Geoengineering Is ‘Being Used As A Weapon; An All-Out Assault Against Life’

Mac Slavo–Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington recently sat down with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter to discuss the metal particulates being used to reflect the sun in what is most commonly known as chemtrails. Wigington doesn’t mince words when he says climate engineering is an “all-out assault on life.”

Dane Wigington’s sole mission is to warn the world about extreme weather modification currently being used to cool the planet.  Wigington says this effort to combat “climate change” is having the opposite effect. Commonly known as “chemtrails,” geoengineering and is destroying the earth’s ability to sustain life. “Anyone who thinks this [geoengineering] isn’t going on isn’t living in reality,” Wigington begins.

 “We are asking everybody to help us to sound the alarm. We can bring this issue to light, and populations all over the globe will be forced to realize they have been part of a grand and lethal experiment with [the] irreparable damage already done for which there is no return. We need to galvanize global populations in a common cause to expose the power centers around the world that are collaborating, colluding and cooperating on this incredibly lethal operation of geoengineering. If we can bring this issue to light, we can bring it to a halt.”

Wigington runs the website Geoengineering and has compiled a massive amount of data on the harm and damages geoengineering or “chemtrails” have done to the Earth.

“Stand back and consider: You can’t breathe without inhaling these [metal] particulates [used to reflect the sun’s rays]. They are completely saturating the air column. I assure you, this is building up in all of us. Lab tests prove this with hair, blood and urine . . . they are building up in all of us. Not only is it right here, right now, toxifying every breath we take, it is decimating the earth life support system, the protective layers of the atmosphere and the ozone layer.This is an all-out assault against life. This is being used as a weapon. These programs are not benevolent. In addition to being used as a weapon, climate engineering is being used to mask, and this is very important, it is being used to mask the full severity of climate collapse from the population by confusing and dividing people. . . . They are going to keep covering this up until the last possible moment.”

Wigington also discusses how the federal government is gagging meteorologists, right down to those in local weather networks to prevent the information about geoengineering from getting out. Propaganda has fully infiltrated academia so much so that most people have tossed logic and reason aside in favor of the official narrative, even though that narrative rarely (if ever) makes any sense.

We have an academic community that has been completely hijacked in order to tow the official narrative of denial. We’re simply asking people to review what we have: film footage, photographic evidence, nozzles mounted on the aircraft, Senate documents, government documents, international governance treaties for geoengineering…the list of data we have is unimaginable. We’re simply asking people to get past their bias and preconception and ideology and look at some facts.”

“In 2016, I received a letter, USPS, no return address, no identification, but it was a copy of the illegal federal gag order that had just been filed against national weather service and NOAA employees…the government’s weathermen…they already have no first amendment protection. There is an illegal federal gag order that restricts them [meterologists] from disclosing any part of the organization’s operations.” 

Wigington also discussed the problems he’s been having with Facebook. The social media giant is known for its censorship in favor of government propaganda, but Wigington wants everyone to know its a fact, not a theory that Facebook is restricting factual information in order to brainwash the public on behalf of the government.

“I think the powers that be suppress the message,” says Hunter. To which Wigington replies:

“What we post [on Facebook] is not going out to even to those who have signed on to our pages. It’s not going out. We know that for certain now.”

After the interview with Greg Hunter concluded, Dane Wigington passed along a few short videos that show what geoengineering looks like. It’s undeniable our skies are being sprayed — click here and click here to see the evidence.

“People ask ‘why would people in power want to control the weather?’ I think the more logical question is ‘why wouldn’t they’?” –Dane Wigington

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‘Being Naked Does Not Remove a Threat’: Says Chief as Cops Kill Unarmed Naked Teacher


Richmond, VA — The family of Marcus-David L. Peters—an honors graduate and high school science teacher—is asking for answers after a Richmond police officer shot and killed him while he was naked and unarmed. Not only did the officer swiftly escalate to unnecessary deadly force against a naked man, but now the department is telling the public that it was justified.

