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More Bishops From The Catholic Church Caught Sexual Abusing Young Boys

  • The Facts:

    Sexual abuse of young children have long been associated with the Catholic Church.

  • Reflect On:

    Who we are worshiping, and the institutions we so easily and our power over to. Are these who we consider our spiritual leaders?

Last Thursday, at the end of an emergency summit in Rome with the Pope, 34 Chilean bishops offered their resignation in the wake of revelations of sexual abuse of young boys and their complicity in covering up the crimes. These 34 represent every bishop in Chile, 31 active and 3 retired.

Damage control at its finest. But is it too late?

The Timeline

 The timeline of this particular story, now part of a voluminous list of crimes of complicity within the Roman Catholic Church, runs as follows:

2011: Charismatic Chilean priest Rev. Fernando Karadima is removed from ministry and sentenced by the Vatican to a lifetime of penance and prayer based on the testimony of his victims, who said they were all molested by him in the swank parish he headed in the El Bosque area of Santiago. A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn’t lacking.

2015: The Pope appoints Juan Barros as bishop presiding over Osorno, a region of Chile, despite victims’ testimony before Chilean prosecutors that Barros, one of Karadima’s proteges, witnessed the abuse and did nothing to stop it. The appointment outraged Chileans and badly divided the Osorno diocese, where hundreds of lay Catholics and many priests have refused to accept Barros.

Jan. 18, 2018: During a visit to Chile and Peru from Jan. 15-21, the Pope was asked about the Barros appointment and responded, “The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak. There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”

Jan, 21, 2018: During an airborne press conference on the way home from the trip, Pope Francis apologized for insisting that victims of pedophile priests show “proof” to be believed, saying he realized it was a “slap in the face” to victims that he never intended. But he doubled down on defending Barros, and he repeated that anyone who makes such accusations without providing evidence is guilty of slander.

February 1, 2018: The Pope sends the Catholic Church’s top abuse prosecutor, Archbishop Charles Scicluna and his aide, Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu, to Chile to investigate the matter. They interview 64 people which forms the basis for a 2,300 page Vatican report exploring matters of child sexual abuse and the cover-up of such crimes by Church officials in Chile.

April 11, 2018: The Pope invites all Chilean bishops to Rome for a crisis meeting to discuss the findings of the report.

May 18, 2018: In the wake of revelations from the meeting, all 34 Chilean bishops offer their resignation. Footnotes the pope took from the report indicate that the pope accused the bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes, pressuring investigators to minimize abuse accusations and showing ‘grave negligence’ in protecting children from pedophile priests.

Pope Francis’ About-Face

In his document, Pope Francis said all Chilean bishops bore blame, ‘and me first of all.’ In this admission, he accedes to the criticisms he received for his transfer of Juan Barros to Osorno, and his support for Barros over the past few years in the face of righteous opposition.

Further, he appears to be taking a grander view of these problems than had been done by the church in the past. An article in the Daily Mail summarizes it thusly:

Francis said he was ‘perplexed and ashamed’ by the report’s evidence that there were ‘pressures exercised’ on church officials tasked with investigating sex crimes ‘including the destruction of compromising documents on the part of those in charge of ecclesiastic archives.’

He said such behavior showed ‘an absolute lack of respect for the canonical process and worse, reprehensible practices that must be avoided in the future.’

He said the problem wasn’t limited to a group of people, but can be traced to the training Chilean priests receive in seminary, blaming the ‘profound fracture’ within the church on the seminaries themselves.

The Vatican investigation, he said, contained ‘grave accusations against some bishops and superiors who sent to these educational institutions priests suspected of active homosexuality.’

‘The problems inside the church community can’t be solved just by dealing with individual cases and reducing them to the removal of people, though this – and I say so clearly – has to be done,’ Francis wrote.

‘But it’s not enough, we have to go beyond that. It would be irresponsible on our part to not look deeply into the roots and the structures that allowed these concrete events to occur and perpetuate.’

The harsh assessment of the quality of seminaries suggests that a possible next step might be a full-on Vatican investigation of Chilean schools of priestly training.

What’s Really Going On Here?

Throughout most of their history, the Roman Catholic Church was so powerful that crimes of pedophilia could be completely covered up and pushed beyond public view. In more recent times, revelations about individual priests somehow managed to emerge, often decades after their crimes had occurred. It was long maintained that these crimes were purely the work of a few ‘bad apple’ priests, whose acts of cruelty and depravity stemmed from such excuses as ‘personal weakness’, ‘poor judgment’, even ‘loneliness’.

