Next Pokémon GO Community Day Announced

Following the latest successful Community Day, Charmander on May 19, Niantic has announced its next event. This time around the featured creature is Larvitar and the date is June 16.

Larvitar, introduced in Generation Two, is a rock and ground type. It is a three-stage evolution Pokémon and evolves into Pupitar and Tyranitar. If the Tyranitar is evolved during the designated time, it may acquire an event exclusive move. Said exclusive move has not been announced as of the publishing of this article. 

The other purpose of the event, as its name suggests, is to bring the community of GO players together. There are events, that aren’t officially hosted by Niantic, that take place in various places across the globe to commemorate the various types of Go events.

Community Days are slotted to happen once a month and encourage players worldwide to connect to catch the specified Pokémon. So far, there have been Community Days for Pikachu, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Mareep and Charmander. 

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This tiny house community aims to help veterans rebuild their lives (Video)

There’s a saying in the military to “never leave someone behind.” As reports of high rates of PTSD, mental illness, homelessness and suicide surface among returning veterans, the question becomes, what can we do as a society to better help vets who have been let down by the system and left behind?

Pastor, former policeman and USAF veteran Donnie Davis has an interesting take on one potential solution. Davis is the founder of Operation Safe Haven, a microhousing community that provides housing, healthcare, counselling and therapy animals for veterans suffering from PTSD or homelessness. A bit more on the project via Pickler & Ben:

Operation Safe Haven© Operation Safe Haven

Situated on an old 277-acre campground in Franklinville, New Jersey, the organization works with volunteers as wall as federal, state and local agencies to build 300-square-foot dwellings for veterans struggling with readapation. The project is entirely funded by donations, and has so far raised USD $265,000 out of a goal of $500,000 since 2016. In return for free housing and counselling, vets participating in the Operation Safe Haven program help maintain the property and its community gardens, which provide food for the vets and local families. Says Davis:

The idea is to help homeless veterans get back on their feet and contribute to society again. There’s no overhead, so all donations to the campaign go straight to the project.

Operation Safe Haven© Operation Safe Haven

Operation Safe Haven© Operation Safe Haven

Operation Safe Haven© Operation Safe Haven

The tiny houses all use solar power and composting toilets, and the campground itself is a hub of activity, hosting a variety of community events, such as kids’ day camps to family picnics. Davis was inspired by the ethos of self-reliance that underlies the tiny house movement, as well as his own personal life experiences:

Helping others has been my own therapy. My PTSD came from serving in the police department. Up until a year ago, I couldn’t even say what I struggled with out loud. I never realized how much I needed this, too.

Vets in Operation Safe Haven’s transition program can stay up to two years, during which participants can undergo skills retraining to help them better reintegrate. The aim is that by the time a vet leaves, they will have had completed their education, or a job and permanent housing lined up. For veterans who have suffered so much as a result of their service, it’s great to see a project that gives them tools to rebuild their lives. To find out more, or to donate, visit Operation Safe Haven and GoFundMe.

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Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Accuses Obama of Ignoring Community

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Modernizing the (actual) international community: China to build power plant in Bangladesh, bringing all its citizens electricity for first time

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KANYE now red-pilling everyone, teaching the black community how to discover personal power, courage and freedom

Image: KANYE now red-pilling everyone, teaching the black community how to discover personal power, courage and freedom

(Natural News)
Rapper Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, as you may recall his pharmaceutical-induced mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization incident from back in 2016. But it’s Kanye’s newfound support for President Donald Trump, especially as a black man, that’s really causing a mass triggering effect among leftists everywhere, many of whom are now being actively “red-pilled” with huge truth bombs from this unlikely messenger.

One of these truth bombs was encapsulated within some eye-opening comments that Kanye made about slavery during a recent interview with TMZ, in which he implied that the 400-year reign of black slavery was a “choice” that black people made for themselves.

