Why governments are pursuing DEPOPULATION to save themselves from financial collapse

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Ever wonder why governments allow so much deadly pollution to be dumped into food, water and soils? Part of the real reason may surprise you: Governments no longer want people to live long enough to collect entitlement benefits, and allowing the contamination of everything with death-inducing substances actually saves governments money by accelerating the death of citizens.

This is all covered in my video, below. Here’s a brief introduction:

Three generations ago, governments wanted more people to run the factories, settle rural lands and generate economic productivity that could be siphoned off by the political elite. Over time, continued promises of entitlements such as social security, Medicare, pensions and welfare payouts caused large populations to become financial burdens to the sustainability of those same governments. As a result, governments now want to kill off their own citizens in order to prevent their own financial collapse by drastically reducing entitlement payouts.

In other words, populations of entitlement beneficiaries have become such an enormous threat to the fiscal sustainability of governments that many governments simply cannot remain financially viable if the “entitlement class” of non-producers continues to expand. The situation has become so dire that many governments are now actively seeking to initiate early deaths off their own citizens before those same citizens can collect pensions, social security and other “entitlement” benefits.

How, exactly, do governments contribute to the early deaths of their own citizens? It’s simple: poison them through “allowed pollution” of the water supply, food supply, health care interventions (such as infertility-laced vaccines) and electromagnetic radiation vectors (5G, Smart Meters, etc.). This systematic poisoning results in early deaths that just happen to coincide with substantial financial savings among government entities that cease such payments upon death.

Death-inducing pollution, in other words, has become the government’s best friend in terms of saving money and staving off a financial collapse.

In essence, governments only want you to live while you’re paying taxes, but the day you become a net consumer of government benefits, they would much rather you just die. In fact, they might just help it along through a variety of vectors that deliberately expose the population to death-inducing chemicals, ionizing radiation and malnutrition leading to early death.

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Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/2018/05/why-governments-are-pursuing-depopulation-to-save-themselves-from-financial-collapse/

Declassified DoD Report Warns US At Risk of Total Collapse, Millions of Deaths From EMP Attack

A newly declassified report by the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack warns that the threat posed by an EMP attack could jeopardize “modern civilization,” return a lifestyle last seen in the 1800’s and leave millions of people dead across the United States.

The executive report, entitled Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), predicts that the smallest EMP attack on the US electrical grid could have a devastating effect on the supply chain for at least a year or more – depending upon the scale of the attack – starving much of the country of electricity, water, food, transportation and telephone/internet service.

“A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power,” said the newly declassified July 2017 report.

“In the 1800’s, the U.S. population was less than 60 million, and those people had many skills and assets necessary for survival without today’s infrastructure. An extended blackout today could result in the death of a large fraction of the American people through the effects of societal collapse, disease, and starvation. While national planning and preparation for such events could help mitigate the damage, few such actions are currently underway or even being contemplated,” added the executive summary.

The new report in many ways paralleled the previous commissions’ recommendations but included the distinct possibility of an EMP from a potential atmospheric nuclear blast by Russia, China or North Korea rather than solely focusing on solar events.

The Washington Examiner reported that “three reports on the issue have been declassified by the Pentagon and seven more are awaiting clearance.”

A declassified report from Peter Vincent Pry, a former member of a previous EMP commission, advisor to the current commission, and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security notes the potential magnitude of an EMP catastrophe.

In his report, entitled “Life Without Electricity,” Pry highlights the extreme devastation expected:

  • Social Order: Looting requires dusk to dawn curfew. People become refugees as they flee powerless homes. Work force becomes differently employed at scavenging for basics, including water, food, and shelter.
  • Communications: No TV, radio, or phone service.
  • Transportation: Gas pumps inoperable. Failure of signal lights and street lights impedes traffic, stops traffic after dark. No mass transit metro service. Airlines stopped.
  • Water and Food: No running water. Stoves and refrigerators inoperable. People melt snow, boil water, and cook over open fires. Local food supplies exhausted. Most stores close due to blackout.
  • Energy: Oil and natural gas flows stop.
  • Emergency Medical: Hospitals operate in dark. Patients on dialysis and other life support threatened. Medications administered and babies born by flashlight.
  • Death and Injury: Casualties from exposure, carbon dioxide poisoning and house fires increase.

