Venezuela Just Became First Country to Have Its Own Cryptocurrency and It’s Backed by Oil

Venezuela first tipped its hand at its intentions over the summer, when it appointed what we believe to be the world’s first “superintendent of cryptocurrency.”


The Venezuelan government has been saying for months that the Petro would be available for sale beginning Feb. 20. According to Bloomberg, it’ll be a few weeks – if not months – before we know anything about the cryptocurrency.

Developed in secret, the project was spearheaded by a 27-year-old blockchain engineer who, according to Bloomberg, earnestly believes in the power of crypto to rescue one of the world’s most repressive regimes from one of the worst economic disasters unfolding anywhere…

However, it turns out that the sale is the culmination of months of work, much of it done quietly by top bureaucrats loyal to Maduro. Working alongside them has been a 27-year-old Venezuelan technology entrepreneur named Gabriel Jimenez, who says he’s spent months helping develop the concept of the Petro and remains certain of its power to fix what ails Venezuela. “This is a lot more ambitious than just a cryptocurrency. It’s a project which I, along with a national and international team, have worked arduously to benefit this country,” says Jimenez. He says he hasn’t been paid for his work and will be compensated only in Petros if the token succeeds.

For the past seven months, Jimenez has been part of a government team working in secret in Caracas to study how cryptocurrencies could alleviate some of Venezuela’s deepest problems, including its recent lack of bank notes. Despite importing billions of banknotes, Venezuela’s worthless currency has struggled to keep up with quadruple-figure inflation that values the highest-denominated bill (100,000 bolivars) at just 50 cents. As a result, ATMs are empty across Caracas, and local banks limit customers to withdrawals equivalent to just a few cents a day.

Rather than build their own system from scratch, the Petro is built atop the ethereum blockchain. Venezuela’s petro team reportedly paid a visit to China, where People’s Bank of China is supervising crypto trials of its own.


Maduro’s near-daily updates about the status of the Petro were reportedly a headache for the team of engineers, who had to talk him out of setting the initial price close to the present value of a barrel of oil.

Maduro’s spontaneous, running commentary on the Petro during his near-daily television appearances has caused headaches for the Petro team, which must constantly change the currency’s parameters or speed up work to fit the president’s latest ideas, according to two people with the project. For example, in December, when Maduro announced that virtual exchange houses were in a trial stage, they were just being programmed, two people familiar with the work said.

During a speech in early January, Maduro mentioned a $60 price per Petro, roughly the current value of a barrel of oil. Some on the team disagreed, saying it was too high and warning that early volatility in the currency could bring huge losses to initial buyers. In the end, a series of decreasing discounts was set in place that mean only 24 million Petros (of a total of 100 million) will cost the full price. Under this system, earlier buyers will be rewarded with a better price.

Venezuela also hosted a cryptocurrency forum last year and invited several high-profile cryptocurrency experts. However, all three of the invitees later refused to endorse the government’s “technical specs” for the Petro.

At the event, Evercoin exchange founder Miko Matsumura, digital-currency attorney Carol Van Cleef, and Bitcoin Center NYC founder Nick Spanos praised the idea of an open currency and a transparent marketplace, according to people familiar with the event.

Yet afterward, all three stopped short of signing onto the government’s technical specs for the Petro, enshrined in a white paper that has circulated among the top levels of Maduro’s government and has, over time, become more and more a political document infused with socialist doctrine.

To fuel demand, the government guarantees that it will accept the Petro as payment for taxes and fees. It has also said it will seek to promote the Petro abroad.

President Maduro was quoted as saying in a launch announcement:

Petro is born and we are going to have a total success for the welfare of Venezuela… The largest and most important companies and blockchain in the world are with Venezuela, we are going to sign agreements.”

And it appears the Maduro government was successful in securing buyers. After trip to Dubai, Maduro announced Tuesday that 40 million Petros (out of an offering size of 100 million) had already been placed with institutional investors, leaving the administration wide latitude to offer discounts and other enticements (no word yet on whether Goldman Sachshas already signed on). Members of the public won’t be able to buy their Petros for another month.


While it’s unconventional, after the US adopted a ban on trading in Venezuelan debt in August, the country has been effectively shut out of global debt markets. Some see the Petro as a potentially illegal way to circumvent these restrictions.

