Washington Post’s Dana Milbank Claims Donald Trump Is Killing Him

At this point, I arrived at a self-diagnosis: I was suffering from Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder, or THUD. For almost five decades, I had been the picture of health, but eight months into Trump’s presidency, I was suddenly ailing. Trump is the only variable, I told my doctor. “He sure is variable,” my doc replied, endorsing the diagnosis.

I know THUD is a real condition because I have a scientifically valid sample to prove it. I told my editor about my new medical state, and he reported that he, too, has been newly warned by his doctor that his blood pressure has become borderline, and things could go either way. Sort of like with the “dreamers” (although in my editor’s case, dealing with me may be the primary cause of illness).

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MSNBC Guest Falsely Claims Miss Texas ‘Called Trump a White Supremacist’

Appearing as a panel member both on Friday’s The Last Word, and again on Saturday’s AM Joy, frequent MSNBC guest Karine Jean-Pierre of MoveOn.org was so desperate to interpret racism into President Donald Trump’s criticism of ESPN’s Jemele Hill for calling him a “white supremacist,” that she misleadingly claimed that Miss Texas “said the same thing” and “called Donald Trump a white supremacist” so she could suggest Trump ignored Miss Texas’s slight because she is white.

In fact, Miss Texas never called Trump a “white supremacist,” but instead complained that the President did not more aggressively respond to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. MSNBC hosts Ari Melber and Joy Reid went along with their guest’s claims and did not correct her misinformation.

At 10:47 p.m. ET on the Friday, September 15, The Last Word, Jean-Pierre claimed: “Just a couple of days ago, you had a white Miss Texas say the same thing that a black ESPN host said. You didn’t hear anything from the White House about that. It was silence about that.”

Substitute host Melber nodded and injected, “Certainly not.”

At 11:51 a.m ET on the Saturday, September 16, AM Joy, Jean-Pierre even more directly asserted that Miss Texas “called Donald Trump a white supremacist” as she declared: “Jemele Hill and Miss Texas — we haven’t talked about  how Miss Texas actually, you know, called Donald Trump a white supremacist. Clearly, it was a different reaction from both sides — we know why — but that’s –“

Host Reid injected: “Yeah, no, you didn’t have anybody in the White House calling for her to be fired as Miss Texas, but, yeah.

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Jean-Pierre responded: “Exactly.”

In fact, during last weekend’s Miss America Pageant, Miss Texas only voiced criticism of Trump’s reaction to the white supremacist rally, and did not try to read the President’s mind and allege anything about his motives. The judge posed the question:

Last month, a demonstration of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent, and a counter-protester was killed. The President said there was shared blame with, quote, “very fine people on both sides.” Were there? Tell me yes or no, and explain.

Miss Texas — Margana Wood — responded:

I think the white supremacist issue — it was very obvious that it was a terrorist attack, and I think that President Donald Trump should have made a statement earlier addressing the fact and making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the number one issue right now.

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ISIS Amaq News Service Claims Responsibility for London Underground Bombing


BOMBING ON LONDON SUBWAY–20 injured, Including 10-year-old boy

Police responded to an incident at Parsons Green tube station in London, with people reportedly hearing an explosion on Friday morning during rush-hour traffic.

Terrorists used a bucket wrapped in an insulated bag.

The device sent a fireball down a carriage as it detonated.

At least 20 people were hospitalized with flash burns.

The ISIS Amaq News agency took credit for the bombing later today.



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This Indian Woman Claims She Hasn’t Eaten Solid Food In 60 Years

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When was the last time you ate some food? More than likely, a few hours haven’t passed by since you chewed down a morsel or two. For a 75-year-old Indian woman named Saraswati Bai, the last time she ate solid food was approximately 60 years ago. Apart from one banana a week — eaten only occasionally — Bai says she lives on water and tea alone.

Oddity Central reports that Saraswati stopped eating solid food after contracting a Typhoid infection, which was right after the birth of her first son. That was 60 years ago! Due to the illness, she couldn’t keep any food down and suffered severe stomach aches. As a result, she decided to “give food up” — a concept none of us would likely consider.

As her condition improved, Bai began ingesting small sips of tea. Her appetite never returned, however. Concerned for her well-being and that of their son’s, husband Dwarka Prasad Patikar began encouraging her to eat. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t do it. Modern science says a human can go several weeks without food as long as they have water. Based on that data, it would be assumed that Bai have died — but she didn’t! To this day, she reportedly lives on tea and water, and small amounts of banana.

Bai’s husband persisted in attempting to get her to eat. He even checked her into a few treatment centers, but nothing worked. Because her health wasn’t declining, he eventually gave up. Bai went on to raise a total of five children, and continued working in the fields alongside her husband. Though the 75-year-old eats little to nothing, she says she has plenty of energy. Reportedly, she spends five hours a day tending to her family’s land.

Unsurprisingly, many have questioned the validity of Bai’s story. Because it is close to unheard of, it is hard to believe. However, the elderly woman’s family and neighbors affirm the claim that she hasn’t eaten food in over 60 years.

