Cuba Plane Crash Reportedly Kills Over 100

A Boeing 737 airliner crashed shortly after taking off from Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport on Friday, killing more than 100 people, according to Cuban state media.

Officials said 104 passengers were on board, Agence France Presse reported. Cuban media reported that the crew of the flight was foreign, but gave no information on the nationalities of the passengers. 

The cause of the crash was not immediately apparent. 

Photos from the scene show crowds of people gathered around pieces of the plane as smoke rises from the wreckage. Rescuers and emergency services rushed to the area, and video showed at least one person being taken away on a stretcher. The nation’s media reported that three people survived the crash.

An official from Havana’s Calixto Garcia hospital told Reuters that the three survivors, all women, were in serious condition. One person from the flight died in the hospital following the crash.

Cuban President Manuel Diaz-Canel also traveled to the site, where he addressed national media.

“There has been an unfortunate aviation accident. The news is not very promising, it seems that there is a high number of victims,” said Diaz-Canel, who became president in April.

Local media reported that the plane was en route to the city of Holguin, which is on the eastern part of the island. It crashed in the area around the small town of Santiago de Las Vegas, just south of the airport.

Cuba has a history of air disasters, including a crash in 2010 that killed all 68 people aboard. A military plane crashed into a hillside last month, killing eight people.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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No evidence bird strike caused fuel tanker to crash into power lines – police (VIDEO)

The bizarre incident, which investigators at the Bourne Police Department in Massachusetts say could have been far worse, occurred along a stretch of road between Lewisville and Carrollton.

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Footage released Tuesday shows how the 10-wheeler lorry, carrying thousands of gallons of flammable fuel, suddenly drifted off a busy road and into an electrical power pole.

The impact caused the power lines to shed sparks which almost reigned down on the vehicle. According to local law enforcement, the driver of the vehicle said he lost control after a bird flew into the cab and struck him on the head.

However, investigators have been unable to verify the claim and the man has been charged with dangerous driving.

READ MORE: Dramatic CCTV footage shows moment speeding truck crashes into row of houses, killing 5

“After viewing this very high quality dash cam taken by another motorist, officers were unable to confirm the operator’s account of the accident, observing the vehicle did not swerve and instead slowly travelled across multiple lanes without breaking,” a police statement read.

“The operator was cited for failure to stay within marked lanes and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.”

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WATCH: Cops Kill Unarmed Dad in Parking Lot, Crash Funeral to Use His Dead Finger to Unlock Phone


Largo, FL — Last month, the Free Thought Project reported on a story out of Florida in which police allegedly went to a funeral home to use a the finger of a man they killed to unlock his phone. Now, police are admitting to the act and claiming they did nothing wrong despite releasing a damning video.

The tragic incident began last month as Linus Phillip, 30, was approached by two Largo Police officers at a gas station, who alleged that the windows on his black Nissan sedan were too dark.

The window tint on the car—the alleged reason for the stop—must’ve been legal as the car Phillip was driving was a rental.

As the Tampa Bay Times reported, officer Matthew Steiner wasn’t sure if he had probable cause to stop the car, so he followed the car into the Wawa at 1215 Missouri Ave. N. He approached Phillip and asked for the rental agreement.

Steiner and Officer Prentice Ables claimed that when they were talking to Phillip, they smelled marijuana coming from inside his vehicle and attempted to detain him.

Phillip responded by getting into the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Steiner “found himself trapped halfway in the vehicle as Phillip put it in reverse and accelerated with the driver’s side door open.”

Surveillance footage from the incident, released last week and used to clear the officers of any wrongdoing, does not appear to show the officers in harm’s way although police claim it does.

It is also important to point out that police originally claimed this video did not exist.

As police reported, Steiner pulled out his gun and fired four shots at Phillip in what police are calling “self-defense.” The officer fell back and the car continued to roll backward, hitting another car before it stopped in between two gas pumps. Phillip was later taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“At the time, the officer felt he was in peril for his own life and took action,” Largo Police Lt. Randall Chaney said at a news conference. “It stopped the action of the suspect at the time, and it may very well have saved people’s lives in the parking lot that night.”

However, as TFTP has reported numerous times, police officers shooting into moving cars often causes the driver’s foot to stick to the gas sending it uncontrollably speeding away. The officer’s actions could’ve gotten people killed.

What’s more, Phillip was not armed at the time of the confrontation, and while officers claimed they found cocaine and marijuana in his car, they did not find any weapons or evidence that would indicate that Phillip was planning to harm others—which contradicts Chaney’s statement.

