New Copyright Law Could Make Current and Future Internet Memes Illegal to Share


Posting memes, remixes, and other similar content could soon be banned from the web in the European Union, according to critics who are speaking out against a recently proposed copyright law.

The law, known as the “Copyright Directive,” will be voted on later this month by the European Parliament, and lawmakers suggest that this will protect content creators in the internet age. However, one of the primary reasons why the internet age has brought us so much innovation and novelty is because of the fact that such a large aggregate of people are able to share their ideas and build upon the ideas of others to create something uniquely special.

Article 13 of the proposed bill calls on platform providers such as Google, Facebook, and web hosts to “take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rights-holders for the use of their works”.

This type of policy would create a slippery slope that could very quickly lead to a situation where platforms are required to add a filter for the content that is shared through them, which will restrict the ability for creators to do something as simple as creating a meme or a remix of a song.

When the law was first suggested, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and 56 other civil society organizations sent an open letter to European lawmakers, warning of the possible implications of this law.

The letter reads:

“Article 13 introduces new obligations on internet service providers that share and store user-generated content, such as video or photo-sharing platforms or even creative writing websites, including obligations to filter uploads to their services. Article 13 appears to provoke such legal uncertainty that online services will have no other option than to monitor, filter and block EU citizens’ communications if they are to have any chance of staying in business. …

Article 13 would force these companies to actively monitor their users’ content, which contradicts the “no general obligation to monitor” rules in the Electronic Commerce Directive. The requirement to install a system for filtering electronic communications has twice been rejected by the Court of Justice, in the cases Scarlet Extended (C 70/10) and Netlog/Sabam (C 360/10). Therefore, a legislative provision that requires internet companies to install a filtering system would almost certainly be rejected by the Court of Justice because it would contravene the requirement that a fair balance be struck between the right to intellectual property on the one hand, and the freedom to conduct business and the right to freedom of expression, such as to receive or impart information, on the other.”

Last week, Jim Killock, executive director of the UK’s Open Rights Group, told the BBC that “Article 13 will create a ‘Robo-copyright’ regime, where machines zap anything they identify as breaking copyright rules, despite legal bans on laws that require ‘general monitoring’ of users to protect their privacy. Unfortunately, while machines can spot duplicate uploads of Beyonce songs, they can’t spot parodies, understand memes that use copyright images, or make any kind of cultural judgment about what creative people are doing. We see this all too often on YouTube already.”

Add to that, the EU wants to apply the Robocop approach to extremism, hate speech, and anything else they think can get away with, once they put it in place for copyright. This would be disastrous,” Killock added.

Intellectual property is often sold as a legal measure to protect artists from scammers who may attempt to replicate their brand, but more often than not these types of legal avenues are taken advantage of by opportunists and exploited by publishers to the detriment of truly creative people. In the past, it was nearly impossible to implement such control over the internet, but now with complicated algorithms and the compliance of silicon valley tech companies, freedom on the internet is under constant threats.

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DASH digital cash takes the control the banking elite has over money and gives it back to the people. It is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the money changers and information controllers.

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Not Kilauea but Yellowstone Could End All Life On the Planet

The danger from Kilauea is significant and potentially imminent. However, the threat from Kilauea pales in comparison to Yellowstone, the world’s largest super volcano. Yellowstone has the potential to end all life on the planet, except for those fortunate enough to find sanctuary underground.

As scientists continue to tell the public not to worry, the largest geyser in Yellowstone has just gone off for the ninth time. The geyser is quiet for years at a time, but scientists are now saying a change is in place.

Perhaps, William Engdahl was on to something when he previously published the fact that the elite had buried a seed vault in the Arctic and that the elite are planning for some unspecified disaster. An underground seed vault is exactly what humans would need to survive the resulting nuclear winter arising from any potential Yellowstone massive explosion. Yet, the existence of a seed vault does not necessarily have any relationship to a super volcanic explosion, or does it? In order to properly address that specific concern, scientists would need to look at the data with regard to seismic, volcanic activity at Yellowstone.

One of the principles that I learned in my geology class as an undergrad, is that it is a mistake to consider a geological events in isolation. For example, a large earthquake could trigger a devastating tsunami and we saw evidence of that exact event on many occasions, but most prominently, in Malaysia in 2004 where hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives under these exact conditions.

