White House Announces 25 Percent Tariff on Chinese Tech Goods

White House Announces 25 Percent Tariff on Chinese Tech Goods

June 15th, 2018

Via: The Verge:

Today, President Trump announced an aggressive new set of tariffs against China, setting a 25 percent import tax on $50 billion worth of “industrially significant technologies� imported from China. In previous discussions, China has threatened to retaliate against such tariffs, stoking fears of a far-reaching and unpredictable trade war between the countries. US Customs and Border Protection is set to begin collecting the tariffs on July 6th.

A list published by the White House details more than 1,000 specific products that will be affected by the tariffs. It includes a broad range of components used in electronics manufacturing, specifically naming touchscreens, batteries, and electric motors. General components like transistors are also named on the list as well as more specific components used in televisions, cameras, and radio receivers. Fiber optic cables are also on the list, although most fiber optic cable is manufactured by US companies. Notably, the list does not include cellphones or completed televisions.




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Chinese Hackers Stole US Sea Warfare Data, Including On Supersonic Missile – Report

Some 614 gigabytes on a secretive US Navy project was reportedly stolen from a contractor, who kept the data unclassified despite the sensitivity of the information, which includes the Pentagon’s plan for a supersonic missile.

Breaches that could deal a heavy blow to the US military’s bid to dominate the waters near the disputed islands in the South China Sea took place at least twice, in January and February this year, US officials told The Washington Post.

The data that was compromised by what officials believe were Chinese hackers working for the state intelligence agency concerns the Sea Dragon project, which is aimed at “integrating an existing weapon system with an existing Navy platform.” The hackers reportedly gained access to signals and sensor data, as well as submarine radio information. This data can provide a valuable insight into the distance that US submarines may be able to detect their Chinese adversaries. According to the investigators, the operatives of the Chinese Ministry of State Security also obtained the Navy’s submarine development unit library, which offers a glimpse into hundreds of mechanical and software systems used by the Navy.

Among the data seized was also information on the US Navy’s plans to mount a supersonic anti-ship missile on a submarine, The Post reported. It did not provide any specifics on the project, saying it was asked by the Navy to withhold the details from the report, so as not to damage US security further.

For the importance of the materials and the potential damage their loss can cause, investigators say it took the intruders surprisingly little effort to pilfer them, since the network that stored the data was unclassified.

The investigation into the breach, which is being jointly conducted by the Navy and the FBI, is currently underway, The Post reported. The incident reportedly caught the attention of US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who sounded the alarm over the military contractors’ security against cyber-attacks, tasking the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office to look into the issue.

The contractor that was subjected to the attack was not identified in the report, but it was revealed that its work was commissioned by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Navy’s research, development, test and evaluation center for submarines, as well as offensive and defensive undersea warfare.

The impact of the hack on US naval capabilities has been evaluated by the Pentagon’s Damage Assessment Management Office, which has refused to comment on its findings, however.

The revelation comes as the two countries vie for dominance in the South China Sea. In recent months, there has been a flare-up in tensions, as Washington repeatedly sent its warships to sail through the disputed waters, drawing ire from Beijing.

In late May, US guided-missile destroyer the USS Higgins, and the USS Antietam, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, came within 12 nautical miles of the largely uninhabited Paracel Islands, which China and Vietnam both lay claim too. The Chinese Defense Ministry condemned the arrival of the US fleet, saying that its increasingly frequent ‘freedom of navigation’ maneuvers are provocations that encroach on its sovereignty.

Beijing has been building artificial structures and deploying military infrastructure on the Paracels, as well as on the Spratly Islands, including anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems.

As tensions continue to mount over the resource-rich South China Sea, which is subject to territorial claims by a number of countries, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, the Pentagon vowed last week to “compete vigorously”with China in the waterway.

It came shortly after the US disinvited China’s navy from participating in the Pacific Rim 2018 naval drills, citing its “continued militarization of the South China Sea.”

Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/chinese-hackers-stole-us-sea-warfare-data-including-on-supersonic-missile-report/

Chinese Now Have Longer Healthy Life Expectancy Than Americans


China has overtaken the United States (U.S.) in healthy life span for the first time since records began, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) data.

The figures show Chinese newborns in 2016 can expect 68.7 years of healthy life, compared with 68.5 years for American babies.