According to reports, the shooting happened along I-95 in Richmond after Peters lost control of his vehicle, sending it crashing into the trees. Police say that Peters then exited the vehicle, entirely naked, and began running into and then rolling around on or near the interstate.

Police say that Peters had previously struck another vehicle prior to crashing and then fled the scene. After a brief chase, he crashed and then ran naked up the northbound lane of I-95. Police claim Peters then charged an officer who had no other choice but to resort to deadly force against the naked and unarmed man who ‘charged the officer.’

“Peters emerged from his disabled vehicle and ran into the northbound lanes of I-95,” Richmond Police spokesman Gene Lepley said. “He was not wearing any clothes… [we’re trying to figure out] why he didn’t have any clothes on.”

Police claim the officer first deployed the taser which proved to be ineffective, so the officer then shot the teacher, who later died at a local hospital.

“Our officer attempted to use a taser on the person and it failed,” Lepley said.

“The attack continued and the officer drew his service weapon and discharged it striking that man.”

Police have yet to release the name of the officer involved. According to WTVR,

The RPD officer, a male with ten years of service, has been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure while the Department’s Force Investigation Team (FIT) conducts its investigation. The FIT detectives will interview the officer and any other eyewitnesses that can be located. They will review the officer’s body-worn-camera video and any other video or photographs that can be located. Such images can be submitted to the RPD using the Crime Stoppers P-3 app which has its own category labeled “95 Incident.”

A ‘safety analyst’ for the local news channel claimed that he’s seen naked men strangle multiple officers to death and went on to justify the use of force.

“An unarmed person does not necessarily mean that you cannot be killed by an unarmed person,” NBC 12 safety analyst Mike Jones said. “I’ve seen cases where officers have been strangled with the bare hands of a suspect.”

The Free Thought Project searched for instances in which unarmed suspects have strangled on-duty police officers to death, although we could not find any.

The police chief echoed the claims of the safety analyst, noting that being naked doesn’t mean that a person can’t kill you.

“We are all deeply affected by what happened here – by the loss of life,” Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said in a statement released by Richmond Police. “Our officers do not take the use of deadly force lightly. I think it’s important to remember that being naked does not remove a threat. So far, the eyewitness accounts we’ve heard have been consistent: our officer tried using verbal commands, then used non-lethal force first by deploying his Taser before using his service weapon.”

While it is indeed possible for an unarmed naked man to pose a threat to an untrained individual, the idea that a trained police officer couldn’t figure out another way to suppress this threat without killing Peters is disturbing.

Indeed, as TFTP has reported, DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen in Georgia, shot and killed an unarmed naked man under very similar circumstances—and he was charged.

According to Barbara Peters, her son grew up in Middlesex County and graduated cum laude from Middlesex High School in 2011. His school selected him to be the speaker at graduation and he was even featured in a special on the local news.

“Each and every one of you has something special to offer the world,” Peters said during his speech, according to the reports. “You have your own unique gift. We are all assets to society.”

He went on: “The trying times of life will only make us strong individuals. Nothing in this life that has value is going to come easy.”

According to the Richmond-Dispatch, Peters went on to attend VCU, graduating in 2016 with a biology degree and cum laude honors; he also minored in Spanish, psychology and chemistry. While at VCU, he attended the school’s Honors College, served as a resident assistant and volunteered in doctor’s offices, the family said.

“His pursuit for a career as a trauma surgeon would unknowingly take a detour as he discovered his passion for education,” the family said in a statement.

Before being killed by police, Peters was a science teacher at Essex High School.

“The hopes for these additional lessons were to help students develop fundamental skills for overall success,” Peters’ family said. “He would often say, ‘The students just need to know that someone cares about them and need a role model to look up to.’ He tried his very best to do just that.”