But we have come to find out that this is simply not an accurate characterization. It has been shown, to an extent that cannot be contested, that the sexual deviance and cruelty of individual priests has inevitably been enabled by a grotesque ‘support system.’ It’s a network of church officials that surround and protect these criminal priests through their silence, lies, and complicity, and by simply moving such criminals from areas where the outrage of the community has gotten too heated, to other areas where they can start fresh with the physical and psychological torture of a new group of young and vulnerable children.

As abhorrent and vile as crimes of pedophelia are, one could almost argue that the willful enabling of such acts on the part of officials in the church hierarchy is equally or even more abhorrent. In the face of having been accused of their complicity in such horrors, these are the types of statements we hear coming from the complicit bishops who attended the crisis meeting with Pope Francis:

“We were not prepared for something such as abuse, and this was a shock for me. We were not prepared and were not able to understand what happened to the victims, but now we know.”–Bishop Ramos

“<Francis> has given us a clear example and we must do likewise. He knows how to say ‘I have made a mistake,’ and to ask pardon for that.”–Bishop Gonzalez

Hypocrisy Of The Highest Order

I pray for the day when the majority of people on the planet see these statements and the faux-humility they are couched in for what they are: hypocrisy of the highest order. These statements and others that were made are the pleas of cowardly, deceitful people doing anything to save their skin and their positions of privilege. The culture of the Catholic Church is like no other in the way it has accommodated the most profane of human acts and systematically protected the perpetrators.

Now, finally, revelations of this nature have become so widespread that Pope Francis has had to indict the entire system of seminaries in Chile, ‘promising’ fundamental change there. The optics behind it are to dissociate what has happened in Chile from the core of the Catholic church, the Vatican, like sawing a dead branch off of a tree. The question is, does this public condemnation of the Chilean bishops represent a real effort to improve the Catholic Church, or is it just damage control on the part of Pope Francis to forestall the uncovering of deeper and more pervasive revelations about the Catholic Church?

Who Is Pope Francis?

In all honesty, I am not sure who Pope Francis is. In some circles, he is seen as a person who embodies the sinister, duplicitous capabilities of his institution, and has risen to the Papacy as a result of his perceived capacity to radiate a saintly persona to maintain the Church’s power through these difficult times. Others say that he is a fundamentally moral person who has been brought in by more benevolent forces to slowly and safely effect a controlled demolition of this most corrupt institution.

One thing I do believe is that Francis knew about Barros, about the veracity of victims’ claims against him, and went ahead and forcefully defended him anyway, using that tried and true approach of righteously claiming that no proof had come forth. But that strategy didn’t work this time, apparently. His ’emergency summit’ in Rome was a public relations side show meant to morally elevate the Vatican high above the crimes revealed in Chile. Certainly some followers will believe this narrative, but the objective observer will note that the Catholic Church’s behavior in Chile is the rule, not the exception, of its base culture. Church sexual malfeasance has been widely documented, with one report citing over 10,000 reported cases in the United States alone, more than 4,000 cases in Australia, and several hundred cases in Canada, Germany, Belgium, and Ireland.

Making Sense Of It All

And if we go along with the notion that the vast percentage of such crimes go unreported, it makes the perpetration of these crimes fully systemic, and a disturbing picture of the Catholic Church from top to bottom comes into view. In fact, it would be naive not to draw the following conclusions:

  • Pedophelia is not actually an unwanted problem within the Catholic Church, but rather a core activity that is promoted by the Holy See
  • The capacity to move up the ranks in the Catholic Church is predicated largely on a priest’s engagement in such activities or, at minimum, their willingness to keep silent or enable such activities
  • The Catholic Church is ‘Christianity’ in name only, and those at the highest levels do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ at all, but rather the practices of an occult system like Satanism where pedophelia is promoted

Naturally, I believe many Catholic priests–perhaps the vast majority–are doing their best to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ as they understand them, and impart those teachings to their followers. However, the fact that there has not been a major revolt on the part of Catholic priests against the rampant pedophilia within their ranks only reinforces the notion that we are dealing with a systemic problem. The fact that the bishops of an entire nation were all found to be complicit in enabling pedophelia under their purview reinforces this claim.

All that is left now is for us to unveil the highly guarded secret motives of the Vatican itself. A cogent explanation for the preponderance of pedophelia within the ‘sacred’ walls of churches and parishes would surely be revealed. And if this were to happen, whether through the efforts of Pope Francis or despite them, the dismantling of arguably the most powerful control structure on our planet may be upon us.

