Waterspout captured on camera off Fort Morgan, Alabama

FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin provides these images of a waterspout seen from the beach at Fort Morgan.


FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin shared these pictures and a video clip with us after he encountered a waterspout while he was on the beach on the Fort Morgan peninsula Saturday morning.

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The Pharmaceutical Black Market Exposed On Hidden Camera

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The Daily Mail reports having successfully completed an undercover ‘sting’ operation, complete with hidden camera video, showing a licensed pharmacist selling dangerous, highly addictive drugs, with side effects including hallucinations and heart failure, to a customer ‘for prices higher than those on the street.’

Oh wait a minute. That’s not actually a crime. That’s business as usual.

The transaction caught on video—60 Xanax tablets for £ 150—was only a ‘crime’ because the person soliciting the drugs did not have a scribble of paper rubber-stamped by a Western medical doctor. And for the Daily Mail, this act exemplified an insidiously growing trend on the part of pharmacists who are circumventing the law for profit:

Pharmacists acting like ‘street drug dealers’ are flooding the black market with potentially dangerous prescription drugs such as Xanax. The drugs can then be swiftly sold on through social media to young people in schools and universities where they are increasingly being abused with devastating consequences.

Student Misuse

Drugs like Xanax in the hands of a young person who takes the drug in unsafe doses, or who suddenly stops taking the drug, certainly puts that young person at severe risk. The Daily Mail made sure to include a sidebar article about a female student who hanged herself after cutting off her unauthorized use of the drug after six weeks. Apparently, she had gotten it from a fellow student and started taking it to quell her anxiety.

But while there are grounds for genuine concern about the illegal trafficking and abuse of these dangerous drugs, these concerns should not be blatantly used as a smoke screen to obfuscate the root problem: the fact that these drugs are being manufactured at all, and are made readily available for human consumption.

Controlled Narrative

When the mainstream media voices concerns over illegal prescription drug trafficking, it serves to legitimize the ‘legal drug trade’ that is going on over the counter everywhere.  Here’s how the narrative is framed:

Julie Cooper, Labour’s community health spokesman and a former pharmacy owner, said: ‘Every decent pharmacist will want to get to the bottom of this issue because it could bring the whole profession into disrepute.’ The Government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority [MHRA] is working with the police to crack down on the diversion of drugs from the legitimate supply chain.

This statement makes the distinction between so-called illegal procurement of these pharmaceutical drugs and what is called ‘the legitimate supply chain,’ a fancy way of describing a drug trade that carries with it an air of respectability, based on decades of careful planning on the part of the controllers of medicine in Western society.

Pharmacists are starting to see that they are just pawns in this drug trade—so some of them have decided that they want to get in on the action a little more. Some of them even know that the National Health Service sees profit, not public health and safety, as its prime motive. One pharmacist in Manchester who did not sell the drugs to the reporter without a prescription actually told him to buy the drugs from the internet. He said they wouldn’t be fake because ‘people get them from the NHS and sell them on eBay.’

‘Treating’ Anxiety

The core problem is that, as a society, we have been inculcated by the idea that personal difficulties such as anxiety are cause by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and consequently a person with anxiety should take pharmaceuticals that will supposedly restore that balance.

In fact, the chemical imbalance is not at cause, it is a symptom of something deeper: the way a person’s mind is interpreting the world and guiding their actions. Anxiety is a person’s mind and body calling on them to pay attention to their habits of thought and action, and make changes that will restore balance in their lives and alleviate their suffering.

Material Limitations

However, most Western doctors are completely unequipped to do this, because they are trained in material science only, and so don’t go beyond trying to impact material processes. And this is fully by design. What is the Western doctor to do? Well obviously, they have to prescribe something to change the situation the client is complaining about, so that they can actually justify the time and trouble the patient took to go and see them.

Doctors rampantly prescribing dangerous drugs to patients in need will one day be seen as the systemic crime that it is. At best these drugs only mask symptoms and prevents a person from being encouraged and motivated to find the root cause of their anxiety at its source. At worst, the drugs themselves cause debilitating addiction, painful side-effects, and even death.

Taking Back Our Power

For thousands of years, human societies have dealt with issues like personal anxiety through care, love, support, and encouraging a sense of belonging. Practices and habits around eating, sleeping, exercise, work and leisure were the sources of restoration for mental and emotional imbalance. As we awaken, we are starting to notice just how much we’ve surrendered our own healing capacities to the Western medical establishment.

