Officer Accused of Running Child ‘Fight Club’ Breaks 14yo Boy’s Nose With His Fist on Video


Broward County, FL — Law enforcement in Broward County cannot seem to keep themselves out of the news lately, and as the incident below illustrates—it’s for all the wrong reasons. Prosecutors have just ruled that an officer who slugged a skinny 14-year-old child in the face so hard that it broke his nose—in two places—was justified.

Instead of being held accountable for quite literally smashing in the face of 14-year-old Andrew Ostrovsky, former lockup officer Darell Bryant was allowed to quietly resign and keep his pension.

In a “close-out” memo signed earlier this month, prosecutor Christopher Killoran with the Broward State Attorney’s Office said that Bryant “was justified in his use of force and his actions that day,” according to the Miami Herald.

The decision from prosecutors not to hold Bryant accountable now has Uri Ostrovsky, Andrew’s father, speaking out. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Uri said that officers have “permission to abuse children,” and noted that his son is not a violent person.

The incident began last year after Andrew was arrested for joyriding in his dad’s vehicle and sent to Broward Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

According to Bryant, who was investigated by Fort Lauderdale police for the beating caught on film, he was forced to break the skinny 120-pound boy’s nose because he failed to comply with an order to stand against the wall.

The encounter began while Andrew and another juvenile detainee were in some sort of altercation. Bryant told Andrew to stand against the wall, but he did not immediately comply.

Bryant claimed that Andrew became “combative” and punched him. However, the video does not appear to show this. According to a report on the incident, it was after Andrew became combative that Bryant “redirected” him to the ground.

“According to Bryant,” the report said, “the single punch was delivered in order to gain compliance from [Andrew], and was ‘reasonable and necessary due to the aggression of the youth’.”

As the Herald notes, prosecutors concluded that Bryant was permitted to punch the teen under Florida law.

“Based upon Bryant being an authority figure at the facility whose mandate is to control the juvenile detainees, when certain situations arise, for instance when one detainee is attempting to attack another, an employee must utilize force to gain compliance,” the report stated.

What’s more, there is no record of prosecutors ever interviewing Andrew and, according to the close-out memo, they never talked to the boy’s father either.

Andrew apparently told investigators with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in June 2017 that he had previously complained to Bryant about the other teen who “kept talking junk to him.” According to Andrew, that’s when Bryant suggested Andrew “hit [the] youth when no one is looking.”

To show the difference between the story prosecutors found in their half-cocked investigation and the one conducted by the DJJ, the DJJ actually found excessive force.

When the DJJ watched the same video, they, like our readers will likely find, that Bryant “slammed youth into the wall” and then was seen “violently throwing the youth to the floor…Bryant was then observed hitting youth with a closed fist while he was on the ground.”

Broward County’s chief public defender, Gordon Weekes was also outspoken about the cover up involved in the official investigation, calling it “an incredible example of revisionist history” and “very, very loose with the facts.”

“The message this sends to children at the facility — and the message it sends to staffers and guards at the facility — is that we will protect officers who cross the line, hurt children and beat children up, even when these acts are captured on video,” Weekes said.

“He has him subdued. He has him controlled. But he still takes the next step and punches him in the nose. He let everyone know that you don’t mess with us, or this is what we are going to do to you. This is how we will take care of you if you don’t fall in line,” Weekes said, adding, “This guard beat him into submission, and the state attorney agreed with that.”

Adding an ominous undertone to this story—outside of the severe injustice—is the fact that Andrew is not alone in his claims that the officers encourage the children to fight.

The Herald has been tracking these claims and compiles them in a list they refer to as the Fight Club Files.

Image from the Miami Herald on their Fight Club Files investigations.

According to the Herald,

Andrew was one of several detained or incarcerated youths who told investigators, their parents or the Herald that officers incited teens to fight each other. Often, the youths said, teens would be offered honey buns, hamburgers or other treats as a reward for attacking another youth, records showed. The beatings that followed often were called “honey-bunnings.”