The executive report notes that the scenario proposed by Pry could potentially be a long-term situation due to damage the EMP which would make repairing the electrical grid much more difficult.

“The United States — and modern civilization more generally — faces a present and continuing existential threat from naturally occurring and man-made electromagnetic pulse assault and related attacks on military and critical national infrastructures. A nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures — communications, transportation, sanitation, food and water supply — could plausibly last a year or longer. Many of the systems designed to provide renewable, stand-alone power in case of an emergency, such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and renewable energy grid components, are also vulnerable to EMP attack,” said the 27-page report.

The report urges coordination between governmental agencies to harden protections, which many experts have testified could be done relatively cheaply, an EMP czar to oversee readiness, and running simulation EMP attacks against current systems to test preparedness.

 “With the development of small nuclear arsenals and long-range missiles by new, radical U.S. adversaries, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack against the U.S. becomes one of the few ways that such a country could inflict devastating damage to the United States,” concluded the report. It added, “It is critical, therefore, that the U.S. national leadership address the EMP threat as a critical and existential issue, and give a high priority to assuring the leadership is engaged and the necessary steps are taken to protect the country from EMP.”

Furthermore, the report notes that despite the attention given to the issue by the Trump administration, there is federal infighting, with the DoD, which has already factored EMP protection into its current planning, failing to distribute information to private and civilian agencies attempting to make similar preparations.

The reality is that an EMP could be delivered from a small ship off the coast of the United States, thus meaning that states that are without operating ICBM programs could still deliver a devastating attack that kill millions and, at least temporarily, take the US back to being an 1800’s agrarian society.

This should serve as food for thought when we choose hostile aggression with other nations over international diplomacy. Rather than spending hundreds of billions of dollars yearly on managing an expansive military empire meant to control the flow of goods and money for multinational corporations, perhaps the money would better spend on the actual defense of the United States by preparing for the potential eventuality of an EMP incident here at home.




Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/declassified-dod-report-warns-us-at-risk-of-total-collapse-millions-of-deaths-from-emp-attack/

CNN on Venezuela’s Oil Industry Collapse: No Mention of Socialism or Maduro

Venezuela’s once-proud oil industry is collapsing

What was once the backbone of Latin America’s most prosperous nation is now a constellation of rundown projects, shuttered infrastructure and empty stillness.

… “When we started working in 2005, there were several wells working. Now you rarely see five or six wells working, at least in this area,” says Jose Luis Ramirez, a rig operator at one of the wells Chinese oil company CNPC operates as part of a joint venture with Venezuela’s state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA.

… “We have to sell our trousers to live. The boots, the gloves, every time we receive the kit, every few months, we have to sell it to buy food,” Ramirez said.

… An oil worker who did not wish to be identified recalled that his salary used to be more than enough to feed his five children, and buy extras.

A family like his would need almost 30 million bolivars per month, according to consumer groups. His salary as an oilman earns him approximately 2.5 million Bolivars.

“Sometimes I cry alone, because I can’t give my kids what they are asking for,” the oilman added.

The numbers that tell the tragedy of the Venezuelan crisis are comparable to those of a civil war or a foreign invasion.

… around Punta de Mata … most oil wells are not in operation.

The narrative follows a common pattern. A mechanical part breaks down, but there are no replacements so the oil well falls into disuse. Once a well is exhausted, no new wells are drilled. If an accident requires a well to be shut, it is not reopened.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tom-blumer/2018/05/12/cnn-venezuelas-oil-industry-collapse-no-mention-socialism-or-maduro

TIMELINE of the collapse published: Here’s how it will go down, hour by hour and day by day

Image: TIMELINE of the collapse published: Here’s how it will go down, hour by hour and day by day

(Natural News)
When the power goes out, you’ll just light some candles and read a book and wait for it to pass, right? That might be enough to get you through a couple of hours without electricity in a rainstorm, but if there’s a protracted power outage due to collapse, it’s going to be a different story entirely that requires a far more comprehensive approach.