Should we be worried that revelations of pharmacist malfeasance ‘could bring the whole profession into disrepute’? That could actually turn out to be the best thing for our collective health.

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BREAKING: Some Body Camera Footage of Las Vegas Shooting Finally Released


Las Vegas, NV — For seven months, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been caught lying, railroaded journalists, and done everything in their power to keep the facts on what happened on 1 October from ever reaching the public. The department’s desire to keep the information secret was so overwhelming that they fought its release all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court. On Friday, the court rejected the police department’s bid to keep the records secret and they are now forced to hand everything over.

On Wednesday, the department began releasing footage from the officers’ body camera as they entered Stephen Paddock’s suite in Mandalay Bay on the night of the shooting. Not surprisingly, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo announced on Tuesday that the first officer into the room that night, Levi Hancock, did not activate his camera.

“I don’t know how this footage will be played in the media, but I want to warn you, if you are a survivor or a family who lost a loved one, you should know the video from this concert is disturbing and graphic,” he said.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the footage is just a slice of the many body camera clips and 911 calls the department has been ordered to release in response to a lawsuit brought by the Review-Journal and other media outlets.

“What is seen on those videos in no way changes the facts that we were able to clarify for you shortly after the crime,” Lombardo said at a Tuesday news conference, as he refused to answer any questions from reports.

Lombardo attempted to claim that his department didn’t want to release the footage in an effort “to protect the victims and their families of this incident,” Lombardo said.

“I want the community to know the release of the videos, 911 and documents will have a significant impact on the victims of this tragedy,” he said.

However, the victims are the some of ones who are demanding the information be released as part of a massive lawsuit.

“Now that it is facing having to follow the law and produce records, Metro is suggesting that the media is trying to victimize the community,” Review-Journal attorney Maggie McLetchie said. “The truth is that the community still has many unanswered questions about the police response to 1 October, and it has a right to assess what happened for itself. The quest for transparency and accountability is about making sure we, as a community, do everything we can to uncover the truth and avoid future tragedies.”

After shifting blame to the victims for not being transparent, Lombardo then claimed that they simply didn’t have the manpower to release the records.

Transparency is not a burden for government agencies,” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said, negating that claim. “It is a legal obligation that is essential to the preservation of the public’s trust.”

Indeed it is.

The video was release and the Associated Press issued the following statement:

Las Vegas police have released some officer body-camera video from the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Videos made public Wednesday are expected to show what two officers found entering a 32nd-floor hotel room where Stephen Paddock unleashed gunfire on a concert last October.

Police say he killed 58 people and injured hundreds more before killing himself as authorities closed in.

The footage represents a sample of hundreds of hours of body-camera recordings that police say don’t answer why Paddock opened fire.

The Associated Press and other media outlets sued to obtain videos, 911 recordings, evidence logs and interview reports.

Authorities say more will be released in coming weeks.

As the video shows, officers appear to be outside Paddock’s suite and a loud bang or gunshot is heard.

“Rifles up, move up” an officer can be heard saying at one point in the video.

“Check under the bed,” another officer orders later in the video.

According to the Review-Journal, the clips come from two different canine officers, Sgt. Joshua Bitsko and David Newton, police said.

To watch the entire video, you can do so at this link. 

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WATCH: Cop Mistakes Camera for a Gun, Shoots Innocent Reporter—No Charges, Not Fired


New Carlisle, OH — While setting up his camera to cover the news, a Clark County Sheriff’s deputy opened fire on Andy Grimm—a local newspaper reporter—after he mistook the man’s camera for a gun. This incident was recorded on the officer’s body camera and there was no dispute that he negligently shot an innocent man.

For shooting an innocent man, the public and police accountability activists called for the immediate firing and prosecution of Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Shaw. However, because he is backed by the thin blue line, instead of being fired or prosecuted Shaw was given a paid vacation and is now back on the job. And, last week, a grand jury met and filed a no bill on him—meaning he will never face any consequences for his actions—ever.

“The sheriff’s office is grateful to the BCI investigators and other officials at the Attorney General’s Office for conducting this investigation,” Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett said in a news release Friday afternoon.

The grand jury document released Friday contained only two sentences.

“After due consideration of the above case the Special Grand Jury returned NO BILL(s), regarding the on duty shooting by Deputy Jacob Shaw of Andrew Grimm and the surrounding circumstances. After due consideration of the above case the Grand Jury returned a NO BILL(S) and Deputy Shaw is discharged.”

