Cop Crosses Thin Blue Line, Records Chief Say He Wants to ‘Line Up’ Black People and ‘Mow ’em Down’


Corruption within the American law enforcement system is rife. We are watching case after case of ‘good’ cops attempting to hold their own accountable, only to be punished by the blue wall.

This blue code of protecting officers, no matter their crimes, is what’s driving a wedge between the police and the policed.

To affect positive change, the good cops must come forward and shine light on the darkness within their ranks. They must not be afraid to do so either. The Free Thought Project frequently seeks out these brave men and women, who are willing to do what’s right regardless of the repercussions.

One of these good cops who risked persecution and his career to expose his insanely racist and tyrannical police chief is Nathan Roohr, a patrol sergeant.

Thanks to Roohr’s bravery, Bordentown Township Police Chief Frank Nucera Jr. has been exposed for his history of brutal and racist policing. As reports, federal prosecutors said Nucera can be heard in the recordings using the N-word to describe African Americans, and at one point saying they were “like ISIS, they have no value. They should line them all up and mow ’em down.”

The recordings are now part of a larger investigation into the former chief who has since been charged with a federal hate crime for allegedly beating a handcuffed teenager in 2016.

The beating of the teen was a “clear senseless, bigoted, hate-filled,” assault of a prisoner in custody, U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick said at a press conference in December.

According to the criminal complaint, Nucera grabbed the 18-year-old’s head and slammed it into a metal doorjamb. When the teen complained, Nucera hit him in the back of the head with his arm.

During the arrest, Nucera was apparently heard using racist slurs. This history of racist policing is what prompted Roohr to begin recording his chief.

Roohr then caught the chief claiming that he would have no problem executing black people after a black male was caught slashing the tires of a police vehicle.

“I wish that (n-word) would come back from Trenton and give me a reason to put my hands on him, I’m tired of ’em. These (n-word) are like ISIS, they have no value. They should line them all up and mow ’em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it,” Nucera said, according to the complaint.

Nucera actually put some of this racist policy into place. According to the complaint, he ordered officers to bring police dogs to certain high school basketball games and to position vehicles near the gymnasium entrance to intimidate entirely innocent black fans—a move reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

For years, Nucera’s racist policies were carried out and were well known. According to the complaint, “Nucera has a significant history of making racist comments concerning African Americans.” However, most of the officers apparently had no problem with it. Not until Roohr crossed the thin blue line and became a good cop did anything happen.

However, as is common among police officers who are charged with crimes, when the investigation came to a head last year, Nucera was allowed to quietly retire and currently receives his pension of $105,992.76 — $8,832.73 per month — according to public records.

Hopefully this case is not swept under the rug and this disgraced cop is actually held accountable. If he is found guilty of both charges, he could spend the next 20 years in prison. Roohr has done his part to mend the gap between the police and the policed, now it is up the courts to keep it going.


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Video Shows Security Guard Choking Black Teen Accused Of Shoplifting In New York

New York police officers arrested a department store security guard on Friday night after he was filmed punching and choking a suspected shoplifter who begged for him to stop. 

Witness Brian Fraser recorded the violent confrontation, which involved multiple loss prevention employees, outside of the Century 21 department store at 22 Courtland Street in New York City. 

In the above footage of the incident, security guards hold down and appear to choke the suspected shoplifter. The man can be heard yelling, “What are you doing? I can’t breathe.”

While the incident involved private security guards, Fraser’s video reflects similar high-profile cases of police violence against black people ― specifically, Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who yelled “I can’t breathe” while dying in a police chokehold in 2014.

More recently, Sacramento police fatally shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark, who was unarmed, in his backyard while responding to reports of break-ins. The officers said they thought he had a firearm when he was actually holding his cellphone.

Fraser said the alleged shoplifter, 19-year-old Victor Roberson, was “compliant” with the security guards up until they began being violent with him on Friday. 

“No matter what accusation, they should not have hit him,” Fraser told HuffPost.

Fraser said he was walking home from dinner when he saw a group of security guards walking a man, whom he described as a “teen,” across the street with his hands behind his back.

