After Police Ignored Her, Mom Catches Child’s Attempted Rapist Herself—Then Cops ARREST HER


Port Alberni, CA — The parents of a 13-year-old girl, who was being harassed by an older man, are now facing criminal charges after they decided to take matters into their own hands after the police refused to help them track down the predator.

According to a report from CTV News, the parents begged the Port Alberni Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to determine the identity of the man who was texting their daughter. After weeks of apparent frustration, the determined couple then lured the man to their home, all the while pretending to be the daughter desiring to have sex with him.

After the couple found out that the man who was sexting their daughter was a family friend, they apprehended him, zip-tied him, and then broadcast the predator snatch on Facebook.

Streaming the video live, the mother can be heard decrying the man’s presence in her home. The 28-year-old man can be seen lying face down on the floor, speechless, as the ordeal unfolded. The mother said:

“He came to my house to meet my 13-year-old f****n’ daughter to f**k her…He wanted to be her first. We f****n’ tackled him and zap-strapped him and called the police…Why wouldn’t the police come and help me catch this predator that just came to my f****n’ house?”

The mother then identified the man as her husband’s best friend’s younger brother. The family called the police to report that they had finally identified and apprehended the man who was obsessed with their daughter. But after Alberni RCMP arrived, instead of arresting the man who was allegedly attempting to have sex with a teenager, they arrested the couple for assault.

One of the mounties can be heard lamenting the fact the couple was being arrested. “You’re all being detained for assault right now, I’m sorry,” he said.

Confused, once again, over why the RCMP did not intervene in the apprehension and miffed as to why she was being arrested, the mother said in a live-streamed video,

I’m arrested because we caught a predator that the police refused to catch.”

In an interview with CTV, the mother explained her actions, giving an indication as to precisely how the apprehension took place. She said she was told by police to ignore the unidentified man’s advance and block his number, which is something she could’ve done. However, this wouldn’t prevent any predator from pursuing a victim in real life. So, instead of heeding the advice of police, the angry mother decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I went to the cops and asked to come with me for this meet and they told me to block him and ignore it, and I came home and said yes to the meet(ing),” she said.

The parents invited the man over using the lure of sex. Like a scene from the television series “To Catch a Predator,” the mother waited in her daughter’s room while the man let himself in the house.

He walked in the front door and up the stairs toward my daughter’s room,” the mother said. “I came out of my daughter’s room and met him in the hallway.

She immediately recognized the man as someone she knew, and then her motherly impulses seemed to instinctively take over. After realizing the pedophile call was a trap, he reportedly said “Oh my god!” and that’s when the mother said she punched him in the face.”

Predictably, instead of giving the mother an award for identifying the man who was undoubtedly attempting to rape her teenage daughter, the authorities are now considering charging her. Could the decision to charge her be a reaction to being embarrassed publicly for not doing their jobs? The mother seems to think so. She said if they had believed her and taken action instead of waiting for a crime to occur first, the entire ordeal could have been handled differently.

“If they would’ve come with me they could’ve prevented it all, and if I get charged I still feel I did the right thing,” she said.

Validating the common belief that criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens, Port Alberni RCMP Inspector Brian Hunter issued the following statement, which one could say vilified the family and made a victim out of the 28-year-old man police claim was “lured” to the residence. The statement reads in part:

“While the investigation remains active and ongoing, we are mindful that the inability to release all of the information known to date has likely contributed to concerns…We can confirm that our investigation includes that the male was allegedly lured to the home and was met by three adults. There were no children there when he arrived.”

The video, the arrest, and the incident raised serious questions about whether or not police are actually engaged in proactive policing or reactive law enforcement. Watch the video and decide for yourself, based on the facts, whether or not the mother or the police did the right thing.

The 28-year-old man has still not been charged, yet the family faces assault and forcible confinement criminal charges that could put them away for years. This is one of the sickest reactions by police we may see all year. So much for ‘if you see something say something!’

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Video Catches Cops Drag Innocent Disabled Man From Home, Torture Him in His Front Yard


Horrifying surveillance footage has been released that shows multiple police officers aggressively assaulting and torturing a disabled man in his front yard after they dragged him from his home during a welfare check.

John, a retiree in Melbourne, Australia, was supposed to be enjoying his golden years in peace—but after his psychologist called the Australian equivalent of 911, all hell broke loose. Victoria Police arrived to presumably perform an unwanted welfare check. When John refused to speak with the officers, they dragged him into the yard and beat him, pepper-sprayed him, and then hosed him down with his own water hose—all while mocking him.

