Scientific American: ‘Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?’ Because They’re Uneducated Racists?

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Murder of Four in South Carolina Virtually Ignored; Is It Because Killer Didn’t Use a Gun?

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Gender Bias Excused on ‘Blackish’ Because ‘That’s What I Get for Voting for Trump’

The topic of how parents handle their male and female children’s sexual activity differently put the spotlight on gender bias in the March 13 episode of ABC’s Blackish. In the episode titled “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” Dre and Bow come to grips with the maturation of their older children.

Though Andre “Dre” (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow “Bow” Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) believe themselves to be the ultimate progressive parents, the problem of treating children differently because of their gender plays out in the double standard presented when they first realize that their high school son Junior (Marcus Scribner) has become sexually active.

Dre is extremely proud and even takes the news to the morning meeting roundtable at his workplace. The men are busy congratulating Dre over Junior’s experience while the only woman present, Lucy (Catherine Reitman), tries to explain to the men that the young woman involved with Junior must also be considered. They brush off her explanation that women are people, too.

Bow reminds Dre to talk to Junior about using protection with his girlfriend and he briefly asks Junior about that. Dre considers his job done at that point. They are appalled to find out that Junior soon breaks up with his girlfriend and assume it is his fault. The thought doesn’t enter their minds that she would dump him as they automatically leap to the conclusion that he used her and dumped her. Wrong. Turns out she wanted to lose her virginity before going away to college. When she did, she dumped Junior. Junior is too embarrassed to tell this to his parents. Yes, this story is as bad as it sounds. It is embarrassing for everyone.

Though Bow is also proud of her son’s entrance into sexual life, she breaks the news to Dre that their daughter, Zoey, is also having sex. Even though she is away from home at college, Dre is shocked and unable to accept this information. He takes this knowledge to the conference table, too, and Lucy is amazed at how the men react completely differently with Zoey. They speak of her in terms of damaged goods. Lucy walks off and then she is finally able to explain some basic reality to Dre about the sexes in the company break room.



Lucy: Did you come in here to eat your feelings about your daughter having sex? ‘Cause I’m eating my feelings about being called a whore at work. Again.

Dre: It was so much fun talking about my son having sex. It’s ruined now that I know that Zoey’s doing it, too.

Lucy: Oh, ’cause seeing it through your daughter’s eyes made you realize that women are people?

Dre: Exactly. It’s so weird!

Lucy: What I think is weird is how men only seem to care about a woman’s point of view when they suddenly remember they have a daughter.

Dre: I do care about women. All I was doing was celebrating my son.

Lucy: And what about the father of the guy Zoey was with? Can he celebrate his son?

Dre: Where is that son of a bitch? I’ll celebrate him. I know that sounded festive, but I meant it as a threat.

Lucy: Uh-huh. How about you help me kill this cake instead?

Dre: You know, I never realized that every girl is somebody’s Zoey.

Lucy: Yeah. That’s why getting through the day is so hard here The way the men in that conference room talk about women? It’s so demoralizing. It’s like they’re monsters.

Dre: Hey, hey. Wait a minute. I’m in that conference room. Am I a monster?

Lucy: You’re like monster adjacent.

Dre: I’ll take that.

Lucy: But you don’t have to be. And neither does Junior.

Dre: Junior. I’ve told him all the wrong stuff. I got to go.

Lucy: Yeah, oh. Or you could stay here and help me change the culture- Ah, forget it. This is what I get for voting for Trump.

There it is – a random, token reference to Lucy voting for President Trump. I guess she deserves her poor treatment from the men in the office because of her vote. Sure, clearly it is Trump’s fault that men are dismissive of women because that never happened until we became Trump’s America, right? …President Bill Clinton, anyone?

In the end, they realize that they are like every other set of parents in the world – parents treat male and female children differently because they are different. Even progressive parents like them, which is a very rude awakening to them. Lefties are not nearly as special as they think they are. But, we could have told them that all along.