Already, US politicians are trying to subject the Petro to the same sanctions affecting other Venezuelan assets. Last month, US Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez urged US Treasury Department Secretary Steven Mnuchin “to outline the department’s enforcement mechanisms and efforts to combat the Maduro regime’s plans to use cryptocurrencies to evade U.S. sanctions.”

“Maduro has proven that he will use every tool at his disposal to perpetuate his authoritarian objectives, including financial lifelines from Russia and China. As such, we are concerned that a cryptocurrency could provide Maduro a mechanism by which to make payments to foreign lenders and bondholders in the United States, actions that would clearly thwart the intent of U.S.-imposed sanctions,” the Senators wrote.

According to Reuters, the Petro has already attracted investments from Turkey, Qatar, Europe and even the US, according to the country’s cryptocurrency regulator (obviously not the most reliable source when it comes to this).

Tsvetana Paraskova, an analyst at, said few expect the Petro to bring real benefits either to Venezuela’s ravaged economy or its people, who are still suffering from a shortage of basic necessities, as the IMF expects inflation to rise 13,000% this year

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Сross-country skiing: Yulia Belorukova & Alexander Bolshunov win two medals for OAR

Belorukova finished third in the women’s classic race, winning the first medal for the OAR cross-country skiing team at the 2018 PyeongChang Games. Just minutes later, two-time world junior champion Bolshunov achieved the same result in the men’s sprint.


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In a Blow to Drug Warriors: San Francisco To Open Country’s First Heroin Injection Site


This week it was announced that that the city of San Francisco will likely have the country’s first authorized heroin injection site. The San Francisco Department of Public Health unanimously voted to allow an injection site to be opened in the city.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 63,000 people in the US have died from a drug overdose in 2016, with that figure growing each year. A report published by the city’s Safe Injection Services Task Force noted that at least 100 of those people were in the city of San Francisco.

In other cities where Heroin is a major issue, such as Seattle and Baltimore, local organizations are pushing for the opening of safe injection sites, but the local government in San Francisco seems to be moving a bit faster in authorizing these facilities.

Laura Thomas, the California state director for the nonprofit Drug Policy Alliance told FOX59 that these types of facilities have had incredible results throughout the world.

“I’m really excited, I’ve been working on this particular issue for over a decade. There are over 120 of these around the world at this point, and they all operate on the same basic idea. You show up; you check in; you use your drugs; you hang out for a while, interact with the staff and then go on your way,” Thomas said.

“One of the biggest supervised injection facilities in the world — certainly in North America — is Insite in Vancouver, British Columbia. There’s a nurse’s station in the middle of the room that has all of the syringes, sterile supplies that they may need, and then they go through the usual process of preparing their drugs and injecting them, all under the supervision of trained staff. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that San Francisco has prioritized the health, safety and well-being of its residents over state or federal law. Times have changed. The biggest threats we’re seeing aren’t crack houses in urban neighborhoods but overdose deaths and people injecting on the streets,” she added.

It seems obvious that addicts would be safer using their drugs in a clinical setting instead of on the streets, so medical teams are on standby in case something goes wrong. These facilities can also act as gateways into treatment for some addicts. Being surrounded by healthcare professionals on a regular basis may help push addicts in a positive direction toward recovery.

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell believes that this is one of the best chances that the city has at reducing overdoses.

“I understand the misgivings around it and some of the rhetoric from people who don’t support it, but we absolutely need to give it a try,” Farrell said.

Heroin is one of the most hated drugs on the face of the planet, many of us have lost friends, loved ones and family members to heroin addiction, and it leads us to the conclusion that “something must be done” to stop it.

Sadly, this “something” usually comes in the form of fines, arrests, prison time and other hardcore police state tactics. However, these tactics have proven that they do not work because it has been a serious issue for over 50 years and things have only gotten worse. The drugs have gotten dirtier and more dangerous, and the black market has gotten more violent, as the prison time associated with these drugs has continued to climb.

Heroin addiction is a serious problem, but as counter-intuitive as it sounds, the best way to prevent heroin overdoses is to actually legalize it. Certain areas of the world, like Portugal, where all drugs have been decriminalized, there are far fewer overdoses than there are in prohibition countries. The Washington Post reported that drug overdoses are extremely rare in Portugal, and they have some of the lowest rates of addiction in the world.

