President Trump plans to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel but will hold off on embassy move

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Catalans declare independence as Madrid imposes direct rule

The Catalan regional parliament has voted to declare independence from Spain, while the Spanish parliament has approved direct rule over the region.

Catalan MPs easily approved the move amid an opposition boycott.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had told senators direct rule was needed to return “law, democracy and stability” to Catalonia.

The crisis began earlier this month when Catalonia held a controversial referendum on independence.

The Catalan government said that of the 43% of potential voters who took part, 90% were in favour of independence. But Spain’s Constitutional Court had ruled the vote illegal.

What happened in the Catalan parliament?

A motion declaring independence was approved on Friday with 70 in favour, 10 against, and two abstentions in the 135-seat chamber.

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SAA about to Declare Homs and Hama Provinces ISIS Free

image-Homs and Hama Provinces will be ISIS Free Soon
Homs and Hama Provinces will be ISIS Free Soon by the Syrian Arab Army

The declaring of Homs and Hama provinces ISIS Free will be soon after the Syrian Arab Army units tightened the noose on its terrorists, and destroyed their last gatherings and fortifications in more than 30 villages and towns in an area of around 1000 square kilometers.

The following video report by SANA quotes officers in the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division operating in Homs and Hama countrysides from the battlefields.

SAA Liberates Tens of Villages to Declare Homs and Hama Provinces ISIS Terror Free

  • Same video uploaded on Bitchute as our YouTube channel is banned from uploading video because YouTube discovered that a video clip it allowed with age restriction back in 2013 is now suddenly against their community standards and has banned us temporarily from uploading new videos: 

On 23rd of August, one of the Syrian Arab Army forces has been assigned the task of liberating Central Syria from ISIS terrorist organization.

This operation was qualitative and have inflicted the heaviest losses on the enemy ISIS terrorist organization and who supports it from Arab and foreign (regimes). This operation was initiated from al-Shaer (Gas) field, SAA units met at al-Faziyeh area, a ring was imposed around ISIS terrorists.

28 villages were liberated from ISIS terrorist organization, 1000 square kilometers and few kilometers are left to reach the separation lines.

We preach to our people in Syria that victory is coming inevitably and we tell our people in the countryside of Homs and the countryside of Hama that ISIS organization has been completely eradicated and what’s left for them are very few pockets which are being dealt with and few small villages which they’re already fleeing from.

They (ISIS terrorists) used all sorts of weapons supplied to them by the West, remote-controlled drones, booby-trapped vehicles, tanks… All technologies are available for this terrorist organization, with our brave armed forces, their sacrifices and dedication in fighting have given ISIS an unforgettable lesson, forever.

We regret ISIS and its Takfiri states came to these villages, we are now in the desert and you can find schools, infrastructure, farms, phone networks, water.. everything is available, ISIS terrorists came with a ready plot to destroy all of this infrastructure and fight Syria.

We Syrians will not kneel and we will not surrender, in God’s will, there is still a wise leadership leading the country into safety, and Syria will return as it was in the days before (war of terror) the country of safety, security, and stability.

Syrian Arab Army units carried out its military operations at lightning speed based on accurate information, monitoring and vigorous follow-up on the movements & nature of fortifications of terrorist groups holed up battles and confrontations were fought directly in the streets and houses of the village.

We are now in Souha area, it is liberated, we faced fierce resistance and heavy fortifications.

This area is called Hammadat Omar, we fought the fiercest battles with ISIS terrorist organization here. Hammadat Omar is considered the most important and oldest strongholds for ISIS in this region. it was declared ‘independent’ since 7 years and ISIS (formerly Nusra) was declared in this area.

The battle was very fierce, all the fighters against us were foreigners, mostly from Uighur and Chechens, we fought the battle from 10 am until evening they thought we withdrew at evening but the battle continued house to house, as you can see (from rubbles), they were using the schools as main weapons depots, we managed to confiscate their weapons.

At dawn when they saw the stubbornness and ferocity of the 4th Division fighters they fled and we chased them until the next villages.