Andrew’s claims, however, never were evaluated in DJJ’s 10-page inspector general report on the incident, and Andrew never is quoted by prosecutors in the April close-out memo.

“It’s wrong,” Ostrovsky said. “They are trying to cover it up. I am mad. I am really mad.”

“They gave permission to abuse children,” he added.

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After War Breaks Out In Syria, the Red Dawn Invasion of the Western United States Will Commence

Red Dawn Paratroopers will be dropping in for a visit and they will be wearing blue helmets. 


Last night while appearing on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, I promised Doug and Joe’s audience that I would provide irrefutable proof of Putin’s intentions to invade the United States in a “Red Dawn” style of invasion. I stated that this article would solely focus on the military buildup of Russian-aligned military forces in Latin America all of which are hostile to the United States.  By the way, the Chinese are a part of this too, but in the interest of brevity, I will stick to just the Russian contribution to the planned invasion of the United States. Susequently, the focus of this article is very narrow in its scope. The article answers one fundamental question. Is America going to be invaded by a Russian backed Latin American force and is that force currently in existence?

As contextual background, I have postulated the following as I have connected the dots in several articles over the past 5 years. Here is a brief summary of my findings which you can find in several articles on this site.

  1. There exists a consortuim of Middle East terror groups along with Mexican drug cartels in Latin America that are training in Central America (eg El Salvador and Honduras). They are training MS-13, ISIS and any other paramilitary group that will join the fight. The consortium consists of coordinated  effort by the Peruvian Army (ie the Sanchz-Paredes drug cartel). This massive alliance is militarily supplied by Russia. It is supported by the CIA and Deep State corrupt members of the of the DEA, DHS and their friends at the United Nations.
  2. In 2014, massive amounts of terrorists (eg MS-13 and ISIS) were allowed in the United States by the Deep State elements of DHS where they set up domestic terrorist cells. Meanwhile, paramilitary training continues in Central American terror camps run by the CIA (eg the old Iran-Contra structure).
  3. A new wave of immigrants are making their way toward the US. They are a distraction. Their numbers consisting of 1500 people are too small to worry about and it is certainly not why Trump put the military on the border. Trump knows what is coming behind this intial wave of immigrants and this is why the military is on the border.
  4. I leaned and published that the forces of CALEXIT, the planned withdrawal of California from the Union, under the auspices of George Soros front groups, along with the Bank of China and the assistance  of the Mexican Consulate. are directly funding and supporting these waves of immgrants coming to the United States. Following the this intial wave of immgrants are the dangerous waves. They are the real terrorists trained in Central America.
  5. I maintain that these paramilitary forces when they reach the United Sttes will conduct massive terrorism on the eve of the planned breakout of war in Syria. The hope of these terorrists is to force so much domestic calamity that the United Nations will militarily intervene under the Kigali Principles signed by Obama and the UN during 2o16. This will result in a direct coup against the government of the United States. Do you think that this is far-fetched? How about the Cook County Commissioners threatening to bring in the UN earlier this year to Chicago to stop gun violence. No, not the National Guard, but the UN. What about all the articles, with photos, I have published on this site which show UN vehicles on American soil, etc., etc., etc
  6. The Red Dawn invasion of the United States will occur in two phases. First, as hs has been described will be the wave of terrorists. Second, once war breaks out in the Middle East and our forces are diverted, we will be vulnerable to an invasion from out southern underbelly. The rest of this article demonstrates that these forces, along with their allegiances to Russia, have already put into plan.

While we slept, Obama alienated all of our allies in Latin America. Former Secretary of State Clinton took actions that led to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The President of Bolivia’s plane was forced to land by American jets, because they thought Ed Snowden was on board (please note: This was an act of war). And of course, we know the fate of Hugo Chavez stemming from his defiance to this administration’s imperialism and his “El Diablo” comments directed at several American leaders, most notably, George Bush.

