President Trump operates in the following manner: The Meta Narrative. Meta narratives seeks to delegitimize President Trump, his administration, and the vision of America he projected as a candidate. With cultural Marxist memes serving as the backdrop, President Trump is to be relentlessly characterized as unfit through the use of supporting narratives acting to move unwitting populations to belief in the meta narrative. Hence: “President Trump is illegitimate” “President Trump is corrupt” “President Trump is dishonest”

… From a political warfare perspective, President Trump’s inability to meet this challenge will cast him as a weak failed leader. The current list of supporting narratives include:

-“Russia hacked the election” “Obstruction of Justice” “Hiding Collusion” “Putin Puppet” – illegitimate – corrupt – dishonest – treasonous

-Backdrop Narratives. The backdrop to the meta and supporting narratives are cultural Marxist memes designed to sustain a general sense of loathing of President Trump and the America that elected him. Hence:

“[meta] President Trump is illegitimate, [supporting] he was elected because of Russian hacking, [backdrop] and besides, he a racist, sexist xenophobe.”

Adversaries utilize these interlocking narratives as a defensive political and information warfare screen that silences critics and smears supporters of President Trump. When people in the media question the behavior, actions and decisions of the Trump Administration’s opponents, they are immediately said to be “working for the Russians” or “supporting Russian propaganda.” Individual Americans who support the President are deemed “deplorable” and “racist.” End State. 


Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead to his election. Those individuals and groups seeking the destruction of President Trump actually seek to suffocate the vision of America that made him president. Hence, the end state is not just a delegitimized, destabilized, immobilized and possibly destroyed presidency; but also a demoralized movement composed of a large enough bloc to elect a president that subsequently become self-aware of its own disenfranchisement.


The recent turn of events give rise to the observation that the defense of President Trump is the defense of America. In the same way President Lincoln was surrounded by political opposition both inside and outside of his wire, in both overt and covert forms, so too is President Trump. Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic. The administration has been maneuvered into a constant backpedal by relentless political warfare attacks structured to force him to assume a reactive posture that assures inadequate responses. The president can either drive or be driven by events; it’s time for him to drive them.

Thanks to Andrew for the tip. 


————Higgins Wrong on Islamic Terror (YouTube) Higgins hasn’t got the memo yet that intel agencies are behind Islamic terror. That’s why there hasn’t been any in the US since Trump’s election. 

———— McMaster, the NeoCon General

————Higgins Memo- This Is Pure, Unadulterated American Crazy

Makow — What is Communism?  It is induction into a satanic cult, Cabalism, in which everything you believe, own or love, is owned or controlled by the secret “leadership.” 

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On MSNBC, Eichenwald Accuses Republicans of Defending ‘Right-Wing Terrorists’

JOY REID: Jamelle Bouie has a really excellent piece that came up on Thursday. He works for Slate. And this is what he wrote about the backdrop of Trump and what he has to do with all this. He said, “All of this,” the violence, “takes place against a backdrop of political intolerance. Donald Trump ran for President on a platform of ethno-nationalism, offering interested white voters a chance to express and vote their resentments against Hispanic immigrants, Muslim Americans, and groups like Black Lives Matter.”

He adds, “A recent working paper suggests that when people view Trump’s popularity as going up, it “increases their willingness to publicly express xenophobic views.”

“The election of Trump may have weakened norms against the expression of various bigotries, including racism.” And, Kurt, you know, you, like Dean (Obeidallah) have been the target of some of these people who are angry at you for not supporting Donald Trump. And so you’ve seen it in your own life. I mean, somebody actually tried to harm you — physically harm you — cause you to be harmed because you do not support Donald Trump. Make of it what you will.

KURT EICHENWALD, NEWSWEEK: Because I write things they don’t like.

REID: That he doesn’t like. So, I mean, is this something that, in your experience as a journalist, is increasing now? Or is it just something that you’ve experienced over the years that’s just sort of part of the game?

EICHENWALD: Well, it’s actually been increasing over time. It’s escalated a lot now, I mean, I think that one of the things that’s happened that has been very disturbing is, you know, Donald Trump is sort of the end of the line. You know, when you go back to 2010, when the Department of Homeland Security came out with a report talking about the threat of right-wing extremism. And it’s a huge threat — these are terrorists, these are violent people. You know, the Rush Limbaughs and members of Congress and Sean Hannitys all came running out saying, “They’re saying conservatives are violent.” Well, what just happened? In order to attack Obama. they said conservatives are right-wing terrorists.

They told these right-wing extremists, “You are one of us.” And it’s not a surprise that the statistics show that when the Republicans control at least one house of Congress, this kind of violence goes up because it’s not just Trump. Nobody is repudiating it. And when you finally have Trump in office, and Trump is, you know, both expressly and tacitly encouraging this kind of violent rhetoric. 

When you have a person running for Congress who body slams a reporter for asking a question, this country is over. We cannot operate like this. We cannot have our politicians telling those that we represent, “Violence is okay. If you criticize the right-wing terrorists that’s bad. Racism is okay. Whatever you want to say is okay — just don’t be Islamic.” That’s kind of where we are now.

REID: Yeah.

EICHENWALD: And the threats and attacks on me, that just goes with the flow, I think. 

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