Eating nuts and seeds found to cut your risk of premature death by HALF

Image: Eating nuts and seeds found to cut your risk of premature death by HALF

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If you want to live longer, eat more nuts and seeds. According to a study, eating these foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids, cuts the risk of premature death by nearly half. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that levels of the fatty acid omega-6, which can be found in vegetable oils, were associated to better heart health.

Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids are known for their favorable effect on blood cholesterol. Omega-6 fatty acids promote the production of anti-inflammatory compounds as well. Thus, the researchers of the study investigated the associations of dietary factors with the risk of developing disease only by concentrating on their effects on disease risk factors. (Related: Clear up the Misconceptions about Omega 6 fatty acids.)

The study was carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Eastern Finland. The team looked at the blood fatty acid levels of 2,480 men aged from 42 to 60 years at the beginning of the study. The team then conducted follow up tests on the participants for an average of 22 years, during which 1,143 men died due to various diseases. The researchers split the participants into five various groups according to their blood linoleic acid level. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.

Results of the study revealed that a high level of linoleic acid, a common omega-6 fatty acid, led to a 43 percent lower risk of premature death in comparison to those with the lowest level. The researchers also highlighted that omega-6 fatty acids promote the production of anti-inflammatory compounds.

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Another important discovery of the study is that the benefit is seen regardless of the participant’s health condition prior to the study. In conclusion, the findings of the study indicated that the higher the blood linoleic acid level, the lower the risk of premature death. Moreover, the study supports findings from past population-based studies that associated a higher dietary intake of linoleic acid and a higher blood linoleic acid level to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, without increasing the risk of cancer.

“Our findings showed an inverse association of a higher biomarker of linoleic acid intake with total and cardiovascular disease mortality and little concern for risk, thus supporting the current dietary recommendations to increase linoleic acid intake for cardiovascular disease prevention,” explained Jyrki Virtanen, one of the authors of the study.

The best sources of omega-6 fatty acids, include flaxseed oil, flaxseeds, flaxseed meal, hempseed oil, hempseeds, grapeseed oil, seeds such as pumpkin seeds and raw sunflower seeds, nuts such as pine nuts and pistachios, borage oil, evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil, and acai.

In addition to omega-6 rich foods, other foods that can help prolong life include cranberries, green tea, salmon, blueberries, whole grains and olive oil, and wine.

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14 Years Ago Today, Pat Tillman Was Killed and Gov’t Covered Up the Truth to His Death to Sell War


Seventh-round NFL draft pick Pat Tillman wasted no time in setting records for tackles on the football field for the Arizona Cardinals. But in the Spring of 2002, after marrying his childhood sweetheart, Tillman walked away from his multi-million-dollar NFL salary and joined the Army with his brother.

Tillman’s departure from the NFL was widely publicized, as was his death on the battlefield of Afghanistan in 2004. The Pentagon, President George W. Bush, and what seemed like all of America, celebrated Tillman’s heroic death. However, Tillman’s death was not heroic by any means. He was shot and killed by his fellow U.S. soldiers. But once the deception about his story was propagandized, little could be done to undo how the military and the White House had capitalized on his death.

In 2006, The Guardian published a story, titled, “The footballer who became a war hero who became a scandal,” in which author Lawrence Donegan revealed the dastardly actions the government took to rewrite Tillman’s history. Donegan described how all was going well for the Bush Administration’s “War on Terror” when Tillman decided to enlist. He wrote:

“For the Bush administration, recently embarked on its ‘war on terror,’ Tillman’s story was an enormous PR boost. Professional athlete eschews fortune for patriotic duty—not even a White House well versed in spinning self-serving propaganda could have dreamed up such a perfect recruitment story. Tillman finished his basic training in time to be sent to Iraq as part of the US invasion force, before he was sent to Afghanistan in early 2004.”