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US Catholic Church Report: Two Clergy Sex Abuse Cases Every Day in 2017


The US Catholic Church’s annual report on sex abuse in that institution says there were nearly two clergy sex abuse cases every day during 2017, totally 674 incidents including 24 against children.

The Catholic Church’s latest report on the implementation of the U.S. bishops’ “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People”—which came into existence when sexual deviancy among Catholic priests was first acknowledged as a major issue in the controlled media nearly two decades ago—said there had been a “decrease in allegations of clergy sex abuse from the two previous years but also indicates the need for continued vigilance since charges were raised by more than 650 adults and 24 minors.”

“The overall decrease in allegations coupled with the fact that charges of abuse are still being made is something Francesco Cesareo, chairman of the National Review Board, which oversees the audits, finds troubling,” the Church said in an official announcement.

In introductory remarks to the report released June 1, he said: “While progress continues to be made, there are worrisome signs for the future revealed in this year’s audit that cannot be ignored.”

He said he was most concerned by signs of general complacency such as a shortage of resources available to fully implement programs, failure by some dioceses to complete background checks in a timely manner and, in some cases, poor record keeping.

Cesareo wrote that this “apparent complacency” could indicate that some in the church think “sexual abuse of minors by the clergy is now an historic event of the past.”

This view would be untrue, as the current report indicates, he said, adding: “Any allegation involving a current minor should remind the bishops that they must re-dedicate themselves each day to maintaining a level of vigilance that will not permit complacency to set in or result in a less precise and thorough implementation of the charter.”

The newly released report — based on audits conducted between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017 – shows that 654 adults came forward with 695 allegations.

Compared to 2015 and 2016, the number of allegations decreased significantly due to fewer bankruptcy proceedings and statute of limitations changes.

The report also notes that 1,702 victim/survivors received ongoing support and that all dioceses and eparchies that received an allegation of sexual abuse during the 2017 audit year reported them to the appropriate civil authorities.

According to the charter, 24 new allegations were raised by came from minors. As of June 30, 2017, six were substantiated and the clergy were removed from ministry.

These allegations came from three different dioceses and four of the six allegations were against the same priest. Eight allegations were unsubstantiated as of June 30, 2017. Three were categorized as “unable to be proven” and five investigations were still ongoing at the time of the audit.

According to the 2017 report, dioceses, eparchies and religious institutes reported $263,809,273 in total costs related to child protection efforts as well as costs related to allegations that from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017, which represents a 50 percent increase from the amount reported the previous year.

Last year’s report revealed that 1,232 adults come forward to report sexual abuse they suffered as children, with a total of 1,318 allegations—a total of around four per day.

“Close to 250 newly identified victims/survivors and members of their families were offered outreach and healing, and ongoing support was provided to 1,510 victim/survivors and their families who reported abuse in prior audit periods,” the 2016 report said.

It is not only the US where this is an issue. Most recently, Pope Francis nominated a special administrator to the Australian archdiocese of Adelaide after its head was found guilty last month of concealing child sex abuse by a priest. Philip Wilson, the archbishop of Adelaide and a former president of the Roman Catholic Church’s top body in Australia, was accused of covering up a serious indictable offence by another priest, James Fletcher, after being told about it in 1976. Wilson is expected to be sentenced by an Australian court in June. He faces a maximum penalty of two years in jail.



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A Hammer blow to the Roman Catholic Church– ‘Yes’ voters jubilant as anti-abortion campaign concedes defeat in Ireland

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NBC’s ‘Rise’ Implies Catholic Dad ‘Afraid’ of Controversial Play Because He’s Secretly Gay

It may be cliché to say, but in the case of NBC’s high-school drama Rise, it’s true: Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, Rise hits a new low.

But Tuesday’s episode, “The Petition” was one of the worst episodes so far this season, as it is heavily implied that Catholic father Robert, who opposes the controversial school play and his son’s role as a gay character, is really just “afraid” of the play because Robert is secretly gay himself.

The episode opens with theater teacher Mr. Lou Mazzuchelli (Josh Radnor) or “Mr. Mazzu” and assistant Ms. Tracey Wolfe (Rosie Perez) viewing a risqué video promoting the school play, complete with students sensually caressing themselves, making out and undressing. Being the mature adults in a position of authority who are supposed to protect their students, Mr. Mazzu and Ms. Wolfe naturally decide to pretend they never saw the video because it’s helping ticket sales for the play to skyrocket.

