TRIGGERED by Yoga? Left-wing professor now claims YOGA leads to white supremacy

Image: TRIGGERED by Yoga? Left-wing professor now claims YOGA leads to white supremacy

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An Indian professor at Michigan State University (MSU) and her Jewish colleague recently co-penned an editorial condemning “white people” who practice yoga for engaging in what they see as an expression of “white supremacy.”

According to Shreena Gandhi, who teaches “religious studies” at MSU, white people who practice yoga are culturally appropriating something that early practitioners of this Hindu religious practice only brought to England and the United States as a tool of proving to colonialists that Indians were normal, healthy, and rational people.

Gandhi and co-author Lillie Wolff, who self-describes herself as an “antiracist white Jewish organizer, facilitator” contend that early Indians were “coerced” into “selling” yoga to white people. They further insist that yoga only became popular “because it reinforced European and Euro-American ideas of India.”

“Yoga became – and remains – a practice which allows western practitioners to experience the idea of another culture while focusing on the self,” their anti-white diatribe proclaims.

White people who do yoga are “racists,” but they shouldn’t stop because then the money would stop

What’s hilariously ironic about these ridiculous claims is the fact that they’re predicated with a disclaimer in the opening sentence of the editorial stating:

“To the so many white people who practice yoga, please don’t stop…”

Why should white people continue to engage in yoga practice even though doing so is “racist,” you might be asking yourself? Gandhi and Wolff later explain that yoga ‘contributes to our economic system” – meaning that white people who do yoga have money, and those who teach them yoga want as much of it as they can get.

In the same sentence, though, the Hindu-Jewish duo makes sure to point out that, even though yoga contributes economically to those who teach yoga classes and sell overpriced yoga pants, “never forget this system is one built upon exploitation and commodification of labor, often the labor of black people and people of the global south.”

Are Jewish and Hindu college professors in Michigan culturally appropriating “white” culture?

If the goal here is to truly “de-colonize” exercise, stretching, and all other forms of activity that people engage in that their ancestors may not have, then it needs pointing out that Indian Hindus are hardly native to the state of Michigan where Gandhi has the privilege of teaching anti-white racism without apparent consequence. The same goes for Wolff, whose earliest Jewish roots hardly originate in the upper Midwest.

While we’re at it, we should probably also point out that neither Hindus nor Jews can legitimately lay claim to professorship in their cultural ancestry. Last we checked, higher education actually originated in ancient Greece, which means that these two are not only culturally appropriating “white culture,” but also using it to bash “white culture.”

In case you think this declaration is crossing the line, consider the fact that in their article, Gandhi and Wolff are bold in their own declaration that “white society” is “cultural[ly] void,” implying that so-called white people don’t have any culture of their own, and thus resort to “stealing” other people’s cultures.

If these two loons are truly serious about engaging in social justice on the cultural appropriation front, then the one needs to move back to India immediately and begin the task of dismantling the horribly unjust caste system that enslaves the Indian poor – while also agreeing to never again teach in a classroom of higher education or earn an income doing so since professorship is historically a Greek profession. The other can start by returning to the Middle East to “organize, facilitate, and heal” her land.

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Crypto exchange claims $200 million stolen, but all may not be as it seems

The company reported that around 17 million nano coins belonging to investors had been stolen through unauthorised transactions. Trading above $11 a token at the time, the stolen amount totaled about $200 million. It is ranked as the number 24 cryptocurrency by value, according to Coinmarketcap.

“We extend our sincerest apologies to our customers and to all those involved in the illegal transfer of Nano on our platform,” BitGrail wrote.

“Today a charge about those fraudulent activities has been submitted to the competent authorities and now is under police investigation.”

The announcement was greeted with suspicion fueled by the company’s recent moves. In January BitGrail halted all withdrawals and deposits of nano, as well as the lisk and cryptoforecast tokens. The exchange said it would introduce obligatory identity verification and anti-money laundering protocols for its clients, in spite of claiming that it doesn’t work with governments or banks. Some users accused the exchange of planning a so-called “exit scam”, prompting the price of nano to drop 20 percent at the time.

This is not the first major heist from cryptocurrency exchanges in recent years:

COINCHECK: Last month the Japanese crypto exchange saw over $500 million stolen in NEM cryptocurrency.

BITFINEX: The Hong Kong exchange claimed about $72 million worth of bitcoin was stolen in 2016

MT. GOX: The Tokyo-based exchange filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after claiming hackers stole nearly half a billion US dollars’ worth of bitcoin.

CRYPTSY: Last July, a US federal judge ordered the defunct exchange to pay $8.2 million to customers after it failed to respond to a class-action lawsuit. The court ruled that 11,325 bitcoin were stolen in 2014 and the thief was not found.

Reuters cites other notable heists including Bter which lost 7,170 bitcoins in 2015; (18,788 bitcoins lost in 2012); Bitfloor (24,000 bitcoins lost in 2012) and Bitcoinica, which lost a total of 102,101 bitcoins in three hacks during 2012.

