Fanaticism Lies Behind Trump’s Plan to Demolish Iran Nuclear Deal

image-iran nuclear deal
Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump on Friday made official his plan to demolish the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) by announcing in a bombastic speech he is decertifying the deal. The intention to refuse to recertify the deal was a poorly kept secret, Trump reluctantly recertifying the deal twice already during his presidency.

Wahhabi President Trump

Trump, along with fellow neocon fanatics and extremists in the political establishment of Israel all want to destroy Iran and will not let the nuclear deal get in the way of their deadly plans for the Middle East. Remarkably, Trump made virtually no reference to the actual deal, knowing Iran is in compliance with its obligations, something which has been reinforced by high ranking members of his own regime, such as James Mattis and Rex Tillerson. Trump made irrelevant allegations of Iran sponsoring terrorism, claiming this put it in violation of the spirit of the deal. This wild allegation was reflective of the entire speech, with Trump blaming Iran for everything from a series of bombings, to supporting Al-Qaeda to assisting North Korea in its aggressive pursuits. It is difficult to see how he could have crammed more lies and distortions into an 18-minute speech.

The people of Syria can attest to the destructive intentions of successive US regimes and are appreciative of the vital assistance Iran has provided in resisting the spread of US-led terrorism. Syrians know the path to Persia goes through Damascus and stand firm as a partner against the trail of death of US imperialism which sweeps up the entire region in its path. They know the US supports the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS, despite all claims to the contrary, and that it intends using these destructive groups to destroy both countries. The terrifying assault has united the countries and they stand together firmer than ever, determined and capable of repelling US-led aggression.

Trump has an ability to shoot from the hip, reacting with impetuosity and bravado whenever he is slighted. In his snarling speech, he largely ignored the actual nuclear deal, showing his inclination to ramble on about matters outside of the agreement. It betrayed his bumbling engagement with the world of international relations and his natural affinity for hyperbole and outrageous accusation. It was a display of pure hatred and viciousness, unbecoming of the leader of a major nation. It could have been scripted by Benjamin Netanyahu himself, with the fervent Israel supporters and die-hard Iran haters, Jarred Kushner and Stephen Miller no doubt having influence on this incredible diatribe.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump, in a disingenuous display of concern for Iranians, said their will was subverted and freedom crushed in the revolution of 1979. He made no mention of the truth of the matter, which is that Iranians rose up against a brutal US installed dictator, the Shah of Iran, who ruled the country with an iron thumb for 26 years.

Condemnation and dismay at Trump’s reckless act were immediate and unambiguous. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani reacted with customary dignity, pointing out the US cannot unilaterally decertify an international multilateral deal ratified by the United Nations.

EU Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini said: “The president of the United States has many powers (but), not this one.” She went on to say it is not a bilateral agreement, does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it. In a clear sign of the dissatisfaction of the EU with Trump’s unilateralism, she pointed out the unanimous endorsement of the deal at the United Nations and that the deal is working as intended.

The leaders of the powerhouse European trio, British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron issued a joint statement saying they ‘stand committed’ to the deal. “We stand committed to the JCPOA and its full implementation by all sides. Preserving the JCPOA is in our shared national security interest” the statement read.

To put Trump’s madman rantings to bed, the international body tasked with verifying Iran’s compliance with the deal, the International Atomic Energy Agency reminded us all that “Iran is subject to the world’s most robust nuclear verification regime” and that Tehran has implemented all the commitments it made under the deal. Anyone who has read the actual agreement and its stringent requirements can attest to that. Trump’s specious claims on Iran’s alleged support of terrorism, human rights abuses and alliances with other so-called rogue states are irrelevant to a specific nuclear deal Iran is complying with.

The real reason Trump and the neocon fanatics—totally in the service of Israel— want to destroy the deal is that they want the same thing they wanted in Syria; regime change. The US does not do compromise, it demands capitulation. Its idea of negotiations is to make ultimatums. It demands loyalty and subservience of client regimes in the Middle East and can’t accept the fact Syria and Iran have progressed on independent paths, putting their own national interests first.

The US is alarmed at the increasing influence Iran has in the region, urged on by Saudi Arabia and Israel to confront Tehran in order to destabilize and weaken the government in preparation for regime change. The existing sanctions and the move toward even more sanctions, which are an actual violation of the JCPOA, aim to undermine the Iranian economy and scare international investment away from Iran.

Iran stepped into the vacuum left by the US invasion of Iraq which tore a proud country apart. Stepping in to stabilize a country where sectarian divisions were deliberately sown by the US, simultaneously protecting its own national interests, Iran has helped to prevent the country falling into total collapse. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian backed militias continue to fight ISIS, playing crucial roles in campaigns such as the liberation of Mosul. This infuriates Washington which wants Iraq as another proxy state and is the motivation for the baseless allegations of Iran supporting terrorism and interfering in its neighbors’ internal affairs.

image-The aftermath of the US bombing of Mosul University (Source: NewsVice)
The aftermath of the US bombing of Mosul University (Source: NewsVice)

In Syria, Iran has consistently supported the secular state in its six years-long battle against US and Gulf State-sponsored terrorism. In 2013, when the US was gearing up for military action after the Ghouta chemical weapons attack was falsely blamed on the Syrian government, Iran warned the US not to take unilateral and illegal military action, stating any such attack risked igniting a wider war in the region. It also issued a warning that any attack on Syria would see an immediate retaliation against Israel. There would be no shortage of volunteers willing to enter the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. The forces of Hezbollah would also not be backward in coming forward, eager to deliver Israel another bloody nose after its fierce resistance offered in 2006 drove Israel out of Lebanon.

