Evergreen State’s "Independent" report whitewashes campus meltdown, claims professor

Evergreen State College


Evergreen State College released a 38-page “Independent” report on the protests and riots of last spring that is far from “independent,” claims a former administrator at the college.

Last spring, Evergreen State was engulfed in riots after a Bret Weinstein, a former professor, sent an email questioning the school’s “day of absence,” which called for white students to leave campus for a day of diversity workshops while students of color stayed on campus to participate in a different form of diversity programming.

“If Evergreen’s looming financial crisis becomes fatal, we now have a historical document placing blame not on Bridges, but on [Weinstein].”

After accosting Weinstein in class and verbally berating him to the point that the campus police chief suggested he leave campus for his own safety, the student protesters then held several high-ranking administrators hostage until they agreed to comply with a list of demands.

The report was commissioned to review the situation and provide feedback on how the college could prevent and control a recurrence of similar disruptions.

President George Bridges nominated people to conduct the “Independent” review, which was then followed by vetting and approval of the nominees by the Board of Trustees.

Multiple faculty members and a former high-ranking administrator, however, claim that the report is far from “Independent.”

In particular, the fact that Bridges allegedly “handpicked” members of the “Independent External Review Panel” made some faculty question the validity of the report.

Michael Zimmerman, former Provost and VP of Academic Affairs at Evergreen State, told Campus Reform that because members of the panel were handpicked by Bridges, the report could not be considered “Independent” in any way.

In addition, Zimmerman claimed that Bridges and his Chief of Staff, John Carmichael, saw a “draft report” of the panel’s findings before the final draft was released.

While Zimmerman acknowledged that he is not in the position to imply thoughts to anyone else, he remarked that “the only thing that seems reasonable is that [Bridges] wanted to make sure it didn’t say anything he wasn’t happy with. He was paying for it, he wanted to make sure it said what he wanted it to say.”

Further, the panel conducting the report interviewed 15 people, 12 of whom were faculty, staff, or administrators at Evergreen State. All three of the students who were interviewed, meanwhile, expressed a positive view of the protests last spring, and none had a neutral or negative perception.

As Zimmerman pointed out, the former chief of campus police, Stacy Brown, was not interviewed, nor was Bret Weinstein.

Peter Dorman, an economics professor at Evergreen State College, concurs that the panel should have interviewed people from all sides of the controversy.

“I think the review team should have interviewed all the principals, on all sides,” Dorman told Campus Reform. “They should have solicited the views of Bret Weinstein, Naima Lowe, and anyone else in a position to provide evidence and interpretation. Above all, they should have interviewed many students on all sides of this controversy.”

Dorman also believes that it would be mistaken to think that the college blew up over a “radical social justice agenda,” asserting that the demonstrations and official Equity Plan that the campus supported “were long on attitude and rhetoric but limited in actual demands for institutional change, even though there are obvious (from my point of view) equity gaps that ought to be addressed.”

Naima Lowe – the Evergreen State professor who berated white colleagues on campus, declaring that “You are now those motherf***ers that we’re pushing against” – was also not interviewed for the report, and was only mentioned once.

While the report does not mention Bret Weinstein by name, it does place much of the blame on him, referring to a “faculty member” who conducted interviews with national media outlets, including Fox News, “that were used to make a political point, magnify the events’ significance, and ended up drawing to campus radical groups from the left and right, intent on causing further disruption and attracting more media attention to the Evergreen events.”

Perhaps the most egregious error in the report, according to Zimmerman, is when the panel deliberately lied about campus events, even commending the administration for avoiding “physical injury and damage to property.” In fact, there was at least one physical assault, which student protesters prevented campus police from investigating, and damage to property in excess of $10,000.

“We are also impressed that in the handling of the events in real time-while controversial for many-the administration kept its cool and managed the situation (sometimes despite withering criticism) in a way that avoided physical injury and damage to property,” the panel stated in the report. “We commend all of these actions, and noted from our interviews that additional initiatives are under consideration as well.”