In Kanye’s view, being enslaved for four centuries suggests that the problem lies with those who’ve been taken captive rather than the captors. And it isn’t just physical enslavement that’s chipped away at the viability of the black community, but also mental enslavement, as many black people just can’t muster up the courage or wherewithal to fully remove themselves from the ideological plantation that keeps them as victims of leftist political maneuvering.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sounds like a choice,” Kanye stated during the controversial interview. “Like, you were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word ‘prison’ because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. Prison is something that unites us as one race, blacks and whites being one race. We’re the human race,” he added, soliciting the idea that black people – and all people, really – need to stop thinking about society in terms of skin color.

Leftists raise hell against Kanye for trying to help other blacks “leave the plantation” of liberal enslavement

Further provoking leftists into a maniacal rage were additional statements that Kanye made about President Trump. Rather than speak negatively about the Commander-in-Chief in typical liberal form, Kanye made a plea for people, and especially blacks, to think outside the box and consider how the president might actually be trying to help average Americans – including black Americans who continue to wallow in leftist slavery programs like welfare handouts and poverty culture.

“Trump is a human being also, and he’s in a very powerful position, and he’s doing a lot of things to actually help business owners be able to go past all these fake laws and rules,” Kanye stated. “Why can’t it be OK for an influential rapper in the black community to go up to the president and talk to him about how we can make a change?”

Kanye has received intense criticism from pretty much all ends of the leftist spectrum. Everyone from fellow rapper “” to television personality “Dr. Phil” has seemingly come out in defiance of Kanye’s position as it veers too far away from the status quo liberalism that most people would accept from a celebrity “person of color” like Kanye.

But Kanye has received support as well, including from fellow rapper “The Game” who “tweeted” on Twitter that Kanye is a “genius.” He added:

“People who’ve never achieved greatness are not allowed to question it.”

Kanye, in his own defense, took to Twitter as well to explain his comments about slavery further:

“We need to have open discussions and ideas on unsettled pain,” Kanye tweeted.

“Of course I know that slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will. My point is for us to have stayed in that position even though the numbers were on our side means that we were mentally enslaved. They cut our tongues so we couldn’t communicate to each other. I will not allow my tongue to be cut.”

Sources for this article include:



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Why A Growing Community of Women & Men Are Abstaining From Porn & Masturbation

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They are known as “fapstronauts,” and they are part of a growing community of hundreds of thousands of men and women who are abstaining from masturbation to internet pornography.

Their community is called “NoFap,” and its founder, Alexander Rhodes, is a man on a mission to educate and inspire the world about the damaging effects of masturbating to porn.

What could possibly be wrong with harmless masturbation, you might wonder? Aren’t we meant to enjoy the simple pleasure centres of our bodies?

According to Rhodes, masturbating to porn isn’t harmless at all. In fact, it is a silent epidemic of disastrous proportion.

“The emergence of internet pornography has changed the landscape of sexual development and relationships in a way never-before-seen in human history,” he said during his speech at the Out of the Shadows national press conference. “As a result, countless people are having their sexual tastes shaped by porn producers rather than real, human, experiences. These days, exposure to pornography seems to be a virtual certainty and young men [and women] are therefore automatically ‘opted-in’ to potential addiction, relational difficulty, porn-induced erectile dysfunction, and more,” he continued.

During his speech, Rhodes discusses the idea that porn is a relatively new variable in human evolution, and we are only beginning to see the repercussions of its use arise in the current generation of men and women.

He says exposure to porn is so rampant that it is practically mandatory for children to come into contact with some image or video before puberty. He quotes an Australian study which asked 258 male participants about their exposure to porn. Only one reported they’d never been exposed. Even more concerning, the median age of first exposure was 13 for males and 16 for females.

In this way, Rhodes says, kids are learning about sexuality through porn before their first kiss.

Frequent masturbation to porn is causing erectile dysfunction in a generation of men.