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Muslim randomly stabbed Austrians on streets because he was in a "Bad Mood"


Can you believe this? Look at what it has come to. People getting stabbed in the streets by refugees who shouldn’t even be here to begin with because they were in bad mood. Well what about our mood? When will we kick out all those invaders because we are in a bad mood?

The 23-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was arrested in connection with the stabbings of four people Wednesday night in Vienna has confessed to the attacks, saying he stabbed them because he was “in a bad mood”.

The man was arrested Wednesday night after two separate stabbing attacks in Leopoldstadt, the second district of Vienna.

During his police interrogation, he said that the first attack was motivated by his “bad mood” over his life situation. The second attack was related to the Vienna drug scene and the Afghan blamed the fourth victim for his drug addiction.

The first attack, which occurred at 7:45 pm, saw a 67-year-old Viennese dentist, his 56-year-old wife, and 17-year-old daughter stabbed outside a Japanese restaurant near the Nestroyplatz metro station. While the mother and daughter are said to be in stable condition, the dentist is still fighting for his life, Kronen Zeitung reports.

A second attack occurred near the Praterstern train station, which is also in the second district and well-known for migrant criminality. The Afghan attacked a 20-year-old Chechen migrant in front of a snack bar, stabbing him. The Chechen was also in critical condition but is stable after being treated at a local hospital.

Shortly after the second attack, police were able to locate the Afghan migrant and place him under arrest. They found two knives in his possession.

Sources who spoke to Kronen Zeitung claimed that the Afghan may have been living in Vienna illegally as a “submerged” migrant.



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Students Make Home-Made Radiation Detectors Near Fukushima Because They Don’t TRUST Their Government



SCMP–Beneath the roof on the Seirinji Buddhist temple in Japan’s Fukushima region hangs an unlikely adornment: a Geiger counter collecting radiation readings.

The machine sends data to Safecast, an organisation created after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster that says it has built the world’s largest radiation data set, thanks to the efforts of citizen scientists like Seirinji’s priest Sadamaru Okano.

Like many Japanese, Okano lost faith in the government after the nuclear meltdown seven years ago.

“The government didn’t tell us the truth, they didn’t tell us the true measures,” he said.

Okano was in a better position than most to doubt the government line, having developed an amateur interest in nuclear technology two decades earlier after the Chernobyl disaster.

He started measuring local radiation levels in 2007, so when the disaster happened, he had baseline data.

“The readings were so high … 50 times higher than natural radiation,” he said of the post-disaster data. “I was amazed … the news was telling us there was nothing, the administration was telling us there was nothing to worry about.”

That lack of trustworthy information was the genesis of Safecast, said co-founder Pieter Franken, who was in Tokyo with his family when the disaster hit.

Franken and several friends gathered data by attaching Geiger counters to cars and driving around.

“The system to do that didn’t exist and the only way to solve that problem was to build it ourselves,” he said. “So that’s what we did.”

Within a week, the group had a prototype and began getting readings that suggested the 20km (12 mile) exclusion zone declared around the Fukushima plant had no basis in the data, Franken said.

In some cases, “evacuees were sent from areas with lower radiation to areas with higher radiation”, he said.

The zone was redrawn, but for many local residents it was too late to restore trust in the government.

Okano sent his mother, wife and son away while he stayed with his flock.

But a year later, based on his own readings and after decontamination efforts, he brought them back.

He learned about Safecast’s efforts and in 2013 installed one of their static counters on his temple, in part to help reassure worshippers.

“I told them: we are measuring the radiation on a daily basis … so if you access the [Safecast] website you can choose [whether you think] it’s safe or not.”

In Koriyama, 40km away, Norio Watanabe’s teenage pupils have been building basic versions of Safecast’s Geiger counter. The girls pored over instructions on where to place diodes and wires.

Watanabe has been a Safecast volunteer since 2011, and has a mobile Geiger counter in his car.

