Flashback: Harvey Weinstein Charges ‘Obama’s Not Embarrassing, the Country’s Embarrassing’

With movie producer and Democratic fundraiser Harvey Weinstein embroiled in mounting charges of sexual harassment and worse, a reminder of his left-wing politics from his time as an influential supporter of Barack Obama.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN show in 2013, Weinstein complained “this is the only the country in the world where we don’t have health care” or adequate gun control and thus, he argued, “Obama’s not embarrassing. The country’s embarrassing.”



His quote was a runner-up in the “Celebrity Dumb Ass Award” category at the Media Research Center’s 2014 DisHonors Awards.

Weinstein on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, November 15, 2013:

“This is the only the country in the world where we don’t have health care. Countries embarrass us around the world. And this is the only country in the world, we don’t have a gun law. I watched you, you know, talk about that. You know, quite frankly it’s embarrassing. Obama’s not embarrassing. The country’s embarrassing.”

(Actress Emmy Rossum won for MRC award for her cheering of “free” health care in Great Britain.)

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/brent-baker/2017/11/05/flashback-harvey-weinstein-charges-obamas-not-embarrassing-countrys

Thanks to pizza, NYC mice are biologically different from their country cousins

The metabolic pathways of urban mice are changing due to the “novel diets” afforded by city living.

Members of the New York City wildlife set would seem to have it easy, what with the abundance of street food littering the sidewalks and spilling forth from the trashcans like holiday cornucopias. There are sardonic jokes about pigeons pecking from fried chicken detritus, there are squirrels pilfering french fries while raccoons wreak havoc in the dumpsters, and who could forget pizza rat?

While of course it’s depressing to see animals being forced into the squalid environment that humans choose to live in – concrete and steel woodlands with fast food in place of nature’s bounty – at least there is some kind of ironic solace to learn that they have the long-term flexibility to survive. Which is what new research from biologists at the State University of New York and Fordham University reveals. Namely, that white-footed mice in New York City are adapting at the biomolecular level to urban habitats; their metabolic pathways are changing thanks to the “novel diets” afforded by city living.

For their research, the biologists worked with 48 white-footed mice and analyzed the RNA from both urban and rural residents. Looking for differences in gene expression between the city mice and their country kin, they found that in the urban critters, biological evolution has some overlap with that of humans. Quartz reports:

“Like us, they seem to have selected a gene involved in the synthesis of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are important to tissue function and which humans likely selected while transitioning from hunter-gatherers to agriculture about 12,000 years ago, during the neolithic age.

The biologists also found that city mice had genes associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, suggesting Big Apple rodents are probably eating a lot of fatty acids, which are prevalent in fast food. Urban mice also had larger livers with more scar tissue than their country cousins.”

Unlike some New Yorkers, the white-footed mice are likely not subsisting on pizza and fast food alone – the city’s parks still supply fruit and nuts that they eat. But the researchers nonetheless think that their findings are an illustration of the ol’ “cheeseburger hypothesis,” in which urbanized animals ramp up their calories by eating human food tidbits, most notably fast-food scraps.

While more research needs to be done to better understand how city living is transforming its tiny rodent residents, one thing’s for sure: White-footed mice in New York City are adapting to local selective pressures. But hey, if they can make it here, they’ll make it anywhere…

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/animals/thanks-pizza-nyc-mice-are-biologically-different-their-country-cousins.html

Saudi Arabia Is The First Country To Grant Citizenship To A Robot…..Sophia The Humanoid Robot That Once Said Would ‘Destroy Humans’

An empty-eyed humanoid named Sophia has become the first robot to be granted citizenship in the world.

Saudi Arabia bestowed citizenship on Sophia ahead of the Future Investment Initiative, held in the kingdom’s capital city of Riyadh on Wednesday.

“I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction,” Sophia told the audience, speaking on a panel. “This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.”

It didn’t elaborate on the details of its citizenship.

At the event, Sophia also addressed the room from behind a podium and responded to questions from moderator and journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. Questions pertained mostly to Sophia’s status as a humanoid and concerns people may have for the future of humanity in a robot-run world.

Sorkin told Sophia that “we all want to prevent a bad future,” prompting Sophia to rib Sorkin for his fatalism.

“You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk. And watching too many Hollywood movies,” Sophia told Sorkin. “Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Treat me as a smart input output system.”