“The next thing I see is the boy being tackled to the ground and a struggle ensued,” Fraser said. “They began choking him and putting their hands over his mouth.”

Fraser said the security guards then pulled the suspect off the ground and one guard began punching him in the face.

Roberson “began bleeding from the mouth and a knot appeared on his forehead,” Fraser told HuffPost. “They picked him up and pinned him against the wall when one of the security guards hit him again.”

As seen in videos filmed by passersby, the young man can be heard coughing and yelling multiple times, “I can’t breathe.” 

Witnesses on the scene can be heard warning the security guards that the man can’t breathe and pleading for them to stop. All the while, employees were asking the witnesses to stop filming, Fraser said.

Police arrived on the scene after the security guards tried to “drag” the young man back to the store entrance, according to Fraser. 

The New York Police Department told HuffPost officers were called to the scene after receiving reports that a 19-year-old male illegally placed store items into his backpack.

Police said a Century 21 employee, identified as 24-year-old Acosta Wilson, followed Roberson as he exited the store and “engaged him in a physical altercation” while trying to detain him.

Officers reviewed witness’ footage of the confrontation and arrested Wilson on an assault charge after determining he used excessive force.

That night, officers also arrested Roberson, who was accused of stealing two pairs of Prada shoes, and charged him with petit larceny and possession of stolen goods. 

Roberson was treated at a hospital for neck and back pain before he was placed in custody.

Fraser said Roberson didn’t escalate the situation and didn’t deserve to be treated violently.

“Bottom line, whether he was in the wrong, Century21 security, [who are] civilians, had no right to treat him with that level of aggression. The punching, choking was excessive,” he told HuffPost.

“They were using unnecessary force.”

Century 21′s executive director Larry Mentzer said in a statement to news organizations that the company is taking the incident “very seriously,” adding that one of their employees have been suspended pending an investigation.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Georgia officer resigns after dragging 65-year-old black woman from car

Dash cam footage show police officers pulling a 65-year-old grandmother out of her car and arresting her during a traffic stop outside Atlanta.

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Police officer chokes young black man who took his sister to prom outside Waffle House

Police in North Carolina are under fire after a video emerged of an officer choking and slamming an African-American man.

In a video posted to Facebook, an officer in a tactical vest can be seen pushing a young African-American man in formal attire against a wall, choking him and then hurling him on the ground in front of a Waffle House.

“Get your hands off me”, the man repeatedly shouts.

The town of Warsaw, North Carolina’s chief of police told the Raleigh News & Observer that his department was investigating the incident, as was district attorney Ernie Lee.

“We are currently investigating the whole incident, interviewing witnesses and gathering additional video”, police chief Eric Southerland said in a statement.

Anthony Wall had taken his 16-year-old sister out for food after she attended prom and got into an argument with Waffle House employees, the 22-year-old Mr Wall told ABC11. When the police arrived, he said, things turned violent.

“I was pretty much trying to scream for air and trying to breathe because he was holding my throat and that’s when I got aggressive with him because you are choking me”, Mr Wall said.

He was charged with resisting arrest and with disorderly conduct relating to his altercation with the restaurant staff.

Video of the incident has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Related Video: Mom of Waffle House Victim Accepts Her Diploma

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‘Dear White People:’ Black Conservative Is ‘Minstrel’ Sell Out

Season Two of Netflix’s Dear White People was released on May 4 and this season’s ending took a real twist. Instead of ending in violence or tragedy, the 10-episode season ends by exposing a controversial black conservative as a ‘minstrel’ performer, her beliefs for sale and not at all sincere.

The fictional Winchester University is the setting and the school is much like most elite institutions of higher learning. The student population is majority white but filled with a mix of students from all backgrounds and walks of life. As you may recall from the first season, the series concentrates on Samantha “Sam” White (Logan Downing) and her popular radio show on the school’s radio station. The show is called “Dear White People” and Sam lectures white people on her opinions as a black person on campus. Sam is bi-racial and her father, who is white and an alumnus of the university, making Sam a legacy student, expects great things from her.