Are the volcanos of the world “waking up”? It would appear that this is an accurate description. The traditional “Ring of Fire” emanating from 19.5 latitutde (click here to understand the significance of this latitutde to both seismic and volcanic activity).

Are these earthquakes threatening a large number of lives? Kilauea is is already posing extreme danger for the people of the Hawaiian Islands.

360 More Quakes At Kilauea Volcano In Last 24 Hours

At Least 700 Homes Now Destroyed By Lava Flows

Lava Sparks Winter Weather Advisory On Big Island

See How Much Lava Hawaii Eruption Has Produced

Lava Is Still Ripping Through Hawaii As The
Kilauea Volcano Continues To Erupt

A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion  

Tsunami Risk Rises- Kilauea Entering a Permanent State of Eruption

Then of course, we have the deadly Guatemalan volcanic eruption. Additionally, the Philippines experienced a major earthquake as well at precisely 19.5 latitude.

As if these events were not threatening enough, we need to consider what Hyperdimensional physics says is going on with sesimic activity and related volcanic threats. In yesterday’s article, the 19.5 latitutde was discussed in terms of greatly increased seismic activity. What we are seeing at Yellowstone is a secondary reaction to the Ring of Fire.

A MAJOR tectonic shift beneath the Yellowstone Supervolcano has been detected, sparking fears of a massive eruption that could cause widespread devastation across the planet. The danger for an extinction level event is no longer theory, geological developments are indicative tha the region is moving in that direction. 

Multiple earthquakes at the National Park followed by multiple eruptions of its usually dormant geyser has led to speculation about the planet’s largest supervolcano.

The supervolcano occupies a secondary position on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is responsible for earthquake and volcanic activity along the Pacific Ocean, most recently including Hawaii and Indonesia.

For years, I have followed the work of New York University theoretical physics professor, Michio Kaku, and his Superstring Theory related to the fact that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe. Since the passing of Carl Sagan, Dr. Kaku is wearing the hat of America’s most prominent scientist.It is safe to say that when Kaku speaks, scientists listen. And lately, he has been speaking about the threat that is the Yellowstone super volcano.

Much to my chagrin, Kaku is on the record of having stated that the super volcano event at Yellowstone would be an extinction level event (ELE).

In the following video, Kaku states that the volcano could erupt at anytime and the earth would no longer support life. Kaku went on to say that the United States would be covered in several feet of volcanic ash. The aerial debris would block out the sun, thus creating nuclear winter and all plant life would die. When all plant life dies, all mammals will soon die as well, mostly from starvation.

Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 years and we are 40,000 years overdue. Kaku goes on to say that the Yellowstone explosion will undoubtedly be an ELE and it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In the accompanying video, Kaku speaks to the fact that the ground at Yellowstone has risen dramatically in the past few years, thus increasing the danger of a massive explosion.

neHow much of a “nudge” would it take to push this whole scenario over the edge?

Take a look at the initial projected ash cloud dispersion, immediately after the volcanic explosion.

Yellowstone Ash map

We are witnessing the most major shift in a potential ELE in recorded history. Today’s threat makes Pompeii look like child’s play. Are we on the verge of mankind’s most major threat since the last ice age? It would appear so, however, nobody can accurately estimate a time frame of events because the planet is in uncharted waters. There is a reason that our written history is only 6,000 years old. The last ice age is about 10,000 years old. These two events may be related.

As cited in yesterday’s article on Hyperdimensional physics, this volcanic activity is likely tied to a pole shift which will lead to an all-out ice age. However, Yellowstone would likely kill more people than a new ice age.





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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at 






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Trump Could Be America’s Best President Ever-One Thing Stands In His Way

Former CIA clandestine officer, Robert David Steele, stated on “The Common Sense Show radio broadcast, that Donald Trump could go down in history as the greatest President  ever…..but there are some obstacles.” The wisdom of his words escaped me in the immediate moment. I have always seen the potential in Donald Trump’s leadership and I have seen him pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. However, the greatest President ever? In the aftermath of the false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, and the President’s ill-advisedre action, I did not see it. This morning, and despite my hesitancy in supporting some of the President’s recent actions and questionable appointments, I must agree with Steele. However, I am going to provide a caveat to Steele’s bold statement later in the article.

When FDR was elected in the dark days of the Depression, he promised big changes in the “First Hundred Days”. Much of what FDR tried to do was struck down by the Supreme Court. When we compare what President Trump has done in his first 17 months, he has “out-accomplished” every President in American history. And he has done so in the face of a hostile media and the shadow Deep State government opposing his every move.