Zimmerman told Campus Reform that he lost all faith in the integrity of the panel after reading that statement.

“Although I had very little belief in the integrity of the panel or the panel’s work, when I came to that, I realized that I had nonetheless given them too much credit,” he remarked, adding that the panel’s conclusion was “unbelievable” because Evergreen State’s own police reached the exact opposite conclusion.

Dorman, for his part, said the report solidified “the standard narrative about a campus gone wild with violent ultra-leftism,” explaining that “by avoiding all the uncomfortable questions, it leaves their answers to right wing ideologues.”

The economics professor gave examples of questions that should have been answered by the panel, such as “What exactly was the relationship between the administration and the demonstrators?” and “Why was the administration unwilling to criticize, much less actively respond to, abusive behavior by some demonstrators?”

“Since there were no organizations or elected leadership behind the demonstrations,” he added, it is also worth asking, “how well did the demonstrators represent students concerned with social justice at Evergreen?”

Dorman said he doesn’t know why the administration wasn’t willing to condemn some of the more abusive behavior by protesters, pointing out that this caused great harm to the college and suggesting that students should seek about more effective approaches when they want to bring about change.

“This is the aspect of the events that caused the greatest harm to the college, so it should have been explored in detail. My view is that students normally go through a learning process in many aspects of their life, including activism,” he explained. “I would like students to be more effective in promoting change than what we saw last spring, but I am willing to cut them a lot of slack.”

Another Evergreen State professor, Mike Paros, even compared the report to an “April Fools” joke of some sort.

“Somehow I must have missed the customary ‘April Fools!’ proclamation that normally follows these types of hoaxes, fake stories, and practical jokes,” Paros remarks in an op-ed provided to Campus Reform, asserting that faculty and staff members are scared to speak out because they fear losing their jobs if they do.

“Faculty and staff are also embarrassed but remain silent out of fear of losing their jobs,” he writes, saying school employees are well aware “that the college President himself will ultimately decide how to implement the twelve percent budget cuts needed to make up for plummeting enrollment.”

Paros notes that Evergreen professors enjoy being granted “unprecedented autonomy to create curriculum,” and that they “resist recommendations for more ‘student-centered’ courses,” as suggested in the report.

However, the professor stresses that most of the students he teaches “don’t want to be shielded from ideas and content they find discomforting and challenging,” saying they “resent being stereotyped as intellectually and emotionally fragile due to their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, veteran status, and age,” and that “Many feel humiliated by the vulgar behavior of fellow students and the administration’s cowardly reaction.”

Zimmerman agreed that the report shows that Evergreen State is playing the “blame-game” in order to minimize damage to the college, trying to blame Weinstein for most of their falls.

“What they’re trying to do is blame Bret for inciting most of this, by being a racist, and then going public,” said Zimmerman. “[Weinstein] is not a racist. He is no more racist than anyone else on the campus.”

Zimmerman pointed out that Weinstein was merely asking for a dialogue on some of the proposals being promoted at Evergreen, which Zimmerman believes “are more likely to do harm to the underrepresented groups that they were designed to fix, that they were designed to help, than proponents thought they would.”

“If Evergreen’s looming financial crisis becomes fatal, we now have a historical document placing blame not on Bridges, but on [Weinstein],” Paros states in an unpublished local newspaper op-ed. “Nor do I support the panel and Bridge’s prejudicial and paternalistic view that the current Evergreen student can no longer handle innovative, interdisciplinary, and thought provoking courses simply on the basis of belonging to a particular category of people.”

Evergreen State College did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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Conservative Speakers on Campus Lead to Fascism on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Does Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale have any original ideas anymore? We’re now more than halfway through the second season, and every episode seems to just parrot feminist talking points and overblown fears of the Christian patriarchy. This latest episode just takes it one step further by comparing one of the show’s villains to the conservative speakers who face anti-free speech protests on campuses across the nation today.