The morale is high, in God’s will, and we will continue, in God’s will, and we will eradicate all these traitors, mercenaries and infidels and we will kick them out of our beloved Syria’s territories.

When ISIS terrorist organization established its so-called ‘Homs State’ and ‘Hama State’ has established torture centers and prisons in all the areas they took control of since 3.5 years, Centers like schools, mosques, grains silos, houses of ordinary civilians and others like what you see here iron cages to those who disobey them. This is one of the centers for torture and prison which was used by ISIS terrorist organization.

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Catalonia To Declare Independence From Spain On Monday

Spanish stocks tumbled, with the IBEX index sliding into a 10% correction, following an overnight report that Catalan leader Puigdemont was set to make a statement at 9 p.m. (1900 GMT) on Wednesday, after an all-party committee of the region’s parliament meets to agree a date for a plenary session on independence. That concluded moments ago and CUP, the pro-secession party that is a majority in the Catalan parliament, has announced it will declared independence from Spain in plenary session on Monday, El Pais reports.

As reported last night, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont told the BBC that his government would ask the region’s parliament to declare independence after tallying votes from last weekend’s referendum, which Madrid says was illegal. “This will probably finish once we get all the votes in from abroad at the end of the week and therefore we shall probably act over the weekend or early next week,” he said in remarks published on Wednesday.

Puigdemont’s comments came after Spain’s King Felipe VI accused secessionist leaders on Tuesday of shattering democratic principles and dividing Catalan society, as tens of thousands protested against a violent police crackdown on Sunday’s vote. The Catalan leader is due to make a statement at 9 p.m. (1900 GMT) on Wednesday, during which he is expected to announce that Catalonia will formally announce independence on Monday.

Spain has been rocked by the Catalan vote and the Spanish police response to it, which saw batons and rubber bullets used to prevent people voting. Hundreds were injured, in scenes that brought international condemnation.

And while the constitutional crisis in Spain, the euro zone’s fourth-biggest economy, has hit Spanish stocks and bonds, raising Madrid’s borrowing costs, it has so far failed to have an adverse impact on the broader European market, or the Euro which has remained relatively steady in recent days.  As shares in Spain’s big lenders fell on Wednesday, Economy Minister Luis de Guindos tried to reassure investors and customers. “Catalan banks are Spanish banks and European banks are solid and their clients have nothing to fear,” he said on the sidelines of a conference in Madrid.

According to Reuters, Caixabank, Catalonia’s largest lender, said in a memo to employees late on Tuesday that its only objective was to “protect clients’, shareholders’ and employees’ interests”.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, a conservative who has taken a hard line on the issue, faces a huge challenge to see off Catalan independence without further unrest. Rajoy has been fighting to maintain control after 2.3 million Catalans voted in Sunday’s makeshift referendum and the regional police force ignored orders to prevent the ballot. Preparing for launching the “nuclear option”, Bloomberg added that Rajoy is mulling if, and when, to use Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to take direct control from the administration in Barcelona.

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‘Declare Martial Law..Start Killing These A**hats!’ Cop’s Facebook Makes Chilling Post

MATT AGORIST–Cops and social media mix like oil and water. When they aren’t arresting people for their Facebook posts critical of the government, police are taking to Facebook themselves to advocate for the death of people with whom they disagree. While these previous cases have been insidious, they pale in comparison to the recent alleged comments from a Georgia police officer’s Facebook page in which he called for declaring martial law and the wholesale murder of protesters.

Over the weekend, an Atlanta local news agency was sent several screenshots of a Facebook account belonging to Mercer University police officer, Mark Teems.

As 11 Alive reports, a person using his image and name commented on a local news story shared to the station’s Facebook page regarding the recent protest at Georgia Tech. The protest was related to the officer-involved shooting death of Scout Schultz, a student at the university.

Students at Georgia tech reacted in outrage last week after a video showed police gun down Schultz whose attorney noted was ‘armed’ with a pocket multitool. During the protests, some criminal elements began destroying property and a police cruiser was even set ablaze.