One of Bai’s sons, Mahendra Patidar, told Wahgazab that the entire family is used to her eating (or non-eating) habits. Ramesh Chandra, one of the family’s neighbors, added that everyone was surprised and concerned when they first learned about her diet. After seeing her in such good shape for her age, however, their feelings changed to admiration. The only food the 75-year-old craves is bananas, and she eats one per week. That’s enough to keep her going.

Saraswati Bai is not the only individual to claim she thrives on a breatharian-type diet. This couple says they haven’t eaten food in 9 years, and 92-year-old Narasamma claimed she hadn’t drunk a sip of water since she was 14.

Read more: This Breatharian Couple Claims They’ve Barely Eaten In Years And Subsist On Prana


I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Iran claims to have ‘father of all bombs,’ overshadowing American ‘mother’

The bomb was developed under a special request of the IRGC, the corps’ Aerospace Force commander, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said in an interview on Friday.

READ MORE: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan, first time used in combat

“Following a proposal by the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), [Iran’s] Defense Industries [Organization] manufactured a 10-ton bomb. These bombs are at our disposal,” PressTV cited the commander as saying.

“They can be launched from Ilyushin aircraft and they are highly destructive,” he added, without providing any further details on the capabilities of the ordnance.

The commander called the device the “father of all bombs,” comparing it to the US GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), commonly known as the “mother of all bombs.” Since the American device weighs 9.8 tons and yields 11 tons in TNT equivalent, the IRGC commander presumably referred to the weight of the new Iranian ordnance rather than its destructive potential.

The MOAB was developed in 2003 and first used in combat this April, when the US dropped the device in Afghanistan on a mountain tunnel complex used by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.

The new Iranian ordnance, however, might trigger a bomb paternity dispute, as Russia already possesses a non-nuclear ordnance known as the “daddy.”

The Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power, known as the ‘father of all bombs’ (FOAB), was successfully tested by Russia in 2007, with impressive results for a non-nuclear device – a 44-ton yield when detonated. The bomb explodes midair, vaporizing its targets, collapsing structures, and leaving a moon-like scorched landscape.

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Mayor Finally Resigns After 5th Victim Claims He Raped Him as a Child—His Own Cousin

In a statement released Tuesday, Murray adamantly denied the allegations, but said his resignation would be “best for the city.”

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business,” Murray said, adding that he was proud of the work he had accomplished during his time as a legislator.

Murray’s resignation came shortly after the Seattle Times reported Tuesday that Joseph Dyer, 54, Murray’s first cousin accused the mayor of repeatedly molesting him when he was 13 years old.

“There would be times when I would fake sleeping because I didn’t want him touching me,” Dyer, told the Times. “And that’s when he would molest me. And my mother would be right there in the house, she’d be in the living room… watching TV, at that time it was probably ‘M*A*S*H.’ And my sisters would be in their rooms, sleeping. And I would be in my room, and he would be in there, molesting me.”

Murray, 62, confirmed that he did share a room with Dyer in the ‘70’s. Murray and his siblings came to live with Dyer and his mother, Maryellen Sottile, in New York after their mother died. Dyer was 13 at the time while Murray was in his early twenties.

Murray denied the allegations, which he said were fabricated to get back at him for previous clashes between the families.

“I did not sexually abuse any of her children,” Murray told the Times. “There’s been numerous fights between our two families for many years, and much ugliness. I guess they see me down and out, and they want to finish me off.”

Dyer told the Times he was motivated to come forward after he saw Murray deny previous allegations.

“I saw… clips of (Murray) denying what he did, that pissed me off to the point where I am like, ‘That’s it. I have had enough.’ I have been carrying this around for 40-some years. Something has got to be done.”

Sottile also told the Times that she was “very glad to hear that he’s resigned,” adding that she hopes it will help others.

Lloyd Anderson, who accused Murray of paying him for sex when he was a teenager, said that he felt “victory” after Murray announced his resignation, but also felt “saddened that it required another victim to come forward for him to resign.”

“I wonder how many other victims are out there,” Anderson said, according to a statement obtained by the Times.


Murray previously ended his bid for a second term after the initial accusations were made. However, he had support to finish his term until the most recent allegations were reported Tuesday.

Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan, who previously accepted Murray’s endorsement, released a statement Tuesday that said his decision to resign was “in everybody’s best interest.”

“As a parent, former public official and openly gay woman, these allegations are beyond sad and tragic; no official is above the law,” Durkan said.


Rival candidate Cary Moon, who has repeatedly called for Murray to step down in the wake of previous allegations, called his response “inappropriate and harmful, especially to survivors, LGBTQ people and young people everywhere.”

“Survivors of sexual assault must be believed and treated with respect,” Moon said in a statement. “It’s terribly difficult for victims to speak up publicly. How many victims will it take for the Mayor to step down?”


Murray was first accused of sexual abuse in April, when Delvon Heckard, 46, filed a lawsuit accusing the mayor of paying him for sex more than 50 times when he was 15 years old.