The May 23 episode “First Blood” gives us a flashback for the character of Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski), the cruel wife of Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) whom June/Offred (Elizabeth Moss) serves. Before the rise of Gilead, Serena worked as the face of the ultra-religious movement that eventually takes control of the nation after environmental degradation leaves most of the female population infertile.

To spread her message, Serena attempts to give a speech at a local university in a very familiar scene, complete with “Resist” signs in the crowd. She suffers the same blow-back felt by any speaker right of Karl Marx who dares to think on a campus, the implication being that today’s conservative speakers are just as evil and fascist as she is and allowing their ideas to be heard will lead to Gilead.

[Warning: Explicit language]


Serena: Serena Joy, good afternoon.

Fred: Fred Waterford, pleased to meet you.

Man: Nice to meet you.

MC: You may not agree with what she has to say, but that’s what’s great about our country, the freedom to express your own opinion. She is on our campus as a guest so please, let’s welcome Serena Joy.

Fred: Stay focused, stay calm.

[Crowd booing, jeering, cursing]

Guy 1: We don’t want you at our school we don’t believe anything you do!

Serena: Good afternoon. It’s my honor to be-

Girl 1: Nazi cunt! Fuck you!

[Boos and jeers continue]

Guy 2: Quiet! Let her speak!

Guy 1: Sit down you stupid little bitch! Fuck you!

Serena: When I first received your invitation to come and –

Girl: Facist bitch, go home! Go home!

Man: We made a mistake!

Fred: She has a right to speak!

Man: It’s not safe!

Fred: This is America!

Later on, Serena faces another angry crowd and delivers her message. She tells them, “You’re spoiled, you’re privileged, and you’re living in an academic bubble,” sounding just like your everyday conservative, before sounding the alarm on the country’s fertility crisis.

As she walking out of the school, Serena survives an assassination attempt which reinvigorates her passion for the movement that eventually leads to the oppressive religious tyranny that now rules what was once America. I guess the message is “If you’re going to shoot, shoot to kill,” literally. Hopefully no crazed fan who believes the liberal line that The Handmaid’s Tale is happening right now in America takes that lesson to heart and tries to kill conservatives in the name of stopping fascism.

Every episode I see of this series just makes this world seem even more bizarre. In this world, the American government chains pregnant women to beds. In this world, Christianity apparently promotes child brides. Now, this world pretends a college speaker booed by students will start religious fascism under the guise of “free speech.” If this is what these writers think is discussed by people like Ben Shapiro, Jason Riley, or Betsy DeVos, they’re even further lost than I thought.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/lindsay-kornick/2018/05/23/conservative-speakers-campus-fascism-handmaids-tale

Bozell & Graham Column: Squashing Free Speech on Campus

Leftists in the Trump era claim to be the guardians of the First Amendment against an allegedly authoritarian president. But over the last few years, the leftists have been the authoritarians on campus, squashing speeches by speakers they deem “fascist,” and claiming that ideas they don’t agree with are somehow tantamount to “violence.”

The latest example came from Lewis and Clark College in Portland – the alma mater of Monica Lewinsky. On March 5, the local Federalist Society welcomed Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys and Who Stole Feminism?

A gaggle of leftist groups scribbled a letter demanding the college cancel this speaker and her “violence.” They claimed “under the guise of ‘open debate’ and ‘free discourse’…[conservatives invited] a known fascist to our campus to encourage what we believe to be an act of aggression and violence toward members of our society who experience racial and gendered oppression.”

No members of the public or reporters were allowed to attend, just law school students. When Sommers arrived to speak, the leftists tried to block entrances into the speech. Once the speech began, they prevented Sommers from talking by shouting things like “Microaggressions are real” and “No platform for fascists.”

Janet Steverson, a law professor and dean of (paging George Orwell) “diversity and inclusion” at the school, asked Sommers to “wrap up” her speech and take questions, and Sommers said she only made it halfway through her speech.

