Police Back at Kidnapping Suspect's Home Where Bodies Found

Stewart Weldon was arrested Sunday following a chase after police tried to stop him for having a broken tail light, authorities said.

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Amazon is reportedly scanning people’s bodies so it can sell you clothes

Amazon knows your name, your address, your credit-card details, and what milk you like in your coffee — now it wants to know the shape of your body.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is inviting people to a New York office to have the shape and size of their bodies scanned. Participants are asked to complete an online survey that determines how much their weight and fitness have fluctuated in the past year, and whether they have plans to lose weight, the Journal reported.

According to the invite, those who are chosen will need to be scanned every two weeks for 30 minutes.

“We are interested in understanding how bodies change shape over time,” the survey says.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Business Insider that she would not comment on the speculation.

According to the Journal, the invite comes from Amazon’s new 3D body-scanning unit, which was developed after Amazon bought New York-based startup Body Labs in October.

Body Labs makes a software that captures the body’s shape and motion in three dimensions. This can be used not only for gaming technology but also for fashion, its website previously stated.

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German woman jailed for 9yrs for murdering her newborns & keeping bodies in freezer

The frozen corpses were discovered in January at the woman’s apartment in Benndorf, a village of 2,000 residents in eastern Germany, after her partner raised the alarm.

In 2004, her hidden pregnancy resulted in the birth of a baby girl, whom the woman promptly put in a plastic bag that, according to her own statement, she had prepared beforehand. Then, still breathing, the baby was left in the freezer to die.

The same scenario was repeated again four years later, in 2008, after the woman gave birth to a baby boy. The autopsy confirmed both children were born healthy. The woman, who has two other, older children, did not attempt to deny her guilt.

“What I did is serious. I have to be punished for it,” she told the court in Halle, where she was prosecuted, Mitteldeutschland Zeitung reported.

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‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria

“As for crimes, go back to Raqqa and at least bury the dead bodies, which are still lying amid the ruins after the air strikes on residential neighborhoods – and investigate these attacks,” the Russian leader said as he sat down for an “at times combative” interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. Putin also raised the point that the battle for Iraq’s Mosul involving the US-led forces left the city “razed to the ground.”

The interview heated up when the two were speaking about Syria, when the anchor asked about alleged chemical attacks, for which the West blames the Syrian government. Those claims were rebuffed as “fake news” by the Russian leader. Putin stressed that Damascus destroyed its stockpile of chemical weapons long ago, and the militants aimed “to simulate chemical attacks” which were then blamed on the Syrian army.

“All the attempts that have been made repeatedly in the recent past, and all the accusations were used to consolidate the efforts against Assad,” Putin told the journalist. As Kelly continued to ask about alleged chemical attacks that led to civilian deaths, Putin noted that there had been no thorough investigation into what had happened in Syria.

“Russia is for a full-scale investigation. If you do not know this, I am telling you this now. It is not true that we are against an objective investigation. That is a lie.”

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Study: 86% Of Teens Have Traces Of BPA In Their Bodies

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

The world we live in is so toxic, the majority of teenagers now have traces of BPA (Bisphenol A) in their bodies, according to a new study published in the BMJ Open journal. BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical and is linked with brain and behavioral problems, cancer, and heart problems.

For the study, researchers tested the urine of 94 17-19-year-olds. Before and after the trial, the teens tried to completely eliminate BPA-containing packaging and foods from their diets. They used glass, ceramic, and stainless steel containers rather than plastic. Despite their efforts, 86 percent of the 17-19-year-olds had BPA in their bodies.

“BPA passes relatively swiftly out of the body with a short half-life of around 6 hours, but measurable BPA was detected in 86% of the participating students, with an average level of 1.9ng/ml. This is similar to population exposure levels in other countries around the world, and reflects the exposure to BPA in the environment,” notes the study.

The research was led by Professor Lorna Harries, Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics, and Professor Tamara Galloway, Professor of Ecotoxicology. Students designed, took part in and published the research, as they wanted to learn whether or not their lifestyle and diet could affect the amount of BPA in their bodies.

Surprisingly, attempting to avoid packaging and food that likely contains BPA had no measurable impact on exposure. This finding is important, as teenagers are believed to be one of the population demographics with the highest levels of exposure.

The student researchers concluded, “We found no evidence in this self-administered intervention study that it was possible to moderate BPA exposure by diet in a real-world setting.  Our study participants indicated that they would be unlikely to sustain such as diet long term, due to the difficulty in identifying BPA free foods.”

Though the effects of BPA exposure are not entirely known, several studies have concluded that BPA exposure can lead to brain and behavioral problems and may increase the risk of cancer. BPA is especially toxic to infants and young children. This is because their bodies are still developing and they are less efficient at eliminating substances from their systems.

Those involved have since called for better labeling of packaging to enable consumers to choose BPA-free products. Said Professor Harries in a statement: “Our study shows that we currently do not have much of a choice about being exposed to BPA. We believe that much better labeling of products containing BPA is needed so people can make an informed choice.”

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The Forgotten Art Of Squatting: Is It The Antidote For The Damage Done To Our Bodies From Sitting?

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The invention of the chair was really a total game changer in regards to how our bodies function and which parts of the body we are using on a regular basis. The chair took all of that pressure off of our rears and backs, and relieved some of our weight for us. Of course, we always had the option to sit on the ground or perhaps in a tree, but the chair became such a fundamental piece of furniture in our lives that it absolutely changed how our bodies function.

By now, most of us are aware of just how detrimental it can be to our bodies to sit for a prolonged period of time, in fact, some researchers are even going as far as to say that sitting is the new smoking in terms of the potential damage it can cause to our bodies. With so many of us, myself included, working desk jobs on computers this really is important information to be aware of. Sitting is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Luckily, as the awareness grows towards this important health issue, we are seeing many new designs for standing desks, or things like core chairs that are aimed to utilize the muscles in our body and effectively relieve the issues that too much sitting can cause. But is there a much simpler option that humans have forgotten?

How The Forgotten Art Of Squatting Can Help You

Squatting is essentially a position of the body that humans have used for thousands of years, and in many cultures is still being used today. If you practice yoga, you might know this position as a Malasana, which is essentially a deep squat. A yoga instructor once said that a guru told them that “the problem with the west is that they don’t squat.” This is so true, if you aren’t someone who practices yoga or – does squats during a workout, when are you really going to squat? If we feel like taking a rest, we’re definitely choosing the chair or the big comfy couch before squatting down. We eat in chairs, sit in our cars and on the train, sit on the toilet – essentially, we are often only not sitting when we are walking from one chair to the next. In fact, many of us probably couldn’t even squat down to the ground if we tried, not without some serious stretching first at least.

Our lack of squatting has bio-mechanical and physiological implications, but perhaps it is inhibiting us from the grounding force that this posture provides as well. The lack of squatting is actually only really an issue for the westernized civilizations as there are many cultures around the world that are squatting down any chance they get, to eat, to pray, to use the toilet – yes, squatting toilets are the norm in Asia, and actually make way more sense. Squatting, in more undeveloped nations is also the most common way for women to give birth, and again when you really think about it, it also makes much more sense than lying on your back in a hospital bed.

In these “less advanced” cultures, the rich and middle class are not squatting either, as it is generally seen as something that the poor do as it is uncomfortable and actually causes the body to work. Have you ever heard the expression, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”? Well, this can be said in regards to squatting because if you were to give it a try now, you may find it very difficult, especially for a prolonged period of time. But, our bodies are amazing organisms and they can always transform.

According to author and osteopath, Philip Beach, “The game started with squatting,”  Beach is known for pioneering the idea of “archetypal postures.” These positions—which, in addition to a deep passive squat with the feet flat on the floor, include sitting cross-legged and kneeling on one’s knees and heels—are not just good for us, but according to beach they are  “deeply embedded into the way our bodies are built.”

“You really don’t understand human bodies until you realize how important these postures are,” Beach, who is based in Wellington, New Zealand, tells me. “Here in New Zealand, it’s cold and wet and muddy. Without modern trousers, I wouldn’t want to put my backside in the cold wet mud, so  [in absence of a chair] I would spend a lot of time squatting. The same thing with going to the toilet. The whole way your physiology is built is around these postures.”

Why Is Squatting Good For Us?

According to Dr. Bahram Jam, founder of Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute in Ontario, Canada, “Every joint in our body has synovial fluid in it. This is the oil in our body that provides nutrition to the cartilage,” Jam says. “Two things are required to produce that fluid: movement and compression. So if a joint doesn’t go through its full range—if the hips and knees never go past 90 degrees—the body says ‘I’m not being used’ and starts to degenerate and stops the production of synovial fluid.”

A healthy musculoskeletal system is much more important for our health than just helping us to feel limber, strong and flexible, a study published in 2014 from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that those participants who had a difficult time getting up off the floor without support of hands, elbows or leg remarkably resulted in having a three-year-year shorter life expectancy than those who got up with ease.

So, Why Did We Stop Squatting?

It seems that in the West, we stopped squatting around the same time as the modern seated toilet came into our existence. It might not seem like this alone would be a cause for such a drastic change to our physiology, but as Jam says, “The reason squatting is so uncomfortable because we don’t do it,” Jam says. “But if you go to the restroom once or twice a day for a bowel movement and five times a day for bladder function, that’s five or six times a day you’ve squatted.”

As we sit in our office chairs, staring at our computers in our office attire, for men slacks and dress shirts and often for women pencil skirts and dresses – can you even imagine trying to squat or sit cross-legged? Both of which would be much better for our health than sitting in chairs. It’s interesting how we seem to think we’ve come so far, and that we are much more civilised and advanced, but really we aren’t doing ourselves any favors with this arrogant attitude.

“It’s considered primitive and of low social status to squat somewhere,” says Jam. “When we think of squatting we think of a peasant in India, or an African village tribesman, or an unhygienic city floor. We think we’ve evolved past that—but really we’ve devolved away from it.”

Time To Start Squatting?

If you can, practice squatting down a few times a day. If you can’t, start by stretching your body and getting down as low as you can, if you are very rigid, it may take time, but doing some light stretching or yoga daily can assist you with this process. It is very good for our health! Especially if you are sitting on a chair all day at your place of employment, you might want to consider setting a reminder on your phone to remind you to get up and squat down at least a few times a day.

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Turpin family: Police may bring in dogs to search for bodies in house where children 'tortured' by parents, reports say

Detectives investigating the case of the 13 siblings found locked up in a house in California, may “send cadaver dogs” to see if there was anyone else in the house who may have died, reports have suggested.

Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated news show broadcast in multiple states across America, also reported that investigators were considering carrying out DNA tests on the Turpin children to check if they were all related, citing sources close to the case.

The Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County and the police department in the City of Perris, California did not respond to The Independent’s requests for comment on the alleged plans.

They did not confirm the allegations to Crime Watch Daily, but the programme claims sources told them there were “serious discussions” about bringing in dogs to help the investigation.

A support fund has also been set up for the 13 adults and children by Riverside University Health System Foundation, which is welcoming donations from individuals and organisations for their long-term needs.

“We recognise financial gifts will not eliminate their trauma, but additional resources will be extremely important in helping these victims adjust over time,” said Erin Phillips, executive director of RUHS Foundation, who assured 100 per cent of funds will go to the rescued family members.

(Facebook/David-Louise Turpin)(Facebook/David-Louise Turpin)

The siblings, aged two to 29, were rescued from the house in Perris after a 17-year-old girl escaped out of a window and called the police on 14 January.

She told them her 12 brothers and sisters were being held captive inside. Investigators from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department described the teenager as “emaciated” and as having the appearance of a ten-year-old.

At the “foul-smelling” house, police said they found a number of children shackled to beds with chains and padlocks in the dark. Seven of the individuals were aged between 18 and 29, but police said all the victims looked like children as they were so malnourished and “very dirty”.

The oldest, a 29-year-old woman, weighed only 82lb according to Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin. Authorities rescued the siblings and provided them with food, water and medical treatment. They discovered the 17-year-old had been planning her escape for two years.

Parents David Turpin, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49, who were arrested and detained, have pleaded not guilty to charges including multiple counts of torture, child abuse, dependent adult abuse and false imprisonment dating to 2010.


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Mr Turpin, who worked as an engineer, also pleaded not guilty to performing a lewd act on a child under age 14. If convicted, they could face “about 94 years to life” jail according to Riverside County’s District Attorney’s Office. Each is held on $12m bail.

The family, who lived about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, led a nocturnal existence and slept all day, which kept them largely out of sight of neighbours in their tight-knit suburban community.

It has since been alleged the children were often starved and not allowed to use the toilet. Some did not understand the concept of a policeman or of medicine.

David and Louise Turpin with their 13 children (Facebook)David and Louise Turpin with their 13 children (Facebook)

Riverside District Attorney Mike Hestrin alleged that the children, who were home-schooled, had “never” been to the dentist and had not visited a doctor in years.

He told reporters that they were regularly beaten and strangled for behaviours such as washing their hands above the wrist.

Psychologists have said their recovery could take many years, but is likely to be easiest for the youngest children.

Patricia Costales, chief executive of The Guidance Centre, a California-based nonprofit that provides children with mental health therapy, said of the younger children: “Their brains are still adapting, they’re still forming, they’re still developing their understanding of the world. But someone who has experienced these things for 20-some years of their life will have a lot of learning to do about what relationships are like, what the world is like, how they’re supposed to be treated.”

The therapist and social worker, who has previously worked with kidnapping victims, said “You don’t need to learn what a police officer is from going to school, you learn that from just being out in the world. To not even know something like that really speaks to how incredibly controlled their environment was. They’re going to experience a culture shock even apart from the trauma they have undergone.”

Therapists also suggested it is best to keep the siblings together. Jessica Borelli, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of California, Irvine, said despite what they went through, they may struggle to be away from their parents.

“When we come into this world, our attachment figures are our primary sources of safety and security, no matter how abusive they are,” she said. “That impulse or that draw to be back with the people who are supposed to keep you safe is incredibly strong, and that is what has to be overridden to get out of an abusive situation.”

She felt the 17-year-old girl who escaped could be key in helping the family to recover. “To me, that is a sign she has something inside of her that is really healthy,” she said. “One of the things that happens with really prolonged abuse like this is the instincts about self-protection and the desire to protect oneself are totally disrupted — but she has it. So, I think she might be someone who can help.”

Additional reporting by Associated Press

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/turpin-family-police-may-bring-141558468.html

Testimonies From the Censored Deir Yassin Massacre: ‘They Piled Bodies and Burned Them’

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/testimonies-from-the-censored-deir-yassin-massacre-they-piled-bodies-and-burned-them/

Re: Israel minister: Bodies of slain Palestinians will not be returned

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked announced on Sunday that bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces would not be returned to their families for burial, Quds Press reported.

“It must be clear that the bodies of terrorists will not be returned,” Shaked told journalists yesterday, in reference to Palestinians killed at the hands of Israeli occupation forces.

“There can be two tracks of going about it, as I said, either another discussion, which is the preferred route, or legislation.”

On Thursday, the Israel Supreme Court ruled that the state is not allowed to hold bodies of Palestinians to be used as “bargaining chips”.

Based on the ruling, the Israeli government was given a period of six months to appeal before it must release the bodies of slain Palestinians unconditionally.

Read: New law to allow Israel Police to block return of slain Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces have withheld the bodies of hundreds of Palestinians, including ten killed during the uprising which started in October 2015. It is believed that they will be used in future negotiations surrounding the release of Israeli soldiers who have been captured as prisoners of war in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The bodies of the Palestinians are held in the cemetery of numbers which is a closed military area which civilians and NGOs are unable to access.

Source Article from https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20171218-israel-minister-bodies-of-slain-palestinians-will-not-be-returned/#comment-3669041683

2 more Palestinian bodies found in wake of Israeli air strike in Gaza Strip

israeli air strike gaza


The statement comes after the Israeli air force struck four locations in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas on Friday.

Two Palestinian fighters have been killed in Israeli airstrikes of the Gaza Strip, a local Health Ministry official told Sputnik Saturday.

“Ambulance brigades took the bodies of two fighters out from under the ruins of the Badr military installation south of Gaza, which was attacked by Israeli bombers at dawn,” the representative said.

Following the statement, the Israeli military said that the country’s air force launched a fresh airstrike in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, targeting four Hamas facilities, including two arms manufacturing sites, a weapons warehouse and a military compound.

According to the latest data provided by the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 25 people have been injured as a result of the airstrike. At the same time, The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported Friday that six children were among the injured.

Comment: Also note in this article:

Israel launched the strikes against Gaza after two rockets were fired towards southern Israel Friday. The air assault came after Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called for a new Palestinian intifada following the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The first rocket was destroyed by the Iron Dome missile defense system, while the second activated the warning sirens in the Sha’ar Hanegev, Sdot Negev, Hof Ashkelon and Eshkol regional councils, as well as the city of Sderot. The second projectile failed to reach its intended target. Warning that more rockets could soon follow, the IDF advised Israelis to remain close to “protected spaces” and bomb shelters.

The advice proved useful after a third rocket was launched from Gaza Friday night. The Iron Dome failed to intercept the projectile and the weapon struck Sderot city, home to some 25,000 Israelis. While no casualties were reported, the missile damaged a number of cars parked on the street.

The response by the Israelis to these rather ineffectual rockets launched by Hamas has always been greatly disproportionate in kind. Since the IDF can’t simply walk in and kill them all, they will find any agression they can to use as a pretext to bomb them all to hell.

At least two Palestinians were slain, with some 1, 100 more injured on Friday during the so-called “day of rage” protests in Jerusalem, the West Bank. Skirmishes between the Israelis and Palestinians escalated after Israeli Air Force warplanes had targeted militants in response to rocket attacks, claimed by the al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades, a Palestinian militant organization.

The protests came in the wake of a highly controversial announcement by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/370722-2-more-Palestinian-bodies-found-in-wake-of-Israeli-air-strike-in-Gaza-Strip