Peters was obviously in some sort of mental distress, whether it was drug related or health related was unclear. What is clear, however, is that police were unable to resolve a situation involving a naked unarmed man—without killing him—and society has lost an amazing person because of it.

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Amazon workers forced to use pee bottles out of fear of being punished for going to the restroom

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. Its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful businessmen of all time, and is currently the richest person in the world with a net worth of more than $110 billion. So it’s no surprise why many people want to work for the online retail giant. However, a new report reveals that things may not be so prettybehind the scenes.

Based on an online report written by an undercover author, working at Amazon comes with a lot of personal restrictions. More specifically, Amazon workers are said to be so swamped that they are unable to even take normal bathroom breaks, and are instead forced to relieve themselves in so-called pee bottles in order to avoid being reprimanded. This shocking bit of news comes from author James Bloodworth, who went undercover at the Amazon warehouse located in Staffordshire, U.K., while writing a book on low wages in Britain.

According to Bloodworth, the fulfillment workers at the warehouse had a working “toilet bottle” system in place, which had to be implemented due to the fact that bathrooms were not really a priority for their main operations. “For those of us who worked on the top floor, the closest toilets were down four flight of stairs,” he said in a statement to “People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being disciplined over ‘idle time’ and losing their jobs because they needed the loo.” (Related: Jeff Bezos wants to be your medication DEALER: Amazon goes all-in with Big Pharma to take over the drug retail industry.)

It may sound like a pretty ridiculous situation all around, but it’s something that makes sense as a sort of compromise – albeit a disgusting one – due to the setup that they have as far as worker bathrooms are concerned. And the problem is just made worse by the fact that Amazon actively monitors the productivity of its workers, specifically in terms of how fast they can pick and package items from its storage shelves. It is said that the company even enforces timed breaks and target for its workers. And for the ones that fail to follow the specified metrics, punishment awaits.

A separate survey conducted on Amazon workers recently showed that almost three-quarters of all U.K. staff members in fulfillment centers carried a fear of using the toilet due to concerns about taking up too much time. One report on the survey states that there were 241 Amazon warehouse employees in England that can attest to this fact. One survey respondent was even quoted as saying that their targets were “increased dramatically” and that taking personal breaks to go to the bathroom or even just drink water could end up getting them into trouble.

“I do not drink water,” the anonymous respondent said, “because I do not have time to go to the toilet.”

For its part, Amazon has denied all of the allegations. Instead, it boasts about its strengths in the market, and names a few reasons why workers flock to it in the first place. In a statement, the company said that they provide a safe and positive workplace for thousands of individuals in the U.K., and that it offers competitive pay and benefits from the beginning of a worker’s contract with them.

“We have not been provided with confirmation that the people who completed the survey worked at Amazon,” the company continued, “and we don’t recognize the allegations as an accurate portrayal of activities in our buildings.”

It isn’t the first time that Amazon has been cited for violating certain individual rights, and it likely won’t be the last. It will be interesting to see how workers view the company going forward. One can only hope that things take a turn for the better.

Read more about the latest news on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in

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Europeans being written out of their own history by the BBC, with Mark Collett

Patrick Slattery and Mark Collett talk about his recent video on Europeans being written out of their own history by the BBC, and they also discuss the brutal genocide of Palestinians by Israelis and the insane Christian Zionists who support it.


Check out Dr. Slattery’s website,

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CPS Snatches Girl for Being Treated with Legal Treatment for Seizures

We have terrorists at our door. They are called CPS. A recent CPS raid discovered that a mom was using hemp to treat a girl with seizures. The product worked. However, CPS has moved to seize the girl for the use of a legal product.





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Why Are Retired Intellligence Operatives Being Called Back Into Active Duty?


Reports are beginning to surface that retired intelligence operatives are being called back into active duty. This is a major development. What is behind it?




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Why isn’t Rosie O’Donnell being indicted and prosecuted for criminal campaign donations?