Today, a large community of “fapstronauts” is coming forward to talk about the impact this exposure has had on their lives. They report heavy reliance on porn and masturbation is manifesting in disturbing ways­ — erectile dysfunction (ED) and anorgasmia, the inability to orgasm during partnered sex, being a few of them.

According to a Kinsey report, in 1948 less than 1% of men under 30 had ED. In 2012, Swiss researchers found this number at 30%.

And the effects of watching porn span far beyond the physical, says Rhodes.

“Different studies on porn users are showing associations with sexual dysfunction, brain hypofrontality, desensitization, sensitization to porn cues, increased stress, less motivation, relationship problems, decreased sexual satisfaction, and other life-altering detriments.”
(For an extensive list of research articles on the effects of porn, click here.)

Numerous scientific studies have found that excessive porn use has biological and behavioural ramifications.

Rhodes also stresses that he and the NoFap community are in no way ‘sex negative’:

Being skeptical of pornography is not the same thing as being sex negative – there’s a huge difference between pornography and sex. In porn, the viewer is a voyeur, rather than a participant. It is on a screen. It is available in virtually endless amounts and pirated all over porn tube sites without monetary cost. It is always accessible, just a tap or click away. To our brain’s reward system, this can be an especially enticing quick and repeatable path to an orgasm, compared to partnered sex. In fact, many people who are quitting porn are doing so in the pursuit of better sex. Quitting porn is sex positive.

He notes many NoFap community members are there to improve their interpersonal relationships, whether it be for a marriage, a relationship, or single life. For others, it is simply a challenge of willpower — to seize control of your sexuality and turn it into superpowers.

“There are many, many different reasons to join but we’re all on NoFap with one goal – to help each other abstain from PMO (porn/masturbation/orgasm).”

Men And Women Report Incredible Life Shifts After Quitting Porn and Masturbation

Within the many pages of the NoFap forums, whether directly on the NoFap website or within the large and fast-growing Reddit community, it is easy to see the profound shifts taking place for people who’ve succeeded in the NoFap challenge, which consists of setting an intention to abstain from masturbation and watching porn for a certain amount of time and then riding it out.

The NoFap community is growing at a rapid pace.

Participants report diverse and overwhelmingly positive results from their efforts, like increased confidence, reduced anxiety, improved focus and memory, increased concentration, improved social skills, deeper sleeps, enhanced abilities to feel emotions, less brain fog, and even seemingly being more attractive to females.

While some might say these are rather normal powers, fapstronauts say that after years of feeling depressed, scattered. and unmotivated, the onset of these new changes feel as incredible as real ‘ superpowers‘ would.

One user, “borninthenorthwest,” said committing to NoFap altered his attitudes toward sex and women entirely:

My relationship with porn began at the age of 13 with nude Playboy photos of Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy. This was in the days of dial-up Internet, and I was initiated by my childhood best friend at the time. Although this did not seem pornographic, relative to what my peers were beginning to look at, I now see that this was the beginning. It began a cycle where every woman I met was judged by these photogenic standards, and felt no real attraction towards most girls in high school, despite being popular and well-liked for my prowess on the guitar.

He explained his warped attitude toward women posed issues in his sex life.

“None of the girls I met in college could compare to the standards in my own mind. What few girls I was attracted to, I felt incapable of asking out for a date, and often would simply fantasize about them instead.”

He admits he developed an addiction to porn, and at 31 he discovered the NoFap community.

“Since then my relationship with both pornography and far more innocent triggers is vastly different. I no longer use porn at all, and no longer place the celebrity notion of beauty on the pedestal either, and am interested in real life and real people, slowly but surely engaging in reality.”

“Fapstronauts” claim that abstaining from porn and masturbation improves their overall confidence and sex lives.

Here is what a few other fapstronauts had to say.


“Went to a dance last night and asked a bunch of girls to dance. Felt like a boss. A few months ago I would have been sweating and shaking doing that. I would’ve been looking at the floor with my head down like a whipped puppy trying to ask a girl to dance. Stay strong everybody! There’s life after PMO, and it’s awesome af!”