Iran forms a vital part of the axis of resistance to US hegemony and Israel/Saudi Arabia domination of the region. The devastation of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now too Yemen, galvanized Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, joined by Iraq and with the powerful backing of Russia and the economic might of China. Iran was invited into Syria by President Bashar Al-Assad to fight the terrorists that threatened to overrun the country. Iran accepted, willing to back an ally and fully aware of the threat posed to it by a subsequent proxy war or even direct military attack by the US and Israel.

Iranian forces are well regarded on the battlefield in Syria and many lives have been lost driving back the jihadists from areas they occupied. Iranian commanders are held in high esteem in Syria, possessing great tactical skill and commanding vital campaigns.

Iranian IRGC forces waged battle alongside Hezbollah and Syrian government forces against the Al-Qaeda led jihadists in the Battle for Aleppo, a slow but steady campaign which eventually liberated the east of the city. The IRGC Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani spent time directing his forces in the battle he understood was a key turning point in the war, the victory enabling campaigns to be intensified in the eastern parts of the country. Iranian forces took great care in protecting civilians, unlike the western, Turkish and Gulf State-backed jihadists who used people as human shields, denied them aid and killed and tortured those who attempted to flee or stand up to them.

Iranian forces and militias they support have featured heavily in the fighting in southern areas of Syria. Iran backed militias were a part of the pro-government forces which outflanked the US and its proxies located at Al-Tanf who attempted to stop them reaching the Syria/Iraq border. The US even launched airstrikes on the pro-government forces, claiming it was in defense of their allies under threat from the Syrian led forces. This was a Trump-style lie as it was conducted supposedly defending a deconfliction zone the US said it was not beholden to. It goes without saying the US has no legal right to impose anything on Syrian soil.

General Solemaini recently predicted the demise of ISIS in a couple of months as it has been reduced to controlling less than 10% of Syria and has lost its strongholds in Iraq. The town of Mayadin in Deir Ezzor was liberated quite quickly a few days ago, ISIS resistance less than was to be expected. They appear to have staged a retreat, fearful of being surrounded. They are drawing closer to staging a final battle for survival in Syria but can count on the continued assistance of the US, which would rather see ISIS prevail than the legitimate government of Syria. The US, alongside its HSD proxies, even negotiated another free passage deal for ISIS fighters to leave Raqqa and head toward the Syrian border.  So expect to read soon in the western media reports of the heroic liberation of Raqqa by the US-backed Kurdish forces. Don’t expect however to read too much of the carpet bombing and use of white phosphorous by the US-led coalition. Syrian led forces, assisted by Iranian backed militias on both sides of the border, will be left to fight ISIS as they make a possible last stand in the Iraq/Syria border areas.

image-SAA, Syrian Arab Army, Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Homs, Hama, Deir Ezzor, Al-Mayadin, Hasakah, Raqqa, Daraa, Suweida, Quneitra
SAA – Syrian Arab Army

Iran is one of the guarantors of the Astana peace process, putting into operation four de-escalation zones across Syria in preparation for peace talks to finally end the war, separating rebels who are prepared to end fighting from the Islamist groups and allowing for the focus to switch to defeating terrorists in other areas, such as the current battle to liberate Deir Ezzor. Iran became a guarantor with the full approval of the Syrian government, confident it would act constructively to end the fighting and move toward a political solution, not something which can be said of Turkey, the Syrian government accusing it of violating the de-escalation zone agreement in Idlib and demanding immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Turkish troops.

Donald Trump in his unhinged speech on Friday demonstrated he and his Israel adoring neocon war hawks cannot countenance the reality that Iran has become a regional power that acts to protect its self-interest. He, his generals and the deep state operators lurking in the shadows are bewildered by the brave and prolonged Syrian resistance which sees the country on the brink of victory against ISIS and other jihadist forces. If the deranged duo of Trump and Netanyahu believe they can destroy the nuclear deal and then target Iran with a military attack, they will be in for a rude shock. The response would be an Iranian/Hezbollah/Syrian attack against Israel. The result would be devastating for all sides, so let’s hope the US and Israel can be isolated in their flagrant disregard of the agreement, bitter but powerless to stop it.

— Paul Mansfield

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Soros’ Antifa Is the Force Behind the Curtain- Mark November 4th On Your Calendar



In 2014, I wrote extensively about the Central American illegal alien invasion. I said, at that time, because of the nature of many of the immigrants, that the seeds for a wave of unprecedented terror attacks were being put into place. That moment has arrived and did so with the Vegas massacre.