The following Trump accomplishments are not meant to be a complete and exhaustive list of the President’s many triumphs in his first 17 months in office. Rather, this is a cross-section of my perceptions of his many accomplishments in a very short amount of time.

  1. President Trump’s ability to bring the leader of North Korea to the peace table is remarkable and I am having trouble finding the words in expressing my admiration on how he has taken America from the brink of war, that would have cost millions of innocent lives, to one of peace. North Korea will soon have the ability to take their place among the nations of the world in terms of diplomatic relations and trade. Their people will economically benefit and the NK regime will lose their need to be militarily aggressive because heretofore, the military was NK’s only real industry. I agree with former President Carter, Donald Trump could and should win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  2. By bringing NK to the peace table, the President has neutered China’s main military stooge and henchman. China needs NK to be the bad guy so they don’t get their hands dirty. However, China is on the verge of having to do, and be exposed for, doing their own dirty work. Further, moving NK away from China, militarily, changes the balance of power in the region.
  3. I have  looked high and low and I cannot find one instance of President Trump engaging in an act of racism, desite the media’s allegations to the contrary. In fact, my review of Trump’s actions in this area reflects a President, who cares deeply for providing opportunities for people who have had difficulty in the past. There is one thing that the liars from CNN and the propaganda artists from the Democratic Party cannot take away from Donald Trump, in 17 months, he has overseen the highest Black employment rate in American history. I am not proud of my nation’s bouts of racism (eg slavery and treatmentof Native Americans), however, this is now a different era and it is time to turn the page and embrace new opportunities for all people. What I am most proud of is that this President is not color blind. He sees the need for intervention in our inner cities with regard to economic intervention. He has quietly set up mentoring programs, at Federal expense, in our urban neighborhoods. He seeks to empower Black Americans, not keep them on the Democratic Party’s Plantation system of welfare which in the long term, kills individual initiative and hope. Trump is providing opportunity where there was none. Black voters support of Trump has grown from 11% to nearly 25%. I have had many Blacks write to me and thank me for supporting a spirit of empowerment among Black youth, in particular. Although I am appreciative of these comments, I have done nothing but observe. Trump is doing all the work.
  4. In the recent G-7 conference, Trump was outnumbered 6-1. Everyone from Merkel, to Marcon to  terrorist George Soros, stated that Trump was interfering with the mandates of the New World Order. Many mainstream media outlets published the G6’s comments about Trump’s outdated populism views as a bad thing and that Trump needed to get on board with the new way of thinking. I was cheering for Trump’s defiance, as you should be cheering. Trump, while outnumbered, is facing the enemies of America and has won many important battles. Trump, by his actions, told the globalist G6 puppets of the New World Order “to go to Hell”. The G6 wants to collapse all national boundaries and they want the US to fund the installation of the New World Order. In other words, we Americans are supposed to pay for own demise and Trump said no. Through the elimination of the TPP and modifying other trade agreements, Trump is putting Americans back to work. Our manufacturing is being revived because of his trade policies while the rest of the world seeks to destroy our country, economically.

I have only scratched the surface of Trump’s accomplishments. Yet, as I previously stated there is one very big caveat that stands in the way of Trump being a great President. And that caveat is the fact that Trump comes nowhere close to controlling the narrative with the American people who are still in a political coma and believe everything they see on CNN.

For people who are 45 or younger, 70% of the news that they see, is digital. In other words, and very disturbingly to the Christian, conservative world view, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube, and their illegal censorship policies are being successful in keeping much of America in the dark.

In order to continue his accomplishments, Trump needs to be delivered a Republican House and Senate in the Midterm elections. This will require a free press. This is a pre-condition to the restoration of America. Trump’s continued successes have two major hurdles: (1) Rampant voter fraud led by millions of illegal aliens being allowed to vote, and vote Democratic; and, (2) The nearly total blackout of pro-Trump activism and successes in the media, particularily in the social media.

In short, the illlegal censorship policies practiced by social media, as described by Senator Ted Cruz, is the single biggest impediment to Making America Great Again. And unfortunately, President Trump seems oblivious to this point. In Part Two of this series, I will be outlining a plan of action to neuter social media and return the First Amendment to the people.

If we are not successful, a Hillary Clinton-type will be occupying the White House in 2020 and most of us knows exactly what that will mean.