How, exactly, a grand jury could find no fault in a cop deliberately shooting an innocent man after mistaking his camera for a gun is mind blowing.

As the Springfield News-Sun reported, he returned to work last October, after he was cleared by a psychiatrist and was assigned to the jail division, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Shaw had been working on the road patrol at the time of the shooting.


The video, released days after the original shooting on the night of September 4, confirms Grimm’s description, showing the cop exit his cruiser and fire two shots with no warning—over a camera and a tripod.

“I thought that was a freaking gun Andy,” Shaw said as Grimm screams in agony.

As Grimm bleeds out, Shaw realized the severity of what he had done and calls for an ambulance while applying pressure to the wound.

“I love you. I’m sorry brother,” he said.

As TFTP reported at the time, Grimm was out doing his job for New Carlisle News that night when he came across a traffic stop on the way back to the office and decided to take some photos. Grimm was tasked with taking photos of a nearby lightning storm but when he saw the traffic stop, he saw an opportunity for more pictures. However, that decision almost killed him.

“I was going out to take pictures and I saw the traffic stop and I thought, ‘Hey, cool. I’ll get some pictures here.’” he told the newspaper, according to New Carlise News. He said he pulled into a parking lot in full view of the deputy, got out of his Jeep and started setting up his tripod and camera. “I turned around toward the cars and then ‘pop, pop.”

“I thought you saw me wave,” Grimm can be heard saying on the body camera footage.

He “had his camera in his hand” when Shaw feared for his life and opened fire. Grimm was shot in his side and was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to save his life. He has nearly recovered from the hole put in his body by a man sworn to protect him and has recently returned to full-time work.

“In my head it felt like weeks, months,” he said of that night. “Like everything went through my head about kids, my wife, this and that. And then it hit me like, oh, that really is a bullet. I got shot.”

“I was just doing my job,” Grimm said.

This officer should, without a doubt, be fired, charged and never allowed to possess a gun or a badge ever again. But this will not happen. Instead, the taxpayers will now go to bat for Shaw’s near-deadly negligence.

Grimm sued the deputy, Clark County and the city of New Carlisle in December, seeking damages for what he alleged in the lawsuit was “excessive use of force and violation of Mr. Grimm’s constitutional and common law rights,” according to the Springfield News-Sun.

“The nature of the injury has caused plaintiff to lose wages for time taken off to heal from the injury,” the lawsuit states. “The loss of wages suffered by Andrew Grimm is serious and of a nature that no reasonable person could be expected to endure.”

Lawyers representing Clark County responded to the lawsuit last week, arguing Shaw reasonably believed Grimm had a gun and was a potential danger to the public when he fired. Their response also argued Grimm’s actions that night might have played a role in the shooting, according to the Sun.

Only can a police officer deliberately shoot an innocent person and then escape any and all accountability by simply claiming that he “reasonably believed” he had to shoot. A travesty of justice indeed.

Yes, many officers are heroes and do amazing things. However—this one did not.

His fear, willingness to escalate to deadly force, and his poor judgment almost killed a man. He should be criticized. He should be held accountable. He is a danger and a menace to society and people should not be afraid of saying this. However, as the grand jury ruling illustrates, many people are afraid of saying it.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/ohio-cop-shoots-reporter-mistaking-camera/

Man Files Complaint Against Border Patrol for Trespassing—So They Put a Spy Camera On His Property

border patrolborder patrol

Encinal, Texas – A landowner has filed a lawsuit after he discovered that Border Patrol agents had illegally placed a camera on his property that gave them access to 24/7 surveillance of his land, and they then threatened to arrest him if he did not comply.

Ricardo Palacios, 74, told Ars Technica that he was walking around his property when he noticed a small camera in green plastic attached to a mesquite tree, about eight feet from the ground. In addition to being located near his son’s house, Palacios said the camera had a transmitting signal.

Given the fact that Palacios did not know where the camera came from, he took it down as soon as he saw it. He said that he then began to receive calls from both Customs and Border Protection officials and the Texas Rangers, demanding that he return the camera.

Now, the fact that the agents knew right away that the camera had been moved and was inside Palacios’ residence serves as a reminder that the agencies were actively monitoring the camera and its location.