While the destructive behavior of some of the protesters was certainly criminal and deserved police action, the response from Teems’ Facebook account was entirely over the top and grounds for criminal prosecution as well as he was inciting violence.

“I’m sick of the BS.  Declare Martial Law and start killing these Asshats!!!”

As if this wasn’t bad enough, that same day, Teems’ Facebook account then shared a video from a page called Coalition For Trump Superstore which showed violent police using water cannons on protesters sending them tumbling down the street. The page uploaded it to advocate the use of water cannons on Antifa.

While members of Antifa are certainly enacting and calling for violence, the people praising and calling for violence and the killing of protesters are no different.

Ironically enough, the protesters being brutalized by cops in the video he shared were actually freedom fighters standing up to the tyrannical socialist regime’s oppression — in Venezuela.

“this should be standard for EVERY large cities Police Dept!!!” wrote Teems’ Facebook account in his video post.

As 11 Alive reports, they reached out to Mark Teems via phone. Naturally, he denied making the posts and hung up on them.

The man who answered said he worked for Mercer University as a police officer. When asked about his posts on social media, he repeatedly said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” We asked him for his email address to send him the screenshots, but he refused. 11Alive News informed him that the university is aware of the comments and wanted to give him a chance to respond. Again he refused and hung up the phone.

Despite Teems’ denial and playing ignorant, his Facebook page is still active and some of his public posts are in line with these alleged comments. In 2013, Teems made a post calling welfare recipients “Leaches and parasites…” His disdain for who he perceives as the enemy, is tellingly clear.

Again, in ironic fashion, however, Teems failed to realize that his entire paycheck is derived from the taxation of the public and police collecting revenue through the enforcement of victimless crimes. Arguably, the theft of someone’s wages for their window tint being too dark can easily be compared to that of a leech or a parasite.

When asked about their officer’s conduct regarding these alleged posts made through the Facebook account, the department said they will handle it internally.

This information has been passed along to Mercer’s police chief, and the matter will be handled internally.

While sharing memes is one thing, openly calling for martial law and the murder of people protesting their government is another—and it’s criminal. If it is proven that Teems did, in fact, make these posts, which he more than likely did, he should be held to the same standards as everyone else who makes violent threats online.

Somehow, we think that probably won’t happen. However, if it does, we will keep you up to date.

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Police Declare Childhood Autism as ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ for Detainment, Assault


Buckeye, AZ — Following a national outcry surrounding the violent takedown of an autistic boy by Officer David Grossman, the Buckeye Police Department is in damage control mode. In a press conference, BPD spokesperson Tamela Skaggs addressed reporters in an effort to explain to the public why Grossman confronted Connor Leibel, a 14-year-old autistic boy.

Skaggs described Grossman as a “drug recognition expert” with the department’s patrol division. As The Free Thought Project has reported, officers can attend a weekend training seminar where they learn how to escalate traffic stops under suspicion of drug use and charge more motorists with “driving under the influence of drugs,” even though many who are charged had no drugs in their system at all.

Reporters immediately questioned how a so-called “drug recognition expert” could not immediately recognize that Leibel was first, a juvenile, and second, a person with special needs—instead of someone who was high on drugs as Grossman admitted he believed Leibel to be. Skaggs said she could not begin to speculate or “get into his [Grossman’s] mind,” but said Leibel’s behavior was suspicious enough to make contact with him, apprehend him when he pulled away, and detain him.

However, Skaggs stopped short of saying Grossman took Leibel violently to the ground. Instead, she said the two both fell to the ground together. Leibel’s family maintains their son was injured in the process — having the photos to prove it — and they are demanding an apology from Grossman, for the officer to undergo community service within the Autism community, and additional training for the entire department.

When asked what are some of the things the Buckeye Police Department can and has learned from this, Skaggs said her officers may now be able to recognize stimming activity is a sign of autism and not drug use.

Another reporter brought up the hypothetical situation that could have played out if Leibel had put his hands in his pockets and refused to remove them. What would have happened in that case? Would he have been mistaken as having been in possession of a deadly weapon, and would he have been shot by the officer? Those questions and more were asked of Skaggs, but she said she would not be able to comment on the hypotheticals. She insisted that she wanted to focus on what did happen to the young autistic boy.