The entire incident was caught on video recording principally because the homeowner had installed a surveillance system after his house was previously burglarized. In the graphic video, Victoria Police can be heard taunting the elderly man, cursing at him, beating him in the legs with their batons and covering his face with pepper spray.

“You fucking idiot!…You like that?…Smells good, doesn’t it?” the officers mocked him.

The man, who suffers from a bad back and emotional distress can be heard screaming “My back!” as the pack of officers manhandle him.

The officers’ true intentions were revealed when they were presumably attempting to wash off the pepper spray with which they had filled his face. When the one officer with the hose started applying the water, the nozzle’s setting was set to hose. Later, the setting was changed to spray, and a solid stream of water was applied to the man’s head and face, likely injuring John further.

When the officer with the hose noticed his fellow officer was recording with his cell phone, he stepped back, as if to imply by his actions that he did not want to be caught on camera abusing the man. But caught on camera he was—just not the one he believed his colleague was holding.

Upon the arrest, officers charged the man with assault but the recording tells a much different story. Not only did the man not call authorities, he asked them several times to leave him in peace. When he refused to comply with their unlawful orders, the man was violently mistreated.

Officials and politicians weighed in on the attack. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy told reporters, “All Victorians will be outraged by it,” and called the actions of the police officers “abhorrent.”

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) issued the following statement:

“Victoria Police, as their employer, is responsible for determining whether the officers are ‘stood down’ from policing duties while they are subject to investigation.”

Acting Commissioner Luke Cornelius called the CCTV “concerning” and said, “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” welcoming external scrutiny of his department’s actions in John’s case.

“Our practice is we conduct an initial inquiry,” Cornelius said. “It is too early at this stage to form an opinion of whether they should be stood down.”

Although his public statements welcomed the unwanted attention to the alleged abuse, Cornelius did say it was “concerning” that the incident was reported directly to IBAC, instead of Victoria Police.

“We welcome external scrutiny…and welcome the concerns the wider community may have,” Cornelius stated. But whether or not any disciplinary action or restitution will be made to John remains to be seen.

Victoria Police responded with their own statement provided to 9News, claiming their department, “has no tolerance for poor behavior within its ranks…Our officers make mistakes like anyone else, and when that happens, we learn from that.”

Premier Daniel Andrews said he has not watched the footage but he defended the Victoria Police Force. “Victoria Police, as the nation’s best police force, conduct themselves with professionalism and in my experience proportionate to the risk that they face,” he said.

This “professionalism” can be seen below:

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Graphic Video Catches Moment Police Kill Man After He Tried Running Away


Tulare, CA — A graphic video was shared with the Free Thought Project showing police involved in chasing a suspect on foot and killing him moments later. The video has since sparked major debate online with many people saying the cops did the right thing and others saying that it was not justified because it was two cops against one man.

On Monday afternoon, police responded to a call of a man who allegedly assaulted a bus driver. When they spotted the man who they say fit the description, they attempted to question him.

The man took off running when he was confronted by officers and that is when the video begins.

As the video shows, the unidentified man was running from police. In an attempt to stop the man, one of the officers fired his taser directly into his back. The taser had no effect on the man.

When the officer grabbed the man by the shoulder in an attempt to take him down, the two began exchanging punches. The punches prompted the officer to pull out his asp. After he takes a few swings, the other officer arrives and deploys his pepper spray.

This is where things get blurry—literally. When the camera focuses on the beads hanging from the rearview mirror of the car in which the man was filming, the exact moment of the shots being fired becomes blurry.

However, before the shots are fired, it appears the officer who deployed the pepper spray may have inadvertently sprayed himself in the face in the process. This removed him from the equation and briefly turned the scenario into a one on one altercation.

Just as the video goes blurry, we hear someone in the car say, “Oh he took it away from him. He took it away.”

Less than a second later, at least 8 shots can be heard some of which sound too close together to be coming from the same gun which indicates that both officers may have opened fire.

Exactly what “it” was that the man seemingly took from the officer remains a mystery. However, it undoubtedly caused the officers to escalate to deadly force.

The police department has not said whether or not the man was armed.

“The suspect became combative. At that point in time, the officers put out that there had been shots fired,” said Sgt. John Hamlin, a spokesperson for the Tulare police department.

The incident was so disturbing and so public that it prompted residents to begin calling 911 to report it. In fact, it overloaded the Tulare emergency system.