People have the impression that under drug legalization, things would just be out of control and drug addicts would be addicts everywhere, but this is not what actually happens.

Currently, under the state of prohibition that most of the world experiences, the treatment, and help that addicts receive is severely limited, mostly to punishments and highly regulated inpatient and outpatient programs. In an environment of prohibition, the strategy is punishment instead of harm reduction, which is actually a much more humane, realistic and effective way of handling serious social problems like heroin addiction.

Examples of harm reduction tactics would be needle exchange programs, drug testing kits at raves, or supervised safe injection sites, just to name a few. Teaching condom use for sexual education, instead of abstinence is another example of how harm prevention is applied to other social issues.

As the war on marijuana dies down, police are seeking to turn their attention on heroin so they can still continue to generate income off of helpless drug users. Although, many community workers and addiction counselors are starting to realize that police state tactics are not the solution.

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What the Release of the Memo Tells Us About Our Country


This is one those moments when a picture is worth a thousand words.


The memo is out and the moral indignation expressed by Fox News and the Republican Party is so fake, that I can barely keep my breakfast down. Hypocrisy rules the day.

There are no surprises in the memo, it read exactly like I knew it would. In fact, I was disappointed in some respects, because my investigations and the investigations of my Independent Media colleagues were more complete than the so-called memo. If the Republicans were smart, and they aren’t, they would have had several Independent Media types acting as consultants and you would not have had just a four page summary, you would have had a volume of books. But thank God for small favors, at least the unaware members of the public can see that the members of the Independent Media are much more than a pack of conspiracy theorists and delusional wannabe journalists. In fact, a former academia colleague told me “I was glad to see that some of your conspiracy theories are true”. I really had to clench my fist to keep the middle finger from emerging.

This article, in part, will examine the reactions to the memo. It is my hope that the American people will begin to see that we are not fighting for our country based on political, social and economic isssues. We are fighting against abject evil which is intent on destroying everything that is good and they are doing their best to destroy America, Christianity and the family. But first, a word about political parties.

I don’t care much for political parties. They remind me of gang warfare. We have the Democrips and the Republicbloods. In gang warfare, the welfare of the community be damned, it is all about protecting one’s turf. And the so-called turf is about maintaining their illegitimate business opportunities. It is the same in gang warfare as it is in political parties.

Gangster related drive-by-shootings produce stray bullets that kill innocent people. Today’s political parties do the same thing. The country be damned, it is only about protecting one’s turf and if a few people get hurt, so be it!

In today’s political climate, the Republicbloods have discovered that appearing to do the right thing has political capital because the general public is fed up. However, don’t be deceived, Al Capone was the first to form breadlines and soup kitchens during the Depression in order to gather favor and support from the public.

The Democrips are working from a paradigm that is outdated and is based on the philosophy that “if enough handouts are provided, we can do whatever else we want including murder and child sex trafficking (ie Seth Rich and John Podesta, respectively)”. How else could one explain a political party that would tolerate someone like the Clintons, their serial criminality including the long trail of bodies?  Don’t forget about Nancy Pelosi. She is the ultimate mafia whore who defends the “Godfather” at all costs. Every time I see here prune face on CNN, I become nauseated. But the Republicbloods also have John McCain and Lindsay Graham and don’t forget about the Bush’s who start wars of occupation that murder millions of innocent people. And all of the aforementioned cast of gangsters are traitors to the Republic. As a teenager might say, “Political Parties such, really suck”. Therefore if the country permanently aligns with the Republicans, we gain nothing.

It is important to realize that the memo was the result of a bipartisan investigation. The Democrats enjoyed equal participation and helped write the memo. The Democrats were fine with the content of the memo so long as the classified material did not become public where the general public could see the blatant criminality of the people connected to the Obama administration, all Democrats. The moment that there was discussion of making the contents public, the Democrats claimed this was a corrupt GOP investigation only. I even heard the moron, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), tell CNN that the Russians had infiltrated the House Intelligence Committee and they were responsible for the conclusions of the memo. And if that was not bad enough, Adam Shiff (for brains) said “the only reason that the public wanted to know the contents of the memo is because they were being influenced by the Russian bots and trolls that control our internet!”