Half is better than none. This “resistance” is happening all over. Seattle University’s law school revoked its co-sponsorship of an immigration discussion in October hosted by its chapter of the Federalist Society.  

Shortly after that, the law school at Texas Southern University law school canceled a Federalist Society event that was to feature conservative state legislator Briscoe Cain.  Protesters yelled “No hate anywhere. You don’t get a platform here,” and “When a racist comes to town, shut him down.” The college president shut it down, alleging the meeting was not authorized. 

No one in the national media covered this week’s outrage with Sommers – except New York Times editorial writer Bari Weiss, in a piece titled “We Are All Fascists Now.” Inside the Times, other writers want  Weiss removed. They can’t have “neocons” on staff.

Instead, papers like The Washington Post prefer covering speeches by actual neo-Nazis. On March 6, they were covering Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State University – due to legal challenges, it was allowed to go on, although attendance was very poor, and it was scheduled during spring break to minimize disruption.

Nevertheless, the Post wrote almost 1,000 words on this fiasco. It began: “Fights broke out between white nationalists and protesters Monday as anti-fascist activists, students and community members converged in and around Michigan State University to counter a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.” Everywhere these racists go, they draw more protesters than supporters.

This sentence perfectly summed up the Left: “Josh Lown, a protest organizer and graduate student at Michigan State, said midday Monday that they were hoping to avoid violence while disrupting Spencer’s appearance as much as possible.” Even so, protest organizers posted an image on social media playing off Michigan State’s “Spartans will …” campaign, showing a still from a video of a man punching Spencer.

Conservatives cannot and will not accept lectures from the Left about “democracy dying in darkness” while they shout down — or beat up –people they don’t like.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tim-graham/2018/03/10/bozell-graham-column-squashing-free-speech-campus

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Rapist Motivated By Campus ‘PC’ Culture

Stone: What were you studying in college?

Ethan: I was premed.

Stone: Hmm. You were going to be a doctor.

Ethan: I was. A neurosurgeon. But that’s gone now.

Stone: You don’t think you’ll be acquitted?

Ethan: [Scoffs] You know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m already wearing the scarlet R. My friends won’t talk to me. You know, since Hudson booted me, I applied to six other colleges. I got 700s on my SATs, and that wasn’t good enough. Once the PC police get their fangs into you, your life in polite society is over.

Stone: And that’s– that’s what happened to you?

Ethan: Sure is. All it takes is one girl to say you looked at her funny, and that’s it. Your life’s over.

Stone: Yeah, but you did more than look at Mia funny, Ethan.

Ethan: Why, because she said so? Look, that first time in her dorm, we were in it together. You heard what her uncle, the cop, said. I didn’t rape her.

Stone: You were railroaded.

Ethan: That’s right.

Stone: And the bleeding hearts didn’t want to hear the truth.

Ethan: [Scoffs] They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. They sit there with their self-righteous grins, pointing their fingers at you, whether you did something wrong or not.

Stone: And it pisses you off.

Ethan: You’re damn right, it does.

Stone: And when you went to Mia’s dorm room, you planned on telling her just how much it pissed you off.

Lawyer: Objection.

Judge: Overruled.

Stone: Well?

Ethan: That damn school, they wrap themselves in their political correctness and their honor code, only they don’t know the first thing about honor.

Stone: You were accused; therefore, you were guilty.

Ethan: That’s right. I was already labeled a rapist. What the hell? I might as well be a rapist.

Stone: And who better to rape than Mia Marino?

Ethan: That’s right! The bitch ruined me, and I got to ruin her.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/lindsay-kornick/2018/03/08/law-order-svu-tanks-college-rape-case

An Armed Cop Was on Campus When The Florida Shooting Began—Never Encountered Suspect


Parkland, FL — Another tragic mass shooting has taken place on American soil in which a deranged coward opened fire on innocent adults and children alike, taking many of their lives in the process. As the details unfold about the history of the shooter and the foreknowledge of his threats to both law enforcement and the school, it appears that the American police state is an utter failure at preventing the tragedies it was ostensibly built to stop.

