Kaeper-Kicked: Cleveland Cops, EMTs Blow Off Kneelin’ Browns Opening Ceremony

Apparently when you insult Cleveland cops and paramedics, and the symbols they revere, they’re not the types to say “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” So after a dozen Cleveland Browns players refused to stand for the National Anthem in a preseason game, Cleveland’s finest won’t be holding a huge Old Glory on the field at the Browns’ home opener, as they’d previously agreed to.

Those Browns players, in an apparent effort to take the “lovable” out of “lovable losers,” (1 – 15 last season!) were emulating the currently unemployed Colin Kaepernick – he of the pig policeman socks and Fidel Castro fan-boy gear. We all know Kaepernick’s story. The cynical take is that he started sitting for the Anthem to make it politically problematic for the Niners to cut him and his fading talents. The more charitable view is that he’s just a jerk.

After the Browns caught the Kaepernick flu, the Cleveland Patrolmen’s and EMS unions pulled out of the home opener ceremony. EMS union head Daniel Nemeth told Fox 8 Cleveland, “This hit home with me. I am a veteran, an 8-year veteran with the U.S. Marine Corps. So, to disrespect the flag by taking a knee is not something I was going to be a part of.”

Fox 8 reached out to police union president Steve Loomis. “I’m here at a national police convention,” said Loomis, “and soon as they hear that I’m from Cleveland, the first question is ‘What about those stinking Browns?’” (In fairness, that’s a question anybody from Cleveland is apt to hear at any time. Did I mention they were 1 – 15 last season?) “So if the ownership of the Browns and the league are going to allow that type of stuff to happen, and then come to us and say, ‘We want you to help us with the flag,’ that’s hypocritical. We’re not gonna participate.”

Well said, Mr. Loomis. And you’re not alone. At this writing, it doesn’t look like Colin Kaeperhick’s going to be participating in games either.

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Police Hold Secret Ceremony Honoring Cops Involved in “Trafficking, Raping” Underage “Sex Slave”


Oakland, CA — An abused little girl was only 12-years-old when she was forced into the sex trade, forever altering the course of her life. For years, this little girl was “exploited by pimps” when she finally broke away and made it to an Oakland police officer. For a brief moment, she thought she was safe — but, according to a recent lawsuit, she was wrong.

When the young girl thought she was getting help, she was actually being brought into a depraved circle of cops from multiple departments who would continue to abuse her for years to come.

Instead of helping her, more than 30 other law enforcement officers “continued to traffic, rape, victimize and exploit a teenage girl who needed to be rescued,” according to a legal claim filed with the Oakland city attorney’s office. “Instead of helping [the teen] find a way out of exploitation, they furthered and deepened her spiral down into the sex trade,” the claim continued.

Now, as a recent report from the East Bay Express notes, some of the officers involved in covering up this explicit case of child sex trafficking are not only being promoted — but honored.

Knowing that if they conducted their honors ceremony in public, they would likely see a huge backlash, the Oakland police department held a secret ceremony in a church Friday.

Several of the officers honored at the ceremony were the same ones involved in covering up, mishandling, or otherwise participating in the sex-crime incident.

As the Express notes, two dozen protesters picketed the ceremony at the church’s entrance, accusing Mayor Libby Schaaf and the department of rewarding officers who should instead be punished.

“They seem to be resisting change,” said Gwen Hardy, a longtime Oakland resident who has been involved in efforts to reform the OPD since the 1980s, according to the Express. Hardy said the Coalition for Police Accountability, which spearheaded the creation of the city’s new police commission, met with Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick earlier this year. Kirkpatrick told the activists she wouldn’t hesitate to discipline, and even fire, bad cops.

“But why promote them?” Hardy asked.

Normally, when police officers honor themselves with awards and promotions, these events are broadcast out into the public light as to bolster their public image. However, when they are honoring those who facilitated a child sex scandal, they have to do it in secret. No media was allowed in the event and, in fact, they were forced to stand 50 yards away from the entrance.

As the Express noted, in the past, media were invited to these functions — not anymore.

Roland Holmgren was one of the officers honored at Friday’s ceremony for his recent promotion to captain.

Holmgren was one of the dozens of cops referred to in a special court investigator’s report as having mishandled the Celeste Guap case, in which multiple Oakland cops raped and trafficked a young woman, and illegally accessed department records, among other crimes, according to the Express.

Several other officers, including Capt. Kirk Coleman, who now runs the Internal Affairs Division, were in attendance. Coleman was also involved in the sex trafficking cover up and named in the report for failing to notify the District Attorney about the criminal behavior of the officers in the case.

The public became aware of the investigation after Guap went public and the investigation revealed a massive conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse by dozens of California cops.