As TFTP reported on Tuesday:

Grossman approached Leibel and asked him what he was doing. The autistic boy responded with “good” and that he was “stimming” — short for self-stimulation — the often repetitive actions, movements, and sounds many if not most autistic individuals make to calm and stimulate themselves.

“I’m okay. I’m okay,” Connor screamed as the man he was likely always was told by his family was there as a protector, in that moment, became his tormentor.

Anyone who knows anything about working with autistic individuals knows how to spot someone who is likely autistic. There are the tell-tale signs of repetitive behaviors, rocking motions, awkward social interactions, and inappropriate speech responses in some. And one thing experts also know is autistic individuals get extremely agitated, anxious, and sometimes combative when they’re touched.

Grossman grabbed Connor as the young teenager attempted to walk away from the officer, an action which was well within his civil rights since he was not a suspect in any crime. But Grossman quickly told him not to walk away and attempted to place the boy in handcuffs after grabbing him by the arm.

When Connor attempted to pull away, Grossman took him to the ground and held him there until backup arrived, all the while Connor was screaming in agony and trying to mentally make sense of everything happening to him.

“Don’t move…Stop moving…Don’t you move, you understand?” Grossman told the boy as a dangerous situation could have quickly gotten out of hand. If the boy had reached back and grabbed Grossman’s gun, what would have happened then?

“Why are you acting like this Connor,” he asked. “Cause I’m okay,” the boy replied.

The young boy’s aunt, Diane, heard all the child’s screams and approached the scene. She told Grossman she was sorry if her nephew had done anything wrong but stated he had autism. “He’s fighting with me,” the officer said being completely untruthful with the boy’s guardian.

At that moment, the officer should have removed his hands from the boy and allowed him to get to his feet. Instead, he held him down (a no, no with autistic individuals) for what must have been agonizing minutes until his backup arrived.

“He’s doing something with his hands…I don’t know what that is,” the officer stated. “You don’t have anything (drugs) on you do you,” he ignorantly asked again.

Predictably, the Buckeye Police Department investigated the incident with Grossman and concluded “no use of force” occurred in dealing with the teen. But his body and the pictures of the damage to his body, tell a different tale. There are bruises, scrapes, and cuts on the autistic boy’s torso that were inflicted as a result of the fact that a poorly trained “drug recognition expert” could arguably not tell the difference between someone who is on drugs and someone who is autistic.

Following the incident, which took place on June 19, the Buckeye Police Department conducted their own internal investigation and concluded Leibel’s autism led to “suspicious behavior” which gave officer Grossman “reasonable suspicion” to believe Leibel was under the influence of drugs.

Just like that, a young man’s autism was declared to be a justified reason for his detainment and physical assault — in the land of the free.

They cleared the officer of all wrongdoing but added he may need to get additional training in being able to detect the difference between drug use and behavioral issues.

Watch the Body Cam footage below:

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More Young Americans Declare College a Rip-Off



Why are so many young people callinga college a waste of money? The better question may be, "Why are 11.7 million trade jobs going unfilled each year and foreign workers are brought in with work visas?"

Why are so many young people callinga college a waste of money? The better question may be, “Why are 11.7 million trade jobs going unfilled each year and foreign workers are brought in with work visas?” And with a $1.3 trillion dollar student loan debt, who can blame our young adults for viewing college as a rip-off?


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Scientists declare that testosterone impacts stock market trading decisions, but reject the politically incorrect notion that estrogen feminizes males

Image: Scientists declare that testosterone impacts stock market trading decisions, but reject the politically incorrect notion that estrogen feminizes males

(Natural News)
Housing bubbles, inflation, stock market crashes, and other financial woes apparently aren’t the result of fiat currencies being manipulated by private central banks, according to a new study. No, it’s testosterone, the essence of manhood, that some researchers say is directly responsible for causing financial turmoil, and that it needs to be curtailed.