The 33 Central and South American nation organization known as CELAC are combining forces and will form the vanguard of an attacking Army moving north and entering the United States through Mexico.

Five years ago, I began writing about disturbing Russian military influences into Latin America, but very few people wanted to pay attention. At about that same time, I had company from more mainstream sources. At that time as Daniel Wiser of the Washington Free Beacon stated that Russia’s expansion into Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Castro’s Cuba had militarily aligned with Russia right under Obama’s nose.

It is time, America, that we give this topic serious attention because if you live west of the Mississippi, the following people could one day be your new overlords.

As Putin established strong relations with the nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), an intergovernmental organization established by former Venezuelan dictator, the late Hugo Chavez. The organization was created in opposition to the United States-backed Free Trade Area for the Americas, which has been seen by many Latin American and Caribbean countries as a form of American imperialism.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas was to be the final piece that would create an European Union of type or Confederation from the North Pole to to the tip of South America. The American plan consisted of the following incremental steps:

  1. NAFTA and the North American Union was a first step in that Canada, Mexico and the United States and create a 3 in 1 country approach to North America known as the SPP.
  2. The Central American Free Trade Agreeement (CAFTA), co-sponsored by McCain and Ted Kennedy was to create one set of nations from Canada to to the southern tip of Central America. This is what brought Dave Hodges into this fight. John McCain led a merry band of thieves which tried to force 300 families off of their properties without any compensation, northwest of metro Phoenix in order to create a super highway (ie Canamex) along with supporting infrastructure. I was a victim of this plot. I became engaged in an 8 year fight which we eventually won, This was the genesis of The Common Sense Show. 
  3. Finally, the Free Trade Area of the America’s was to follow CAFTA and would create the super alliance of North, Central and South America. This is part of an overall plot for the globalist-orientated  Rothschild bankers to regionalize the world before collapsing the regional alliances into the one New World Order.

The Russians opposed this regionalization by militarizing Central and South America and Putin has managed to turn the entirety of Latin America into a hostile hot bed of military opponents who will one day launch a two-pronged invasion force into America’s southern underbelly in what has become called RED DAWN.

The Russians send large quantities of weapons to Bolivarian Alliance nations, as well as training their militaries and police forces, share intelligence, and have offered financial assistance to them so long as they opposed american expanisionist efforts into Latin America.

As early as the time period of 2008-2011, three thousand surface-to-air missiles from Russia were sold to Latin American countries, with the down-trodden Venezuela receiving the largest share. If you wondered why the US has not intervened in Venezuela, yet, in this former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created crisis, I just told you.

Argentina’s former president, Cristina Kirchner, was one of the few world leaders to support Russia’s aggression in Crimea. Russia, in an apparently successful attempt to gain favor, has helped Argentina complete a third reactor as part of a nuclear power plant. And where there is a nuclear reactor, there will eventually be nuclear weapons.

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa praised Russia as a “great nation”, while visiting Moscow in October of 2013. Putin was indeed praise-worthy because he promised to invest $1.5 billion into new domestic energy projects in Ecuador. Correa also stated that his country was planning on buying Russian military equipment. Russia has signed several billion dollars of contracts with Venezuela and supplies Bolivia, among other countries from the region with military weapons. The military package includes attack aircraft and helicopters.

Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim, stated that “More than buying military equipment, what we are seeking with Russia is a strategic partnership based on the joint development of technology.” Amorim’s statement is consistent with the fact that Brazil, South America’s most populous nation, has announced that it is planning to purchase short-to-medium-range surface-to-air Pantsir S1 missile batteries and Igla-S shoulder-held missiles from Russia. Previously, Brazil has purchased 12 Mi-35 attack helicopters. Russia and Brazil have also signed an agreement for Brazil to acquire 36 attack aircraft. Amorim said Russia and Brazil would also look at working together on space technology and on defense against cyber attacks, an area that has become a Brazilian priority since disclosures that the NSA  has spied on Brazilians, their president and the country’s largest oil company. If this means what I believe it means, with regard to the development of space technology, we are speaking about the possible intention of the Russian militarizing of near Earth orbit with space based weapons (killer satellites?). Brazil is also one of the BRIC nations who is actively participating with Russia in the demise of the Petrodollar by purchasing oil for gold instead of the time-honored practice of the Petrodollar.