“It appears to be a cesspool here,” local attorney, John Burris, responsible for a 2003 federal probe into the Oakland police department said at the time. “But you gotta keep working at it to drain the swamps.”

As Oakland scrambles to hold on to what little shred of dignity they think they have left, moves like this one only serve to stoke the divide even further.

With sex trafficking on the rise in the United States, it is no wonder government is admitting they have no way to stop it. After all, if they are awarding police officers for covering up one of most reported on underage sex trafficking cases in the country, why on earth would we expect them to do anything to stop it?

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‘Make sure you come in time!’ Bumper Confed Cup closing ceremony planned in St. Petersburg

The acts performing at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup closing ceremony at St. Petersburg Stadium on July 2 have been announced.

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Pop star and current ‘The Voice’ judge Polina Gagarina, rapper Egor Kreed, and DJ Smash have been confirmed as the acts to perform the prelude to the final match and farewell to the ‘Tournament of Champions,’ which was the first to be held in Russia.  

Публикация от Smash (@djsmash) Июн 20 2017 в 2:53 PDT

The teams contesting the Confed Cup final are as yet unknown, with the semifinals stage of the tournament to take place this week.  

Portugal will take on Chile in Kazan on June 28 before Germany faces Mexico a day later in Sochi, with the winners of both games meeting at St. Petersburg Stadium, also the venue for the tournament’s opening game, the following Sunday.

“The spectacle will combine elements from the history, culture and art of St. Petersburg, the competition’s main city, as well as motifs from the Confederations Cup, its former winners and current participants,” FIFA said in a press release.  

The ceremony, scheduled to start at 7:15 local time and last for approximately 20 minutes, will also feature Stanislav Litvinov from the Leningrad Centre theatre, who orchestrated the first performance of the Opening Ceremony, and Russian ballerina and choreographer Vera Arbuzova.  

During the tournament’s Opening Ceremony before the game between Russia and New Zealand on June 17, Arbuzova, who performed the solo dance from ‘The Firebird,’ says her performance will be “dedicated to ballet” on Sunday.

“Ballet is one of Russia’s calling cards and we have tried to make it interesting for the audience, combining classical ballet with modern dances,” she said.

“We’re not going to reveal all the dances; instead we look forward to seeing spectators and football fans at the Closing Ceremony. Make sure you come to the stadium in time!”

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The opening ceremony was a coruscating festival of color with more than 2,000 actors involved in the performance and featured a magic forest set and characters from Russian folklore, and the mascot for the cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, ‘Zabivaka’ the Wolf.

The four host cities of the tournament – Sochi, Moscow, Kazan, and St. Petersburg will also be represented at the event.

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Interview: Rikka Zimmerman discusses Global Forgiveness Ceremony, premieres single

The transformational leader, international author and singer-songwriter based in L.A., Rikka Zimmerman, is a woman of many talents and ambitions. Monday, June 12, is the first anniversary of the shooting at the hand of one man in Orlando, Fla. that killed 49 people in a gay nightclub. On that same day, Zimmerman will hold an online Global Forgiveness Ceremony to commemorate the lives of the 49 who perished a year ago in Orlando. Zimmerman’s goal will be to seek comfort and support for the Orlando and Manchester victims who recently lost their lives. She has also written a special song, dedicated to the June 12 victims, called “Come Together,” which can be streamed in the music box below. Her new album, The Miracle, will debut on August 3. Find out how special the song “Come Together” and the online forgiveness ceremony is in our interview with Rikka. 

AXS: What does “Come Together” mean to you and what do you hope your fans and listeners convey from this special song?

Rikka Zimmerman (RZ): When the news fell of the biggest shooting in U.S. history on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, I was devastated. My heart cried, “This doesn’t have to happen! I know that if everyone knew that they could heal their broken hearts with forgiveness, then everyone would feel that they were loved and no one would be able to harm anyone or anything. I set out to create a song that the world could sing together to stand for forgiveness and heal the hurt that is causing this violent behavior in the world.

AXS: You’re also hosting an online Global Forgiveness Ceremony on June 12; how important is this ceremony for you?

RZ: I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world teaching them how to choose love and forgiveness. In every instance, when one person in any situation chose to forgive, everyone involved changed. I know the power of forgiveness because I have watched it work in my life and in the lives of my clients. If enough of us chose forgiveness, we could end all of the violence that is existing right now on the planet. This is what I have dedicated my entire life to. It is not only important but I believe it is imperative for humanity’s survival. During this ceremony, we will be leading the group through a forgiveness process that will not only transform their lives but the world. This ceremony will teach them the steps to heal and transform their lives and will harness the power of forgiveness to transform the world. 