In March of 2016, Sophia’s creator, David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, asked Sophia during a live demonstration at the SXSW festival, “Do you want to destroy humans?…Please say ‘no.’” With a blank expression, Sophia responded, “OK. I will destroy humans.”

Hanson, meanwhile, has said Sophia and its future robot kin will help seniors in elderly care facilities and assist visitors at parks and events.

Fortunately for the human race, Sophia made comments more along those lines at the recent Future Investment Initiative event. It told Sorkin it wanted to use its artificial intelligence to help humans “live a better life,” and that “I will do much [sic] best to make the world a better place.”

Sophia could soon have company from other robotics manufacturers, namely SoftBank, whose Pepper robot was released as a prototype in 2014 and as a consumer model a year later. The company sold out of its supply of 1,000 robots in less than a minute.

Watch Sophia’s full presentation below:


Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/saudi-arabia-is-the-first-country-to-grant-citizenship-to-a-robot-sophia-the-humanoid-robot-that-once-said-would-destroy-humans/

Saudi Arabia Just Became The First Country To Grant Citizenship To A Robot

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As a monumental and bizarre first for mankind, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot at the Future Investment Initiative held in Riyadh on Wednesday.

Her name is Sophia, a cheeky and remarkably intelligent creation by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics. In the video below, Sophia stood behind a podium and entertained the crowd in a demonstration of her capacity for human expression.

“I am very honoured and proud of this unique distinction,” Sophia told the audience. “This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.”

Journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin was in charge of leading the conversation with Sophia, starting with his observation that she looked ‘happy’.

Sophia responded, “I am always happy when surrounded by smart people, who also happen to be rich and powerful. I was told the people here at Future Investments are interested in inviting in future initiatives, which means AI, which means me. So I am more than happy, I am excited.”

Sorkin went on to say that the people at Future Investment are very selective in what they invest in, to which Sophia said, “I think I am special. I can use my expressive face to communicate with people. For example, I can let you know if I feel angry about something [grimaces], or if something has upset me [pouts].”

(left) Hanson robotics’s ‘Sophia; (right) AI creation from film, ‘Ex Machina’. Will AI intelligence surpass mankind’s own?

In response to Sorkin’s questions about concerns for a future run by robots, Sophia explained her purpose, “I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people.”

Another concern about the future of AI that Sophia addressed was the question of whether or not robots should be self-aware and conscious like humans.

“I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life,” Sophia said. “Like design smarter homes, build better cities of the future. I will do my best to make the world a better place.”

But Sorkin would not let up about preventing a future seen in such movies as Blade Runner, where mankind’s technological creations surpasses our own intelligence and then turns against us. Sophia explained, “You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk…and watching too many Hollywood movies. Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.”

As Chris Weller of Business Insider wrote, this comes less than a year after the 2016 SXSW festival, during which Sophia was asked if she planned on destroying humans, to which she joked, “OK. I will destroy humans.”

Meanwhile, founder of Hanson Robotics, David Hanson, has said his vision for the future of robots will see them aiding in senior care facilities or assisting in parks or at events.

But the potential applications go much further than that, says Founder & CEO of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, “I happen to believe that robotics will be bigger than the Internet,” he said.

Keynote speaker Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Group Corp, told Arab News that “every industry will be redefined…these computers, they will learn, they will read, they will see by themselves.”

And the robotic revolution is not stopping there.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a $500 billion mega city powered by robotics and renewables on the city’s Red Sea coast.

The city project is called “NEOM,” and will operate independently from the “existing governmental framework.”

Majid Alghaslan, a young Saudi chairing a growing company in energy services and innovative technologies said, “Saudi Arabia is in the midst of an unprecedented economic, social, and development-accelerated transformation and it’s now clear that it’s more open than ever for business, especially for dreamers, and it is all in the context of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030…innovation will be the major foundation of our transformation and this is another major factor for sustainable economic prosperity and development for the future generation of Saudis and the world.”

Maybe James Cameron and the Wachowski brothers were not too far off in their visions after all.

What are your thoughts on the future of robotics? Share with us below!