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44-Year-Old Mother Claims CBD Oil Cured Her Of Breast Cancer Within 5 Months

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Sadly, 1 in 8 women (or about 12.4%) in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. After receiving the diagnosis, her allopathic doctor will recommend she undergo expensive (and painful) chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which have a low success rate. If she chooses, the woman may instead opt to try CBD oil — a component of the cannabis plant. Such is what Dee Mani, 44, did, and she claims it “cured” of her the dangerous affliction within 5 months.

The Daily Mail reports that in March of 2017, Mani found a lump in her breast. Not long after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors suggested she undergo chemotherapy, but Mani refused. Instead, she began to supplement with cannabidiol oil (CBD) — just one drop a day.

Said Mani, “Because of what happened to my sister, there was no way I was having chemo or radiotherapy. At first when I spoke to the doctor I agreed to everything I was told, I said I’d have one year worth of chemotherapy but then I did my research.”

Mani found a local supplier in the UK which cost her just £22 (just over $30 USD) per month. This is a sliver of what conventional treatment costs. According to her, the cannabis tasted “revolting.” However, it worked. Within five months of taking the CBD oil, the mother was given the all-clear by doctors.

Said Mani, “After finding out about cannabis oil I started to put one drop into a capsule every night and take it before bed. Within four months I believe that I cured myself and then when I was given the all clear, I knew it was the cannabis that cured me.”

The inclusion of CBD oil wasn’t the only change Mani made. She also adopted a healthier diet and began to meditate. The CBD oil also helped her insomnia, benefited her allergies, and helped reduce the  in her back from having slipped discs.

Mani remains clear of cancer and continues to consume the CBD oil every night. She says she will continue to do so “for the rest of my life.” To encourage others to combat their cancer holistically, she has written a book about her journey called My Way.

Every year, 11,400 people die from breast cancer in the UK. In the US, the figure is approximately four times higher. What if CBD oil — a component of the marijuana plant — was made legal worldwide, so that people could have access to the affordable, life-saving medicine? It is a question each of us needs to ask, for the natural medicine is desperately needed in the modern world.

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Image Credit: Dee Mani

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Mattis Claims US Not Involved in War on Syria

Mattis Claims US Not Involved in War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump escalated US aggression Obama launched. As defense secretary, Mattis is in charge of waging it.

Saying Washington isn’t “engaged” in the war belies years of US-led terror-bombing, its rape of Raqqa, its cold-blood slaughter of countless thousands of Syrian civilians, its support for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Commenting on US warplanes massacring around 100 Syrian and allied forces in Deir Ezzor on February 7, Mattis lied calling it “self-defense, adding “(o)bviously we are not getting engaged in the Syrian civil war.”

No civil war exists. Obama launched naked US aggression on a sovereign independent nation threatening no one. Trump escalated what he began, opposing conflict resolution instead of supporting it.

On Friday, AMN news said “US-backed forces have launched an all-out offensive against the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitary groups near two government-held towns in Deir Ezzor province,” adding:

“Moments ago, opposition sources began to report that forces of the US-led Deir Ezzor Military Council began storming positions of the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces at the government-held towns of Khashim and Tabiyyah on the eastern shore of the Euphrates River as part of a determined assault to capture the settlements.”

The offensive is being conducted by the so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council (DEMC), separate from undemocratic Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – comprised of Kurdish YPG fighters and Arab terrorists.

Nearly all DEMC fighters are Arab terrorists, likely ISIS and al-Nusra elements, AMN saying they’re “on the payroll of the US Department of State and under the direct strategic guidance of the Pentagon” – waging Washington’s ground offensive for regime change along with SDF fighters.

AMN said the offensive hadn’t so far achieved gains.

Separately, the neocon CIA house organ Washington Post deplorably accused Russia of “bad faith” in Syria.

Its operations are combatting US-supported terrorists – on the side of the angels against US-backed devils.

WaPo cited Kurdish commander General Hassan, falsely claiming the US-led Wednesday terror-bombing of Syrian and allied forces followed intelligence reports that a government attack was coming.

Its forces in the area were conducting a reconnaissance mission. Nothing suggested they intended to attack SDF troops. Hassan lied, claiming his forces were attacked by tank and artillery fire.

According to WaPo, the Pentagon “showed its overwhelming military dominance in the areas it controls in eastern Syria,” adding: 

“Russian-backed forces paid dearly for their unprovoked and, it seems, deceitful attack.”

No Russian-backed forces attack occurred, “deceitful” or otherwise. Premeditated US aggression was launched on government reconnaissance troops, further escalating conflict, added proof showing Washington wants endless war, not resolution.

As long as Russia fails to challenge US aggression forcefully, these incidents will continue and escalate – heading toward full-scale US war on Syria unless stopped before things spin out-of-control.

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Nicolle Wallace Claims Trump ‘Doesn’t Even Want to Know’ About ‘Threats To The Nation’

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Lebanese actress Salma Hayek claims that the violent, inbred, and deranged Judaic Harvey Weinstein threatened to break her kneecaps

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