Just when you think that things cannot get any crazier, I was sent the following link:

The Communist Party Plans Takeover Of the U.S. on Saturday November 4, 2017. This includes “Refuse Fascism,” Antifa, Soros, ISIS, and many other extreme leftist groups. They plan riots every day until they unseat President Trump.

Normally, I dismiss these kinds of contacts because they are so numerous and they are seemingly unverified. However, upon closer examination, this warning has teeth based upon previous investigations and subsequent publication on The Common Sense Show.

In the summer of 2014, I wrote a series of articles decrying the illegal and dangerous immigration which was perpetrated by the Obama administration. Through my investigations, I was befriended by two Border Patrol agents who shared with me that they were catching MS-13 gangster/assassins at the border. DHS was ordering that these illegal alien criminals be detained until there were 8-10 of these murderers and then they were ordered to be released into the interior of the United States. MS-13 was transformed from the most deadly street gang in the world to being employed as the hitmen of the drug cartels. It should be noted that from 2008 to 2015, I authored over a dozen articles in which the economic and political associations between the drug cartels and the major terrorist groups in the world were established. It should be noted that this was the same period that Judicial Watch published photos of an ISIS base camp located 8 miles from El Paso, Texas.

It was also reported at that time Congressman Bridinstine (R-OK) tried to investigate many nefarious claims about the 2014 wave of illegal Central American immigration invasion by going to Ft. Sill to investigate. This was necessary since the leaked information indictated that many of these kinds of illegal activities were transpiring at the base including reports of child-sex-trafficking. The Congressman was turned away and told by DHS to “make an appointment”.

It was also at this time that I wrote two articles in which I predicted a TET style of offensive (1968 Vietnam War reference), with extreme terrorist attacks would sweep across the country until the country ceased to be governed in coherent manner. I predicted that the anarchy would topple the Federal government and de facto martial law would take place.

Paul Williams, a former FBI Consultant, wrote a book shortly after 9/11 and stated that reliable reports had reached United States officials that al Qaeda operatives were able to get at least two nuclear suitcase bombs into the United States. Williams went on to state that bin Laden had previously used his vast wealth, derived from control of Afghanistan’s poppy trade, to pay off high ranking MS-13 leaders. Williams further asserted that bin Laden paid as much as $50,ooo to smuggle sleeper agents into the United States. Williams is not alone in this belief as the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, Brigitte Gabriel, stated that there are terrorists coming through our southern border due to the cooperation and joint efforts of  of MS-13  and Hezbollah and they are intent on introducing a Hiroshima event on American soil!

Back in 2010, an internal memo was leaked from the Tucson Police Department. which stated that Islamic terrorist groups are commencing operations in Mexico and forming alarming ties with the country’s brutal drug cartels. In turn, the drug cartels are now associated with Hezbollah. The memo also references a large weapons stockpile in Mexico as evidenced by the 2010 Tijuana arrest of Hezbollah militant Jameel Nasr, who was given the job of establishing a well-armed Hezbollah network in Mexico and South America. Nasr was apparently bringing this terror network north when he was captured. The memo also discussed the April 2009 arrest of Jamal Yousef in New York, which exposed a huge cache of assault rifles, hand grenades, explosives and anti-tank munitions. According to the report, the weapons were stored in Mexico, but only after being smuggled from Iraq by members of Hezbollah. As a temporary aside, where do you think ISIS is getting its weapons? The preceding references contained in the Tucson Police memo just answered that question. This network has been taken over by ISIS as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and this network has its roots in clandestine operations in the Philippines. This is how Stephen Paddock made his money. I now have two confidential sources who tell me that Paddock was a CIA pilot flying “Air America” style operation in which he moved guns, children and drugs into the United States from the Philippines. 

In the past year I have written 3 articles in which I detailed how President Duterte was executing drug dealers and child-sex-trafficker in the Philippines. It is clear that Duterte obtained his information from the Trump people. In retaliation, ISIS forces attacked several Philippino cities and it took Duterte’s army to put down the insurrection.


Also, revealed in the previously mentioned report, according to Yousef, was the fact that the weapons were stored in Mexico after being smuggled from Iraq by members of Hezbollah. The memo further warns that there could be dire consequences due to the new level of cooperation between Hezbollah and Mexico’s drug partnerships and this could be disastrous given Hezbollah’s advanced and new weapons capabilities. The report goes on to state that some Mexican criminal organizations have started using small IEDs which is clearly illustrative of the use of car bombs which is a hallmark trait of Islamic terrorists. IED’s are clearly the least of our worries with regard to the increased influx of MS-13 terrorists. The TSA is allowing the illegal immigrants to fly on airplanes without an ID.


Speaking of IED’s, the readers may recall that immediately after the Vegas masssacre, that a much broader and more deadly plot was foiled in Times Square which involved the potential use of IED’s on the New York Subway system as well as killling people in public at Times Square and nearby, would-be concert goers.