While the ongoing intimidation and threats of arrests from Border Patrol and the Texas Rangers may have caused some landowners to turn over the mysterious camera without asking questions, Palacios refused to comply with their orders. Instead, he filed a lawsuit against both agencies.

“My client is 74 years old, he’s a lawyer, been practicing for almost 50 years, he has no criminal history whatsoever, law-abiding citizen, respected lawyer and senior citizen. To have put him in jail would have been—forget the indecency of it—what a way to end a career,” Attorney Raul Casso told Ars Technica.

The land owned by Palacios is 35 miles from the nearest U.S. borderline, and in his civil complaint, he alleged that he has been having problems with CBP trespassing on his land ever since their agents interrogated and physically assaulted his son in April 2010.

“Over the last several years, after an ugly, physical confrontation that Plaintiff, Ricardo D. Palacios’ son, had with CBP agents at the IH-35 Checkpoint 29 miles north of Laredo, Plaintiffs’ have encountered agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) going onto their land, at will, without any warrant or legal authority, without landowner consent, over landowners’ objection, and without any warrant or exigent circumstances that would permit such intrusions upon Plaintiffs’ private property. On each such occasion, Plaintiffs confronted the CBP agents they encountered and warned them that they, the agents, were trespassing onto private property.”

The lawsuit claimed that when Palacios and his sons ordered CBP agents off of their land, the agents often responded by claiming that they were within “25 miles” of the border, which would give them jurisdiction. Even when Palacios’ son filed an official complaint with Border Patrol, they claimed that “No results were forthcoming, none were ever had, and the trespassing continued.”

According to federal law, “within a distance of 25 miles from any such external boundary to have access to private lands, but not dwellings, for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States.”

However, Palacios has maintained that his ranch is 35 miles from the border. He claimed that the discovery of the camera was the “final straw,” and that when he was contacted by the Texas Rangers, they threatened to file criminal charges for theft upon [his] persistent refusal to surrender the camera.”

“Our lawsuit is that we want a federal judge to tell the border patrol and the feds to not go on [Palacios’] property without permission or probable cause,” Attorney David Almaraz told Ars Technica. “And if you all are going to keep doing that, you’re going to have to pay for it. It’s called the right to be left alone. That’s what the Fourth Amendment is all about.”

Palacios is accusing the cameras of being a part of “Operation Drawbridge,” an initiative from the Texas Department of Public Safety that uses “low-cost, commercially off-the-shelf technology that has been adapted to meet law enforcement needs” to conduct surveillance along the border.

“The use of detection technologies such as video, cameras, and sensors, can provide real-time information on exact locations of smuggling events. Unfortunately, there are insufficient personnel resources to adequately cover the entire border region, therefore the effective use of detection technologies is a vital component in a multi-dimensional strategy.

The Texas Border Sheriffs have demonstrated that live video coverage in remote areas along the border can support interdiction operations. However, the Cartels quickly adjust and simply relocate their operations elsewhere. This is good for the Texas landowners in those areas but the Cartels are highly adaptive and they quickly exploit other areas along the border.”

The case will be presided by US Magistrate Judge Guillermo R. Garcia. It has the opportunity to set a powerful precedent, if Ricardo Palacios’ Fourth Amendment rights are upheld, even in the face of the Customs and Border Protection’s argument that they must trespass on his property in order to ensure border security.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/man-files-complaint-against-border-patrol-for-trespassing-so-they-put-a-spy-camera-on-his-property/

Family sues Livonia nursing home over elder abuse that was caught on camera

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LIVONIA, Mich. (WXYZ) – There are disturbing allegations of abuse in a Livonia nursing home, with some of it caught on a hidden camera.

The family of the patient is suing; saying the abuse to their elderly father was partially motivated by race.

The allegations are hard to hear and even harder to see, a caretaker at Autumnwood telling her then 87-year-old patient to “shut up”, calling him derogatory names, and throwing him in and out of his wheelchair.

All of it was caught on a hidden camera over just 2 days – a sliver of the 6 months of alleged abuse.

Husein Younes, the then 87-year-old Lebanese man, went to Autumnwood for help to recover from a surgery in May of 2015.

The hidden camera was placed after Younes had been complaining for months about the behavior to his family.

“I raised concerns with the Autumnwood many times and they assured me everything would be taken care of,” says Husein’s son Salim Younes.

“This is one of the most troubling cases I have ever seen. It’s chilling and its literally a horror house and I would wish this on no one,” says the family attorney Jonathan Marko.