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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at 



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Could corporate action help boost ‘flexitarianism’?

Earlier this week, when I wrote about Ikea’s impressive new sustainability push, I noted that it was cool to see a commitment to more plant-centric eating among the more traditional clean energy, efficiency and waste goals we are used to from corporate responsibility efforts.

What’s interesting, however, is that Ikea are not alone. From Sonic’s half-beef, half-mushroom burger to White Castle’s Impossible Slider, a growing number of companies appear to be recognizing the goal of reducing meat consumption as being just another logical action point in a quest for more sustainable practices.

A few more examples that recently caught my eye:

Alongside promoting a ‘climate positive’ burger—complete with ambitious offsets that stretch beyond ‘net zero’—Fast Company reports that Swedish burger chain Max Burger is also committed to growing its plant-based food options> In fact, sales have increased 900% in the past two years. (The chain is also on track to ensure that every other meal will be made from something other than beef by 2022.)

The Guardian reports that UK supermarket Sainsbury’s is also looking to reach beyond the committed vegans, by selling realistic meat analogs (specifically burgers and ground ‘beef’ from Danish supplier Naturli) in the chiller right alongside actual animal-based meats. While it may seem like a small step, I do think there’s something to be said about not separating plant-based options into their own, specialist niche—they are, after all, a suitable and more healthy option for all of us consumers, whether or not we are ready to go 100% vegan.

And finally, KFC’s UK arm is, apparently, also experimenting with a plant-based version of its famous fried chicken recipe. No word about if or when it’s likely to come to the States though. Also no word on what this mystery ‘chicken’ will be made of.

None of these initiatives are, by themselves, going to change the world. But if cutting out meat and dairy really is the single biggest thing we can do for a more sustainable planet, then we need as many people as possible starting down that path. Call me a cynic, but I think we have a lot more hope—at least initially—of convincing the general public to eat less meat and dairy, than we do of an overnight switch to living 100% vegan. Meeting people where they are—especially in fast food eateries with highly processed meat—seems like a winning scenario for beginning to cut back on society’s excessive consumption of animal products.

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What Could Go Wrong? U.S. Army Planning to Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots on Battlefield by 2028


Washington, D.C. – United States Army Secretary Mark Esper recently revealed that the military has a strategic vision of utilizing autonomous and semi-autonomous unmanned vehicles on the battlefield by 2028.

“I think robotics has the potential of fundamentally changing the character of warfare. And I think whoever gets there first will have a unique advantage on the modern battlefield,” Esper said during a Brookings Institute event.

“My ambition is by 2028, to begin fielding autonomous and certainly semi-autonomous vehicles that can fight on the battlefield,” he added. “Fight, sustain us, provide those things we need and we’ll continue to evolve from there.”

In a preview of the U.S. Army’s strategic vision, released on June 6, Esper said the integration of these forces would become a critical strategic component, quoting from the document:

“The Army of 2028 will be able to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime, and anywhere … through the employment of modern manned and unmanned ground combat systems aircraft, sustainment systems and weapons.”

When Esper was reportedly asked about concerns regarding autonomous robots being a threat to humanity, he replied in jest, “Well, we’re not doing a T-3000 yet,” referencing the Terminator movie series about self-aware AI threatening the existence of humanity.

Of course, while he jokes about the threat of autonomous killer robots, polymath inventor Elon Musk clearly takes the potential of such a threat much more seriously, as evidenced by his comments at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival on March 11, in which he said that “AI is far more dangerous than nukes.”

“I’m very close to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me,” Musk told the SXSW crowd. “Narrow AI is not a species-level risk. It will result in dislocation… lost jobs… better weaponry and that sort of thing. It is not a fundamental, species-level risk, but digital super-intelligence is.”

I think the danger of AI is much bigger than the danger of nuclear warheads by a lot. Nobody would suggest we allow the world to just build nuclear warheads if they want, that would be insane. And mark my words: AI is far more dangerous than nukes,” Musk added.

As The Free Thought Project reported last month, the Pentagon reportedly plans to spend more than $1 billion over the next few years developing advanced robots for military applications that are expected to complement soldiers on the battlefield, and potentially even replace some of them.

While the development of this tech by the Army sounds like a movement toward better weaponry, and not a digital super-intelligence, as discussed by Musk—the creation of fully autonomous unmanned weapons systems clearly has implications given the potential future development of some type of “digital super-intelligence.”

