13-minute-long hailstorm hits Hongyuan County, China (Photos)



Photo take on May 24, 2018 shows hailstones hitting Hongyuan County, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

The hail storm continued for 13 minutes, with the largest hailstone measuring 1.5 centimeters.

There’s been no reports of injuries or deaths.







Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/386552-13-minute-long-hailstorm-hits-Hongyuan-County-China-Photos

Entire County Refuses to Obey New Gun Control Law, Declares Itself Gun Owner Sanctuary


Amid political buzzwords of “sanctuary cities” and “gun bans,” one Illinois county decided to wade into the fray by declaring itself a sanctuary for gun owners. The Effingham County board voted this past week, 8-1, to order its employees not to enforce any laws that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution.

Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler said the measure is meant to act as a warning shot to tell the state legislature that the county does not want unnecessary gun control measures, or for the sale of firearms to be jeopardized. The resolution states:

“The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is guaranteed as an Individual Right under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and under the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and; the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms for defense of Life, Liberty, and Property is regarded as an Inalienable Right by the People of Effingham County, Illinois, and the People of Effingham County, Illinois, derive economic benefit from all safe forms of firearms recreation, hunting, and shooting conducted within Effingham County using all types of firearms allowable under the United States Constitution.”

Board member David Campbell told Fox News that the county “decided it’s time for someone to take a hard stand.” He said the board modeled their resolution on other counties which have adopted similar measures.

The resolution, which Kibler said is “largely symbolic,” was drafted by the board as a response to what it perceives as an attack on the Second Amendment by the State of Illinois and its General Assembly.

“So we thought … why don’t we just make this a sanctuary county like they would for undocumented immigrants? So we did flip the script on it,” Kibler told Fox and Friends, noting that the goal of the resolution is to make it known “to the Illinois general assembly that if they keep on this path of stripping away Second Amendment rights [from gun owners] there’s going to be blowback from Southern Illinois.”

Ever since the resolution passed inEffingham, Kibler said the county has had numerous requests for a draft of the resolution to be passed in other counties in the state. The attorney pointed to bills being considered by the Illinois General Assembly that would restrict the purchase of ammunition to those aged 21 and older as proof that the state is slowly chipping away at individual freedoms.

Kibler said that when the county chose to use the word “sanctuary” in their resolution they received the attention they were seeking. “The Chicago legislation comes up with new… proposals every year which take away our Second Amendment rights,” he said. “So we can send a kid off to war…when he comes home…it’s going to be illegal for him to buy a gun with more than 10 rounds in it.”

Effingham County’s “sanctuary” resolution echoes Iroquois County’s similar resolution adopted in March, decrying the consideration of numerous gun control bills inside the Illinois General Assembly. In a statement, the Iroquois County said the current gun control measures being considered by the state legislature will infringe on their citizens’ rights to be able to defend themselves, engage in recreational hunting and shooting, and it will make instant felons out of any citizen under 21 who fails to surrender their weapons under the new proposed laws.

Similarly, Iroquois also denounced the state General Assembly’s gun control plans, saying they would effectively ban all private and club owned gun ranges and make it nearly impossible for individuals who work late at night and in dangerous jobs to wear body armor for protection, which would conceivably include motorcyclists who wear body armor for personal protection while cycling.

The resolution in Effingham County comes just weeks after Deerfield, Illinois, voted to ban nearly all modern weapons. While Deerfield’s ban is not symbolic, Effingham County’s resolution really does not have any teeth to it. Kibler noted that if the state decides to ban weapons as Chicago has done, there is really nothing a county or local law enforcement can do.

Residents in Deerfield were given 60 days to surrender their “assault weapons” or face fines of $1000 per day per gun. Upon careful reading of the ordinance, it appears that residents will be left with only revolvers, .22 caliber “plinking” rifles, and double barrel shotguns to defend their homes and families from criminals who could not care less about the law.

Fines for not disposing of the weapons range from $250 to $1000 per day per gun for those who choose not to comply with the city’s ordinance. While a fine may seem reasonable to some, as TFTP has reported on multiple occasions, failure to pay fines always results in police action. It is not far-fetched to predict major turmoil and arrests in the event of non-compliance.