Thankfully the principal, the PTA and even Mr. Mazzu’s wife Gail (Marley Shelton) respond as most adults would and are upset and shocked over the video. Principal Ward (Stanley Mathis) threatens to stop the play and demands the video be taken down, the PTA starts a petition to have the play stopped, and even Gail proclaims that their daughter will not be seeing the play.

Mr. Mazzu tells PTA president Nancy (Leslie Meisel), “Look, that video was completely unauthorized and misleading.” She responds, “Well, maybe so, but now everyone’s read the play. Masturbations, onstage sexual acts, S&M, sexual abuse. People bring their kids to these plays…The PTA is unified. We’re not gonna let that show go up. Not if we can help it. I mean, honestly, what were you thinking?”

Simon’s father Robert (Stephen Plunkett) confronts Mr. Mazzu after seeing the video and says, “Mr. Mazzuchelli, maybe you think you’re making art, being provocative. But you’re hurting these kids. You’re hurting my son.” Robert then vows to do everything in his power to stop Mr. Mazzu and signs both his and his wife Patricia’s (Stephanie J. Block) names to the PTA petition against the play, which infuriates Patricia.

Although she had been on her husband’s side in the beginning of the series, Patricia has since been “enlightened” by Mr. Mazzu and has been slowly turning against her husband, leaving him as the sole parent fighting to protect his son from the play’s themes that are antithetical to their Catholic faith. Patricia challenges Robert, asking him why he is “afraid” of the play and accusing him of “hiding behind religion and God and morality to stop Simon from being who he is” (Simon has been repressing his attraction to his male castmate.)

And we can’t have that in liberal Hollywood, can we? If you’re a Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin, it can’t be because of your faith. It must be because you’re secretly gay yourself:



Patricia: Robert, how dare you put my name on that.

Robert: I didn’t realize I needed your permission to stand up for our basic beliefs.

Patricia: Well, do you realize what this does to our son having our name on there? It is a total betrayal.

Robert: This is protecting our son. This is standing up for what we believe.

Patricia: No, this is you. You hiding behind religion and God and morality to stop Simon from being who he is.

Robert: Who is he? What do you mean?

Patricia: No. No. No, this isn’t about him. This is about us. And our marriage. How dare you fake that signing that represents me. How could you possibly know that little of your—

Robert: Our marriage is fine.

Patricia: We don’t have a marriage, Robert. We don’t have a marriage. We pretend. There’s no intimacy. There is no tenderness. You…never touch me. Is that why you’re afraid of this play? Is that why you are afraid of him playing a gay boy? Is that why? Tell me the truth. Is that why?

Robert: Patricia. I will never stop fighting for our family. I will never stop fighting for what I believe. This conversation is over.

During play rehearsals, Catholic student Simon (Ted Sutherland) and his castmate Jeremy (Sean Grandillo) try to act out their romantic scene, but Mr. Mazzu can tell that they are less passionate than before. Despite Simon saying that’s how he’s most comfortable playing the scene, Mr. Mazzu urgently pleads, “Look, I don’t mind subtle, but we can’t water it down. Look, we got full houses now. I mean, this is our chance to show people what’s really possible. We cannot be afraid of the material. Okay? This is an erotic scene. It’s about lust and repressed sexuality. We want them to feel it in the back row.” Yes, that’s exactly what families in the back row should feel at a high school play: erotic gay lust and sexuality!

The show also continued pregnant teen Sasha’s (Erin Kommor) storyline, as she and her newly transgender best friend “Michael” (Ellie Desautels) visit a clinic and see Sasha’s 9-week old unborn child for the first time on a sonogram, which shocks Sasha and brings her to happy tears.

Later when Sasha and Michael look at the sonogram photo in Sasha’s bedroom, Sasha asks Michael to be the godparent, clearly indicating that she has decided to keep the baby. But Michael is worried and tells Sasha, “I don’t want to tell you what to do at all. At all. But you have school. And you’re this amazing actress and songwriter and just this artist. I admire you so much. How is it going to work? I mean… It’s amazing. But don’t let a picture cloud your decision-making.”

Sasha has a perfect reply, but Michael is obviously still not thrilled that she wants to keep her baby:



Sasha: Look at me. Look at my dad. I know Travis is a major jerk I never should’ve gotten involved with. But maybe things happen for a reason. Maybe this is my chance to build a family of my own. Have something that matters. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I know it won’t be easy. All I know is how I feel. It’s not just a picture. It’s mine.

Michael: Yeah.

