Trump bombed Syria … to impress China

In an interview granted on 12 June in Singapore to the US presenter Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump talked about the first bombing that he ordered against Syria way back in April 2017.

Trump recalled that when the Chinese President Xi Jinping was on a state visit to the US, he entertained him at Mar-a-Lago (Florida), Trump’s well known private residence. Trump specified that at the end of the dinner, while pudding was being served, he announced to the Chinese leader that he planned to bomb a Syrian air base. Startled, President Xi asked him to repeat what he had just said.

According to Trump, his aim was to show his Chinese counterpart that he would not hesitate to use force if he deemed it necessary. Again according to Trump, the Chinese President got the message loud and clear and switched to becoming an ally on the issue of North Korea.

In the early morning of 6 and 7 April 2017, the United States bombed the Syrian air base of Sheyrat. Although the United States used as many as 59 Tomohawk missiles, the attack left only 6 dead and 7 injured and only destroyed several planes which had already been withdrawn from service. In actual fact, the personnel and the planes in service had already been evacuated from the Syrian base, hours before the attack.

(Watch from the 12th minute.)

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Washington Examiner calls for Russian infrastructure to be bombed

But where’s the Western condemnation of the Washington Examiner for publishing an article calling for the bombing of the new Crimean Bridge, which opened this week?

It’s been hailed as one of the greatest feats of modern engineering. The dual-purpose span bridge, which connects the Taman Peninsula of Krasnodar Krai with the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea, is all of 11.2 miles long, making it the longest such construction in both Russia and Europe. It will now be much easier for people to get to the Crimea from the rest of Russia, and the Crimean economy will greatly benefit.

But not everyone is happy. Step forward one Tom Rogan, a columnist for the neo-con Washington Examiner. Tom calls the construction of the bridge “a formal physical and psychological appropriation of Ukrainian territory.”

And this armchair warrior who holds a BA in ‘War Studies’ from King’s College, London, wants the Ukrainian Air Force to blow it up. He more or less admits that would mean casualties, but says that the length of the bridge would “mitigate the risk” to those traversing it at the time.

In a follow-up piece Rogan stated: “I could have been a little clearer in arguing that this action could (and of course ought to be) carried out with zero casualties.”

Where does one start in responding to such hate-filled incitement, masquerading as “commentary”? The whole premise of the diatribe, that Russia has “appropriated” Ukrainian territory is false, as Crimeans voted in a referendum to return to Russia following an illegal putsch against a democratically-elected government in Kiev in 2014. Without the Western-backed regime change op, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine today. But of course this very important background information is not mentioned in the piece. If you’re peddling Russophobia, then facts are an irritant which simply get in the way.

If the Ukrainians do take Rogan’s advice and bomb the bridge, then a full-scale war will break out with Russia. President Vladimir Putin would have to respond by ordering Russian air strikes on Ukrainian air bases. A full-scale military conflict in Europe might seem a ‘bit of a larf’ for some US neocons, sitting in front of their laptops thousands of miles away, and monitoring with glee the rise in their defense industry stocks. However, it wouldn’t be a joke for those on the front-line. In fact the war could soon go global, especially if, as Rogan advocates, Uncle Sam provides full support to the Ukrainians.

Nuclear war would be a distinct possibility, but that shouldn’t concern us. ‘Don’t worry, the US would win a nuclear war with Russia’, is the verdict of Tom Rogan.

Given the massive costs they would pay, it’s unlikely Petro Poroshenko’s chocolate soldier administration in Kiev would be quite so stupid as to take their lead from the Washington Examiner’s 32-year-old sage. But someone else might. Rogan has put the idea of an attack on the Crimean Bridge into the public domain. To compound this reckless move, the Washington Examiner not only published his piece but tweeted it too, to its 130K followers.

Twitter rules state: “You may not make specific threats of violence, or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people”. Do these rules not apply to those calling for the blowing up of a Russian bridge used by the public?

Internet research reveals that the owner of the Examiner is one Philip Anschutz, who we are told is a “Christian conservative” billionaire. I personally don’t think it’s too Christian to publish articles calling for air strikes on bridges, do you? Or did I miss that section in the New Testament?