The lawsuit against autumnwood and its owner claims the abuse was racially motivated.

Autumnwood did release a statement that reads:

Autumnwood of Livonia takes any allegation of abuse and inappropriate care seriously, and exhaustively investigates such claims to ensure the safety of its residents. Autumnwood’s policy is not to comment on residents in their facility to protect their privacy, and to comply with privacy laws and regulations related to health information. However, now that a family of a former resident at Autumnwood of Livonia, the Younes family, who has filed a lawsuit against Autumnwood of Livonia, made the decision to publicly litigate their lawsuit in the press and make public allegations and information related to the care and condition of Mr. Younes, my client now has the right to make a public statement.

In December 2015, the Younes family’s attorney raised concerns to staff of Autumnwood of Livonia about the treatment of Mr. Younes after he had been discharged from the facility. The Younes family’s attorney informed staff that they believed that Mr. Younes had been abused at the facility. Despite requests for additional information, no details were offered. My client immediately conducted an internal investigation, reported the allegations to the state survey agency that regulates nursing homes, and reported the allegations to the local police department consistent with state and federal regulations. My client and the notified governmental agencies, were unable to substantiate the allegations with the information we had at the time.

Although the Younes family had in their possession in December 2015 a video that provided information related to the allegations of abuse, the existence of the video itself was not disclosed to my client until May of 2016, when the video was sent to my client along with a demand for payment of monetary damages. The actions depicted in the video are in no way illustrative of the quality care that is provided by the caring staff at Autumnwood on a daily basis. When Autumnwood received this new information and video, another internal investigation was immediately launched, and the new information provided by the Younes’ attorney, five months after the alleged incident, was turned over by Autumnwood to the state survey agency and law enforcement.

The employees identified from the video have been terminated, and additional training has been provided to all employees. Autumnwood continues to assist the involved state regulatory and law enforcement agencies with their investigations of the former staff and is committed to continuing to provide quality care to all of the residents and families they have the privilege to serve.

As the family has filed a civil complaint and the matter is in litigation, Autumnwood cannot comment any further.

Autumnwood claims early investigations by them, police and governing agencies before the video were unable to substantiate the claims made by the family.

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Tiger v bear: Violent safari scrap caught on camera (VIDEO)

The epic fight happened at Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra on Wednesday. The video was shared by the Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge in Tadoba and filmed by naturalist Akshay Kumar.

The video shows the tiger spotting the bear and pursuing it through the trees. The bear and tiger then face each other and start to fight as one of the bear’s cubs looks on.

The two roll around in the bush as they struggle. The tiger appears to be getting the better of the bear, catching her with his paws and biting at her body. The pair then break apart and go head to head, before wrestling on the ground and biting one another’s heads.

The tiger again seems to have overpowered the bear, and digs his teeth into the animal’s neck as she struggles to break free. Eventually, she does and chases the tiger away. The pair clash again, each baring their teeth, before the tiger runs into the water to escape the ferocious bear.

”Finally he gives up and the sloth bear disappears,” the video says. “T54 [the tiger] comes back to the waterhole totally exhausted and tired.”

Kumar told NDTV the tiger is a seven-year-old called Matkasur, who had marked the water as his territory.

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The Disturbing Acceptance of Google’s New ‘Smart’ Camera

The Disturbing Acceptance of Google’s New ‘Smart’ Camera

March 1st, 2018

Via: The Week:

In the reviews that rolled out recently for Google’s new Clips smart camera, there were the rote things that you’d expect in all tech reviews: what was good, what was bad, and, inevitably, whether or not you should buy it. There was, however, a key idea conspicuously absent: whether or not the product should exist at all.

The pitch for the Google Clips is it’s a camera that sits off to the side in a room and automatically captures the kinds of candid shots that one never really plans for — the most common examples cited being some random happening involving one’s kids or pets. Instead of mere serendipity, however, the camera uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to try and guess when to best take a shot.

Reviews, perhaps unsurprisingly, haven’t been great. The technology to take pictures in a smart way with satisfying results simply doesn’t exist yet, largely because determining what makes a good shot is still a profoundly human, subjective thing. But perhaps a product with such obvious flaws is cause for concern for reasons more significant than the release of yet another disappointing gadget. Instead, it appears that in rarely questioning whether a piece of tech should have been released at all, we are unwittingly become guinea pigs for tech, and inadvertent cheerleaders for things that, in the aggregate, end up making things worse.




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