“I know our 911 system was so overloaded they were having to hang up on people because they had so many calls about our officers in a fight with this guy,” said Hamlin.

After the shooting, the suspect was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to ABC 30, one witness didn’t want to be identified but says he was about 30 feet away, caught in traffic caused by the initial altercation. “I didn’t see him produce a weapon. I didn’t hear an officer say ‘drop the weapon’ or anything like that. All the sudden, I see this officer pulls out his firearm and just ‘pow pow pow’ four or five times.”

According to the department, per protocol, both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Tulare police do not have body cameras, but the Tulare County Sheriffs Department, who took over the investigation says they will look into finding surveillance footage from nearby.

Below is a video showing police escalation of force from non-lethal to lethal. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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Video Catches Cops Savagely Beat Innocent Man with a Flashlight, The Lie to Cover It Up


Elizabeth, NJ — Jerome Wright, 57, was accused of a minor traffic violation and subsequently stopped by an unmarked police car. Seconds later, he would find himself doused with pepper spray, thrown to the ground, kicked in the head, and savagely beaten with a flashlight. The attack was so excessive and brutal that the New Jersey taxpayers were forced to shell out $250,000 to pay for it.

A key component of the lawsuit was a video taken by a nearby resident. Had it not been for the video, the court would’ve believed the police officers when they said Wright charged them and was a threat. The video also showed police kicking, stomping, and smashing Wright’s head in with a flashlight—a fact conveniently left out of the official report.

According to the lawsuit, which was settled in October, police used excessive force – including chemical spray, kicks, punches – then “fabricated” a police report in an effort to “cover up” their actions.

As reports, the officers would admit in court that they left out these facts in their reports.

Elizabeth Police Officer Rui Xavier admitted in court testimony he left facts out of his arrest report: Jerome Wright’s hands were up in the air, Xavier struck Wright with a flashlight and kicked him.

Officer Xavier said he “oversaw” facts left out of his report when he was questioned in court and shown a bystander’s video. A version of the video edited to make the police interaction clearer is at the top of this story, an unedited version is below.

According to the lawsuit, Wright was accused of running a red light and an unmarked police cruiser attempted to pull him over. Because the car was unmarked, Wright did not immediately come to a stop.

Once, Wright realized that it was police in the unmarked vehicle, he immediately pulled over, according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the officers then drew their weapons and demanded Wright exit the vehicle. But police claim Wright exited his vehicle and then charged officers, forcing them to deploy pepper spray.

Exactly what happened prior to Wright getting savagely beaten remains a mystery as the witnesses video did not start until Wright has already exited the vehicle. However, as the video shows, the 57-year-old man posed no threat and had his hands in the air, appearing to comply with everything the officers said—another fact conveniently omitted from the police report.

Wright’s lawsuit claims he asked why he was being arrested, then “without warning, justification or cause,” Figueiredo sprayed him. Wright “raised his hands in submission,” a gesture visible on the witness’ video. Then Wright was sprayed again by both officers, according to app.

However, Xavier’s report stated he joined in spraying Wright after Figueiredo’s burst “appeared to have no effect on (Wright).” The second spray “appeared to have angered (Wright) as he charged towards Officer Figueiredo. Officer Figueiredo was able to take Wright to the ground.”

In the video, Wright does not appear to be angry. He merely appears shocked and disoriented—something that most people would feel if one minute they are driving down the road and the next they are getting hit in the face with a chemical agent.

As Wright struggled to see, he appears to stumble at which point the officers kick his legs out from under him. Wright is slammed to the ground as the officers begin their attack.

Showing just how unnecessary and excessive the use of force by the officers was, Wright took his case to trial and was found not guilty.

As for the officers who beat an innocent man and then lied about it in their reports, neither of them have received so much as a slap on the wrist and the department has refused to admit any wrongdoing.

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Mueller Catches Lawyer Lying, Brings New Charges

Rachel Maddow reviews recent Ukrainian political history by way of explaining new charges in Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia investigation against a lawyer who is also the son-in-law of a Ukrainian-Russian oligarch, Alex van der Zwaan.

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Surveillance Video Catches Cops Brutally Attack Innocent Elderly Man & Then Lie to Arrest Him


Long Island, NY — An innocent elderly man was yanked from his front porch, thrown down stairs, and then brutally attacked by those who claim to protect and serve. Then, after he was permanently injured, police charged him with a crime.