But all that changed in 2004 when it was learned that the Pentagon’s poster boy had been shot and killed. Instead of telling the truth about Tillman’s death, the decision was made to spin a web of lies and deceit. The heartbreaking reality that he had been killed by his fellow platoon members was, evidently, too dangerous for national security—so much so that an invention of a superhero was birthed. The substitution of stories created a mythical hero out of Tillman on the level of G.I. Joe and was immediately used to further the recruiting efforts of what has now become America’s longest war. Donegan writes:

“The Pentagon immediately announced Tillman had died a heroic death while fighting the Taliban. George W Bush, whose own patriotism never stretched to completing his Texas National Guard duty, spoke of Tillman’s ‘ultimate sacrifice for the war on terror’ and offered to record a tribute to be broadcast during a live NFL game. The soldier was awarded a posthumous Silver Star. On April 30 an Army press release described how Tillman was killed while storming enemy positions.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. It would take a full 10 years before a guilt-ridden ex-soldier broke his silence about what he says happened the night Tillman was killed. Steven Elliott told NPR that he and his squad leader, Sgt. Greg Baker, were the ones who opened fire on Tillman’s position.

The platoon had divided into two groups that went in separate directions. After the first group was ambushed by Afghan fighters, the confusion on the battlefield led Elliott and Baker to open up machine gun fire on Tillman’s location and the former NFL football player, along with 19-year-old Bryan O’Neal, were killed.

“I remember thinking for just a second or two, but what felt like longer—your perception of time in the midst of a firefight can be distorted—that if he’d fired, and without any other information to indicate a friendly position, that I should also fire,” Elliott said, noting that his squad leader fired first, and then he joined in.

He said he was instructed by his superiors not to discuss the friendly fire incident outside of his unit. The military knew it had a PR problem on its hands but Elliott said he was too naive to believe they would spin it into a web of deception.

“I was operating on a certain level of naiveté, I believe,” Elliot said. “[I thought] senior leaders were trying to protect the family, and I had no idea they were being deceived at any point.”

Elliott said he has always wanted to speak with Pat Tillman’s brother, Kevin, about Pat’s death, and he admitted that he struggles with how to approach the family. He told NPR he knows the family feels deceived by its government.

“I always felt like I didn’t know what to say to Kevin,” Elliot said. “It felt like something that you just wanted to avoid, and it grieves me to no end that I didn’t make the effort at that time…I always felt very conflicted about that … I knew that they were very, just hurt beyond belief … [both in] losing Pat but then in the grief and the confusion of the deception.”

What started out as a glorious embark towards battle, ended in a tragic yet completely avoidable death. Just as Americans were told Benghazi was a knee-jerk mob reaction to an anti-Islam film and not a coordinated attack to commemorate 9/11, so were people told Tillman’s death was a heroic one.

Strangely enough, Americans know they were lied to about Benghazi and held several congressional hearings on the failures of leadership in Libya, but with Tillman, he is still celebrated as a hero. The distrust, anger, and outrage at a government who would have Americans believe a lie has been put aside, to honor the man, not his legend.

And honor him they do. Each year, the Pat Tillman foundation hosts a fundraiser in his honor. On the foundation’s web page, his death by his platoon mates is mentioned but missing is any critical comments regarding how the Pentagon and the White House propagandized his death. The Foundation describes his death by writing:

“On the evening of April 22, 2004, Pat’s unit was ambushed as it traveled through the rugged, canyon terrain of eastern Afghanistan. His heroic efforts to provide cover for fellow soldiers as they escaped from the canyon led to his untimely and tragic death via fratricide.”

Fratricide” is what his death is referred to as, which means “the killing of one’s brother or sister.” The Tillman family has picked up the broken pieces and they are doing their best to move on. The Pat Tillman Foundation focuses on meeting the educational needs of soldiers returning from the battlefield, soldiers they call “Tillman Scholars.” The foundation also acknowledges how Tillman’s fame was highly publicized and describes his legacy:

“While the story of Pat’s death may have been the most publicized in the War on Terror, it is Pat’s life, principles and service that are his true legacy. Pat’s family and friends started the Pat Tillman Foundation to carry forward that legacy by giving military veterans and spouses who embody those principles the educational tools and support to reach their fullest potential as leaders, no matter how they choose to serve.”