In the days after the disaster, evacuees flocked to Koriyama, which was outside the evacuation zone, so he assumed his town was safe.

“But after I started to do the measurements, I realised there was a high level of risk here as well,” he said.

He sent his children away, but stayed behind to look after his mother, a decision he believes may have contributed to him getting thyroid cancer.

“As a scientist, I think the chance that it was caused by the Fukushima accident might be 50-50, but in my heart, I think it was likely [to be] the cause,” he said.

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Woman Jailed for Complaining About Husband on Facebook—Because He Was a Cop


In yet another federal civil rights lawsuit, the American taxpayer will likely foot the bill for the unconscionable actions of a few uneducated and unscrupulous police officers. This time, the police officer decided to arrest his ex-wife for “criminal defamation” of character, for Facebook posts she made which he, obviously, didn’t like.

The only problem is that criminal defamation was ruled unconstitutional in Georgia over 30 years ago! Worse yet, court papers reveal an earlier accusation that Officer Corey King used his badge to coerce his ex-wife into having post-divorce sex with him in order to keep her out of jail!

The lawsuit was filed on the 19th of January, 2017. Anne King is suing her ex-husband, Officer King, and fellow officer and investigator Trey Burgamy for violating her first and fourth amendment rights to free speech and unreasonable search, seizure, and arrest, as well as malicious prosecution, false arrest, and civil conspiracy. She’s suing both men, who are Washington County, Georgia police officers, for an unspecified amount of money to be determined by the court.

The lawsuit is set to be settled Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Lawyers for Ms. King allege the county has a history of jailing people for defamation of character. “Although criminal defamation has been unconstitutional in Georgia for decades, County law enforcement, on information and belief, regularly arrest and charge people with criminal defamation,” the suit reads.

Going further, the suit alleges Officer King misuses his position as a police officer in Washington County. In one instance, the suit alleges, he coerced his ex-wife into having sex with him. “Officer King uses the County’s unconstitutional custom to manipulate Ms. King. After the Kings divorced and Officer King remarried, for example, his new wife began harassing Ms. King,” the suit contends. “During one encounter, Ms. King said something about the new wife’s weight,” it reads. Apparently upset with having his new wife’s girth questioned by his ex-wife, the suit contends Officer Washington requested an arrest warrant to have her hauled into jail. “And within days the County magistrate had issued a warrant against Ms. King,” it says.

At this point, Mr. King apparently got the bright idea to get sex out of the deal. “Officer King seized the opportunity. He propositioned Ms. King: If she slept with him, he promised to get the case dismissed. She slept with him, and the case was dismissed,” the lawsuit reads. While all of the aforementioned actions by law enforcement may seem unfathomable to some, here at The Free Thought Project, we regularly report on sexual improprieties of law enforcement officials, but there’s much more to Ms. King’s story.

The latest incident occurred, which got King and her friend jailed, happened when Ms. King was venting about her ex-husband on Facebook. Here’s the incident in detail, taken directly from the lawsuit:

In January 2015, Ms. King was caring for her and Officer King’s son and daughter. Everyone in her house was sick. The Kings’ eight-year-old son had it the worst; he had been to the emergency room. So Ms. King asked Officer King to pick up some medicine on his way to work. Although Ms. King’s house is just three miles from the Sheriff’s Office, he refused to do so, claiming he was too busy. The next morning, January 15, 2015, Ms. King vented on Facebook: Several people commented on the post, expressing their support. ‘POS,’Susan Hines wrote. ‘Give me an hour and check your mailbox. I’ll be GLAD to pick up the slack.’”

Ms. Hines’ comment, calling Officer King a “POS”, would eventually be used to jail her as well as Ms. King. The lawsuit continues,

Officer King wasn’t as supportive. ‘Take that bullshit off Facebook,’ he wrote. But she didn’t. And so later, he took a screen shot of the post and the comments, added something about how ‘righteous’ he was, and posted it on Facebook.