Putin has forgiven Cuba’s Soviet-era debt, and has performed naval drills with Venezuela and Nicaragua, and has negotiated arms deals with all three.

In Nicaragua, the Russians have established a counter-narcotics training center that some observers say could eventually rival the United States’ longstanding commitment to anti-drug operations in the region.


In an interview with Daniel Wiser, Jose Cardenas, a former George W. Bush administration official and assistant administrator for Latin America at the U.S. Agency for International Development, said in an interview that:

On a geopolitical scale, the side obviously with the United States and its allies in NATO overwhelms whatever Putin can assemble on his side of the scale. It’s his attempt to pretend that Russia can project its operations into the Western Hemisphere—just like the United States can project its power into Central and Eastern Europe. There’s a lot of sizzle and very little steak. 

Cardenas also believes that Russia, not to mention Iran and China, sees a vacuum in Latin America to fill, brought on by the disengagement of the United States in the region thanks to Obama’s treasonous foreign policy.

My views regarding the danger of a Red Dawn invasion have support within the United States Congress as Dleana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.), a Cuban-American Congresswoman and former Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has expressed major concerns about Putin’s actions in Latin America:

During his trip, Putin met with the Castro brothers, the worst human rights violators in our hemisphere, and forgave some of Cuba’s debt, signed a nuclear agreement with Argentina, and reaffirmed economic cooperation with Nicaragua. Russia continues to undermine our foreign policy objectives throughout the world and its presence in our own hemisphere can destabilize the region and is meant to thumb its nose at the United States.  

Professor of Latin American Studies at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Dr. R. Evan Ellis, has staed that  Russia has sold nearly$14.5 billion worth of weapons to the region between 2001 and 2013, about $11 billion of which went to Venezuela. Large quantities also went to Peru and Brazil.Dr. Ellis stated:

It is arguably Russia whose activities in the region most openly challenge U.S. national security. In addition to seeking access to ports and airfields, Russian leaders have also expressed interest in military aircraft patrols in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, reopening the Russian Signals Intelligence collection facility at Lourdes, Cuba, and providing “security” for the transoceanic canal that possibly may be constructed across Nicaragua.


In summary, Russia provides vast amounts of weapons, intelligence, financial and technological assistance, not to mention providing non-aligned Latin America countries with a voice on the U.N. Security Council, in exchange for having access to ports and airfields in the region.

In a very disturbing development, it can accurately be noted that the eleven countries that voted against the United Nations’ resolution condemning the Crimea referendum after Russia invaded the peninsula, four were in Latin America: Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. In addition to those states, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Ecuador publicly abstained from voting.

Retired Marine Corp General John Kelly, former commander of United States Southern Command, a former Trump appointee,  sees a benefit to Russian involvement in the region… 

What? Please reread the above paragraph. Do you understand after reading this quote from Kelly, that he is no better than Obama, the traitor? And we wonder why the Trump administration has trouble breaking free from the Deep State.

but worries that the Russian military activity in the region will eventually be an issue with regards to American hegemony.

But then the General made himself more transparaent as Kelly stated stated:

While Russian counterdrug cooperation could potentially contribute to regional security, the sudden increase in its military outreach merits closer attention, as Russia’s motives are unclear.

Thanks for stating the obvious, General Kelly, the Russian  motive is perfectly clear, the Russians want their third world country proxies to invade us. And to think that Trump appointed this war hawk Bolton clone to his inner circle? Danger from the outside and treason from within.

