Farmers Branch Officer Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison For Killing Teen

Former Farmers Branch police officer Ken Johnson was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Tuesday in the killing of a teen in March 2016.

The judge in the case initially said Johnson was sentenced to 20 years but then clarified that half of that sentence will be probation.

Johnson, 37, was convicted of murder and aggravated assault Dec. 19 in the death of 16-year old Jose Cruz. Edgar Rodriguez, who was 16 at the time, survived but lost a finger and was shot in the ear.

Johnson shot the teens while he was off-duty, admitting he became angry when he spotted two teens stealing third-row seats from his SUV on March 13, 2016. He pursued the teens in his vehicle and spun out the Red Dodge Challenger that Cruz was driving.

Johnson then fired 16 rounds into the Challenger.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder charge and 10 years of probation for the aggravated assault. The sentences will run concurrently.

“We got [Johnson] guilty of murder, we got 10 years, and yes, we definitely wanted more because we believe a life is worth more than 10 years” Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said in a news conference after Ken Johnson’s sentencing. “However, we do respect the jury’s decision in this case.”

Faith Johnson disappointed in 10-year sentence for former officer

Jurors saw surveillance video during the trial that showed Johnson spun out the Challenger.

Johnson on the stand Monday told jurors that he didn’t intend to make contact with the vehicle but did so after Cruz slowed down.

Dallas County prosecutor Jason Hermus reminded Johnson the black box data recorder on Cruz’s car reported no deceleration.

“Is that black box wrong,” Hermus questioned. “It could be,” Johnson replied.

After crashing in a busy intersection, Johnson approached and fired into the vehicle.

Testimony from 27 witnesses during the trial indicated Johnson never identified himself as a police officer before he opened fire.

Johnson told jurors he could see into the vehicle, despite the tinted windows, before he opened fire.

“He (Cruz) took his hands off the steering wheel and reached down, that’s when my heart jumped out of my chest,” Johnson said.

On cross examination prosecutors clarified after Cruz was dead, Johnson took aim at Rodriguez firing 4-6 rounds at his head, despite no evidence he posed a threat.

“You opened the door to get a clean shot at Edgar,” Hermus said.


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Iran offers olive branch to Saudi Arabia… with conditions: Stop inhuman bombardment of Yemen and end friendship with Israel

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Washington Post Writer: From Branch Rickey to McNair, Whites Controlling Black Athletes

In the frenzied mania to cleanse America of its supposed “racist past,” one progressive sports writer is demonizing the man who brought Jackie Robinson into major league baseball. Not even the long-dead Branch Rickey is spared from this maddening purge. In a story by Washington Post columnist Kevin Blackistone that grinds gears with believability, the legendary general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers is being compared to Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair.

McNair wore last week’s race baiters’ target for a complaint that protesting NFL players are the “inmates running the prison.” Most of the players on his team kneeled in protest of him during the national anthem in yesterday’s game at Seattle. McNair’s racial transgressions are the latest in a long line of  whites marginaling Black athletes, in Blackistone’s reasoning:

Demonization of black athletes, such as referring to them as “inmates” in a “prison” as McNair did, wasn’t the most critical issue raised by McNair’s quote, but it was helpful to the process of convincing the public that it is in its best interest, too, for those who run sports to somehow contain their athletes. After all, it plays on the fear of black men misbehaving that we in the media, the sports media in particular, continue to perpetuate.

To Blackistone, McNair is continuing a long tradition of powerful white men controlling black athletes. In 1945, Rickey focused on “Afro-Cuban” shortstop Silvio Garcia as a prime candidate for breaking pro sports’ race barrier. That idea quickly fizzled when Garcia told Rickey he would kill any white players who belittled him with racial insults. Rickey was looking for someone like Robinson, who could endure the ugliness by turning the other cheek. Blackistone isn’t buying that narrative:

Garcia threatened to be a black athlete neither Rickey nor his sport could control. Control of black athletic talent in this country was then, before and now — as Houston Texans owner Bob McNair reminded not once but twice over the past few days — of paramount concern to ownership and management. There was, for example, the concerted effort of white lawmakers to wrest the heavyweight championship of the world over a century ago from boxer Jack Johnson, the first black man to hold it, to restore the fallacy of white superiority.

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Blackistone also alleges that, in the 1970s, when the NCAA reduced athletic scholarships from four years to one it was done to reduce “the power of new stars, primarily of color, from managing their destinies.” When in 2005, then NBA Commissioner David Stern imposed a dress code on predominantly Black players it was done “to rebut an increasingly urban image that Stern was worried might have made it less marketable to advertisers and white fans.”

Now the “upper echelon of the NFL” is guilty of a “conspiratorial defrocking of Kaepernick.” This wasn’t about the flag, Blackistone would have us believe. It was about “corralling the players and returning them to their place.”

Blackistone cited University of Missouri journalism professor Cynthia Frisby whose 2015 study of sports coverage revealed more stories are written about crime involving black athletes than are written than about crime involving white athletes. More than 70 percent of stories about athletes and domestic and sexual violence were about Blacks and just 18 percent about Whites. Could this data merely be a statistical reflection of realities? Blackistone wasn’t interested enough to address this aspect of the issue. He added his own Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy statement that Black athletes are “portrayed more as deviant, drug abusers, violent, women beaters, and menaces to society.”