A recent article posted on Web News Order takes an in-depth look at exactly what will go down when this happens, hour by hour. It’s well worth the read because it is so thorough, and it’s penned by someone who works in emergency management. It’s absolutely mind-boggling just how dependent every part of our lives is on electricity, and it’s just a matter of time before we find that out the hard way.

While electrical grids vary across states and countries, the general sequence of events is pretty similar across the board. Here is a look at some of the highlights.

Right away

As soon as the power goes out, the first thing you’ll probably be able to notice (besides the lights not working) is that electrical cooling and heating systems will fail. Most homes will lose their heat pretty quickly in winter, while buildings could become dangerously hot without air conditioning in summer. Commuters could find themselves trapped in subways, and traffic lights will go dark and cause traffic congestion and accidents. These traffic problems will slow emergency response times for everyone.

Cities will lose their water pressure, prompting boil-water advisories that most people won’t be able to follow because they won’t have power for boiling said water. In addition, as hospitals, data centers, and TV and radio stations start using their emergency power, their backup generators may not be able to handle air conditioning and their data centers will start to heat up.

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4 Hours Later

While many businesses will be forced to close, those that remain open will start to notice their shelves emptying. Consumers can expect to see profiteering, price gouging, hoarding and panic buying, especially when it comes to items like candles, ice, fuel, bottled water, batteries and flashlights – things you should go ahead and store now if you want to be prepared.

6 Hours Later

Gas stations will see very long lines forming, and those that don’t have hand pumps or battery-operated pumps won’t be able to do business at all. People will find that their toilets cannot flush. It’s around this time that those who were prepared and have emergency radio equipment should be able to start to learn more about the outage’s cause and likely duration.

8 Hours Later

By now, looting on a small scale will be underway and people will start to realize that this is a far more serious problem than your typical post-storm outage that lasts a couple hours. Moreover, when the sun goes down, crime will rise. Those who rely on cool insulin, CPAPs, and oxygen concentrators will start to run into serious problems.

The Next Day

A state of emergency will normally have been declared by now, and troops will be deployed if possible. The food in your freezer will thaw, so you’ll need to start preparing it before it goes bad; hopefully you’ve already got some indoor cooking options like canned heat or propane stoves in place. Fuel rationing will begin around this time, as will casualties from exposure to heat or cold and a lack of access to medication and healthcare.

The Third Day

By this time, the average “prepared” person will have run out of their emergency supplies as the popular 72-hour kits expire. Emergency medical workers and law enforcement officers will stop turning up for their shifts as they grow tired, injured, or worried about leaving their families alone, and violent crime and looting will rise dramatically.

The Fourth Day

Cash will become significantly less useful as people will prefer to barter for essentials like food. Emergency workers will have to prioritize and focus on helping only those with the best chances of surviving as resources run out.

The Fifth Day

By now, you’ll start to see looting slowing down because there simply won’t be anything left for people to loot, and smaller hospitals will have to shut down and evacuate.

The Sixth Day

At this point, doctors may start euthanizing patients who are unlikely to survive, and nursing homes could well abandon patients, as they did after Hurricane Katrina.

A Week Later

By now, diseases related to fecal contamination and waterborne illnesses will start to set in, especially in coastal areas that are situated downstream from big populations. Outbreaks of illnesses like cholera will become widespread. People who had been looting businesses will turn their attention to private residences, and they’ll invade occupied homes as the empty ones run out. Martial law might be declared, and dead bodies will start to pile up and pose a serious microbiological threat.

When you’re making a list and planning what you’d do if this happened, it is useful to keep this timeline in mind so you’ll know what to expect and you can ensure that you’ve covered all the bases. As frightening as it is to think about reaching the point of absolute devastation, this knowledge gives you the power to equip yourself to face the worst with a fighting chance. Be sure to check out Collapse.News regularly to stay on top of the latest collapse-related news.

Sources for this article include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-05-06-timeline-of-the-collapse-published-heres-how-it-will-go-down.html

U.S. Pension Fund Collapse Isn’t a Distant Prospect. It Could Come in 5 Years.