Image: Why isn’t Rosie O’Donnell being indicted and prosecuted for criminal campaign donations?

(Natural News)
There really are two systems of “justice” in America today, and the Left is making it clear which side of that system they are on.

Hint: It’s not the correct side. But what’s maddening and frustrating to tens of millions of Americans is that they keep getting away with it.

And of course, when you’re a celebrity on and of the Left like Rosie O’Donnell, there’s definitely a second set of rules — and when those rules are broken, the punishment isn’t too severe if you didn’t mean to break them.

Leftist justice

Hillary Clinton, flat out, should be wearing prison stripes for her serial violations of The Espionage Act via her trafficking in classified material while conducting official business as Secretary of State on an unsecured email server.

Obama national security advisor Susan Rice and State Dept. official Susan Powell absolutely should have been indicted for improperly unmasking hundreds of American citizens for purely political reasons — just to undermine President Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry should have already been arrested by federal agents for violations of the Logan Act after reports noted he has been consulting with an American enemy — Iran — as a private citizen, in a bid to salvage the so-called “nuclear deal.”

And Left-wing actress/comedian Rosie O’Donnell ought to be sitting in a booking room at a local FBI office on orders from the Federal Election Commission following serial violations of campaign finance laws.

You may recall that in December, as the vote neared in the Senate for the Trump-backed GOP tax reform bill, O’Donnell took to Twitter to bribe a pair of Republican senators — Jeff Flake and Susan Collins — to vote “no.” 

“So how about this…i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake…if they vote NO…” she tweeted. “DM me susan…DM me jeff…no s**t…2 million…cash…each.”

They never took her up on the offer and the tax reform measure, as we know now, passed by the narrowest of margins (51 votes). 

But the offer alone was a felony based on a little statute called “18 U.S. Code § 201 – Bribery of public officials and witnesses” which states:

  1. (1) the term “public official” means Member of Congress, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner, either before or after such official has qualified, or an officer or employee or person acting for or on behalf of the United States, or any department, agency or branch of Government thereof, including the District of Columbia, in any official function, under or by authority of any such department, agency, or branch of Government, or a juror

There’s more:


  1. directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official or person who has been selected to be a public official, or offers or promises any public official or any person who has been selected to be a public official to give anything of value to any other person or entity, with intent—
  2. to influence any official act

Notice the statute says persons need only make the offer to be in violation. 

But as is so often the case in the Jeff Sessions-run Justice Department, nothing happened to O’Donnell.

Now, however, it’s been revealed that her campaign contributions to Democrats have gone far over the legal limits. 

She’s done it before

As reported by the New York Post, O’Donnell substantially surpassed the legal donation limit of $2,700 to at least five Democratic candidates over the past year. In all, filings show she gave a combined $5,400 in over-the-limit contributions. She claimed to the Post in an email that there was “nothing nefarious” about the excessive donations, adding she just ‘assumed’ that campaigns would return excessive funds.

But then why would she use five different New York addresses and four variations of her name to make these excessive contributions?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if O’Donnell uses the excuse James Comey/Hillary Clinton criminal mishandling of classified emails excuse — that she ‘didn’t intend’ to violate campaign finance laws.

She apparently did violate them, and being ignorant of the violations is no defense.

So why isn’t she being charged? We know the answer.

Read more about the corrupt system of justice in America at

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:



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How To Respond To Negative People Without Being Negative Yourself

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Have you ever had a friend, co-worker, teammate or even someone in your family that just seems to put a damper on things all the time? Whether it be with their habits, character traits or the need to be negative, sometimes people in our lives can provide some interesting challenges.

But that in and of itself is already a huge thing to realize: although some people may feel “toxic” or “negative” to us at times, they can actually be playing a great role for us. When you look at it, no one is actually “negative,” “toxic” or “bad,” they are simply having an experience and in our eyes, we are perceiving them in a certain way.