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Source Article from https://thefreethoughtproject.com/entire-county-declares-itself-a-sanctuary-city-for-gun-owners/

Orange County Launches Attacks On the Homeless and Veterans

If you want to know what the term Fabian Socialism means, it is on full display wwith treatment of the homeless where it is now illegal to feed, clothe and shelter these unforunate people. This is disgraceful and America should be ashamed. Orange County has seen fit to criminalize what you see in this picture. For some this will be a death sentence.



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Whistleblowing Sergeant Sues Clackamas County Sheriff For Retaliation, Harassment

Oregon – A Clackamas County sheriff’s sergeant who blew the whistle on the poor performance of a veteran detective has filed a $1.6 million lawsuit alleging that his supervisors created a hostile work environment after he complained.

Sgt. Matt Swanson filed the lawsuit this week in state court and named the Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Craig Roberts and Undersheriff Matt Ellington. He alleges he was subject to retaliation and harassment after trying in 2015 to initiate an internal affairs investigation into Detective Jeff Green.

Roberts said he had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment. Ellington did not immediately respond Friday to a request for comment.

Green pleaded guilty last summer to two misdemeanors for failing to investigate reports of child abuse. He retired in 2015.

Another Sheriff’s Office employee, Deputy Joel Manley, also recently warned the agency of his plans to file a lawsuit for harassment and retaliation.

Manley, a longtime deputy who was most recently assigned to the courthouse, has retired. He alleges that he was harassed by coworkers for refusing to participate in an off-color photoshoot at the courthouse last fall.

Manley also alleges that his frequent complaints to department management about the “boys club” atmosphere in the Civil Division fell on deaf ears.

In Swanson’s case, he alleges three high-ranking Sheriff’s Office supervisors asked him to revise his internal complaint against Green so it “would be less easily tracked.”

He claims Capt. James Rhodes and Capt. Jeff Smith, who was then a lieutenant and a former supervisor of Green, worried the complaint would “make them look bad.”

Swanson, a patrol sergeant, says in the lawsuit that he saw their request as “unethical and illegal” and refused to change the complaint.

He alleges Smith was angry and called it a disloyal thing to do. He claims Rhodes asked to meet him behind a public works shop while Swanson was on patrol and “attempted to bully and coerce” him into covering up problems with Green and Rhodes’ involvement.

Word of Swanson’s internal affairs complaint was spread by agency brass “for the specific purpose of putting pressure” on him to withdraw his complaint “and play ball with the command staff to cover-up Det. Green’s illegal activities,” according to the suit.

Since raising concerns about Green, Swanson says he’s been passed over for promotion and received a poor evaluation based on “false information.” He claims he was the subject of a “sham” internal affairs investigation that “intentionally damaged” his reputation.

Swanson also alleges that five months after Green retired, a detective assigned to investigate cases Green had ignored was told not to disclose to victims that their complaints hadn’t been investigated.

Green was not interviewed regarding Swanson’s complaints, Swanson alleges.

Ellington took Green to lunch and a party was held in his honor at the Sheriff’s Office when he retired.

Source: http://www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/index.ssf/2018/04/whistleblowing_sergeant_sues_c.html

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Filming Cops

  • Dirty cops always kiss each others asses.
    They all should eat their own bullet.

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BOMBSHELL CONFIRMED: Broward County Deputies *ORDERED* To Stand Down While The Shooting Continued

A major media bombshell is now confirming the shocking truth that Natural News reported first: Deputies were ordered to stand down and avoid entering the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, even as the shooting was taking place.

This irrefutable fact has been maliciously labeled a “conspiracy theory” by the fake news media (CNN, etc.), but now it is confirmed by multiple sources (as is usually the case after the fake news media gets it wrong).

Laura Ingraham is now reporting from Fox News (see video below):

Our sources near the Broward County Sheriff’s Department are telling us that the deputies who arrived at the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on. And then we found that the deputies did not have body cameras, so they did not enter the building or engage the shooter.  So curiously, police also lost radio communications during the Parkland shooting. And our source claims that radio communication also went dead during the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting of 2017…



BREAKING: Broward County Sheriff Deputies were reportedly told NOT to enter the school during the shooting unless they had body cameras on, which they did not have.

Police also reportedly lost radio transmissions during the shooting.