Esper attempted to allay fears by noting that the Army’s unmanned vehicle program would be akin to the Air Force’s use of Predator drones and clarified that the idea would be to protect soldiers by removing them from direct combat. In turn, he said, this would enhance tactical ability and mobility, thus paving the way for cheaper tanks due to not having a crew inside in need of protection.

However, due to the complexity of the modern battlefield, a human element would remain part of the process.

“In my vision, at least, there will be a soldier in the loop. There needs to be. The battlefield is too complex as is,” Esper said.

The nuance in Esper’s statement seemingly leaves lots of ambiguity when he says, “In my vision, at least…” which by default likely implies other competing visions that almost certainly include the use of autonomous systems that don’t have a “solider in the loop.

During his SXSW commentary, Musk noted that rapid advancements in artificial intelligence are far outpacing regulation of the burgeoning technology, thus creating a dangerous paradigm. He explained that while he is usually against governmental regulation and oversight, the potentially catastrophic implications for humanity create a need for regulation.

“I’m not normally an advocate of regulation and oversight,” Musk said. “There needs to be a public body that has insight and oversight to confirm that everyone is developing AI safely.”

While some experts in the field have attempted to dismiss the threat posed to humanity by the development of AI, Musk said these “experts” are victims of their own delusions of intellectual superiority over machines, calling their thought process “fundamentally flawed.”

“The biggest issue I have with AI experts… is that they think they’re smarter than they are. This tends to plague smart people,” Musk said. “They’re defining themselves by their intelligence… and they don’t like the idea that a machine could be smarter than them, so they discount the idea. And that’s fundamentally flawed.”

The billionaire inventor pointed to Google’s AlphaGo, an AI-powered software that can play the ancient Chinese board game Go as evidence of exponential learning capacity of machines. Although it was reputedly the world’s most demanding strategy game, in early 2017, the AlphaGo AI clinched a decisive victory over the top Go player in the world.

While current semi-autonomous systems keep humans marginally in the loop, the advent of fully autonomous systems that operate without any human input creates serious ethical implications in terms of the morality of using killer robots to slaughter human combatants on the battlefield.

Although Esper’s stated preference for keeping soldiers in the loop is noble, the larger U.S. war machine will undoubtedly find some type of efficiency in eliminating the human component altogether to make killing on the battlefield even more “efficient.”

We are clearly on an extremely slippery slope when it comes to killer robots and AI. Intellectual giants like Elon Musk and Steven Hawking have continually attempted to sound the civilizational alarm regarding the extreme dangers inherent to AI.

As an article in the Guardian on Monday pointed out, killer robots are only a threat if we are stupid enough to create them. Now, the only question is: Will anyone heed all these warnings?

DASH cryptocurrency and The Free Thought Project have formed a partnership that will continue to spread the ideas of peace and freedom while simultaneously teaching people how to operate outside of the establishment systems of control like using cryptocurrency instead of dollars. Winning this battle is as simple as choosing to abstain from the violent corrupt old system and participating in the new and peaceful system that hands the power back to the people. DASH is this system.

DASH digital cash takes the control the banking elite has over money and gives it back to the people. It is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the money changers and information controllers.

If you’d like to start your own DASH wallet and be a part of this change and battle for peace and freedom, you can start right here. DASH is already accepted by vendors all across the world so you can begin using it immediately.

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Boot Discards Trump-Kim Summit as Something ‘Any Previous President Could Have’ Done

CNN Tonight
June 11, 2018
10:19 p.m. Eastern

SCOTT JENNINGS: Well, it looks great for Donald Trump so far because he’s done what he promised the American people he would do and that’s drive the North Koreans to the table for the purpose of them giving up their nuclear weapons Now, we’ll have to see if North Korea is willing to follow through on what they say they want and I think the President must be prepared for these people to lie to us because they’ve about lying to the world for a long time, but right now, from a policy perspective, from a political perceptive, Donald Trump looks like he’s in command of this situation and I suspect that the American people are rooting for him to succeed. Nobody wants to be in a nuclear war with anybody and this is the most clear and present danger to that, so good for the President tries to make peace with a guy that no one previously has been able to solve. 