It’s clear that we shouldn’t set our moral compass by Anschutz’s paper. Another article on its website this week was entitled, and I kid ye not, ‘No one is as gentle in self-defense as Israel’

And no, it wasn’t a parody. But as bad as the Examiner is, it’s not operating in a vacuum. Rogan’s piece is just the latest in a series of shockingly Russophobic articles in the Western media that would result in immediate career death if the writer targeted other countries, and the nationals of other countries, in the same way.

Think back to the brutal murder of Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, in December 2016. Karlov, who was married, with a son was gunned down as he attended an art exhibition in Ankara. No-one could possibly defend such a cold-blooded action, could they? Sadly, they could. In the New York Daily News, one Gersh Kuntzman penned a piece entitled ‘Assassination of Russian ambassador wasn’t terrorism, but retribution for Russia’s war crimes.’

“Justice has been served,” Kuntzman loftily declared. Again, imagine if an ambassador of a Western country, or Israel, had been murdered in such a fashion. Any journalist declaring “Justice has been served”would never be published by a mainstream outlet again.

To add insult to murder, a photograph of the assassin, brandishing his weapon, with the body of the slain ambassador on the floor, subsequently won the top prize at the World Press Photo event. Imagine the distress that would have caused to Mr Karlov’s family and friends. But hey, Andrey was “only a Russian,” so he’s fair game.

Whenever Russians get killed, it seems they had it coming to them. We’re not allowed to say that terrorist attacks in the West might be caused by Western foreign policy, but when they take place in Russia, they are directly caused by Kremlin policies, and the terrorists’ point of view must be considered.

Think back to the terrorist attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport in January 2011. Thirty-seven people were killed in the arrivals hall by a suicide bomber. Imagine if this had happened at JFK, or Heathrow. Would anyone have penned a piece entitled ‘US/UK foreign policy hits home’ in response?

But Adrian Blomfield wrote a piece, published in the Daily Telegraph, entitled ‘Russia’s insurgency hits home,’ which showed a total lack of sympathy for any of the Russians killed.Russia’s “repressive” policies in the Caucasus had caused the terrorism.

The atmosphere of total repression meant that there was no outlet for genuine opposition to the Kremlin-installed regimes of the North Caucasus. For many, particularly youngsters who had seen family members killed, the choice was either to let their resentment fester or to join the rebels,” Blomfield wrote.

Similar sentiments were expressed by UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) bombers took down a Russian passenger plane full of tourists returning from holiday in Egypt on October 31,  2015. Hammond described it as a “warning shot” to Russia and hoped that the attack would make Russia display a “greater willingness” to engage in talks about Syria in Vienna.

Again, just imagine if terrorists took down a plane full of British tourists and Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, had described it as a “warning shot” to Britain and expressed hopes that it would make Britain display a “greater willingness” to engage in talks about Syria. Of course, Lavrov would never say such a thing. He’s got class and is a civilized man. Philip Hammond showed by his comments that he isn’t.

When Russians die in disasters, the tragedy can also be mocked. One of the worst examples of this was the way the French ‘satirical’ magazine Charlie Hebdo made fun of the deaths of 92 people, including 68 members of the celebrated ‘Red Army’ Alexandrov music and dance ensemble, in a plane crash on Christmas Day 2016.

In one reference to the crash, the oh-so-witty cartoonists showed a jet hurtling downwards with the caption ‘Mauvaise Nouvelle…’Poutine N’Etait Pas Dedans”  (Bad News.. Putin wasn’t on board).’ Even more disgusting, another cartoon showed a choir member singing ‘Aaaaaa’ with the caption ‘The repertoire of the Red Army choir is expanding.’ A third image depicted members of the ill-fated ensemble sinking in the sea with the caption ‘The Red Army conquers a new public.’

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov summed it up perfectly when he said: “If  such, I dare say, artistry, is the real manifestation of ‘Western values,’ then those who hold them and support them are doomed – at least to loneliness in the future.” Our cry in response to such depravity must be to declare “Nous ne sommes pas Charlie! Nous sommes tous humains!” (We are not Charlie! We are all human!)