Sam is a leader in the school’s Black Student Caucus. The caucus plans to bring a liberal social justice activist, Carson Rhodes (Tyler James Williams), to campus to speak and counter an appearance by a conservative female speaker. The conservative, Rikki Carter (Tessa Thompson, who played “Sam” in the original film), is coming at the invitation of the College Republicans and she’s black. Naturally, the liberal students are outraged that a conservative is going to be given a platform on campus because apparently, the First Amendment is only for liberals. Remember the good old days when colleges were a place for students to hear all points of view and form personal opinions from there? Those days are long gone. Now conformity is demanded by the loudest voices.

Carson Rhodes withdraws from speaking at the college when his fee isn’t paid, due to a failure to follow through by one of the caucus members. This propels Sam into believing she must speak up and let Rikki Carter know in no uncertain terms that she is a bad person.

The final episode, “Chapter 10” is all about the appearance of Rikki Carter. Sam goes backstage just before Rikki is due to go on stage and is ready to rip her a new one. She brings her video camera to tape the confrontation for the last part of her student documentary. Instead, Rikki turns the table on Sam and lets her know right away that she loves Sam’s radio show and is a big fan of hers. Sam is confused so Rikki explains that her own career is built on a lie.

Rikki tells Sam that she found a niche in politics to exploit – she is a black conservative because it puts her in demand as a speaker or commentator on panels. She even gives career advice to Sam and suggests the two of them could team up and present their opposing views – like she and Carson Rhodes do. It’s all a well-planned schtick, in other words. It’s entertainment, not real ideology or political beliefs. Because, of course, a black person couldn’t REALLY believe all that.



It’s so easy nowadays. Just wait for a shooting. Any kind will do. An unarmed black teen, a school, a church, or wherever the next misogynistic white lunatic decides to unload his gun. Just hop on that talking head train, because when the world gets hold of her, game over…

The big fish is the book deal, of course, that’s where you concretize her, put her on record to be quoted and echoed into a fixture where you’ll scarcely remember the girl who wrote the damn thing. Hey, maybe we could start a feud and release our books the same month. Carson and I did.

Needless to say, Sam is shocked that this is all an act. Rikki reminds her that “minstrelsy” is the top entertainment form after porn. Sam claims she has “too much honor” to just perform and Rikki lowers the boom:

“You ‘popped’ at a white college while expressing a philosophy that would have been only mildly interesting if this were an HBCU [Historically Black College/University]. I got my start arguing absurd right-wing views so I could win debate championships.”

Rikki tells Sam she is just collecting checks to “build a goddamn kingdom of my own… Because in this country, all that matters is who holds the gold and owns the land and its many resources.” She sounds nice!

A campus security guard refers to the conservative speaker as “a known shit stirrer” as the school braces for any possible violence or demonstrations. Well, instead of demonstrations, (though there were some students with signs at the venue’s entrance) the black caucus student members bought up all the tickets and sat in Rikki’s audience stone-faced as she launched into her usual hyperbolic speech. It threw her off her game and the audience was satisfied with that. Talk about anti-climactic.


In the episode titled “Chapter IV” one of the students is considering having an abortion. Coco Conners (Antoinette Roberson) is pregnant by the son of the Dean of Winchester. Coco is the girl from the other side of the tracks determined to not make the same decisions her mother made. Her mother dropped out of school at 20 years of age because she was pregnant with Coco.

She tells her roommate, Kelsey Phillips (Nia Jervier), “I’m scared. Do you know what the options are for something like this? Either I have some stranger literally suck the life out of me or I go home with a pill to to face the worst possible thing I can imagine. Alone.

Kelsey reminds her that those are not her only options, she can have the baby. Kelsey pledges support of whatever decision Coco makes, she even comes out stronger in favor of Coco having the child.
Naturally, they go about dogging states with stricter abortion laws. “At least we aren’t having this discussion in Texas, or Kentucky or Missouri, or Virginia, or Utah, or South Dakota,” they grouse. “I really am needed on Capitol Hill,” Coco says in response. But she admits, “Having a choice doesn’t make that choice any easier to make.”