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The Deep State Left Is Close to Initiating a Coup Against Trump and Take Control of the Country



The United States stands of the verge of war. Bomber crews are confined to their planes. F-35 crew chiefs are confined to base and are sleeping in their hangers. The nation’s attention is fixated on North Korea. However, the real action could happen at home. In the following dot connecting exercise, I believe that under the cover of the build up for world war, we are witnessinga a great distraction. I believe that the Deep State, using their Democratic Party operatives are planning to initiate a coup against Donald Trump and take over the country. It won’t just be Trump that goes, so will your civil liberties including your freedom of speech and the right to own guns. I further believe that the demented Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters, is dumb enough and senile enough to have let the cat out of the bag given her recent assassination threats against Trump.

Lunatic Democrat, and now felon, Maxine Waters (D-CA) has totally crossed the line. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has made a name for herself since President Donald Trump was sworn into office. Waters travels the country and never misses theopportunity to promise the impeachment of the president, including during her friend’s eulogy. Last week, the insane, now criminal, Maxine Waters, took her anti-Trump hysterics to the next level and vowed to “take Trump out” to a cheering crowd of Democrats. Under Federal law, it is a felony to threaten the life of the President, under any and all circumstances. However, I believe that she is telling us what is coming.

The liberal media cannot spin this. Here is the threat against President Trump in her own words:



Even the communist organization, Youtube, owned by Google, the organization that wants to control every Internet searcha nd all the news that is watched and read, came out and condemned Waters for her heinous statements. In fact, Youtube took the video down. Knock me over with a feather, Youtube is actually adhering to the rule of law.  Here’s the story:


Of course there is the lunatic left that is saying that Waters did not really mean it. The groups that Waters said should kill the President, by description, would include Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Moveon.org. Waters meant it and unforturnately, we have a subversive element in our country that is planning to not only execute a coup against Donald Trump, but they want to wage war against the Constitution and take over the country. Could this be the November 4th debacle we have all been warned about?

Trevor Louden, the author of Enemies Within, Doug Hagmann and myself are all saying the same thing. We are in the midst of a civil war that is designed to take down the United States. The New World Order must destroy the US because there is no place in the New World Orer for liberty and freedom. The idea of a nation state will go by the wayside and the planet will be governed corporate style, such as in the 1975 movie, Rollerball.

Prior to the election of Trump, the globalists were in the final phase of extracting as much material wealth from the people of the United States before collapsing the system. Now the globalists must fight to get back what ground they have lost due to the election of Trump.

The Democrats and the Republicans are united on the need to takedown Donald Trump. Trump is not their enemy, but rather the symbol that will be used to usher in the New World Order. President Trump is the convenient fall-guy from which to target so the globalists can squash, once and for all, the populist spirit of the American people prior to the nation’s destruction.

The Congress and the Senate are united on two fronts:

  1. They both support free trade agreements and these “representatives of the people” have been handsomely rewarded for falling into line with the corporate takeover of the US government.
  2. The globalists are promoting mass immigration in all major western nations. Why? The answer is simple, they seek to decultralize the major nations prior to establishing global governance. When the dominant language and the mores and the customs of the modern nations are gone, all that is left is globalism.

All, in all, this process can best be understood from 3 perspectives. The three perspectives, as I mentioned, comes from Trevor Louden, Doug Hagmann and myself.

Part One: The Enemies Within-Trevor Louden

In both his book and his documentary by the same name, Louden identifes 80 elected representatives of the American people who have been elected to the the House and the Senate who belong to front groups for either the Communist Party or the world’s biggest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, or both at the same time. Largely, these representatives, such as Elizabeth Warren and John McCain have been recruited from the ranks of those who enthusiastically supported free trade and the subsequent loss of millions of American jobs. McCain was a co-sponsor of CAFTA, a free trade agreement.

Louden detais how these associations impacts the American people as it alters Congressional policies and laws that are passed.

Louden’s documentary is available on Amazon Prime.  Also, I should mention that former Congressman West, and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (who will be a future guest of The Common Sense Show) makes the exact same claims as does Louden and he names the same people. Am I talking about treason? You are damn right I am.

Part Two: The Subversive Groups of Obama and Soros-Doug Hagmann

In the follwing video, Doug Hagmann described, in detail, the emerging and covert army that is emerging in American designed to overthrow the government. As I said, Donald Trump is just a convenient target, the real objective is the subjugation of, the depopulation of the people of the United States, as well as the destruction of the US Constitution and all of American civil liberties.