In other words, not only were the deputies ordered to stand down, but the communications outage seems to be a pattern among false flag shooting operations (carried out to push a gun control agenda).

Fox News is also reporting that deputies “would not let medical personnel into the school,” reports The Daily Wire, confirming yet again that both armed officers and EMTs were prohibited from entering the school while students were bleeding out. This was obviously done on purpose in order to maximize the body count for political gain. (And CNN was immediately ready with a staged “town hall” event to cast blame on the NRA and the GOP, as planned.)

EMT says police wouldn’t let medics into Parkland school. RealSaavedra

Teacher identified the shooter as a masked “police” officer wearing a bulletproof vest and “full metal gear”

Here’s where things really go down the rabbit hole. A teacher named Stacy Lippel appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she described her direct encounter with the shooter. She’s a teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, of course, and YouTube has been busy scrubbing this video off all channels to make sure you don’t see it. Watch the video below while you still can. Efforts are under way to memory hole this video interview from the ‘net.

In this video, she says the following:

I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets.  And I’m staring at him thinking ‘why is the police here?’ This is strange because he’s in full metal garb. Helmet, face-mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.

Notice that she immediately recognizes him as a police officer, wearing police gear. She specifically names the helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor. None of this gear was worn by Nikolas Cruz, according to all the media reports, photos and videos of his arrest. Stacy did not describe the shooter as a “student.”

In other words, this teacher is not describing Nikolas Cruz. She’s describing an armed, masked, geared-up person doing the shooting.

Now are you beginning to understand why the sheriff’s deputies were ordered to stay outside the building?

In truth, this shooting was augmented by at least one masked gunman other than Nikolas Cruz. The deputies were told to stand down so that they didn’t witness this second shooter. Nikolas Cruz very likely also shot some students himself, but it’s clear from the testimony and cover-up that Cruz did not act alone.

Natural News

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Source Article from https://politicalvelcraft.org/2018/02/27/bombshell-confirmed-broward-county-deputies-ordered-to-stand-down-while-the-shooting-continued/

LA County Criminalizes Homelessness


If you want to know what the term Fabian Socialism means, it is on full display wwith treatment of the homeless where it is now illegal to feed, clothe and shelter these unforunate people. This is disgraceful and America should be ashamed. LA County has seen fit to criminalize what you see in this picture.



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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Healthmasters.com. 



Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DaveHodges-TheCommonSenseShow/~3/rNsrutZvByM/

L.A. County’s Homeless Problem Is Worsening Despite Billions from Tax Measures

L.A. County’s Homeless Problem Is Worsening Despite Billions from Tax Measures

February 19th, 2018

Build the sprawling San Angeles favelas with autonomous construction drones!


Via: Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles County’s homeless population is increasing faster than the supply of new housing, even with the addition of thousands of beds in the last two years and millions of dollars beginning to flow in from two ballot measures targeting the crisis, according to a long-awaited report by the region’s homelessness agency.

The report showed that officials two years ago far underestimated how much new housing would be needed when they asked city and county voters to approve the tax measures.

As a result, a $73-million annual shortfall in funding for the county’s comprehensive homelessness program could more than triple, a Times analysis of the report found.

Providing permanent housing for the county’s chronically homeless population would require more than 20,000 new units, about 5,000 more than projected two years ago, the report said.




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Broward County Sheriff Says Officials 'Will Not Get Re-Elected' Without Push For Gun Reform

Gun control reform is coming. At least, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is hoping it is.

The top law enforcement officer in the Florida county where a gunman on Wednesday killed 17 adults and students with an AR-15 rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School warned politicians that gun policy needs to change during a vigil the following night.

“If you’re an elected official, and you want to keep things the way they are ― if you want to keep gun laws as they are now ― you will not get re-elected in Broward County,” Israel told a crowd that erupted in cheers.

Thousands attended the Parkland, Florida, vigil held at an amphitheater lit by candles and dotted with 17 four-foot-high angels ― one for each of the victims.

Community leaders spoke to the crowd as parents and students comforted each other, at one point leading a chant: “No more guns!”

Since the tragedy, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas have been some of the most vocal critics of U.S. gun policy, pleading for reform on national television. Florida has some of the nation’s weakest gun laws.