Everything that was supposed to prevent this tragedy from happening was in place and unfolded as it was designed to do. Nikolas Cruz was reported to the FBI by citizens for publicly declaring that he wanted to become a “Professional School Shooter.” However, the FBI apparently chose not to act on that information.

What’s more, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, to ‘protect’ the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, an armed officer was on campus as the shooting began. However, according to Israel, the officer never encountered the suspect. Exactly how a police officer, who was already on the scene and whose job was to protect the students, was unable to even encounter the shooter remains a mystery.

All the police state measures of see something say something happened ‘correctly’, armed police on school campuses happened ‘correctly’, and even the shooter himself publicly claimed that he was going to carry out this atrocity months before doing it—yet it still happened.

During a press conference on Thursday, Sheriff Israel, at least three times, claimed police need “more power” to prevent such tragedies. He urged neighbors to spy on each other and report each other to the police if they see anything out of the ordinary.

One of the reason police need more power, according to Israel, is to go after those who make such ominous posts on social media. But they already have this power.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, people have been arrested and thrown in jail for saying things far less threatening than shooting up a school.

In Flint, Michigan, Activist Christopher G. Wahmhoff, 37, was charged in 2016—not for saying he was going to shoot up a school or kill cops—but for a Facebook post referencing a protest against the Flint water crisis.

Before that, 26-year-old Kristin Holmes was arrested and charged with a crime for posting of a photo of herself with a handgun.

Holmes was charged with harassment by computer after a case of mistaken identity escalated into a Facebook comment feud.  A woman had reportedly mistaken Holmes for someone else and made some comments Holmes found offensive, so the young woman posted a selfie of herself playfully pointing a weapon at the camera along with the caption, “I’ll post a few actual pics of me so you know the difference when you come find me.”

Seventeen-year-old Osiris Aristy was arrested in 2015 after posting a Facebook status using the police officer emoji and the gun emoji. There was no written threat included in the post we found. The arrest warrant was obtained after “routine Facebook monitoring” found that Aristy had posted selfies with guns, selfies with marijuana joints and emojis “threatening to kill cops.”

Priscilla Villarreal simply reported a story on Facebook before the police did, so, she was arrested and charged with two felony counts of “misuse of official information,” stemming from her reporting on a Border Patrol agent’s suicide last April.

No direct threats were made to anyone and the people in the above scenarios were still arrested and charged. On the contrary, seven months ago, Cruz wrote, “I am going to kill law enforcement one day they go after the good people,” in the comments section of a video clip from the NatGeo show “Alaska State Troopers: Armed and Dangerous” that was posted on YouTube.

Then six months ago, he commented on a YouTube video titled, “Antifa Gun Club,” writing, “Im going watch them sheep fall f*ck antifa i wish to kill as many as i can.”

He also said he’s going to be a “Professional School Shooter.” 

Cruz also posted photos of dead animals and bragged about killing them on his instagram. By all measures, this kid threw up every single red flag and set off every single warning there is—people reported this to law enforcement—and nothing.

No arrests. No questions. And, all of this was in spite of the Florida law called the Baker Act which allows for involuntary examination which can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals.

Police in Florida already had more than enough power and help from citizens to stop this tragedy, but they didn’t use it. How on earth would giving them more power solve this problem?

So, what’s the answer? Should we just hand over more power to the police who demand it? Should we put more cops in schools? Should we ban guns?

The answer to the problem of mass shootings lies not in the reactionary nature of the above questions. As we’ve seen over the years, building a police state through a problem, reaction, solution methodology does little to prevent future tragedies as they go after the symptoms instead of the cause.

In America, instead of attempting to understand the psychological triggers of mass shooters—and the potential pharmaceutical chemical imbalance that caused them to snap—tragedies are exploited for political gain, used to passed legislation, and pushed to stoke political divide.