The release of the memo confirms what we already know to be true about the FBI. Although the villianous J. Edgar Hoover is dead, the present day FBI, stemming from the leadership of Robert Mueller and James Comey, have managed to maintain the criminal enterprise nature of the Bureau. I have a long-term friend at the FBI and this person said the FBI should be shut down, everyone fired and then hire back only the most trustworthy and competent.

The memo confirms the legitmacy of the belief that organized criminal cartels run this country. And yes my fellow Americans, Bill and Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and the leadership of the DNC along with Obama and his top level administrators all have their hands dirty and the work of the Independent Media has been validated.

If we lived in a total bannana republic, all of the aformentioned criminals would be taken out and shot. If we were a virtuous society, we would put these people on trial and send them to prison for the rest of their lives. However, nothing is going to happen. Hillary Clinton will continue to run for President so long as she’s alive.

Why will nothing happen? Nothing will happen because the Republicans and Fox News have already achieved their respective goals. The Republicbloods have smeared the Democrips and improved their 2018 midterm election position. Fox News appears more honest than the Democratic mouthpiece, CNN.


For now the war is over,  only the dust is settling back to earth and all will eventually be forgiven. Nobody of prominence will go to jail. This is why I belong to one political party, the party of eternal life, the party of ultimate justice and fair play, I belong to the party of Jesus Christ.

By the way, I wonder how long it will be until the Democrips investigate Jesus Christ? After all, isn’t the Son of God Homophobic, Islamophobic and a product of white privilege?


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Trump Says It Will Be Hard To Unify Country Without A ‘Major Event’

Trump Says It Will Be Hard To Unify Country Without A ‘Major Event’

February 2nd, 2018

Via: PBS:

Hours before his first State of the Union, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to unite the country amid “tremendous divisiveness� and hopes he can do so without a traumatic event affecting Americans.

Trump spoke about creating a more united country during a lunch with a number of television news anchors. Trump said the United States has long been divided, including during the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton. Trump also said that Americans usually come together during times of suffering.

“I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,� Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.�



2 Responses to “Trump Says It Will Be Hard To Unify Country Without A ‘Major Event’”

  1. prov6yahoo Says:

    Blowing up the Super Bowl?

  2. cryingfreeman Says:

    Anyone else feel it would be a mushroom shaped event?


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Re: Moroccan socialist party calls for country’s withdrawal from Saudi-led military operations in Yemen

Morocco’s Unified Socialist Party has called for the country’s withdrawal from the Saudi-led military coalition that has been fighting Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militias.

The party added in the concluding statement of its fourth congress, held in Rabat, that Morocco should not get involved in any such military interventions.

These steps could tarnish Morocco’s reputation and standing, according to the party’s statement.

Read: Saudi-led coalition to give $1.5 bln in Yemen aid, expand port capacity

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Bernie Sanders denounces 'outrageous' Trump ad as 'so sad for our country'

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., condemned a new advertisement from President Trump’s reelection campaign that blamed Democrats for the deaths of any U.S. citizens at the hands of undocumented immigrants as “so sad for our country.”

The advertisement, titled “Complicit,” was released on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, and hours into the government shutdown that resulted from the unresolved standoff over immigration reform. “Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants,” the ad says.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning, Sanders said it was “really unbelievable” that the president of the United States would say “such nonsense” and make “such outrageous statements.”

Sanders is calling for the government to reopen as soon as possible, but said he will not vote for any funding bill that does not help people previously protected from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which Trump ended in September. The Trump administration has accused liberals like Sanders of “holding lawful citizens hostage over their demands for amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate cited polls by CNN and CBS that found that a majority of Americans believe that the so-called “Dreamers,” who came into the United States illegally as children, should be given a chance to obtain legal status.

“They need a path towards citizenship. That’s not my view. That is the overwhelming view of the American people. Then you see a president put stuff like that on the air trying to divide us up, trying to foment hatred?  It is — it is really sad,” Sanders told CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Sanders strongly criticized the administration’s threat to deport the roughly 800,000 young people protected by the Obama-era executive action. “Let me say this,” he said. “If we allow Trump to get away with what he did — and that is, repeal the executive order on DACAs — and if these 800,000 people, young people, are subjected to deportation, this will be one of the ugliest stains in the history of the United States.”

The advertisement, however, does not specifically address the DACA issue. The short video focuses on Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican citizen living illegally in the United States, who murdered two Sacramento police officers in 2014, to justify Trump’s proposed immigration policies: building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, deporting criminals and stopping illegal immigration.

When asked if Sanders would be willing to vote for the construction of a border wall if Republicans offered a pathway to citizenship for the “dreamers,” he said, “It’s something — look, I think the wall was a great idea in the 15th century, when the Chinese built the Great China Wall. I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense now. But I’m willing to sit down in a room and do what the American people want.” Sanders then reiterated his belief that American voters favor making it possible for the Dreamers to become citizens.

Related video:

Read more from Yahoo News:

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Dems are "anti-dreamers" who put Americans LAST: The #SchumerShutdown is punishment for daring to love your country

Image: Dems are “anti-dreamers” who put Americans LAST: The #SchumerShutdown is punishment for daring to love your country

(Natural News)
It’s now clear from the ongoing #SchumerShutdown that Democrats put Americans last when it comes to priorities. By refusing to contribute to the 60 votes needed in the U.S. Senate to pass the Continuing Resolution for government funding, Democrats are effectively holding Americans hostage while demanding citizenship for illegal aliens (“undocumented immigrants”) who came to this country illegally.

These illegal immigrants are “dreamers,” according to the Democrats. In other words, Americans aren’t allowed to have dreams. Only people from other countries, apparently, are supposed to be able to dream while Americans are shoved aside by cruel Democrats. Never mind the fact that up to 75% of households on welfare are immigrants living on government subsidies which are ultimately paid by American taxpayers. (Yes, the real dream of many “dreamers” is to live off the welfare state while claiming victimhood status…)

Democrats have even thrown U.S. soldiers to the dogs, cutting off military funding in their callous bid to demand amnesty. But it’s a huge tactical mistake, explains New Gingrich:

“[T]he Democrats made a huge mistake because what they should have done was pass the defense appropriations bill for the whole year — get it off the table, don’t threaten the men and women in uniform and their families,’ Gingrich told John Catsimatidis, host New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable.” “Instead, they stumbled into a situation where the Schumer shutdown cuts off funding for the American military on behalf of trying to get a deal for 700,000 people who entered the U.S. illegally.”

Democrats cannot maintain power unless the voting masses are impoverished and living on government entitlements

Democrats, of course, need more illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship so they will vote for more Democrats. The Democrat party, astonishingly, has become the “pro-poverty” party that depends on increasing numbers of impoverished, uneducated citizens living on entitlement handouts promised by “progressives” in Washington.

No wonder California is now the most impoverished state in the U.S. Yes, you read that correctly: California now has more poverty than Mississippi, Louisiana or Arizona. That’s because it’s run by Democrats whose very success in office depends on open border, a massive welfare state and unlimited benefits for illegals. California Democrats are so dedicated to this model of electoral “success” — poverty, welfare and open borders — that the state is now automatically registering illegal aliens to vote when they receive driver’s licenses.

Under the guidance of President Trump, the GOP passed a revolutionary tax reform bill that has already seen over a quarter of trillion dollars in corporate profits pledged for repatriation back into the United States. And that’s from just one company: Apple. When you combine the pledges of other large corporations who are moving factories back to the United States, the job creation, federal tax revenues and employee take-home pay benefits are nothing short of astonishing. While President Obama wagged his finger at Americans and told them the “golden years” of a strong U.S. economy were over, President Trump is reviving the economic powerhouse that made America great in the first place. That economic abundance has already been directly experienced by millions of Americans receiving income bonuses and lowered tax rates thanks to the tax reform bill.

Economic abundance is the death warrant for Democrats

This economic success, of course, threatens the Democrats by creating opportunities for individual Americans to raise themselves out of poverty and experience prosperity and freedom. And that’s a signed death warrant for Democrats, who can only survive when the masses are impoverished, helpless, victimized and wholly dependent on big government to cover their basic living costs (while telling them what to think, what to eat, how to think and so on). Hence the need to bring an unlimited stream of illegal aliens into the United States, mostly from impoverished nations that were, not surprisingly, economically gutted by left-leaning economic policies in the first place. (Venezuela, anyone?)