And it’s true. Tillman was the epitome of a scholar-athlete. His self-sacrifice and service to his country should be celebrated. But somewhere along the way, someone should be held accountable for the lies perpetrated upon the American people about his death. Instead, not only has no one ever faced consequences for deceiving an entire nation, but deception originating from the highest executive office, its cabinet, and the military continues to this day. Administrations come and go, but the lies remain.

For an even deeper look into Pat Tillman’s life and death, consider “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman,” written by Jon Krakauer. He noted that much of Tillman’s death still remains a mystery:

“When a soldier is killed in combat, you should put his uniform, his weapon, everything—anything that can be considered forensic evidence should be sent back to the States with the body, so the medical examiners could determine the cause of death. In the case of Tillman, none of that happened.”

Krakauer told NPR that he uncovered more disturbing facts, such as that “Tillman’s uniform and body armor were burned,” and that “his weapon, helmet, even a part of his brain, which fell to the ground after the attack, disappeared.” Krakauer also noted that:

“In July 2007, the Associated Press published an article reporting that the Navy pathologist who performed Tillman’s autopsy testified that the forensic evidence indicated Tillman had been shot three times in the head from a distance of thirty-five feet or less. The article prompted widespread speculation on the Internet and in the mainstream press that he had been deliberately murdered.”

What is crystal clear is that the U.S. military lied, covered up Tillman’s murder, and then used his story for pro-war propaganda. Now, it has been 14 years and the truth about Tillman’s death may never be fully known.

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India approves death penalty for rape of children under 12 amid national uproar

Headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet passed an executive order to amend the criminal code during an emergency meeting on Saturday. Those convicted of molesting children under 12 will face the death penalty, and offenders who rape children under the age of 16 will also face stricter punishment.

The minimum sentence will be doubled, from 10 years to 20, according to the Times of India.The amendment also seeks to introduce longer prison sentences for raping women, increasing the minimum from seven years to 10 years up to life in prison.

The move follows a wave of nationwide demonstrations after the horrific details of child sexual abuse emerged recently. In one crime, an eight-year-old Muslim girl from Jammu and Kashmir state was kidnapped and gang raped for several days before being killed at a Hindu temple. Eight men, including four policemen, have been charged in the case.

Another incident that triggered outrage across the country involves a state lawmaker from Modi’s BJP party, who was accused of raping a teenage girl last year. The victim tried to set herself on fire after claiming that police refused to register her case.

Protesters have been demanding justice for rape victims, and some of the protests have turned violent. Clashes broke out between demonstrators and security forces in the city of Sopore, where dozens of students came out to protest this week.

Following the protests, Modi said that “no offender will be spared,” promising justice to the victims. 

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Morbid: MSNBC Uses Death of Barbara Bush to Malign the State of the GOP

MSNBC’s All In
April 17, 2018
8:15:49 PM Eastern


CHRIS HAYES: With me now, David Jolly former Republican Congressman from Florida. Barbara Boxer former Democratic Senator from California. David, your thoughts about Barbara Bush and more broadly the Bush family and how intersected with the broad trajectory of the party that you call home, the Republican party.

DAVID JOLLY: Barbara Bush was a remarkable woman. (…) And to your point Chris, we can’t overlook the contrast between the Bush legacy and state of the Republican party today. The reality is, there is not in up room for the dignity of the Bush family in today’s Republican party. That’s a political conversation that continues to be had within the GOP. But tonight we celebrate a truly wonderful and remarkable woman.


BARBARA BOXER: She was always gracious. But what I loved about her, and what I’ll always remember is that she was fiercely independent. You could tell, she was always by her husband’s side. She would do anything for her family but she had her own views and with a twinkle in her eye as her husband had to move to the right on issues such as a woman’s right to choose, she sent out a lot of signals that “don’t worry about it.” She was still there for women. And she did it in a way I can’t even describe it. It was charming.

HAYES: You know, it is the course of the Republican Party and the family dynasty she has now overseen for these years, David Jolly. And to Peter Alexander’s point about the Donald Trump running against it. Donald Trump spent months beak calling her son Jeb a simpering duffus over and over and over again. And a lot of that was animated by a certain kind of anti-dynastic feel among the Republican base.