Robert Besedin, the 72-year-old Air Force veteran has since filed a federal lawsuit against police after he said two officers “pushed him, grab him by his neck, hurled him down four steps and body slammed him to the ground.”

The force with which the officers attacked Besedin was so brutal that it knocked his hearing aids from his ears.

After the officers savagely attacked the innocent elderly man, he was arrested, brought to jail, locked in a cage for days—unable to hear anything without his hearing aids—and charged with felony assault against two Nassau police officers. The only thing is, he never touched them.

The fact that Besedin was innocent was of no concern to the officers who charged him. In their sworn testimony and their written statement, the officers had accused Besedin of resisting arrest, stating that he “violently flailed his arms, kicked, screamed, and pushed Officer Mantovani down four steps” after a confrontation on Besedin’s front porch.

Luckily for Besedin, however, he had a surveillance camera on his front porch which captured the incident on video and proved the cops were lying thugs.

While in jail, Besedin told police that there was video of the incident but they never cared to look at it. The charges were held over this innocent man’s head for a year because the cops lied and the “investigators” couldn’t have cared less about video evidence exonerating Besedin. It was not until this week that all charges were dropped against Besedin, in spite of the original attack happening a year ago.

“These officers lied,”  Frederick Brewington, Besedin’s lawyer said. “And there’s no question they lied.”

Officers Stephen Beckwith and John Mantovani haven’t faced any discipline for their role in beating an innocent elderly man and lying about it in their report either.

According to Brewington, police responded to Besedin’s home that night because his phone “butt dialed” 911 several times.

“There’s a question of how all those calls were made,” Brewington said. “We believe that a good number of them were made accidentally, kind of what we refer to as ‘butt calls.’”

Regardless of what brought police to Besedin’s home that night, attacking an innocent, non-violent man and then lying about it to falsely charge him was a criminal act and the officers need to be held accountable.

Sadly, however, if history is any indicator, only the taxpayers of Long Island will pay for the crimes of Nassau’s finest.

Video footage surfacing days, weeks, or months after a violent incident involving police often disputes their original versions and prove that cops have no problem lying to justify their brutality.

One such incident involved an officer’s dashcam. In 2013, Officer Adam Lin spotted 19-year-old Dontrell Stephens in a “high-crime area” — the man’s own low-income neighborhood — riding a bicycle in a manner the deputy found suspicious.

Lin stopped the youth, who dismounted the bike with a cell phone in his hand and slowly approached the officer. Just outside the range of dash cam video, the officer shot Stephens four times — claiming he was in fear for his life — but footage and evidence clearly showed the claim to be baseless.

Three of the bullets remain lodged in Stephens’ body, according to the Sun Sentinel — two in his arm and one in his spine, which left him paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

Stephens won a massive $22.4 million settlement. U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer, last year, however, set a precedent, and instead of the taxpayers being held solely liable, nearly everything this officer owned was seized to pay back Stephens — including everything from his furniture to his clothing.

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Woman catches man cheating, mistress freezes and pretends she’s a Sex Doll

Home » Comedy, North America, Social » Woman catches man cheating, mistress freezes and pretends she’s a Sex Doll


This has to be one of the funniest internet clips ever. A woman caught her boyfriend cheating with another woman, they caught them dancing together and all but they didn’t know that so when she stormed in the door, the mistress froze over and pretended she’s a robotized silicone sex doll, the problem is that they didn’t know the girlfriend saw them dancing and that there are no such advanced doll that can dance and move.

While silicone sex dolls have become more advanced and cheaper than ever they are still far from being able to dance and move.

When the couple was caught red-handed, the lover did not lose her cool, showing instead that she was an improvisational genius – and made up a brilliant excuse.

At the beginning of the clip, you see a furious woman approaching to the door, and seeing her half-naked boyfriend with another woman, who apparently had tried hard to seduce him with a dance. When she lashes out at them, asking, “what the f*** is going on in here?” the lover “freezes” in a bizarre attempt to look like a trendy sexbot.

The guy, for his part, tries to prove that he has the receipt for the doll, waving a piece of paper in his girlfriend’s face. When the latter hit the fake doll, the woman says in what she apparently believes is a robotic voice, “Please, don’t hurt me.”


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Disturbing Video Catches Cop Beating His Girlfriend in a Bar—No Charges, Dept Let Him Retire


Lafayette, LA — A woman beating cop was caught in the act thanks to a bar’s surveillance camera. However, thanks to a corrupt system that protects crooked and violent police officers, the high-ranking officers was allowed to quietly retire and will likely face no consequences.