The truth is, there is much we can learn from these situations and we are going to share some great tips to help deal with these situations easily. All we have to do is remember to take a perspective on how we look at these things. Instead of simply booting them and running away, we can really learn a lot about ourselves.

1. See What You Can Learn From Them

One of the very first things, and probably the most important, I like to use in my own life when surrounded by these people is to ask myself what bothers me about them. What is it that is making me feel off or down when these people are around? Are they making me feel an emotion? Bringing up old frustrations? Are they holding me back?

Once we figure out what is setting us off about the person in the first place, we can find out if there is something we can adjust within ourselves first. The reason we look inside first is because we are trying to determine what role this person can be playing for us in our own learning. Often times these people disappear from our lives or transform the minute we do the work inside ourselves that they are shining a light on.

Once you identify what it is that gets you, work to move past that within yourself. It might be that you are judging their actions. It might be that you are getting upset because they do things you don’t like. Maybe they are unreliable all the time and it’s interfering with your life. Either way, the whole point isn’t to simply identify it and remain upset with it but instead to find a level of peace and acceptance with what is happening so you can remove the trigger.

Once you let that go, you can make choices to move on if you need to. The trick here isn’t to simply move on because we don’t want to face what bothers us within ourselves. You will notice that if you take this path you will continue running into people who will bring these things out in you until you let them go. After all, wouldn’t you rather not have those triggers in yourself?

2. Take Time For Yourself

This will partially link to number 1 as when you are trying to pay attention to what is bothering you about someone, it can be helpful to take time for yourself to do so. To go a bit deeper on this step, taking time away from the person or people that can feel toxic or “negative” at times is a great way to compare how you feel in each setting. There are going to be times in life where we have to have these people in our lives for whatever reason, (potentially work related) learning to take time away to recharge a bit is a great way to keep the peace within yourself and avoid getting caught up in the incessant judgment our minds can sometimes get stuck on. It isn’t about having to “put up” with these people forever, but more so to learn what we need and ultimately learn how to stay within your own peace around them.

3. Don’t Judge Them – Practice Practical Compassion

One of the biggest things we can get caught up in and make a habit of is judging people. Sometimes we do it and we don’t even know it! Judgment of another can even be addictive as we can do it out of self-defense or simply because we have been in that mindset so long that we forget to see the great things in others. We judge because sometimes people don’t do things we’d do or they don’t do it how we’d do it. We judge because we can feel self-conscious, jealous or because we are afraid to simply love them for what they do. Whatever the reason, it’s important to get out of the egoic mindset of judging. It isn’t YOU who’s even judging, it’s the ego’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts and concepts creating illusionary ideas of what is right and wrong.

Adding the compassion part is all about realizing that some things people are doing that you don’t like could be a result of challenges in their own life. Maybe they are cranky, angry, snappy, mean, jealous, judgmental, prone to gossip or don’t do things in the “greatest ways.” Whatever the case, try talking to them. Offering your thoughts, observations or tidbits of advice can do a lot to shift someones perspective. You never know what people are going through and often time you might find out that they are very much like you are. if you do choose to speak to someone, remember to be calm and respectful about it.

4. Don’t Take Their Behavior Personally

This is very much a lead from number 3 but important enough to mention on its own. We are not always aware of why someone is acting the way that they do. Even if they appear to personally “attack” you, it may not be about you at all. Remembering this will not only create more peace within yourself, but will also help to avoid any flare ups between you and the other person as taking things personally can get ugly at times.

5. Realize Their Behavior Shouldn’t Simply Be Ignored

This one is all about realizing that you don’t have to see their behavior as something you need to learn to deal with and/or simply ignore when they do it. You have the ability to make an impact on other people’s lives by simply recognizing things playing out and choosing to nicely do something about it. Sometimes we can say “oh they are just young” or “oh they are just always like that” and in that we approve of the behavior. Now the key here isn’t to bring judgment into the picture but to simply realize that sometimes people act in ways that aren’t in line with creating a good situation for everyone. Working on transforming that experience is great for not only the person but also everyone around the situation.