Well, they showed the humanity of the unborn child through a sonogram but stopped just short of saying the full truth. That it’s not just a picture. It’s her baby. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to not use the word “baby” to describe her baby.

Michael ends up enlisting the help of Ms. Wolfe to talk to Sasha because he’s still concerned about her decision and Ms. Wolfe shares that she faced a teen pregnancy as well and gave her baby girl up for adoption. She promises to support Sasha and be with her every step of the way, but only time will tell if that means Sasha chooses life or ends up aborting her baby.

Given the record of this show, I’m afraid it will most likely be the latter.

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The Pope Refuses To Apologize For What The Catholic Church Did To The First Nations of Canada

Next Story

First of all, blame is something the world could do without, and it infects our planet on multiple levels. Take for example, a convicted murderer, or any other person who has committed a crime leading to a life of incarceration. Right off the bat, they are sent to a place that seems to be the complete opposite of re-habilitation. Love, cooperation, and understanding is always given to the victim, as it should be, but the same type of energy is not always directed to the ‘wrong-doer.’ There is never an attempt to understand what events transpired in that persons life that led them to do what they did, and there is really no attempt at some serious personal development. There is only punishment and blame. That’s a micro-scale example, and at the end of the day, we are one big giant collective and we have to take responsibility for what happens on this planet, together.

With all that’s been exposed with regards to the global elite, many of them would most certainly be given the death penalty. Societies typical reaction and harsh punishment has perhaps provided no chance for anyone within this ‘Deep State‘ to come forward, which may be because of the way we would react.

Blaming is useless because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really offer a real solution, but rather creates more separation, arguments, negative energy and a lack of ability for both parties to come together to make things right.  I’m not sure what the solution is, but pointing the finger in the way we do doesn’t really seem to be the answer, it makes more sense to try and spark a shift in consciousness within the ‘wrong-doer’ instead. We do this on so many levels, and politicians are a great example. We are constantly giving our power over to another entity to make decisions and change the world, thus leaving us open to manipulation, instead of taking actions and doing things for ourselves.

As a result of us giving away so much of our power, ‘elite’ entities like the government and the Catholic Church, which seems to sit above government in my opinion, have lied and manipulated the global collective a number of times. It seems that those who present themselves in the public as bringers of ‘good,’ may actually be involved in some shady actions on the side, away from the public eye.

Related CE Articles: Multiple Catholic Priests Expose The Practice of Satanism Within The Vatican

                                           Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother

One great example is what happened to the indigenous populations in Canada, now known as the First Nations of Canada. They were virtually wiped out, and children were taken into ‘residential schools,’ and forced to learn the ways and teachings of the Church, while at the same time brainwashed into believing their own beliefs were completely false and irrelevant.

As the Canadian Broadcast Corporation points out:

“A letter released Tuesday by the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops says Pope Francis has not shied away from recognizing injustices faced by Indigenous peoples around the world, but he can’t personally apologize for residential schools.”

This doesn’t make sense, does this mean that the pope is denying the role of the Catholic Church in what happened?

Canadian Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau issued this statement:

“Reconciliation is not just between government and Indigenous peoples, it’s between non-Indigenous Canadians and Indigenous peoples as well. We will keep working with communities, keep working with individuals on the path to reconciliation because we know taking responsibility for past mistakes and asking forgiveness is something that is core to our values as Canadians.”

The crazy thing is, the corporate world is still destroying forests, and taking indigenous populations from their homes. It’s a world-wide phenomenon that’s been happening for more than 100 years now.

Scholars have estimated that, prior to the ‘discovery’ of the Americas by Europeans, the pre-contact era population could have been as high as 100 million people, and as low as 10 million.

Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the Catholic Church had completely taken over Europe, wielding their power to control both people and ideas. There was no separation of church and state, as all citizens were required to abide by the rules and beliefs of the church. If not, they were deemed outlaws and heretics, and were even hunted and killed. This type of activity and “brainwashing,” so to speak, can be traced back all the way to ancient Rome, and all the way forward into our very recent history. Its influence can be seen in the mass brainwashing and manipulation of our minds today.

Related CE ArticleA Harsh Reminder of What Really Happened to Native North Americans

In Canada, for example, “residential schools” were set up all over the country. These were government-sponsored religious schools established to assimilate aboriginal children into Euro-Canadian culture, a culture that was made by the ruling elite for everyone else to “fit” into. This system originated in France not long after the arrival of the Europeans into the Americas, and was originally conceived by Christian churches and the Canadian government to educate (brainwash) and convert aboriginal youth and to integrate them into Canadian society.