It sounds ridiculous (and it is), but researchers from the University of Oxford, Ivey Business School, and Claremont Graduate University actually spent money surmising how being a male involved in finance is somehow a detriment to the world’s financial stability. After studying the behavioral patterns of 140 male stock market traders, these researchers determined that testosterone directly affects how men buy, sell, and trade.

While testosterone has long been recognized as having a positive effect in decision-making, helping men to be clear, resolute, firm when going about their business, this new study attempts to paint testosterone in a negative light. Being a man, according to the study, means bidding and selling at much higher prices, apparently, and this somehow creates stock market bubbles.

After giving men treatments with Androgel, a testosterone replacement therapy, and comparing their trading habits with other men not given this drug, the researchers concluded that testosterone is what drives up prices and destabilizes markets. The inference, of course, is that if females were doing the trading, none of this would happen.

“In this paper, we show that exogenously increasing testosterone in men increases bid prices and asset price bubbles, and slows the incorporation of fundamental value,” stated Dr. Amos Nadler, an assistant professor of finance at Ivey, and one of the study’s researchers.

“We also show how the changes in buying and selling pressures give rise to bubbles and subsequent crashes. These results demonstrate the effects of a specific hormone, testosterone, on male traders in experimental markets.”

British research hacks call for ‘cool down’ period of male involvement in financial markets

Completely ignoring the Federal Reserve’s role in the matter with its endless printing of fake money backed by nothing, these researchers place nearly all of the blame for the world’s financial problems on testosterone and men. They’re even going so far as to suggest a so-called “cool down” period in which men will apparently not be allowed to trade – for the betterment of the world, of course.

This type of anti-male faux science seems to be cropping up all over the place these days, with another recent study out of California suggesting that women have more active brains than men, even though men and women are equal in every way, according to the purveyors of political correctness.

What’s further interesting about this latest study is its suggestion that “feminizing” the financial markets will be some kind of remedy for the world’s financial woes. There’s a clear distinction being made between testosterone and estrogen, in other words, even though the very same scientific status quo pushing such nonsense about testosterone affecting finances rejects the idea that estrogen is in any way feminizing to men.

These junk science gurus can’t have it both ways, but they obviously don’t care and hope that the world will accept their tripe without question. Not only is it absolutely absurd to suggest that manhood is responsible for economic failures, but it’s absolutely insane to claim that exposure to feminizing chemicals isn’t harmful to men, which is what the media establishment wants people to believe.

The researchers in this latest study basically admitted this when, in conclusion, they declared that it’s important to gain “a better understanding of when and how hormones assert their influence – such as through exponentially positive feedback cycles that are unsupported by fundamentals or technical indicators.”

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Petition To Declare George Soros ‘Terrorist’ and Seize His Assets Gains 75,000 Signatures

The petition was initially launched on August 20 by “E.B.” on the White House petitions website and has gained more than 70,500 signatures as of Friday morning. If it reaches the threshold of 100,000 signatures before September 19, the White House will have to provide a formal response.

The creators of the petition on the website ‘We the People’ say that Soros has “willfully” tried to “destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens.” To achieve these goals, the author says,“Soros has created multiple organizations with a sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to destroy the US government.”

The “Alinsky model” refers to American community organizer and writer Saul Alinsky. In his book ‘Rules for Radicals,’ he outlines 13 rules for political struggle to seize power.

The petition calls on the Department of Justice to “immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.”

Another recent high-profile petition, which has already exceeded the 100,000-signature threshold by three times, calls on US President Donald Trump to classify the Antifa activist group as a terrorist organization, accusing them of violence at demonstrations and incitement to kill police.

The White House, however, has left almost a dozen petitions unanswered since Donald Trump took office in February, and is considering shutting the service down.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire with a net worth of $25 billion and 33rd richest man in the world, according to Forbes. The 87-year-old investing heavyweight is behind many organizations and projects, some of which have been the target of criticism for years. His Open Society Foundation, along with USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy, have been accused of fomenting color revolutions to install governments friendly to the US – from Serbia in 2000 to Ukraine in 2014.

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