The reality is that no amount of police state will ever prevent future tragedies and until we focus on the cause—instead of the symptoms—the problem will only persist.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/armed-cop-campus-florida-shooting-began-never-encountered-suspect/

New Show Bashes Table for Trump Supporters as ‘Lame Spot’ on Campus

In the January 3 premiere of the new spinoff series Grown-ish on Freeform, freshman Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi of ABC’s Black-ish) thinks she has the fictional California University all figured out after only three days on campus. Of course, just about everything she’s figured out is pretty much worthless and has some kind of political slant to it – all liberal.

Two and a half minutes into this first episode, “Late Registration,” Zoey walks us through the things that she has decided are important. It’s telling that the show decided to start the Black-ish spinoff on a new network, trying to attract new viewers, by staking their political ground. They thought it was so important their ideology was clear that they put it right at the beginning of the first episode, before any actual plot. Did they not think the story could stand on it’s own, that they had to resort to playing on the biases of the viewers?

Speaking of liberal bias, here is “everything [Zoey] needed to know to completely master” California University.



Zoey: I knew it all. I knew that Ronald J. Winthrop was our school founder, and that he dabbled in slavery. I knew that the Cal U basketball team of 1958 would get bodied by the Cal U basketball team today. I knew that this was the women’s bathroom and also the men’s bathroom. I knew this was the campus hot spot… This was the campus lame spot... And this was the campus dead spot. 
Man: Hold on, Mom! Did you say Dad was gay or game?

It’s weird that the fictional school founder would have been a slave owner. California became a state in 1850 (entering the union as a free state, wherein slavery wasn’t legal) and the oldest college in the state was founded in 1851. So, it’s theoretically possible “Winthrop” owned slaves in another state, then moved to California and founded a college quickly before the end of slavery across the United States, but it seems rather unlikely. It still didn’t stop Grownish from showing an image of a white man with a jaunty Confederate flag. 

Now, for sports. We see an all-white basketball team and are assured that they would be “bodied” by the basketball team today, which is represented by a black player. 

Next, we have gender neutral bathrooms. You may have noticed that the door featured the traditional image of a man in pants signifying a men’s room, a woman in a dress signifying a women’s room, and one that has one leg in pants and the other in a dress. I assume that’s the transgender bathroom symbol, although it’s not the legally approved symbol for the “everyone is welcome” bathrooms. California law requires that people be allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, not every gender, but sure. The more, the merrier.

Where to hang out on campus? Well, the options, according to Zoey, are the “campus hot spot,” which is full of cool-looking people (who happen to be black) dancing and the “lame spot,” which is illustrated by a bunch of white Trump supporters with a “Build the Wall” sign. Even the depiction of the “dead spot” in which there is no cell reception is somebody trying to discern whether or not a caller is trying to tell him that his dad is gay.

Is anything normal happening on this campus anywhere, or does Zoey just not find that important?

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/amelia-hamilton/2018/01/03/new-show-outlines-everything-political-trump-supporters

Year in Review: 17 campus hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes in 2017

Our 2017 year-end fundraising campaign runs through Dec. 31, so please consider a tax-deductible donation of any amount to help us continue to publish the best campus news in the nation. Thanks for your support!

Over the last year, it seems as if more campus hate crimes turned out to be hoaxes than legitimate acts of hate. Schools tended to be fertile ground for overzealous students looking to prove there is hate where none exists. These 17 examples show 2017 continued to be a year in which hate-crime hoaxes are an epidemic with no end in sight.

Some anecdotes are fallout from post-election antics spawned in late November 2016 in the wake of the Donald Trump presidency. The rest originated in apparent desperate attempts to push a progressive narrative.

Student cries KKK — except it was a sheet over lab equipment
Jan. 2017

A Bowling Green State University student falsely identified a cover for a piece of equipment as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. After seeing a white, pointy figure in a classroom window, the student took to Twitter to post the image and dramatically stated there was an “ACTIVE KKK group” at BGSU. After the university looked into this claim, they discovered what the student tweeted was a cover on a piece of lab equipment. Whoops.