MAX BOOT: Well, I just think the Rodman comments kind of add to the spectacle of the day and from the standpoint of spectacle, you’d have to say what happened is a success and I think that’s primarily what both Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are interested it. As we know, President Trump is all about the ratings. He views success as being the center of attention and now he has the entire attention of the world on him and, you know, I’m sure people are watching and they’re riveted by what’s going on. They’re riveted by Dennis Rodman’s comments. For Kim Jong-un this is already a victory because he wants legitimacy, he wants a place on the international, he wants to be recognized as an equal by the president of the United States, he wants to seen as nuclear power, and he’s achieving all of that. This is a tremendous propaganda victory for him. Now, Scott just suggested it was a huge victory for Donald Trump simply to come to the summit. Well, I know, I beg to differ because, in fact, any previous president could have easily had a summit with any previously leader of North Korea because they’ve been very eager to be legitimated by the President of the United States, and Donald Trump is the first one to agree to do that. Now, the question is, is he actually going to receive something in substantial in return? At the end of April, Donald Trump said he’s going to judge the success of the summit on whether they’d give up their nuclear weapons or not and there’s, so far, zero indication that the North Koreans are actually going to give up their nuclear weapons, but I suppose we can always be pleasantly surprised. 

DON LEMON: So, let’s talk about — Scott — let’s talk about what max just said. Do you think this gives Kim legitimacy? That’s the first part then I have another question for you.

JENNINGS: Well, sure. I think that, in the short term, they’re both operating from an area of legitimacy and that’s okay for now. The North Koreans do have to, ultimately, give up their nuclear weapons and they have to be better world actors and the President has to be prepared for them to lie about this and disappoint us in the long-term. I absolutely agree at that — with that. Where I think Trump has, gotten it right and I don’t think Hillary Clinton would have pulled it off if she had won. I don’t think Obama tried hard to pull it off. The Bush 43 White House didn’t pull it off. The Clinton White House didn’t pull it off. Where they all came up short was they never drove the sanctions deep enough to drive Kim to the table and never made Kim believe that the military option was truly on the table. I think Trump did that on both fronts and that’s why Kim is here. So, you can say that it’s legitimacy in the short-term, but I’m willing to give that up if it means long-term denuclearization. I want the President to stick to that, though. I don’t want to let him off the hook.


JENNINGS: Well, I tell you what he gets and what America gets, today, is we get to stop banging our head against the wall. We’ve been banging our head against the wall on this problem for decades and, today, it feels like at least there’s a light open here, a door open, a window is open for us to go through it and see what’s on the other side. What are the possibilities? When Trump ran for president, like it or not like it, he said I’m going to do foreign policy different than the way the political establishment has done. He’s clearly doing that today and if he manages, somehow, to pull it off, he will have pulled off what the political establishment could not for all those decades. So what does he get, Don? I think he gets America for the short time we’re not banging our head against the wall. 

LEMON: Go ahead, Max.

BOOT: That’s a huge what if that — that Scott is throwing out there and let’s remember how he and other Republicans would be acting if this was Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama who would agree to a sit down with Kim Jong-un without having gotten any significant concessions in return. They would be apoplectic. Now, I mean, I’m all in favor of diplomacy and I certainly hope this works out, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and claim that simply meeting with Kim, which again, is something that any previous president could have done. Meeting with him is not an achievement. The achievement comes if he agree to complete verifiable, irreversible, denuclearization and, so far, there’s very little indication that he’s going to do that and I do have to give — I mean, I do have to give President Trump credit for his maximum pressure policy on North Korea. I mean, I agree with Scott there. I think increasing the sanctions was a good move and it may well have brought Kim Jong-un to the table. 


BOOT: Well, I mean, this was just the fiasco at the G7. I’ve never seen anything like this and the contrast is all the greater when we see the way Donald Trump is glad-handing Kim Jong-un, who is the enslaver of his people. Somebody who keeps more 100,000 people in slave labor camps and he’s talking about how honored he is to meet him and how — what a great relationship they have and how they’re going to get along great. And, on the other hand, his aides are saying that Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of our closest ally and neighbor, Canada, he’s going to rot in hell. I mean, that is a striking contrast and a difference between the way that Donald Trump approaches dictators and Democrats. And, you know, we’re not going to be successful in dealing with our problems whether it’s North Korea, China, Russia, Syria or so many others unless we have unity in our western alliance, but Donald Trump is destroying that unity. He is waging trade war with our allies. He is in a war of words with the Prime Minister of Canada. I mean, let’s remember how amazing this is. Canada, one of our closest allies, a country that has fought with us for 100 years and Donald Trump is angrily castigating its prime minister? This is not something that should be happening. This is just very destructive for the American position in the world and whatever, in fact, this may ultimately turn out to be more significant than whatever happens here with Kim Jong-un, we’ll see what happens, but the fact that Donald Trump is undermining the unity of the western alliance, which has been the underpinning of American peace and prosperity since 1945. I think is a calamitous development.