Murray said that his resignation would be effective Wednesday at 5:00pm, at which point City Council President Bruce Harrell would take over as mayor. Harrell has five days to decide whether to fill out the rest of Murray’s term which ends on December 31.

In a statement obtained by KONG, Harrell said he intends to make an announcement within five days, after he consults with his family and other members of the Seattle City Council.

“The City must focus on governance and day-to-day business without distraction,” Harrell said. “I have a plan in place for a seamless transition in order for City operations to continue at the highest standard. Seattleites deserve a government that holds their full confidence and trust.”

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NFL star plans to sue Vegas Metro Police Department, claims officer held a gun to his head

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, no. 72, plans to sue the Las Vegas Metro Police Department over an Aug. 29 incident in which Bennett claims an officer held a gun to his head and threatened to blow it off.

It all started when officers responded to an “active shooter” call which later tuned out to be a false alarm. When officers arrived, the scene was in full pandemonium and that’s when Bennett says that he was singled out for being a “black man.”

The 2014 Super Bowl champion told TMZ in an exclusive interview that the officer pinned him down, pointed a gun at his head and said: “If you move I’ll blow your fucking head off.”

Bennett feels that the incident may have been racially motivated, possibly in response to his recent protest of racial inequality where he sat out the National Anthem on several occasions causing controversy.

The defensive end said that the police put him in a car and treated him like a “black man” until they found out that he was a famous “football player” after Googling his name.

“I went from being a black man to a football player,” Bennett said. “It felt like a movie almost.”

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Sheriff’s Dept Posts Meme Glorifying the Murder of Protesters—Claims It Was an ‘Accident’


Chelan County, WA — The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office issued an apology this week after they say an employee ‘accidentally’ made a post of a meme to their Chelan County Emergency Management Facebook page depicting protesters getting mowed down by a car.

The tasteless post wrote, “I don’t wish harm on anyone…but protesters don’t belong in the road!” with an illustration below that said “All lives splatter … nobody cares about your protest.” It comes only weeks after Alex Fields drove into a crowd in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer. 

After making the post, it was deleted and Sheriff Brian Burnett wrote an apology noting that the employee had accidentally shared the post.

Earlier this date, the Chelan County emergency management Facebook page displayed an inappropriate post, which had been sent to a noncommissioned employee’s personal account. The employee accidentally “shared” the post onto the emergency management’s Facebook page. Staff at Chelan County emergency management feel terrible that this inappropriate and hurtful post made it onto the Facebook page. The posting was removed as soon as staff realized the error. Changes have already been made in procedure to assure nothing like this will occur in the future. This post does not reflect the views of the Sheriff’s office and we trust the public will continue to follow us during emergency situations on our Chelan County emergency management Facebook page.


Anyone who runs a page knows that posts must be shared to specific pages or your profile. Sharing a post to one’s personal profile does not automatically post it to a page managed by that person. However, that is what Chelan county is claiming.

Proving the point of those outraged by this post, the person managing the Chelan County page admitted to posting it on their personal profile and was entirely unapologetic about it.

Naturally, people have free speech and should be able to post whatever they want, however they want. In fact, police officers should definitely be able to do so—this way there’d be no doubt about their intentions.

While the apology and removal of the post have appeased the apologists, others are not buying it, however. Even police supporters have come out to denounce the “accident.”

“Good job making every cop look like a Nazi. And thanks for making every tour that much more difficult for every cop in the country,” one user wrote.

“‘I’m appalled that the Chelan County Emergency Services employees people who harbor such bigotry & hatred. Since James Alex Fields is at this moment rotting in a jail cell for this very heinous crime, I don’t find this one bit amusing. Neither I am sure would Heather Heyer’s family & friends. Loosing Heather touched our entire nation. To have this cartoon flashed on FB made my blood boil. I personally hope whoever posted it will loose their job. Anyone who would casually jest about this serious crime after Heather’s death needs to be fired,” another user wrote.

“There are just some people that do not have the temperament to be in a position related to law enforcement. One of your own demonstrated that by the horrible meme he passed on regarding running over demonstrators. Not only did he show a lack of competence by mixing up his own private page with this page (Face Booking on the job?) but he showed his true colors towards a large segment of the population. This person simply is not fit to serve anywhere within law enforcement or community service,” another post to the Chelan County Facebook page read.

In spite of the claims by the sheriff that the post didn’t reflect the views of the Sheriff’s Office, the admission of the post and lack of apology by the person who posted it says otherwise.

While this post is particularly atrocious, it should come as no surprise. In fact, as TFTP has previously reported, only days after Heyers was murdered in Charlottesville, a cop took to Facebook to praise it. 

On an article titled, “HORROR: Car Plows Into Protesters In Charlottesville; One Dead, 19 Injured,” Springfield officer Conrad Lariviere responded with a comment that said, Hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn’t block roads.”

One of the most recent posts to the department’s page summed up the entire debacle perfectly.



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