[WATCH] Sergeant With The Fulton County Correctional Facility Arrested For Terrorist Threats

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. – Fulton County Sheriff, Richard Giardino reports that Eric Sweet, a sergeant at the Fulton County Correctional Facility was arrested yesterday afternoon after an investigation into comments he made at the correctional facility on Tuesday.

He allegedly said he would go into the control room, get a secured weapon, shoot the control room officer, put the facility on lock down and then shoot a lieutenant. The rest of his potential plans included to then drag a captain through the facility, making the captain watch as he shot at inmates and other correction officers.

The sergeant admitted making the statements said it was a joke and that he was just venting.

Sheriff Giardino immediately placed him on administrative leave and he was arrested on making terrorist threats.

The sheriff said in this day and age just stating such things raises all kinds of red flags. It elevates seriousness when it’s a member of law enforcement.

According to reports, Sweet had had numerous issues with the administration last year. The fact that he was so detailed in his plan shows his intent and goes against the fact that it was just a “joke”. Sheriff Giardino said Sweet is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Sweet is scheduled to be back in court next week.

Source: http://news10.com/2017/11/16/sergeant-with-the-fulton-county-correctional-facility-arrested-for-terrorist-threats/

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  • Don’t trust cops , they are getting away with too much as it is . For his safety and the peoples safety , this thug needs to be put behind bars .

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100+ Inmates Escape After Hurricane Irma Destroys Correctional Facility

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Hurricane Irma did more than destroy thousands of buildings and take dozens of lives. The natural disaster also resulted in more than one hundred inmates escaping from a prison in the British Virgin Islands.

Sky News reports that more than 100 prisoners escaped from the correctional facility after Hurricane Irma slammed into it. The exact number is not yet confirmed, but some reports say more than 120 inmates now run free.

Though Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 3 Hurricane, the National Hurricane Center (NHC), later confirmed she has since strengthened back into a Category 5. As a result, a Hurricane Watch is still in effect in parts of the Caribbean, Cuba and Florida.

According to the NHC, Irma made landfall on the Camaguey Archipelago of Cuba late Friday. The hurricane has sustained winds of 160 mph. Metro relays that Irma is now fast-approaching Florida, United States.

Unfortunately, Irma isn’t the only active hurricane wreaking havoc. Hurricane Katia (Category 1) is making landfall north of Tecolutla, Mexico — the same country that was rocked by a devastating earthquake yesterday. And 265 miles east-southwest of the northern Leeward Islands, Hurricane Jose has nearly strengthened to a Category 5 with winds topping 155 mph.

Don’t forget — in Southeast Asia, monsoons continue to ravage farmlands and buildings. As a result, more than 1,200 people have died, and thousands more have been displaced. And in California, Montana and the Mediterranean, fires are raging.

While it is likely these some of these events have been heightened by the sun’s recent solar flares, this cannot be confirmed. However, it has been established that climate change exacerbated by mankind’s unattainable habits has resulted in warmer waters and increased precipitation. As a result, nature’s fury has been elevated. At the very least, hopefully, these happenings encourage more people to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly habits before it is too late for future generations.

Read more: Strongest Earthquake In Mexico In A Century Leaves 50+ Dead, 200+ Injured


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[WATCH] “We Need to be Cautious” Correctional Officer Charged for Having Sexual Relationship With Inmate

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Correctional Officers Forcing Inmates To Ingest Exotic Hot Sauce Hit With Lawsuit


Twenty-five prisoners told a lawyer the same disturbing story: Two armed correctional officers poured hot sauce into sandwich bags and forced inmates to stick their hands inside and lick the sauce from their fingers.

“Taking the sauce,” the officers allegedly called it.

It was not a mild Texas Pete-type sauce, but an “exotic hot” variety sold over the internet and stronger than police pepper spray. Inmates claimed it was so toxic that it blistered their skin and mouths. They said the officers wore surgical gloves.

What began as a perverse initiation rite a few years ago for prisoners on a road crew in rural Sampson County grew into systematic and sadistic torture and humiliation over two years, according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the inmates.

“We have good information that supervisors knew full well what was going on, witnessed it with their own eyes and – more egregiously – ignored complaints that came from members of the road crew,” attorney Christian Dysart said.

The lawsuit also claims the two officers forced inmates to smuggle contraband into the prison. The inmates allege correctional officers made thousands of dollars a week off the sale of cellphones, cigarettes and marijuana.

Thomas Patten, former inmate at Sampson Correctional Institution.

The lawsuit details numerous sordid allegations: Inmates told to line up according to skin color, from “lightest to darkest.” Inmates forced to kiss snakes and throw rabbits in front of oncoming traffic. Inmates forced to hide cellphones, cigarettes and illegal drugs inside their anal cavities – known as “suitcasing.” The officers supplied surgical gloves and Vaseline, the lawsuit said, to make it easier to insert the contraband and smuggle it into the prison.

Did authorities know?

Working on the road crew was considered a plum assignment at Sampson Correctional, which houses 450 medium- and minimum-custody inmates in Clinton in Eastern North Carolina. Prisoners were deployed in groups of eight to pick up litter off the sides of roads. It allowed them to get outside prison grounds and earn time toward an earlier release.

But inmates said their days on the road crew turned hellish in 2011 and 2012.

Cedric Williams said officers forced him to rub hot sauce on his testicles and made him lick sauce off the white line on the road.

Jeremy Cline said they made him pull his pants down and dance naked on the prison bus while an officer filmed him.

Thomas Patten, who can’t swim, said he was ordered into a swamp to retrieve a beer can – and survived near-drowning only with the help of other inmates.

“I did some bad things in my past. I paid for that,” Patten said. “… But that didn’t give them the right to do this to me.”

Attorneys believe authorities at the prison knew what was going on.

The lawsuit contends that Sampson’s assistant superintendent once came on the bus, saw the hot sauce and asked officers, “if this is what they used.”

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/special-reports/article152337452.html#storylink=cpy

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