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This Simple “Cracker Test” Could Tell You How Many Carbs You Should Be Eating

Carbs are getting a lot of airtime, and new research seems to be constantly turning what we have believed about them for years on its head.

Recently, studies have found that it might be better to eat carbs at night than in the morning, and that eating pasta regularly in a diet could actually aid weight loss.

It’s a confusing time to be a pasta or pizza lover.

So how many carbs should you be eating?

According to geneticist Sharon Moalem, “the cracker test” can help you to discover how well your body digests carbs and therefore give an indication of your carb tolerance.

He outlined it in his 2016 book The DNA Restart: Unlock Your Personal Genetic Code to Eat for Your Genes, Lose Weight, and Reverse Aging.

In a new BBC documentary titled The Truth About: Carbs, Dr. Xand van Tulleken, a self-professed carb lover, put the test into practice with a group of students.

“The truth is that some of you can eat as many carbs as you like, while others have to watch it,” van Tulleken said, adding that he considers himself to be in the latter category – he once weighed 19 stone (266 pounds).

Each student was instructed to chew an unsalted cracker for 30 seconds and raise their hand when the flavor began to change – if, say, it started to taste sweeter.

The student who noticed a change in the shortest time raised their hand after 17 seconds, while another did not do so until after 35 seconds. Some said they did not notice any change in flavor.

“Seventeen seconds is quite fast,” van Tulleken said, adding that, according to Moalem’s research, “this suggests you have a high concentration of amylase enzymes in your mouth which are chopping up the big starch molecules into smaller molecules of sugar or sugar-like molecules that you can taste.”

He added: “That means that you should be able to eat a lot of carbs without having any problems.”

But for the students who noticed a change later, van Tulleken explained that it might mean they should watch their carb intake more so than those who observed a change earlier.

Finally, for those who didn’t notice a change, the theory suggests it’s because they have a low concentration of these enzymes in their mouths and “might struggle eating carbs,” van Tulleken said.

He said that, generally speaking, if you try the test at home and don’t notice a change after 30 seconds, it could mean that, like him, you have a lower tolerance for carbs and might want to ease off the white and beige variety.

He added that while it’s still early days with Moalem’s research, “the cracker test demonstrates just how varied our carb tolerance is”.

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State funded feminist porn could be future of German sex ed

The porn could even be made available on the websites of public broadcasters, and be referred to during sex education at school, according to the proposal by the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which is part of the coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian-Democratic Union party.

The party voted to promote alternative porn at its state party conference in Berlin this month. 

“Mainstream porn generally shows sexist and racial stereotypes in which consent is not a theme and certain ‘optimal’ body types are made as standard,” the SDP proposal reads. “In these films, sex seems more like a performance or competitive sport: everything seems to work right away, there is no communication between the performers, no trying out, failure and trying out new things.”

The idea came from the party’s youth wing, who want the government-paid porn to be educational. The hope is that watching more feminist inclusive porn will give young people a more realistic view of sex. Young people can come into contact with porn as young as 8, and it can leave a lasting impression.  

“Even young people start too often with completely unrealistic ideas in their sexual life and do not have the opportunity to develop a self-confident relationship with their body, their sexuality and health. It’s about supplementing extracurricular education,” the party said.

The party first came up with the idea last year, inspired by Sweden’s model.  In Sweden, the state film institute supported a series of free feminist porn films called “Dirty Diaries,” which have been available to watch for free online since 2009.  

What exactly is feminist porn?

While the idea of feminist porn may make some people picture stereotypical angry feminists shouting “down with the patriarchy” as they whip men, the reality is a little different.

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Feminist porn tends to be made in good working conditions by diverse directors and producers, and actors who represent different body shapes, ethnicities and sexualities. It also shows both parties communicating about what they want, and enjoying sex.

The SPD says it is aware that feminist porn is not enough to change things, as sex education reform is also needed, and are calling for feminist porn to be included in sex ed lessons at school.

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