Russophobic neoconservatism mixed with Western liberal superiority, offers nothing to humanity, except inhumanity. I hope that Philip Anschutz reads this article, returns to the Gospels, and then decides to take his newspaper on a very different path -one which advocates building bridges and not blowing them up.

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33 Years Ago Today, Police Fire Bombed a Neighborhood in Philly, Killing Women & Children


Since the beginning of time, there has been a constant struggle between people who want to be free and those who seek to control them. It is an unending war that that rages just beneath the surface of “civilized” society, waiting to reach a boiling point where violence can erupt on the streets between police and citizens—or the oppressor and the oppressed.

Since our history is passed down by those who seek to control us, this struggle is framed in a way where the oppressors are always the innocent victims, and the oppressed the senseless terrorists when in reality, the opposite is usually true.

Nowhere is this situation more obvious than in the media coverage and cultural myths surrounding the American Civil Rights movement. Police would regularly raid the offices and homes of civil rights leaders, shooting first and asking questions later. In fact, many civil rights leaders did not make it through the 60s and 70s alive, and most of the original Black Panthers were either killed by police or imprisoned for life. Yet this aspect of the situation was entirely absent from the media reports of the day and is even rarely discussed in modern times.

One of the worst acts of police terrorism against the Civil Rights movement occurred on May 13, 1985, when the Philadelphia Police Department bombed the homes of a black liberation group called MOVE, killing 11 people, five of whom were children.

MOVE was a Philadelphia-based organization formed by Civil Rights leader John Africa in 1972, with the goal of creating a radical change in society by creating communities that lived according to their own rules and values, instead of under the authority of the federal government. MOVE crowdfunded the purchase of multiple adjacent homes in the city to build their headquarters, where members of the group lived communally and planned protests. Unfortunately, it was not long before they caught the attention of local police, who were threatened by their philosophy and their presence in the community.

Most mainstream coverage of this story highlights the fact that neighbors were unhappy with the living conditions in the compound, and it is often claimed that the police only became involved because they received complaints from concerned citizens who were uncomfortable that such a radical activist group was “in their backyard.” However, it is important to point out that this was during a time of great social tension when racists would often use police as a tool of violence against their darker skinned neighbors.

In 1978, MOVE had their first major standoff with police after the city attempted to forcibly remove them from their homes. When police attempted to enter the house to take people away, a shootout erupted, and Philadelphia Police Officer James J. Ramp was caught in the crossfire and killed.

Members of MOVE have insisted all these years that Ramp was actually killed by one of his fellow officers in a case of friendly fire, which is an extremely plausible explanation considering that Ramp was shot in the back of the neck. Seven other police officers, five firefighters, three MOVE members, and three bystanders were also injured.

Despite the fact that there was no evidence tying any particular person to the single bullet that killed Ramp, nine members of MOVE were each sentenced to a maximum of 100 years in prison for third-degree murder. One person was killed with one bullet and nine people were sent to jail for their entire lives.

After the conviction of these political prisoners who would eventually come to be known as the “MOVE 9,” the organization understandably became more militant and radical. Then, in 1981, the group established a new headquarters across town at 6221 Osage Avenue in the Cobbs Creek area of West Philadelphia. In addition to rebuilding their commune and staging protests, MOVE also set up a bullhorn outside of their headquarters that would regularly blast anti-government messages out to the community.

In 1985, after years of legal conflict, Mayor W. Wilson Goode and Police Commissioner Gregore J. Sambor classified MOVE as a terrorist organization and planned a full-scale raid of their headquarters. This time, police fully evacuated the entire neighborhood before moving in on the compound.

“There were nearly 500 police officers gathered at the scene, ludicrously, ferociously well-armed—flak jackets, tear gas, SWAT gear, .50- and .60-caliber machine guns, and an anti-tank machine gun for good measure. Deluge guns were pointed from firetrucks. The state police had sent a helicopter. The city had shut off the water and electricity for the entire block. And, we’d come to learn, there were explosives on hand,” one witness described the events to NPR.