What I have been reporting since 2014 as well as trying to sound the alarm about is finally getting traction in the Independent Media. Please consider what World Net Daily is reporting.

  1. On November 4th, there will be a wave of terror attacks in the country.
  2. These attacks will spread in terms of frequency and intensity until the Trump administration is drive n from office.

The rest of the article can be accessed here.

There is no conclusion to this story as of this date. America is entering her most tumultuous period in her history.

Paul Martin contacted me last night to inform me that a DOD official is bugging out from the East Coast because it is not safe. You have been warned

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Relaxing behind the wheel will save you money: Research shows the true costs of aggressive driving

Image: Relaxing behind the wheel will save you money: Research shows the true costs of aggressive driving

(Natural News)

Recent research shows that relaxed drivers save more money and fuel than aggressive drivers. In order to measure the impact speeding and slamming on brakes on fuel economy and consumption, the researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) reviewed other past studies, created a new vehicle energy model, and tested it on two same mid-sized sedans — one ran on electricity and the other ran on gasoline.

To differentiate fuel consumption, the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and the conventional gasoline vehicle were examined through driving tests at the lab’s National Transportation Research Center. The researchers specifically examined the limitations of the HEV when recapturing energy to recharge the battery during various levels of hard braking.

“The new vehicle energy model we created focused on the limitations of regenerative braking along with varying levels of driving-style aggressiveness to show that this could account for greater fuel economy variation in an HEV, compared to a similar conventional vehicle,” explained Thomas.

The study, published in the SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants, revealed that aggressive drivers waste approximately $0.25 to $1 per gallon of fuel they buy. The gas mileage in light-duty vehicles is lower by around 10 to 20 percent in stop-and-go traffic, while gas mileage is down by about 15 to 30 percent at highway speeds.

The findings established a dataset of self-reported gas mileage values by drivers on, a website run by the United States’ government that informs consumers about fuel economy. Furthermore, the dataset suggested that conventional gasoline vehicles are less sensitive to driving style than HEVs.

“Our findings added credence to the idea that an aggressive driving style does affect fuel economy probably more than people think,” said John Thomas, lead author of the study.

This study opens doors for more comprehensive studies about developing traffic flow by “smart” traffic control systems and autonomous vehicles.

6 Tips on a more fuel efficient driving

Your driving behavior and your car’s condition affect the amount of fuel you use. Here are some tips on saving gas and money, according to U.S. Department of Energy. (Related: Top 10 ways to burn less gas and save money on fuel.)

  1. Do not drive aggressively – Aggressive driving, such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking, can reduce gas mileage by about 15 to 30 percent at highway speeds and around 10 to 40 percent in heavy traffic. Using driver feedback devices is also helpful. According to a study, they can assist the average driver enhance fuel economy by three percent and can help save fuel and improve gas mileage by around 10 percent. Moreover, being a calm or sensible driver is safer for you and your passengers, so not only can you save gas money, but emergency money as well.
  2. Monitor your speed limit – Gas mileage declines quickly at speeds above 50 miles per hour (mph), even if each vehicle gets to its optimal fuel economy at a different speed. Every five mph drive over 50 mph is similar to spending an extra $0.18 per gallon for gas.
  3. Do not put cargo on your roof – Putting cargo on your roof intensifies wind resistance and reduces fuel economy. A large cargo box on top of your vehicle’s roof can lower fuel economy by about two to eight percent in city drives, six to 17 percent in highways, and 10 to 25 percent at Interstate speeds or 65 mph to 75 mph.
  4. Lessen the items in your vehicle – Remove unnecessary things in your vehicle. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could lower your miles per gallon (MPG) by around one percent.
  5. Stop idling Turn off your engine when your vehicle is parked because about one-fourth to one-half gallon of fuel per hour is used when you idle, depending on the engine size and air conditioner use.
  6. Utilize cruise control – It is advised to use cruise control on the highway because it helps you drive at a consistent speed and will save gas.

Sources include:



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Evidence Emerges Showing FBI Was Behind 2015 ISIS Terror Attack in Texas


While questions remain as to whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation had prior knowledge of the Las Vegas shooting, the victim of another terrorist attack on United States soil is speaking out, and attempting to hold the FBI accountable for the suffering he endured.

In May 2015, two men opened fire outside of a provocative “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas. While the suspects were ultimately the only casualties, the attack is notable in that it became the first ISIS-claimed attack on American soil. It is also notable, because of the close proximity between an FBI agent and one of the suspects—both before and during the attack.

Bruce Joiner, a security guard who was shot and wounded after Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi opened fire outside of the event, is now suing the FBI for $8 million. He has filed a lawsuit claiming that FBI agents “solicited, encouraged, directed and aided members of ISIS in planning and carrying out the May 3 attack.”

As the Washington Examiner noted, if Joiner does not reach a settlement with the Bureau, the case could shake loose hundreds of documents from both local and federal officials about what happened that day, and could answer the question of why an FBI agent was in a car directly behind the attackers and did nothing as the events unfolded.”