“Today I am walking around with random erections all day long, like a teenager. I am in my 40s, so this feels strange.”


“Life is amazing and it’s only been two weeks! I have found out how much more confident I am in public, and how much more secure I feel about myself.”


“I finished a 300 page book in one sitting today. Before I would fall asleep or procrastinate and play on my phone. Now I can read and actually remember what I read.” 

The Most Important Takeaway

Today, Rhode’s mission is to get the message out to parents so that healthy conversations can start happening at an early age.

Educating children about sexuality and the effects of watching porn is a crucial component in preventing porn addiction and porn related side effects.

“Families need to educate their children about pornography – and they need to do so before the porn producers do, since right now minors are getting hooked on porn long before they are made aware of the potential negative effects.”

And for the ones currently suffering from porn related side effects, he offers that the treatment to these symptoms simply comes down to one thing— removing porn from their lives:

We simply want people to ask themselves the question, how is porn impacting my life and relationships? And if they do not know how porn is impacting them, they can simply take a quick break, changing one variable in a self experiment, to see what impact it might have on their lives and their relationships. Already, thousands have made the personal decision to leave porn in the past, and have gone on to live more fulfilling lives with improved interpersonal relationships. It’s time we think about and openly discuss our heavy usage of pornography. In the meantime more and more people around the world will continue to declare their autonomy and reclaim their sexualities from the porn production companies.

If you are struggling with porn addiction, or are simply curious about what others are reporting from abstaining from masturbation, join the NoFap communities through their website or on Reddit. NoFap offers many resources as well as a global support network to help you transition away from the addictive influence of porn.

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For the World Community, Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter

For the World Community, Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Throughout its sordid history, Israel turned the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and especially Gaza into free-fire zones – killing, injuring, maiming, and otherwise brutalizing Palestinians with impunity.

The world community doesn’t care about Palestinian lives and welfare – doing nothing to stop Israeli occupation harshness, nothing to hold its officials accountable for Nuremberg-level high crimes, nothing to protect the rights and welfare of millions of tyrannized Palestinians.

March 30, 2018 will long be remembered as bloody Friday – the horrific toll through 8:00PM local time included 17 Palestinians murdered by Israeli snipers and tank fire, another 1,416 wounded, mostly by live fire, including use of expanding (dumdum) bullets, designed to cause maximum internal injuries – according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The toll should shock the conscience of everyone. At least 20 wounded Palestinians suffered life-threatening injuries, the death toll virtually certain to rise.

Israeli viciousness came in response to day one of a 45-day nonviolent “Great March of Return” – in Gaza and elsewhere in Occupied Palestine.

Israeli soldiers attacked nonviolent Palestinian demonstrators near Ramallah with live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets and toxic tear gas – numerous injuries reported.

In Bassem/Nariman/Ahed Tamimi’s home Nabi Saleh village, dozens of demonstrators were attacked the same way.

Other towns and villages across the West Bank were assaulted by Israeli viciousness.

Perhaps the Friday horror will continue throughout the 45-day period. A Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) press release said the following:

“This huge number of victims proves that the Israeli forces continue to commit further crimes and use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians in disregard for their lives upon an official political decision.”  

“PCHR emphasizes that before occurrence of demonstrations -previously declared by the organizers as peaceful demonstrations only calling for implementation of United Nations Resolution 194 and raising only Palestinian and UN flags – the Israeli forces sent threatening letters to intimidate the organizers and Gaza Strip residents in addition to deploying snipers and dog sniffer units along the borders with Gaza as declared by the spokesperson of the Israeli Army on his Facebook page.”  

“The spokesperson also threatened that ‘if needed, we will respond in the center of the Gaza Strip against those behind these violent protests,’ hinting about committing crimes of extra-judicial killings (assassinations).”