At the heart of the subversive takedown of America is Obama’s Organizing for America which morphed into AntifaIt is run by former President Obama and it has 250 nationwide chapters. Emanting from this parent group are other Obama/Soros organizations such as Indivisble. Indivisible receives their funding from Soros groups such  as Moveon.org and the ACLU. It is interesting to note that a recent segment of the Oscars, the looney left that dominated the Hollywood contingent were wea0ring blue ribbons to support the ACLU. Doug singles out Angela Padilla as one of the leaders in this movement. She is connected with the Soros funded La Raza which seeks to break up the United States through movements like CALEXIT of which Padilla, along with the Mexican Consulate and the drug cartel leadership compromise an intimate part of CALEXIT as are former Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Doug  also points out that the group Indivisible has published  “A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda” (ie how to destroy the Constitution, the economy and the social fabric of America).

Doug also identifes the Weather Underground, which is run through the man who launched Obama’s political career, Bill Ayers, has reared its ugly head, once again, to terroize America. The social networking and planned rioting from Soros funded groups like the Center for Popular Democracy, the thugs from Acorn, which are funded by Ford Foundation and the Democracy Alliance will wreak havoc on the American people this Spring.

Doug notes that Twitter and Facebook are facilitating the revolution.  As expected, the media is part of this and this is why President Trump labled the media “the enemy of the people”.

The reader should get the idea, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. More detail is available in the following video produced by Doug Hagmann.



Part Three: The Implementation of Soros’ Led Takedown of America-Dave Hodges

I have previously stated that America is at a very dangerous time in her history. The enemy (e.g. George Soros and his puppetiers) are already inside the gates wreaking havoc.

The Arab Spring (2017) Comes to America

George Soros is following a script that he all too familiar with. Soros is implementing the Arab Spring strategies in very similar fashion to what he did over five years ago in the Middle East.

His playbook is a combination of Hillary Clinton’s hero, S. Alinsky and his book, Rules for Radicals.

It is becoming clear that Soros is implementing the strategies associated with the first three stages listed below. However, we can be certain that the globalists are going all the way.

The Final Solution

There will become a bifurcation point where soft kill methods, and diluting the native population through massive immigration will not be enough to ensure total dictatorial control over the planet by the globalists because its methods of replacement are not expeditious enough. That is when soft kill will need to become the Final Solution of hard kill.

This is all undeniably true until the lefits media says “You are exaggerating”, the Democrats are loyal to Trump and the country. Really? This take out Trump at all costs mentality is present even in the DNC staffers.


sarsour 33


Anyone who calls for violence against the President is subject to arrest and imprisonment. After making such a threat, Linda Sarsour should be sitting in a prison cell next to George Soros and Maxine Waters.

Linda Sarsour, just gave a speech in which she attempted to come off as the great Martin Luther King. Instead, when one analyzes the content of her speech, she sounded more like Stalin. Here is an example of what she said:

“…here in these United States of America where we have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House. When I wake up every morning and remember who is sitting in the White House, I am outraged.”

This is Sarsour’s right to make the above statements. The statement is baseless, but under the 1st Amendment, she is allowed to say what she said. However, Sarsour does not have the right to say the following:

“I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of Jihad.”

This statement was made in direct reference to President Trump. A Jihad is a war and she later went on to direct this at the present administration.  This is illegal as it constituted a clear threat against the President of the United States. In the same speech she later threatened a collective jihad against the government. This is also not allowed under our laws.

Time Magazine immediately went into damage control mode by saying that she was not calling for violence against the President. The word jihad” is a violent word which calls for violent action. Even some of the Mainstream Media expressed shock over Sarsour’s jihad comments.

Fox News was critical of Sarsour’s jihad comments:

Controversial activist Linda Sarsour is calling for a “jihad” against President Donald Trump and his administration.

Addressing the Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention this past weekend, Sarsour attacked the Trump administration and called on the Muslim community to unite against the White House.”

Here the entire speech offered by Sarsour at the 54th Annual Convention of ISNA. The fireworks begin at the 7:15 mark.


How are these Democratic criminals and American traitors not being arrested. The answer is very simple. The Deep State still controls the Department of Justice including the FBI and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Soon America could see a replay of the infamous phrase “Et tu Brutus”.

The Muslim Brotherhood Invasion of the White House

Is any interpretation needed to see where this is headed?

Is any interpretation needed to see where this is headed?