The world health body said American babies can still expect to live longer overall, dying at 78.5 years compared to China’s 76.4. But during the last decade Americans are likely to suffer from ill health.

“The lost years of good health that are a factor in calculating healthy life expectancy at birth are lower for China, Japan, Korea and some other high income Asian countries than for high income ‘Western’ countries,” said WHO spokeswoman Alison Clements-Hunt.

The U.S. was one of five nations, along with Somalia, Afghanistan, Georgia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where healthy life spans beginning at birth fell in 2016, according to the WHO data, which was published in mid-May.

“Chinese life expectancy has increased substantially and is now higher than for some high-income countries,” said Clements-Hunt.

She said the U.S. life span is decreasing, having peaked at 79 years in 2014, the first such reversal for many years.

The world’s longest living people are the Japanese.

Babies born in Japan in 2016 were forecast to live for 84.2 years.

And its even worse for Black Americans who have even higher rates of being fat, ugly and disgusting…

So of course now China is beating America!



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Chinese electric car sales up 149%

In much the same way as we’ll soon have to stop reporting renewable energy production records because they’re coming too darned often, I might start having to ration out how often I talk about spikes in electric vehicle sales around the world. While a 170% growth rate in The Netherlands might be impressive, for example, I do have to remind myself that we’re still talking about a tiny fraction of cars in one tiny corner of the world.

But this next headline is kind of the opposite:

Business Green reports that sales of electric vehicles were up 149% in China in the first four months of the year. And China being China, that means an awful lot of cars—225,310 to be precise. (It’s not immediately clear to me whether this figure includes plug-in hybrids as well as pure battery electric vehicles.)

Given that China is aiming for 2 million electric vehicle sales a year by 2020, there’s still some work to be done. But if the city of Shenzhen’s fleet of 14,000 all-electric buses is anything to go by, markets can change incredibly fast over there once decision makers put their minds to it.

And with China continuing to add solar at faster-than-expected rates, this growth in electric vehicles couldn’t come at a better time. Not only will the grid they get their charge from be greener, but more cars plugging in might just help alleviate concerns about solar overcapacity and grid stability in the country.

In slightly less exciting news, also reported in the Business Green story was the fact that car sales overall were up 11.5% in April. I hope that doesn’t mean the Chinese e-bike boom is over…

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/cars/chinese-electric-car-sales-149.html

Quality of Chinese-built cars better than European ones, Volvo executive admits

In an interview with Australia’s Go Auto, Volvo’s senior vice-president of design, Robin Page, admitted that some were concerned about the automaker’s decision to build many of its vehicles in China.

“What we’re finding is that the quality of the cars is actually better in China than in Europe. Everyone was worried about quality, but as soon as they [the Chinese – Ed.] started the quality was even higher than in Europe,” Page said.

He attributed the difference to the greater automation in manufacturing at European factories. Chinese factories produce such high-quality vehicles because they rely less on automation and have tighter tolerances, the official explained.

“To be honest with you, if you talk to the (European) manufacturing guys, they’ve put so much automation into the system, you haven’t got that manual adjust. They’ve [Chinese factories –Ed.] got more people on it, less automation, which actually gives you that ability to get tighter on the tolerances … and make finer adjustments.

“It’s not a massive difference, but if you do scores-to-scores and averages, China’s pretty damn good, so we’re not so worried about that now,” said Page.

Volvo started exporting Chinese-built vehicles around the world four years ago. First, it began sending the long-wheelbase version of the previous-generation S60 to the United States. The company has also shifted production of its range-topping S90 sedan from Sweden to China at the end of 2016.

The automaker plans to build various electric Volvos and Lynk & Co models in China, and export them to foreign markets.

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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The Chinese Infiltration Happening Under Our Noses- A Call to the Public to Report


Now that a US President has stood up to the Chinese on trade, the Chinese are taking off the gloves. Things are about to get very interesting. What is China prepared to do?


I have been collecting data Chinese methods to infiltrate our country with embedded personnel in anticipation of a future conflict. I have had a number of people write to me with stories, on two fronts, that indicate that the Chinese are moving massive amounts of personnel into this country.

The most obvious and conerning set of reporst that I am receiving regarding Chinese coming into America comes out of Prineville, Oregon and it is related to radio station 93.7 FM.