PCHR blamed international community silence for Friday’s bloodbath and countless others like it since the creation of the Jewish state.

On Friday, state-sponsored violence was preemptively unleashed on nonviolent Palestinian demonstrators threatening no one.

A separate article explained the following:

Friday demonstrations commemorated the 42nd anniversary of Land Day since 1976 in response to Israel’s announced intention to steal thousands of dunums of Palestinian land for settlement construction. 

On March 30, 1976, Israeli police lethally shot six Arab citizens, protesting peacefully against theft of Palestinian land.

Since then, annual Palestinian protests commemorate that fateful day throughout the territories and in Israel.

The current Palestinian “Great March of Return” will continue through mid-May Nakba Day. 

How much more Israeli violence will occur between now and then? How much more bloodshed? 

How many more Palestinians die, be injured or maimed for life? How much Israeli-inflicted Palestinian suffering is too much? 

How great a price must Palestinians pay to be free at last from Israeli occupation viciousness?

A Final Comment

The late Palestinian scholar/activist Edward Said (1935 – 2003) once said “(w)hat George Bush knows about Palestine can be engraved on the head of a pin.”

The same goes for Obama, Trump and most congressional members.

Commenting shortly before his September 2003 death, Said ridiculed Bush’s touting of “American” values, explaining:

“What Arabs, Muslims, and Europeans more and more see is a country that flouts international law. It tears up some treaties and refuses to sign others. It thinks of itself above and exceptional in all things.”

The same criticism applies to Israel, operating extrajudicially, embracing the false notion of Jews as “God’s chosen people,” claiming exclusive right to historic Palestine, stealing the land dunum by dunum, the so-called peace process the greatest hoax in modern times.

Said called it “a repackaging of the Israeli occupation.” He cited “the absence of (strong leader-led) initiative (as) our greatest enemy.”

So is US-led Western support for Israel, Washington partnering in its high crimes, providing billions of dollars annually, used for militarism, aggression and repression.

Palestinians are largely on their own, prevented from living free on their own land in their own country by a ruthless occupier.

Resistance remains their only option – struggling one day to be free at last.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Meet Lilly, The 9-Year-Old Girl Who Picks Up Plastic Waste In Her Community

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Lilly is not your average 9-year-old girl. She is originally from London, England and moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. As an avid animal lover, she is on a mission to prevent plastic pollution from harming animals. “When I was learning to count in Dutch, I counted 91 pieces of plastic [that I picked up] and I thought should I be happy or mad or sad about this?”

Not everyone is as passionate as the environment as Lilly is, for those who don’t see plastic pollution as a pressing issue, Lilly has one question. “Have they ever seen the way animals suffer when they eat this plastic?” she says.

Lilly is Youth Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Child Ambassador for HOW Global, a charity organization that brings water to forgotten children. With the full support of her family, she has also founded Lilly’s plastic pickup, an initiative that raises awareness about plastic pollution. She has already organised several cleanups in her community, recruiting friends and neighbours to help her with her mission. “I’m trying to do something to convince my friends to save the entire planet!” she explains. In addition, she has also asked her local McDonald’s to switch to paper straws and lids, and even persuaded a car company to stop releasing balloons. “One time we saw a picture of a baby puffin wrapped around in balloons and it made me very cross.”

“My real inspiration is grandpa because he loves the environment and does nature lessons at my school,” says Lilly. “I love my family because they support what I do. A little thing like picking up plastic can make a big difference!”

Lilly’s advice is simple:

  1. Spot it
  2. Pick it up
  3. Put it in the bin

So, what are you waiting for? You can do your bit for the environment by picking up rubbish in your community today.

Image Credit: Lillys Plastic Pickup

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Disease X and the Freaked Out Intel Community- Paul Martin-CSS Hr 2- March 18


I recently interviewed Revolution’s Paul Martin on disease X. Paul stated that all of his intel contacts are freaking out. The world has never seen something as dangerous as Disease X.


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