El Salvador is the source of what is coming our way with regard to the waves of immigrants. The first waves are benign but not the ones following. MS-13 is being trained in Salvadorian camps. Salvadorian President, Sanchez Ceren, has signed an agreement, in 2014, with Putin entitled “Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on the Foundations of Relations” which pledges economic and military cooperation with Russia. Ceren, was a self-declared Marxist-Leninist and is considered to be very-anti-American.

As I have previously covered, with the assisstance of a deep cover source within the DEA, El Salvador hosts training bases for a combination of Middle East terrorists and Mexican drug cartels as well as MS-13. I have been reporting on this fact since 2014. These are the components of a Red Dawn invasion force.

Just remember, when the war breaks out in Syria, the real danger for most Americans will come from south of the border.




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Saudi Jaish al Islam Breaks Douma Deal; SAA Retaliates

Jaish al Islam
Material damage in Damascus, from “moderate rebels” of Saudi Jaish al Islam.

Buoyed by disgraceful western leaders bowing before Saudi tyrants, the Saudi run Jaish al Islam faction of alQaeda today broke the Douma agreement, unleashing more atrocities against Syrian civilians.  The agreement was that all abducted military personnel and civilians be released, along with the bodies of martyrs, for heavy and medium weapons to be turned over, and for the savages to get on the buses to Jarablus.  Begun on 2 April, almost 3,000 terrorists and their families left Douma.  Infighting among the remaining savages ensued (some reports claimed the infighting was related to the disbursement $900,000,000 held by the terrorists).  Today, 6 April, Jaish al Islam — more appropriately named Jaish al Wahhab — fired mortars and rockets into several neighborhoods of Damascus.  

Saudi Jaish al Islam was to have released 3,500 hostages.

Four were killed, 22 injured, many seriously.  Among those martyred were a child and a woman.  Massive material damage was also inflicted.  In response, Syrian Arab Army units “targeted with precision and concentrated strikes” several positions of these savages — for which we can anticipate more screaming from the P3 hyenas of the UN, followed by chorus screams from the “NGO industrial complex” making millions from anti-Syria propaganda.

Damascus 6 April.

In another moderate terrorist incident, an IED was remotely detonated — likely by Saudi’s Jaish al Islam — near the al Khansaaa Mosque.  One man was martyred, and 6 injured in the explosion.

Example of weapons fired by ‘moderate rebels’ such as Jaish al Islam.

One mortar landed near the Syrian Arab Red Crescent center, with a nearby playground.

In other acts of moderate terrorism, 5 children were among the 12 injured by moderate mortars fired against Daraa and Homs.  Daraa is the city in which several Syrian soldiers were slaughtered last summer, their bodies mutilated by members of al Qaeda White Helmets.  In response, US Congressman Kinzinger launched a new Syria-hating caucus on Capitol Hill, along with the hashtag, #SaveDaraa to show his eternal support for al Qaeda atrocities in the SAR.

At this writing, the deadly atrocities against Damascus have been ignored by western media sources, with the exception of two, similar AP reports, both of which white-wash the terrorist actions of Jaish al Islam and by twisting the report so it may be used for purposes of standard anti-Syria propaganda.

NATO MSM has not surprisingly neglected to mention that 50,000 civilian internally displaced persons have returned to their homes in towns and villages in Eastern Ghouta, in regions where the Syrian Arab Army have restored security and stability.  More than 12,000 children have already returned to schools or makeshift study centers.

In newly liberated Jobar, the Syrian Arab Army has discovered mortar launching pads which had been used in attacks against Damascus and its countryside.  Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, is home to the world’s oldest synagogue, looted by Israel and its FSA friends. Before and after videos of this UN World Heritage Site, and Israeli admission of looting of Syrian artifacts, here.

Though the terrorist pimps of the deep state media have ignored the most recent and deadly atrocities against residential neighborhoods in Damascus, these criminal liars have voiced their support of “the last rebel enclave” of mass murderers.