I have a half a dozen reports from locals who have heard Chinese “coded numbers” alternating with the same on Russian coded numbers coming out of the aforementioned radio station, on an intermittment basis. One person likened it to the French Underground from WW II in which inteligence information is broadcast on pirate radio.

One person offered to investigate and was actually able to speak with the owner and this is a case where the owner should have said “no comment”. The owner is out of San Francisco and is a pilot (does that get anyone else’s attention?). The owner of this station stated that this type of broadcast (ie Chinese and Russian code) was used to ascertain listnership on the station. At 3am? In a foreign language with coded numbers? This does not even make any sense.

Some of the locals are very concerned. One lady offered to contact me in the middle of the night to play the broadcast when she hears it. I cannot help suspect that these are coded messages being broadcast to local sleeper cell, or embedded military units in the area that are not American.

I have, myself, turned my attention to the station and the owner and his interests as expressed in writing on the topic of globalism. At this time, I am holding my cards to theclose to the vest.  I am going to come out with a more detialed report.

When I first learned about CALEXIT, almost two years ago, Paul Preston told me that in Northern California, broadcasts in Chinese were taking place in Chinese, late at night.  This phenomenon did not capture my attention then, it is has my attention now and I believe that the national security threat aspect is very real.

The second area of concern has to do with ethnic restaurants which suddenly close down and and reopen as another type of ethnic dining place. I have threee solid reports on this at this time. In one instance, a Chinese restaurant in Chico, suddenly shut down, and reopened a short time later with all Russians running the restaurants. One other interesting report comes out Chico, CA., in which two long-time listeners to the CSS have told me that there was a Chinese dining establishment was very suspicious, and among the suspicions was the aloofness of the help. In fact, I was told that when they brought in someone who spoke Chinese and greeted the help, the place became silent.

We havee know for sometime that the Port of Long Beach has been taken over by the Chinese and they have brough in military personnel types for sometime. However, the video that referenced the practice was suddently removed by Youtube. In fact, one of my recent videos suffered the same censorship fate on the very same topic as evidenced by the following email.


We already know that Chinese military personnel are being brought into the country under the guise of being solar energy workers as I reported this development in regard to the infamous Bundy stand-off.

Also, a prudent person has to wonder if Chinese infiltration could, in some way be related to the “lost” plutonioum at Idaho State University.

I am now going public with a request that if someone knows something along the lines of what is discussed below, that they they do two things:

  1. Send me an email with confirming information (ie pictures, personal observations).
  2. Contact your local Sheriff with the same evidence and demand an investigtion.

Further, if you are one of the 17 individuals that have contacted me on this issues, please redouble your information with more evidence and I will approach members of Congress and other people of importance that can call attention to this.

I am also calling on my colleagues in the Independent Media to take these claims more seriously. Some people are not expert witnesses and don’t fully understand rules of evidence and they will need our guidance. However, my friends, I am convinced that with all the reports of Chinese flowing into this country, this is a matter of major concern and security. And yes, there are still report of ongoing Russian incursions as well.

Whatever the illegally embedded Chinese and Russian personnel are up to, they are clearly part of a secondary strike force.

If Red Dawn were to go live, these personnel would be in a position to seize key positions to help an advancing army. They are like the 10st Airborne on D-Day which parachuted behind German lines six hours before D-Day. This is what I think the main objective of these forces are.

If the United States goes to war in the Middle East, the infrastructure disruption these forces could bring would hamper the war effort and very possible collapse it if EMP weapons were to become part of the domestic battlefield landscape.

I have been working in this field long enough to smell a major story. and this is a major story that is growing right under our noses.  There are several explanations but it impossible what to fully believe without more information. What we can be certain of is that these people are not here to help us. America, we are the domestic warriors. Our citizen duty is to protect the homefront. Therefore, I ask you to please roll up your sleeves, we need more information and proof.





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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Healthmasters.com. 



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Embedded Chinese 5th Column Ready to Strike America


The CSS needs your help with 2 stories. First, we know that certain radio stations are broadcasting Chinese code late at night. Second, there are several restaurants that have been smuggling in Chinese. IT is clear that the intent is to provide a path of entry to Chinese troops while broadcasting code to sleeper cells. Please report all such instances in your community.


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