Not content with having the Facebook post removed, Officer King then decided to once again use his position with the Washington County Police Department to have his ex-wife and her friend arrested for calling him a “POS” and pointing out he didn’t have time to bring his children any medicine.


The lawsuit continues:

Officer King and Investigator Burgamy then cooked up a scheme to have Ms. King charged, arrested, and jailed. Officer King started by filing an incident report with Investigator Burgamy, styling himself as the “Victim.” The next day, the County magistrate—who works regularly with Officer King—issued a notice, ordering Ms. King and Hines to appear for a warrant hearing. On January 21, 2015, Ms. King and Hines appeared for the warrant hearing. When the hearing began, the magistrate already had printouts of the Facebook posts. Officer King testified first. He admitted that he had requested a warrant against Ms. King because of her “derogatory statements” on Facebook. Officer King was the only witness for the prosecution. At some point, the magistrate surmised that this case “was not actually about harassing phone calls,” but “defamation of character.” He ultimately determined that Ms. King had criminally defamed Officer King and instructed a deputy magistrate to sign a warrant charging Ms. King with “CRIMINAL DEFAMATION”.

After the two were hauled into court, the Magistrate and friend of Officer King, Ralph O.Todd told Ms. Hines (Anne King’s friend), “You can call Mr. King a piece of shit to his face…You can even tell someone else you think he is a piece of shit. But you can’t post it out for the public to see. That’s defamation of character.” The two were then sent to the county jail for booking.

But that’s where things get even weirder. According to lawyers for Ms. King, the jailer couldn’t find the input code in his computer system for the crime of “criminal defamation” and had to even consult with the manufacturer of the program to figure out a way to put the pair of mothers in jail. “The jailer cannot find a code for ‘criminal defamation’ because it is not a crime—and hasn’t been for decades,” Ms. King’s lawyers contend.

King and her friend spent four hours in jail and were released on $1000 bond. Later, when she had to appear before a Georgia State Judge, who couldn’t understand why she was even being charged, the case was thrown out. The judge reportedly said, “I don’t even know why we’re here.”

While the court case against Ms. King was over, the harassment wasn’t, the lawsuit alleges, describing an incident where the formerly married couple were fighting again. Officer King threatened Ms. King (supposedly in a text message), “[D]on’t make the mistake of going to Facebook with your little shit you found to fuss about,” he wrote to which Ms. King responded, “Make sure you have [the magistrate] on standby.” “[I’d] rather not waste [his] time again.”

Officer King then threatened to charge her again by writing, “[w]illful contempt is better.” Lawyers for the officer’s ex-wife contend, “Ms. King lives in fear, worrying that at any time she could be arrested and jailed if someone does not like something she says. She also experiences anxiety and distress, knowing that Officer King remains affiliated with County law enforcement, knowing that he could arrest her again for anything, or nothing at all.”

An unidentified friend of the family told The Free Thought Project Ms. King, “was arrested for what she posted on Facebook. That’s the big picture!”

The family friend also added that all Ms. King is attempting to get out of the lawsuit is “piece of mind.”

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Schumer at AIPAC–‘There’s no peace with the Palestinians because they don’t believe in the Torah’

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State Takes Child from Parents Because They Refused to Allow Her to Become Transgender


There is a complex set of factors for determining if a person is transgender. While science hasn’t nailed down the exact physiological and neurological markers to determine what makes a person have gender distress, there is no doubt that it exists. If individuals identify with a different gender than they were born, it is no one’s right to prevent them from remedying it. That being said, should young children who feel they may be in gender distress be taken from their parents who chose to make them wait until they are adults to have procedures?

This is exactly what has happened in Ohio.

This month, Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon stripped custody rights from an Ohio couple because they refused to allow her to become a transgendered boy.