Reuters, the mother of all pimps, required four writers to vomit up what sounds like a press release by Jaish al Islam:  Its rocket and artillery brigade were, of course, acting in self-defense.  Its commander  denied targeting residential areas.

Here we share some photos that Reuters accidentally missed, of injuredcommander deniedously attacked in residential areas:jaish-al-islam


14 yr old Omar succumbed to his burns. There is no UNSCR condemning his murder, nor MSM condemnation.

That Jaish al Islam is a terrorist gang, should be obvious to all.  Which western population would want their presence, their “rocket and artillery” to be redeployed from the Syrian Arab Republic?

The Syrian Arab Army will continue to liberate every inch of the country from western and Gulfies owned takfiri.

Miri Wood

Related news reports hidden by warmongering msm:

Harasta Completely Cleaned of Terrorists.

SAA Liberates 60% of Ein Tarma; Discovers Massive Trenches.

Butcher of Yugoslavia Pimps a Shady ”Charity” against Syria.

President Assad Visits SAA & Civilians in Newly Liberated Areas of Ghouta (videos included).

Sublime Reunion of SAA & Family Members (videos included).

On Easter Sunday, President & Mrs. Assad Visited Teenager Who Lost Leg from Moderate Weaponry.

SAA Discovers HQ & ‘Prisons’ Run by Terrorists (includes video of interview of two men kidnapped and imprisoned).

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Breaks Through Media Blackout, Covers Louis Farrakhan Controversy

CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper
March 5, 2018
4:50 p.m. Eastern

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Race in America; Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Gives Anti-Semitic Speech]

JAKE TAPPER: I want to turn to some news on Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. He went on an anti-Semitic rant during a major speech a week ago — yesterday. Here’s a look. 

LOUIS FARRAKHAN: He talked about their grip in Hollywood and how the Jews were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out, turning men into women and women into men. 

TAPPER: Now, despite the anti-Semitism and homophobia inherent in that clip, several leaders of the Women’s March were — are supporters of Farrakhan and have not condemned him. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who have met with him and asked for their comments, one of them — Congressman Danny Davis, not only refused to denounce Farrakhan, he said “the world is bigger than him and his Jewish question.” Ah — why is it so tough for some people to condemn a rabid anti-Semite who is always misogynist and anti-LGBTQ? 

JEN PSAKI: It should not be. The reason this is relevant, our political world is, as you just noted, that there’s disagreements that people are going be asked if they’re going to denounce it for good reason and there will be alignments that’s have been together, women, the CBC, others that will have division over this. Why can’t people criticize it? I mean, — past relationships, their own caucuses, and constituencies sometimes play, but it’s still hard to understand. 

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Race in America; Dem Rep Doesn’t Denounce Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic Rant]

KAITLAN COLLINS: I mean, it’s a pretty low bar to denounce something like that and the people who are, you know, supporting the Women’s March, what are they out there supporting for? Equality and all this stuff and that is opposite of equality. So, how is that hard to denounce?

PSAKI: Right.

TAPPER: And this — 

PSAKI: And it shouldn’t be. And it shouldn’t be.

TAPPER: It shouldn’t be and yet, there — you know — there’s been reporting about, I think The Wall Street Journal reported on, like, a secret meeting that Keith Ellison, who’s the vice chair of the DNC, had with individ — had with a group of people, including Farrakhan. There was a secret meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus had with him. There was this photograph of then-Senator President Obama that had been hidden from the public for several years. So people want to have the association but they don’t want to get dinged for it publicly. 

BILL KRISTOL: You know, I was on a panel with a Democrat just a couple days and she was commiserating with me about the problems of the Republican Party. A lot of Democrats like to commiserate with me about that now, I guess and feel sorry for me, but an then she said you know what? We’ve problems in our own party, too. I mean, both parties have authoritarian and intolerant types in their electorate with some support from — well, with some support, we’ll see what happens. There are going to be a lot of primaries on the Republican side, beginning in Texas tomorrow. But there are actual a few competitive ones on the Democratic side. It’ll be interesting to see whether this strain of the party or other strains of the party that are not the traditional, you know, sort of moderate liberalism of a lot of Democrats start to prevail. So, it’s not just the Republican party that has some bitter fights ahead of it this year, I think. 