But was that the real purpose?

When I say Canadian government, I mean the Department of Mining and Natural Resources. In the 1930s, the headmasters of the residential schools were made the legal guardians of all native children, ripping them away from their parents under the oversight of the Department of Mines and Resources. All parents were forced to surrender legal custody of their children to a principal or a church employee, or face imprisonment. A few years later, “Indian Affairs” was taken over by the Federal Government’s Citizenship and Immigration Office. (source)(source)(source)

Children were killed, abused, and raped at these schools. They were also subjected to nutritional experiments by the federal government in the 1940s and the 1950s, and were used as medical test subjects as well. Many of these victims and their bodies have vanished without a trace.

Aboriginal people in Canada, in our very recent history, were deliberately killed, and this has been confirmed by eyewitness testimony, documents, government records, and statements of Indian agents and tribal elders. Some estimate the mortality rate in residential schools to be upwards of fifty percent. We are talking about more than 50,000 native children across Canada, possibly more. (source)

The massive genocidal campaign that started hundreds of years ago has continued until this very day. And the fact that this system operated under legal and structural conditions which encouraged, aided, and abetted murder is disturbing to say the least.

Keep in mind, these horrors were perpetrated in Canada; one can only imagine what went on in the United States and South America. So much of our history is hidden from us.

All of the information above, which is simply a tidbit, is why it’s so confusing that the pope would not really acknowledge the role of the Catholic Church in what happened.

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NPR Journalist and Catholic College Graduate Botches Description of Easter

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U.S. Catholic university lists ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ as words students should avoid

DAYTON, Ohio, February 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic university in Ohio has put the words “husband” and “wife” on a list of words that students should n’t use in order to meet “professional expectations.”

The University of Dayton’s (UD) website offers a “gender inclusive language” list for students. The site is under the university’s “Women’s Center” section. The school lists words deemed inappropriate because they are gender-specific, along with substitute words deemed appropriate.

Examples of incorrect, officially discouraged words to use include “mankind,” “layman,” “man hours,” “man-made,” “man power,” “middleman,” “chairwoman,” “spokeswoman,” “husband,” “wife,” “cleaning lady,” “maintenance man,” “Congresswoman,” “salesman,” “businesswoman,” “policeman,” “fireman,” and “mailman.” 

Approved words include “humankind,” “layperson,” “staff hours,” “chairperson,” “spokesperson,” “spouse,” “partner,” “significant other,” “custodial staff,” “legislator,” “sales associate,” “business person,” “police officer,” “firefighter,” and “mail carrier” or “postal worker.” 

The University of Dayton describes itself as a “top-tier Catholic research university with academic offerings from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels.”

Also, the UD website suggests that students should refrain from using words designating the gender of a professional such as a nurse, doctor, lawyer, administrator, secretary or teacher.

Students should use “generic occupational titles” to make it “easier to see that these jobs can be done by a person of any gender.”

Some university students do not like the list of approved words. 

Piran Talkington, a UD sophomore, said that the university in making such a list is “setting a precedent to start this possible, horrible future where words have lost all history and power.” 

“By changing words like ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ and ‘mankind’ you start to erase the history and significance of the journey that has been undergone in order to get society to the point where it is today.”

Talkington said the language guide infantilizes college students. 

“Should we be inclusive? Absolutely. Should we change historical words with meaning to PC terms for no real reason? Absolutely not,” he said.  

The list first appeared on the university’s website in 2015, but did not exclude “husband” and “wife.” That update came in January, 2016. The website was updated earlier this month after public reaction to the list with a note that tried to distance the university from the list. 

“The gender inclusive language list is an educational resource — it is neither a guide nor an advisory nor does it represent University of Dayton or Women’s Center policy. It is geared to assist those who prefer to use gender inclusive language as well as those who wish to avoid assuming the gender of an individual being discussed,” the note states. 

“As a Catholic, Marianist university, we are guided by our mission to foster an educational community that welcomes and includes all people. As a Christian and educational community, we recognize that every person has innate dignity because all people are made in the image and likeness of God and we seek to create an environment where all persons feel respected, safe and valued,” it adds. 

Reaction to the list came around the same time Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under fire internationally for interrupting a woman and correcting her for saying “mankind” instead of  “peoplekind” at a town hall event.

“We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it’s more inclusive,” Trudeau said. 

Contact info for respectful communications:

University of Dayton President Eric Spina​
Online contact form here
Phone: 937-229-1000
E-mail: [email protected]

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