In essence, the Democrats want to turn America into a Mexico, or a Venezuela, or even a Cuba. Destitute populations demand big government “solutions” that favor power-hungry Democrats, while self-empowered people who lift themselves out of poverty quickly come to realize that high taxation and big government only crushes the real dreams of innovation, employment and entrepreneurship. Effectively, Democrats crush human dreams and demand submission, victimization and economic servitude, while President Trump is working diligently to get the government out of the way, allowing human dreams and innovation to take flight.

Democrats, in essence, want to turn America into a nation of impoverished masses on government welfare benefits. Republicans want a nation of self-reliant, capable citizens who succeed precisely because government is kept out of the way with lower taxes, less onerous regulation and reduced government interventions in the lives of individuals. Which America would you rather see succeed?

The real “dreamers” are American citizens who want to achieve prosperity

The real “dreamers,” it turns out, are the Americans who desperately wish to achieve prosperity. And it is precisely those dreamers who are targeted and punished by the Democrats in their quest to crush the human spirit and install themselves as power brokers over the impoverished masses.

Democrats are the anti-dreamers. They are the tyrants who crush dreams and sideline Americans while openly attempting to see America overrun with welfare-collecting illegals who just so happen to vote for more Democrats. This is exactly why Republicans need to find whatever courage is necessary to resist the Democrats’ engineered occupation of America with impoverished illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom have never “paid their fair share of taxes” as the Democrats like to say. If any undocumented immigrants are to be granted citizenship in a negotiation, it should be strictly limited to those who have a tax ID number and have been working jobs and paying into the system for at least the last five years (yes, many of those people exist, and they are arguably hard-working people who deserve a shot at full citizenship as part of a deal that builds the wall).

Everybody else should be sent packing. America is not your free welfare state. America is not your drug-running playground. America is not your sugar daddy, your crime spree zone or your land of free health care for non-citizens. It’s time for you to go, and it’s time for America to defend its borders and stop the parasitic exploitation of entitlement benefits by illegals who flat-out refuse to contribute to society.

America needs a merit-based immigration system that welcomes those who contribute to our nation

Build the wall. Deport the welfare illegals. Call out the shameless Democrats for their #SchumerShutdown. And when it comes time to welcome hard-working new immigrants to America, make sure it’s a merit-based system that welcomes those who seek to be “true dreamers” by following the American dream of hard work, self-responsibility and abiding by the laws of the land.

Watch this brutally honest ad to understand more:





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Furor in Italy after politician says the country’s “white race” is in danger


An interview with Italian Lega Nord politician Attilio Fontana, about mass migration on Radio Padania, has rocked the country:

“We cannot (accept them) because we don’t all fit, so we have to make choices.. We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society, should continue to exist or if it should be wiped out”.

He added “it is not a matter of being xenophobic or racist, but a matter of being logical and rational”.

After his statements were published by the press, Fontana felt compelled to back down and clarify. He said, “It was a slip, an expressive error”, but it was already too late because the case has exploded in the country’s national media.

Varese politician Samu Astuti, compared Fontana with his Lega Nord party leader Matteo Salvini and with the “worst xenophobic right”. A politician of the M5S party said Fontana “should clean up his party [of corruption] instead of worrying about immigration”.

So saying you wanna survive and not go extinct, as white people… is racist…….. ok, no further explanations required. Its obvious now, these globalist monsters truly wanna kill us. If they see our wish to survive as “racist” then its obvious. They want us gone. I can understand saying its racist when someone would talk with hate about other races but Attilio Fontana never said anything hateful.

He only said that white people will go extinct if they continue accepting immigrants, and its true, only a retard would say its not true. If you send enough red ants to invade a black ant nest, can you say that the black ants will not go extinct? Can you say they will both coexist in the same nest forever and ever, dancing kumbaya?? Same with us humans Attilio didn’t bad mouth the other races, he just said he wants us to survive… and those globalist evil monsters say that saying this is “racist”.

But Fontana received some support as well. Not surprisingly from his party leader Matteo Salvini, who said that his country is under attack and its future is at risk. He did add that the color of the skin has nothing to do with that, but the real danger is to underestimate the Islamization of the country.

In two years, more than 300,000 migrants have entered Italy: 181,436 in 2016 and 119,310 in 2017.



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