Prosecutors successfully argued that the child need to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible to prevent her from becoming suicidal. The state further argued that the 17-year-old girl was being traumatized by her parents’ unwillingness to call her by a male name. According to an earlier CNN story, the grandparents’ attorney, Jeffrey Cutcher, told the court that “even seeing [her] birth name on documents has caused trauma.”

The New American reports:

Perhaps worst of all — from the county’s perspective — the parents had the audacity to base at least some of their opposition to their daughter’s desires on their religious beliefs. “The teen’s lawyer, Thomas Mellott, said [her] parents had [her] enrolled at a Catholic school where [she] was made to wear dresses and answer to [her] birth name,” wrote CNN. The girl herself alleged that she felt unsafe in her parents’ home, saying her father had told her to kill herself because she was “going to hell anyway,” and that she was forced to attend “Christian” therapy that consisted of listening to Bible verses for hours on end.

The parents’ attorney, Karen Brinkman, denied the allegations and said the parents’ objections were not solely based on their religious beliefs. She maintained that they “have done their due diligence contacting medical professionals, collecting thousands of hours of research and relying on … their observation of their own child … that led them to the conclusion that this is not in their child’s best interest.” In fact, they believe hormone therapy “would do more harm than good,” she said.

“It does not appear that this child is even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time,” Brinkman further argued. She added that granting custody to the grandparents “would simply be a way for the child to circumvent the necessity of parents’ consent.”

Now, the teenager is under the custody of the state while they grant her permission to temporarily live with her grandparents.

“We think the grandparents are the ones who have an open mind and will … make this sort of decision best for the child,” attorney Paul Hunt, who represents the guardian, told the court. “The parents have clearly indicated that they’re not open to it.”

As the state claims that the parents are wrong because they wanted to get her therapy instead of hormone treatment, under the terms of the court’s decision, that’s what has to happen anyway.

Although she can legally change her name, before undergoing the hormone therapy the child must be “evaluated by a psychologist who is not affiliated with the current facility where [she] is receiving treatment, on ‘the issue of consistency in the child’s gender presentation, and feelings of non-conformity,’” noted CNN.

“What is clear from the testimony presented in this case and the increasing worldwide interest in transgender care is that there is certainly a reasonable expectation that circumstances similar to the one at bar are likely to repeat themselves,” Hendon wrote. “That type of legislation would give a voice and a pathway to youth similarly situated as [the child] without attributing fault to the parents and involving them in protracted litigation which can and does destroy a family unit.”

While the judge may have her mind made up, there are many in the scientific arena who recommend children wait until they reach adulthood before making such life-changing decisions.

“These kids are not old enough to make life-changing decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. It’s unethical to pursue this line of treatment with children who cannot possibly understand what they’re doing,” Stephanie Davies-Arai, of Transgender Trend, a parent group concerned about the rise of children identifying as the opposite sex said.

But puberty itself, even for non-transgenders, is distressing. Some of these children may be misguided and not be transgender at all, but they are given these powerful drugs anyway.

Also, as psychiatry professor Paul McHugh points out, “most children who identify as the opposite sex will eventually come to identify as their biological sex.”

Until much more is known about gender dysphoria, and until controlled clinical trials of puberty-suppression are carried out, this intervention should be considered experimental.

Regardless of the good intentions of the physicians and parents, to expose young people to such treatments is to endanger them. 

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The Deadliest School Attack in the US Was Erased from History Because It Wasn’t Done With a Gun


As the media and the government continue to use the tragic shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school to push their various agendas, it is important to remember that psychopaths who want to kill a lot of people—will do so with or without a gun. In fact, the deadliest attack on a school to ever take place on US soil was done so without a single round being fired.

In Bath Township, Michigan, 44 people, mostly children, lost their lives when a man by the name of Andrew Kehoe blew up the town’s school. This attack is often disregarded by history as it paints a different narrative outside of the normal problem, reaction, solution of grabbing guns. As a result, it has largely been erased from the narrative.