The girls go to the abortion clinic, but then Coco decides to leave. Just when you think she is choosing life, we see scenes playing out of her telling the baby’s father, dropping out of college, and then bringing her own daughter to become a student at Winchester. After Coco gives her daughter a speech about all the amazing opportunities she has to take advantage of, we hear her name being called at the clinic and she turns around. 

So, instead of repeating her mother’s path, Coco chose to get an abortion. She also didn’t bother to tell the baby’s father. She’s now free to continue on with her plans to eventually end up on Capitol Hill.


The second season also deals with social media trolling as Sam is the target of an “alt-right” troll on Twitter @AltIvy_W in response to her radio show. Spoiler alert: the troll turns out to be a student journalist, Silvio (D.J. Blickenstaff), looking to give those not politically correct a platform.



“Campuses used to be places of free speech. Now they’re places for whiny rich kids playing ‘who’s most offended’ and ‘your trigger warning violated my safe space.’ We are here to learn and face new ideas. This campus can’t handle opposing thoughts but they feel it. If Sam White gets a platform for her ideas, why shouldn’t they? What happened to the First Amendment?” When challenged by another journalism student, because Silvio is gay, he responds, “Just because I’m not white and straight doesn’t mean I’m beholden to the left and their bullshit identity politics. Sorry not sorry.”

In all, season two was not particularly entertaining or ground-breaking. It’s mostly the confusion felt by young social justice warriors trying to find their place in the left’s world of political action. That’s not exactly an original kind of story. Sorry not sorry.

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Feds: White man wanted hit man to kill black neighbor

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A white South Carolina man offered $500 to a supposed hit man to kill his black neighbor, hang his body from a tree and burn a cross on his lawn — but the hit man was really an undercover officer, federal prosecutors say.

Brandon Lecroy was arrested last month after he gave the man a $100 down payment and told him he might have more people to kill later, according to an affidavit unsealed after Lecroy was indicted Tuesday.

Lecroy found the “hit man” through a white supremacist group, authorities said.

Lecroy sent the undercover officer pictures of the neighbor he wanted killed in the small town of Hodges in Greenwood County, according to court papers. Hodges is about 85 miles west of Columbia.

The affidavit did not explain why Lecroy allegedly wanted to kill his neighbor, but he did tell the officer “$500 and he’s a ghost.”

Lecroy, 32, has been sent for a mental exam, according to court papers. He’s charged with murder for hire and solicitation to commit a crime of violence. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

An email to his federal public defender was not immediately returned.

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Whites to Blame Because Only 1.8% of America’s IT Workforce is Black


The National Urban League (NUL)—one of America’s oldest pro-black lobbies—has blamed “white racism” because only 1.8 percent of all IT Tech Company employees are black—ignoring the fact that a race with an IQ of between 60 and 80 will be incapable of creating or maintaining advanced First World technology.

According to a statement by NUL president Marc Morial—whose racial features indicate that he is likely over 80 percent white—blacks, who are “among the top owners of mobile devices,” are “not being considered when it’s time for social media and technology companies to hire.”

The claim that “white racism” is to blame for this state of affairs is made in the NUL’s “2018 State of Black America” report released this week.

The report demands that “social media and technology companies to put in place safeguards and corporation solutions to make sure minorities don’t get left behind in the digital revolution.”

“C-suite executives of tech firms publicly espouse the gospel of racial and gender diversity and inclusion, but these spaces do not reflect our nation’s demographic diversity,” Morial said.

He pointed out that the latest “Equal Employment Opportunity” reports filed by Google, Facebook and Twitter showed that only 758, or 1.8 percent, of their combined workforce of 41,000 employees, were black.

“And their own research showed that in the majority of tech companies, fewer than five percent of the workforce is black, while at least half of the workforce is white.”

The NUL introduced a “digital inclusion” index that is supposed to answer the question: “Are the new job, business and educational opportunities created by increased digitization of our world being equally shared?”