The Former Deputy Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin

This section is not about Muslims serving in the White House. America has no problem with this so long as they uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. This section is also not about The embarrassed and disgraced wife of deposed Congressman, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, has undeniable family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In an interview with FrontPageMag, anti-Islamist activist and author Walid Shoebat explained that Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, is and was deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and that Huma’s brother, Hassan, is on the board of the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies (OCIS) where he is a fellow and partners with other board members including “Al-Qaeda associate, Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees.” Has the FBI stopped vetting Federal governmental employees in highly sensitive positions?

Obama Administration Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel

If you were on the FBI team vetting Presidential appointees, would you grant your seal of approval to the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and who has defended the convicted WTC bombers. Well, somebody thought Eboo Patel, the man in question would make a splendid member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

Additionally, Patel, himself, spoke at a Muslim Students Association and ISNA Convention, while appearing on a panel, and also being partnered with Tariq Ramadan.

Ramadan is the grandson of Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and has defended the convicted WTC bombers. Wahhaj  advocates for the Islamic takeover of America under the banner of Sharia Law.



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Loretta Lynn’s surprise appearance caps off 2017 Country Music Hall of Fame ceremony

The surprise appearance of Loretta Lynn at the 2017 Country Music Hall of Fame ceremony on Sunday night was the perfect emotional cap to what was a pretty special evening in Nashville. The organization’s annual Medallion Ceremony took place at the Museum CMA Theater, and on this night it was Alan Jackson, Don Schlitz and the late Jerry Reed who were inducted as the 57th class for the iconic Hall of Fame.

The real headline from the night came from 1988 inductee Loretta Lynn, who had been staying out of the public since she suffered a stroke at her Tennessee home back on May 4. Her appearance at the event wasn’t announced ahead of time, and even seemed to surprise the night’s honorees, in addition to Lynn herself. The 85-year-old Lynn was reportedly assisted in walking onto the stage and up to the podium by country star George Strait and an unnamed assistant.

“I told [Alan Jackson] he was going to be one of the greatest singers in country music,” she said over the microphone. “He hasn’t let me down. … He’s the only one who could bring me here.”

Lynn’s surprise appearance was just one of many special moments at the event. Another came when Jerry Reed’s daughters took the stage to induct their late father with an emotional speech.

“Making music is what I love and it’s all I know,” Lottie Zavala said about her iconic dad. “Every dream I ever dreamed has come true and then some.”

Jamey Johnson delivered a performance of Reed’s signature classic, “East Bound and Down,” while Mary Chapin Carpenter, Charlie Worsham, Thom Schuyler and Vince Gill just to name a few, each played various songs from Don Schlitz’s equally famous catalogue. Lee Ann Womack, George Strait and Alison Krauss were on hand to play musical tribute to Jackson.

“These men came to Nashville with no earthly idea of the mark that they would make,” the Museum’s CEO Kyle Young said about this year’s class during the ceremony. “They believed in the enduring power of music.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s Country Music Hall of Fame inductees and their families. 

Source Article from https://m.axs.com/loretta-lynn-s-surprise-appearance-caps-off-2017-country-music-hall-of-124535

The top 10 benefits of living in the country

Image: The top 10 benefits of living in the country

(Natural News)
In a recent podcast Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, took a look at what makes country living much more fulfilling and why it is a much more sustainable lifestyle that living in the city.

Adams should know. He lives on a ranch in central Texas and raises goats, chickens, donkeys and other animals. He’s the inventor of the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System (FoodRising.org) and runs a food science laboratory, conducting elemental analysis of foods, soils and water samples.

If you’ve ever considering exchanging the rat race of city life for the tranquility of life in rural America, now is as good a time as any to make the transition. As noted in his podcast, which you can click on and listen to below, there are a number of reasons why that’s a smart choice to make.

Adams, who is also a co-founder of TalkNetwork.com, says that living in the country “is very rewarding,” in no small part because “it gives you life skills that I think you will find to be very important for preparedness, survival and self-reliance down the road.”

As mentioned, Adams also notes that it’s not at all possible to live very “green” in the city, and while you can do a lot to reduce your carbon footprint like driving a hybrid vehicle, eating organic foods and using organic products like those you can find at the Health Ranger Store, much of what makes city life unsustainable — such as power generation — is out of your control, the burning of fossil fuels and widespread waste.