After a standoff lasting several hours, police gave MOVE a 15-minute warning to surrender around 6 a.m. and they were met with gunshots from inside the building. That is when police returned fire, unloading over 10,000 rounds at the MOVE headquarters over the course of 90 minutes.

Next, the police dropped a bomb on the building from a helicopter, igniting multiple homes on fire.

Ramona Africa, one of the few survivors of the attack, spoke about her experience in an interview with Democracy Now in 2010, saying that:

“In terms of the bombing, after being attacked the way we were, first with four deluge hoses by the fire department and then tons of tear gas, and then being shot at — the police admit to shooting over 10,000 rounds of bullets at us in the first 90 minutes — there was a lull. You know, it was quiet for a little bit. And then, without any warning at all, two members of the Philadelphia Police Department’s bomb squad got in a Pennsylvania state police helicopter and flew over our home and dropped a satchel of C4, a powerful military explosive that no municipal police department has. They had to get it from the federal government, from the FBI. And without any announcement of warning or anything, they dropped that bomb on the roof of our home.”

The MOVE bombing is easy to sweep under the rug because its victims were radicals who rejected the norms of mainstream society. These people were peaceful until they were attacked, and it was only then that they responded with force, an action that would be considered self-defense in any other situation, but sadly fighting back against the state is typically portrayed as terrorism, instead of defense.

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Israel claims Iran bombed them, Strikes Syria as Retaliation, all out War may trigger

Home » Breaking News, Middle East, Wars / Conflicts » Israel claims Iran bombed them, Strikes Syria as Retaliation, all out War may trigger

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The Israel Defense Forces claim that Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israeli military bases late Wednesday night.

Some of the rockets, which were reportedly launched from southern Syria, were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, according to the IDF.

Israel had earlier deployed the defense system to the disputed Golan Heights area in anticipation of an attack.

The IDF retaliated by striking a Syrian government facility just across the border.

“Syrian state media confirmed that Israeli artillery fire targeted a military post near the city of Baath in the Quneitra border region, where Syrian regime forces were stationed,” reported the Times of Israel.

So far there’s no reports of injuries stemming from the attack.



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Syrian Military Facilities Terror-Bombed Overnight

Syrian Military Facilities Terror-Bombed Overnight

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Syrian and Lebanese media, multiple military sites were struck Sunday night.

Hezbollah’s Al Ahbar accused Israel for the attacks. A Syrian military statement said “Syria is being exposed to a new aggression with some military bases in rural Hama and Aleppo hit with enemy rockets.” 

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said “(a) number of military sites in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces were exposed to a new aggression at around 10:30 PM on Sunday.”

“This aggression came at a time when the news confirmed the conclusion of agreements to take terrorists out of Yalda, Babila, Beit Sahm and al-Yarmouk camp and after the terrorist organizations’ setbacks and defeats especially in the countryside of Damascus.”

Sites targeted included the Syrian army’s 47th brigade ammunition depot near Hama, one or more facilities at Aleppo’s airport, and a western Hama Fire Fighters Center.

Iranian military advisors use these facilities, some of their personnel reported killed in the strikes, perhaps dozens of other casualties as well.

It’s unclear who carried out the attacks, Syrian sources saying either the US, UK, Israel, or perhaps all three countries. One report said bunker buster bombs were used.

The Syrian Arabic language Tishreen broadsheet reported the attack coming from Jordanian-located US and UK military bases – unconfirmed so far.

Nothing was reported about Syrian missile defense system attempts to intercept incoming missiles.

Hours before the strikes, Trump and Netanyahu spoke by phone. Earlier on Sunday, new Secretary of State Pompeo met with Netanyahu in Israel – following his visits to NATO headquarters in Brussels and Saudi Arabia, likely while he was in Jordan, the final stop on his first foreign trip.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli war minister Lieberman said Israel maintains freedom of operation in Syria – no matter how flagrantly in violation of international law.

Last week, he said Israel may strike Russian S-300 air defense systems if installed in Syria. On Sunday, he menacingly said Israel has three problems: “Iran, Iran, Iran.”

A previous article suggested possible full-scale US-led war on Syria coming.

Washington partnered with NATO, Israel and other regional rogue states in waging naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, supported by US-led terror-bombing.