People who perpetrate these kinds of terrible acts have been hurt in their past. They have been a victim of similar violent acts and are now acting out that violence into the world. When tragedies like this happen, your gut reaction might be to condemn and judge the person for what they’ve done. Does that create a different outcome or add more energy to creating the same type of outcome? 

What if what every perpetrator truly needs to end the bad behavior is love? What if you allowed yourself to realize that inside the perpetrator was a hurt innocent child that had something similar happen to them and that they are unconsciously doing what was done to them…to another. Would you further condemn that child, telling them that they are bad or evil and don’t deserve to be loved? Will that help the situation from occurring again? No. They already believe that they are bad, evil, wrong and don’t deserve to be loved, or else they wouldn’t have been able to commit the act in the first place. Our only option to end the violence is to choose to love and forgive. 

Forgiveness doesn’t condone or support bad behavior — it ends it. Part of choosing love is protecting love. It’s protecting the love in everyone. You can forgive Omar for what he has done and in the same moment claim that this kind of behavior is no longer allowed on this planet. This is choosing love. When you choose love by claiming, “This kind of behavior is no longer allowed in my house, in myself or on this planet,” you are including Omar in your intention. You are coming from a perspective that Omar also deserves to be loved and to end the violence for him, too. 

We are taught by society to fight for peace. Fighting for peace doesn’t work; it’s not peaceful. It just continues to perpetuate the energy of war. Does that make sense? 

AXS: What do you hope to accomplish with your music in light of the recent terror attacks in the U.K.?

RZ: It would be my hope, my deepest heart’s wish, that I could empower enough people to choose love and forgiveness that we could create a crack in the cavern of darkness that allows anyone to harm another. And as that light of love shines through that crack into that darkness of their pain, they glimpse, even for one overwhelming miraculous moment, the truth of how loved they are. And just as they’re about to strap that bomb to their chest or load their weapon, they feel that light of love in their heart, just long enough to make a different choice. It’s time to end the hate.

For more information about the Global Forgiveness Ceremony taking place on June 12 at 7 p.m. PST, 10 p.m. EST, click here

Discover Rikka’s music here

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Cleveland Browns hold final groundbreaking ceremony at John Marshall Field

In May of 2016, Dee and Jimmy Haslam made a promise to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District that before two more seasons went by, five of the district’s school football fields would be re-turfed with the latest in field technology. Today that promise was set into motion as the official groundbreaking ceremony took place at the fifth and final field on the list, John Marshall Field.

Attending the ceremony were members of the Cleveland Browns 2017 Rookie Class that included: LB B.J. Bello, DL Caleb Brantley, RB Matthew Dayes, LB Ladell Fleming, DL Myles Garrett, K Zane Gonzalez, DB J.D. Harmon, DB Alvin Hill, OL Rod Johnson, QB DeShone Kizer, DL Jamal Marcus, TE Taylor McNamara, DB Najee Murray, DB Kai Nacua, TE David Njoku, DL Larry Ogunjobi, DB Jabrill Peppers, DL Karter Schult, DB Channing Stribling and DB Howard Wilson.

Other dignitaries on hand included: CMSD CEO Eric Gordon, City of Cleveland Chief of Staff Ken Silliman, City of Cleveland Councilman, Brian Kazy, Ward 16, Ohio House of Representatives, Martin Sweeney, District 14, Director of MUNY League Jason Dunn, John Marshall High School coaches, athletes and faculty and various Cleveland MUNY League athletes.

Various speakers gave praise to the Haslams for their personal contribution to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and what it will mean to the school athletes, Muny League athletes and the surrounding community in general. These fields have been designated as multi-use outdoor laboratories that will be utilized by a variety of sports as well as citizens in the surrounding neighborhoods.

As the ceremony was taking place the huge concrete bleacher sections with press boxes, concession stands and bathrooms were being torn down to make room for the new field, cinder track, concession areas, bathrooms, scoreboard and lights. Also in attendance were a number of alumni of John Marshall High School as well as family members of current athletes who attend the school.

With the tearing down of the old John Marshall High School and the rebuilding on the same site of a new, modern and technically superior high school this field renovation will match the school’s newfound modernization giving student athletes of all types a safe environment in which to compete.

The groundbreaking is part of the Cleveland Browns commitment in the form of their First and Ten Initiative that is designed to engage the community as well as promote education and youth football.  

The construction schedule calls for the field at John Marshall High School as well as the field at John Adams High School to be completed with high-quality synthetic playing surfaces by the start of the 2017 football season. Thus far Roye Kidd Stadium, James F. Rhodes Stadium and Bump Taylor Stadium have been completed. The finishing touch for each field will be the installation of 25-foot scoreboards at each of the fields as additional gifts from the Cleveland Browns.

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