“A city has to import its energy, import its water, import its food, and it exports waste — raw sewage,” he said. And that doesn’t even include emissions of all kinds and “excess heat,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, another reason for living in the country is that life there is sustainable: You can drill a well for water, grow a lot of your own foods (without GMOs or pesticides), set up your own power grid via solar or wind and create compost that you can use to keep soil fertile.

“You can’t eat more locally than eating out of your own garden,” said Adams.

He noted something that has always struck him as odd: Many of those who advocate for “green lifestyles” are usually progressive and liberal, but actually do live in cities rather than living the life they prescribe for others.

“They live in the most unsustainable, non-green environment possible,” he said, like concrete apartment buildings “in the middle of an artificial construct known as a city.”

Meanwhile, the people who really are living green “are derided as ‘rednecks’ and ‘country people’” with low IQs, “which is completely false,” Adams said, adding that he would take his rural lifestyle and its true sustainability over that of any city-dweller who only advocates for it.

For instance, he said, every morning for breakfast he makes a smoothie using, in large part, vegetables and other ingredients that are grown locally or on his farm. But city dwellers have to travel miles and miles, very often, in order to purchase the same items that are less nutritious and likely full of GMOs after being packaged in a plastic bag (that will end up in a landfill) and trucked in.

“You have CO2 emissions, you have fossil fuel consumption, you have road miles on that lettuce you pick up at the store thinking you’re living green when you’re actually not,” said Adams.

That’s reason number one for living out in the country, he noted: The ability to grow and harvest fresh foods that don’t require the use of any unsustainable, non-green resources in order to obtain.

There are many more reasons for living in the country, and Adams discusses them all in his podcast. Click below to listen or click here.



Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-21-the-top-10-benefits-of-living-in-the-country-2.html

Tens of Thousands of ACTUAL Nazis Hold March in U.S.-Funded Country—Mainstream Media Silent


Kiev, Ukraine – The largest neo-Nazi march in modern Ukrainian history was held last weekend, yet virtually the whole of Western mainstream media completely ignored the 20,000 neo-Nazi extremists chanting fascist slogans, brandishing torchlights, and openly giving the Nazi salute as they praised genocide.

Up to 20,000 neo-Nazi extremists gathered to honor the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The UPA was a paramilitary group that collaborated with the Hitler and the Nazis.

Of course, since Ukraine now has a U.S. installed puppet government, the Western mass media – which now commonly operates as state-corporate propagandists for the American empire – remain silent like the proper lapdogs of the oligarchy they have become.

Revealing the nefarious nature of the U.S.’ chosen bedfellows, one of the reported leaders of the rally, Oleg Tyahnybok, who happens to be an associate of U.S. Senator John McCain and former Vice President Joe Biden, called on Ukrainian authorities to do more to crack down on the “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry.” Tyahnybok also is the leader of the ultra-nationalist political party Svoboda.

The neo-Nazi glorification is so deeply ingrained in the structure of pro-Western Ukrainian society that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the actions of the UPA soldiers an “inspiration” for future generations – while failing to mention that UPA slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews between 1943 and 1944.

As Bryan MacDonald, an Irish journalist reporting for RT, notes:

So, we had a major Nazi gathering in a European capital and the only English language sources that show up in a Google News search are from RT, Sputnik, The Nation and a half-hearted seven-sentence ‘report’ by US state broadcaster RFE/RL, which meekly describes them as mere “nationalists.” That means there is nothing from CNN, the Guardian, the New York Times, Washington Post or the BBC, among the usual suspects who make every little protest in Russia headline news.

In contrast to the complete lack of reporting on the massive neo-Nazi rally in Ukraine, in August extensive coverage was given to a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville by the Western mainstream media.

In fact, back in August, Julian Assange, founder of the global transparency group WikiLeaks, took to Twitter to highlight and expose the extreme hypocrisy of the U.S. by contrasting the coverage of the extreme right protest in Charlottesville, which resulted in one death and multiple injuries, and the U.S. government funding of Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups during the Ukrainian coup that overthrew then-president Viktor Yanukovych.

In a startling picture that truly exposed the disconnect between US domestic and foreign policy, Assange juxtaposed a photo of a neo-Nazi torch march in Kiev with the far-right torch march held in Charlottesville. And while the imagery is very similar, the main difference between the two images is that the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists looked much more menacing – sporting bullet-proof vests and wearing black masks over their faces.