By taking action to mention possible changes people could choose to make, you put the ball in their court. Of course you can’t do the work for them but saying something can make a difference.

6. Feel Free To Move On Without Them

After we’ve gone through what has been mentioned above, it’s time to look at the final step that I feel takes a bit of honesty and learning to fully grasp. Moving on from people is always an option. Remember, it’s not about learning to “put up” with people who might be creating an experience you don’t wish to have in your life. But, its important to go through the steps above so that we are not simply running away. Growing and learning ourselves is a big part of this process and appreciating that others can offer that for you is huge.

There does come a time, and I’ve experienced it myself, when people just don’t change. They constantly bring around a “low vibe” and their habits and traits can make situations quite colorful in ways we are ready to move on from. They can be selfish and are always taking but never returning the balance of friendship. In these particular cases we make a choice as to whether or not we wish to move on. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to take this route if you feel you’ve moved beyond what they bring out in you.

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Warren says he would 'love being a baby being born in the US today' — Here's why

The afternoon Q&A session of the Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting began shortly after 3 p.m. ET, with politics and business at the forefront of the discussion.

With seemingly no way of avoiding broaching the topic, Buffett and Munger were questioned on the escalating and prevalent political tensions across the United States today.

In response to whether or not Americans are truly as divided as social media and the media at large portray them to be, Buffett offered a truly optimistic, yet realistic response:

“I would say this: Multiple times in my life, people have felt the country was more divided than ever and I’ve gone through periods where people I knew and admired thought that because the other party was in power, there would never be another election … since [1942], there have been 14 American presidents … I’ve lived under 14 of the 44 presents America has ever had … Seven have been republicans, Seven have been democrats, one has been assassinated, one has resigned under pressure … Through it all, America really moves ahead.

We survived a civil war … it’s all a net gain in less than three of my lifetimes, and we’ve had these [divisive] events since I started buying my first stock. This country really, really works. And it always will have lots of disagreements. and after every election you’ll have people feeling the world is coming to an end … when you get all through with it this country has six times the GDP per capita than it did when I was born, one person’s lifetime six per one change … this is a remarkable country and we found something very special.”

Though things may seem bleak at times, Buffett asserts the importance of remembering how far we’ve come and how far we can go, product saying:

“I would love being a baby being born in the US today.” 


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Legalization of polygamy not being discussed in Chechnya, Kadyrov says

In an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel, Kadyrov denied ever saying that lawmakers in Russia’s Chechen Republic were preparing bills that would introduce polygamy in the region.

No, I have never said this. But it is not me who should give such permission to a Muslim person. The Almighty has already given permission [for men] to have four wives,” he said.

It is not discussed on the legislative level, but when a man loves a woman he must marry her and support her. We are not suggesting that he takes her to the registry office and register their marriage. He can call her what he wants, but according to our religion she will be his lawful wife,” Kadyrov said.

The registry office, however, is the first step taken within the law to destroy the family,” Kadyrov said, explaining that the need to have a document certifying a marital union was the first sign of a lack of trust between a man and a woman.

It was not the first time Kadyrov has publicly advocated de facto polygamy and criticized the institute of civil marriage. In a 2010 interview with RT, he said that the Muslim tradition of polygamy reduced sexual promiscuity and prostitution. In 2017, he again told RT that he personally saw the situation when a married man has a mistress as much worse than polygamy. “Is it normal for a family man? To cheat on his wife, on his family, to provide for his lover separately and cheat on everyone? And in case he chooses to make the relations legal and makes his lover his second wife under Islamic law, this will be a violation of the secular laws,” he said.

Kadyrov’s own marriage took place in 1996. He and his wife remain together and have 12 children, two of whom were adopted in 2007.

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