Simpson gained the FBI’s attention a few years before the attack, as a Muslim who they saw as vulnerable to radicalization. In fact, FBI agents were reportedly monitoring him in the weeks leading up to the attack, and there was even an agent in a car following him to the scene, who did nothing to prevent the crime.

According to a report from CBS News, court records revealed that the FBI agent who was in the car directly behind Simpson and Soofi during the attack had “texted Simpson just weeks before with the message, ‘Tear up Texas,’” and he was even “taking pictures of the car about 30 seconds before the first shots were fired.” As soon as the suspects opened fire, the agent fled the scene.

As The Free Thought Project reported, both local law enforcement and the FBI did not respond to warnings from a woman connected to Anonymous, who cautioned that there was going to be an ISIS-inspired attack at the event—just days before it happened.

“The FBI helped the terrorists obtain a weapon that was used in the attack by lifting a hold during a background check, incited the terrorist to attack the Garland event, and even sent an agent to accompany the terrorists as they carried out the attack,” the lawsuit states, according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

The lawsuit also calls out former FBI Director James Comey, claiming that he worked to cover up the Bureau’s prior knowledge of the threat posed by Simpson:

“In the aftermath of the attack, former FBI Director James Comey lied to the American people by claiming that Simpson was a needle in a haystack’ that was ‘invisible to us.’ Even after it had come to light that an undercover FBI agent had been communicating extensively with the terrorists during the week prior to the event and had accompanied them as they carried out the attack, the FBI continued to assert that ‘[t]here was no advance knowledge of a plot to attack the cartoon drawing contest.’”

The issues alleged in the lawsuit could be explosive if the FBI is forced to acknowledge and respond. In addition to the accusation that the Bureau’s agents encouraged and directed the attack, the claim that the agents lifted a hold during a background check, in order to help Simpson and Soofi obtain the firearms used in the attack, is incredibly important. It is a reminder that even if gun control measures requiring strict background checks become law, the FBI has the power to bypass them, in order to serve their agenda.

As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently noted, “Almost all ‘terror’ plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.” While his comments were in reference to the Las Vegas shooting, the underlying principle applies to a number of both foiled and deadly attacks.

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See behind the scenes of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (video)

Upon the release of the film on Digital HD, with other home viewing options soon to follow, we’re celebrating with a clip of what went into the making of the film.

We saw it on the big screen, but finally we can see the incomparably inconvenient film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, in the comfort of our own homes. Isn’t that convenient?

It’s been a decade since former Vice President Al Gore brought climate change to dinner tables across the country with his Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth. Now, when a political environment threatens to pummel the natural one, the need for a sequel feels more urgent than ever.

An Inconvenient Sequel follows Gore as he continues his crusade of good; educating and inspiring around the globe in an effort to create a new generation of climate champions. Given that climate change and the destruction of nature is the number one concern amongst millennials, it appears that the message is getting across.

If you haven’t seen the film, you can see the trailer here:

And since so many of us take our movies at home these day, it’s great news that the film is available on Digital HD as of October 6; Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand will be available on October 24.

An inconvenient sequel© Paramount

In the clip below, taken from a feature included with the Digital HD release, directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk talk about developing the narrative of the film.

For more news on the Blu-ray and DVD, which will include some great bonus content, you can visit the film’s site here: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to the Power.

And don’t forget to #BeInconvenient.

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Overhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?


vegas false flag

An indivdual, whom I have never discussed politics with before, told me that he was glad that the Vegas perpetrator of the shooting of approximately 600 people was dead. Then the individual said that man “was a killing machine”.  I tuned him out and just nodded in agreement. It was apparent to me that this man had a terminal case of cognitive dissonance and I wasn’t in the mood to hear his regurgitation of CNN, whom he loves. When he saw that I was tuning him out, he said “I suppose you have a conspiracy theory about this Vegas shooting.” I responded that indeed I did but I did not feel the need to correct his ignorance. He egged me on to present what I knew to be a conspiracy. He responded, “I suppose you think this is another 9/11”.  I said “No, this is another JFK assassination experience”. I broke down and told him what is in the following paragraphs.

John Kennedy was murdered in November of 1963. The Warren Commission concluded, in 1964, that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots and struck JFK and the Texas Governor. Most of America believed the illogic of the Warren Report. However, in 1977, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that “Oswald and one other shooter, unknown in their identity, killed John Kennedy”. The last report ordered the DOJ to investigate further. Forty-Four years later, we are still waiting for the investigation.

From 1977 to the end of the 20th century, the number of people who believed in a conspiracy grew to 90%. The topics of disputed evidence included “the timing problem, the magic bullet, the lack of marksmanship expertise by accused assassin, the missing JFK brain which was lost during the autopsy, and  Oswald’s association with Operation Mongoose which was turned into a JFK killing machine after they failed to successfully assassinate Fidel Castro.  Nearly all of the JFK conspiracy discussions centered around this forensic evidence. The public rarely ever speculated about who did it other than scant references to the CIA and the Mafia, both of which were incapable of carrying out the cover-up without the help of LBJ, Chief Justice Earl Warren and key members of Congress.

I once told the late Jim Marrs on the radio that I was bored with the endless discussion of the forensic evidence. The mainstream media kept us stuck on this point for decades and we never got to “who dun it”.

Oh yeah, before linking the JFK distractions to the Vegas shooting, I won’t tease you, this is who killed and JFK and why.  The primary shooter was a Corsican hitman Lucianne Sarti who shot JFK in the head from the grass knoll and he used a hollow point bullet and it blew JFK’s head apart. This is why the brain had to be lost. But Sarti was only one of 3 hit teams in Dealy Plaza, all consisting of foreign contract killers, who were connected to the Trafficante crime family, who were also deeply connected to the CIA, who in turn served the globalists. I have witnesses, on tape, that confirm every preceeding sentence. The hit was ordered by David Rockefeller. After JFK’s death, everything changed (eg nuclear arms race increased, the Vietnam War began in earnest, the Oil Depletion Allowance tax deduction was fully reinstated, JFK’s C-Notes were taken out of circulation and the NWO marched on and Rockefeller became even wealthier).

I felt it critical to bring up the parallels to JFK when discussing this last false flag. I am already seeing a pattern where America is again stuck on the forensic evidence. Yes, I know the event is only moving into the 4th day. However, the “gaps” in the official narrative are there for all to see, at least those who have eyes that want to see.

One time only, barring more important information, I will play the parlor game of looking at the forensic evidence.

Doesn’t Mandalay Bay Have Maid Service?

We are asked to believe the unbelievable. That this man, from the local town of Mesquite, had adjoining hotel rooms on the 32nd floor and over a period of several consecutive days, he stockpiled ammunition and at the latest count over 30 guns. How did he conceal the guns from hotel security and most importantly from the maids who should have been servicing his rooms (plural)?

My ignorant friend that I referenced in the first paragraph of this article answered this question in this manner “he just put the do not disturb sign on the door”.  That might work for one or two days, but several days? After several days wouldn’t the maids say something to their surpervisor that the man in the two adjoining rooms is refusing maid service. Shouldn’t that have triggered hotel security? And if the maids were in the rooms, where would the guns and ammunition been hidden? Remember, this is Vegas where security is trained to recognize and respond to threats because of the high stakes nature of the business.

We are asked to believe that an out of shape and portly 64-year-old man managed to expertly lay down highly effective automatic weapons fire which ended the lives of  59 people while wounding nearly 600 innocent victim

Meanwhile the accused assassin fired off thousands of .223 rounds. these rounds were fired from 400 yards away and as a result would have been outside their effective range. In addition, as Mike Adams pointed out, no shell-casings were “magically cooled before they hit the carpet in the kill zone. Because if they were not magically cooled, they would have burnt holes in the carpet.

In fact, Mike goes on to say:

“This was accomplished, we’re told, by one man firing 10 rifles… wait, no, 27 rifles all by himself, without any military training whatsoever. This same man set up a James Bond spy camera in the hotel hallway to monitor police in an attempt to defend himself against the inevitable police assault, then he just changed his mind and shot himself the moment the cops showed up… all for no apparent reason.”

The media has not successfully answered the question of how the assassin moved the massive amounts of rifles and cumbersome and weighty ammunition boxes passed hotel security. This wasn’t just a hotel. This was a Vegas hotel in which the security are armed to the teeth and trained to see these kinds of events. Why? Because their have their gaming operations to defend. The fact that this much killing material was smuggled unnnoticed past trained security is not believable. Adding fuel to this fire is the idea that this man installed NSA style security cameras in the hall to get ready for the police assault and then he turns the event into a suicide mission? This is not believable either.

The Main Killing Weapon

I have spoken to several military types about the type of gun that was used in the killing. From listening to the tape, over half of the “experts” that I spoke with identified the gun they heard as a MG 60 with belt. I was told that the gun is very heavy and requires a belt. Only a very strong person could use this gun, shooting iwth one arm, while feeding the belt into the gun with the other arm. And we are asked to believe that this portly 64-year-old man accomplished this fee and fired the fun  with incredible accuracy?

Here is the gun in question:

All of these massive casualties couldn’t be caused by .223 rounds that we are being told that the assassin used according to the official narrative. Most likely, they were actually heavier rounds fired from something like a belt-fed MG 60 that I just identified. Regardless of the gun, I repeat, where are the shell-casings and their after effects?  had a couple sources tell me that in the unlikely event that .223 rounds were used, a target would have been struck every 2.3 seconds given the length of the event. All of this from a man with no military training who was also an overweight senior citizen.

Congressman Trey Gowdy Speaks Out

Congressman Trey Gowdy was interviewed on Fox News and he expressed his lack of belief in the official narrative quite clearly. Gowdy said he did not see anyway that an event of this precise planning could be carried out by one person. And I would add to the Gowdy said, one person with no military training.