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Trump Breaks With Republicans Over Gun-Control Plan


“We’re not ditching any Constitutional protections simply because the last person the President talked to today doesn’t like them.”

US Senator (((Ben Sasse))) (R-NE). a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s comments today on due process and the Second Amendment:

“Strong leaders don’t automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them. We have the Second and due process of low for a reason.

We’re not ditching any Constitutional protections simply because the last person the President talked to today doesn’t like them.“

* * *

President Trump told a group of lawmakers that they must do something to keep guns away from mentally ill individuals – even if that means raising the minimum age for rifle ownership to 21, Bloomberg reports.

His remarks appeared to contradict a CNN report from earlier in the week, which quoted anonymous White House aides saying Trump would soon walk back his support for raising the age limit.

But on Wednesday, in what the New York Times characterized as a “shocking” break with his Republican Congressional allies, Trump told lawmakers during a televised meeting in the Cabinet Room that easing gun owners’ ability to carry concealed weapons across state lines, a provision of the House-passed gun bill and the NRA’s top legislative priority, should be part of a separate bill, a strategy favored by Democrats. The House bill combining background check provisions with the loosening of concealed carry rules has stalled in the Senate after passing the House. Instead, Trump said he supports the proposal from Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., which he says is best positioned to pass. Sen. Amy Klobuchar agreed that the Manchin-Toomey bill is a “good place to start.”

“It would be so beautiful to have one bill that everyone could support,” Mr. Trump said as Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, sat smiling to his left. “It’s time that a president stepped up.”

Per the Times, Trump repeatedly suggested that the dynamics surrounding the gun control debate had shifted, in part, because of his presence in the Oval Office – a remark that earned him cheers from Democrats.

Trump predicted his plan would pass with broad support, suggesting that he plans to win over a sizable chunk of the Democratic caucus.

Trump told his audience that raising the ownership age is “something you have to think about,” Trump said. He added that “people don’t bring it up” because the NRA opposes the policy. Trump had initially claimed that he would convince the NRA to go along with it.

As the Hill pointed out, he also said he supports confiscating guns from mentally ill individuals, a position vociferously opposed by Republicans.

“I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

He also said mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns.

“A lot of people are saying ‘oh you shouldn’t be saying that’,” Trump said. “But I don’t want mentally ill people having guns.”

To be sure, states don’t need to enact the exact same restrictions, Trump said. But “what does have to be the same is the background checks and all of the data.”

Per Reuters, Trump urged lawmakers to pass a comprehensive gun control bill as the national conversation surrounding gun control – a conversation that was triggered by a shooting at Marjory Douglas Tillman High School in Parkland Fla. The shooting left 14 students and 3 faculty dead, and more than a dozen injured.

Rebutting accusations that he is beholden to the NRA, Trump added that gun lovers have less power over him than lawmakers.

Earlier today, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it is “going to take a stand” and announced it would permanently ban sales of the AR-15 – the rifle used by Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz and several other mass shooters – from its stores.

The meeting with lawmakers was his fourth “free-flowing gun policy discussion” since the Valentine’s Day massacre in Florida, according to Reuters.

“We’re going to come up with some ideas,” Trump said.

“Hopefully we can put those ideas in a very bipartisan bill. It would be so beautiful to have one bill that everybody can support, as opposed to – you know – 15 bills, everybody’s got their own bill.”

Seven senators and representatives were invited to Wednesday’s session. The group included Democrats and Republicans who, according to Reuters, have diverse views on gun control.

Republican Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, who have proposed legislation to fix holes in the background check system for gun buyers, and their Democratic co-sponsors.

Trump also said he back Cornyn’s bill while urging senators to add more items to the bill to make it more comprehensive.



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