Warnings about looming public pension disasters have regularly cropped up since the 1950s, pointing to problems 25 years or more down the line. To politicians and union leaders, 1  the troubles were someone else’s predicament. Then crisis fatigue set in as the big problem remained down the road.

Today, the hard stop is five to 10 years away, 2  within the career plans of current officials. 3  In the next decade, and probably within five years, some large states are going to face insolvency 4 due to pensions, absent major changes. 5

There are some reassuring facts. 6  Many states are in pretty good shape, and many others still have time and resources to fix things. 7  There is no serious chance of retirees being impoverished. What’s in doubt is whether states will pay promised benefits to retirees with large pensions or significant outside income or assets. 8  Also, although most of the problem is created by politicians and union leaders cutting deals to promise future unfunded benefits to keep voters 9  happy, there are also plenty of stories of politicians and union leaders risking their careers to stand up for honest pensions. 10

It’s important to distinguish between actuarial problems (the present value of projected future benefit payments exceeds the funds set aside to pay them plus projected future contributions) and cash problems (not having the money to send out this month’s checks). Actuarial problems are always debatable and usually involve the distant future. Cash shortfalls are undeniable and immediate.

New Jersey 11  has $78 billion in its state pension fund, which is supposed to cover future payments with a present value of $280 billion. But that latter number is a projection. 12  You can ignore it if you wish, 13  or hope that soaring investment returns or a pandemic among retired workers will fix it. A more certain figure is that the $78 billion represents less than seven years of required cash payments.

If we extrapolate from the past, rather than use promises in the state budget, current employees plus the state will contribute about $25 billion over those seven years, which could provide another few years before the till is empty. But it will also add around $60 billion of future liabilities to current employees. The system probably breaks down before the pension fund gets to zero, for example if assets were to fall below $30 billion while projected future liabilities exceeded $300 billion. Even the most optimistic people would have to admit the situation is unsustainable. This could happen in three years in a bad stock market, or perhaps 10 with good stock returns. But fund assets are so low relative to payouts that good returns aren’t that helpful.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/2018/04/u-s-pension-fund-collapse-isnt-a-distant-prospect-it-could-come-in-5-years/

Duma refuses to denounce ‘anti-national’ Gorbachev & Yeltsin for sparking USSR collapse

The rejected address was drafted by the nationalist-populist opposition party, the LDPR. “For the sake of historical justice it’s necessary to give an assessment of political activities of the first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, recognizing these activities as destructive and anti-national,” the document read, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

LDPR members said the policies of Gorbachev’s Perestroika and the subsequent market reforms launched by Yeltsin “worsened the situation inside the country and Russia’s positions on the international arena” and urged the current generation of Russian politicians not to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

The lower house committee for regulations and control rejected the draft address, but noted that its members “shared the regrets of the document’s authors.” The committee experts wrote that the address lacked particular examples of wrong and harmful decisions made by Yeltsin and Gorbachev or some proof that the dramatic events of this period of Russian history came about as a result of these decisions.

In earlier comments on the LDPR’s initiative, Gorbachev branded the move an attempt to increase tensions within Russia. The first and only Soviet president also promised to take no reciprocal steps against the LDPR but said that the party should be dissolved over actions which create strife among citizens.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/politics/422686-duma-gorbachevs-yeltsin-address/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Wyoming’s State Government Is Betting That the Dollar Is Near Collapse

Gold, in particular, and silver are a definite hedge against the collapse of the dollar and runaway inflation.. Wyoming has decided to tax-exempt gold and silver from taxation. Does this mean that Wyoming’s tate government is betting that the dollar is near collapse?d and silver



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FOOD COLLAPSE imminent? Researchers create "robobees" as last ditch effort to compensate for collapsing bee populations

Image: FOOD COLLAPSE imminent? Researchers create “robobees” as last ditch effort to compensate for collapsing bee populations

(Natural News)
The invention of robot bees – robobees, for short – could be the long-awaited solution to all sorts of problems caused by the dwindling bee population all around the world. Just in case you haven’t heard, the world bee population has been steadily declining. As a result, a number of different environmental problems have emerged. With bees not fulfilling their role as far as pollination is concerned, some flowers and trees are unable to grow.