As reports, the local institute of learning was Bath Consolidated School, built only five years earlier to replace the scattered one-room schools of the surrounding farmland. It had 314 students from around the region, many the sons and daughters of farmers. Some students were bused in, and all took classes with their peers over the course of elementary and high school.

Kehoe, an electritian, had snapped and become angry after the town’s taxes levied on his farm had forced him into foreclosure.

“He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and madness in his brain,” claimed the New York Times.

So, while he worked at the school as an electrician, he wired it with explosives. Luckily for half of the students in the school, the timer on one of Kehoe’s homemade explosives failed to go off so the tragedy could’ve been far worse. However, the catastrophe resulting from the 38 children and 6 adults who died was still utterly horrific.

“There was a pile of children about five or six under the roof and some of them had arms sticking out, some had legs, and some just their heads sticking out. They were unrecognizable because they were covered with dust, plaster and blood,” wrote local author Monty J. Ellsworth in his 1927 account, The Bath School Disaster. “It is a miracle that many parents didn’t lose their minds before the task of getting their children out of the ruins was completed. It was between five and six o’clock that evening before the last child was taken out.”

Prior to setting off the explosives in the school, Kehoe murdered his family and burned down his farm. After the bombing, he blew up his car, killing himself and others nearby.

The story barely registered a blip in the national headlines at the time and was almost immediately wiped away by the news of Charles Lindbergh’s successful first-ever nonstop transatlantic flight two days after the bombing in 1927. And because Kehoe didn’t fit the stereotypical definition of a “terrorist” at the time, the United States quickly forgot about.

According to TIME, In the 1920s, the terrorists whom most Americans feared were anarchists. Newsreels regularly reported anarchist-related bombings and attacks in the U.S. and abroad. Anarchists were scary—but they were also characterized as shady foreigners. When people thought of anarchists, they thought of men like Sacco and Vanzetti, whose final appeal against death sentences had failed a few weeks before Kehoe’s attack. (They would be executed in August.) White men in small towns did not fit the mold.

Indeed, there is no mold for mass killers and instead of talking about solutions to stop the problem, Americans tend to focus more on the symptoms—as they are easier to use for divide.

Until we have a rational discussion on mental health and the direct role of psychotropic drugs used in most of these killings, all the gun banter in the world will not stop the next psychopath from inflicting harm on the world’s most vulnerable—with or without bullets.

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‘Syrian ceasefire problematic because of sponsors fueling violence’

Syria’s ceasefire agreed upon by the UN Security Council on Saturday appears already to be unraveling with reports of violations in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

The Western media was quick to point the finger at the Assad government. Damascus has been bombing Eastern Ghouta for a week, targeting Al-Nusra Front terrorists – something which is allowed under the UN resolution.

However, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, it was militants in Eastern Ghouta who violated the truce. Moscow says Damascus was shelled several times after the ceasefire came into force.

Political science professor Maged Botros says the violence is unlikely to end soon.

In his view, while the ceasefire could break the “vicious circle of seven years of human atrocities,” no government would “allow its capital to be shelled all the time.” Besides that, he told RT, the Syrian government is alleging that the terrorists are using human shields in Ghouta.

He is also skeptical that the truce will work “simply because there are sponsors of violence, they are fueling violence: you have Qatar, you have Turkey, you have other states, they have interests in Syria.”

Following the vote, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said that “it would be naive to think that internal Syrian questions can be solved by a resolution.” He added that Moscow had “supported the intentions” behind the document, but that no ceasefire was possible “without agreement from warring parties.”

According to Botros, “all the parties involved have interest to continue on with this violence.”

In a joint telephone call with the Kremlin on Sunday, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure the ceasefire was fully implemented as soon as possible.

Botros argues though that it is not in Russia’s hands as Moscow cannot put pressure on terrorist groups.

“Terrorist groups have instructions to escalate violence. Terrorist groups are in the state of desperation. They are so desperate that I can believe that they use chemical weapons as the last card on the table,” he told RT.     

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