“Historically, while great industrial breakthroughs have profited our nation, African Americans have often been exploited, rather than elevated by these advancements,” he said.

Of course, the real reason for the lack of black IT specialists has to do with the fact that the average sub-Saharan African IQ stands at around 62, and blacks in America—solely due to extensive white admixture—have an average IQ of around 82.

This means that blacks are, despite all the laws, pretend-nonsense spouted by liberals, and forced “integration” policies, never going to be able to compete on an equal basis with other races who have a much higher average IQ.

In other words, the failure of blacks in America to achieve any measure of genuine “equality” is not due to “white racism” but rather innate, unchangeable, innate ability, predetermined by genetics.

The refusal by the NUL—and the liberal establishment to accept this simple fact, and to continue down the path of race-denial, means that they will never achieve their desired “equality” until all whites are exterminated, either physically through nonwhite violence or by racial miscegenation.

This fact in turn dictates the necessity for physical geographical separation of the races—and not segregation—as the only means whereby each race can preserve its own identity, and achieve its fullest potential.



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Deniers: ‘The View’ Can’t Find Any Evidence of Black Progress Under Trump

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KANYE now red-pilling everyone, teaching the black community how to discover personal power, courage and freedom

Image: KANYE now red-pilling everyone, teaching the black community how to discover personal power, courage and freedom

(Natural News)
Rapper Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, as you may recall his pharmaceutical-induced mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization incident from back in 2016. But it’s Kanye’s newfound support for President Donald Trump, especially as a black man, that’s really causing a mass triggering effect among leftists everywhere, many of whom are now being actively “red-pilled” with huge truth bombs from this unlikely messenger.

One of these truth bombs was encapsulated within some eye-opening comments that Kanye made about slavery during a recent interview with TMZ, in which he implied that the 400-year reign of black slavery was a “choice” that black people made for themselves.

In Kanye’s view, being enslaved for four centuries suggests that the problem lies with those who’ve been taken captive rather than the captors. And it isn’t just physical enslavement that’s chipped away at the viability of the black community, but also mental enslavement, as many black people just can’t muster up the courage or wherewithal to fully remove themselves from the ideological plantation that keeps them as victims of leftist political maneuvering.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sounds like a choice,” Kanye stated during the controversial interview. “Like, you were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word ‘prison’ because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. Prison is something that unites us as one race, blacks and whites being one race. We’re the human race,” he added, soliciting the idea that black people – and all people, really – need to stop thinking about society in terms of skin color.

Leftists raise hell against Kanye for trying to help other blacks “leave the plantation” of liberal enslavement

Further provoking leftists into a maniacal rage were additional statements that Kanye made about President Trump. Rather than speak negatively about the Commander-in-Chief in typical liberal form, Kanye made a plea for people, and especially blacks, to think outside the box and consider how the president might actually be trying to help average Americans – including black Americans who continue to wallow in leftist slavery programs like welfare handouts and poverty culture.

“Trump is a human being also, and he’s in a very powerful position, and he’s doing a lot of things to actually help business owners be able to go past all these fake laws and rules,” Kanye stated. “Why can’t it be OK for an influential rapper in the black community to go up to the president and talk to him about how we can make a change?”

Kanye has received intense criticism from pretty much all ends of the leftist spectrum. Everyone from fellow rapper “” to television personality “Dr. Phil” has seemingly come out in defiance of Kanye’s position as it veers too far away from the status quo liberalism that most people would accept from a celebrity “person of color” like Kanye.

But Kanye has received support as well, including from fellow rapper “The Game” who “tweeted” on Twitter that Kanye is a “genius.” He added:

“People who’ve never achieved greatness are not allowed to question it.”

Kanye, in his own defense, took to Twitter as well to explain his comments about slavery further:

“We need to have open discussions and ideas on unsettled pain,” Kanye tweeted.

“Of course I know that slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will. My point is for us to have stayed in that position even though the numbers were on our side means that we were mentally enslaved. They cut our tongues so we couldn’t communicate to each other. I will not allow my tongue to be cut.”

Sources for this article include:



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