JOLLY: Sure, no, that’s absolutely true. Listen, I admit to taking Jeb Bush’s side of that argument and not Donald Trump’s. The Bush legacy is one of rich experience and qualifications, frankly that contrast existed between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well. The Bush family and the Clintons each brought rich government experience that as we saw in the last election was largely rejected because of this nativist tribal populism that Donald Trump has sold. Listen, there are many reasons to condemn Donald Trump’s populism tonight and the state of the Republican Party. It is worth, as a nation though, taking a pause to celebrate Barbara Bush personally for her contribution to our nation.

HAYES: Senator Boxer, how do you think about the women in the Republican party and the Republican Party that Barbara Bush was part of for so long and where it is right now?

BOXER: Well, there’s just hardly any moderates there. David will tell you what happens if you’re moderate, if you even talk to a Democrat and what Trump did to the bush family when he went after Jeb the way he did, so cynically and brutally, was to take a wrecking ball to the history of the Republican Party.

And you know, you might say Barbara, what are your credentials for speaking about Republicans. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But my first big campaign I supported a Republican named Peter Bear for the state senate because he was a great environmentalist. We had a different Republican party. And of course, the Bushes were part of that. And it was a big tent. Barbara was in one side of the tent, her husband was kind of moving toward the right. But it was very different then. The Republican party has changed so dramatically. It saddens me.


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Artificial Intelligence Causes Its First Death – Can We Really Trust A Robot To Do Our Driving For Us?

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On March 18th, 2018, the history of the automated vehicle industry was forever altered, as an automated vehicle caused its first reported fatality in Tempe, Arizona. A 49 year old woman named Elaine Herzberg, was struck and killed, by the vehicle while it was in autonomous mode.

A video released by Tempe Police is bringing up new questions as to why the systems failed to prevent the accident. The Volvo SUV owned and operated by Uber collided with Herzberg who was jaywalking with a bicycle across three lanes of traffic.

It is currently unclear what has gone wrong as there was a driver present in the vehicle and still, it did not prevent a collision. “I think the sensors on the vehicle should have seen the pedestrian well in advance,” says Steven Shladover, a UC Berkeley research engineer who has been studying automated systems for nearly a decade. “If she had been moving erratically, it would have been difficult for the systems to predict where this person was going,” Shaldover continues, “this is one that should have been straightforward.” (source)

Local police are considering how to proceed with the investigation and whether criminal charges will be laid. Arizona is seen as an industry leader and testing ground for autonomous cars. The state government updated laws and regulations from 2015 to include fully autonomous vehicles with an executive order issued by the governor early March 2018. Governor Doug Ducey said “this executive order embraces new technologies by creating an environment that supports autonomous vehicle innovation and maintains a focus on public safety.”

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards, the Volvo was a level 4 or 5 which means that there is a high to full automation of the car monitoring the driving environment with little to no human response required for the operation of the vehicle. It appears with this incident that the regulatory framework is ahead of the technology and is potentially putting the public at risk, turning people into the guinea pigs for these companies to test their luxurious and expensive new technologies.

Uber issued a statement: “The video is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch, and our thoughts continue to be with Elaine’s loved ones.”

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted “Some incredibly sad news out of Arizona. We’re thinking of the victim’s family as we work with local law enforcement to understand what happened.” As a response to the incident, Uber has voluntarily grounded its entire autonomous fleet, suspending operations in San Fransisco, Tempe, Pittsburgh, and Toronto. But is this enough of a response to a critical question: Are self-driving cars currently safe enough to be tested on live streets?

It is too soon to say. In 2016, there were 1.18 fatalities for every 100 million miles that had American human drivers behind the wheel. With a grand total of 3.2 trillion miles driven that year, human driving accounts for the vast majority of vehicles on the road.

In contrast, Uber has driven 2 million miles with autonomous vehicles and Waymo, the industry leader, has reported it has reached 4 million miles with autonomous vehicles. Therefore, the difference in miles driven is statistically too small to compare autonomous driving with human driving. However, at 2 million miles, Uber already has a fatality. This suggests that the safety features of autonomous cars are not as safe as corporations wish they are. The question arises, is it safe to rollout self driving cars in multiple cities? Or should regulations be tighter to ensure public safety?

Challenges still exist in the software side of autonomous driving. A Mckinsey report published in May 2017 says there are three types of challenges:

1) Object analysis, or how the software interprets the multitude of data of objects the car encounters on a journey. For example, is the object stationary or moving? Is it moving towards, away, perpendicular or alongside the vehicle?

2) Decision making systems that can mimic human driving behaviour

3) A fail-safe mechanism that allows the car software to fail without putting its passengers and people around it in danger.

Needless to say, the auto industry is gearing up towards the eventual and perhaps inevitable industry wide emergence of autonomous vehicles in the coming decade. However, lawmakers need to make public safety a priority and ensure proper regulation and extensive valid testing is completed before allowing autonomous vehicles on the streets.

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Lawyer Burns Himself To Death To Protest Environmental Destruction

A nationally known civil rights lawyer and environmental advocate died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday to protest environmental destruction.

David Buckel, 60, doused himself with an accelerant before starting a fire that ultimately killed him.

“I apologize to you for the mess,” he wrote in a suicide note he left in a shopping cart near his body, the Daily News reported.

In an emailed copy of the note the New York Times received, he said: “Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather. Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result—my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

The Times further reported:

In his note, which was received by the Times at 5:55 a.m., Mr. Buckel discussed the difficulty of improving the world even for those who make vigorous efforts to do so.

Privilege, he said, was derived from the suffering of others.

“Many who drive their own lives to help others often realize that they do not change what causes the need for their help,” Mr. Buckel wrote, adding that donating to organizations was not enough.

Noting that he was privileged with “good health to the final moment,” Mr. Buckel said he wanted his death to lead to increased action. “Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death,” he wrote.

Buckel was the lead attorney in Brandon v. County of Richardson, a lawsuit regarding Brandon Teena, a transgender man who was murdered in Nebraska. Teena’s tragic story was the subject of the Oscar-winning 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry, starring Hilary Swank.

The environmental activist was the senior organics recovery coordinator with the NYC Compost Project and worked as an Added Value member at the Red Hook Community Farm. In the video below, Buckel explains how to build a windrow to make rich compost for the local community.

Family and friends told the New York Times they were shocked by Buckel’s death. They acknowledged he had become distraught over the national politics of climate change—”all that’s going on with the Trumpadministration and the rollback by [Scott] Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency,” his partner of nearly 34 years, Terry Kaelber told the newspaper.

Experts caution that the cause of suicide is unknown, but can include psychiatric illness, in particular, mood disorders.

A growing body of research shows that climate change is taking a significant toll on mental health, according to 2017 report from the American Psychological Association. The report finds that “ecoanxiety”—the feeling of impending environmental doom—is happening on a global scale.

Buckel also served as marriage project director at Lambda Legal, a national organization that fights for the civil rights of LGBT people. He was the strategist behind same-sex marriage cases in New Jersey and Iowa.

He “was all about justice, but he was also all about what it means to be human,” Susan Sommer, a former Lambda Legal lawyer who is now the general counsel for the mayor’s office of criminal justice in New York, told the Times.

“He was a very smart and methodical lawyer. He knew his craft and his trade and was strategic in how to build the blocks toward a sweeping victory,” Sommer said.

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Study: Consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids cuts your risk of death by 33%

Image: Study: Consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids cuts your risk of death by 33%

(Natural News)
Consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of death from any cause by approximately 33 percent, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology. The study also found that blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids are a better indicator of death risk from any cause than cholesterol.

The researchers of the study measured the serum cholesterol levels and blood levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega-3 fatty acids in 2,500 people in order to determine a person’s risk of developing certain diseases. All of the participants in the current study did not have any cardiovascular disease when the study started.

Although the researchers mainly concentrated on total mortality or death from any cause as an endpoint, they also observed deaths due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other causes. Moreover, they reported the associations between levels of omega-3 fatty acids and the risk for any cardiovascular disease occurrence. The participants of the study were 66 years of age, and they were followed the researchers for disease outcomes until around the age of 73. Other factors that could influence the outcomes were also taken into consideration.