Black student sent threatening ‘KKK’ messages 
Jan. 2017

A 14 year-old African-American student was disciplined for sending a threatening tweet to her high school under the Twitter handle “@KoolkidsKlankkk.” The message read “We’re planning to attack tomorrow.” But a police investigation found the Twitter account was run by progressive student activists.

Another anti-Muslim hate crime claim bites the dust 
Jan. 2017

A day after the election of President Trump, a female San Diego University student claimed she was approached by two men in a parking garage stairwell who invoked the name of the newly elected president “before attacking [her] and stealing her car.” The student claimed that these men said things like “Now that Trump is president get ready to start fleeing.” Turns out, she had forgotten where she parked. After police in January disproved her claim, the student “decided not to pursue charges.”

Prosecutors won’t file charges against Muslim student’s hate-crime hoax 
Feb. 2017

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office in February decided not file charges against a University of Michigan student accused by the Ann Arbor Police Department of a hate-crime hoax. In November, a female University of Michigan student told police days after the election that a white man demanded she remove her hijab or he would set her on fire. Without any proof, the U of M Division of Public Safety and Security issued an alert, calling the incident an act of “hate and intimidation.” But authorities determined it never happened.

Hate crime hoax alert: Capital University student confesses  
Feb. 2017

A Capital University student confessed to “submitting multiple false reports to campus police” after campus police asked him if he had written a hate-filled note taped to his own door. He confessed that he had been seeking “notice” for at least two years. In 2015, he pulled a similar stunt, and the school responded with an inclusivity march. The student added that he wished “that those who feel his actions have delegitimized the reporting of hate crimes will forgive him.”

Hoax alert: ‘Non-Caucasian’ student behind racist graffiti
March 2017

A “non-caucasian” Minnesota high school student was disciplined after it was determined he was responsible for racist and anti-semitic graffiti found in a school bathroom. The scribblings included a picture of a lynching, the phrase “Hail the Ku Klux Klan,” the “N” word, and a swastika. The school district released a statement that “Lakeville South High School administration received permission from the parent to share that the student is non-Caucasian and has significant special education needs.” Nevertheless, the district viewed it as a “teachable moment” and launched cultural liaison opportunities.

Student admits to hoax she said was linked to post-election ‘surge in hate crimes’
March 2017

A 21 year-old student at the University of Michigan claimed in mid-November 2016 that a man scratched her face due to her wearing a “solidarity [safety] pin.” In March of this year, the student pled guilty to one count of “false report of a misdemeanor.” She told the judge she was embarrassed by a visible scratch she herself had made with the pin. But her story had already been reported as “part of the surge in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump.”

‘Report Illegal Aliens; America is a White Nation’ posters hung — by liberal students
March 2017

A group of progressive students at Gustavus Adolphus College apologized for posters they put up across campus that stated: “A notice to all white Americans. It is your civil duty to report any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. They are criminals. America is a white nation.” The posters’ were allegedly hung to start a dialogue on discrimination, hate, and bias, and A-frames next to the posters advised students on what they could do if they witnessed discrimination. Unaware that this war some sort of social justice lesson, students reacted with shock and anger at the posters, ripping many of them down. The progressive students group later apologized and said they wanted “to help put an end to bias-related incidents that happen on our campus, social media, and in our communities by forcing individuals to have dialogues about forms of hate and bias” and that they hope that “members of the campus community will reflect on today’s events and join us in ensuring that no one student or group of students are ever a victim of this form of discrimination.”

Black guy hangs ‘No Black People Allowed’ sign at USC
April 2017

The University of Southern California’s Department of Public Safety confirmed that the person who had adhered a sign reading “No Black People Allowed” that featured a makeshift confederate flag and “#MAGA” on a gate of a campus residence was African American. The culprit was not affiliated with the university and did not face charges. Fortunately, not many jumped on this now-revealed hoax as “more evidence” of the alleged hate-filled Donald Trump era. But one exception was the “Blacktivist” Facebook page which has more than 300,000 followers. The group urged their fellow African Americans to “look around” and ponder if this is “the country our ancestors died for? Is this the country that we want our children to grow up in?”