The family also claimed that police took Phillip’s phone after they killed him and then visited the Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home and demanded access to Phillip’s dead body so that they could use his finger to unlock the phone. Now, as this recent revelation confirms, police indeed crashed the funeral to use a dead man’s finger to unlock his phone.

“So they are allowed to pull him out of the refrigerator and use a dead man’s finger to get to his phone. It’s disgusting,” said Victoria Armstrong, Phillip’s longtime girlfriend.

Charles Rose, a professor at Stetson University College of Law, tells the Tampa Bay Times that dead people can’t assert their Fourth Amendment protections because you can’t own property when you’re dead. But those rights could apply to whoever inherits the property.

Phillip was the father of two young children. His daughter died last year after a battle with leukemia and his son, Isaac, is 16 months old. Armstrong said she is hurt by the way police are portraying the father of her children.

“My son is no longer going to have a father or to make his dad proud. He’s not here anymore because of this and the police are slandering his name like some awful person,” Armstrong said. “We are fighting to find out what happenedHe never would have done something to jeopardize being out of Isaac’s life.”

Phillip’s mother, Martha Hicks, cried as she told ABC Action News that her son was killed just after his 30th birthday. “They killed him after his 30th birthday. Oh god, he turned 30 on March 11. It’s too much, too much we just want to know what happened,” she said.

The family has since started a GoFundMe to help seek justice for their loved one.

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IRS E-File and Payment Systems Crash Hours Before Tax Day Deadline

(ZHUpdate: While The IRS still expects Americans to pay their taxes, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says extensions will be granted to those impacted when the site is up again.

However, Mnuchin who oversees the IRS, said that they expect the direct pay system to go up shortly.

“We’ll make sure taxpayers have extensions once the system comes up to make sure they can use it and it in no way impacts people paying their taxes,” he told reporters in New Hampshire.

“It was just a technical issue we’re working through. A high volume technical issue that impacted the system.”

It’s still unclear when and why the failure occurred. But it appears, based on a message on the site, that the online payment system became unavailable at 2:50 A.M. ET that morning.

*  *  *

As we deatiled earlier, while for some, today’s Twitter outage is a big deal; a potentially far more problematic outage is hitting the Internal Revenue Service’s page for paying your tax bill

With less than 12 hours to go until the Tax Day deadline, The IRS’s “Direct Pay” page – which allows filers to draft funds from their checking or savings account to pay the taxman what they owe – is unavailable…

Perhaps even more ironic, the New York State Tax Department announced on its Twitter page that its Personal Income Tax Extension web app is experiencing system problems.

How long before the blame for this utter debacle is pinned on Putin?

Interestingly, we found this report from The Treasury Inspector General For The Tax Administration that claims – The Internal Revenue Service Does Not Have a Cloud Strategy and Did Not Adhere to Federal Policy When Deploying a Cloud Service

IRS Cloud by Zerohedge on Scribd

And this popped up…

FedRAMP granted Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US) a Provisional Authorization to Operate in May 2016However, if an agency chooses to use the Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US), it must create its own Authority to Operate letter to show that it is accepting the security risk associated with the cloud service. The FedRAMP program cannot make decisions for the IRS or accept risk on its behalf. Additionally, agencies are directed to provide a copy of the Authority to Operate letter to the FedRAMP program.

Is Bezos behind today’s outage?

DASH cryptocurrency and The Free Thought Project have formed a partnership that will continue to spread the ideas of peace and freedom while simultaneously teaching people how to operate outside of the establishment systems of control like using cryptocurrency instead of dollars. Winning this battle is as simple as choosing to abstain from the violent corrupt old system and participating in the new and peaceful system that hands the power back to the people. DASH is this system.

DASH digital cash takes the control the banking elite has over money and gives it back to the people. It is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the money changers and information controllers.

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California SUV crash victim said her moms were 'racist': records

(Reuters) – A 16-year-old African-American girl told neighbors her white mothers were “racist” and that she was “whipped with belts” about six months before one of them is believed to have deliberately driven the family of eight off a California cliff, killing them all, Washington State records showed.

The girl’s 15-year-old brother also begged neighbors in March not to tell police his mothers were depriving the children of food as punishment because he feared the family would be split up, according to the records of allegations by the neighbors to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

On March 26, Jennifer Hart, 38, is thought to have intentionally driven a sports utility vehicle carrying her partner Sarah and their six adopted black children off a California coastal cliff.

The Washington records show the mothers were under investigation for at least a third time in the last seven years for potential child abuse when they bolted from their Woodland, Washington State home on March 23.

One of the mothers was convicted in 2011 for assaulting a daughter in Minnesota, while in Oregon in 2013 police investigated allegations that the two women were emotionally abusing and cruelly punishing their children, according to West Linn police records.

