Palestine calls on ICC to investigate Israeli ‘human rights violations’


The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has asked the International Criminal Court to open a probe into Israeli violations against Palestinians, linked to illegal settlements, calling Tel Aviv’s actions “crimes against humanity”.

The settlements are “the single most dangerous threat to Palestinian lives, livelihoods, and national rights,” the ministry said in a statement released on Facebook. Israel called the move “cynical” and claimed the request to the ICC has no legal validity.

Saying that while “Israel maintains, expands, and protects the settlement regime by committing war crimes, crimes against humanity,” Palestinians are not seeking revenge but redress and “justice for the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people.”

Palestine exercised its right as a State Party to the Rome Statute – the treaty that established the ICC – to refer the situation in the region to the international tribunal. The ministry says that Palestinian people “continue to suffer from ongoing, widespread and systematic crimes” committed by Israel.

Palestine says that among the “grave crimes” committed against its people are forcible transfer, unlawful killing of peaceful protesters, and the demolition of Palestinian homes. The Israeli policy of mass arbitrary detention and torture also fall under the court’s jurisdiction. “This step [Palestine’s call to the ICC] is intended to ensure that those most responsible for these crimes are held accountable for their actions without further delay,” the ministry stated.

Tensions in the region have escalated during six-week-long protests, known as the Great March of Return, near the Gaza border. During the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, violence peaked to a level unseen in previous weeks. Sixty Palestinian protesters were killed and over 2,000 injured by Israeli forces.

A number of human rights groups slammed the brutal response towards the demonstrators. Amnesty International called the situation in Gaza “another horrific example of the Israeli military using excessive force and live ammunition in a totally deplorable way.”

The UN human rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, accused Tel Aviv of depriving nearly 1.9 million people in Gaza of basic rights and creating inhumane conditions. “They are, in essence, caged in a toxic slum from birth to death; deprived of dignity; dehumanised by the Israeli authorities,” he said last week.



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Erdogan calls Europe "Failed Democracy" for allegedly Mistreating Turkish immigrants


The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is complaining how evil racist and Islamophobes are the Europeans for allegedly mistreating and discriminating against his Turks but are the Europeans really that evil when governments like the German one for example is throwing their own citizens behind bars for criticizing the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe? How evil are the Europeans when they are trying to appease the migrants that much? As much throwing their own citizens in jails for migrants with no rights and no citizenship in given nations?

After dozens of Jihadi terror attacks, Europe still allows them to pour in without any check in place yet they are evil and “failed democracies” according to Erdogan.

If Europe is so failed and evil and your Turkish people feel so unwelcome, why the hell do you continue to want to live in Europe?? Why do you want to be there? Why do you want to live in such a bad place which doesn’t want you there?? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???

These logics crack our heads when we think about it. The times of great thinkers and philosophy is over, now is the time of moronic cry-babies who throw fits over their feelings. Where is the great Aristotle? Where is our thinking gone to?

Uggghhhh oggg oggg, uga booga, you hate me, you iz ivel, you not want me live in your house, but I still want to live in your house even if you not want me, oggg oggg, uga booga!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the times we live in…

Listen Erdogan, Europe owes you nothing, if anything TURKEY owes Europe a lot, especially those Balkanic nations you subjugated for hundreds of years and forced them to pay tributes. Here’s what Europe should do, Europe should round up everybody and deport them all to wherever the hell they came from. Europe doesn’t need to listen to your whiny complains.

Is Europe really that evil when its filled with Kebab and Shaorma shops everywhere? Or with cheap Turkish clothes stores? Your BEKO electronics has invaded all European markets for example. Turkish jeans everywhere, Turkish gold jewelry, Turkish fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. Turkish products everywhere. For Europe, Turkey is like the second China. Made in Turkey everywhere!!!!!! Yet you call Europe evil?

You are in luck Europe is so tolerant and stupid these days because others wouldn’t have tolerated thins kind of nonsense for anything. Others would have cut all ties with Turkey and oppressed it with sanctions, a very long time ago. You insolent whelp! Someday Europe will change, and you will regret all these filthy words you throw at Europe now for they will not be forgotten nor forgiven. You will be sanctioned 10 times worse than how North Korea is sanctioned now, until you go bankrupt and apologize on your knees.

Sputnik reported:

Upon his arrival to the Bosnian capital Sarajevo on Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a passionate speech, condemning Europe’s treatment of Turks.

Addressing 15,000 supporters at the Olympic stadium in Sarajevo, President Erdogan touched upon the issue of discrimination of Turks in Europe. He went on to say that expatriates serving in European governments had sought to undermine Turkey, and encouraged his supporters to become educated and work their way into power in those governments.

“The European countries that claim to be the cradles of democracy have failed, European Turks must show their strength to the whole world. You need to be in those parliaments instead of the ones who betray our country. Are you ready to demonstrate to the whole world the strength of European Turks? Are you ready to give the terrorist organizations and their local and foreign henchmen an Ottoman slap?” Erdogan said.

Erdogan arrived to Sarajevo to canvass support from Turks living in Europe for his ruling AK Party ahead of next month’s election in Turkey.

He also lambasted European nations that had not let him hold rallies on their soil, and said that the Turkish state news agency, TRT, would expand its coverage in Europe to counteract the alleged propaganda against Muslims. Erdogan also promised that expatriates who had obtained citizenship in other countries would still have their right to vote in Turkey.

Many of his supporters were bussed in from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to Sarajevo so that they could meet the president, and some of them told The Times that they saw Erdogan as “a world leader” despite the fact that he’s been “shut out from everywhere in Europe.”

Outside the stadium where Erdogan gave his speech, street vendors sold flags and T-shirts and scarves with Erdogan’s image on them and shouted “World leader scarves!”

Hours before Erdogan left for Sarajevo, the Turkish intelligence services received information about an assassination plot against the president. Reacting to the reports that quickly spread on media, Erdogan told a press conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Such threats and operations cannot deter us. We have taken our path and will continue on it. Is it right, on my part, when thousands of people have come here to meet and communicate with the president, that they would not be able to do this? No, this will not work.”


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Washington Examiner calls for Russian infrastructure to be bombed

But where’s the Western condemnation of the Washington Examiner for publishing an article calling for the bombing of the new Crimean Bridge, which opened this week?

It’s been hailed as one of the greatest feats of modern engineering. The dual-purpose span bridge, which connects the Taman Peninsula of Krasnodar Krai with the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea, is all of 11.2 miles long, making it the longest such construction in both Russia and Europe. It will now be much easier for people to get to the Crimea from the rest of Russia, and the Crimean economy will greatly benefit.

But not everyone is happy. Step forward one Tom Rogan, a columnist for the neo-con Washington Examiner. Tom calls the construction of the bridge “a formal physical and psychological appropriation of Ukrainian territory.”

And this armchair warrior who holds a BA in ‘War Studies’ from King’s College, London, wants the Ukrainian Air Force to blow it up. He more or less admits that would mean casualties, but says that the length of the bridge would “mitigate the risk” to those traversing it at the time.

In a follow-up piece Rogan stated: “I could have been a little clearer in arguing that this action could (and of course ought to be) carried out with zero casualties.”

Where does one start in responding to such hate-filled incitement, masquerading as “commentary”? The whole premise of the diatribe, that Russia has “appropriated” Ukrainian territory is false, as Crimeans voted in a referendum to return to Russia following an illegal putsch against a democratically-elected government in Kiev in 2014. Without the Western-backed regime change op, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine today. But of course this very important background information is not mentioned in the piece. If you’re peddling Russophobia, then facts are an irritant which simply get in the way.

If the Ukrainians do take Rogan’s advice and bomb the bridge, then a full-scale war will break out with Russia. President Vladimir Putin would have to respond by ordering Russian air strikes on Ukrainian air bases. A full-scale military conflict in Europe might seem a ‘bit of a larf’ for some US neocons, sitting in front of their laptops thousands of miles away, and monitoring with glee the rise in their defense industry stocks. However, it wouldn’t be a joke for those on the front-line. In fact the war could soon go global, especially if, as Rogan advocates, Uncle Sam provides full support to the Ukrainians.

Nuclear war would be a distinct possibility, but that shouldn’t concern us. ‘Don’t worry, the US would win a nuclear war with Russia’, is the verdict of Tom Rogan.

Given the massive costs they would pay, it’s unlikely Petro Poroshenko’s chocolate soldier administration in Kiev would be quite so stupid as to take their lead from the Washington Examiner’s 32-year-old sage. But someone else might. Rogan has put the idea of an attack on the Crimean Bridge into the public domain. To compound this reckless move, the Washington Examiner not only published his piece but tweeted it too, to its 130K followers.

Twitter rules state: “You may not make specific threats of violence, or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people”. Do these rules not apply to those calling for the blowing up of a Russian bridge used by the public?

Internet research reveals that the owner of the Examiner is one Philip Anschutz, who we are told is a “Christian conservative” billionaire. I personally don’t think it’s too Christian to publish articles calling for air strikes on bridges, do you? Or did I miss that section in the New Testament?

It’s clear that we shouldn’t set our moral compass by Anschutz’s paper. Another article on its website this week was entitled, and I kid ye not, ‘No one is as gentle in self-defense as Israel’

And no, it wasn’t a parody. But as bad as the Examiner is, it’s not operating in a vacuum. Rogan’s piece is just the latest in a series of shockingly Russophobic articles in the Western media that would result in immediate career death if the writer targeted other countries, and the nationals of other countries, in the same way.

Think back to the brutal murder of Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, in December 2016. Karlov, who was married, with a son was gunned down as he attended an art exhibition in Ankara. No-one could possibly defend such a cold-blooded action, could they? Sadly, they could. In the New York Daily News, one Gersh Kuntzman penned a piece entitled ‘Assassination of Russian ambassador wasn’t terrorism, but retribution for Russia’s war crimes.’

“Justice has been served,” Kuntzman loftily declared. Again, imagine if an ambassador of a Western country, or Israel, had been murdered in such a fashion. Any journalist declaring “Justice has been served”would never be published by a mainstream outlet again.

To add insult to murder, a photograph of the assassin, brandishing his weapon, with the body of the slain ambassador on the floor, subsequently won the top prize at the World Press Photo event. Imagine the distress that would have caused to Mr Karlov’s family and friends. But hey, Andrey was “only a Russian,” so he’s fair game.

Whenever Russians get killed, it seems they had it coming to them. We’re not allowed to say that terrorist attacks in the West might be caused by Western foreign policy, but when they take place in Russia, they are directly caused by Kremlin policies, and the terrorists’ point of view must be considered.

Think back to the terrorist attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport in January 2011. Thirty-seven people were killed in the arrivals hall by a suicide bomber. Imagine if this had happened at JFK, or Heathrow. Would anyone have penned a piece entitled ‘US/UK foreign policy hits home’ in response?

But Adrian Blomfield wrote a piece, published in the Daily Telegraph, entitled ‘Russia’s insurgency hits home,’ which showed a total lack of sympathy for any of the Russians killed.Russia’s “repressive” policies in the Caucasus had caused the terrorism.

The atmosphere of total repression meant that there was no outlet for genuine opposition to the Kremlin-installed regimes of the North Caucasus. For many, particularly youngsters who had seen family members killed, the choice was either to let their resentment fester or to join the rebels,” Blomfield wrote.

Similar sentiments were expressed by UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) bombers took down a Russian passenger plane full of tourists returning from holiday in Egypt on October 31,  2015. Hammond described it as a “warning shot” to Russia and hoped that the attack would make Russia display a “greater willingness” to engage in talks about Syria in Vienna.

Again, just imagine if terrorists took down a plane full of British tourists and Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, had described it as a “warning shot” to Britain and expressed hopes that it would make Britain display a “greater willingness” to engage in talks about Syria. Of course, Lavrov would never say such a thing. He’s got class and is a civilized man. Philip Hammond showed by his comments that he isn’t.

When Russians die in disasters, the tragedy can also be mocked. One of the worst examples of this was the way the French ‘satirical’ magazine Charlie Hebdo made fun of the deaths of 92 people, including 68 members of the celebrated ‘Red Army’ Alexandrov music and dance ensemble, in a plane crash on Christmas Day 2016.

In one reference to the crash, the oh-so-witty cartoonists showed a jet hurtling downwards with the caption ‘Mauvaise Nouvelle…’Poutine N’Etait Pas Dedans”  (Bad News.. Putin wasn’t on board).’ Even more disgusting, another cartoon showed a choir member singing ‘Aaaaaa’ with the caption ‘The repertoire of the Red Army choir is expanding.’ A third image depicted members of the ill-fated ensemble sinking in the sea with the caption ‘The Red Army conquers a new public.’

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov summed it up perfectly when he said: “If  such, I dare say, artistry, is the real manifestation of ‘Western values,’ then those who hold them and support them are doomed – at least to loneliness in the future.” Our cry in response to such depravity must be to declare “Nous ne sommes pas Charlie! Nous sommes tous humains!” (We are not Charlie! We are all human!)

Russophobic neoconservatism mixed with Western liberal superiority, offers nothing to humanity, except inhumanity. I hope that Philip Anschutz reads this article, returns to the Gospels, and then decides to take his newspaper on a very different path -one which advocates building bridges and not blowing them up.

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Russian FM Lavrov calls off visit to G20 ministerial summit

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will not attend a forthcoming meeting of G20 foreign ministers, the ministry said on Saturday, as cited by media. “The foreign minister will not visit Argentina and Cuba on the scheduled date due to a series of events linked to the work of the newly formed government,” a spokesperson told journalists, adding that the G20 summit would be attended by one of the deputy foreign ministers, without providing further details. The G20 ministerial summit is scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires on May 21.

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Woman Calls for Help to Catch Two Dogs, Cops Respond by Running Over, Shooting Them


Newark, Delaware – Police officers are being criticized for their response to a call about two stray dogs, and the concerned citizen who called animal control to ask for help is saying that the officers’ actions were actually what she hoped she could save the dogs from.

Leigh Spencer told Fox 29 that she was horrified when she witnessed the officers intentionally trying to run over over the dogs with their patrol cars. “I was the one that called Animal Control, and this was the outcome,” she said.

Spencer said that about a dozen police officers initially showed up and began clapping their hands and whistling, which made the dogs even more scared than they were before. She should know as she claimed one of the dogs actually came to her and put its snout in her hands. She was about to get control of one dog but she said police “brushed her away.”

After none of the officers were successful in getting control of the two strays, police then made the decision to run them over with their patrol cars. Both dogs were injured when the SUV hit them. One dog was then shot and killed by an officer, while the other dog successfully got away.

Spencer said she now feels guilty and blames the officers for doing the unthinkable. She said the dogs did not need to be run over. “It’s really upsetting and sad for me. I feel horrible,” she said.

Predictably, the Newark Delaware Police Department (NDPD) is defending the trigger-happy actions of its officers. In a statement, they claim the dogs were vicious and dangerous, even though Spencer claims otherwise. Not only did she make physical contact with one of the dogs but when it had an opportunity to bite her, it didn’t. NDPD said in a statement:

The dogs were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth. There were civilians in the area, including people walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalk on Ogletown Rd and others patronizing local businesses. The dogs began to chase these passersby and the officers were able to divert the dogs’ attention back towards the officers in an effort to protect the public. The dogs would then again charge at the officers.

Apologists for police, who seem to never question official police statements, will likely stand behind their boys in blue. But Spencer said it all could have been avoided and that running over the dogs was completely unnecessary. There were other witnesses as well who tell what they consider to be the true story of what happened.

In a series of Facebook posts, Spencer and her friends described the killing and attempted killing of two living creatures. Both Spencer and her friend, Ashton Cleveland, were present for the entire ordeal. Ironically, both are connected to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International. Cleveland is a current employee and Spencer a former one.

Cleveland wrote a scathing rebuttal to the NDPD. She said the two animal advocates were threatened with arrest for attempting to help the so-called authorities:

I am sickened by your officers actions today. They cornered and taunted stray dogs that were initially acting FRIENDLY to the point that my friend almost had them leashed. I, an SPCA employee, and my friend a very recently former SPCA employee of 3 years were told to back off and threatened with arrest while trying to save the dogs.

Cleveland said no attempt was made to get control of the dogs with “catch poles” (poles with nooses on the ends to slip around the dogs’ necks). Instead, police officers immediately took out their service pistols to resolve the conflict. She named two NDPD officers, Keating and DiFrancesco, as being responsible for the shooting and the running over of the dogs by SUV.

They drew their weapons instead of using catch poles and then officer Keating SHOT ONE OF THE DOGS. Then, gave us a THUMBS UP after killing this dog. Then another officer, DiFrancesco,went out of his way to run the other dog over with his SUV. You should be ashamed. Complaints are being filed.

Spencer also went into very graphic detail as to why she called police, how she was threatened with arrest for attempting to help, and how she was unsuccessful in filing a complaint with the police department as the NDPD sent out DiFrancesco (the one who ran over the dog with his police-issued SUV) to accept her complaint. Spencer wrote that the dogs were no threat to anyone, simply scared and needing help:

Hey Newark Delaware Police Department you just threatened to arrest the person that CALLED animal control on the two loose, terrified dogs on the side of Ogletown road. I am appalled by the fact that approx. 10-12 of your officers have failed to simply detain these clearly non-aggressive dogs in OVER 45 MINUTES. Not to mention most of your officers wielding tasers/weapons instead of catch poles and protective gear.

Spencer also said she was taken aback at the NDPD’s lack of training and proper equipment to handle the situation.

The incompetence is truly eye opening. Your animal control officer literally failed to use a catch pole, a tool I’ve used a multitude of time in my years at the Delaware SPCA. One of your officers charged the dogs, then ran away, taunting them. I suggest you examine the people you’re hiring that are supposed to know animal behavior and care for the well-being of creatures. I’ll let attitude from the cop who tried to arrest me slide, but only because I know it runs in the fucking business.

Update: after Officer Keating (squad car #935) shot the dog, she turned around and looked at me and my two friends and gave us a THUMBS UP. She’s the same one who threatened to arrest me.

Update #2: according to witnesses, one of your officers HIT ONE OF THE DOGS WITH HIS POLICE VEHICLE. This is truly unacceptable and disturbing.

Update #3: went to the police station to file a report to an “impartial supervisor.” He told us that he’s the one that ran over the dog with his police SUV. Unreal.

***JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR*** I was threatened with arrest if I neared the dogs. OBVIOUSLY my first instinct was to save them. I’ve devoted my life to them. When the dogs came up to me, I was screamed at, and told to back off. Please stop accusing me of not doing enough to save them.

Unfortunately, in the United States, police officers are allowed to investigate themselves, even in cases where their officers are accused by members of the public of intentional homicide. As long as there is no federal law requiring police departments to be investigated by outside agencies, not only will police officers continue to be allowed to kill family pets, they will also continue to be allowed to kill family members.

We at TFTP believe the two actions—killing an animal and killing a human—are related. When police officers are so desensitized to the point that they can kill someone’s pet, they will have no trouble killing a human, and often do, even when that person is as unarmed as those stray dogs were in Newark, Delaware.

Newark, DE Police Intentionally Run Over Dogs

In Newark, Delaware, after spending 90 minutes trying to corral two loose dogs, police officers intentionally ran over the pair. Police say both dogs looked as if someone had abandoned them and they did not have any tags. Somehow, after getting hit by police cruisers (and Newark police did use the plural in their news release) both dogs managed to try to run away. Only one made it and tonight that German Shepherd is still somewhere out there, but now injured. The other dog, a pit bull, ended up dying after officers decided to shoot him or her after running down the dog.All this played out this past Friday after a woman who was scared the dogs could get hit by a car called animal control for help. The dogs were on Ogletown Road. Leigh Spencer made the call and says a dozen or so officers were chasing the dogs and clapping their hands to try to corral them. She says the dogs were terrified but, in the middle of the mayhem, one of the dogs made it over to her and put its nose into her hand before police brushed her away.Police say three animal control officers from the Office of Animal Welfare were part of the team trying to catch the dogs with catchpoles and treats before they resorted to lethal measures and they have a starkly different story from Spencer’s.In the news release, Newark police say, “The dogs were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth. There were civilians in the area, including people walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalk on Ogletown Rd and others patronizing local businesses. The dogs began to chase these passersby and the officers were able to divert the dogs’ attention back towards the officers in an effort to protect the public. The dogs would then again charge at the officers.”Our Sabina Kuriakose interviewed Spencer tonight who says “I was the one who called animal control and this was the outcome, so it’s really upsetting and sad for me. I feel horrible.”A Newark police spokesperson told Sabina they ran over the dogs because they couldn’t contain them. Tonight at 10 on FOX 29, Sabina will have much more on this developing story.

Posted by Lucy Noland FOX 29 on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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IRELAND – Dublin Lord Mayor Calls On Ireland To Boycott Eurovision 2019 To Show Solidarity With People Of Palestine

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‘Political Bully’ Echoes Trump, Calls Child Refugees ‘Gangsters and Thugs’ on ‘Madam Secretary’

Well, this is a timely coincidence. Within a week of the Trump administration announcing that it will end the 1999 temporary protected status for Hondurans, CBS’s Madam Secretary features the Secretary of State fighting for refugee status of Honduran children against a “political bully.” I guess the show has more foresight than I thought, though still not enough to let their Hillary icon or liberal biases go. As the Democrats have been learning lately, you can’t win them all. 

The May 6 episode “The Things We Get To Say” follows reporter Neal Shin (Tim Kang) as he observes an average day for Madam Secretary Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni). This day happens to be perfect since Elizabeth and her staff are handling a Honduran refugee crisis occurring just south of the border. In overcrowded and unsanitary detention centers in Mexico, many Honduran children are dying without care, requesting aid from the United States. There is even a sad online video depicting the children holding a funeral for their friends. Despite already working on a comprehensive immigration reform bill for Congress, they begin mulling over the prospect of giving them refugee status.

Of course, no controversial political move could be made without everyone’s favorite right-wing partisan hack Senator Morejon (José Zúñiga) chiming in. Once word spreads about the Hondurans, Morejon immediately goes on air and blasts the policy as letting in “gangsters and thugs,” paralleling Trump’s controversial statements on illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico.



Morejon: I believe in the dreams of immigrants who want to contribute to our great nation. But I simply cannot support legislation on immigration put forth by this president when his administration is offering refuge to gangsters and thugs.

Funny how the episode didn’t bring up the fact that many refugees dubbed “minors” brought to the U.S. are actually adults or that gangs like MS-13 are sending in younger members. After all, bringing up those facts would have offered a counter-argument, and this series, with its several ridiculous positions, can’t afford that.

In fact, the reporter bemoans “reckless statements and hate-mongering by that political bully [Senator Morejon].” From the previous episode this season on refugees, we already know that Morejon is basically a hypocrite when it comes to refugees considering his wife was an illegal immigrant. This time around, he takes his hypocrisy to a new level by holding the act hostage until the President backs off divestment from private prisons. Why the sudden interest in private prisons one might ask? Morejon’s largest donor just so happens to be the CEO of a large privatized prison. Now Morejon is not only accepting of poor refugee children dying, but he is also beholden to the will of wealthy prison owners. Such is the treatment of any political opponent on this show.

Reporter Neal Shin is shown to critique the secretary’s decisions regarding the Iran Deal, Afghanistan, and even her negotiations with Morejon. Still, he ends up just as supportive of her as any of her staff as he croons to his newborn child how Elizabeth’s “gonna be your president one day.”

Flattering appraisal or partisan hackery. Those are the only political views on Madam Secretary, and they don’t help a single Honduran child. 

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Iran calls $6 billion US court verdict a ‘mockery’ of justice, Americans

Home » Criticism, Injustice, Middle East, Terrorism » Iran calls $6 billion US court verdict a ‘mockery’ of justice, Americans


Accusing Washington of attempts to “rewrite history,” Iran has firmly rejected as a “mockery” of the justice system the US court’s recent default ruling which ordered Tehran to pay over $6 billion in damages to 9/11 victims.

“Issuing such an absurd and unacceptable verdict mocks not only the international legal system but also the survivors and families of the victims of the September 11 attacks,” Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Bahram Kasemi said Sunday, rejecting the New York court’s decision.

Last week, Manhattan’s District Judge George Daniels made a default ruling (issued in the absence of a defendant) that found Tehran liable for the deaths and ordered its entities to pay over $6 billion in compensations to the families of more than 1,000 victims of the September 11 attacks.

Accusing the US of attempting to “rewrite history,” the Foreign Ministry stressed that the country reserves the right to respond to any “illegal procedures” and asserted that the ruling was obviously “politically” motivated.

The spokesman also rejected similar past verdicts against Iran, reiterating that the country had nothing to do with organizing or financing the 9/11 attacks. Previously Judge Daniels had issued default judgments against Iran, in 2011 and 2016, ordering the Islamic republic to pay billions of dollars to victims of the attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

The rulings against Tehran are especially astounding since none of the 19 hijackers on September 11, 2001, were even Iranian citizens, and no investigation ever found links to Iran. The 9/11 Commission –the organization tasked with investigating the attacks– has said there is no evidence indicating direct Iranian involvement or suggesting that Tehran was even aware of the 9/11 plot. The only known connection is that several hijackers once allegedly travelled through Iran on their way to Afghanistan and supposedly did not have their passports stamped.

In his default verdicts, however, Daniels agreed with the claim that Tehran somehow provided technical assistance, training and planning to terrorists, even though the overwhelming majority of the suspects came from Saudi Arabia, the geopolitical rival and arch-enemy of Iran in the region. Fifteen of the terrorists that took part in the 9/11 plot were citizens of Saudi Arabia, while two were from the United Arab Emirates and one from Egypt and Lebanon.

While Judge Daniels has already found Iran ‘guilty’ of 9/11, he is yet to rule on a number of cases brought on behalf of the victims against Saudi Arabia, over the kingdom’s alleged role in the attacks. Both Iranian and Saudi involvement is being reviewed under the 2016 Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) guidelines, which paved the way for legal proceedings against foreign states and their officials suspected of supporting terrorism.



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Pope Calls for World Wide Gun Confiscation Except for the UN


If there was any doubt as to who the Pope is loyal to, this should erase any doubts. The Pope has said that nobody should have guns. Yes, he is calling for world-wide gun confiscation, except for the UN. Here is the story…

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