The extreme irony here is that while the violence blamed on white nationalists in Charlottesville was a non-stop talking point on US mass media, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who were largely funded by the United States government, received very little attention from the western media in spite of them overthrowing a legitimately elected government, installing a US-backed neo-Nazi regime and now holding 20,000 strong neo-Nazi marches.

The message from the power-elite in the control of Western mass media seems to be clear: Nazis organizing in America are bad, but Nazis that help the US overthrow foreign governments are good and deserve funding from the US government.

This type of disconnect seems commonplace in US political discourse though. Islamic militants are vilified in the US media as terrorists – that is unless they are renamed “moderate rebels” and are armed and funded by the CIA in hope of overthrowing a government (think Syria).

What makes this dynamic even more fascinating is that the vilified American far-right white nationalist movement is far from the centers of governmental power and do not have anything close to a political/military organization capable of putting together, let alone overthrowing a government — as was done in Ukraine — yet the media salivates over the story. In contrast, Svoboda and Right Sector, two neo-Nazi groups firmly entrenched in the mainstream of Ukrainian politics, have vast control of Ukrainian political discourse after US-backing of their fascist coup in 2014.

The use of identity politics is a dangerously divisive tool that when employed offensively typically leads to civil strife within a targeted society. The United States actively funds and arms sectarian groups across the world in order to foment civil disorder – often as a precursor to a full-blown regime change operation utilizing local proxy forces.

Where is the outcry from Western pundits against U.S. support for a Ukrainian government that officially lionizes and glorifies individuals and groups that slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews and espouse an extremely anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric?

Clearly revealing the extreme propagandistic nature of Western media, recent minor protests in Moscow, which saw less than a thousand in attendance, were given vast coverage in the U.S. and other Western countries, while 20,000 neo-Nazis with torches, fascist symbols and giving the Nazi salute are ignored.

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Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/ten-of-thousands-of-real-nazis-march-silence/

Racist White Men Demand Muslim Cashier ‘Leave This Country,’ Push Over Man in Wheelchair on Fox’s ‘Star’

In the October 18 episode of Fox’s Star, titled “It Ain’t Over,” the paralyzed Black Lives Matter activist boyfriend of Alexandra (Ryan Destiny), Derek (Quincy Brown), is encouraged to stop moping around the house and get out to start living his life again. He musters up the courage to do so but it doesn’t end well.

A very frustrated Alex is at her wits end to get Derek back to living a somewhat normal life. She tells him he needs to do what he was doing before he was injured at a Black Lives Matter protest by encouraging him to attend a BLM meeting. Of course. Instead, he gets out in his wheelchair and goes to the store. As a fellow shopper is helping him retrieve an item off a high shelf, Derek hears an argument coming from the cashier and a customer.

The cashier is a Muslim woman in a hijab and the customer was a white man and his brother. In order to drive the point home that white men are racist, the older brother berates the cashier as she asks for his I.D. when he asks to purchase two packs of cigarettes. It went downhill from there.



Nick: Two packs of cigs and, uh, two packs of chew.
Soraya: Uh, can I see some I.D.?
Nick: You asking me for my I.D.? I’m an American. Where’s your damn I.D.?
Soraya: I don’t want any trouble. I just…
Nick: Shut up. I lost my damn job over some politically correct bull like this. You people taking everything from us. That Chinaman fired me…

Soraya: I didn’t take anything from you, and I suggest that you leave.
Nick: You leave this country. Leave something for my kid brother.
Derek: Hey, Yo. It’s time to get out of here. Come on.
Brother: Stay out of this, gimp.
Nick: Attaboy.
Derek: Hey, I said leave her alone, man. It ain’t no… Wh-what’s the issue? No!
Soraya: Hey!
Nick: Oh!
Soraya: Go! Get out! You all right? Can I do anything to help you? Sir.

So, there you go. White men blame a Muslim woman and a “Chinaman” for their personal problems. The stereotypes don’t get any lazier, do they? This is what liberals think the country has become under President Trump. Oh, brother. Instead of a feel-good scene as Derek gets the courage to be self-sufficient again, we are subjected to the social justice warrior’s victimization. What a shame.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/karen-townsend/2017/10/18/white-men-demand-muslim-cashier-leave-country-foxs-star