But things could change rather drastically with the introduction of robobees, as they could stand in for real bees in the meantime. This is according to Shashi Shekhar, one of the world’s foremost experts on mapping, citing the potential of robobees for serving as instruments in solving the catastrophic food shortages happening worldwide. Shekhar shared his thoughts on the matter as a speaker in the world’s biggest science conference. In his view, the time to embrace bee-sized drones to do things like pollinate crops.

According to a report, Shekhar sees the eventual use of robobees as a mere contingency if not a full necessity. “This is a back-up plan,” he explained. “With climate drying, if you look at areas like California and the West, you are losing lots of trees. If you lose the trees that’s the beginning.” Of course, with the loss of trees in forests, you can probably imagine what will be next to go, as there are a lot of animal species relying on them to survive.

Shekhar isn’t the only one who’s looking forward to a future where robobees are prevalent in case things ever truly go south for the environment. It is said that Japanese scientists have already developed a remotely controlled drone that’s as small as a dragonfly and can be used for the act of pollination. Meanwhile, U.S. scientists have also joined the fray. American researchers are currently planning to create an even smaller version of the above, focusing on the ability to carry pollen grains from one place to another and do it autonomously, at that.

That last part is a little bit tricky, as autonomous drones are not as simple as their manually-controlled counterparts. But research and development efforts for them are already under way.

According to Eijiro Miyako from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, he has personally assisted in the making of a drone that can carry pollen grains between flowers by following the principle of cross-pollination that is present in nature. The drone that he developed along with his colleagues measures only four centimeters wide and weighs a mere 15 grams, but it can get the job done. In testing, it is said that it can cross-pollinate Japanese lilies with ease thanks to its horsehair-coated bottom panel. For a manually controlled drone, that’s not a bad result at all.

Although their cross-pollinating drone works perfectly fine for now, Miyako’s team is looking to improve it even further.

They plan to develop autonomous drones that can be used by farmers to pollinate their crops much more easily. The technology for these certainly exists, but it will be a matter of integrating them all together properly and making the individual components work as one.

“We hope this will help to counter the problem of bee declines,” said Miyako in a statement. “But importantly, bees and drones should be used together.”

When you think about it, you’ll realize that the idea of using drones right alongside bees makes perfect sense. After all, bees haven’t gone completely extinct yet. And drones still aren’t perfect, so it could be a great idea to combine their efforts to get the best of both worlds.

Read more about bees and their rapid decline in Bees.news.

Sources include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-03-09-researchers-create-robobees-collapsing-bee-populations.html

Imminent collapse of US dollar & other major currencies will push gold to $10,000 – bullion analyst

“If you take the global money supply, back it with 40 percent gold, you need $10,000 gold to make the math work, and that’s just using a 40 percent backing,” he said in an interview with Kitco News on the sidelines of the annual event set by Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). “And it has to do with the eventual demise of modern currencies.”

The analyst didn’t specify the timeframe for the gold price surge from the current $1,325 per ounce, but stressed that it would have to happen, as the current cash bubble, consisting of dozens of trillions in USD, cannot exist forever.

“It’s kind of like a story about the man who went bankrupt, slowly at first and then all of a sudden. It’s the same thing with the US dollar, with the euro, with the yen. We’ve created trillions and trillions, dozens of trillions, almost hundreds of trillions of dollars, of obligations that simply can never be repaid. It will have to happen,” the analyst said.

King noted that gold stocks at current valuations are rather more attractive at the moment than they were two years ago. The expert also said that today’s miners are backed by “better numbers” and “smarter geologists.”

“We are in a new gold bull cycle, we’re in a blip of six- or eight-month downturn, but it will turn around. These are fundamentally good companies with great value behind them,” he said.

The PDAC International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange is an annual event for investors, companies and organizations connected with mineral exploration. The event, carried out in Toronto, reportedly attracts 1,000 exhibitors, 3,800 investors and 24,000 attendees from 130 countries.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/business/420596-collapse-currencies-gold-ten-thousands/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS