‘He’s Probably Gay!’ – DC Cops Mock Burglary Victim as They Dance Around on Video


Washington DC — When a house alarm went off in Southeast Washington, signaling that it had been burglarized for the second time in three weeks, police officers arrived at the scene, but failed to investigate. They returned again later after a concerned neighbor requested their service, and the security footage is making the homeowner wish that they had never stepped foot in his house.

“I was appalled. I was frantic because I was out of the country,” Clarence Williams said, describing his reaction when his alarm company contacted him about the second break-in at his house in less than a month. “[It was] the same scenario as last time, broke the glass and then once he shattered the glass he just pulled the glass out and was able to walk right in.”

Williams was hoping he could trust the police officers responding to the burglary call to take care of things while he was away, but he told Fox 5 DC that he was shocked to find that the officers did not even check the back door where the burglar broke the glass to enter the home.

“They came, knocked on the door, talked to a few people who were outside and left. My house sat open for eight hours,” he said.

Williams also told NBC Washington that when the officers spoke to his neighbors about the burglary, they made comments such as, “Well, what do you expect? You live in Southeast.”

After a concerned neighbor called police later that day to report the broken glass on the backdoor that the original officers failed to investigate, the department sent out officers once again.

When Williams reviewed the footage from his security camera, he was shocked to find two police officers standing in his living room, laughing as they read off a list of his belongings that were reported, and joking about his sexuality.

“Armani, Dolce and Gabbana—he’s probably gay,” a male officer says, laughing.

A few minutes later, a female officer can be seen dancing in the same crime scene she is supposed to be investigating.

“It’s very troubling and disgusting and I think it’s a testament to the lack of training the police are receiving,” Williams said. “I believe if they were receiving the proper training things like this wouldn’t happen and they wouldn’t just do things like this in the midst of a crime scene.”

In response to the incident, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said, “I don’t approve of the language that was used or the conduct of our officers.”

In a statement to NBC Washington, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department said the two officers featured in the security footage “have been placed on non-contact status for misconduct,” and an internal investigation is ongoing.

“Their behavior is not representative of the ‘we are here to help’ environment we work tirelessly to uphold on a daily basis for residents and visitors of D.C.,” the spokesperson said. “We remain committed to providing positive interactions with all and hold the trust of the community in high regards.”

While Williams said that the female officer later visited his home and personally apologized, he noted that he wanted to release the video of the officers’ actions in hopes that others would learn from their mistakes.

“We’ve got police out here, dancing in my home and acting as if this is a joke and this is serious. This is my life,” Williams said.

Unfortunately, cases such as this one are not isolated incidents. From officers blaming the neighborhood for the break-in, to failing to investigate, to making fun of a victim at a crime scene, it remains to be seen whether the presence of clear video footage will ensure that the offending officers are held accountable for their actions.

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Louisville Corrections Officer Shot in Clarksville Accused of Falsifying Burglary Report


A Louisville Metro Corrections officer who was shot last weekend turned himself in after Clarksville Police issued an arrest warrant for him Friday.

Michael Thomas Wilburn, 30, is accused of falsifying a police report about a burglary that took place the night before his shooting. Falsifying a police report in Indiana is a criminal misdemeanor.

Police said earlier in the week they were looking into connections between the burglary and the shooting. In a news conference Friday, Clarksville Police Maj. Scott Merchant said that officers had uncovered “several mistruths” in Wilburn’s description of the incident.

One item initially reported as stolen, a handgun belonging to his wife, was later recovered, Merchant said. Police say Wilburn pawned the handgun on June 14.

“His credibility has gone down a little bit for us, due to him falsifying (the) report,” Merchant said. “That makes it hard for us. … We’re going to have to prove him right, now, before we do anything on the case.”

Wilburn was shot in the shoulder after a break-in at his home in the 100 block of East Carter Avenue before 11 p.m. Saturday night.

Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer told the Courier-Journal Sunday that Wilburn had given officers a description of a suspect, along with a name. That suspect, who Merchant named Friday as Andres Sauers, was cleared after his alibi checked out.

The shooting investigation is ongoing and Merchant said there are no suspects.

Wilburn has been a Louisville Metro Corrections officer since 2014, according to the city’s salary database. His 2017 salary is $38,230.40.

He has been on medical leave since the shooting, Metro Corrections spokesman Steve Durham wrote in an email.

“Metro Corrections will take established internal administrative steps regarding the Metro Corrections officer’s employment,” he wrote.

Wilburn turned himself into the Clark County Jail around 4:40 p.m., Merchant said, after an attempt by police to serve the warrant Friday afternoon found no one home.

Merchant said it’s “always hard” to investigate cases involving fellow officers.

“It makes all of us look bad when you start poking holes into his story. It ends up hurting the profession, unfortunately,” he said. “All he had to do was tell us the truth about stuff.”

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