At a news conference earlier on Thursday, Israel urged lawmakers to give police and mental health professionals more power to involuntarily detain people who post disturbing content on social media. The sheriff said accused gunman Nikolas Cruz posted “very disturbing” images prior to the rampage. 

“We need to have the power to take that person and bring them before mental health professionals at that particular time, involuntarily, and have them examined,” he said. “People are going to be rightfully concerned about their rights ― as am I. But what about these students? What about the rights of young kids who go to schools?”

Israel said he wished officials had the legal authority to act “if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns and bombs, if they see something, horrific language, if they see a person talking about ‘I want to grow up to be a serial killer.’”

In a familiar theme, top Democrats have called for policy change in the wake of the shooting while top Republicans ― including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ― have argued against “politicizing” the tragedy

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/broward-county-sheriff-says-officials-164834308.html

What Are They Hiding? Clark County Disobeys Court Order to Release Paddock’s Autopsy


Las Vegas, NV — (ZH) After months of radio silence, new information released earlier this week surrounding the investigation into Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s motive appears to have revived suspicions that another person was involved in the shooting.

The newly unsealed documents – which were unsealed by court order after journalists at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media sued – revealed that the FBI is seeking a “person of interest” named Douglas Haig. Haig’s name had not previously been connected to the shooting. What’s more, according to what’s been widely cited as his LinkedIn page, Haig had “DOD Top Secret clearance” and worked for top weapons manufacturers and specialized in Military Ammunition, as we pointed out.

Haig’s connection to Paddock and the shooting is unclear, but in another confusing development, Clark County Nevada Coroner John Fudenberg is defying a court order to release the full autopsy report for Paddock – even though Paddock’s body was cremated in December.

According to the Daily Caller, District Court Judge Timothy Williams ordered the coroner Tuesday to immediately release the autopsy. Fudenberg is conferring with others in his office, and no date had been given for his compliance with the judge’s order, the corner’s office told The Daily Caller.

The office also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the report wouldn’t be released until it was “finalized.”

“The coroner’s office has fought to keep autopsy reports confidential,” according to the the Review-Journal.

It’s difficult to imagine what component of the autopsy could, at this point, be left unfinished; after all, Paddock’s body was destroyed weeks ago. And yet, the coroner has chosen to pay $32,000 in legal costs instead of turning over the final report.

“The shooter’s body was cremated Dec. 21. How can the autopsy report not be ‘finalized’ when the body was cremated more than five weeks ago?” Review-Journal Editor-in-Chief Keith Moyer publicly stated. “The law is squarely on the side of the public’s right to open government.”

An interim report released Jan. 8 gave only scant information about the autopsy and did not release either the autopsy or a toxicology report on Paddock.

“Preliminarily, the injuries noted were on the posterior of both calves and a gunshot wound to the upper palette inside the decedent’s mouth with obvious damage to the upper teeth,” the department stated.

“The cause of Paddock’s death was an internal gunshot wound and the manner of death was ruled a suicide,” the report concluded.

While the details so far largely comport with the early press reports, some say the initial report was suspiciously lacking in detail.

“What’s glaring are the missing details on the autopsy,” said Wayne Black, a 40-year veteran law enforcement and private security expert, in an interview with TheDCNF.

“This is probably one of the most significant medical examiner’s investigations of the year,” he said.

It’s been four months since the shooting, and still much remains vague or unknown. Paddock’s motives remain a mystery. Unanswered questions remain about the official timeline of events. Photos published online in the immediate aftermath of the shooting purported to show a second shooter closer to ground level, but they were largely dismissed by law enforcement and the media.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/paddock-autopsy-county-disobey-order/

Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in Orange County

Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in Orange County

January 19th, 2018

Via: ZeroHedge:



One Response to “Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in Orange County”

  1. kjod71 Says:

    My annual Xmas and New Years vacation is visiting family in SF and LA. We visited friends in Alameda, near Oakland, and there are very large homeless encampments–much larger this year–underneath the 880 Freeway.

    And then in SoCal, we were driving on the I-5 Freeway over the Santa Ana River around Anaheim. My wife who grew up around there noticed the tents along the “river” when we were driving on the freeway and remarked that she had NEVER seen that before.

    Hidden America.


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