Not finished yet with his diatribe, Blackistone wrote:

In short, McNair’s couching of black players as deviants was yet another weapon, like the rhetorical wielding that protests during the anthem “disrespect the troops,” to stop a legitimate protest that bled from the streets into our games.

Like Silvio Garcia, these black NFL athletes are threatening to be a lot neither McNair nor his brethren can control.

The sports reports of this fall football season portray just the opposite. Free from the control of team owners and coaches, pro football players are left to freely do as they please on game days. Not a single player has been disciplined for kneeling, raising a fist or speaking his mind. Despite Blackistone’s protestations, the sky is not falling on today’s super wealthy, completely free Black athletes.

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American Identitarian Movement aiming to launch UK branch


A far-right movement which has united young nationalists from Canada, the US and across the European Union, resulting in traditionalism and anti-migration campaigns, is plotting to set up shop in the UK.

Génération Identitaire rose to notoriety when it blocked the roads to the Calais migrant camp and attempted to block a charity vessel bringing migrants from the waters outside Libya into an Italian port, as part of its push to end mass migration to Europe.

The stunt shone a spotlight on the group, which claims it is “preserving” the European way of life.

Now in its fifth year, the French-founded movement, which wants to end the “Islamization of Europe,” yet rejects accusations of anti-Semitism and racism, has set its sights on the UK.

Génération Identitaire – or Generation Identity (GI) – took a boat out to the Search and Rescue Zone off Libya to “gather evidence” against NGOs saving migrants from drowning and bringing them to Europe.

Their vessel, the ‘C-star’, ran into a number of issues, however, including crew members being arrested, the boat being detained and an embarrassing breakdown resulting in a rescue by one of the NGOs.

Despite such embarrassments, support continued to grow and donations flooded in to the group, made up of young, media-savvy campaigners.

Using slick videos and appeals, the group capitalized on public concerns as hundreds of thousands of migrants arrived in Europe.

Thousands of pounds of funding for the Defend Europe campaign came from the United Kingdom, RT UK can confirm.

Insiders at GI could not confirm exactly how much because their fundraising efforts were shut down multiple times after pressure on crowdfunding platforms to block them, but the campaign showed interest in the group in the UK.

Now, GI is hoping to open up a British movement.

Julia Ebner, a research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), has revealed details of a meeting held in Britain over the weekend.

Austrian co-leader of Génération Identitaire Martin Sellner was among those who visited London, along with American Alt-Right activist Brittany Pettibone.

Ebner told the Independent the group is “weaponizing internet culture” and spreading its message, but believes the UK is “key” for new support.

“They’ve seen that there is a vacancy there because the UK has either very traditionalist street movements like the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP), or the very hard-right and violent ones like National Action who are now terrorist organizations,” Ebner said.

“There wasn’t really anything in between and that’s the niche they are trying to fill.”

Undercover researchers found the group is oiling its PR machine and kicking out those who appear to be too extreme, as well as officially banning Nazi symbols.

“They have learnt to be very careful how they portray the movement publicly but inside their channels you see a very different rhetoric,” Ebner told the Independent.

“It’s really interesting to listen to them try to mainstream their views as publicly acceptable.”

However, among their ranks are former Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis, and supporters include former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Others include the popular Canadian online political commentator Lauren Southern, who has a huge internet following.

Last month, the British government banned two neo-Nazi groups – ‘Scottish Dawn’ and ‘NS131’ (National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action) – both aliases of proscribed terrorist organization National Action.

Research coordinator for ISD, Jacob Davey, said Identitarians are linked to Scottish Dawn – also a proscribed terrorist group.

The growing popularity of the movement has concerned ISD, with researchers claiming it has mastered the art of making racist rhetoric look like a political message.

“They do talk about white genocide [but] they are careful to represent themselves in a peaceful way and avoid any suggestion of violence,” Davey said.

“They are using memes and the language of young people to compartmentalize and broadcast very far-right ideals.”

ISD found evidence of “troll armies” which bolster the far-right agenda online, pushing campaigns and starting successful hashtags.

During the Defend Europe campaign the group spread misinformation on rescue vessels and their whereabouts, accusing them of breaking the law and helping smugglers.



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CIA: The Organized Crime Branch of the U.S. Government

CIA: The Organized Crime Branch of the U.S. Government

September 27th, 2017

Via: Counterpunch:

Lars Schall: 70 years ago, on September 18, 1947, the National Security Act created the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. Douglas, you refer to the CIA as “the organized crime branch of the U.S. government.� Why so?

Douglas Valentine: Everything the CIA does is illegal, which is why the government provides it with an impenetrable cloak of secrecy. While mythographers in the information industry portray America as a bastion of peace and democracy, CIA officers manage criminal organizations around the world. For example, the CIA hired one of America’s premier drug trafficker in the 1950s and 1960s, Santo Trafficante, to murder Fidel Castro. In exchange, the CIA allowed Trafficante to import tons of narcotics into America. The CIA sets up proprietary arms, shipping, and banking companies to facilitate the criminal drug trafficking organizations that do its dirty work. Mafia money gets mixed up in offshore banks with CIA money, until the two are indistinguishable.

Drug trafficking is just one example.




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Secret Branch of Military Being Formed-And It Not of This Earth




Key members of Congress are behind the intent to create a new branch of the military. This is something that has not been done since after Roswell in 1947, when the NSA was formed.

The intent of the new branch will be to solely operate in outer space. The following video has all all the details.



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