This week, a video was uploaded to youtube by an anonymous source which showed Lafayette Police Department Captain Dwayne Prejean striking a woman in the head in a local bar. Conveniently for the police department, however, the video was removed by Youtube. However, it survived and was reported on by local media.

The department likely knew about the existence of the video well before it was reported on by local media. However, they chose to remain silent until the report aired.

This week, the department finally announced that they were conducting an internal investigation into one of their officers—who they conveniently refused to name. However, multiple sources identified the person striking the woman in the video as Prejean.

On Friday, LPD spokesman Karl Ratcliff said the officer was allowed to retire after he was given a brief paid vacation.

The disturbing video was taken on New Year’s Eve night in a local bar. It shows the officer, who was entirely unprovoked, strike a woman in her forehead. The woman then hit him back before storming out of the bar.

If a police officer was willing to hit a woman in public space like a bar, one can only imagine what he would do in private.

Predictably enough, this is not the first time Prejean has been in the news. In fact, according to KLFY, this woman abusing cop has a history of corruption and a history of covering it up.

In 2016, the officer was transferred from his post as Lafayette metro narcotics captain due to a circumstance involving a 15th Judicial District assistant attorney who was terminated over the matter.

Neither the district attorney’s office or the police department sought further disciplinary action, however, the nature of the relationship between the two individuals was never disclosed.

-In 2014, Prejean was named in a federal lawsuit filed by 15 former police officers alleging corruption and retaliation within the department.

One plaintiff, who was fired from the LPD in 2013, claimed former Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft terminated him for making allegations that Prejean was guilty of drinking and driving.

According to administrative documents obtained by The Daily Advertiser in 2013, the formal complaint concerning Prejean’s alleged impaired driving reportedly included video surveillance.

Because the officer who made the complaint would not reveal the identity of whoever provided him the video, which Craft claimed “to have possibly (been) edited”, the department said it could not prove that Prejean was under the influence.

Craft terminated the officer who made the allegations against Prejean for “violating three general orders of conduct”, according The Advertiser.

The suit and its appeal were both dismissed.

Now, this abusive and corrupt cop will likely get to keep his pension and retire on the taxpayers’ dime.

As TFTP has reported, police in the US beat their wives and girlfriends at nearly double the national average. And, a report by a government-appointed watchdog group shows that most of them do so with seeming impunity.

A study conducted by the Domestic Violence Task Force called Domestic Violence in the Los Angeles Police Department: How Well Does the Los Angeles Police Department Police Its Own? revealed that performance evaluations of cops with a history of domestic violence are largely unaffected. The study of the LAPD examined 91 cases in which an allegation of domestic violence was sustained against an officer.

  • Over three-fourths of the time, this sustained allegation was not mentioned in the officer’s performance evaluation.
  • Twenty-six of these officers (29%) were promoted, including six who were promoted within two years of the incident.

The report concluded that “employees with sustained allegations were neither barred from moving to desired positions nor transferred out of assignments that were inconsistent with the sustained allegation.”

Sadly, it is estimated that many of the abused women never come forward as they know the likely result — which is getting shamed by the department for reporting it and potentially more abuse.

Diane Wetendorf, a specialist on police abuse, points out the most common fears when reporting police domestic abuse in her handbook:

If your abuser is an officer of the law, you may be afraid to:

  • Call the police — He is the police.
  • Go to a shelter — He knows where the shelters are located.
  • Have him arrested — Responding officers may invoke the code of silence.
  • Take him to court — It’s your word against that of an officer, and he knows the system.
  • Drop the charges — You could lose any future credibility and protection.
  • Seek a conviction — He will probably lose his job and retaliate against you.

These fears can make someone feel incredibly trapped and feel like there is no way out.

If you or someone you know is a victim of this type of abuse we encourage you to no longer remain silent. As long as people go unpunished for their abuse, they will continue their abuse.

Film it, record it, expose it in any manner you can. Tell us your story and we will expose these abusive jackboots for the cowards they are.

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Trump Tower in Manhattan, NY catches fire (VIDEOS)

Footage from the scene shows a column of smoking rising from the skyscraper as firefighters stand on its roof. It’s not yet clear what started the fire, but there have been no casualties yet reported. The President himself is reported to be in Washington DC.

The fire was reported at the high-rise on Fifth Avenue just before 7 am, the New York City Fire Department told Fox News, and over 120 firefighters arrived at the scene.

Trump tower is on fire this morning #trumptower #trumpfire

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