Sunday attacks on Syrian military facilities were the latest attempts to weaken its ability to continue liberating areas occupied by US-supported terrorists – more of the same clearly coming, things escalating dangerously toward possible full-scale war.

Syria’s military needs S-300 air defense systems installed as soon as possible. Russia needs to step up its offensive against terrorist positions.

The Kremlin should warn Washington, other NATO countries and Israel that it won’t tolerate escalated attacks on Syrian military positions launched to weaken its ability to combat ISIS and other terrorists – ultimately aiming for regime change.

Syria is the world’s most dangerous hotspot, a flashpoint for potential direct East/West confrontation – no matter how hard Russia tries to avoid it.

Escalating conflict in Syria risks possible global war. What’s unthinkable could be coming.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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By US Standards, America Should’ve Been Bombed for What Happened in Texas, 25 Years Ago Today

Rachel Blevins–When reports claimed that a chemical attack killed 70 civilians in Syria earlier this month, the Trump administration was quick to place the blame on the Syrian government—despite having no evidence—and they claimed that the horror of such an atrocity deserved retaliation in the form of targeted airstrikes.

While the United States military maintained that the 120 missiles launched in the attack destroyed a facility that was used to produce chemical weapons, witnesses on the ground in Douma, Syria, claimed that the airstrikes actually destroyed a cancer research facility.

U.S. intelligence officials have since admitted that the attack was carried out despite the fact that the United States had no proof that the Syrian government had carried out a sarin gas attack. Instead, the U.S. acted before an investigation could be conducted, and as is usually the case with reported gas attacks in Syria, proof has yet to be found to show that President Bashar al-Assad was responsible.

If the idea that a government would use chemicals to kill dozens of its own citizens is so abhorrent that the U.S. would risk World War 3 to take a stand against it, then it must mean that the U.S. would never do the same thing to its own citizens, for fear that it could be subjected to a similar response from another country—right?

However, on April 19, 1993, there was a government that used chemical weapons on its own people, and nearly 80 men, women, and children died as a result. But the attack was not carried out by the Syrian government and it did not happen in the Middle East. It took place in Waco, Texas, and it was perpetrated by the United States government.

It all started as the government began looking for ways to obtain a warrant to search the 77-acre plot occupied by a group called the Branch Davidians when they heard rumors that the mysterious cult was stockpiling weapons and modifying them with illegal parts in preparation for the end of the world.

Branch Davidian leader David Koresh was accused of having multiple underage wives, sexually abusing the young daughters of his members, and ultimately holding cult members against their will. But an investigation conducted by Child Protective Services in 1992 concluded that no one was being held against their will and there were no signs of child abuse.

The case against the Branch Davidians continued to grow, and as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) looked for more evidence against them, Koresh was also accused of running a meth lab on the property. Although no evidence of this was ever found, it served as a legal pretext for ATF agents to receive military training, in order to initiate a raid on the property.

ATF agents attempted to serve a search warrant at the property on Feb. 28, 1993, and they were met with gunfire from the Branch Davidians. They returned fire, and four ATF agents and six Davidians were killed as a result. After the shootout, the FBI joined in and the agencies launched a standoff for the next 51 days.

During the siege, federal agents cut off water and electricity to the compound, and in their attempt to get Koresh to surrender, the Houston Chronicle reported that the agents tortured the remaining members by using tanks to crush vehicles in front of the compound, playing loud music and flooding the area with bright lights at night to increase pressure on the Davidians.” 

Despite weeks of efforts to get the Davidians to surrender, the government learned that the group was, indeed, prepared for the apocalypse. The Clinton Administration decided that the siege was taking too long, and Attorney General Janet Reno authorized the use of CS gas, even though it was known that the Davidians did not have gas masks for the two dozen children who were still inside the compound.

Early on the morning of April 19, federal agents brought in heavy equipment to break down the walls of the building and they spent hours filling it with a dangerous mix of CS gas and methyl chloride that has been shown to be potentially flammable.