Beware the hoax: Noose sighted at University of Maryland frat

A noose was allegedly discovered hanging in the kitchen of a University of Maryland fraternity in early May. In an email to The College Fix, the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life Director Matt Supple stated that “We all bear responsibility to confront bias/hate when we see it. Sadly, this is one more example of hatred and prejudice that continue to poison our society. We must stand together in defiance of this act. We need to ensure people who would perpetrate this type of hate know they do not belong and are not welcome in our chapters, in our community, at the University of Maryland, or in our society.” Except photos of the noose on either social media or news sites never arose.

CONFIRMED: Racist note that prompted St. Olaf College shut down is hate-crime hoax
May 2017

A note that used the n-word and threatened a black female student at St. Olaf College — sparking an intense protest that led to classes being shut down for a day as student demonstrators accused the school of institutional racism — “was not a genuine threat,” according to the school’s president. In a campus wide email, the president explained that the reasons why he said this was not a genuine threat is because the university learned from the author’s confession that the note was fabricated. “It was apparently a strategy to draw attention to concerns about the campus climate,” he added.

Suspect in social media threats to minority HS students is … black
September 2017

Various threats made online against minority students at a Pennsylvania high school were not hate crimes, police determined. The suspect turned out to be a black student. The 14-year-old student from West Chester East High School was charged in September with harassment, cyber bullying, and terroristic threats for posts he made on the “East Shade Room” Instagram page.

Man charged in U. Maryland swastika vandalism is black former UMD employee
October 2017

The suspect charged in connection with a spray-painted swastika on campus in October on the University of Maryland’s campus is African American and a former employee of UMD, according to authorities.

University’s ‘colored’ water fountain scandal was student hoax
October 2017 

A “colored” sign placed over a water fountain at the University of North Carolina Charlotte—a callback to the days of racial segregation in which public facilities were separated by “whites” and “colored” designations—was placed there by “a male student” who believed he was engaging in “humor.” The sign caused “a strong response from staff and students alike,” leading the student in question to approach school officials and reveal that he had placed the sign as part of “a poor attempt at humor,” according to the student himself. “I am deeply sorry for all that came out of this,” the student is alleged to have said.

Hate-crime hoaxer near Kansas State won’t be charged
November 2017

A Kansas man won’t face charges for filing a false police report about the n-word graffiti and threat he painted on his own car near Kansas State University, The Kansas City Star reports. “Go Home Ni**er Boy” was written with yellow paint across the rear windshield of the car. Other racially offensive language — “White’s Only,” “Die,” and “Date your own kind” — was also painted on the windshield and side doors of the car. But police said that because the vandal, who is black, admitted he was behind the graffiti and was “genuinely remorseful” it would “not be in the best interests” of the community to charge him.

Black Air Force Academy cadet admits to racial slur vandalism
November 2017

Back in September, some black Air Force Academy cadets discovered racial slurs written on their dorm doors, including “Go home ni**er.” The school began an investigation and Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria lectured cadets about the messages’ “horrible language,” telling them “if you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out.” According to The Washington Post, Silveria’s speech “drew national attention for its eloquence” and was viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. Alas, in November it was announced that the black cadets were victims of one of their own. A black student wrote the racist messages.

‘Non-white’ high school student admits to ‘White Lives Matter’ graffiti 
November 2017

A Missouri high school student, identified merely as “non-white,” admitted to writing the “N word” and “White Lives Matter” on a school bathroom mirror in November. Though the situation turned out to be a hoax, officials stressed the “teachable moment.”

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Erasing history: Delusional campus jewish group depicts indigenous people united for Israel

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How They Do It–Sheldon Adelson group changes how it’s selling Israel on campus

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