“He said not to call the cops because they would be split up and he mentioned they go for long periods of time without food ‘and they are just hungry’,” a neighbor said Devonte Hart, 15, told him, according to the Washington records.

Hannah Hart, 16, fled the home one night and told the neighbors “the moms were racist and were abusing her” and that “she was being whipped with belts,” the records showed.

Neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb told local media they alerted social services to their concerns on March 23. Dana DeKalb said she could not immediately comment on Thursday.

Authorities visited the Hart home on March 23 but got no response. Soon after, the family emerged from the house, packed up their brown GMC Yukon and drove off, a witness said, according to the records.

They left behind a cat, chickens and what appeared to be chicks under a heat lamp, according to an investigator who called animal control, the records showed.

Among the last communication with the Harts may have been a text message mother Sarah Hart, 38, sent two days before the crash, telling a friend she was feeling sick and would not be at work, said a spokeswoman for Clark County Regional Emergency Services.

(Reporting By Andrew Hay; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Rosalba O’Brien)

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Two soldiers killed in Kentucky copter crash: army

Washington (AFP) – Two US soldiers with an airborne combat brigade died when their Apache helicopter crashed during a routine training mission at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the army reported Saturday.

The incident involving an AH-64E Apache helicopter occurred late Friday, said a statement from the army’s 101st Airborne Division. The crash is under investigation.

The names of the victims are being withheld pending notification of family members, the army said. There were no other casualties.

“This is a day of sadness for Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne,” Brigadier General Todd Royar, acting senior commander of the 101st Airborne and of Fort Campbell, said in a statement.

The deaths were the latest in a recent rash of military crashes that has claimed five other lives and left one man injured.

Four Marines died Tuesday in the crash of their Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter during a practice landing in El Centro, California.

A member of the air force’s elite Thunderbird squad died Wednesday when his F-16 jet crashed near Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas as he prepared for an air show.

And a Marine pilot was injured Tuesday after ejecting from his McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II attack jet while taking off from an airport in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa.

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Search for missing children in California crash continues amid new evidence

“I’m to the point where I’m no longer calling it an accident,” said a Mendocino County Sheriff. “I’m calling it a crime.”

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Four Marine helicopter crew presumed dead after California crash

(Reuters) – A U.S. Marine helicopter crashed during a training mission in southern California Tuesday afternoon and all four crew members are believed to have died, a Marine spokeswoman announced.

No details about the nature of the training mission were released other than it was routine and held in the desert in El Centro, Ca., about 100 miles east of San Diego.

The helicopter was a Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, Ca., according to a statement from the Marines.

It is the largest and heaviest “heavy-lift” helicopter in the U.S. military.

The accident is under investigation and no other information was available.

The wreck is the deadliest Marine accident since a cargo plane crash in the Mississippi Delta that killed 16 Marines in July, 2017.

(Reporting by Rich McKay; editing by Jason Neely)

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No financial crash for the 1‰

The next crash has been planned. Who wants to profit … and who should pay the bill, by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer / OSCE report largely confirms correct election process. Vladimir Putin elected with 76 per cent of the votes / Washington wrecks cyber security talks, by Arkady Savitsky / NATO and EU are escalating the “Bogeyman Russia”, by Karl Müller / Preservation of Swiss agriculture – neither nostalgic nor unworldly, but a requirement of time, by Marianne Wüthrich / “I am a farmer, not a businessman!”, Interview with Benoît Biteau / Dementia – a disease difficult to comprehend, by Rita Brügger / A new chapter of the cabbage story. Sauerkraut revival thanks to an innovative idea, by Heini Hofmann / “Painting without ceremony” Gabriele Münter art exhibition in Munich, by Gisela Schlatterbeck-Kersten and Ingo Kersten

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US stocks crash as fear of all-out trade war spooks investors

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by over 400 points, or two percent. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq opened 1.3 percent lower.

“It’s tit-for-tat as China retaliates, sending the markets in a tailspin. Today’s decline will likely accelerate the pace of testing the indices yearly lows in the coming days,” said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at First Standard Financial in New York, as quoted by Reuters.

On Wednesday, the Chinese Finance Ministry said Beijing would hit 106 American products, including soybean, automobiles, and chemicals, with a 25-percent tariff, worth $50 billion. The move came as a response to similar US levies on Chinese goods.

“America and China continue to flex their muscles, fueling the financial markets. After another exchange of announced duties, Beijing called on WTO countries to unite in the fight against US trade protectionism. This threatens to bring the conflict to a new, more global level,” Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst at social network for investors eToro told RT.

The biggest winners from the market volatility will be traditional safe havens like Japanese yen, Swiss franc and gold, the analyst added.

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