When the compound engulfed in flames, killing 76 men, women and children, who were trapped inside, the government insisted that the fire was set by the Branch Davidians as a way to commit suicide. However, in 1999, the FBI admitted its agents had fired pyrotechnic tear gas grenades at the Davidian compound, which could have sparked a fire.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, researchers investigating the incident “concluded federal agents were observed shooting from the compound’s grounds into the building already set ablaze by fire. While the official government narrative is those individuals committed suicide, the researchers were able to demonstrate they were likely killed by automatic weapons fired by federal agents, possibly killed as they were attempting to flee their burning compound.”

Following the massacre, there are also a number of glaring problems associated with attempts to investigate the events surrounding it. According to reports, the corpses of the victims liquefied weeks after they were autopsied, and the door to Mount Carmel, which Davidians believed would show that the ATF fired first, went missing.

The Waco Siege is just one example of the overwhelming hypocrisy exerted by the U.S. government regarding the use of chemical weapons on civilians.

As The Hill noted, the horrific massacre occurred three months after the U.S. signed a treaty promising not to use chemical weapons on enemy soldiers, which just happened to leave a loophole that would let the U.S. torture its own citizens:

“Shortly before the Waco showdown, U.S. government officials signed an international Chemical Weapons Convention treaty pledging never to use nerve agents, mustard gas, and other compounds, including tear gas against enemy soldiers. But the treaty contained a loophole permitting governments to gas their own people. On April 19, 1993, the FBI pumped CS gas and methyl chloride, a potentially lethal, flammable combination, into the Davidians’ residence for six hours, disregarding explicit warnings that CS gas should not be used indoors.”

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BREAKING: US Intel Officials Just Admitted US Bombed Syria with No Proof of Sarin Attack


Over the weekend, the United States led a coordinated attack—along with French and British forces—on the sovereign country of Syria. The attack consisted of hundreds of missiles which were recorded hitting civilian targets and also reportedly struck a cancer research facility. And now, we are learning that all of it was based on an alleged use of sarin gas for which they had no evidence.

According to a report from CNN today, US intelligence agencies have admitted that they were not certain the Assad regime had used the nerve agent sarin against civilians—but launched the massive attack anyway.

Officials merely claimed that they were confident Assad did use chemical weapons and that was enough for the attack.

According to CNN, the lack of complete information played a role in deciding not to strike a larger set of targets including airfields, aircraft and helicopters, one defense official said. Others factors, like Russian positioning, also played a role in the decisions.

After the strikes Friday night, the French and British governments also released the supposed evidence they had to justify the act of war carried out by allied nations in Syria. The reports admitted to not having any actual intelligence and the “evidence” was based on “open source” information widely available on the internet.

These open source accounts were little more than videos and testimonies from groups such as the White Helmets—who have been known to create fake videos, support terrorists, and much more. 

On Tuesday, it was also reported that Secretary of Defense James Mattis attempted to take the constitutional approach to war by seeking Congressional approval before the strike, but he was overruled because that would take too much time, not allow for an actual investigation, and allow for time to the US to be proven wrong about their claims.

As the NY Times reported, Mattis urged President Trump to get congressional approval before the United States launched airstrikes against Syria last week, but was overruled by Mr. Trump, who wanted a rapid and dramatic response, military and administration officials said.

Instead of investigating the alleged attack or following the constitution, the US government engaged in an act of war against a sovereign country—and they did so based entirely on a hunch.

As CNN notes, the reality was that prior to the US strike, full confirmation could not be made of whether Syria had used sarin in its attack.

“It’s a hard, long process, especially in an attack like this without physical access to victims, site. Therefore we had to work with closest allies quickly to ensure we had confidence in the intelligence picture, enabling policymakers to choose best course of action,” an intelligence official told CNN.

The Trump administration determined a “standard of evidence had been met,” the official said.

What’s more, western journalists, who are actually on the ground investigating the attack, have reported that no such chemical strike happened and the widely circulated video was something entirely different.

As TFTP reported, critically acclaimed war reporter Robert Fisk published a stunning account of the alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma on April 7, which included testimony from a doctor who works at the hospital featured in the widely circulated video purported to be the aftermath of a Syrian government chemical strike.

In an exclusive first-hand report for the Independent, Fisk, who has twice won the British Press Awards’ Journalist of the Year prize and is a seven-time winner of the British Press Awards’ Foreign Correspondent of the Year, reported:

This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks–and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world’s most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week. There’s even a friendly doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same clinic, cheerfully tells me that the “gas” videotape which horrified the world– despite all the doubters–is perfectly genuine.

War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.

Additionally, a report from Douma, Syria, by One America’s Pearson Sharp, confirmed Fisk’s reporting, noting that residents there deny an attack happened and instead claim it was staged by rebel forces in an effort to precipitate a response from western forces.

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BREAKING: US & UK Intel Admits They Bombed Syria With No Proof Of Sarin Chemical Attack

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In a report on CNN today, US sources admit they proceeded with military action in Syria without having evidence  that Sarin was used in a chemical attack on the Syrian people. Furthermore, they still have no proof this was done by the Assad regime.

According to the CNN report “The lack of complete information played a role in deciding not to strike a larger set of targets including airfields, aircraft and helicopters, one defense official said. Others factors, like Russian positioning, also played a role in the decisions.”

The difficult part to accept is that prior to the US and coalition strike, it was fully possible to confirm whether the chemical attack in Syria indeed contained sarin.

What’s difficult to accept, it was admitted that the sources used to confirm details of the attack were multiple media sources. Accord to Friday’s White House statement, “this conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources, the reported symptoms experienced by victims, videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack, and reliable information indicating coordination between Syrian military officials before the attack. A significant body of information points to the regime using chlorine in its bombardment of Duma, while some additional information points to the regime also using the nerve agent sarin.”

On one hand, alternative news gets challenged for using the internet as sources for information, and yet here countries are using the internet to decide whether or not they should bomb countries without proper thought or intelligence. Something to reflect on here.

Following the strikes on Syria during Friday night, both the French and British governments released the apparent evidence they used to justify their actions on Syria. Their reports admitted to not having any actual intelligence and the “evidence” was based on “open source” information widely available on the internet.

The White Helmets

It’s likely that the ‘media’ used to confirm these details came from reports out of The White Helmets organization. A US funded ‘aid outfit’ that has been caught on several occasions staging events in order to create propaganda material that supports Western war and enemy narratives. We covered and warned about this in 2017.

Recently, Robert F Kennedy also shared his thoughts on why the west is so concerned with destabilizing Syria.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters was also outspoken this week during a live concert. He spoke about about the White Helmets and the propaganda being told through the western media about what is happening in Syria.

The bottom line is, does it not seem odd that if Bashar Al Assad wanted US troops out of Syria so badly he would give them reason to leave? i.e. not attack his own people?

If you examine the timeline, the US troops were just about to leave Syria after a statement from Trump, only a few days later, a chemical attack occurs in Syria and the US troops of course are now staying. This is entirely backwards to what Assad would want. This is primarily why many are calling these attacks false flags.

Further, Syria and Russia have been monumental in removing the US funded ISIS from the region. This could be another reason why the US wanted to hold its position.

Tough Truths

Humanity is facing (and will continue to have to) some revelations that are TOUGH to accept. Things we might call ‘evil’ or ‘sick’ are being done by world leaders and so forth. And this continues to come out.

While it might be tempting to just call this negative news and to avoid it, the question is, can we truly assume the Deep State will relinquish its power if we don’t face the reality of what they have done?

We sometimes don’t realize there is a soul agreement in place, at a deeper level, where they are bound to plying the role of ‘the oppressors’ in our experience. Us avoiding looking at and moving through the feelings that come as a result of the game they are playing is only going to prolong the journey. They are souls too, and they also want to evolve beyond playing this role.

In my view it takes a specific form of media to help bring this TOUGH info out, that many are afraid to even talk about, and yet do so in a way that keeps us grounded and in the heart. This is conscious media, and is why CE operates the way it does.

You want to shit on the elite all day long, call them evil bastards all day long? You can. I can understand how we might feel this way…. but this won’t help end the cycle. It will only create more hate, anger and division.

The journey to TRUE PLANETARY freedom begins with the heart, and remaining with anger does not exhibit the mastery required to make the change we all know is possible.

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