Scott Bennett posted a video on youtube that was taken down by Google which showed muzzle flashes on, or near the 4th, and as the “timing problem” would indicate, multiple shooters would be needed to have carried out this crime.

mandalay bay


  1. JFK- Lee Harvey Oswald
  2. Martin Luther King Jr.- James Earl Ray
  3. Bobby Kennedy- Sirhan Sirhan

From Agenda 21 Radio:

“A LAS VEGAS shooting witness was reportedly warned that everyone at the Route 91 music festival was “going to die” 45 minutes before the attack near the Mandalay Bay hotel.”

The Perp’s Girlfriend

Paul Preston has received information that the perp’s girlfriend is associated with Antifa in Australia. This is a lead worth pursuing. I could go on and on, but you get the idea, we know this was a false flag. Can we get on to who was really behind this?

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Re: What lies behind the PA’s latest bid for full UN membership

Soon after the Palestinian Authority’s membership bid for inclusion in Interpol was accepted, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas declared that another UN draft resolution will be submitted to the UN Security Council seeking full membership. Speaking during a meeting in Ramallah last Monday, Abbas stated that the forthcoming resolution will be of utmost importance.

According to Wafa news agency, Abbas declared: “As you know, we submitted this request in 2011 but it was rejected for various reasons. God willing, these reasons are now removed because we are very much interested in becoming a full member of the United Nations.”

In September 2012 when seeking non-Member State status at the UN, Abbas clarified his reasons for seeking international recognition: “In our endeavour, we do not seek to delegitimise an existing state, that is Israel, but rather to assert the State must be realised, that is Palestine.”

The backdrop for this statement, and which will also form the new bid for full UN membership, is the two-state paradigm – a hypothesis upon which endless discussions and negotiations were held, and which resulted in a multitude of statements that are far removed from the Palestinian reality. The two-state compromise exists as a link between diplomatic corridors. Other than a perfunctory statement which has generated incessant exploitation, there is no value in the concept for Palestinians.

Abbas has yet to expound upon the benefits, if any, for Palestinians. If the resolution departs from the same premise of attempting to placate Israel, the value of full UN membership is already lost. It should not be the endeavour of any Palestinian leader to prioritise and counter claims of delegitimisation of Israel when the settler-colonial state is operating within binary roles which are, at times obfuscated. On one hand, Israel has delegitimised itself countless times through its colonial violence against Palestinians. At the same time, it is aggressively pursuing an international, purportedly humanitarian role while aspiring to reap support for its colonial expansion in Palestine. Its ability to manoeuvre in such manner is tied to international support, which also exposes Israel’s dependence and the international community’s refusal to withdraw their glorification and hold it accountable. However, in both cases the ultimate aim is Palestinian absence. It can afford to delegitimise itself as long as this is not overtly communicated which would eliminate the favoured process of shifting such blame upon other entities, institutions and countries.

International recognition, therefore, will be at the expense of the PA still acquiescing, in several ways, to Israel’s demands. The importance of such a resolution, if passed, depends upon any possible shifts recognising and acting upon Palestinian legitimate demands, regardless of how confrontational Israel attempts to portray them. Anything less constitutes an affirmation of the PA’s continued dynamics of subjugation and collaboration. In that case, it becomes paramount to ask about the concept of a colonised state and also to place the demands of the unwillingly colonised Palestinian population ahead of any resolution which is not averse to maintaining Israel’s power despite its embodiment of human rights violations.

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Cops Now Hiding Behind Kids on School Buses to Bust People Texting While Driving


Indiana police officers have devised a somewhat devious plan to separate motorists from their money, all in the name of “keeping the public safe.” They are now hopping on school buses and using the elevated riding platform to look down into the cars of other motorists to see if they are texting while driving.

According to reports, after the officers on the buses encounter a violator, they radio their colleague in patrol cars and tell them to pull the vehicle over and to issue either a warning or a citation. The move to put police officers on school buses is not without criticism, and while what is taking place in Indiana may seem like an isolated police tactic, the measure is happening all throughout the country. According to Wave3 News:

“It is unsuspecting. The school buses have tinted windows and usually have kids on board. And the buses provide a great vantage point, allowing officers to see into cars from above.
An officer will have the task of spotting drivers using a phone with their hands while a vehicle is in motion, and looking for drivers who are not wearing their seatbelt.
“We’re going to be looking for anyone who is behind the wheel of a moving car, who is going to be looking at their phone or doing something with their phone with their hands,” Assistant Chief Craig Hayes said.”

“We’re going to be looking for anyone who is behind the wheel of a moving car, who is going to be looking at their phone or doing something with their phone with their hands,” Assistant Chief Craig Hayes told Wave 3 News.

Police in Moscow, Idaho are doing the same thing, using unsuspecting school buses to catch distracted drivers who are texting and driving. Apparently, in both instances, ticketing for violations is not limited to just texting while driving. Unsafe movements such as passing a stopped school bus, not wearing a seatbelt, and following too closely will all be fair game in this new revenue generation scheme. However, since buses use more fuel, the practice will cost taxpayers more money.

The practice now appears to be taking place nationwide, not just in the Midwest. In Attleboro, Massachusetts, officers are randomly riding school buses with school children, with the stated goal to monitor motorists and better protect children. Translation: They’ve found a new way to separate citizens from their money.

But, we at TFTP, believe little good can come from putting armed law enforcement officials on school buses with students. We’ve documented countless examples of police officers abusing their badge and brutalizing innocent citizens, and it all serves as a reminder that this new revenue generation scheme is not “for the people.”

Police officers on school buses! What could possibly go wrong? Aside from the apparent distrust children and teenagers will have after observing police officers use the vantage point of the bus to stop random members of the public, there are a lot of reasons it is a bad idea.

What will happen when the police officer smells marijuana on a student, even though the student or the parent may have a legal medical marijuana card? Will they open an investigation using Child Protective Services to threaten to take the kids out of the home?

What happens when a fight breaks out on the bus with older teenagers? Some teenagers are old enough to be arrested and taken to jail, given a criminal record, all because the police officer was on the bus and observed the fight. Many school bus fights go unreported and therefore do not involve the law when students are working out their own problems.

No, putting police officers on school buses is just as bad of an idea as placing them inside our institutions of education in the first place. All too often we write about pedophile cops who have purposefully gotten close to kids and teenagers in an effort to victimize the vulnerable.

It is time educators stand up and demand police officers leave their schools. Men and women, who are also educators, are more than capable of keeping a school safe, dealing with rare instances of active shooters, and breaking up fights without hauling students off to jail and giving them a record. Just this week, a female teacher in Illinois stopped a school shooter in his tracks when she tackled him.

Ultimately, police should not be allowed to hide behind innocent children to catch violators of state laws. If they continue to do so, they should be subjected to the same rigorous background checks as full-time school personnel, before they are ever allowed to put a boot on the first step of a school bus. The cops on school buses schemes serve to illustrate how police will stop at nothing to generate revenue and criminalize all citizens with frivolous violations.

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The science behind a party trick may lead to a breakthrough in brain research

Image: The science behind a party trick may lead to a breakthrough in brain research

(Natural News)
Researchers suggested that the popular bottle-breaking trick may help in traumatic brain injury research, as reported by the Science Daily.

Researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah State University, and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology claimed that their findings on a phenomenon in liquid dynamics could give insight in the research of brain traumas.

Cavitation is a process well-known among engineers for causing damage in pipes and marine propellers. It occurs when the top of a liquid-filled bottle is struck, the bottom of the bottle will shatter. When the pressure in a liquid suddenly drops, which is caused by pushing a liquid quicker than it can react, it leaves behind an area of low pressure as a bubble of gas.

The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, detailed an alternative formula that more accurately predicts when cavitation will happen.

They elaborated what happens when a liquid at rest, like the water in a bottle, is suddenly put into motion. With the use of high-speed photography, the team showed how the swift acceleration caused small bubbles to form in the liquid and then rapidly collapse, which released a destructive shockwave. It is not the sudden strike at the top of the container that breaks the bottle, but the bubbles.

Aside from the finding’s benefit to many industrial processes interrupted by cavitation-induced damage, there is also a growing evidence associating cavitation to brain trauma.

“The brain is surrounded by fluid, and when you have impact, it’s possible you are experiencing cavitation within that fluid,” said study co-author Scott Thomson, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at BYU.

Experts in fluid dynamics may know how to predict when cavitation will occur in fluid that is already in motion, but their formula does not work so well when a resting fluid is rapidly accelerated. This new study fixed that problem by finalizing a new equation that considers a fluid’s depth and acceleration.

“And once we’re able to predict when that will happen, we can better design safety devices to help prevent serious brain damage,” Thomson said.

Better understanding of when cavitation might occur may lead to a better understanding of what causes it and how to prevent it. Thomson mentioned that it could be used for athletic applications, such as football helmets or even military applications.

The researchers hoped that this alternative cavitation formula could be used to better predict when brain injuries will occur after the skull is slammed with a high-velocity impact, like in football.

Studies throughout the years found a link between brain injuries and sports or other physical activities. In a scientific research on the brains of deceased National Football League, it surprisingly revealed that 110 out of the 111 brains had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), according to a New York Times report. It is a neurodegenerative brain disease that can be found in people who have been exposed to repeated strikes in the head which frequently lead to concussions. (Related: Teenagers who experience a concussion have a greater risk of developing MS later in life, according to new study.)

“If a blast wave is above a certain magnitude, there may not be much we can do to prevent brain injury for a soldier,” said Tadd Truscott, study author and associate professor of mechanical engineering at Utah State University.

“But maybe a helmet can be developed to detect when that trauma has happened so a soldier can be removed from the front line and be saved from repeat exposure to blasts,” he said.

Knowing the magnitude of cavitation in a traumatic brain injury could also be a predictor of how dangerous the injury was.

“The more information we have about an environment (in which traumatic brain injury occurs), the better we are able to design things for that environment,” Thomson said in a report.

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