The findings of the study showed that higher EPA and DHA levels were linked to a lower risk for total cardiovascular disease events, total coronary heart disease events, and total strokes. Furthermore, this was most evident in deaths from all other causes, indicating that the beneficial health effects of EPA and DHA in the body are not limited to one pathological process, such as plaque accumulation in the arteries.

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“When baseline serum cholesterol levels were substituted for the Omega-3 Index in the same multi-variable models, the former was not significantly associated with any of the tracked outcomes whereas the latter was related to 4 of the 5 outcomes assessed,” explained William Harris, lead author of the study.

Other health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats that can only be obtained from the diet since the body cannot produce them. There are three most important types of omega-3s: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), DHA, and EPA. ALA is primarily found in plants, while DHA and EPA are primarily obtained from animal foods and algae. Some of the foods that are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fatty fish, fish oils, flax seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts. Omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits. Listed below are some of the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Improves mental health – Studies found that consumption of omega 3-s may help prevent depression and anxiety, with EPA being the most effective. They can also help prevent age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Enhances eye health – DHA may help fight macular degeneration, which can cause vision impairment and blindness.
  • Promotes brain growth and development in infants – Omega-3 fatty acids consumption during pregnancy causes the child to have higher intelligence, better communication and social skills, less behavioral problems, reduced risk of development delay, and reduced risk of ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy.
  • Fights inflammation – Omega-3s can lessen chronic inflammation, which can contribute to heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, by reducing the production of molecules and substances linked to inflammation. (Related: The Powerful Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Diseases of Inflammation: The Experts Speak.)
  • Supports skin health – Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA can help keep skin healthy. DHA contributes to the health of cell membranes which make up a large part of skin, and a healthy cell membrane leads to a soft, moist, supple, and wrinkle-free. On the other hand, EPA hydrates the skin, prevents premature aging of the skin, and fights acne.

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Colonoscopy: Another Medical Scam That Does Not Prevent Cancer But Can Cause Death

The procedure known as colonoscopies as a prophylactic for colon cancer is a multimillion dollar industry. Every year, over 14 million perfectly healthy individuals age 50 and up, submit themselves to this invasive procedure hoping to detect  colorectal cancer. But is it really effective?

It’s a Painful and Dangerous Procedure

It’s actually far more dangerous—and potentially deadly—than they’d like to admit. According The Annals Of Internal Medicine’s report on colonoscopies, an estimated 70,000 (0.5%) will be injured or killed by a complication related to this procedure. This figure is 22% higher than the annual deaths from colorectal cancer itself – the very disease the device was designed to prevent.

According to the Telemark Polyp Study I, colonoscopies actually increase mortality by 57% . For every person saved by a colonoscopy, 56 people suffer serious injury. A person can live for decades with colon cancer, but if the doctor punctures a hole in your intestine, you can die in a hurry.

It is very possible, and clinically proven, that you can be infected by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus); HIV; Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Helicobacter pylori,; Hepatitis B and C; Salmonella; Pseudomonas and Aeruginosa; Flu Viruses and other common bacteria such as, E. Coli O157:H7 and Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease.

Colonoscopy Does NOT Prevent Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, up until 2009 “…there are no prospective randomized controlled trials of screening colonoscopy for the reduction in incidence of or mortality from colorectal cancer.”

From an article in the New York Times, dated 2006; “The patients in all the studies had at least one adenoma detected on colonoscopy but did not have cancer. They developed cancer in the next few years, however, at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without screening.”

Another research study published in 2006 concluded that the screened patients in all of the studies developed colorectal cancer “at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without screening” in the next few years, even though all found polyps had been removed.


Colonoscopy is a Scam

It is a scam to make pharmaceutical industry and doctors rich. The AMA has conspired to make colonscopy screening a policy for preventative care when it is an unnecessary invasive procedure. Radiation levels from a single virtual colonoscopy are similar to the atomic bomb exposure in Hiroshima, even though, according to The National Cancer Institute: “Whether virtual colonoscopy can reduce the number of deaths from colorectal cancer is not yet known.”

A non invasive test known as a fecal immunochemical test is just as effective.



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